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      October 2011                                                Steeplechase                        World of Glass             Wilson Greets Travellers

Events Calendar
Czech Events
Oct 1 @ 8 pm
                               Consular Window
Hulka’s Musical                    – Consular Staff Regular Rotation
Prague Restaurant              Those of you who visited our Consular             for the past five years, departed to a new
Info: 416-289-0283             Department in recent weeks might realize          post at the Embassy of the Czech Republic
                               we have a new face there. Jan Capek, who          in Ottawa. We would like to take this
Oct 9 @ 2 pm                   had held the position of Consular Officer         opportunity to thank Jan for his work and
Sokol Canada’s
Centennial                                                                                                          continued on pg. 2
The Sparwood                                                                     Blanka Rohn succumbed to cancer on February 8, 2011
Recreational Complex
Sparwood, British Columbia     Jan Waldauf Leaves Us at Age 82
Info: 613-946-2803                                                                                                             – by Josef Cermak

Oct 15 @ 8 pm                  On Thursday, September 8, 2011, at 2:30 in
Oct 16 @ 4 pm                  the afternoon, Jan Waldauf, a remarkable
George Grosman                 member of the Sokol gymnastic movement,
CD Launch                      and a truly remarkable human being, died –
Water and Wine                 at the age of 82 – at the Princess Margaret
Prague Restaurant              Hospital in Toronto. He disliked pomp and
Info & reserve: 416-289-0283   big words and I feel that we should be spare
                                                                                 Photo: Zuzana Hahn

                               in our tribute to his life.
                                   A biographical sketch in his important
                               book Sokol malé dejiny velke myslenky (Sokol:
                               a Little History of a Great Idea), written by
                                                                                                                                  continued on pg. 3

                               Consulate General of the Czech Republic, 2 Bloor Street West, #1500, Toronto, ON M4W 3E2
      continued on next pg.
                               phone: 416-972-1476, fax: 416-972-6991, e-mail:, web:
     Winter 2011

                                                  Dear Bohemians
                                                                                                                    – by Consul General
                                                  The fall season in the      this holiday in the modern days of the
Events Calendar                                   calendar of national        Czech Republic.
cont’d                                            holidays of the Czech           This month, the Czech Republic will
                                                  Republic is marked with     commemorate the founding of the
Oct 21 @ 8 pm                three important state holidays: the National     Independent Czechoslovakia, although it no
Oct 22 @ 4 pm                Day of Czech Statehood, the Independent          longer exists. When the Austro-Hungarian
Oct 22 @ 8 pm                Czechoslovak State Day and the Struggle for      Empire crumbled, two remarkable policians –
Oct 23 @ 4 pm                Freedom and Democracy Day. Today I would         Tomas Garrigue Masaryk and Milan Rastislav
Rumours – “Reˇ i”ˇ c         like to talk about two of them.                  Stefanik – had a vision to re-establish an
Burnhamthorpe                    On September 28th we celebrate the           independent country built on the legacy of
Library Theatre              National Day of Czech Statehood. This day we     the Kingdom of Bohemia. Their vision
(SW corner of Burhamthorpe   commemorate historical tradition, noble          became a reality on October 28, 1918, when
and Dixie)                   goals and past ups-and-downs that the Czech      Czechoslovakia was declared a sovereign state.
Info: 416-463-3182           statehood is being built                                          This year, I will commemo-

                                                                                           Photo: Zuzana Hahn
                             upon. This state holiday has                                      rate our national holiday
Oct 30 @ 4pm                 been recognized since 2000.                                       along with the representa-
The Independent              This year Consulate General                                       tives of Masaryk Memorial
Czechoslovakia               of the Czech Republic                                             Institute, Czech and Slovak
State Day Festivities        celebrated this important                                         Asso-ciation of Canada and
Prague Restaurant            national day at the                                               Sokol Toronto with festivities
Info: 416-439-4354           most appropriate place                                            at the Prague Restaurant in
                             in Toronto – Queen’s Park,                                        Masaryktown. On behalf of
Slovak Events                the seat of the Ontario                                           the organizers, I extend a
Oct 1 @ 2 pm                 Parliament, where the                                             warm invitation to each and
Marosko – Poetry             national colours of our red,                                      every one of you. Please join
Competition                  white and blue flag were                                          us on October 30th at 4 pm
St. Paul’s Church            raised. Following the nation-                                     for this special celebration.
Info:   al anthems, I had the oppor-
                             tunity to address our guests                                                       Yours,
Oct 29 @ 6 pm                about the importance of                                                            Vladimir Ruml
Society of
M.R. Stefanik
4th Annual Dinner            Consular Window              (continued from pg. 1)
& Dance
Hall of Cyril and            expertise, and wish him all the best at          working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Methodius Church             his new posting in Ottawa, as well as in his     since 2002. She gained her experience at
Info: 416-744-4094           personal life.                                   the Ministry in Prague, as well as during
                                Michaela Pospisilova assumed position         her postings at the Embassy of the
                             of the Consular Officer at our Consulate         Czech Republic in Lithuania and UNDP
                             on September 8. Michaela has been                Regional Centre in Bratislava.

                             Consulate General of the Czech Republic, 2 Bloor Street West, #1500, Toronto, ON M4W 3E2
                             phone: 416-972-1476, fax: 416-972-6991, e-mail:, web:
 Winter 2011

      Jan Waldauf         (continued from pg. 1)

      him, reads: “Jan Waldauf, born April 8, 1929 in            the Canadian Fund for the Czechoslovak
      Nove Hrady. Beginning in 1948, lived in exile, from        Universities.
      1949 in Canada. In Czechoslovakia a member of the              We should also mention that he was the main
      Telocvicna jednota Sokol Ceske Budejovice                  organizer of the glorious slets (gatherings in the free
      (Gymnastic Unit Sokol Ceske Budejovice), a mem-            world) of the Centre of the Czechoslovak Sokols
      ber of the youth group of the Hus district, per-           Abroad, including the memorable slets in Vienna
      formed at the X. All Sokol Festival in 1938 and the        and Zurych. The Zurych slet in July 1976 was par-
      XI. Festival in 1948. In exile, leader of pupils of the    ticularly significant and heartwarming. For one rea-
      exile Sokol unit in Ludwigsburg-Krabbenloch. In            son, although it was a joint effort of many people, it
      Canada held office in Sokol Toronto,                                         was truly an achievement of Jan
      Sokol Canada, Central office of                                              Waldauf and his wife, Vlasta, the
      Sokol Abroad, Canadian Gymnastic                                             men and women leaders of the
      Federation and the Advisory Council                                          Centre. Zpravodaj, a periodical for
      of the Canadian Government for                                               the Czechs and Slovaks living in
      physical training and sport.”                                                Switzerland, had this to say about
          That’s one way to put it. Even                                           this slet: ” Participating at this slet
      though it says hardly anything about                                         were Sokol units from all over the
      what Jan did, or about the kind of                                           world. More than 800 athletes took
      man he was. He himself looked very                                           part and their performances were
      differently at the legacy of his father,                                     witnessed by more than 6,000
      whom he loved and admired, than at                                           spectators. We feel that no other
      his own. It pained him that his father                                       exile organization (and possibly
      was almost forgotten.                                                        no other organization of any kind)
          And so I believe that Jan, Jr.                                           would be able – on its own, relying
      would allow me – I count on his                                              only on its own resources, supported
      consent – to value his life along the lines he valued      only by the enthusiasm of individuals, duplicate
      his father’s. Let’s start with enriching his description   this feat.”
      of his own career.                                              A chapter by itself is the Sokol bulletin, in the
          He was one of the youngest refugees. He arrived        view of many the best Sokol periodical in the world.
      in Halifax, Canada on the ‘U.S.A.T. Le Roy Eltinge’        It was edited (and largely written) for decades (I
      on April 23, 1949. In Canada, Jan worked as a farm         almost wrote ‘centuries’). The disappearance of the
      laborer, a lumberjack, and accountant. In 1963, he         bulletin (Jan was unable to continue, and no one
      became Comptroller at the Chartered Accountants            was brave enough to take it on) was for many mem-
      firm Dunwoody and Company (where George                    bers of Sokol almost a personal tragedy. But that
      Corn was a partner and Dr. Karel Jerabek worked as         came about many years after the fall of communism
      Trustee in Bankruptcy. In 1975 Jan joined Mitsui           and renewal of Sokol. I thought that after the fall of
      (Canada) Ltd., eventually retiring as Vice-President.      communism Jan would be appointed president of
      For years, he held the position of Treasurer of the        the Czecoslovak Sokol Organization. He was – in
      Czech and Slovak Association of Canada, as well as         my view – eminently equipped by fate to breathe

      Consulate General of the Czech Republic, 2 Bloor Street West, #1500, Toronto, ON M4W 3E2
      T: 416-972-1476, F: 416-972-6991, E-mail:,
 Winter 2011

      Jan Waldauf           (continued from pg. 3)

      into the shaky organization the spirit of its founders         criticized (but
      and his own faithfulness to Sokol ideals. It did not           even then with
      happen. The leadership of the Czechoslovak Sokol               incredible
      Organization (CSO) even refused to accept the                  refinement) in
      Czechoslovak Sokol Abroad as its member. And had               correspondence
      he been drawn into the mudded waters of the                    with friends, in
      November CSO, would he have been able to find                  submissions to
      the time and strength to write his history of “the             the CSO and in
      great idea”?                                                   publications.
          The first volume of Waldauf ’s book Sokol: a               The toughest
      Little History of a Great Idea appeared in 2007 in the         fight he fought
      publishing house Atelier IM in Luhacovice covered              was for his life. It came in a strange way: he was
      the story of Sokol from its foundation on February             nimbly dancing at a Sokol dance with Barbara
      16, 1862 in Prague, until the period of the                    Sherriff. Suddenly, he couldn’t speak. He was taken
      Czechoslovak Sokol in exile. The second and third              to a hospital where they found that he suffered a
      volume report the “activities and life of the Sokol            light stroke, but also found cancer on his brain, on
      external units and the attempt at restoration of               his lungs and in his stomach. The diagnosis wasn’t
      Sokol in Czechoslovakia in 1968 , and the restora-             good. When I saw him a little later, he told me, that
      tion of the CSO after November 1989.” If Jan                   he accepted that this fight he couldn’t win. He said
      Waldauf had not achieved anything other than writ-             it as calmly as if he was talking about weather. Only
      ing his Sokol history (1 822 pages!), he richly                his eyes lost some of their spark. During our last
      deserves the gold medal of the CSO.                            walk in High Park three months ago we walked by a
          Jan was a gentle, peaceful man, who avoided                flowerbed, bathing in the afternoon sun. Jan
      argument at almost any cost. He didn’t directly join           stopped and said in a voice full of melancholy, as if
      in two court cases (the Kirschbaum case and the case           he was saying goodbye: “Such beauty!”
      involving definition of ‘refugee’), in which his                   Jan gave a large part of his life to Sokol, but he man-
      friends (and organizations he belonged to) were                aged to keep some of his energy for activities less visi-
      sued for millions of dollars. And he was right. Had            ble, less historic. I think I’ll remember him longest as
      he joined and had we lost either case, it might have           he was every Sunday before the mass directing traffic at
      financially ruined his family. He accepted – with              Father Libor Svorcik’s St. Wenceslaus Church in
      rare refinement, even though with bitterness - the             Toronto, or preparing program for the Wednesday
      decision of the executive of the CsO in November               meeting of the Seniors Club, or leading – around All
      1995, which cancelled the provisions respecting                Souls Day – a handful of Sokols around the Toronto
      membership of the external units in the CSO and                cemeteries, looking for the graves of Sokols who prede-
      so, destroyed any chance of their membership. What             ceased us to the other shore by a few cosmic seconds.
      he never accepted, was the perfidy and cynicisms               On September 8, 2011, at 3:20, they were joined by
      of some officers in the renewed CSO, which he                  another, possibly the greatest, Sokol of his generation.

      Full story:

      Consulate General of the Czech Republic, 2 Bloor Street West, #1500, Toronto, ON M4W 3E2
      T: 416-972-1476, F: 416-972-6991, E-mail:,
 Winter 2011

      Czech Republic Travel Tips
                                            for October 2011
      TOURFILM    IN   KARLOVY VARY 06/10/2011 - 08/10/2011
      The 44th Annual International Film Festival of Tourism, as well as the 18th Annual
      National Film Festival of Tourism, will be taking place in Karlovy Vary, displaying the
      world’s elite and new trends in film creation. The star of this year’s festival is Swiss
      balloonist and adventurer, author of Solar Impulse, Mr. Bertrand Piccard.

                                                 MORAVIAN AUTUMN – INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL
                                                 07/10/2011 - 22/10/2011
                                                 A must for music enthusiasts is this series of concerts of the 46th
                                                 annual thematic festival.

      09/10/2011 - 10/10/2011
      The city of Pardubice will host the 121st year of the oldest
      and toughestest race on the European continent. The Velka
      Pardubicka is the longest-running social and sporting event
      in the Czech Republic and boasts its own special magic.
      The horses must overcome a total of 31 obstacles, the most
      notorious being the Taxis Jump, one of the most challeng-
      ing in the world.

      JAZZ GOES TO TOWN 10/10/2011 - 16/10/2011
      Jazz lovers are in for a musical extravaganza – Hradec Kralove is hosting the 17th annual International Jazz
      Festival which, like every year, will fill the concert halls for six days with plenty of great experiences and
      interesting musical and friendly encounters.

                         25/10/2011 - 31/10/2011
                         The documentary film competition/festival in Jihlava covers the contemporary Czech,
                         Central European, and global documentary scene. This festival of original documentaries
                         is renowned for its casual atmosphere and has become the largest of its type in
                         Central Europe.

      Consulate General of the Czech Republic, 2 Bloor Street West, #1500, Toronto, ON M4W 3E2
      T: 416-972-1476, F: 416-972-6991, E-mail:,
 Winter 2011

      Bohemian Journey
              – the World of Glass: Traditional Czech Craft
      HISTORY    OF   GLASS   IN THE   CZECH REPUBLIC             as well as a wide range of other glass products,
      The first glassworks were founded in the second half        became renowned in the town of Jablonec nad
      of the 13th century in the unspoilt forests by the          Nisou. The local museum hosts permanent, year-
      borders of the Krusne, Luzicke, Jizerske, Krkonose          round exhibitions and offers a comprehensive list of
      and Sumava mountains, as well as in the region of           glass jewellery exhibitions.
      Moravia. From the 1350s the oldest Czech glass
      factories smelted an almost clear, yellowish or              JOURNEY TO THE WORLD        OF   GLASS
      greenish potassium-lime glass that was used in the           The popularity of glass in the Czech Republic is
      production of stained church windows, goblets and            proven by the establishment of the “Glass Route”,
      glasses at that time.                                        taking tourists around the sought-after region of
          At the turn of the 17th and 18th                                        Cesky raj (“Czech Paradise”), located
      centuries, some Czech glassmakers                                           in north-eastern Bohemia. “Glass
      and their products overshadowed                                             Route” implies a journey to places
      Venetian glass, unmatched until                                             bearing the glass-making tradition
      that time. In the town of Sazava in                                         and the region of Cesky raj is one of
      the 1830s Frantisek Kavalir smelted                                         the richest glassware-producing
      the first chemically resistant glass in                                     regions in the Czech Republic.
      the world.                                                                  Private glassworks situated near the
          In the early 20th century, glass                                        town of Hluboka nad Vltavou will
      products made in Harrach’s glass-                                           introduce you to all of the glass-
      works in Novy Svet or Moser’s                                               making processes you may be inter-
      glassworks in Karlovy Vary, were of                                         ested in. In addition, you can make
      exceptional quality as well. The first Owens’ auto-          your own glass product, be it a vase, Christmas tree
      matic bottle-makers were installed in Bohemia and            decoration or a set of glass beads.
      machine production of flat glass was also launched
      at that time.                                                CZECH GLASS     IN THE WORLD
                                                             Production of quality Czech glass reaches well
      CHERCHEZ     LA FEMME!                                 beyond Europe - for example in Japan, tourists can
      One of the most beautiful branches of glass produc- visit the Bohemia Glass Museum, located Tokyo.
      tion is the production of glass jewellery: bijouterie. Cut crystal glass, bijouterie, utility glass and chan-
      Bijouterie is as old as mankind and has remained an deliers rank among successful commodities in Japan.
      integral part even until today. Cherchez la femme - Even the largest and the most famous American
      and her desire to be even more beautiful! The first glass museum, situated in the state of New York,
      producers of glass jewellery were the Celts, who does not seem to have enough of Czech glass: it has
      focused on the production of glass pearls, beads and already opened its third Czech glass exhibition only
      buttons. Craftsmen from Great Moravia and west- this year so you will be able to admire almost 500
      ern Slovakia took over in the 9th century. Bijouterie, Czech works of glass this summer.

      Consulate General of the Czech Republic, 2 Bloor Street West, #1500, Toronto, ON M4W 3E2
      T: 416-972-1476, F: 416-972-6991, E-mail:,
 Winter 2011

      Wilson Statue to Be Unveiled
      After a 70-year absence, former U.S. President Woodrow Wilson will again greet
      travellers arriving in Prague via the city’s main train station.
      A new 3.5-meter-tall statue of the man considered one of the driving forces behind
      the creation of an independent Czechoslovak state in 1918, will be officially
      unveiled on October 5.
      The statue replaces one torn down by the Nazis in 1941 and sits in almost the same
      position facing the station’s main doors.
      “People got a sneak preview when we installed the statue, and there are some
      pictures, but the real unveiling will be in October”, said Phillip Kasik, director of the
      American Friends of the Czech Republic (AFoCR), which commissioned the statue.
      Newspaper clippings from the day of the installation, as well as photographs and
      documents about the history of the statue, were placed inside a bronze tube inside
      the statue as part of the installation.
      The actual dedication ceremony Oct. 5 will be hosted by President Vaclav Klaus and attended by
      U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Norman Eisen and around 200 foreign guests, including
      former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who is originally from Smichov.

      We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our partners.

                                                            Prague Restaurant                           r n
                                                                                                Martin Pˇibáˇ
                                                               Euro Cuisine

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