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									Cincinnati Bengals
• “The Bengals” was the name of a
  professional football team in Cincinnati
  from 1937-1941
• The team hopped around leagues as
  some folded or changed names
  – Most time was spent in one of the AFLs
• Team had moderate success on the field
  and at the gate
                Paul Brown
• Started coaching career at Massillon
  Washington High School in Massillon, OH
  – Had a record of 80-8-2 in 9 seasons at
  – Won the Ohio Football championship from
     • Outscored opponents 2393-168 in 6 years
     • Outscored opponents 477-6 in 1940
• Helped build a 20,000 seat stadium and
  was more successful then all Ohio football
  programs beside Ohio State
• Brown was hired by Ohio State in 1941
  – He had a record of 18-8-1 in his 3 seasons
  – Won the National Championship in 1942
• Brown was stationed as a lieutenant in the
  Navy in 1944-45
  – Coached a service team to a 15-5-2 record in
    2 years as coach
• Brown left for Cleveland to become co-
  owner, coach, and general manager of
  their new pro team
  – A newspaper poll chose “Browns” as the
    teams name
  – Won all four league titles in the AAFCs
• Once in the NFL Brown won 6 straight
• Brown’s innovations to the game are
  – Intelligence tests for players
  – Study of game film
  – Use radio to transmit info to players
  – Put facemasks on helmets
• In 1963 Brown was fired as coach of the
  – Art Modell bought the team in 1961 and he
    and Brown were at odds
  – Brown still owned 6% of the team
• In 1966 Brown sold his share of the team
  and went to Cincinnati to propose a new
  team for the American Football League
• Paul Brown still had bad feelings toward
  the Browns when he designed the Bengals
  – Uniforms looked very similar with a few
• In 1968 the Cincinnati Bengals became an
  expansion franchise in the American
  Football League
  – Paul Brown took name to pay respect to
    earlier Cincinnati pro football teams
  – Joined the AFL after being guaranteed a
    merger with the NFL
  – The team played their home games at Nippert
    Stadium at the University of Cincinnati
• The team finished 3-10 in their first season
• Running back Paul Robinson won the AFL
  Rookie of the Year award
• The Bengals had a 4-9-1 record in 1969
  – Defeated playoff teams in Kansas City, Oakland,
    and Houston
  – QB Greg Cook won the Rookie of the Year Award
• The NFL and AFL merged in 1970 placing
  Cincinnati in the AFC Central
  – Set up in-state rivalry with Cleveland Browns
• The Bengals moved into Riverfront
  Stadium in 1970
• The team won their conference with an 8-6
  – Lost to the Baltimore Colts in their first playoff
          Riverfront Stadium
• http://www.nikibone.c
• The Bengals would make the playoffs in 1973
  and 1975 behind the strong play of QB Ken
  – The team was unable to win a playoff game either
    year losing to Miami and Oakland
• Following the 1975 season Paul Brown
  retired as head coach to concentrate on
  owner and GM duties
• Bill Johnson replaced Brown and led the
  team to a 10-4 record but not the playoffs
• Archie Griffin also made his debut in 1976
  after winning two Heisman Trophies
• The team would not make the playoffs in
  1977 or 1978
  – Going 8-6 and 4-12 in those seasons
  – Archie Griffin turned out to be a bust
  – Bill John was fired after the embarrassing
    1978 season
• Homer Rice took over as head coach in
  1979 and again had a 4-12 record costing
  him his job
• Forrest Gregg took over as head coach in
• The Bengals drafted Anthony Munoz in
  that years draft
• The team finished an improved 6-10
• The Bengals showed off new uniforms
  during the 1981 season
  – The helmets had tiger stripes going across
  – Stripes were also featured on the jerseys and
• The team started the season winning 10 of
  the first 13 games
• The Bengals finished with a 12-4 record
  – Best in the AFC and winning the AFC Central
• Ken Anderson won the NFL MVP award
  throwing for 3,754 yards and 29 TDs
• Rookie Cris Collinsworth caught 8 TDs
  and had 1,009 receiving yards
• The Bengals played the Buffalo Bills in the
  first ever playoff game in Riverfront
  – The Bengals won 28-21
• The Bengals then hosted the San Diego
  Chargers in the AFC title game
  – Temperatures were at 59 degrees below 0 at
    game time, dubbed the “Freezer Bowl”
  – The Bengals won 27-7 and advanced to the
    Super Bowl
-59 ° F
• The Bengals faced the San Francisco
  49ers in Super Bowl XVI
  – Played in Pontiac Silver Dome in Detroit, MI
  – Both teams finished in last place the year
• The Bengals lost 26-21
  – Gave up 3 turnovers in the redzone
  – Were stopped after having first and goal on
    the 1 yard line
      Super Bowl Memories
• The Bengals posted a 7-2 record in 1982
  – Season was shortened by a two month strike
  – Had a 4-0 record at home
  – Hosted a home playoff game
• The New York Jets came in and defeated
  the Bengals 44-17
• The team ended 1983 with a 7-9 record
  – Forrest Gregg was fired following the season
• Sam Wyche took over as head coach in
  – Boomer Easison was drafted in the first round
    to take over the QB duties for Ken Anderson
  – Finished 8-8 with Boomer leading the team to
    the final 4 victories
• Easison led the way in 1985 and 1986 throwing
  for over 3,000 yards each season
  – The Bengals failed to make the playoffs both seasons
• In 1987, the Bengals had a 3-1 record before a
  strike took place
  – Replacement players were brought in and went 1-2
• The regulars came back and struggled finishing
  the season 4-1
• Wyche was told he would have to make the
  playoffs in 1988 in order to keep his job
• In 1988, the Bengals won their first 6 games on
  their way to a 12-4 record
  – They won the AFC Central and earned home field
    advantage through the playoffs
• Boomer Easison won the NFL MVP award
  throwing for 3,572 yards
• Rookie Elbert “Ickey” Woods won the AFC
  Offensive Rookie of the Year Award rushing for
  1,066 yards and 15 TDs
  – Created the “Ickey Shuffle” as his celebration after
    every touchdown
  – Icky Shuffle Video
• Fans dubbed Riverfront Stadium “The
  Jungle” during the season
• The chant “Who Dey” also became
  popular during this season
  – “Who dey think gonna’ beat ‘dem Bengals?”
  – Who Day Rap Video
• The Bengals defeated the Seattle
  Seahawks and Buffalo Bills to advance to
  their second Super Bowl
• Super Bowl XXIII was a rematch of Super
  Bowl XVI with the Bengals playing the San
  Francisco 49ers in Miami, FL
• The Bengals lost DT Tim Krumrie to a broken
  leg in the first quarter
• The game was tied at halftime 3-3
  – First Super Bowl to be tied at the half
• Stanford Jennings gave the Bengals the lead
  with a kickoff return for a TD
• Jim Breech broke a 13-13 tie with a field goal
  with 3:20 left in the game
• Joe Montana led a 90 yard TD drive to give the
  49ers the lead with 34 seconds left
• The Bengals lost 20-16
      Super Bowl Memories
• The team failed to make the playoffs in
  1989 but returned in 1990 with a 9-7
  – Defeated the Houston Oilers in the 1st round
    but fell to the Oakland Raiders in the 2nd
     • This would be the last football game Bo Jackson
       would play after injuring his hip
• Paul Brown passed away before the start
  of the 1991 season
  – His son Mike took over the team
• The team finished the 1991 season with a
  3-13 record
  – Sam Wyche was fired as head coach
• Dave Shula was hired as head coach and
  led to Bengals to one of the worst decades
  in professional sports history
 Bengals Records in the 1990s
1992. 5-11
1993. 3-13
1994. 3-13
1995. 7-9
1996. 8-8
1997. 3-13
1998. 7-9
1999. 4-12
• The team drafted some forgettable players
  in the 1990s
  – David Klingler
  – John Copeland
  – Dan Wilkinson
  – Ki-Jana Carter
  – Reinard Wilson
  – Akili Smith
• The team also had some well known
  players in the 1990s
  – Jeff Blake
  – Carl Pickens
  – Darnay Scott
  – Willie Anderson
  – Takeo Spikes
  – Corey Dillon
  – Brian Simmons
• After the 2002 season Marvin Lewis was
  hired as head coach
  – Carson Palmer was drafted with the 1st overall
• 2003 saw the Bengals become playoff
  contenders and finishing the season 8-8
  – The team also finished 8-8 in 2004
• 2005 saw the Bengals explode offensively
  and start 9-3
  – Solidified the first winning season in 15 years
• The team won the AFC North with a
  record of 11-5
  – Would host the Pittsburgh Steelers in a Wild
    Card Playoff game
• Palmer was injured on the second
  offensive play keeping him out of the rest
  of the game
  – Pittsburgh went on to win 31-17
• 2006 saw the Bengals become a joke in
  the NFL once again
  – 9 different players were arrested or
    suspended for off-field incidents
• The team missed the playoffs finishing 8-8
  – Lost last 3 games, only needing 1 win to
    make it to the playoffs
• 2007 saw the team finish 7-9 and again
  miss the playoffs
  – Season was marked with close wins and
• 2008 saw the team finish 4-11-1
  – Palmer only played 4 games and the team
    would struggle offensively
• 2009 Season
  – Finished 10-6 after going 6-0 in the AFC Central.
  – Won the AFC Central after being picked to finish 3rd
  – Finished 7th in Offense and 9th in Defense in the AFC
  – Lost in the AFC Wildcard game 24-14 to the New
    York Jets.
  – Cedric Benson had 6 100 yard rushing games.

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