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                                  1:30 p.m., Thursday, April 20, 2006
                             Iceland Boardroom, Elizabeth Dafoe Library

1.   Approval of the Agenda
2.   Approval of the Minutes of March 23, 2006                          (attachment)
3.   Business Arising from the Minutes of March 23, 2006
4.   New Business
     4.1    Director’s Report – C. Presser
            4.1.1 2005 Annual Report

     4.2    Update on the Libraries’ Annex
     4.3    Recommendations for Approval
     4.4   Reports for Information and Discussion
           4.4.1 Collections – D. Breyfogle
                   Collections Management – J. Horner ……………………………..                    2
                   Acquisitions – V. Ward ………………………………………….                            2
                   Bibliographic Control – L. Partington …………………………..                  3

           4.4.2    Information Services & Systems – S. Miller
                     BISON – S. La Rue ……………………………………………….                             4
                     Digital Library Planning & Development – C. Jackimiek ……......    4
                     TecNET Services – Richard Jones ……………………………….                     6
                     Information Literacy – B. Braaksma …………………………….                   8

           4.4.3    Operations and Planning – D. Brown …………………………..……                   9

                    Libraries Development – N. Storozuk

     4.5    News from the Units
     4.6    Other Business

5.   Next Meeting – Thursday, May 18, 2006, at 9:30 pam. – Iceland Board Room

6.   Adjournment
March 23, 2006             Libraries Management Advisory Committee                           Agenda Collections Management – Jan Horner

1. Center for Research Libraries (CRL) – In addition to the Spotlight on Services, an university e-
   memo, a mailing to faculty and academic staff, an emailing to graduate students, the CRL
   promotion group will be sending an announcement and some brochures to unit heads for
   distribution to support staff.

   After the switch-over to RedDot, the link to CRL will be on the UML web page that links to
   other libraries’ catalogues.

2. NETDOC Menu Revision Working Group – A small working group consisting of Mora Gregg,
   Jan Horner, Lisa O’Hara, Michael Tennenhouse, and Mark West at the request of the
   Collections Committee is working on improving subject access to the NETDOC databases. This
   group is also providing input on the content and design of the new E-Library page, for which
   Collections has been given responsibility.

3. Disaster Training Workshops – Georgina Lewis has provided 9 workshops to a number of unit
   libraries including NJMHSL and its satellites, Sciences & Technology, Music, Archives, and
   Dafoe. More are planned through May. In addition she recently gave a workshop/presentation to
   the Association of Manitoba Archivists on disaster preparedness.

4. CHOICE Checking Results – Collections Management has completed checking of CHOICE
   magazine’s “Outstanding Academic Titles, 2005”. Last year UML had 55% of the print titles
   and 52 % of the overall titles when initially checked. This year the Libraries has significantly
   more titles on the list: 63% of the print titles and 60% of the overall titles. Detailed information
   on the above checking results will be distributed to units shortly.

5. Graduate Programme Reviews (GPRs) – The report for the Graduate Programme Review for
   the M.A. and Ph.D. in Education was completed. Juliette Nadeau has completed checking for
   the GPR of Physical Education and Recreation Studies, and has started checking for
   Immunology as well as Pharmacology & Therapeutics. Acquisitions– Val Ward

1. Blackwell’s eNotes: in preparation for the cessation of paper new title slip notification from
   Blackwell’s, bibliographers who currently receive Blackwell’s slips should be setting up eNote
   reports in Collection Manager to match the subject content of these slips. In order to provide
   additional training and/or assistance with the eNotes process, Jan Horner and Val Ward will be
   contacting all bibliographers over the next several weeks.

   Dana Levesque from Blackwell’s will be making a return visit to UML on April 13th and, as
   necessary, he will provide one on one assistance or conduct a follow-up eNotes workshop.
   Details concerning Dana’s schedule for that day will be distributed later by email.

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March 23, 2006            Libraries Management Advisory Committee                         Agenda

2. Firm ordering: can continue uninterrupted throughout the year end period. Although the Sirsi
   Acquisitions module will be shut down for a brief period while the records are rolled to the new
   fiscal year, this will not impact on orders submitted to Acquisitions. Selectors are encouraged
   to meet their weekly quota of orders; anyone needing additional information concerning
   calculating a weekly quota may contact Val Ward.

3. Encumbrances on fund ID’s: the Acquisitions Fund Report displays encumbered amounts on
   monograph firm order fund ID’s [BMF/GMF] and on most serial fund ID lines [BSS/GSS].

   For monograph funds, the encumbered amount represents actual commitments against the fund
   lines and can be used for budgeting and projection purposes. For serial funds, however, the
   encumbered amount represents the status of activity on the fund line in the previous fiscal year
   and does not represent actual commitments against the fund line for the current fiscal year.
   Serial encumbered amounts do not represent accurate amounts that could be used for budgeting
   or projection purposes.

4. Gift fund ID’s: any over expenditures on gift fund ID’s must be cleared prior to March 31, V.
   Ward or K. Rusnak will be contacting unit heads concerning arrangements for clearing any over
   expended amounts.

5. Away from the office: V. Ward will be away from the office March 23 – April 7, returning
   Monday, April 10. During this time, units should contact Kathy Rusnak [8858] for invoicing or
   financial transaction matters and Pat Milne [9965] with order/receiving questions. Bibliographic Control– Lynn Partington

1. OCLC/LTS: As of February 28 the number of outsourced titles catalogued reached 23,108 with
   enough incoming new purchases on hand to easily reach our ceiling of 25,000. We hope to start
   processing gifts in April but, since several bins are already on site at OCLC/LTS, there may be
   a delay before we can start sending material currently waiting in BC. Until we can make room
   on our shelves for more gifts from the units, and if you are processing any large gift collections
   please check with either Dagmar (9400) or me (6755) before sending them.

2. Uncatalogued Materials Survey - The results of the Uncatalogued Materials Survey for
   December 2005 were distributed to all LMAC and Collections Committee members on March
   16, 2006.

3. Staffing - We are pleased to announce that Kathy Turenne joined the BC staff as a Library
   Assistant IV on Monday, March 20. She fills the position left vacant by Janice Hollosy.

4. Lisa O’Hara - Lisa will be presenting a paper on the development of e-resource cataloguing at
   UML at the Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, March 23 - 25,

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March 23, 2006            Libraries Management Advisory Committee                         Agenda BISON – S. La Rue

1. BISON web and the Proxy Server: Recent problems with BISON web resulted in a number of
   faculty and students being unable to access My Library Account or any electronic resources
   using the proxy server for a period of 24 hours during the weekend. Several steps have been
   taken to ensure that this does not happen again.

   The proxy server now uses a script to authenticate users directly from the patron database;
   bypassing BISON altogether. In the event of any problems with BISON web, proxy access will
   not be affected.

   Changes have been made to the timing of the daily webserver shutdown/restart to ensure that all
   the backup jobs are completed and the Unicorn servers are running before the webserver is

   It is now possible for the webserver to be restarted remotely should any problems with BISON
   web occur.

2. Highlights from the SirsiDynix Superconference: Pat Nicholls and Susanna La Rue attended
   the Sirsi Superconference where many of the new features that will be available in the next
   version of Unicorn were demonstrated. (It is anticipated that we will upgrade our server to this
   new release in early July).

   For the circulation module, the next release will include several improvements in the handling
   of printing including receipt printers and printing screen displays in the java WorkFlows client.
   It will also allow for the display of item circulation notes when charging and discharging items.

   A new privatize report will make it possible to remove all information that identifies an
   individual in the history logs and remove the ID of the previous user from item records after a
   specified period of time.

   In this release, we will also be able to display the number of times an item has been renewed in
   "My Library Account" and browse search results will display in upper and lower case not just
   upper case

   In the future, Unicorn will support online payment of fines using a credit card through Verisign
   in addition to PayPay through "My Library Account". New payment types will be added to the
   circulation module to cover the addition of Verisign and PayPay payments. Digital Library Planning & Development – C. Jackimiek

1. UML Home Page: The Libraries’ home page, with the new web site design, will be launched
   on March 31, 2006. Although a large portion of the main site will be transformed into the new
   look, the overall site will be a work in progress until the end of 2006. To view the UML main
   page mock-up see Currently there are four
   units/departments that have gone live with the new design: The Director’s Office, Collections

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March 23, 2006            Libraries Management Advisory Committee                         Agenda

   Management, Eckhardt-Gramatte Music Library, and the Father Harold Drake Library. UML
   Home Page Team: Carell T. Jackimiek, Jared Whiklo, Lyle Ford, Marina Webster, Ganga
   Dakshinamurti, Betty Braaksma, Hal Loewen
2. MSpace- Current Status & Next Steps: MSpace is the name of the University of Manitoba
   Libraries' digital repository and can be accessed from the Libraries main page: MSpace currently hosts two collections:
       Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) collection, a shared initiative between the
        Libraries and the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
       Learning Objects Repository (LOR) a joint initiative between the Libraries and the
        Learning Technology Centre.
3. LOR: The LOR collection, (administered by Peter Tittenberger, Project Director of the
   Learning Technology Centre) began as a pilot project in January 2006. During the course of the
   pilot project Peter’s team will be assisting faculty members in creating and submitting learning
   objects into MSpace
4. ETD: The ETD pilot project was completed in the spring of 2005 and the Faculty of Graduate
   Studies is encouraging graduating students from all faculties to submit an electronic copy of
   their thesis into MSpace. Juliette Nadeau is a primary contact and support for students
   submitting ETDs.
   MSpace Software Upgrade: Jonathan Roby is currently updating MSpace to a new version of
   DSpace (open source software) and this should be completed in the next couple of weeks. The
   new version is expected to allow full text searching of PDF files and provide usage statistics.
   11,000 LAC ETDs: The LAC (Library and Archives Canada) has 11,000 U of M theses in
   electronic format which will be harvested into MSpace over the summer.
   MSpace Interface Design: After the 11,000 LAC ETDs have been added to MSpace, the
   MSpace Team will begin work on re-organizing the information on the MSpace interface to
   make it easier for users to navigate and use.
5. Datasets and SSHRC: The MSpace Team looked at several options to gain content. The
   consensus was to work on research datasets because of the SSHRC grant requirement to have
   all SSHRC funded research hosted and accessible from an institutional repository. Gary Strike
   will be working with the MSpace Team and a researcher who is interested in submitting her
   research datasets into MSpace.
6. University Press: The MSpace Team also thought discussion could be initiated with the
   University Press to have their out-of-print books digitized and hosted in MSpace. A University
   Press book was digitized by OCLC last year and Jonathan Roby will reformat the PDF file into
   an ‘Amazon’ type format. Once Jonathan has completed this work the MSpace Team will meet
   to discuss what additional information we need, eg. digitization costs, possible funding sources,
   benefits to University Press, etc..
7. MSpace Team: Carell T. Jackimiek, Jan Horner, Juliette Nadeau, Jonathan Roby, Lisa O’Hara,
   Brian Hubner

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March 23, 2006             Libraries Management Advisory Committee                        Agenda TecNET – Richard Jones

1.       Inventory - U of M Locations
        Installation of 160 Workstations – complete
        Installation of 118 “trickle-down” Workstations – complete
        RFQ for 10 Laptop Computers – complete, March 7, 2006.
        RFQ for 140 Staff Workstations – complete, March 21, 2006
             o Imaging and deployment – pending.
        RFQ for 2 or more, Microforms reader/scanner/printer – in progress
             o Purchase requisition completed.
             o Expected arrival by end of March.
        Purchase of Sympodium unit for Neil John McLean Health Sciences Library – complete
        Installation of second Pay-for-Print station for Neil John McLean Health Sciences Library –
        Migration of Pay-for-Print in E. Dafoe from the AMON Novell server to the ISIS server in
         order to alleviate slow printing – complete
        Migration of Pay-for-Print in NJM from the AMON Novell server to the ISIS server in
         order to alleviate slow printing – complete
        Migration of Pay-for-Print in remaining Libraries from the AMON Novell server to the ISIS
         server in order to alleviate slow printing - complete
        Self-Checkout machines are being reconfigured and reinstalled in E. Dafoe Library
         (complete), the Science and Technology Library (in progress) and NJM Library (pending).
        Implementation schedule for workstation deployment – complete
         WRHA Hospitals
        Installation of 42 Workstations (9 locations) – complete
        Installation of 13 laser printers (7 locations) – complete
        Installation of bar code scanners (6 locations) – complete
        Deer Lodge – Theft of seven computers, two bar code scanners and a DVD player.
         Replacement underway.

         Note: Approximately 320 computers, new and “gently” used, have been imaged and
         installed or re-imaged and re-deployed for Libraries between the end of October and mid-
         December, 2005. Special thanks to Matt Boyd and his helpers, particularly Randy
         Arrowsmith, for working almost every weekend to accomplish this and for a job well done.

         Server Relocation (312 Dafoe - 625 Engineering Machine Room)
        Identification of servers to be relocated – MSpace and Eres (DLPD)
        Identification of additional hardware required – in progress (DLPD/Tec-Net)
            o IBM servers specified and quotes received. Requisition to be completed by February
            o Purchase Requisition completed.
            o Expected arrival – March 24, 2006.
        Relocation of production servers from 312 Dafoe to 625 Eng – pending
            o Phase 1 – Rack, power and network (Tec-Net/ACN)

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March 23, 2006             Libraries Management Advisory Committee                        Agenda

                     Rack purchased, floor space allocated.
                     Requisition for A/C power – completed
                     Requisition for network – pending.
            o Phase 2 – Installation of new server hardware (Tec-Net/DLPD/ACN)
            o Phase 3 – Installation of server software and datasets (Tec-Net/DLPD)
        Relocation of Alpha server (old Bison) from 625 Eng to 312 Dafoe – complete

2.       Personnel
         IT3 – Training Specialist
          Applications received and shortlisted.
          Interviews in early April.

          TCP/IP Mastery – 4-day workshop (Jan. 31 – Feb. 3), three Tec-Net staff - complete.

3.       Projects
         InfraReports (Help Desk Work Orders)
          1st Qtr. – Received: 1423, Open: 30, Closed: 1393
          2nd Qtr. (to Sep. 21) – Received: 1123, Open: 91, Closed: 1032
          2nd Qtr. – Received: 1292, Open: 52, Closed: 1240
          3rd Qtr. (to Nov. 14) – Received: 685, Open: 155, Closed: 530
          3rd Qtr. (to Dec. 13) – Received: 1283, Open: 191, Closed: 1092
          3rd Qtr. – Received: 1382, Open: 48, Closed: 1334
          4th Qtr. (to Jan. 16) – Received: 235, Open: 39, Closed: 196
          4th Qtr. (to Feb. 13) – Received: 758, Open: 86, Closed: 672
          4th Qtr. (to Mar. 21) – Received: 1330, Open: 70, Closed: 1260
          Year To Date – Received: 5435, Open: 86, Closed: 5367

         Building and Network Upgrades
          Drake Centre – Albert D. Cohen Library – tender phase; contractor chosen.
          Robson Hall – E. K. Williams Library – tender phase; contractor chosen.
          St. Paul’s College – Fr. Harold Drake Library – final design phase/tender; contractor

         LETS Information Session
          Planning underway for a LETS Information Session at the beginning of May, 2006.

         Engineering Lab Upgrade
          Budgetary planning for the installation of 30 computers in the Engineering Library
            teaching facility.

         Wide Area Network Upgrade
          Budgetary planning for an upgrade to the network infrastructure servicing the satellite
            libraries housed in WRHA hospitals.

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March 23, 2006            Libraries Management Advisory Committee                        Agenda

       Archives – Renovation
        Relocations of existing staff to Rm. 208 Dafoe – Early April, 2006.
        Renovation of existing Archives and FIPPA spaces.

       Libraries Annex – New Construction
        Design phase Information Literacy – Betty Braaksma

1. Information Literacy Round Table 2006:
       Date and location: Bannatyne Campus, May 24. Exact location details will be
       Organizer: Andrea Hodgson
       Theme: tutorials and other online learning tools

2. Immersion Institute Proposal:
      The COPPUL Directors gave their support to a joint U of M/U of W/Brandon U bid to
        host a national-level Information Literacy Immersion Institute in the summer of 2007. U
        of M will be the site of the Institute. The proposal is due to ACRL on April 3. If the bid
        is successful, it will be the first time an Immersion Institute will be held in Canada.

3. Brown Bag Session:
       B.Braaksma, Peter Tittenberger (LTC) and Dr. Cheryl McLean (Extended Ed.) gave a
        presentation on the development of the eTools tutorial, as part of the Learning
        Technology Centre’s brown Bag series.

4. IL Developments:
       Ganga Dakshinamurti, Asako Yoshida & B. Braaksma met with Textiles faculty to
         begin IL design for 3 third-year courses, for delivery in January 2007.
       G. Dakshinamurti, Dr. Lena Horne (Textiles) and B. Braaksma’s proposals for IL-
         themed papers were accepted for presentation at IFLA in Seoul, Korea. The
         Dakshinamurti-Horne paper will be presented at the Information Literacy Section
         meeting and the Braaksma paper (co-authored with McLean and Tittenberger) will be
         presented at the University Libraries Section meeting.

5. Online Tutoring:
       The Learning Assistance Centre is now offering an email-based online tutoring service. Jim
         Blanchard and Miriam Unruh (LAC) will investigate if it will be possible to link this
         service to Questionpoint.

6. Learning Objects:
       Carell Jackimiek reported that the University’s M-Space project is now accepting
         locally-created learning objects. Librarians who have created tutorials, Powerpoints, etc.
         are encouraged to contact Peter Tittenberger to have their work included.

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March 23, 2006           Libraries Management Advisory Committee                      Agenda

7. Learning Commons Committee:
       B.Braaksma is co-authoring the final LC report, now due to Dr. Kerr in May.

8. Website:
      The first version of the new IL website will be online at the end of March/beginning of
         April. Suggestions for content are still welcome.

4.4.3 Operations and Planning – D. Brown
Human Resources Activities                                    Status
HRIS                         A letter from the Circulation Committee was received March 17th.
                             It will be compiled with comments received from Unit Heads and
                             brought to a future LMAC meeting.
Vacation Reporting           A task group consisting of D. Brown, D. Reitsma, M. Dejong, G.
                             Lewis, P. Anderson, P. Milne, and J. Eaton met to outline a
                             Vacation Reporting Process for Libraries. When available, the final
                             draft of the process will be discussed at LMAC.
Support Staff Recruitment    LA3 – NJML Document Delivery – job offer pending
                             LA4 – Bibliographic Control – Cathy Turenne successful candidate
                             Info. Tech 3 – LETS – interview process has begun
                             LA2 – Sciences & Technology – position posted
                             LA 4 –JW Crane – One year project position posted
UMFA Librarian Recruitment Section Head, Crane Library – in progress.
CUPE                         Contract negotiations successfully completed.
                             Collections Services Librarian – position posted for Apr/06–Feb./07
Budget Activities
Operating Budget 2005-2006   Year-end activities in progress
Facilities Activities
Garage Sale                  An internal Garage Sale is being planned for April 20, 2006. A
                             variety of furniture including chairs and sofa’s from the Dafoe
                             Lounge will be available for purchase on a first come first serve
Repair and Maintenance       For the period of Feb. 4 to Mar. 17 there were 110
                             facility/equipment and or repair calls logged requesting assistance
                             or referral such as desk repair or installation, book truck repairs,
                             telephone problems or changes, keys and locks, coordination with
                             trades staff and caretakers at Physical Plant.
Deferred Maintenance List    D. Reitsma is updating the deferred maintenance list distributed at
                             the June 2005 Operational Planning Retreat. It will soon be
                             distributed to Unit Heads requesting additions to the list.
Statistics Activities
Reports & Surveys            Libraries Valuation Statistics are being prepared for submission to
                             Central Administration. These statistics are used for auditing
Development Activities

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March 23, 2006      Libraries Management Advisory Committee                       Agenda

All Staff Meeting        Planning for the next All Staff Meeting scheduled for April 18th is
                         underway. Our regular features at this Spring meeting are
                         Extraordinary Staff Doing Extraordinary Things and On the
                         Leading Edge. Elaine Goldie Vice-President (External) will bring
                         greetings from the President’s Office.
Staff Newsletter         An electronic format monthly staff newsletter to replace Library
                         Matters is in the development stage. The first issue is planned for

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