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Ruby is an ex-steeplechaser who decided she wasn’t going to
steeplechase any more. She made her choice quite clear when she
bucked off any one who got on her. After a lot of re-schooling etc. she
still would not have anyone on her back. So at the age of 4 years old
she was condemned as a lunatic to be put down. My friend owned the
yard where Ruby was and saw her. She phoned me and asked me if I
could take her. Ruby is such a sweet girl, not the lunatic she was
made out to be, still not sure about being ridden but we are working
on it.


Hobson was found by a friend of mine in a dealer’s yard a tiny foal left
for dead. He was full of worms and lice, my friend knew she would not
go home without him. She bottle fed him and raised him. I took him
on as a three year old as she had found another horse that needed all
her time. Hobson is such a character and so full of confidence he is a
joy to have around but very challenging with clients I have to pick
really carefully who he works with.


William had an injury to his fetlock when he was about three years old
which has left him permanently lame. He has his good days and his
bad days. William is very happy and he and Hobson are always getting
into trouble one way or another. He’s a big crowd puller is when he
plays football, they young people love it. William is living his life as
comfortably and naturally as possible. He is just a joy to have around,
a real gentle giant.


 Fly was a show horse winning many prizes when she went lame at
the age of about 9 years old. The vets could not find a diagnosis for
her problems so she was going to be put to sleep as the owner did not
know what to do about her. I heard about her fate and offered to take
her, the owner was over the moon as they didn’t really want to put her
down but couldn’t see any other way. I have had fly now for seven
years and she, like William has good days and bad days as she is
sound but suffers arthritis. She is however, very happy and the leader
of the herd.


Inca was born in Ireland and was used literally as a foal factory until
the age of 7 years when she was brought over to a dealer’s yard in
England. She had a saddle put on her and was sold to a girl I knew as
a safe riding horse. She was anything but safe, petrified of her own
shadow. The girl who owned her in the end put her up for sale as she
could not do anything at all with her and I was persuaded by the
others on the yard where she was to buy her. I found the same thing, I
couldn’t ride her, and she bolted every time with me, leading her was
a nightmare as she just pushed me over and walked over me. Then I
got into the alternative horsemanship, took a year off riding and just
worked on the ground doing desensitising work with her. It took a lot
of time and courage but now she is my best friend. I have gone from
using a gag bit, flash noseband and standing martingale to being able
to ride her with no saddle and nothing on her head at all. Inca was the
horse who started my journey to a true understanding of horses and
beginning a true partnership with them.


Daisy was working in a Riding for the Disabled Centre. She was
bought for the heavier person to ride. She started to pull faces when
people got on her and in the end even when they put a saddle on her.
The vet diagnosed back problems that were untreatable. The people
who ran the Centre contacted me and asked if I would take her to do
the work I did as it was all ground work, if not she would have to be
put down. I took Daisy on and after a bit of work with her we now can
ride her and play with her and she is fine. Daisy went from being shut
down and very low in self-confidence to being the only one who dares
to challenge Fly for the leadership of the herd. Daisy died suddenly
the other year for unknown reasons that the vet could not diagnose.
She lives in on in our hearts and in the memory of her herd and all
who had the privilege to be in her company.


Dream is just in my care as her owner found it difficult to juggle
college, work and a life with the responsibility of looking after her. She
had lost a lot of self confidence as she was feeling a bit down but
slowly she is coming round to being who she is. Dream is a wonderful
horse and a joy to look after, she never complains, never says no I’m
not, she is just so happy to be here with the herd. She still has
another owner but she will be cared for here as long as is needed.


Toby, whose real name is, To Be Sure, was doing eventing and
jumping when he went unsound. He wasn’t actually lame but not
sound enough to carry on with what he was doing. After a lot of tests
and examinations the vets diagnosed Navicular which meant an end
to his career. The owners contacted me again and asked me to take
him as he could not work without being ridden. Toby is coming on
great, we have loads of fun playing and he has loads of fun juggling
the attentions of Inca and Fly who are besotted with him. One day
soon I will restart him and go on to do just some gentle riding.

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