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					                                   Napa Valley College
                        Articulation and Curriculum Update, 2009

Changes to the General Education Patterns

This year there have been many more changes to the GE patterns than in past years. Please
review these special GE sheets that I have provided for you. The courses or sections that have
been added are underlined and the deletions have a strike through.

AA/AS Degree GE Changes

The major change is establishing Intermediate Algebra as a minimum requirement for the
Associates degree. This new requirement is effective for all new students to NVC in fall 2009.
Students entering NVC prior to fall 2009, who maintain continuous enrollment, are subject to the
old requirements.

There are several addition, deletions, and re-numbering of courses.

Area A. Natural Science                              Added -- CHEM 105 & HEOC 100

Area B. Humanities:                                  Added – SPAN 282
                                                     Re-numbered - ART110, 115, 116, 117,
                                                     119, 210, 212, 216,217,218,219 were re-
                                                     numbered to ARTH 100, 105, 106, 117, 118,
                                                     120, 130, 140, 150, 210. ARTH is a newly
                                                     approved Art History discipline
                                                     Deleted—HUMA 175,180; ENGL 221, 222

Area C: Social & Behavioral Sciences:                Added – COUN 120; HIST 153: PSYC 127
                                                     Deleted – PSYC 185; SOCI 135

Area D.1: English Composition:                       Deleted – BUSI 111

Area D.2 Mathematics:                                Deleted -- all math courses below Inter.
                                                     Algebra. There is now a common set of
                                                     courses for both the AA and AS degrees

Area D.3 Communication & Analytical Thinking:        Added—ANTH 200
                                                     Deleted—ENGL 221, 222; PSYC 185;
                                                     SOCI 135

Area E: Multicultural/Gender Studies:                Added: ANTH 145

NOTE: These changes are reflected in the AA/AS GE advising sheet and the “Course Approval Dates for
NVC General Education” report, which shows when courses were approved and removed from each of
the areas of AA/AS Degree General Education. These are posted on the NVC Artic Website.

CSU GE\Breadth and IGETC

This is to remind you of the policy change regarding courses approval for CSU-GE and IGETC.
Courses approved in April of each year are retroactive to the beginning of the previous fall term.
Thus, courses that were approved for CSU-GE and IGETC in April of 2009 are retroactive to the
beginning of fall 2008 term. This required revisions to our 2008-2009 CSU-GE and IGETC
sheets. The revised sheets and the new 2009-10 sheets are posted at the NVC Artic Website.

What follows are the changes that are reflected in the 2009-10 CSU-GE and IGETC sheets.
Some changes are the result of either courses being added or deleted from our curriculum or
courses being transferred to a new discipline (i.e. PHYE to DANS, ART to ARTH)

CSU_ GE/Breadth Changes
The titles for each of the Areas of CSU GE have changed. In addition, the following represent
changes to each of the areas of CSU GE\Breadth pattern.

Area A-3       Humanities 100 and 101 will be removed effective fall 2009

Area C-1       ART110, 115, 116, 117, 119, 210, 212, 216,217,218,219 were re-numbered to
               ARTH 100, 105, 106, 114,118,120,130,140,150, 210 ARTH is a newly approved
               Art History discipline

               Art 154, 158, 180; Dance 134, 138, 142, Drama 120, 150, 153, 155, 160.
               Music 130, 135,137,140,150,155,160,166,170, 185 will be removed by the CSU
               Chancellors office, effective fall 2009.

               HHUMA 175 & 180 were removed—they have been deleted from our curriculum

Area C-2       Added is SPAN 282
               Deleted are ENGL 1221, 222- they have been deleted from our curriculum

Area D-1       Added are ANTH 180 and CFS 180, they were moved from Area D-7

Area D-7       Deleted are ANTH 180 and CFS 280 –moved to Area D-1
               Deleted is PSYC 185. It has been removed from our curriculum

Area D-9       Deleted is PSYC 185 and SOCI 135.

Area D-10      Deleted is SOCI 135

Area E-1       Deleted PSYCH 185 and SOCI 135

Area E-2       Replacing PHYE 140 and 142 are DANS courses with the same numbers
               Added are PHYE 102B, 104, 105, 119, 124, 126, 144, 152, 154, 162, 174, 177

IGETC Changes

There are several significant changes to the IGETC certification process. A summary of the
changes and the full text of the Standards are available on line for your reading pleasure at I have also placed a link to
these changes on the General Education Patterns page on the NVC Articulation Website. You
can find this link in section for IGETC advising sheets

Please pay particular attention to Language Other Than English (LOTE) area

Area 3A        ART110, 115, 116, 117, 119, 210, 212, 216,217,218,219 were re-numbered to
               ARTH 100, 105, 106, 114,118,120,130,140,150, 210 ARTH is a newly approved
               Art History discipline
               Deleted are HUMA 175 and 180

Area 3B        Added is SPAN 282
               Deleted are ENGL 221 &222

LOTE           Significant changes the Language Other Than English area

Lower Division Transfer Patterns (LDTP) project

Soon you will be hearing from the CSU about the Lower Division Transfer Pattern (LDTP) by
major project. In the fall the CSU will be advertizing this option to potential transfer students.
LDTP is new and is one of several ways that California Community College (CCC) students may
use to prepare for study at the California State University (CSU). CSU faculty members are
developing patterns of lower division coursework to be taken in community college in
preparation for 44 of the high demand majors at the CSU. CSU faculty members are also
developing course descriptors for each of the lower division major preparation courses. When
community college courses are approved as satisfying the CSU course descriptors then these
courses are approved for that major at all CSU campuses.

For the past 2 ½ years I have been working with the CSU to articulate our courses with those of
the LDTP project. The process is lengthy and cumbersome and is likely to continue for the next
few years. It has taken a year or more for courses to receive approval and several courses require
multiple submissions before being approved.

LDTP will be one more option about which you will be advising students who plan to transfer to
a CSU campus. Expect that this option will develop over time as courses from community
colleges gradually get approved by the CSU. You can learn more about this project at the LDTP

NVC Curriculum Changes
(For those interested, a detailed account of the approved curriculum changes for 2009-10 is
available in a companion report that came in the same email with this report)

Changes to courses:
  Approved were 36 new courses
  Deletion of 35 courses
  Revisions were made to 126 existing courses
   -Here are the courses with the most significant changes-
      ANTH 120, increase in units from 3 to 4
      Renumbering of several ART courses to ARTH
      BIOL 219, added CHEM 105 as an option to meet the Chem prerequisite
      COMS 110 was changed to CISA 110
      COUN 90 was changed to COUN 111
      ECON 100 & 101 now have MATH 94 as a perquisite
      Several basic skills English courses were renumbered to LRNS courses
      GEOL 111 now has a co-requisite of GEOL 110
      GEOG 131, reduction in units from 4 to 3
      MATH 232, increase in units from 3 to 4

New disciplines
  ARTH- Art History
  FILM- Film Studies
  LEGS- Legal Studies
  SPCOM- Speech Communication
  THEA- Theater
  WOMES- Women’s Studies

New Associate Degrees & Certificate
(Approved by our curriculum Committee, but not yet approved by the Chancellors Office)
   A.A. Degree in Art History
   A.S. Degree in Graphic Design
   A.S. Degree and Certificate in Addiction Studies

Changes to Existing Degrees, Certificates and Programs
  Title Change of Women’s Certificate to “Integrative Studies in Women & Gender”
  Human Services Degree has been revised to remove SOCS/PSYC 123: Social Psychology;
   replace with COUN 128: Introduction to Substance Abuse Studies
  Human Services Certificate has been revised to include COUN 128: Introduction to
   Substance Abuse Studies
  A.S. Degree in Child & Family Studies has been revised to include CFS 150: Infant/Toddler
   Development & Education
  A.S. Degree in Business (Concentration in Office Administration) has been revised to
   include the new Math requirement effective fall 2009.


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