NISH Training Needs Assessment Survey-2011 by wuzhengqin

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									QUEST                 Q1. GREATEST CHALLENGES TODAY: # 1
00004   Work for clients with severe disabilities.

        Changes in funding for services (decreases) with increased administrative
00007   requirements.
00008   Budget Constraints Available Work for Clients Trained Staff
00010   Staying within Budget
00011   Referrals from state for persons with disabilities.
00012   Changing leadership at GSA no longer supportive at AbilityOne.

00013   Getting any kind of AbilityOne product contract.
        Our funding sources are not paying for the full cost of the services we
00016   provide.
00017   Funding
        Financial - State of Illinois budget has slashed grants and redefined
00018   eligibility for services.
00019   Managing growth

00021   Finding consistent, quality work for center-based program participants.
00023   Financial Solvency
        Funding sufficient to pay good support staff, and employing enough staff
00025   to maintain service while sending staff to trainings.
00026   Financial

00027   Maintaining ratios because of the changes in background checks.

00028   Human services funding cuts.
00031   Limited work/need more work for our clients.

00032   Competition from other not-for-profit and for profit organizations.

00033   Lack of new commercial business
00034   Funding for services
00035   State and Federal budget cuts
00036   Long Term Work
00038   Recruiting/hiring qualified staff
00040   Job placement opportunities for clients.
00041   Growth of business.

00049   New product research and development capabilities

00050   Decreased State Funding
00051   Reduced funding

        Financial support either through product sales or "fees for Service" to
00052   continue providing vocational training and employment.
00053   Income
00057   High unemployment rates
00058   Funding cuts from State and Federal resources.
00062   Funding being cut from all funding sources/no new funding sources.
00063   Finding employable individuals with disabilities.
        Maintaining quality services to our customers at a time when budget cuts
00064   are drastically reducing revenue.

00066   Funding rehab services
00067   The fluid, shifting, unstable economy.
00068   Growth constraints
        Finding staff and consumer/clients that can pass background checks and
00069   drug screens and maintain eligibility with random checks.
00070   Securing documentation for qualified individuals.

00072   Decreasing State Funding - finding alternative revenue sources.

00073   Growing our internal systems to be prepared for growth.

00074   Significant reductions in state level financial supports.
00075   Funding
00076   Funding reductions
00077   Budget Reductions from the State
00079   QER Compliance
00080   Finding consistent reliable and profitable work.
00081   Sustainability of Programs
        Providing enough supervision within the allotted amount of supervision
00082   rates.
00083   Knowing and understanding all aspects of GSA contracts.

00087   Long term forecasting for federal government procurement.
00089   Knowledge/utilization of best practices
00090   Little or no contract work for our center clients.
00092   Government spending cutbacks

00093   Maintaining adequate amount of paid work for our participants.
00094   Running as efficiently and as effectively as possible
00095   State and Federal Budget cuts.
00096   Funding
00097   Budget Cuts. Diversification of Services/Funding Sources.
        To maintain current funding and obtain new funding sources through the
00099   state and government.

00100   To keep our overall agency financially solvent.

00101   Gov shut down

00103   Economic uncertainty. Both funding sources and contracting activities.
00109   Security clearances for employees due to past financial issues.
00110   Creating opportunities for employment for individuals/w.d.

00112   Financial stability
00113   Recruitment of direct care staff and mitigating turnover costs.
00114   Budget Cuts (state and federal).

00115   Lack of work, particularly NISH contracts.
00116   Developing new work with the Government.
00117   Funding

00118   Adequate funding for our training program.
00119   Attracting employees
00120   Funding issues
00121   Funding cuts on State levels
        Most are related to funding programs. Doing business in a state that
        ranks near the bottom for services for persons with disabilities has
        resulted in our clinical supports being flat or cut over the past several
        years. Future funding is unknown so planning in an atmosphere of
00122   uncertain funding and uncertain economic times is a great challenge.
00123   Elimination of Subminimum Wage License - FED.LE6
00124   Finding new sales and profit opportunities.
        Honestly, our industry is simply in need of more consistent work to serve
00125   the increasing disabled population.
00126   Funding
        Finding more customers for existing lines of business, particularly secure
00127   document destruction.
00129   Increasing sales revenue

        Transforming from segregated to community based services without
00130   further financially destabilizing the organization.
00131   Stable funding sources

        Taking on larger more complicated contracts while still maintaining the
00133   correct agency ratio.
        Business planning, development and sales in our digital print center pose
00134   the greatest challenge today.
00135   Adequate funding to provide services is limited.
00136   State/federal funding cuts
00137   Funding Cuts
00138   Improving financial stability.
00139   Money
00140   State Federal Funding
00143   Finding enough work for consumers.
        Lack of resources to provide critically needed rehab services to
00145   individuals with disabilities.
        People who think cleaning is easy as 123 and don't realize that some
00146   things take a great deal of time.
00147   Adequate funding for services.
        Identifying and adopting technologies which will facilitate increased
        productivity enabling us to provide customer with highly competitive
00148   pricing.
00151   Reduced funding
        Lack of consistent contract orders & low quantity of orders from existing
        federal customers that challenge our ability to maintain stock materials
00157   and maintain a steady work schedule for our workforce.
00159   Creating employment opportunities for People with Disabilities.
00161   Federal budget cuts

00163   Government cut backs to programs such as Medicaid.
00166   State budget issues
00167   Maintaining markets for our products in a weak economy.
00168   Sufficient income to support services.
00169   Budget cuts by the State of California.
00170   Dwindling funding from the state.
00171   Finding younger staff to replace aging group.
        Sustainability, i.e., continuing to serve a high number of persons with
00172   disabilities.

00173   Placing individuals into jobs in this present economic job market.
00174   Shrinking contract revenue
        Funding - specifically funding of support services and start-up capital for
00175   new projects.

00176   Steady number of referrals for services.

00178   Reduction in financial support for vocational rehabilitation.
00179   High levels of turnover in entry level positions.
00180   Developing new leaders.
00182   Funding/Budget cuts.
00183   Finding contracts that will pay for themselves.

00185   Air Force Food Transformation
        Pressure on Federal and State funding sources that provides us with
00186   clinical vocational and pre-vocational services.
00187   Rising wage rates
00188   Finding people with disabilities to work.
00190   Contract work
00193   Maintaining a variety of work for individuals with different disabilities.
00194   Effectively completing the janitorial work timely.
00196   Reduced state funding
00198   Qualified workforce

00199   Retaining quality staff
00201   Funding cuts
00202   Reduction of Medicaid funding
00203   Sustainable funding

00205   The current economy causes our costs to rise while the revenue does not.
00206   Challenging Job Market
00208   Providing uninterrupted work/jobs for 250 individuals with disabilities.
00209   Placement of people with disabilities and barriers.
00210   Cutbacks in funding for services provided.
00211   Funding
        Decreasing jobs due to Federal contracting reductions (GSA sale of
00213   buildings).
00220   Retaining staff/staff turnover

00223   Employment
00224   Not having enough work
00225   Financial Restraints
00226   Funding

00228   Maintaining AbilityOne Jobs
        Providing quality work experiences to individuals with severe disabilities.
        The economy has decreased the number of contracts we are currently
00229   receiving.

00231   Adequate work for our employees.

        Growing our commercial (non-AbilityOne) businesses. Consultation
        would be useful to have someone meet with us, look at our strengths and
00232   see how we can parlay them into increased job opportunities for pwd.
        Lack of trained sewers and mechanics in the area willing to work for low
00233   wages.
00235   Balancing Business Needs with People Needs

00236   Generating enough income to decrease reliance on government funding.
        Having to keep clients a lot longer in the program due to multiple
00239   disabilities and/or finding appropriate/available employment.
00241   Finding new work to add on to our core competency, sewing.
00242   Funding Cuts

00244   GSA trying to cut our rates on our cleaning contract.
00246   Financial resources
        Hiring people who meet the AbilityOne criteria to meet contract
00248   obligations.
00249   Continued expansion of job opportunities.
        Green Cleaning: To establish standards and guidelines for products and
00250   equipments. Guidance for methods of cleaning.

        Placing individuals with criminal records in jobs. Our government contact
        with the VA is not allowing many of these folks to remain employed on our
        contract (or to become employed on our contract). But this is also a big
00252   challenge in job placement in our community in general as well.
00255   Lack of increases and/or threats of funding cuts from the state.
        Reduced number of work opportunities for our consumers especially non-
00257   AbilityOne contracts.
00259   Systemic change affecting financing of services and enrollment.
00261   More work
00262   Training for upcoming professionals
00263   Getting new NISH work
        Expanding into new, higher technology-related business lines to offer a
00264   broader mix of job opportunities.
00265   Finding qualified persons with disability for the work to be performed.
        Individuals who can qualify for program status as well as clear security
00267   requirements.
        Reductions in local, state and federal funds for workforce training and
00268   placement.
00269   Funding
00270   Income over Expense
00271   Cash flow
00273   Retirements of key staff
00275   Creating more jobs for people with disabilities.
00276   Continuity of funding
00278   Financial constraints and budget cuts

        Challenges of hiring applicants who are able to perform the tasks and be
00281   eligible for our program.
00282   Time Studies - Piece Rate and Hourly
00283   Fed Purchasing Practices
00286   Eroding State Funding
00287   Funding Cuts
00290   Reduction of funds
00291   State Funding

00292   Decline in requirements of Chemical Protective Garments.

00293   Competition with the regular business sector world.
00295   Funding; both government and industrial contracts
00297   Increasing Sales
00300   Financial Management
00305   Contracts
00307   Funding Growth
00309   Price cuts from local and state govt.
        Dwindling financial resources in tandem with rising costs of doing
00311   business.
00313   Loss of state government funding

00316   Getting new business
00317   State Funding Cuts
00318   Finding meaningful work that can enhance skills
00321   Reductions in funding sources.
00322   National Health Care
        Operating and expanding services in highly competitive markets.
        Developing better negotiating skills to effectively communicate needs to
00323   the federal customer.

00326   Getting enough people to work that can clear federal background checks.

00328   Maintaining high standards during budget cutbacks

00329   Contracts are be coming harder to acquire.

00330   Hours cut by 1/3 last contract year 10/1/2010.
00337   Budgets
00338   The economy is bad. (Shortage of jobs)
00340   Funding cuts
00342   Finding new product opportunities.

00343   Funding to meet the needs of our agency
00344   Funding
00347   Federal Budget cuts are causing loss of work on existing contracts.
00348   Clearance issues for new employees.
00349   Decrease in revenue
00350   Jobs for people with disabilities

00351   Maintaining funding for community employment program.
        Recruiting persons with disabilities with the right skill sets for our contract
00353   opportunities.
00354   Engaging employees
00355   Enough business to maintain financial stability.
        Reduced government funding including reduced government contract
00356   funding.

00357   Qualified, educated, well trained and knowledgeable staff.
00358   Adequate revenue sources to provide services.
00361   Lack of funding
00362   Motivating Front Line Supervisors to do their jobs and love it.
00365   Payments from the State being very late, often more than 6 months.
00369   Finance

        Finding business to keep our work crews employed. Our major contract
        for corrugate box products, U.S. Postal Service has reduced orders
        tremendously the last few years, and finding replacement work has not
00370   materialized.
00371   Funding
00372   Additional Security Requirements on Federal Contracts.

00373   Finding people with disabilities who want to work.
00377   Loss of grant funding and financial support for programs.
00378   Staff Turnover
00382   Financing
        Maintaining profitability during continued government budget reductions
        that translate into less funding for government contracts, causing federal
00386   customers to focus more on bottom line price.
00388   Job placement
00389   Budget Cuts
        Continued state Medicaid Waiver (for developmental disabilities) rate cuts
        for adult day training and transportation, on top of an already under-
00390   funded reimbursement rate.
00391   Funding

00392   Shrinking service dollars
        Developing and increasing staff capacity to serve more people with
00393   disabilities.
00399   Qualified bids.
00400   Expanding sources of revenue.
00401   Space
00402   Additional jobs for people with disabilities.
00403   Money for expansion
00404   Maintaining a healthy bottom line.

00406   Finding enough jobs for people with developmental disabilities.
00409   State funding issues
00410   Funding

00411   Finding and closing on call center work.

00412   Funding challenges within the state of Michigan.

00414   Working Capital

00415   Budget: clients and as well as ours
00416   Inconsistent government policies
        Our inability to match long standing personal relationships between well
00419   known CRP's and NISH executives.
00421   Increasing Federal Contract Business

00422   Quality trainings in the field directly related to supported employment
00423   Finding staff that qualify for the AbilityOne Program
00424   Keeping a consistent disable work force

00425   Not enough opportunities due to rural locations.
00427   The time to set up quality training time.
00428   Economic conditions
00429   Funding cuts
        Educating the current and potential new government customers on the
        total value of employing people with disabilities and getting them to
00430   understand it good for our community to partner for successes

00431   Brand awareness.

00432   Continued funding of programs and services for disabled persons.
00434   Hiring

00435   Preparing our workforce for the future
00437   Reduced funding of needed programs
00438   Reduction of Federal and State money
00439   Growth within AbilityOne
00441   Sustainable growth of business lines
00442   Healthcare changes
        Understanding the strategic direction of AbilityOne services - which new
        agencies/services will be available in the future so we can start to build
00443   expertise.
00444   State and federal funding changes/difficulties (economy).

00446   Not enough contract opportunities.
00447   Trying to grow our business in out of state markets.
00448   Under-developed workforce

00449   Budget cuts by customer
00450   Lack of employment opportunities for IDD population.

        Finding people with disabilities to work, we are located in a rural area and
00452   it is challenging to have enough workers for the jobs we have.

00453   Having adequate business to employ/train all clients.

        Expanding our current business line (custodial) and beginning a new line
00454   of business.
00455   Funding
00456   Finding the right people to fill jobs.
00457   Adequate funding to provide evidence based practices

00460   Contract work for training and employment of persons with disabilities
00461   Funding
00464   Funding
00466   Funding

00468   Expanding/Increasing Business
00469   Cash flow
00471   Rate Reductions
00472   Staying ahead of the federal financial cuts
00473   Finances
00474   Jobs, jobs development, sufficient hours to equal 20 hours per week.
00476   Budget Cuts
00477   Financing needs - capital expenditures
00478   Maintaining present funding sources
00480   Finances-with budget cuts it is becoming more and more difficult.
00483   Procuring sufficient work
00484   Financial Independence

00486   Decreasing state funding for services
00489   Geographic Location
00491   Good training materials

00492   Diminishing funding from State and Counties
        Maintaining jobs for people with disabilities in an environment where
        federal, state, and local governments are reducing budgets for contract
00493   services.
00495   Developing and retaining staff.
00498   The high employment rates

00499   Funding scarcity and decline

00501   First Line Supervisory training
00502   Security clearances
        Serving people who are really severely disabled on NISH contracts.
        Because the health and wellness benefits on the SCA are so high- people
        with true severe disabilities cannot participate on NISH contracts. This is
00503   really egregious.
00504   Funding
00506   Recruitment
00507   Health care costs
00511   Funding reductions
00512   State budget cuts.
        Getting NISH and DSCP to understand any commercial business
00513   practices.
00514   Government Cost Cutting
00515   Downtime
00516   Changes in funding structures

        Increased demands from contractor who is unwilling to pay for increased
00517   demands
00518   Funding
00519   Budget cuts
00520   Finances

00521   Maintaining a constant flow of work clients.
00523   Funding cuts from the State
00526   Medicaid Funding Reduction
00527   Getting the contract up and going goes very slowly.
00528   Inexperienced Contracting Officers and Contracting Officer Reps
        Locating sufficient volume of work for persons served Sustaining funding
        in a volatile environment. Competing with the private sector with the
00532   plethora of regulatory requirements.

00533   Decreasing revenue from governmental sources.

00436   Challenging economic environment to grow our commercial business.
00039   Packaging and assembly work

00055   Budget cuts/Dependence on state funding.
00060   Funding issues through Medicare
00105   Inadequate county and state reimbursements
00144   Getting contracts to keep employees working continually
00197   Being able to get additional AbilityOne contracts.
00251   Landing new contracts.

00253   Staff motivational values training
        Finding employment opportunities for our people. The market is very tight
        and manufacturers who use to outsource work are keeping it in-house for
00254   their own employees.
00258   Creating efficiencies for government contractors
00260   Obtaining additional AbilityOne contracts.
00266   Jobs
00285   Providing work for our employees.
00288   Finding enough contracts to keep current employees busy.
00312   Training made available in our city
00327   No longer having a NISH contract.
00335   Maintaining quality product
00345   Getting people to trainings.
00363   Funding

00385   New business

00398   As always, finding employees in remote locations

00463   Acquiring new AbilityOne Federal shredding contracts.
00470   Funding
00487   Certification
00494   Diversity of potential service lines.
        Understanding various disabilities and how they effect individual
00535   productivity.
00256   Budget reductions
00014   Managing our business during a period of federal budget constraints.
00046   Qualified staff for specialized projects.
00088   Receiving referrals for individuals from the state VR services.
        1. Increasing severity of needs of those referred for services to include
        those with mental illness. 2. Ability to provide services for those who
        have no sponsor. 3. Ability to provide work training that is transferrable to
        employment and maintain the staff to do so.
        Reduced purchasing of goods and services by local, state and Federal
00289   Gov't.
00302   Funding
00332   Remaining Competitive

        Dealing with NISH and getting the assistance needed in a timely fashion.
        When we need something done, it can take months, but when NISH
00407   wants something, we are to produce quickly. Its been very frustrating.
00440   More work opportunities
00445   Staffing the individuals needed
00509   Funding cuts
00534   Funding being reduced or static
                GREATEST CHALLENGES TODAY: # 2

Turnover requiring more frequent training of new staff.
Funding Work for Clients we serve; Declining workforce
Year round steady employment.
Cutbacks in service from recession pressure.
Not having a big military base or something in our area to be able to get
more contracts.

We need more opportunities for government contracts or subcontracts.
Increased public scrutiny
Adjusting to substantial loss of funding. Resizing agency to meet
available funding. Dealing with loss of programs.
Developing reserves
Diversifying funding sources to account for cuts in state and local funding
for rehabilitation programs and services.
Regulatory Compliance
Marketing to the community, both potential employers and potential

Keeping a flow of product contracts to maintain constant work for training

Many regulations any audits both on a federal and state level.
Inadequate payment rates

Adequate funding and reimbursement for services provided.

Lack of new product opportunities from NISH
Continuing to find work opportunities for consumers in program.
Legislation to eliminate sub-minimum wage
Government Cut-backs
Providing quality services with dwindling resources.
Reduced funding for employment programs.
State budget.

Grant writing capabilities
Cumbersome process for introducing/approving products through the
State and Federal Government.
Increased overhead
Meeting the ever changing regulations and criteria to remain certified
especially with the greater demand for community based "competitive"
employment versus "in-house" employment.
Poor economy
Creating new employment opportunities during New York State's current
economic situation.
Finding and getting new contract work for clients.
Keeping medical insurance costs contained.
If light of reduced revenue, being able to paying sufficient wages to attract
quality staff members.

Staff retention
The lack of AbilityOne opportunities in our area.
Talent management/development
Building a staff capable of managing at a higher level with higher
expectations without throwing dollars at the problem.
Meeting our budget projections

Need for new employment options - LOB & employment opportunities.

Keeping track/trained/implementing new and changing regulations.
Evaluation and determination of agency involvement in community
housing (build a group home - purchase condos/homes, etc).
Availability of product contracts
Increased operating costs
Workers Compensation/Safety
QC Plan
Staff wages - adequate
Cuts to Federal and State Funding

Meeting the building managers expectations for the quality of services.
Meeting all contract expectations.
Many of our employees whose jobs require the use of computers do not
have the skills and/or aptitudes to learn the new IT required to adequately
increase the overall efficiency of our company.
Safety issues
Decreasing funding from State VR.
Recruiting qualified employees

Meeting increasing regulatory demands without increased funding.
Dealing with endless uncertainty.
Lack of viable business partners.
Employers not hiring persons with disability.
Escalating expenses: fuel, transportation, utilities.

Adapt job training programs to adapt to the change of the economy.
To insure that we have productive jobs available for our people with

High unemployment rates; lack of community jobs.

Rising health care costs.
Internal communications with service employees.
Contract expansion

Staffing- finding reliable staff.
Location/Rural: Lack of Federal Contract opportunities.
Government cut backs on services and other items.

Loss of subcontract work - last year we lost a long-term (over 20 years)
customer who decided to send the work to China.
Uncertainty in Medicaid funding.
Lack of staff.
Obtaining additional contract work either through NISH or in the public
Shrinking funding
Work Opportunities for Consumers
Finding qualified staff

Keeping up with the times technology-wise. Knowing where to put our
limited resources where they can do the most good and help our efforts to
provide the best services.
Closures of NPAS - Sheltered Workshops
Staffing of non-disabled
Same: Honestly, our industry is simply in need of more consistent work to
serve the increasing disabled population.
Community Integration

Finding another line of business for AbilityOne customers.
Loss of state funding

Developing jobs for more and more individuals with autism and mental
health issues with limited $$$ for follow support.
Limited employment market

The Arc also has found it difficult in finding adequate training for Total
Facilities Management certification that doesn't take 2 years to complete
since missing one class will involve waiting a lengthy time to take it again.
Job development and placement continue to be very high on the list of
Threat of workshop closures.
Increased operational costs.
Inability to obtain work for people with high needs.
Overcoming shrinking markets for traditional CRP Products/Services.
Lack of work opportunities
Funding cuts

Business development opportunities

Dealing with the onsite building managers for maintenance.
Rising healthcare costs

Penetrating commercial markets.
Reduction of staff.
Developing new business with federal customers to meet their
product/service needs that also match our workers skill levels and
Compliance with a changing world of federal regulations.
Competition from large multi-state CRPs
Obtaining new products and services to support new training and
employment opportunities for program participants.
The economy
Being able to offer competitive salaries for the staff we need.
Government regulation(s)/Over-regulation
Increase in Workers Comp, health costs, fuel costs, regulations.
Recruiting and maintaining professional staff.
Finding managers that have good people skills
Business Development, i.e., bringing in the revenues to create the jobs we

Securing additional AbilityOne contracts
Increased employee costs
Availability of new opportunities for growth (in areas where we are not
currently doing work).
Problems with length of time for security clearances for government

Increase in paperwork/document for vocational rehabilitation performed.
Growing new sources of work.
Enough staff to complete all assignments.
Finding contracts that will generate revenue for other programs.

Limited funding for work performed
Continued economic conditions that result in very low job creation for our
Overseas competition
Need for consumers
Lack of staff to supervise or work with clients.
Developing and training Line Leaders
Reduced Medicaid funding
Financial stability
Designing a leadership curriculum that embodies the current and future
needs of the organization for Current Directors and Managers to be
effective and visionary.
Loss of federal contracts
Ability to give staff merit increases
Addressing waiting lists
Competing with larger CRPs or out of state CRPs for the few local
contracts that come available.
Qualified Staff
Acquiring additional products from AbilityOne
Professional development training.
Lack of work opportunities for people w/ disabilities.

Lack of product development ability
Funding and cut backs in funding

Comparable wages and benefits to be able to live a decent and safe life.
Funding for support services
Meeting 75% disabled ratio on NISH contracts

Finding new AbilityOne jobs.

Accessing and providing needed accommodations/assistive technology to
individuals with severe disabilities.
Adequate referrals from Vocational Rehabilitation and Developmental

Contract/grant management

Single material source for most materials used for AbilityOne contracts.
Cash flow

Finding meaningful work for people with intellectual staff.
Not having adequate referrals/turnover to place clients in employment to
acquire the MB from VR.
Marketing our current products
Staff Development

We need a larger building.
Constantly changing government regulations.

Adequately training in supervisors to lead and mentor his/her team.
Having adequate management personnel

Increasing productivity and individualize training

Lack of subcontract production work that individuals with disabilities can
do. And less profit for the work we do get.
Less opportunities for private grant money for innovative programs.

Less funding from the state
Lack of labor pool; disincentives for individuals to work.
More work
Expanding market share
Getting enough sustainable work for DD population.
Balancing people and financial resources to address the needs of a
growing organization.
Loss of government funding
Access to affordable, reliable transportation

Rapid growth
Employee Retention
Ability to keep up with rising costs.
High costs for all lines of insurance
Funding jobs for the clients we serve
Continuing to grow the capability and capacity of employees (training)
Finding qualified staff
Lack of meaningful work for clients with the most severe disabilities.

Government cuts to our contracts Cuts require layoffs and cause us to
have to keep the higher functioning employees.
Time Management
Competition among CRP's.
Medicaid corporate compliance and audits
Staff Reductions
Program reduction
State Regulatory

Reduction in Federal Spending
Finding work that is appropriate for individuals with significant physical
Maintaining Quality
Lowering costs
Loss business
Technology Access
Lack of contracts/or work within the community.

Increasing regulation occurring at a time when income is shrinking.
Increasing health insurance rates
Keeping up with the increasing needs and requirements of the Federal
and State Government.
Travel Costs to send staff for training
Creating classroom skill enhancement exercises
Employment opportunities for the people we serve.
Competitive pressure for new/potential contracts

Understanding and implementing an effective "green clean" program.


Power of purchasing with less revenue

Getting customer to recognize that they are not our employee supervisors.

Community work opportunities are hindered by economy.
Long term business partner relationships. (We have a lot of small
business partners who have suffered due to the economy.)
Increasing regulation
Finding new product opportunities.

Training for job coaches
Building an integrating system (financial ERP, IT network, etc.)
(Time Factor) for NISH contracts.
Increase in costs of benefits and services
Suitable transportation in rural areas

Finding and keeping good employees.

Increasing Cash Flow
Workers comp premiums
Establishing a marketing department.

Economic challenges for commercial business.
Adequate revenue to support our mission goals and entice more
dedicated workers.
Employment opportunities for persons served
Finding contract work
Financial Budget Restraints
Support from the State being reduced or eliminated.
Financing new projects is always a challenge. Each new product line
requires purchasing some raw materials for assessment/testing, and
additional costs are incurred in developing the prototype. These costs are
sometimes significant, and "upfront money" is a big challenge for a small
non-profit organization.
Turn Over
Tightening of Federal of budgets

Obtaining contract awards
Finding and attracting talented managers
Budget Reductions
Staffing needs
Educating government customers with regard to expectations on quality
levels, when contract pricing is reduced. Government cannot expect a
Mercedes Benz for the price of a Yugo.
Direct service staff trainings
Staff Training Expenses

Securing medium sized contracts for shredding services in a highly
competitive local market place.
Adequate contracts
Finding the extra workers needed to meet production demands that can
fluctuate dramatically.

Sales and marketing, growing our businesses
Primes to partner with
Changing requirements/needs of primary customers.
Additional AbilityOne Service contracts
Finding competent people
Dealing with funding issues.
Decreased state and federal funding result in reductions to administrative
staff making it difficult to expand existing programs and create new
Delay in payments
New requirements--recycling in federal business

Managing growth (we hope) in general and managing multiple locations.
Seeking growth opportunities at the Camp Grayling facility and in our

Actual resources working at the CRP. We don't have enough funds to pay
additional salaries. We use volunteers, however, we need paid staff.
Federal govt efforts to reduce costs which has impact on employment
Donor fatigue

Lack of support from NISH's regional representatives.
Changing Client Needs

Staff working with workers has more rehabilitation experience rather then
knowing about jobs they are training on: landscaping, food service, etc.
They have studied to be teachers, social workers so lack of hands on
knowledge about industry has impact sometimes on quality of coaching.
Tenants understanding disabilities.
Improving the existing work force

Lack of employment opportunities for individuals experiencing disabilities.
Budget cuts
Big Government
Severe cash flow problems - state not paying its bills.

Skills training for people with the most significant disabilities. The people
who are at the lower end of the productivity scale.
Contracting Officers understanding and completion of AbilityOne

Opportunities for growing employment services for disabled populations.
Having enough staff for mentoring and training for people with severe
Increased regulations
Increasing our endowment
New Business Development.
Competitive landscape
Fed and State budget reductions
Few new contract opportunities in our area
Exodus of manufacturing from US
When marketing for contract opportunities frequently the government
customer is interested but after much work on the part of NISH and CRP
the opportunity ends without ever becoming a contract.
Trying to find certified employees that meet the 75/25 rule.
Underutilized business planning

Training of my staff in new service lines like Fleet Program, mail services.
Budgetary cuts both at state and federal levels.
Information being passed from NISH to the CRP, sometimes agreements
are made in certain regions, we feel we are not involved in some of these

Funding sources/threats of funding cuts

Our work sites are spread out geographically, which can be challenging.
Increased competition
Employee retention.
Expertise in braiding both services and funding streams

Building a sustainable culture of teamwork
Constant Changes to Contracts
Finding enough work projects for the people we serve.
Healthcare reform

Acquiring Qualified People with severe disabilities.
Lack of work
Contract Reductions.
Staying ahead of California financial cuts
Need for new business
Finding New Business
Generating positive cash flow
Finding work in order to bring people back into the workplace.
Community (competitive) employment
Excessive Federal regulatory burden

Locating work opportunities that fall within our range of competencies.
Cost to fly to other State to receive Training.
Trained staffed

Challenging economic times have made it difficult to find work
opportunities for our clients.

Recruiting and training people with disabilities who can work in technical,
non-traditional AbilityOne jobs (i.e., Total Facilities Management).
Obtaining/developing new work contracts in tight economic times.
Fierce competition within the general business and CRP community.

Too many unfunded mandates and compliance requirements.

First line supervisory execution of work measurements

Cash Flow
Commensurate wages
Contacts (New)
Employee Recruitment
Staff training for quality control.

Moving new projects or products through the system to fruition.
Public Transportation for Staff
Not enough work
Staff development and training
Assuming many CRPs involved in NISH are non-profit community
organizations proving support to DD individuals in their respective states;
the infrastructure of these organizations has deteriorated badly and some
are in jeopardy of closing.
Staff shortages
Contract procurement

Break jobs down into simple enough steps that clients can do.
Slow economy
Direct Support Staff (DSP's) Retention Rates
Appropriate contracts for those skills we have
Government Budget problems becoming service issues

Sustaining funding in a volatile environment

Inability to attract and retain quality staff for entry level positions (can't
afford to pay enough)
Shrinking pool of available dollars from state, county and federal
Government funding for rehabilitation services.

Rates-either frozen and/or not in tune with today's service and programs.
Lack of funding for new programs
Keeping productivity consistent
Increased difficulty in finding new work opportunities.
Cuts in Medicaid.

Payment schedules adjusted for local business price inflationary costs.
Getting employees who want to work and who are not depending on the
gov't checks for their needs. So many are content with just drawing SSDI
or SSI checks that they do not want to have to commit to working a
regular schedule.
Growing contractual business
Financial Stability
Agency ratio -- not AbilityOne but Agency
State budget cuts
Funding shortfalls
Certification type training
Finding clients to work off grounds on contract.
Training to meet any limitations that may be present
Standardized trainings.
Finding time for staff training.
Disability Documentation Requirements Agency Review Manual 6/27/07
which is not in compliance with JWOD Act or 41CFR51.
Having region staff understanding the differences between a large CRP
and small CRP and understanding that just because they are small does
not mean they cannot gain the capabilities as a large CRP with their

There has not been any new shredding contracts since the IRS contract.
Appropriate Work
Succession at middle management level - Project Manager Training.
Cutbacks at the base.
Understanding various accommodations or adaptive means in training
individuals w/disabilities.
Maintaining compliance with reduced staff due to budget reductions.
                  GREATEST CHALLENGES TODAY: # 3
Benefits and wages to retain quality staff
With the decreases in orders (creates a shortage of training sites for
clients) and decreases in funding for services it is becoming harder to keep
a skilled work force who can meet the needs of people with disabilities and
the needs of the government customer.
Lack of projects; Time to become qualified
Funding for training, travel
Too much regulation. No time left to run business.

Hiring new staff

We need better retention of our quality staff people.
Health Insurance costs

Board development

Marketing our range of programs and services to specific target audiences.
Finding appropriate work
Training staff on an ongoing basis for personal development and for a
positive impact on the scope of their job.
Contracting officers are being difficult to work with because the budget is
tight. They claim they can get products cheaper but they can't and meet
the specs. When they claim this, they should have to prove it instead of
making accusations they can't and don't have to back up. We are
scrutinized by NISH on pricing and that should be enough.
Finding staff who will stay with our organization due to pay scales long
enough to learn and excel in the field.
Finding skilled supervisors
Attempt to remain competitive with salaries and benefits of state employees
providing the same services
Lack of internal training resources for production employees that can't use
the web or travel for training.
Dollars for new start-up or expansion of existing products and services.
Legislation to close work centers
Community Programs fighting each other
Staff retention
Benefits costs
Federal budget
Providing continuous education training for Middle Management and
Increasing needs for all services for people with significant disabilities,
especially meaningful employment.
Increased population

Developing a succession plan for continuation of services.
Retaining employees
Fewer staff with Vocational rehabilitation background
Providing professional services on shorter budgets and less staff.
Small size of our organization causing infrastructure costs to be high.
Keeping employees motivated.
Maintaining a positive employee morale in this economy and while making
budget cuts.

Pursuing new programs - i.e. wounded warrior, school to work transition.
Cuts in government funding for programs.
Succession planning
Evaluating potential growth opportunities for "risk" to allow for controlled
growth while maintaining a strong financial position.
Customers eliminating work from the contract.

Anticipating and keeping in front of the cuts federal and state wide to
programs that support our employees (those we serve).

Lack of legislative support on the state level
Higher producers to complete the work
Staffing availability
Leadership in Management Team
Providing health care options
Quality Assurance

Maintaining a consistent workforce for the contract
Avoiding injuries

Leadership transition.
Contract revisions
Out of control cost for health care
Administrative costs
Ensuring staff are trained while maintaining appropriate level of coverage
for our job sites.
Keeping staff focused and happy
Continued "slumping" economy
Motivating staff when having to cut benefits
Fulfilling internal SR and Executive, management positions.

Invest in staff
To maintain a positive presence in our community to maintain the current
donation level.
The changing definition of "disability". How it may affect our vocational
services. Will obesity be defined as a disability?

Declining health and abilities of our consumers.
Organizational systems to support our rapid growth.
Security clearances on contracts.
Compliance- remaining current with compliance and keeping up with
ongoing changes.
Funding mix: Too volatile, with too much reliance of govt. funded programs.
What new business line to get involved with.
Lack of jobs in the community/recession - competitive jobs are few and far
between. When times get tough, the types of jobs that many of our clients
do get cut - rolling silverware, lobby attendant, etc.
Long term growth.
Business Environment

Keeping quality staff
Obtaining additional space
Quality training for staff
Regulatory overkill

Finding the time among myriad responsibilities to find and train up the next
generation to have the expertise needed to take over.
Overseas Competition
Staffing of disabled
Same: Honestly, our industry is simply in need of more consistent work to
serve the increasing disabled population.
Employment for people supported

Providing opportunities for disabled veterans.
High transportation costs, very rural area
Growing lines of business that meet the alliance for full participation goal of
doubling the number of people in supported employment over the next five
Continually being asked to provide more service with less funding.

Attaining the correct definition of disability.
Professional development for staff in the areas of creative problem solving
and decision making would be third.
Regulations and rules that (???) ability to save effectively.
Maintain qualified workforce
Securing Jobs
Acquiring resources needed to grow.
Spiraling costs
Increased overhead costs
Attracting middle management personnel to meet the needs of individuals
with psychiatric disabilities.

Writing the service costing and delivery
Economic uncertainty

Threatened federal spending patterns.
Increased regulations and expectations.
Multi-year contract pricing that does not cover our expenses of materials
which increase more rapidly due to volatile nature of cotton & petroleum
industry market increases.
Keeping everyone current with all aspects of the AbilityOne Program.
Loss of food service contract to Aramark

Maintaining staffing levels to support the needs of our programs.
Competition for jobs due to high unemployment rate.
Serving more people with disabilities with little or no funding sources.
Maintaining/acquiring quality employees
For profit companies in the field
Providing quality services on a budget.
Unwillingness to take risks

Strategic Alignment, i.e., the right people in the right seats.
Working with allocations and understanding how to predict future
Increased regulatory requirements/costs

Recruiting experienced, skilled, multi-faceted staff

Diversification of services
Constantly changes rules for what is acceptable for vocational
Finding experienced and skilled upper management personnel.
Developing modern quality systems
Maintain salaries
Document consistent training

Increasing efficiencies at work centers that have been severely cut already.

To diversify income sources of offset government cut backs.
Rising skill level of available jobs
Good solid contracts. Need more staff.
Need to make a profit
Maintaining current contracts with current companies.
Keeping up with current trends/methods to clean effectively.
OIG audits for budgeted paybacks of back claims
Diversity of employment opportunities

Directors participating, planning, designing and assisting in the
development and the implementation of the organization's Strategic Plan.
Limited proposals in our area
Medicaid regulations
Recruitment and retention of qualified staff

The people we serve are losing their transportation options to get to work.
Working within Budget constraints
Ensuring qualified personnel in all positions
Creating training programs.
lack of training for staff on running new businesses.
Customer cutbacks

Funding reductions
Finding ways to increase revenue
Access for ALL to ALL training classes/aids and resources to all available
programs/initiatives for a decent and safe life.
Training on new business lines
Documentation requirements
Continuing to improve the work environment for our employees who have
significant disabilities.

Accessing needed funding to continue programming.

Regulatory environment

Disability specific training -- e.g., on autism -- or on serving people with
psychiatric disabilities.
No annual product volume commitment from DLAT to allow for buying
discounts or minimums.
Need more business

Recruiting and retaining motivated staff.

Keeping the client employed through to the 26 status
Financing the process to become ISO certified
Multiple Compliance and Regulatory Bodies

We need to decide on directions in which to expand/evolve our programs.
Finding new business

Expanding business line in document imaging

Managing skills for supervisors

Management efficiency and training. Need to help "old dogs" better use
technology and work efficiently.
Aging of our client population

Low morale from staff in response to cuts in funding
Recruitment of qualified staff.
More work
Controlling costs
Growing current customer base
Building infrastructure in a cost-effective manner to support current and
future growth.
Quality control
Single project compliance ratio versus Agency wide ratio.

Succession planning
Government Regulatory Oversight
Trash removal
New business opportunities
Funding-government and foundation/corporate gifts
Creating a steady flow of work for our center-based participants.
The 75% 25% ratio
Being competitive in a shrinking job market.
Personnel issues: Training people with significant disabilities, who may
have never worked, to be employees, with no money in the contracts for the
HR side of the house.
Conflict Resolution
Overall economy and less resources support for local services allow.
Succession planning and staff development
Work opportunities
Increase W/C
State Cuts.
Diversification into new business in which we have little or no core

Increasing sales of existing services we currently provide.
Cash flow
Training Front Line Staff
Handling rate cuts
Outsourcing overseas
Mid Management Development
Lack of competence from division managers on products.

Staff development and retention
Developing new lines of revenue

Doing more for less
Freeing up staff to be able to go to training
Trainer to participant ratio is not low enough
The aging of the people we serve with disabilities.
Access to capital for projects

Implementing an effective quality system involving best practices for
grounds maintenance and custodial.

Being consistent with information between GSA/contractor (CRP).
Locating individuals with severe disabilities willing to work in full-time

Getting to customer to follow the guideline of the establish contract.
3) Too much documentation. 4) Loss of equipment/products on site due to
unlocked gear lockers.
Time Management
Networking with NISH.
Increasing overhead costs
Having enough work to keep everyone employed and our doors open.
Educating prospective employers on the benefits of hiring people with
barriers to employment.
Maintaining our culture over distance as we expand into new states.
Compliance and regulating training needed for DOL, etc.
Recruiting and retaining staff
Adequate job coaching staff support for people with disabilities.

Compliance with hundreds of different regulations, laws, and requirements.

Starting new lines of business
Remaining competitive
Succession planning

More difficult to fund raise

Effective training tools to help upgrade skills of staff and workers.
New work or employment opportunities for persons served.
Replacing/purchasing equipment
Attracting good employees with pay scale very low.

NISH sponsored training classes are great, but costly for staff and the
agency. Bigger agencies can cover these expenses, but it is a big
challenge for smaller agencies.
Cultural Biases
Hiring the right employees.
DVD's for on-station training (means to assist in procedure training to
workers on site instead of sending them 2,000 miles for training).
Managing growth
Rising Fuel Prices
New projects

More accurately projecting start-up costs of new contracts to prevent or
minimize negative profits.
Community awareness
Fund Raising
The state of Florida moving to a managed care system for the disabled by
2014. The unknowns for us are huge and could have significant impact on
our funding.
Retention of qualified staff

Finding disabled workers that can do the jobs available.

Building infrastructure and having resources for research and development.
Controlling expenses.
Economic environment.
Support - NY State does not support sheltered work programs.
Additional AbilityOne products contracts
Getting new projects from NISH
Dealing with the ever changing Community Mental Health

Providing additional training to staff due to lack of funds and personnel.
Switch from grants to Medicaid services
Cutting back of space; cutting budget
Creating an environment for staff to continue to feel and act in an inspired
way in fulfillment of mission.
Succession planning could become more difficult if the economy stays
stagnate or worsens.

Creating efficiencies to cope with the governments requests for more
services at lower costs.

Finding other contract areas to delve into
Bureaucratic self delusion and political avoidance behavior

Dwindling government budgets.
Identifying applicants with qualifying disabilities

In tight budget times, trainings can be expensive (travel costs and food
even if the training itself is free).
Growth / opportunities
Distance to the site from Home office

Funding for programs.
New job growth
High business taxes
Stigma regarding individuals with mental illness and disabilities

Transportation of a workforce that generally does not drive.
Our organizations mission and contracting departments being on the same
page on understanding of the AbilityOne contracts.
Adverse impact of economic conditions on the unemployment rate and
finding jobs for disabled persons.
Keeping Current
Lack of education from employers and customers to understand the
capabilities of individuals with severe disabilities.
Qualified staff for succession planning
Upper management getting older and retiring soon
Custodian Supervision.
Recruitment and retention of key management talent
No additional contract opportunities
Having a pipeline of new business to attract and retain talent.
Succession planning-throughout the organization

In our area there is a lack of knowledge about who NISH/AbilityOne is and
why the government should do business with us.
The turn over rate has been larger than usual in 2010.
Limited service delivery area

Staff turnover for contracts
Increased cost of providing services.

The possibility of change to the 14c, this would be detrimental to our
Maintaining quality training/communication throughout organization
(everyday is so stretched).

Keeping up with trends and techniques in our line of business. Funding to
attend available training. We utilize our training vouchers easily.
Inexpensive training for staff
Attracting and retaining excellent staff

Growing the Federal Gov't business
Space Issues
Desire to grow but difficult with staffing level and funds available.
Regulatory Environment

Training front-line supervisors to effectively work with disabled employees.
Working Capital
Referral Reductions
Landing new A1 contracts
Capable employees
Finding Products to produce or assembly work
Transportation of persons with disabilities
Board Relations
Finding the time for all staff, that need it, to get their training.
Acquiring and applying industrial and adaptive technologies.
Contract work availability
Marketing services to bring in a new generation of trainees to maintain and
grow our capacity.
Security Clearance for some area.
Time allotted for learning new skills
Rapidly escalating health insurance costs that far exceed our ability to
continue to pay for, making it much more difficult to attract and keep good

Upgrading information management systems, both hardware and software.
Succession planning and development for key positions.
Minimal if any, new contract opportunities
Discrepancy between the talent needed and the funding stream to
compensate qualified employees.
Completing annual performance employability statements consistent with
AbilityOne program qualifications.
Government taking back jobs

Venture capital for growth
Staff turnover
Budget Cuts
Workers Comp issues
Employee Retention
Tough labor market to find new contracts.
Keeping the business we produce before NISH expands our brings in
another CRP to produce the same thing!
Funding $ down
Increase in demand for service need with less funding available.

Lack of opportunities to expand contract operations.
Hiring quality staff
Decreasing jobs
Quality control
Piece Rates- Bidding a contract to cover costs but below enough for
customer to accept.
Staff turnover
Acquiring Contracts to meet the needs of Individuals served.
Timely and hand on assist from NISH
Experienced Project Managers

Competing with the private sector with the plethora of regulatory
Philosophical shifts from centered based employment to integrated
employment as it relates to consumer choice and lack of funding to support
community options.
Burdensome regulatory environment-CARF, state agencies for licensing
and extended employment.
00004   Work for clients with significant disabilities.
        The changes in funding and ordering at both the state and Federal levels will
00007   make it difficult to plan.
00008   Retiring Workforce
00010   Adjusting to rising costs
00011   Referrals
00012   Dealing with further cutbacks to meet budget cuts.

00013   Same as #1: Getting any kind of AbilityOne product contract.
00016   Improving our financial stability.
00017   Funding

        Don't see the financial climate in Illinois changing any time soon. Internal
00018   adjustments need to happen quickly to survive the next 3-5 years.
00019   Managing growth
00023   Financial Stability

00025   Funding for support staff and job developers.
00026   Financial

        Same as question 1. Hope I am wrong. Maintaining ratios because of the
00027   changes in background checks.
00028   Regulatory oversight
00031   Finding more work

00033   Lack of new commercial business
        Referral of consumer to programs, cut back and freezing of funding meets
00034   providing services at less than cost or for free.
00035   Lower program funding
00036   Long Term Contracts
00038   Recruiting/hiring qualified staff
00039   Facility related costs
00040   Continued pressure on reimbursement rates.
00041   Finances - Budget
        Attracting grant or local funding to support required property, plant, and
00049   equipment improvements.

00050   Same: Decreased State Funding
00051   A continuation of the above-reduced funding

00052   Financial security or adequate funding will remain #1
00053   Income

00055   State budget.
00058   Continued cuts in program funding.
        Same as above - Funding being cut from all funding sources/no new funding
00062   sources.

00063   Maintaining the 75% ratio company-wide (not just in the AO contract area).
        Returning the quality of work on our service contracts to the levels of 5 years
00064   ago.
00066   Adequate work with good wages and benefits.

00067   Cuts in government funding for various programs (WIA, JET, etc.).

00068   Growth constraints

00069   Managing growth.

00070   Economic Recession

00072   Decreasing State Funding

        Same as previous page: Growing our internal systems to be prepared for
00073   growth.
00074   State financial support
00076   Funding reductions
00077   Budget
00079   Overcoming changes with government security process.
00080   Sustaining profitable growth
00081   Federal and State Funding

00082   Maintaining quality supervision for crews.
00083   Maintaining current contracts at reasonable prices.
        Decreased net revenues from federal contracts, particularly DLA contracts for
00087   mission critical products.
00089   Securing additional contracts

00090   Due to costs, will not be able to afford good health insurance for employees.
00092   Funding stability
00093   To increase number of worksites to accommodate growth.

00095   Aging Workforce.
00096   Finding enough employers to hire persons with disabilities.
00097   State and federal Budget cuts.
        Maintaining current funding and obtaining new funding from the
00099   state/government or other sources.

00100   Maintaining qualified and dedicated staff and job coaches.
00101   Continued state and federal budget cuts.

00103   Economic uncertainty
00109   "Growing" potential future leaders for the organization.
00110   Jobs shortages.
00112   Financial stability

00113   Recruitment, Selection & empowering staff to be innovative.

00114   Further State and Federal budget cuts.
        Finding work for our metal shop, preferably peace-time contracts, not war-
00115   related.
00116   Finding individual work opportunities.
00117   Funding
00118   Adequate funding for training program.
00120   Funding Issues

00122   Funding, funding, funding
00123   Elimination of Subminimum Wage License - FED.LE6
00124   Reduced rehabilitation funding from Government

        Consistent workload to keep the disabled workers busy and to continue to
00125   increase workload to take on new disabled workers.
00126   Funding
00127   Continued bleak financial times.
00129   increasing sales maintaining a operating profit margin

00130   Continuing to diversify funding

00131   Same: Stable funding sources

00133   Managing our growth, while still maintaining a strong agency wide ratio.

00135   Lack of support and funding for persons in need of sheltered work.
00136   State/federal funding cuts.
00137   Funding cuts
00139   Contract work
00140   Same: State Federal Funding
00143   finding enough work for consumers
00144   Improving quality control using ISO9000 and Lean

00145   Ability to place individuals with disabilities in to well paying (living wage) jobs
00147   Same as above: Adequate funding for services
00148   Impact of debt-reduction policies by federal government.
00151   Reduced funding.
        Development of new lines of business with federal customers when our
00157   agency is not in close proximity to any armed forces bases.
00158   Continue providing quality service with limited funding.
00159   Retaining good staff
00161   Expanding lines of business.

00163   Government spending cut backs.
00166   State budget issues - loss of revenue
00168   Sufficient income to support services.
00170   Dwindling funding from the state.
00171   Developing committed staff

00172   Transitioning to new executive leadership

00173   Placing individuals into job market
00174   Shrinking contract revenue

00175   Revenue - (maintaining existing and finding new)

00176   Expanding diversification of services under poor economic conditions
00178   Financial stability
00179   High rate of turnover for entry level staff
00180   Succession planning.
00182   Funding/Budget cuts.
00185   Tighter funding

        Facility expansion to accommodate our food services training programs and
00186   catering business.
00187   Wage rates
00188   Transportation.
00190   Contract work
00193   Budget cuts.
00194   Handling increase in referrals/consumers that we serve.
00196   Loss of state funding for services
00198   Health Care Reform

00199   Recruitment of quality staff that understands the needs of the organization.
00201   Funding
00202   Threats to Medicaid funding
00203   Sustainable funding
00205   Economy
        Development of new AbilityOne contracts to broaden the spectrum work
00206   opportunities.
00208   Providing uninterrupted work/jobs for 250 individuals with disabilities
00209   Creating more jobs.
00210   Cuts in funding
00211   Funding
00213   Inability to grow
        Need to provide training and provide employment for an increasingly severe
00215   population of individuals

00220   Retention/staff recruiting/turnover

00223   Employment
00224   Not enough work
00225   Transportation
00226   Funding
        To diversify from being a "products only" CRP to a CRP that also offers high
00228   quality services to our customers.

00229   Continued economic strain will continue to affect contracts our CRP receives.

00231   Adequate staff to supervise program participants
        Reduced state funding; skyrocketing cost of doing business (health care,
00232   fringe, workers comp) etc.
        Same as Question 1: Lack of trained sewers and mechanics in the area
00233   willing to work for low wages.

00236   Generating enough income to decrease reliance on government Funding.
00241   Finding new work projects
00242   Shrinking Donor Base
        Keeping our GSA cleaning project functional after our current supervisor
        retires. Reimbursement rates will make it hard to attract someone with
00244   sufficient skills and experience.
00246   Financial resources
00248   Finances

00249   Transition of senior management staff to retirement
00250   Recycle
        State funding shortages and serious cuts to current funding for the services we
00252   provide.
00257   Much less funding from the State
00261   More work
00262   Growing pains
00263   Procurement and growing customer base
00265   Government funding
        Individuals who can qualify for program status as well as clear security
00267   requirements

00268   Executive succession
00269   Funding
00270   Losing contracts.

00271   Ditto: Cash flow
00275   Work for center based participants
00276   Federal Cut Backs in funding
00278   Budget & funding cuts

00281   Possible downsizing by the government due to anticipated reduced war effort
00282   Customer Service

00286   Reductions in government funding
00287   Work opportunities
00288   Finding new ways to secure new business
00291   State Funding Cuts
        Finding an adequate amount of people who qualify under the AbilityOne
00292   guidelines to support our growth in core businesses.
        The continuation of the financial support shift away from government
00293   (Medicaid) funding to non-government funding.
00295   Funding
00297   Increase Sales
00300   Financial Management
00305   Contracts
00307   Sustained Growth
00309   Price cuts.

00311   The Medicaid crisis and overhaul of the Medicaid system
00313   decreasing state government funding

00316   Business cut backs and changes due to difficult economic times,

00317   Losing Quality Staff due to salary cuts and freezes.
00318   Reducing the trainer to participant ratio
        Once again, the aging of the people we serve with disabilities and the issues
00321   presented by this process.
00322   National Health Care
        Increased competition reducing the ability to expand in private sector which
        reduces ability to demonstrate capabilities in an effort to gain additional federal
00323   contracts.

00328   Maintaining aging equipment with less money.
00329   Growing our business.
00330   Weak job market will hinder vocational programs
00332   Continued Growth.
00338   The economy.
00342   Having enough work to keep everyone employed and our doors open.

00343   Funding sources
00344   Funding
00347   Continued pressure on our Federal customer to get smaller.
00349   Decreasing revenue
00350   Jobs for people with disabilities
00351   Attracting and retaining enough employees at all levels good employees.

00353   Reductions in State and Federal Budgets
00355   Financial security
00356   Retirement of key executives - succession planning & funding
        Adequate revenue not tied to grants, which are declining and highly restricted
00357   in use of funds.
00358   Serious fiscal challenges, revenues sources to remain open
00361   Lack of funding
00362   Budget Cuts.

        Our CRP is a products manufacturing concern, and the downtime in the
        economy has hurt our operation. Developing new uses for the facility is
00370   possible, but our challenge is to finance such change.
00371   Maintaining Funding at needed levels
00372   Additional Security Requirements on Federal Contracts .
00377   Funding for programs
00378   Rising Costs of Goods & Services
00382   Jobs

00385   New business.

        Staying profitable in light of reduced funding for government contracts, and
00386   resulting focus on pricing.
00389   Budget Cuts
        Continued state budget cuts for services and transportation for adults with
00390   disabilities.
00391   Funding
00392   First new president in more than 25 years
00393   Staff capacity

00398   Procuring contracts not in our region
00399   Finding bids/work.
00400   Expanding sources of revenue.
00401   Support
00403   Defining severely disabled
00404   The Economy

00406   Creating new business alternatives to insure organizational viability
00409   Space
        Funding challenges always a concern for future contracts and maintaining
00412   current ones.
00414   Working Capital
00415   Regulation changes

00416   Adjusting to rapid change
00419   Competition from large CRP's.
00421   Increasing Federal Contract Business Market Share
00423   Government cut backs.
00424   Maintaining the stable work force
00425   Funding sources.
00427   Job growth
00428   Big Government

        To remain in business within a state that is near financial collapse and a
00429   political environment that considers social services funding a low priority
        Govt budget constraints eliminating opportunities for jobs for people with
00430   significant disabilities.

00431   AbilityOne contracting growth in our organization.

00432   Responding to government budget / tax cuts affecting funding for our services.
00434   Budget cuts effecting contract scope

00435   Educating the public about people with severe disabilities.
00437   Developing business opportunities
00438   Reduction of Federal & State dollars
00441   Sustainable growth of business lines
00442   Health care
00444   Exodus of manufacturing from US
        Since there are not enough contract opportunities now to provide more jobs
00446   for people with disabilities I see it getting worse.

00447   Organizational Growth
00448   Limited federal funding
00449   Finding funds to meet supported employee requirements.

        If the change occurs with 14c, this will be detrimental to our agency as we
        have many workers who would no longer be employed, they would have no
00452   where to go during the day, they would no longer be tax paying citizens.
00453   The balance between facility based and community based programs.
00454   Funding. It seems that some contracts are decreasing.
00455   Funding
00456   Growth
00457   Impact of Health Care Reform
        Convincing NISH that their customer is the CRP-NISH would dissolve without
        CRP %-age support; the Gov't is the customer of the CRP and that Gov't
00460   purchasing is far bigger than the DLA.
00461   Funding
00463   Expanding our AbilityOne shredding contracts
00466   Funding
00468   Diversifying
00469   Cash Flow
00471   Rate Reductions.
00472   Financial recovery
00473   Finances
        Finding sufficient work for individuals with disabilities that is at a minimum a
00474   break even situation for the agency.
00476   Budget Cuts
00477   Financing capital expenditures
00478   Government relations
00480   Finances-doesn't look like things are going to improve

00483   Conversion from center-based programs to community-based
00484   Same as #1: Financial Independence
00486   Continued downward spiral of government funding for services.

00489   Competition with other provider.
00491   Trained staff

        Convincing legislators and people in general of the value we provide by helping
00492   to put people with disabilities to work
00493   Maintaining workforce in budget reduction environment.

00495   Retirement of key personnel.

00498   Securing new contract opportunities

00499   Stiff competition

00501   Business Growth
00502   Competition from large CRP's
        Serving people who are really severely disabled on NISH contracts. Because
        the health and wellness benefits on the SCA are so high- people with true
        severe disabilities cannot participate on NISH contracts. This is really
00503   egregious
00504   Funding cuts
00507   Health care costs
00511   Funding
00512   Continued State rate freezes and cuts.

        Keeping the products we produce that is not split between so many other
00513   CRP's to where the production is so minuscule it's not profitable to anyone
00514   Competition
00515   Same as above-Downtime
00516   Business processes regarding funding structure changes

        See previous answers: Increased demands from contractor who is unwilling
00517   to pay for increased demands.
00518   Funding
00519   Quality services
00520   Finances

00521   Maintaining a constant flow of work clients.
00523   Competition overseas for the type of work we do
00526   Funding resources
00527   Staff
00528   Security clearance requirements of government
00532   Locating sufficient work for demand from clients and families

00533   Continued funding shifts from government sources to privatized contractors

        Same as current challenges: Competition from other not-for-profit and for
00032   profit organizations
00075   See #1: Funding

00094   Same as previous page: Running as efficiently and as effectively as possible

00119   Pretty much the same as today's challenges: Attracting employees
        Each of the three challenges found on the previous page: Business planning,
        development and sales in our digital print center pose the greatest challenge
00134   today.
        Same as the question number 1: People who think cleaning is easy as 123
00146   and don't realize that some things take a great deal of time

00169   See question 1: Budget cuts by the State of California
        Same answers given for question #1: Systemic change affecting financing of
00259   services and enrollment.
        Same as #1, as they are pretty constant challenges: Maintaining quality
00335   product
        Same as listed on question #1: Lack of employment opportunities for IDD
00450   population.

        Same as answers from previous question: Challenging economic environment
00436   to grow our commercial business.

00256   Maintaining compliance w/ reduced staff due to budget reductions.

        A shrinking federal budget which will place constraints on programs for
00014   training.

00021   Finding consistent, valued work for our center-based participants
00057   Recovering economy
00060   Funding
00105   Inadequate funding
00121   Decline in funding

00239   Continued lack of VR funding due to low MBs achieved
00251   Landing new contracts.
        Lack of funding increases which results in poor wages and the inability to
00255   recruit well qualified staff
00260   Obtaining additional AbilityOne contracts.

        Maintaining acceptable financial results in an economy that looks like it will
00264   continue to drive price levels and corresponding margins lower
00266   Agency ratio as our agency serves more than the disabled
00273   Same as above - Retirements of key staff
00285   Providing work for our employees
00290   Staff reduction
00312   Maintaining jobs in a contracting environment.
00326   Qualified people to work program
00345   Loss of funding.
        ?? Meeting both NISH and Drs requirements for staffing (75+ disabled ration
00348   for NISH and creating a integrated workforce for Drs) ??
00354   Health care insurance
00365   Financial.
00373   Growing the business in facilities management.
00388   Funding cuts
00402   Federal Agency Budget restraints
        Finding qualified staff to teach individuals with disabilities to do jobs in service
00422   and product industries
00439   Growth.
00445   Wanting to grow within our territory
00487   Succession process of long term employees.
00494   Diversity of service contracts
00506   Budget Cuts

00535   Developing new contracts with the federal government or local businesses.

00253   Same as 1: Staff motivational values training

        The same as previously stated: Finding employment opportunities for our
        people. The market is very tight and manufacturers who use to outsource work
00254   are keeping it in-house for their own employees.
00258   Same as last question: Creating efficiencies for government contractors
00337   All same as #1: Budgets
00046   Obtaining experience to meet performance qualification for TFM and HEV
00167   No or little change.
00197   Again, Securing enough work opportunities for the individuals we serve.

00289   Reduced purchasing of goods and services by local, state and Federal Gov't.
00302   More regulations and Less $
00340   government cuts in funding - slow economy
        having appropriate contracts written that reflect the actual amount it take to
00407   provide the service
00410   Build new customers, new contracts
        I have no idea what either my enterprise, or the state of the environment
        (governmental, business) will look like in 3-5 years so please see previous
00411   answer
00426   New staff-basic training needed
00440   More opportunities
00443   Expanding our service expertise
00464   Funding
00509   Funding cuts
00534   Same as above-funding being reduced or static

Paying a living wage to rehab professionals and Para professionals
Inexperienced workforce entering into market
Cash flow
Succession Planning.
Finding younger people who want to work when economy improves.
Same as #1: Not having a big military base or something in our area to be
able to get more contracts.
Dealing with all of the regulatory requirements.
serving the population with Autism

Identifying additional sources of income and different referral sources. Talk
of adapting our mission to include more than people with disabilities.
Developing reserves
Regulatory Compliance Issued
Appropriate placement of clients, both vocationally and residentially, while
addressing both their needs and choices.
Autistic Clients

Same as above: Keeping a flow of product contracts to maintain constant
work for training referrals.
Financial viability
Not losing our shirts financially when servicing an AbilityOne contract

Lack of new product opportunities and support for those from NISH

Competitive pricing for contract work
Declining work center populations
Government Cut-Backs
Providing quality service with dwindling resources
continuing changes in government regulations and funding
Revenue diversification.
Business Development
Keeping up with Information Technology and being able to afford
establishing and staffing a IT department
Same: Cumbersome process for introducing/approving products through
the State and Federal Government
A continuation of the above-increased overhead
Employing and developing staff to meet the new requirements of
community based "competitive" employment and yet, not excluding
individuals that desire or need in-house services to become productive as
possible with dignity and respect - self-worth values.

International economy.
The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OWPDD) has
announced their commitment to moving all severely disabled individuals out
of the traditional work center environment into integrated work
environments. This will create a significant strain on any production being
done by the disabled workforce in our Work Center.

Same as above - Finding and getting new contract work for clients.

Maintaining a cost efficient benefits package.
Managing our budgets to ensure we can pay enough to obtain staff with at
least a moderate level of entry level skills.
Succession Planning
The very real possibility that the economy will tank further, cutting deeply
into the manufacturing arena and negatively impacting our Industrial
Services program.

Succession for leadership
Health care is a big unknown and potentially a huge risk depending on what
implementation actually looks like.
Individuals with disabilities that meet the criteria specified by US AbilityOne

Challenges to Payment of Commensurate Wage

Same as previous page: Keeping track/trained/implementing new and
changing regulations.
Growth opportunities due to small organization closing
Increasing operating costs
Retaining workforce.
Providing adequate wages

Meeting building managers expectations for quality and quantity of services.
Getting new contracts at competitive prices

Developing and retaining a high performing workforce.
Diversifying revenue streams

Increased conflicts with self-advocates.
Costs of healthcare
To keep up with increased need for services

Continued scrutiny of funding sources including viability of "AbilityOne".
Initiating a capital campaign for our construction project.
14CC if removed.

Expanding our retail and AbilityOne operations
To continue to obtain and keep dedicated individuals with disabilities that
are willing to work.
Lack of funding to provide on-going training/job coaching in the workplace.
Declining health and abilities of the consumers. Having to perform more
medical type services rather than rehabilitation service.
Rapidly changing government procurement and payment processes.
Government contract cutbacks.
Ability to maintain and create jobs for our clients.
Integration of new management approaches that have business mindset vs.

Health Care reform.

Locating other subcontract work that our clients can do.
Decreased Government spending.
Lack of staff.
Retention of quality staff.
Work Opportunities for Consumers

Doing more with less: funding , staff, resources, etc. and knowing what
strategies and investments will help. Developing the needed infrastructure
for serving an aging population. Affordable transportation
Closures of NPAS - Sheltered Workshops
Ability to hire good people - disabled and non-disabled

Same as 1. Consistent workload to keep the disabled workers busy and to
continue to increase workload to take on new disabled workers.
Meaningful day/employment opportunities
Growing & retaining managers & leaders.
Aging workforce

Meeting the needs of older and younger persons with disabilities (PWD)
and their families who are interested in different types of services

Same: Limited employment market
Finding the right opportunities with out working through a large
bureaucratic, procurement process.
Loss of jobs for persons with significant disabilities due to workshop funding
Increased operational costs.
Inability to obtain work for people with high needs
Overcoming shrinking markets for traditional CRP products/services.
Same: Lack of work opportunities
Finding skilled staff
The cut in spending by the government

Ability to fund staff to meet growing demands on our services
Same as above: Rising healthcare costs
Acquiring skills for the delivery of one-stop services.
Reduction of staff.
Skill development for our current workers with developmental disabilities as
well as recruitment of veterans with disabilities.
The economy seems to make people move out/leave the CRP.
Employing people with disabilities in meaningful jobs
Limited finances to add additional lines of business.

Recruiting and retention of staff.
Perception of community rehabilitation programs as being segregated
Government regulation(s)/over-regulation.
Recruiting and maintaining professional staff.
Thinking outside the box

Reaching a revenue size to permit greater innovation and job creation
Recruiting high level staff with minimal resources to offer competitive
Increased employee costs

Growth in new business opportunities
Acceptance of government contract work under NISH as a valid
employment outcome
Aging out of key staff
Effectively utilizing different manufacturer process within Sec14C.
Fewer federal opportunities
Develop and maintain new and efficient policies and management structure
to insure organized growth for both clinical programs and Agency
Jobs going overseas
Need for consumers
Type of contract work we are able to obtain.
Shifts away from center based services
Qualified workforce
Providing and ensuring meaningful, employment for people with intellectual
More referrals and clients than available job opportunities
Pushback about state use and AbilityOne mandates
Growing waiting lists
Competing against larger CRP
Young disabled workers entering the job market with few skills (out of high
school transition programs).
Acquiring additional products from AbilityOne
Budget cuts by federal government.
Lack of work for people w/ disabilities
Increased competition
Staffing difficulties

Need to have staff trained to assist those with increasingly severe needs

Funding and cut backs in funding

Comparable wages and benefits for a decent and safe life.
Funding for support services
Shrinking Budget
To maintain or grow the number of AbilityOne jobs we are able to provide
for our disabled workforce.
Decreased state and federal funding for Medicaid and other entitlement
programs will affect the quality of care participants receive and therefore
increase their vocational rehabilitation needs due to not receiving services
through normal venues.
Adequate funding for benefits and wages for ALL employees include
AbilityOne employees
Growing businesses that meet business needs and provide diverse training
ops for pad
Same as Question 1: Single material source for most materials used for
AbilityOne contracts.
Finding meaningful work for people with intellectual staff.
Financing a new building
Government Funding Cuts

Fighting the goofy idea that everyone should be paid minimum wage.
Constantly changing government regulations
Finding people with disabilities who meet the AbilityOne criteria

Training and recruitment of new management team
Storage capacity for recycle
Changes to 14c Certification - it would be detrimental to our production
services if this certification were no longer available to us.
Reduced work at federal contracts
Serving more people with multiple disabilities
Capital funding
Ensuring that we are qualified to do work that's available (ISO, etc.)
Rural area with few opportunities for new contracts

Maintaining competitive pricing while paying SCA/AWD wages
Continued shortfall of local, state and federal funding for workforce
Employee Retention
Finding new contracts.

Ditto: High costs for all lines of insurance
Rising costs of benefits
New technologies replacing jobs
Locating meaningful work for severely disabled clients.
Time and funding for training supervisors and Leads in all phases of the
contract plus HR, plus AbilityOne, plus soft skills, plus employment law,
etc., etc.
Conflict Resolution

Recruitment of qualified management staff
Right client mix
Work with local and state government to secure funding
Bringing in new contracts.
Loss of millions of dollars of revenue due to the reduction in Federal
spending for uniforms
Using the AbilityOne "model" with Federal Government agencies to be tried
with State Government agencies.
Maintaining Quality
Lowering costs
Loss of business
Budget Issues
Lack of contract work.

Changes in eligibility and payments within the Social Security system
Insurance rate increases

Shrinking dollars for programs that affect vocational rehabilitation and our
customer and client base.

Developing New Businesses to reduce our dependency on state funding.
Finding meaningful work

The aging of the top leadership at our CRP.
DOD budget cuts - Iraq and Afghanistan troop reductions

Reduction in funding sources such as Medicaid and other financial

Keeping current employees after revenue shortfalls.
Competing with for profit organization.
State budget shortfalls
Tapping into new markets.
Lack of successful small business to partner with.
Finding new product opportunities.

Job Opportunities for people with disabilities
Training the "next generation" of leadership within our operating units.
Increasing costs
Staff turnover and retention
Transferring knowledge and relationships

Managing changes due to new healthcare legislation
Turnover of experienced staff
More client needs - less funding

Retaining trained staff.
New contract or work opportunities
Lack of contract work

We have opened a new vein of work for services recently, coupled with our
box production of a particular kit. Marketing our new "kitting" capabilities is
a challenge since we are new at this work.
Creating more meaningful opportunities for the people we support
Tightening of Federal of budgets.
Attracting and retaining talented managers
Rising Costs of Health Care
Disability Documentation Requirements Agency Review Manual 6/27/07
which is not in compliance with JWOD Act or 41CFR51.
Submitting price-competitive proposals considering inherent overhead
associated with the AbilityOne program; including NISH CNA Fees, and
productivity of disabled workers.
Fund Raising
Very slow economic recovery. Our region is projected to continue its
downward slip for the next year at least.
Adequate contracts
Continuing State budget woes
Managing growth

Diversifying the company from one service to multiple services
Controlling expenses
Changing requirements/needs of primary customers.
Same: Finding competent people
Maintaining quality staff

Maintaining high quality administrative staff
Transportation vehicles and gasoline

Growth opportunities are difficult now and show no sign of improving.
Additional staff
Government budget

Keeping up with technology with money and training
Financing projects.
Changing Client Needs
Improve training
Competitive employment opportunities.
Budget Cuts
Economic conditions
Our NISH contract related services continues to expand but a significant
portion of our commercial laundry equipment is nearing the end of its useful
life. We will be facing huge capital expenditures with minimal funds
Battling government bureaucracy.

AbilityOne's partnership with the DOD and other agencies to secure growth.

Opportunities for growing employment services for disabled populations.
Keeping current to keep competitive

Creating jobs in a tight job market.
Succession planning
Increasing our endowment
Succession planning in key positions
Budget cuts
Succession planning
There is only Navy in our area. Thus, the same problem exists with only
limited opportunity for multiple CRPs.

Possibility of the reduction in federal funds for the type of contract work that
we perform.
Limited service delivery area
Health care cost

With the oil boom in our region, it will continue to be challenging to find
enough staff to cover the work shifts.
Business development
Keeping up with needed training.
Affording technology to stay current
Financial Sustainability/Strength

Adaptation of charitable, not-for-profit business model to fit an increasingly
competitive marketplace for jobs.
Leadership development
Expanding our scanning business
Healthcare reform
Greening Contracts
Lack of AbilityOne Contracts
Contract Reductions.
Cuts in services for people with disabilities
New business

Finding vocational options in two small rural community
Aging disabled workers
Transportation needs - escalating gas prices
Work-slowdowns everywhere

Supporting persons with disability in finding and retaining community jobs
Same as #1: Excessive Federal Regulatory Burden
Maintaining focus on mission through anticipated growth of business
enterprise initiatives.
Due to cost of living in Hawaii, Provider in the Mainland can do the job
Valuable training to get prepared for incoming jobs
Expanding regulations and expectations of quality without a willingness to
pay for those outcomes (do more with less, aka, squeezing blood out of
Identifying and building capacity for new lines of business.

Continued budget constraints due to funding cuts and increasing costs.
Maintaining retention of the workforce which supports our workers with
Updating technology with changing times and requirements to stay in

Meeting Government customer funding constraints while sustaining
performance standards
Building capacity for new lines of business

Cash flow or working capital.
Change in leadership
Employee Recruitment
Providing quality control training for direct line staff.

Expanding the business categories that the CRP's are in without having
more CRP's brought in for the same category.
Federal Budget Cuts
Same as above-Not enough work
Staff development and training
See previous answers: Assuming many CRPs involved in NISH are non-
profit community organizations proving support to DD individuals in their
respective states; the infrastructure of these organizations has deteriorated
badly and some are in jeopardy of closing.
Budget cuts
Identifying workers

Break jobs down into simple enough steps that clients can do.
Our ability to attract and retain qualified staff
Employment opportunities to meet needs of increased population
Experienced project managers
Maintaining funding from public sources

Lack of funding

Same as current challenges: Adequate funding and reimbursement for
services provided
See #1: Availability of product contracts

Same as previous page: Dealing with endless uncertainty

Pretty much the same as today's challenges: Shrinking funding

Each of the three challenges found on the previous page: Job development
and placement continue to be very high on the list of challenges.
Same as the question number 1: Dealing with the onsite building managers
for maintenance.
See question 1: Increase in Workers Comp, Health costs, Fuel costs,
Same answers as given for question #1: Lack of labor pool; disincentives
for individuals to work.
Same as #1, as they are pretty constant challenges: Training to meet any
limitations that may be present
Same as listed on question #1: Budgetary cuts both at state and federal

Same as answers from previous question: Shrinking pool of available
dollars from state, county and federal agencies.

Budget reductions
A shrinking federal budget that places increased pressure on efficiencies,
which could also translate into a shrinking job market for lower skilled
Diversifying and obtaining additional funding sources to cover local
rehabilitation programs and services.
Work force
Increased regulation and oversight
Scalability during expansion into new territories
Regulations threatening processes of providing services
More & more entities are springing up to serve the same population....will
we be VRs first choice?
Cuts in Medicaid.

Inability to locate work for our client population
Financial Stability
Continued building and modification of infrastructure, including adding
people with specific technical qualifications to support new business lines
and types of customers
Shrinking jobs
Total Base Management
Funding from State Agencies
New staff training
Maintain income in a contracting environment.
Federal cut backs

14c Issues
Providing and providing mission opportunities
Recruitment of good employees and ability to retain them.
Continuing to find workers with disabilities to meet the growth
Job opportunities
Third party placements other than AbilityOne
Economical difficulties: ca we afford trainings outside of the agency? see
question one.
Aging Supervision
Sites available within our territory
Loss of funding for service programs.
Further cutbacks

Assisting individuals in obtaining employment due to the economic climate.
Same as 1: Payment schedules adjusted for local business price
inflationary costs
Same as previously stated: Getting employees who want to work and who
are not depending on the gov't checks for their needs. So many are content
with just drawing SSDI or SSI checks that they do not want to have to
commit to working a regular schedule.
Same as last question: Growing contractual business
Same as #1: Economy
Ability to retain quality staff
Making changes quickly during difficult times is going to be necessary
and more risky.
Consistent work projects for clients
Meeting requirements for increased documentation
Funding (State)
Leaders retire and leave vacuum in agencies.

Same as #1: Hiring new staff.
Finding quality jobs for individuals with disabilities.
Staff benefit costs

Addressing the morale of staff dealing with loss of programs, loss of
friends (lay offs) and additional work for those who stay.
Board development
Finding appropriate work

The organization needs a Development Director.
Same as above: Contracting officers are being difficult to work with
because the budget is tight. They claim they can get products cheaper
but they can't and meet the specs. When they claim this, they should
have to prove it instead of making accusations they can't and don't have
to back up. We are scrutinized by NISH on pricing and that should be
Trained staff retention
Finding good supervisors
Lack of internal training resources for production employees that can't
use the web or travel for training.

Resources to allow for expansion of program and service
Retaining qualified staff
Community Programs fighting Each other
Staff retention
Production related work
Tighter margins on programs.
Qualified Workers
Health care reform. Additionally staffing to support the HR functions to
manage the changes.
Same: Increasing needs for all services for people with significant
disabilities, especially meaningful employment
A continuation of the above-increased population

Developing long term contracts
Retaining employees
Population trends have changed for some services and staff (i.e.,
We can see problems increase if New York State's budget continues
to be in a severe deficit . The deficit has resulted in job cuts for our
people in Supported Employment, NYSID contracts have been
terminated in the state offices and loss in sales for services and
commodities sold to New York State under the Preferred Source
Same as above - Small size of our organization causing infrastructure
costs to be high.

Maintaining sales in the current economy.
Training employees in skills necessary for the job that they don't bring
with them when hired.
Marketing, branding, social networking - increased awareness

Rising healthcare costs and additional healthcare burdens caused by
Obama's healthcare plan.
Communication planning during growth periods and during other times
of significant changes.
Developing staff for higher level management responsibility - succession

Balancing the budget
Developing new LOB to provide employment opportunities for persons
with the most sever disabilities
Same as previous page: Anticipating and keeping in front of the cuts
federal and state wide to programs that support our employees (those
we serve).
Anticipated mandates of state government
Educated staffing availability
Transition to new Leadership
Retaining managers.
Finding alternative funding sources to support our mission
Finding Qualified Professionals

Expanding contracting options
Getting quality performance from employees

Managing change.
Providing more technology based work opportunities

Slowing economy and contract work.
Recruiting employees
To deal with increase in regulation

Struggle with public awareness of services and products.
Union challenging our County service contracts
Diversification of services/Funding sources.
Expanding our training programs and the number of individuals we
To maintain the confidence level in the community that will keep our
thrift stores profitable.
Restructuring programs to accommodate for those that have been cut.

Financial stability of funding sources.
Maintaining engagement and commitment of volunteer board.
NISH-limited supply of small projects for small groups
Ability to develop a steady workforce.
Getting Social enterprise to reach its true potential and finding capital to
scale the model
Where to go as a company, what direction, lines of business, what
would better serve people with disabilities.

Keeping our HUD-group homes filled.
Staff turnover.
Business Environment.
Continuity of contract work.
Quality training opportunities for staff

Succession planning -finding and retaining people with the needed skills
to understand and continue to complete the growing reporting and
additional requirements, and willingness to work for what we can afford
Overseas Competition
Picking the right strategic paths

Same as 1. Consistent workload to keep the disabled workers busy and
to continue to increase workload to take on new disabled workers.
Leadership succession
Increasing & diversifying commercial customers.
Rising operating cost, insurance utilities, transportation

Maintaining adequate staff patterns trained in best practices
Same: Continually being asked to provide more service with less
Receiving the correct training for new and upcoming services that
require highly specialized certifications.
Advocacy groups out of touch with provider concerns and needs of
persons in need of employment supports.
Maintain qualified workforce.
Securing jobs
Cutbacks in state support.
Same: Spiraling costs
Dealing with increased paperwork & regulations
Developing new contracts and products.

Document what we do and measure the outcomes
Same as above-economic uncertainty
Competing with small business initiatives.
Increased regulations and expectations.
Teaming with commercial companies and small business owners to
expand our capacity for new lines of business.
Expanding business is challenging
Succession Planning
Competition from large multi-state CRPs.
Obtaining new AbilityOne products and services to support our
Vocational Programs.
Local funding issues
Maintaining/acquiring quality employees.
Providing quality services on a budget.
Willing to put in time and energy to make things better.
Attracting and keeping good customers in both the public and private

Further reductions in state funding
Increased regulatory requirements/costs
Expenses, mostly in the form of health insurance and liability insurance

Lack of funding available to our vendors to purchase needed services
Can growth be sustained?
Decreased revenue from government contracts.
Institute state of the art processes Lean ISO 9000.
Maintaining sufficient staff.
Limited overhead, to the point that growth is limited

Continue to develop and expand Agency branding and community
Remaining competitive
Securing contracts. Staff.
Need for profit
More clients referrals and less staff.
Compliance with increasingly complex regulatory requirements
Raising costs of doing business
Retaining quality staff when there is no new revenue for increasing
Not enough available contracts due to isolated area
Aging management staff/succession planning
Funding fringe benefits
Transportation for people served
Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction on our 3 AbilityOne
contracts is a challenge and high priority.
Ensuring qualified personnel in all positions
Providing services to 18 counties we serve.
Staff training and retention
Continued customer cutbacks
Poor perception of "sheltered workshops"

Need to provide jobs for the referenced population
Changing the way in which we provide services - getting away from a
"sheltered workshop" and finding jobs for people with disabilities.
Ability to be able to access the available resources for a person's
betterment whether training or life enhancement.
Changes in philosophy from funding sources
Finding Qualified Disabled Applicants
To implement and to continually improve the Quality Work Environment
(QWE) within our organization.

Continued funding decreases.

Lack of resources to invest in technology
Staffing/recruitment/retention of AbilityOne employees and staff to
support them.
Same as Question 1: No annual product volume commitment from
DLAT to allow for buying discounts or minimums.

Managing cash to be able to finance projects.
Recruiting and retaining motivated staff.
Replacing retiring key staff
Professional Staff Development

Obama care and the possible requirements to purchase insurance or
pay fines.
Finding new business
Continuing to stay relevant in our lines of business related to the
clientele we serve
Disability Training and awareness
Maintaining enough production and warehouse work to sustain our
operational budget.
Loss of experienced staff
Healthcare and benefits
Ensuring strong, growing current customer relations
Economy and aging population
Outside influences or other programs impeding our ability to maintain
jobs and mission

Recruiting quality workforce
Government Regulatory requirements i.e. she, doll, etc.
Income over Expense.
Ditto: New Business Opportunities (Never seems to reverse or plateau
in all three areas)
Attracting qualified employees at historically lower salaries
Finding & keeping contracts for supported employment.

Personnel issues - they are chronic.
Providing critical supports to persons with disabilities when funding is
Growing our micro-business
Staff retention.
The aging of our workforce that today averages 51 years old. Many
current employees will be retiring.

Keeping and expanding AbilityOne opportunities for non-profit CRP's.
Bottom line
Training Front Line Staff
Outsourcing 4. community employment
Adequate Employees
Training issues.
Ever-increasing costs of doing business, (i.e. fuel costs, employee
health insurance, consumables (i.e. food, office supplies, janitorial
supplies, etc.) with stagnant or reduced funding
Developing new revenue streams

Pricing contracts a what is considered a fair market price when Mom
and Pop companies bid so low they can't perform and do not have the
overhead burden our business experience. There is a feeling the
government may change how they purchase since they have to cut
expenses. And, how will our government handle the budget deficit?

Making new businesses profitable.
Community engagement

Sufficient revenue and funding sources.
Other gov't departments (other than DOD) not working with NISH

Developing new lines of business to offset losses of funding or private
sector and/or state use contracts.
Keeping up with on going training issues as well as further regulations
which hamper growth.
Being able to place our trainees into the work place.
With retirements new management team to take over.
Qualified/ Training workforce.
Diminishing government orders.
The need to change online applications to include an option for
someone with a disability to fill our a more traditional application
Diversifying our business.
Recruiting and retaining staff
Transportation in rural areas
Increasing revenue
Getting the necessary reserve funding in order to be eligible for a
sizeable AbilityOne contract
Board development
Need for more commercial/government business contracts
Adequate facilities and training for our increasing count of those needing
Changes in the political climate, and mental health system that could
drastically affect quality service delivery to persons served
Replacement/repair of equipment/vehicles
Adding another NISH product since we are not a service area.
Several of our service programs not connected to NISH have been
affected by recent government cut-backs. I believe that one of the
challenges ahead is for us to brace for additional cutbacks that will hurt
opportunities for expanded government contracting
Providing needed on-going training to the ever transient staff.
Hiring the right employees.
Managing growth
Staff Turnover
Regulatory concerns
NISH adopting most restrictive disability definition of 127 definition
Selling the benefits of the AbilityOne program, particularly with regard to
market price competitiveness, and addressing prevalent
Staff Training
Florida moving to a Medicaid managed care system for adults with
developmental and other disabilities.
Recruitment of new board members
Growing production
Technology and technical expertise: staying on the cutting edge
Developing training programs for new services we may anticipate
venturing into
Finding partnerships that work.
Economic environment.
Same: Getting new projects from NISH
Dealing with Mental Health
Developing new innovative methods of meeting increased demands with
decreased funding
State payments
Succession planning difficult to plan out that far with the instability of
our economy.
Streamlining process, running leaner as an organization
Limited opportunities for all

Changing population demographics, 97% of our clients are non-NISH
adults with severe DD with a rapid onset of the effects of aging
Mounting public opposition to the program.
Identifying Qualified Applicants with Qualifying Disabilities
Providing more training.
Distance between the sites and home office
Staff turn over.
Time for training
Energy costs

Changing the agency culture to enable the organization's lines of
business to compete and thrive
Getting adequate funding for hiring the support people to teach/train
people with disabilities the work skills they need to get and keep jobs.
Much of this is through Medicaid and that is looking like it is going to be
drastically cut.

AbilityOne's influence on future issues facing NP's.

Continued funding of programs and services to our community.
Constant decline in defense dollars resulting in base closures and loss
of contracts and job opportunities.
Continued reduced funding/fee for service
Ageing upper management.
Industry trends
No new opportunities
Lack of support of AbilityOne in Congress
Being able to assist individuals with barriers to employment in getting
and keeping jobs.
The Air Force could move to the use of one large General Contractor
that performs the same type of work/contracts that we do at the present
Limited opportunity to collaborate/partner
Meeting customers needs based on budget requirements

Finding people with disabilities to work, we are located in a rural area
and it is challenging to have enough workers for the jobs we have.
Succession planning (not just at executive level)
Staring a new line of business, such as document destruction.
Keeping good staff
Employee Retention
Effective collaboration
Matching the demands of VR Service partners for full-time employment
for persons with disabilities to a business demand for part-time and
temporary workers
Constant Changes to contracts
Securing new AbilityOne contracts
Regulatory environment
Leeds Certification
Working Capital
Referral Reductions. 4. Doing more with less.
Potential change in legislators
Capable employees

Transportation for any jobs that may be secured.
Finding products or assembly work
New product/service development
Training-with finances being tight it makes this even more difficult
Planning for growth and stability within an uncertain political and funding
Same as #1: Contract Work Availability
Maintaining a highly energized, engaged, and effective workforce to
provide great services and supports.

Supervisor with Clients also need to do paperwork
Limited money to pay for training due to funding cuts
Increasing challenges for those of us in rural areas to stay competitive
due to higher costs of operation, and less access to employment or
contract opportunities
Leadership succession planning.
Development of community employment options for more clients with
high support needs

Balancing our budget in light of the state and federal deficits

Learning doing more with less.
Expanding into more technical services opportunities while balancing
Government customer expectations and AbilityOne program
Working capital
To get the president's committee to work with DOLL to get the pro-rata
that goes to wages to also pass through to the H&W. This will once
again afford people with the most severe disabilities to participate on
NISH contracts.
Growth and acquisition
Clients aging
Employee Retention
Obtaining new contracts.

Keeping the real customer (military) wanting to purchase from the CRP.
Doing more (work/services) with reduction in funds paid
Same as above-Funding $ down
Increase in demand for services; increase in clients needs

See previous answers: Lack of opportunities to expand contract
Hiring quality staff
Staff shortages
Piece rates- Bidding a contract to cover costs but below enough for
customer to accept.
Reduced funding and higher expectations from the State
Managing the growth of our business endeavors
Securing appropriate contracts
Budget problems becoming service issues
Space constraints

"Dumbing Down" of the profession

Same as current challenges: Attempt to remain competitive with
salaries and benefits of state employees providing the same services
See #1: Higher producers to complete the work

Same as previously page: Keeping staff focused and happy
Pretty much the same as today's challenges: Obtaining additional
Each of the three challenges found on the previous page: Professional
development for staff in the areas of creative problem solving and
decision making would be third.
Same as the question number 1: Writing the service costing and

See question 1: For profit companies in the field

Same answers as given for question #1: Recruitment of qualified staff.

Same as #1: Time Management

Same as listed on question #1: Increased cost of providing services.
Same as answers from previous question: Burdensome regulatory
environment-CARF, state agencies for licensing and extended
Developing new products and services to replace declining sales of
existing contracted items and services.

00004   75% rule difficult to maintain

00007   Keeping a capable work force between orders.
00010   Lack of manpower
00017   QC
        After almost 30 years providing services to GSA through the committee
        and NISH, we chose not to renew our contracts in Nov. of 09. As
        performance demands stayed the same or increased with building
        changes, pressure to reduce price under Performance Based contracting
        and comparing NISH service to large Downtown Office Centers, as well
        as a constant bickering with GSA staff (not a partnership and I know it
00018   takes two) prompted our decision.
00019   competition from other regions

00021   Marketing and promoting the CRP to obtain AbilityOne contracts.
00023   Maintaining the Agency wide 75% ratio given the work we have
        Location, we need to expand, however we are located in a rural and
00025   somewhat isolated area.
00026   Paperwork (Multiple Reports)
00031   Volume of sales too low
00032   Pricing/ Cost

        The time that it takes to place a new product on an AbilityOne
00033   procurement list takes an excessive amount.

00034   Reductions in sales each year, both in products and services

00035   Budget cuts that reduce contract scope.

00036   Paperwork
        Transitioning disabled workers from AbilityOne contracts into competitive
00038   employment
00039   Inability to partner with private for profit companies

        Difficulty competing with the large CRPS who are already entrenched in
00050   AbilityOne business lines
00051   Material costs
        Finding suitable contracts or developing the capabilities and expertise to
        find and set up for other contracts that may be available but we are not
00052   currently set up for.
00053   Length of approval time
00058   Supervisory skills
00063   Finding employees with disabilities.
00066   Not enough AbilityOne work.
        Difficult to facilitate training and development plans for offsite federa3
00068   contracts and personnel given the security constraints.

        We definitely need new products for in-house work. There is not much in
00069   the way of commercial outsourcing available in our area (South Central)
        Demand to provide increased scope of work without an increase in cost
00072   to the Federal Govt.
00073   Keeping costs aligned with pricing.
        Inconsistent payment for services provided. (Agency not paid according
00074   to agreements)
00077   Adequate Workforce

00079   See Above: QER Compliance
00081   Quality Assurance

        Maintaining the 75% ratio due to the ability of some employees to obtain
00089   security clearance (i.e. ex convicts)
00092   Balancing workforce personnel.
00094   Dealing with the new regulations--severely disabled, for e.g.

00095   Length of time for approval.
00097   Timely Renewals.
        Maintaining funding for existing contracts and pursue funding for new
00099   contracts.

00100   Keeping the workers at a high productive level.
00101   Meeting federal requirements.

00103   Having to do more with less.
00109   Security clearances
00110   Communication with COTR's.

00113   Labor Ratios make projects unprofitable
        Keeping costs in line with the customers shrinking budget and keeping
00114   services at a high level.

        Locating materials - steel is high, aluminum can take forever to get, the
        paint required pollutes the environment and is costly to dispose of even
        the filters, the glue used for one project has a 6-month wait period - there
00115   are many, many problems associated with these projects.
00116   Development
00117   Ratios.
00119   Shrinking requirements
        Gearing up. Knowing when or if projects will come online and putting
00122   things in place to perform the work.
00123   75% Rule based on full inclusion model
        Taking on more technical projects - i.e.: administrative tasks, contact
00124   center
00125   Inconsistent small orders instead of bulk yearly orders.
00129   Repeat orders, no new orders in the past 18 months
        We only have one small janitorial contract that has been stable for quite
00130   sometime
        Security requirements for contracts are becoming more hostile towards
00133   persons with disabilities.
00137   Delivering parts for contracts
00140   Downsizing of opportunities
00144   Not very consistent
        Delivering a high quality product to the government customer in spite of
00145   significant cost reductions

00147   Management staff that do not exemplify the organizations core values.
        Conducting service contracts in someone else's confined space in the
        hours specified by the customer and yet accomplishing such with people
00148   who have severe disabilities.

        The continual reductions in textile orders from AbilityOne contacts has a
        negative impact on our capacity to employ workers at full time schedules.
        Commercial business opportunities for similar textile products is limited
00157   since the products can be purchased overseas at lower price.
        Maintaining the competitive employment assessments beyond medical
00158   records.
00159   Quality
00163   Training of front line supervisors.
00168   Complexity of Contracts/Regulations

00171   Cover hidden or unexpected cost overruns
00172   Customer relationship management
00173   Predicting allocations/orders and the downtime between orders

00174   Getting contracts renewed in a timely manner
00175   Transportation

00176   Timelines for security clearances. They take way too long especially GSA
00178   Financial stability
00180   Integration of SCA/Non SCA in single work centers.
00185   Changing demands from federal customers
00188   *Need Contracts* Counseling skills(in house).
00190   How to obtain help from NISH and contracts.

        Dealing with Federal employees who do not understand that with work
00193   with individuals with disabilities.
00194   Training of Line Leaders
00196   Meeting all regulatory requirements (not operational)
00199   Negotiating 10% reductions in SOWs
00202   Contracting Officer who doesn't know program
00203   Maintaining productivity and quality
00205   Transportation because of the hours

        Working through contract negotiations, and the frequent change of
00206   contract officers.
        Reduction in or elimination of government purchasing of current assigned
00208   products
00209   Cost of doing business
00210   Too few of them

00211   Obtaining disability documentation
00213   Distance and supervision

        Funding level is so close that it is difficult to make a profit-govt jobs are
00215   often too small to add monetary value example. IRS Shredding

00220   Expectations of the customers not aligning with the contract requirements
00223   N/A

00224   Not having enough orders for products
00225   Meeting 75% disabled ratio with qualified applicants

00228   Continuity of work for our disabled associates.
        Assisting clients in accessing needed transportation to get back and forth
00229   to work.
        Regulatory requirements such as DOD screening - a major concern for
00231   our voluntary board
00232   Interpretation of SOW
        Same as Question 1: Lack of trained sewers and mechanics in the area
00233   willing to work for low wages.
00235   LINE
00242   Growing the business line.

00244   Dealing with a semi-hostile GSA rep.
        Finding people with disabilities to work on AbilityOne contract and who
00248   meet the AbilityOne criteria for significant disability.

00249   A changing budget climate for different federal agencies
00250   Recruitment and retention of staff to meet the 75/25 ratio.
        Background checks (SAC) and the decisions (which seem somewhat
        arbitrary) on who can and can't work on the contract. It is very
        challenging to have no guidelines to work within when we are referring
00252   candidates for the VA's approval.
00253   Staff ongoing team based supervision allocation time
        Contracting Activity that is not trained or educated on the basics of
00260   contract procurement and implementation.
00261   Inconsistent work volume and reduced SOWs
00262   Training needs

        Maintaining the 75% disability ratio while dealing with very stringent
00263   background clearance processes
00265   Training workers
        Federal Government security clearance requirements/access to facilities
00267   of program participants
00268   Clear guidance on disability documentation required for compliance
00269   Government Budget Cuts
        Maintaining the demands of the contractors with people with severe
00273   disabilities as the workforce

00275   Government pressures to lower costs resulting in potential job losses
00282   Time Studies
        Assuring we have productive capacity to meet changing government
00286   needs
00290   Fund reduction
        Obviously we always want to provide the best quality of services possible.
        This will be an ongoing challenge, regardless of the number or type of
00293   AbilityOne contracts.
00300   Keeping Costs Low
        Continuing cutbacks in pricing that are not always fairly offset by
00311   reductions in the PWS
00313   None

        Downsizing of contracts and opportunities due to the economic crisis our
00316   country faces.
00317   Provide training for clients in their job duties

00322   Low revenue as a %age of overall agency revenue
        Cleaning to the federal customers expectations under current contract
        specifications. Completing the cleaning that is required by the SOW in
00323   the amount of time allotted in the current pricing.
00326   Maintaining quality standards-

00328   Obtaining payments for services rendered in a timely manner.

00329   The ability to maintain the required ratio for the program.

00330   Consumer on-site issues.

        Not having an affordable & reliable resource to acquire updated
00342   specification.
00343   Very low profit margin as compared to scope of work
00344   Staffing
        Volatile workload and managing budget constraints while maintaining
00347   fantastic service
        Physical limitations of people on the AbilityOne contract makes certain
00350   janitorial jobs difficult.
        Finding individuals with disabilities who want to work on AbilityOne
00351   projects, have transportation, and can get security clearance
00354   More administrative work
00355   Time. The process is so lengthy.

00356   Reduced gov funding
00358   The need for new contract work opportunities

00362   Managing all aspects of contract, purchasing, production, shipping, etc.

        Since we are a products manufacturing company, finding disabled folks
        that can work in a manufacturing setting with high speed machinery is a
00370   challenge.
        Completing all the necessary paper work that is associated with these
00371   contracts.
00372   Additional Security Requirements on Federal Contracts .
00377   Hiring and training talented managers
00382   Equipment

        Variant operational definitions of quality between contractors and
00386   government CORs, often leading to adversarial relationships.
00389   Securing new contracts

        At times there are confusing and incomplete directives from NISH
        concerning shredding requirements, paperwork and documentation, and
        also from its monitoring contractor the Secure Document Alliance. This
00390   is time consuming and at times frustrating.

00392   Becoming more diversified
00393   Ratio requirements
00401   Support

00412   Need to expand contract to create more job opportunities
        Running leaner as an organization, government wants more services for
00414   lower costs
        FTI: Food Service Transformation Initiative with prime without
00415   government food service experience
        Insufficient size of contracts (we're under $250,000 total and cannot
00416   dedicate sufficient management time)
00419   Dealing with our consumers on a day to day basis.
00421   Federal Funding Reductions
00423   Counseling support by Psychiatry/Therapy Services.
00424   Increase training for work force
        Biggest challenge is the aging of our equipment used for our AbilityOne
00429   contract
        Too many "eggs in one basket". We need to diversify what we do more
00430   and for whom we do it.
00434   Customer Relations
00437   Keeping a cadre of trained/experienced workers

00438   Security checks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00442   Health care costs

00444   Maintaining ratios in light of reduced referrals from VR
        Understanding and meeting all the quality standards of the local
00447   contracts.
00448   CRP requirement to maintain 75/25 % disabled/nondisabled ratio
        Staff that meet contract requirement based on AbilityOne requirements
00449   background checks, labor requirements.
00453   Reduced volume
        As we expand, using existing staff while waiting to pass the background
00454   check requirements.
        Lack of adequate public transportation to get people with significant
00455   disabilities to the worksite.
        Difficulties associated with security clearances: length of time to obtain
00457   and restriction of some populations
00461   Government downscoping of services
00468   Time Management
00471   Productivity Ratings. Continually Rising.
00472   Landing new contracts
00473   Very irregular orders

00474   Cost of transportation
00477   Timely receipt of new delivery orders
00478   Regulation requirements

        Finding a contract-long term is no longer feasible and only 1-3 month
00480   delivery orders are given
        Maintaining efficient and effective operations resulting in cost
00483   containment and quality products/services
        Maintaining effective cost model for products through ever increasing and
00486   accelerating materials cost adjustments.
00487   Maintaining quality.
00491   N/A
        Ever increasing regulatory and reporting expectations that increase
00492   overhead time and costs
00493   Reduction in scope of contracts due to budgetary constraints.
00498     Unfair business practices with The National Industries for The Blind

00499     Increased customer demand for quality

          Contract Administration. Contracting officials lag behind follow-on
00501     updates.
00502     Security clearances
00504     Lack of streamlined billing procedures
00507     Not enough contracts
00512     Quality Control training for direct line staff.
          Trying to determine if the actual project is going to beneficial to us in two
          years after we spend the exorbitant cost of the equipment and start up
          cost to produce and if there will ever be a possibility to expand the
00513     production to other products in the category.
00514     Opportunities for growth or new business

00517     Increased expectations, but not willing to pay for increased demands

00521     Funding from congress.
00523     Not enough product opportunities
00526     Facilities Maintenance
00528     Experienced Management

00532     Remaining competitive when we utilize federal wage determinations
          My answers to the previous question are the same for this question:
          Returning the quality of work on our service contracts to the levels of 5
00064     years ago.
          See above: Challenges of hiring applicants who are able to perform the
    281   tasks and be eligible for our program.

00256     Inconsistent orders.
00012     Instability within federal agencies we count on as customers.

00016     For our manufacturing, the ordering activity has dropped off considerably.
          Contracting officers Interpreting specifications different from
00027     other/previous contracting officers.
00040     Access to cost-effective training.
          Receiving written confirmations. Verbal announcements for work are
          provided in advance however the written document is received much
00049     later with an ASAP delivery requirement.
00060     Appropriate manpower

          Getting timely contract renewals. System backed up and charges in
00062     contract managers.
00070     Customer reducing the scope of work, eliminating jobs.
          Meeting building managers expectations for quality and quantity of
00082     services
00087   The length of time it takes to get products added to existing contracts.
        Meeting the increase record keeping and reporting requirements of
00090   Federal Agency.
00093   To increase number of contracts.
00105   Tracking and reporting quarterly data
00112   Obtaining proper documentation of disability for workers.

00121   Being paid promptly for services rendered
00126   Acceptance of workers.

00127   Stability in Federal budget.
00134   Finding janitorial supervisors for night and evening shifts.
00135   Overly regulated with complex compliance standards.
00136   We would like to expand AbilityOne projects.
00139   NIB Prioritization
00143   Compliance and paperwork
00146   Building managers
00179   Balancing business and support for individuals with disabilities
00182   Forecasting needs/products orders.
00187   Government Funding cuts
00198   Stability of work
00201   Relationship with QAE at commissary project
00236   Navigating WAWF for timely payment.
00239   Having adequate numbers of workers there to keep on schedule
        NISH failing to start the renewal process on a janitorial project that
        resulted in a new contracting officer putting the contract out for
        commercial bid. We have been three months without a contract and two
00241   disabled employees have been out of a job for two months.
00246   Negotiating win - win contracts
00251   Pricing for contracts.

        Getting the contract completed and correlating the receipt of goods to
00254   complete the contract.
00257   Reduction in the scope of work
00266   Referral agencies
00270   Finding Qualified Individuals.
        Governmental agency worried about their dollars and ability to fund future
00271   years
00276   75/25
00285   Lower requirements for our product from the federal government.
00287   Referrals due to funding cuts
00291   Customer Satisfaction.

00292   Competitive pricing with a non-competitive workforce
00297   Costs of overhead not covered by costing of contracts.
00312   Keeping jobs.
00318   Finding them
        The reduction in Military budgets causes reductions in services thereby
00321   reducing employee hours on the job and employee wages.
00348   Funding - anticipated decreases
00349   Getting more contracts
        Training enough staff to be supervisors. Too few staff as it is because of
00361   cuts.
        Communication. With the IRS contract instead of being able to
        communicate with the local contact, the local contact and we have to go
        through NISH, the IRS manager. It has created many more problems
00365   than it has solved.

00373   Finding people with disabilities to perform the work on a consistent basis
00378   Rising Fuel Costs
00388   Low product demand
00391   Contracts that are kept up to date
        Working with qae's whom do not understand the AbilityOne program and
00398   who are not willing to change
00399   Low profit margin.
00400   Contract management
        Expectations by the contractor to do work beyond the scope of the
00406   contract
00409   Maintaining high quality

        With growth, confidence that I can meet agency ratio because our
        technically challenging projects require retention of key (usually non
00411   disabled) personnel for a phase in period

00422   Quality assurance monitoring at all times
00427   Keeping the ratio at 75% or better
00428   Time and paperwork to get things to the PL
00431   Contracting officers that care or understand our mission.

00432   Limitations in expanding AbilityOne Contracts within our geographic area.

00435   Working in and around union workforces when we are non-union.
00439   Government Funding
00441   Recruitment of key management personnel
00443   Level funding
        Keeping them because the government continually looks for ways to
        reduce costs and the Wage Determinations keep going up so the cost
00446   just gets higher.
        Getting follow on year contracts ready and completed by the government
        in a timely manner. It maybe up to 8 months after the follow on period
00452   that we see a mod to cover the wage changes.
00456   Hours of operation.

00460   Not enough work
00463   Increasing the volume on the IRS shredding contract

00489   Security Clearances for the workers
        Serving people who are really severely disabled on NISH contracts.
        Because the health and wellness benefits on the SCA are so high-
        people with true severe disabilities cannot participate on NISH contracts.
        People with severe disabilities in our agency (productivity under 60% are
        in tears because they cannot work on NISH contracts). The H&W is paid
        out per hour so low percentage productivity workers cannot cost
00503   effectively participate.
00506   Keeping up with regulatory requirements.

        Client unwillingness to pursue competitive employment outside of the
00511   project due to substantially lower wages in the general community.
00516   Contract paperwork and reporting is complicated
00519   Communicating with GSA
00527   Amount of paper work and staff consumption

00535   Making sure funding stays in place for replacements.
00436   Maintaining 75% labor ratios
        Adverse weather conditions, not able to perform some assigned duties
00011   timely due to rain.
00013   Budget Cuts
        Federal budget cuts with limited change in the expectations of the federal
00014   customer.
        Information from the federal customer needed to develop pricing which is
00028   viable.
00041   Inaccurate Forecast
00046   Gaining experience for TFM and HEV
00055   Training with clients.
00067   Lack of AbilityOne opportunities in this area.
        Geographically we have to rely on product contracts therefore
00075   opportunities are limited
00080   Unknown demand/forecasting for our products
00083   No projects
00088   Possible closure of work site.
00096   Getting new projects
        We do not face any regular challenges with our AbilityOne projects.
        These are run very well and we have established excellent relationships
00118   at these sites.
        We do not currently have an AbilityOne project. There have not been any
00120   opportunities since our contract ended.
00131   Additional demands from GSA
00151   Government reduction of contracts.
        Increased costs of healthy welfare benefits to our government customers
00161   and threat of loss of contracts due to cost increases.
00166   Completing all of the documentation required
        Janitorial. Scheduling and performing periodic services in off hours with
00167   no overtime built into contracts.
00169   Increase in Regulations and reporting requirements
        Getting consumers and employees cleared by Homeland Security in a
00170   timely fashion.
00183   Having one spot to look for all job possibilities.
        Some AbilityOne projects require off hour services mandating off hour
        transportation for our clients. This can be challenge because of
00186   inadequate private and public transportation.
00197   Being able to "expand" by obtaining new work opportunities.
00226   Consumer training
        Continuing to keep a work force that can meet the demands of the
00255   project
00258   Creating efficiencies while maintaining quality
00259   No challenges
        Reduced government funding and corresponding changes to
        requirements that aren't logical or in the long-term interest of the
00264   customer which are the result of short-term budget constraints
00278   Do not currently have an AbilityOne contract.
        Main a stable workflow to minimize disruptive to the financial stability of
00283   the AbilityOne employees.
00288   Contract negotiations.
00289   Shrinking DOD budget.
00295   Overall sales in a slow economy; maintaining the ability to stay open
00302   To few orders.
00305   Decreasing federal dollars for contracts
00309   Competency of products.
00327   No longer having a contract.
        Marrying the type of work to the person that can perform those needed
00335   duties.
00337   No challenges at this time
00338   None
00340   Turn over rates staff-employee
00345   We only have 1 site.
00363   Small contracts but lots of NISH requirements.
        Having reserve staff with completed background checks - staff must have
00385   completed checks to work on federal contracts.
00402   Federal Budgets
00404   We have not really experienced any major challenges
        The projects are all different with their needs when really they should be
00407   the same except for square footage in regards to our area.
00410   Building new customers
00425   High overhead vs. revenue.
00426   Paperwork
00445   Staffing within the 75%
00450   None. One of the few things that run fairly smoothly.
00464   Length of time for price adjustments.
00466   Reductions in federal spending.
00476   Helping to find new products or assembly work
00494   Increase regulatory oversight by PAFB
00495   Getting paid in a timely manner.
        No orders on our contract in the past year; sometimes over 18 months
00509   between small orders
00518   Competition from foreign markets.
00520   Department of Labor Fair Wage and hour audits
00534   Lots of paperwork/reporting requirements


Expectations of GSA building mgrs.

Finding efficient ways to manage the different requirements of each
customer and staying current on the changes that happen with no notice.
Meeting budget requirements

Would love to take on more work through NISH. We believe we have
been a good contractor under the system. Have investigated Imaging
services for years, but only small, time limited contract obtained.
Federal budget cuts

Managing relationships between prime and subcontractors and other
partners on the contracts.
Contract renewals

Community jobs versus push for crews.
Slowness in Contract Awards
Rates below actual costs
Timeliness and consistency of orders

Compliance regulations and paperwork associated.
More staff time on maintaining contracts and contract changes, less
support from NISH
Will AbilityOne pricing be sufficient to support the recruitment and
maintenance cost of compliance for AbilityOne employees.

Keeping abreast of all the regulations

Maintaining disabled ratio
Diminishing opportunities
Challenge of introducing products to the AbilityOne Program which
requires a faster learning curve and process for consideration and
Labor costs

Training to understand how to go about procuring through AbilityOne and
the Government
JWOD reporting
Producing the quantity of products needed.
Reduction in work based on available money.
Communication of standards process clearly and understood by all.

Making line staff available for needed trainings. There is not much
redundancy in staff to cover for time when staff attend training.

Challenges to payment of commensurate wages
Transportation costs

Provided all needed accommodations to individuals.
Gov't expectations not realistic

QC Plan
Demands of Contract vs. Quality Rehabilitation
Making ends meet when it is difficult to renegotiate the contract structure
based on fluctuations in oil, shipping and other factors that increase
Contract Modifications
Being well positioned to respond to new opportunities
Too much emphasis on prior experience and larger CRP's making it
difficult for others to break through.
Constant changeover in staffing.

Venture into new business lines.
Keeping Job coaches and supervisors trained and up to date on
changing requirements.
Lack of resource trainings.

Receiving orders on contracts in 3 moth increments driving up the costs
of raw materials while the pricing remains the same or goes down.
Limited funds set aside for work because of Government cuts.

Too much compliance costs, and pending govt. program budget cuts

Working with the CNA, and the changing AbilityOne world.

Locating new NISH contracts.
Price increase restrictions
Ensuring responsible parties thoroughly understand the rules and regs,
changes in these and are following through with requirements
Consistent/timely orders

Government contracting
Same: Inconsistent small orders instead of bulk yearly orders.
Federal cutbacks

Expanding our community based AbilityOne business in the area.

Commissary budgets are getting tighter and lack sufficient funding.
Getting products set aside on the procurement list
Geographic location
Getting smaller in total value
Unable to get may government customers to take the issue of
"mandatory purchasing" seriously

Cultural diversity leads to interpersonal conflicts.

Acquiring subject matter experts on staff for wage thresholds that do not
upset the compensation grids.

Quantity of orders for textile products have been significantly reduced to
a few hundred items per month over an 18 -24 month contract term. In
the past we were able to produce the total contract quantity within 2

Government reducing positions due to financial restrictions.
Creating greater capacity
Maintaining 75% disabled Direct Labor ratio.
Increasing Opportunities

Government personnel not understanding contract and moving in/out.
Generating earnings
Securing additional contracts
Increased regulatory requirements and associated management costs
that are not reimbursed
Late and delayed payments

Maintaining ratios due to clearance issues
Transportation for those with disabilities to work sites
Marketing to large corp for AbilityOne subcontract opportunities.
Limited opportunities for growth
Challenging behaviors on site.
Secret clearance

High standards set forth by General Services Administration.
Keeping up with trends/methods to effectively clean
VA looking to do mail center in house
Maintaining ratios
Government push to do more, for less money
Maintaining good contractor relationships
Integration because of hours

Billing of services completed on the contracts at our air force locations.
Short-term delivery orders (3 months)
Commissary contracts
Training for staff on starting and managing a new project

Qualified workforce
Excessive DOL regulation

1. Ratio is always a challenge
Aging population of the people working on the contract and their ability to
do the work declining
Not having the needed Federal experience to be competitive on service
Federal budgetary reductions
Enhancing our Assistive Technology program - continuing our
improvement in accommodating employees who have significant

Accessing funds to properly train clients to perform AbilityOne contracts.
Adequate number of contracts for work and the reducing margins for the
payment for the work.
Documentation of disability particularly for longer-term ee's.
Same as Question 1: Single material source for most materials used for
AbilityOne contracts.
Continual upgrading systems.
Wading through all the regulatory requirements added by having an A1

Supervising people with disabilities
A decrease in contracting personnel available within a given federal
agency i.e. contracting officers having to take on more and more
responsibilities which decreases their availability for direct contact with
our management staff
Management skills
Finding quality fringe benefits that don't cost an arm and a leg!!! It seems
that these Health & Welfare benefit companies are raking in dollars
faster than they can count them. We would like to have a good quality
benefit with lower costs and great customer service!
Pricing based on local inflationary cost drivers
Contracting Activity that is inflexible and not open to new and innovative

Keeping staff properly compensated with the "flattening" of revenues due
to budget cutbacks, etc.
Quality of work

Maintaining competitive pricing while paying SCA/AWD wages
finding new contract opportunities in AbilityOne system
Employee Training/Retention
Reductions in government contracts revenue w/expectations of the same
quality/quantity of work

Transportation for employees in rural areas
Goal Setting

Developing capacity for new products
Staff reduction

Making sure all requirements are met, including proper paperwork and
The potential abolition of DOL Section 14 (c) and the negative impact it
would have financially on the projects

A possible challenge may be the legal changes the government may take
regarding the Wage Determination Rate.
Provide quality assurance for the customer.

Growth limitations

Development and training of qualified staff. Getting individuals through
GSA's clearance procedures.
Going green
Slow turn-around on rewarding of contracts or approval of follow-on

Getting those who are placed in this program to seek employment with
other companies.

Time studies merit rating needs to be condensed, less time consuming.

Old steel specifications that have not been updated making it difficult to
locate material.
Transportation expenses are not a line item in the contracts
Background checks
Understanding federal contracting. Like to see courses that mirror (or
utilize) those offered by Defense Acquisition University (DAU)

Transportation must be provided by the agency

Lack of teamwork among employees who work on government contracts
Meeting 75% ratio on small projects

Reduction of some existing federal contracts
The need for additional contract work opportunities

Raw materials-finding American made cotton.

Since business has slowed down for our manufacturing factory, security
of the site is a challenge. Twice they have broken into our facility since
we currently are not operating.

Accomplishing billing.. both payment and billing procedures.
Tightening of Federal of budgets.
Effectively managing the customer relationship
Ability to expand
Level of knowledge and experience of government contracting specialists
with regard to SCA Adjustments, Worker's Comp adjustments, and other
FAR clauses.
Increases in prices of supplies and equipment

Maintaining the 75%-25% ration for the shredding under our AbilityOne
contract (which is our only contract). This is because transportation of
material is included in the direct labor hours, and we have an able-bodied
driver. It can take hours to sometimes pick up material for shredding
that may take only 30 minutes to sort and shred.
Meshing the contractual needs with the security needs, i.e., background
checks, etc.
Moving people to jobs in the community, when the required wags are
higher than what is available in the community.

Working capital

Lack of military staffing

Need for media coverage
Overcoming the public's indifference to people with disabilities.
Identifying and developing new opportunities
Staff open to changes as the government need requires.
Distance to sites from home office
The fabrics and laundering requirements of hospital linen is changing
considerably and has the potential to increase operating costs and

Managing transportation costs
Changing expectations
Staying competitive and generating some profits

Ongoing changes with the CO's and each CO's has a different plan and
approach to the contract.
Budget cuts

Maintaining full staffing as unemployment rate decreases

Retaining the best employees and supervisors.
Deceased federal funding

Support for staff to meet contract requirements
Volume variations

Ensuring the customer is happy with good quality work.
Getting AbilityOne personnel to consider other jobs, given the pay and
benefits of AbilityOne.

Cost containment
Government does not understand the NISH fee
Job Site Accommodations

Contract Reductions.
Bringing awarded contracts to fruition
New equipment needed

The change over in Bremerton staff who order bags
Lead time on raw material purchases
Quality control

Finances-since the contracts are so short it is difficult to keep materials
on hand since you have no idea how much will be on the next order.

Compliance with multitude of standards and contractual requirements
Increasing quality controls for production to insure that we always exceed
all customer expectations.

Difficulty of access to larger in-house contracts due to our rural location
Recruiting and training across the entire spectrum of disability.
Dealing with the US Army Reserve

UN-balanced relationship management amongst partnerships always
tilted to the favor/power of the governmental/contracting activity
Contract compliance. Contracting offices do not understand the
AbilityOne program and customers do not understand service
contracting. Customers mistakenly believe we provide labor for personal
Pressure to reduce cost
POC reliability
High WDRS and Health and Welfare rates
Meeting customer service expectations.

Growing our business and creating the jobs is no problem, getting the
opportunity we create to fruition and added to the program.
Balancing needs of multiple stakeholders

Lack of expansion opportunities

Courier contract is passed from one dept to another frequently.
Bidding process is cumbersome
Quality Control
Experienced Contracting Officers
Benefits -health and welfare-paying the benefit or offering health care -
nearly all of our clients are eligible for other entitlements that would cover
this. (SSI and Medicaid)
My answers to the previous question are the same for this question:
Managing our budgets to ensure we can pay enough to obtain staff with
at least a moderate level of entry level skills.

See above: Government cuts to contracts.
Length of time required to develop a new contract, especially for
Relationship between NISH and NIB still gets in the way.
It is difficult to bid on new contracts either because the quantities are so
large or the "market price" is so low.
Contracting officers not understanding or trying to circumvent the
AbilityOne Program.
Lack of transition plans from NISH work to competitive employment.

Competition with small business and our ability for opportunities.
Changes in specs to a contract. We have been performing without notice
until it comes up for renewal. The changes make us ineligible bidders
thus losing good jobs for people with disabilities.
Wanting more for less ( Customers )

Providing supervision within the allotted dollar amount for the contract
The length of time it takes to get price changes approved.

Security checks
Understanding and operating under regulations
Staffing (Internal issue)
Service costing software issues.
Trying to attend NISH trainings that are always held 1500+ miles from
northern New York State
Training people in work quality.

Finding additional opportunities to put people with disabilities to work.
Assessing best quality and pricing for janitorial supplies.
Too much paperwork and complex systems of reporting.
Staff/client salary required affects the organizations pay matrix.
Availability of contracts.
Obtaining new projects that are profitable
Federal employees
Maintaining the adequate ratios
Trained staff to complete all requirements -ex computer skilled staff.
Rising costs
Not enough work
Limited profit
Uncertainty regarding FOY due to the government's financial issues.
Making sure that we meet and exceed expectations

I think we need to be ISO certified to ever have a chance of getting a new
product assignment.
Breaking even
Consistency of orders.

Find employees with the skill set needed to complete the projects who
are still able to be paid the special minimum wage according to the DOL.
High benefits costs
Higher skilled workforce
Able to Satisfy our Customers.
The federal budget deficit and 2012 election results and subsequent
Finding qualified staff
Cost controls for supplies and shipping.
Reduction of hours for AbilityOne Contracts
Work Quality.
Lack of new business opportunities. The CMT is concerned about small
business impact but does not appear to be as concerned about "impact:"
on AbilityOne providers of goods and services
Dealing with constantly changing government expectations.
Getting contracts negotiated by October.
Ability to get started with one
The closures and reorganizations of the Military facilities in our area has
caused individuals with disabilities to loose their jobs.
Funding new contracts
Increase cost of supplies

Fuel costs

Timely background checks of employees, waiting for months and

AbilityOne Business Development
Adequate Staff Coverage
High need for job placements
Staff of govt contracts and private contracts is a challenge as they make
remarks which offend our workers
AbilityOne paperwork onerous.
Business planning/development
Providing adequate supervision to the project managers due to
administrative cuts to the agency.
Staff turnover
Bureaucratic and rigid thinking by large organizations that hold us to a
"process" (that was intended to accomplish an objective) but does not
given new realities. As a result the objective is not accomplished or
measured correctly.
More trainings for front line supervisors- usually senior management is
the only one who agency can send
Keeping the employees with updated training material
NIB priority
Costing estimates without complete information from the client.

Difficulties in competing with larger, more financially capable, and more
broadly established entities for any future AbilityOne opportunities.
Downsizing and loss of services, resulting in lost contract dollars and
Keeping Hourly Employees Training.
Federal contracting trends and challenges in gaining new projects
Retaining talent

Government trying to replace NISH/AbilityOne with another way to
perform work currently covered with our contracts.

Finding people with disabilities to work on the contracts.
NISH lack of knowledge, (potentially lack of relationships) for moving
new items through the government process
Increasing the IRS mailroom contracts
Spaces, numbers and maps does not always correspond with the actual
Following up on 1, NISH contracts exclude those who are the most
disabled. My challenge will be to get them included.
Not enough steady work.

Slow processing time for security clearances (up to 6 weeks).
Payroll processes
Meeting timelines
Appropriate help
Having individuals understand they may be as successful in the
community and our CRP is a stepping stone for individual success.
Obtaining new AbilityOne contracts
Lack of understanding of how system works to make better use of
Finding clients who can perform the work (many have too significant of
disabilities to do the work)

The lack of flexibility in pricing, as the cost of materials or supplies or
freight changes we are still locked in to a fixed price. The price setting is
on a look back so we are behind during time where inflation occurs.
Rising costs

Government agencies, in some ways, feel the burden of budget cuts
before we do. There is clearly pressure to reduce costs. Challenge for
them is to reduce cost and maintain quality. One possible outcome of
addressing that challenge is the presumption that providers were either
overcharging before or underperforming. I think that's an unfair and
dangerous presumption.
Breaking into the veterans systems

Fulfilling our overall mission to provide services for people with
disabilities while navigating within the constraint of a specific contract.
Maintaining cost effective supervision
We have an excellent contract manager, however he does not have the
time to expand his job to development of new contracts.
Amount of Wages and Benefits Required
Finding good supervisors
Dealing with multiple NISH staff
Finding severely disabled production employees that meet the regulatory
definition with the abilities to make a quality product in the 21st Century
to sustain the business without any other outside financial support and
then making sure that we utilize them to perform 75% or more of the
direct labor.

New opportunities for projects

Price competition from commercial vendors.
Training new and younger people interested in programs that help people
with disabilities

Quality assurance related issues

Expanding existing AbilityOne contracts in a rural market with few
Federal facilities opportunities and existing CRP presence.

Costing and pricing products and or services in general, methods,
criteria, etc.
Moving individuals into permanent federal positions
Keeping employees motivated.
Lack of RSA support for AbilityOne.
Turnover management and infrastructure to address to ensure # 2
(communication of standards process clearly understood by all involved
in the process).

Finding staff and consumer/clients that can pass background checks and
drug screens and maintain eligibility with random checks.
Difficulties presented as a mandatory sub-contractor - relationship
between sub, prime & govt
Record keeping

Training of off site staff. (Staff who are away from the "home" office)
Workers Comp
Leadership in Management Team 4) Overcoming changes with
government security process 5) Retaining workforce 6) Retaining
Finding Qualified Professionals

Meeting the requirements of the contract while at the same time training
individuals with disabilities to be competitively employable
Meeting mission and margin

Geographic isolation. Closest NISH representative is Binghamton, NY.
Timely payment.

Build upon the organizations current capabilities

Adding new AbilityOne projects to our programs.
NISH and sub-contractor fees.

Declining abilities of our consumers.
Shrinking federal budget
Additional duties requested but limited payments available.

Our rural location eliminates any possible service contract opportunities

Time studies.

Locating new non-NISH contracts. Figuring out other ways to make
Packaging Specs
Declining Market.
Obtaining raw materials in a shrinking marketplace
Reporting-getting information from various sources and putting it together
for the QER
Lack of Additional projects

Controlling risk
Same: Inconsistent small orders instead of bulk yearly orders.
No sales orders

Finding local AbilityOne local options in an easy way
Maintaining proper paperwork on disability documentation while
continually dealing with a high turn over rate.
Cohesiveness between AbilityOne programs
Consistent quality
Ability to "supply" "disabled" labor for upcoming jobs that require unique
skills (i.e. contract closeout)

Supervisors need training on how to manage people properly.
Bundling of contracts which require extensive use of teaming
arrangements with some of the largest corporations in the commercial
sector, creating substantial negotiation challenges.
When order forecasts are not provided by federal customers our agency
takes a risk to order fabric or other materials to maintain in stock. Lead
time for textile raw materials tends to be 4 - 6 weeks, however when
orders are received from Contracting Officers, they tend to request
delivery of finished product within 4 - 6 weeks.
Repeating or completing background checks as individuals do not keep
good records for themselves.
Improving capability
Transportation of Program Participants to and from Contract sites.
Finding Sub-Contracting Opportunities
Developing clients that can perform the jobs and still stay within the cost
Supporting the disabled employee base
Risk of upfront expenses with no guarantee of future orders

Increased employee costs
Managing multiple sites
Unrealistic expectations in some contract provisions regarding
performance standards
Vocational support funding
Documenting employment disability annually.
Military understanding of NISH/CRP relationship
Challenging behaviors at off site work places.
Small contract
Ability to understand the contracts. For example, it would be helpful to
have someone to guide us through the cost break room to ensure that
we understand it.
Handling increase number of consumers
Federal funds cutting money to fund projects
Ensuring clients have the ability to perform the job duties.
Need for more projects!
Regulatory compliance
Communication with GSA because of the many changes of contacts
Maintaining good lines of communication with so many parties in the
contract process (contracting officers, customer, NISH Rep, tenants,
NISH's inability to provide requested information necessitating contact
with federal customers, and difficulty in finding POC for federal
Formal training programs
Capital to start new business

Workforce with disabilities that meet the definition of severe disability
Health benefit required by SCA
Sources sought often provide little opportunity for new ventures if you are
not already doing that kind of makes those who have done so
have greater opportunity
Currently we are challenged with other GSA contractors not fulfilling the
requirements of their contracts and we have to pick up the slack.

Intermittent orders result in loss of skills for workers
Required documentation

Receiving fair and adequate pricing for our products in today's fast-
changing economic environment.

Being able to reward or give raises for job well done.
High productivity standards needed to get the work done but the
requirements to serve those with the most significant barriers
Reduced budgets of some govt customers
Same as Question 1: No annual product volume commitment from
DLAT to allow for buying discounts or minimums.

Maintaining truck fleet.
Keeping positions staffed with people who have passed the security

Supervisor leadership and mentoring

The continued pressure to do more with less resources
Person-Center planning for employment

The COTR seems overwhelmed and has very little time to spend on
helping us with our contract. Especially when everything with our
background screenings has to go through her.
obtaining training within regional based locations
Customers who don't understand their contract requirements
More complex

Providing costly independent rehabilitation services (wholly supported by
ourselves) to the more severely disabled NISH disabled population
Convincing the people we do the work for that our employees though
have disabilities are capable of doing the work. They fail to look at the
final product at times and only look at the disabilities of our workers
Funding shortfalls affecting labor hours, ability to maintain mission
related services
Access to TFM subcontracts

Growth in contracting opportunities
Government Clearances and the process/time it takes to get people
Workforce Development

Increase in regulations and compliance requirements
Training funds

Making sure we have the appropriate trained number of folks to
successfully carry out the contracts we have.
Maintaining Ratios
AF Food Transformation and the loss of jobs/hours to employees with
disabilities on the project

Government representatives who want to begin to get proposals in an
open bid to lower costs and to get in their buddies. The current buyers
have not a lot of experience using vendors who can't or won't perform
since we have been their customer for so long. They have little
experience at the trials and tribulations of the results of under pricing to
get the business. I worked for one of the companies who just wanted to
get their foot in the door. The three owners who thought this up, had
master degrees in business administration and lost their business
because they did not know how to do this work professionally and well.
Receiving customer feedback for the quality of job we do.
Huge AbilityOne competitors in local markets (Ready One, PRIDE, and

Improving communication with the federal customer
Prices of vendors, suppliers, vendors that are "green"

Dealing with federal contracting personnel high turnover rates.
Getting the customer employees to understand the problem they causes
when they interfere with our supervisors corrective action with disable
3) Constantly changing COTRS (4 in 2 years) 4) Working a maintenance
contract during daylight hours

Not having any accurate schedule or forecast, to anticipate their needs,
so that we can be prepared to respond quickly to product orders.
Need for more contracts that are not janitorial or grounds keeping. More
clerical type contracts
Ability to increase scope and size of current contracts.
Maintain exceptional quality and performance while assisting
Government with goal of reducing overall budget.

Table top work would be suitable to get more people jobs

Getting paid on time by the federal agency we work with
Finding new opportunities
Need for developing products contracts to better utilize facility space and
Contract work opportunities that create competitive pay and benefits

Maintaining skills, and efficiency when orders are inconsistent.
We had to lay-off all personnel when the last USPS contract ended, and
we intended to rehire as soon as a new contract became available to us.
Since no new contract was let out by USPS in 2011, we have lost all of
our experienced personnel.
Completing and coordinating tasks around our schedules and the NISH
Contracted sites.
Hiring the right employees.
Financial success

Balancing desire to satisfy a demanding customer, despite restrictive
contract budgets, often leading to financial loss. See Question 1.
Vehicle Maintenance

Too much bureaucracy! If you want examples, please contact us

Maintaining regulatory compliance
Lack of growth, new opportunities


Maintaining 75% ratio while contract expectations increase

Possible displacement of our employees

Wage discrepancy between NISH and non-NISH workers.
Contracting officers bias.
Maintaining appropriate ratios (disabled v/s non-disabled)
Call offs
Increase management
The contracting renewal process takes much longer than it should
Frequent government turnover of key people and educating them
continually on what we do and why we do it.
Ability to expand
Maintaining quality services/products
GSA requires a QC plan in advance of the CRP' s start date - does not
give the CRP time to understand the facility use and hot buttons. Could
use 60 after start date to submit a formal plan.
No new opportunities
Maintaining financial stability as costs increase and government buyers
seek to hold onto contracted prices

The increase cost of supplies and equipment over the last two years.
Limited staff skills

Finding work in the service area that we support
Tightening margins

Supervision at sites.

The QER making sense
Encouraging individuals to seek competitive employment due to high
level of pay found in service contracts
Training of staff to negotiate contracts
Training & Documentation

Supply Cost Rising.
New opportunities in our region.
Capable workers to meet the disability requirements
Didn't receive the total solicitation for bag contract and only had 2 weeks
to respond. Material quotes can take a while to receive.

Work Force-again difficult due to the length of the contracts

Retooling and replacing obsolete production equipment

Allocating resources for product R &D.
Increased costs of shipping, etc. due to rural location make it difficult to
compete on prices
NIB competition for products contracts.
The local NISH Office not being effective in the resolution of the above

Security procedure that doesn't follow the logic of efficient or smart
business(slow process)

Measuring work fairly and equitably on a facilities management contract
Government taking back jobs
Adequate funding
High turnover in NISH staff
Lowering costs of doing business.

Wondering if NISH/DSCP will ever move on or continue to punish CRP's
for a problem that they will never let go away even when it's been proven
time and time again it's not the same. It continues to be a sore forever.
High turnover with some populations
Deteriorating infrastructure hampering ability to perform AbilityOne
Gain access to aesanal to substitute in courier position when employee
Not enough help from NISH in matching opportunities with CRPs
Budget problems

Would appreciate better communications about our contract from
AbilityOne staff.
My answers to the previous question are the same for this question:
Training employees in skills necessary for the job that they don't bring
with them when hired.

See above: Personnel Issues

Need for training that is in Hawaii
00007   Regulatory compliance
00008   Industry focused training
00017   Customer service
        The Autism spectrum is so large and individuals diagnoses as on the
        spectrum are each so different and individual, there is a need to
        understand better modes of communication, strategies for motivation,
        proven methods to tap the hidden talents and strengths of people with
00018   Autism.
00019   Board training
        Training specifically targeted to program participants -- budgeting, time
00021   management, etc.
00023   Computer skills

00025   Organizational development and expansion.
00026   Knowledge of disabilities

00031   Training NISH staff to find more work
        Lack of funding to support staff training beyond the travel vouchers
00033   provided by NISH.
00035   DOL compliance
00036   Government paperwork such as EEOC
00038   Productivity/time studies
00051   Staff development
00052   Becoming knowledgeable about the AbilityOne program
00053   Training on sales and marketing
00058   How to create new service contract opportunities
        Information on addressing employment issues for people with alternative
00062   lifestyles.
00064   How to improve employee morale.
        Effectively managing the performance of staff (counseling, corrective
00067   actions, appropriate documentation, etc.)

00068   Executive Development
00069   Qualified housekeeping management.
00072   Business Development

00073   Skills training at the front line.
00075   Improving Productivity
00076   Leadership development
00077   Vision/Values Training
00079   Training the Trainers
00080   Job development for individual positions
        Job Development/Job Placement of individuals with Significant
00081   Disabilities
00083   Supervisor training
00087   Computer literacy.
        Safety û finding and creating training aids relating to working with
00089   individuals with severe disabilities
00092   QWE
00093   Management
00094   Customer service
00095   Disability documentation requirements.
00096   Proper bidding on jobs
00099   Management
00100   Custodial training for new staff on new AbilityOne contract.
00101   Benefits planning for rehabilitation professionals

00103   Succession planning.
00109   On-site technical help for first level supervisors.
00110   Pricing - Fair (Market) Training
00112   Affirmative Action / AAP related training.
00113   Basic work skills of entry level labor force

00114   Keeping up with the procurement rules and FAR changes.
00116   Leadership training.
00117   Ethics.
00118   Acquisition of additional AbilityOne projects.

00120   Marketing / Business Development
        Use of communication tools including professional communication
00122   strategies.
00129   Conflict resolution
00130   Person Centered Planning

00137   Continuous Improvements
00140   Budget to support
00143   Supervision

00145   Training for emerging leaders
00158   Quality management
00159   Business Development strategies

00163   Training of front line supervisors.
00168   Developing/encouraging proper work ethics, habits and attitudes.

00171   Proper client training
00172   Business development
00175   Supervision
00185   General skills training in areas of business that are new

00186   Food services preparation.
00187   Janitorial services
00188   Need Contracts* Counseling skills(in house).
        I would need training on understanding the cost breakdown for services
00193   on janitorial contracts.
00194   Managers being trained
        Affordable training for staff. NISH training is excellent but we don't have
00196   enough vouchers to send staff to the training.
00199   Strategic Planning for Senior Management

00206   Specific involving Air Force Standards
00208   Supervisory skills
00209   Management Onboarding
00211   Front line supervisor training
00213   Time studies
        Understanding of the various disability and ways to improve the
00215   behaviors in ways acceptable to the working world.
00220   Preparing for our future workforce.
00224   How to be competitive in our AbilityOne bids
00226   Supervisor effectiveness
00228   Management development.

00229   Time study training for supervisors
00231   Supervisory training
00232   Growing commercial business

00235   Production Line Management
00242   Supervisory skill development.
00244   How to motivate our consumers to want to work.
00248   Supervision skills
        Improved use of technology including phone systems along with data
00249   collection systems
00250   Disability awareness and training
        Learning to do job development for individuals with disabilities and
00252   criminal records
00255   Supervisory Training
00259   Front line staff training that is job/disability specific.
00261   Lack of technical courses via web or in person
00262   Janitorial training

00275   Disability documentation training for non human service professionals
00276   Management training

00278   Supervisory skills required to work with disabled adults.

00281   Soft skills - you can never get enough of this type of training.
00282   Time Studies: Piece Rate and Hourly Rate
00286   ISO 9000
        We really work hard at this but we can always improve. NISH has
        wonderful training opportunities and we need to figure out how to get
00293   more of our employees to these trainings.
00297   Increasing Disability Awareness
00300   Financial Management
00305   Quality training
00307   Management
00309   Training about NISH related topics.
00311   Strategic philanthropic fund development
00313   Training to develop new businesses
        Attending professional trade training, such as ISS or other custodial or
00316   management training outside of our company.
00317   Providing janitorial training opportunities for our job coaches
        The process for the creation of employment opportunities in the
00321   community for individuals with disabilities.
00322   'Management 101' basics

00323   Implementing an effective grounds maintenance program.
00328   Dealing directly with contracting personnel.
00330   How to order from GSA.
00338   Using NISH to our advantage.

00343   Professional Training for Job Coaches

00347   Leadership training to develop the next generation.
        Skill development for supervisors (entry, middle and upper
00349   management)
00351   Coaching and mentoring
00355   Safety

        More training in new business lines as they are developed. Many times
        new NISH lines of business are discussed, a session or two offered,
00356   then nothing more. Need more specifics for each line of business.

00357   Frequent, local access to training of all types for NISH related projects.
        Training needs are not the major concern, more contract work for
00358   consumers is the need
00362   Direct Care/Front Line Supervisor best practices or proper tools.
00371   Time study and piece rate training.

        Maximizing productivity of disabled workers, specific to types of mental
00386   or physical conditions.
        Location of training related travel costs prevent multiple individuals from
00389   attending.
00390   How to start up and secure new product contracts,
00392   Management and production efficiencies

00393   Sales and marketing
        Organizational change to meet the needs of those we support with fewer
00406   dollars

00412   More training opportunities on developing plans to increase work skills.
00414   Financial management
00416   More blood borne pathogen training
00419   How to respond to SSN's.
00421   Disability specific training
        Training for front line supervisors- NISH trainings are usually in the West
        and South USA- it's expensive to send staff there and only senior and
00422   middle management go for these trainings
00424   Keeping updated in the latest improvements in our chosen field
        Organizational Development concepts (primarily for middle
00429   management)

        Generational work place issues. How do people from many generations
00430   with different values work best together.
        Mission and Contracting departments understanding of the AbilityOne
00431   contracts.
00434   Training without travel
        Creating individual development plans for ALL workers, and motivating
00435   them to want to participate in the training and DIP.
00437   Financial expertise for operations staff
00442   Supervision
00443   Bidding
00444   New supervisors
00448   Business management skills
00453   Leadership/management development

00455   Providing safety training for people with cognitive disabilities

00457   Best practices in workforce development and economic development

00464   Janitorial certifications
00466   Business Development
00468   Accommodations, what are they and how to easily document
00469   How to Write a Business Plan
00470   Leadership
00473   Finding and securing contracts

00474   Where to look for jobs in a small rural community
00477   Time management
00478   Customer relations
        More people need to have the AbilityOne Training, but this creates time
00480   loss and a financial burden
00483   Implementing quality control
00484   Employment Law
        Building and maintaining a truly engaged workforce through every level
00486   of our organization.
00487   QWE
00491   Transferable training
00492   D.O.L. sub-minimum wage issues
        Training for managers and supervisors in understanding and supervising
00493   people with disabilities.
        Developing unique employment opportunities for people who receive our
00498   services.

        Systematic, comprehensive cost estimating/bidding procedures of
00499   AbilityOne contracts in appraising its Target and customary market.

00501   Task Analysis Development
00502   Quality
00503   MODAPTS
00504   Emerging markets
00506   Customer Service
00507   SSI and SSDI issues relating to our clients
00511   Leadership
00512   Quality Control training for direct line staff.
00513   None
        Contract Management - including certification of government contract
00514   management
        A way to move to on-line training. This would really help with all the
00523   required training which is mostly done live.

00526   Frontline management training upon hire
00532   I think all our need are met
00533   Conflict resolution and problem solving

00535   Staff training on individuals disabilities.
00010   Coping with people with extreme behavioral issues
00016   Pricing methods
00027   The present program is adequate for this CRP.
00028   Entry level staff training to meet regulatory requirements.
00032   Transferring vision into execution
        Experience required for new contract, you have to fully understand the
00034   business, to get into the business
00039   USDOL regulations

        Ability to financially support leadership training for middle management
00049   and supervisors.
00066   Developing rehab plans for individuals with significant issues.

00074   Disability training to off site staff
        Changes in documentation requirements that do not get disseminated in
00121   timely manner
00123   "Lean" manufacturing
00124   Providing support for people with non-cognitive disabilities
00127   Supervisory skills & Coaching for results
00131   Building customer relations
        Front line supervisor/human resource managers training for
00133   documentation of disabilities.
        Direct line supervisors do not have time to attend training due to staffing
00147   shortages.
00151   Training for front-line and/or direct care staff.
00166   Leadership training
00169   Time management
00174   Current janitorial methods with new equipment
        Possible training on CRP staffing for production and services interfacing
00176   effectively with Rehabilitation staff

00179   Increasing knowledge agency wide of the ABO program
00180   MODAPTS!
00182   Business Development.

00197   MIL Standard 129 (All of the government's requirements for packaging)
        How to develop skill sets to compete for more jobs that are not part of
00198   our core competencies
00201   Limited appropriate trainings
00203   Leadership development
00210   Managing new lines of business

        The ability for the sheltered employees to attend instructor-led classes
00223   where travel and over-night lodging are necessary.
00225   Work ethics training for the disabled work force
00233   Sewing skills.
00236   Job carving
        A lot of the training NISH offers would be beneficial, however, the closest
        ones to us may be Vienna, VA and we are in Elizabeth City, NC, all the
00239   rest would require flying.
00260   Front-line Supervisor training.
00263   NISH procurement strategies
00265   Work flow planning and scheduling
00271   Conflict resolution
00273   Keeping up with changing equipment/products
00285   Government regulations
00290   Ground training
00291   Training Funds.
00361   To do more with less
        Need more marketing training specific to selling our products work to
00370   government.
00372   NISH need to add more Supervisor specific training.
00377   Soft Skills
00378   Addressing and Managing Behavioral Challenges of Consumers
00382   Regulatory compliance
00391   Job Procurement
        Staff just left training and they have advised me that the last two years
        annual conference has not had a variety of training tracks due to the
00398   decrease of training days
00399   Hire more disabled.
00400   Contract management
00409   Behavioral challenges / issues
00410   How to implement a Ticket to Work program.
00423   Compliance is always useful.
00441   Management of multi-site contracts
00447   Supervision Training.
00449   Automation of system that meet reporting goal of contracts.
00452   QWE training
00454   Expanding our business.
00471   Efficiency Training.
00476   More training in the New Orleans Area
        Not enough participation with other program/training - Geographic
00489   Location
00495   Succession planning
00516   Training for new leadership
        How to use automation (computers, IT) to improve operations on
00517   AbilityOne projects.
00518   Pride in your work.
00527   Learning all the ins and outs of the project
00436   Leadership development
00004   Business development
        Many training needs are unmet due to funding and lack of staff
        coverage. We perform all necessary training: CPR/1st AID, Blood Borne
00011   Pathogens All other safety training.
00013   Management training at the supervisor level.

        Training designed to help upward mobility is in place on a limited basis.
00014   Increasing that offering company-wide is our unmet training need.
00040   Soft skills training.
00041   Program - Products - Development
00046   TFM and HEV
        Networking/Matchmaking Events for CRPs and CRPS with Potential
00050   Customers
00055   Curriculum development for staff.
00060   Direct svc's training
00070   Front Line Supervisors (Monies to make NISH training available)
00082   How to provide a consistent workforce for the contract
00090   Changes to federal regulations
00097   Sales/Marketing of services.
00105   Job carving and job development techniques
00115   N/A
        How to assist people with disabilities in creating their own employment
00126   option/business.
        Once again, those challenges found on the first page offer the greatest
00134   unmet training needs.
        Ability to provide and fund adequate transportation to jobs in a very rural
        area. Are there any training opportunities that focus on how to address
00135   this need?
00136   Wage and hour

00139   How to mitigate the effects of the process NISH uses in transparency.
00144   None yet
        Business development for new product lines such as document
00157   scanning.
00167   Marketing of existing and developing new markets.
00170   Business training for Project/Contract Manager.
00173   Developing new business ventures
00178   Leadership
00183   Certification of ISO9000 or other certificates.
00190   DoD training - what rules do we play by.
00202   Management Training- how to supervise
00205   Marketing for AbilityOne contracts
00241   How to manage a grant writer
00251   Disability Awareness.
00253   None
        How to motivate the different special needs found in a workshop.
        Everyone goes to the beat of a different drum and that can be difficult for
00254   production.
        We are satisfied with what is being offered though we wish training
00257   would be closer to us geographically
        Unmet needs would be related to business lines that we may want to
        enter such as total facilities management. NISH appears to have good
        support, including training for new business lines such as TFM, the
        question would be how intensive is the support/training in the event of
00264   the capture of a contract in one of these new business lines?

00267   Customer Service Training - Maintaining relationship with your customer
        Mid-level supervisor/management. Need more localized training to keep
00269   costs down.
00270   AAP training.
        Quality basic training for new hire front line staff. They need to be easily
        accessible as CRP are likely to send new hire front line staff for out of
        state training. A monthly quarterly orientation pkg for basic AbilityOne
00283   orientation would be good also.
00287   Front line Hands on Training
        Lean manufacturing practices. I think this can be taught to be utilized on
        any contract or job we do. This would help each employee do their job in
00288   a safer, more efficient manner.
        Need a good technical training on accurate labor time analysis on a
00289   sewing garment .Similar to the one TC2 offers.
        Varies across the agency to meet accreditation requirement and state
00295   law
00312   Certifications
00318   Introduction to getting projects
        New supervisors understanding the NISH concept and telling the
00326   differences between CRP/NISH/Contracted
00329   Grounds care due to the limited training in this area.
        We have had a supervisor leave and one coming on so coverage by
        other staff to train is the only challenge, but, we have been meeting our
00335   needs.
00337   We train within our organization
00340   Bidding on new contracts private sector janitorial
00342   How, where to find product jobs.
00348   Effective and efficient time studies
00350   Opportunities for rural areas in finding AbilityOne contracts
00353   More mid and low level management training
00354   Training direct care staff
        Strategies for effective coaching of clients in facility-based facilities
00363   (CPR).
00365   Sales & Marketing
00373   Obtaining DVD's to facilitate on-station training
00385   Business Development
00388   Staff functional evaluations
00403   Responding to a SSN
00404   Wage and Hour
00407   How to appropriate fill out the reports
00411   We admittedly need to attend more training in the Academy.
00425   None at this time
00426   Negotiating prices
00427   Time for training
00428   Quality control
00438   Local Custodial Training
00445   Ongoing training to keep up to date.

        There are no unmet training needs at this time. We train when we have
        the work to provide for people. We can't have a group of people waiting
        for a job and we send to training because so many of the opportunities
00446   do not materialize; therefore this would be too costly.
00456   Online NISH Training

00460   More training done at regional and CRP level eliminating travel expense.
00461   Negotiating complex contracts
00463   Scanning and imaging training
00472   Our training needs are being fulfilled
00494   Web-based training directed to line employees
00509   Don't know of any

00520   Management of the contract finances with worker wages and benefits
00528   Onsite Project Management/Supervisor Training
00534   Customized employment
How to work with people who have specific disabilities
Availability of NISH training courses in our area.
Unfunded mandates has been an issue here for a long time. We do have
an internal Training Department and are committed to providing staff the
resources they need to do the jobs at hand. there are no more
administration funds to put into training - so we look elsewhere for that
funding. Where to go?
Integrating people with more complex disabilities into contracts
Training on working with individuals with disabilities specifically targeted to
non-CRP contract partners and staff.
Supervisor skills

Staff self development and development of teamwork among the staff.
Communication skills
Training NISH staff to stand up for CRPs and insist on contract/product
rates that at least equal actual costs.

More "product" oriented on-line NISH courses/webinars needed.
AbilityOne employee documentation
Affirmative Action
Addressing AbilityOne Commodity Contracts
Business Management
Training locations are too far away; need more webinars
How to create a commodity

Efficiencies in operating lawn care projects(worker efficiencies-training).
Designing and implementing an effective quality assurance program.
"Un-silo-ing" the vision of staff so they can see the big picture and work
more effectively between departments.
Progressive training interventions for pursuing growth of individual over
Qualified grounds maintenance management
Customer Service principals

Supervisory skills at all levels
Management Skills for Supervisors
Employee relations
Job coaching and job support

Rehabilitation Training
Increasing quality performance
Supervisory development.

Assistive technology/Accommodations
Federal Procurement
Lean principles
Difficult to attend some training(s) due to geographic isolation.
How to run a capital campaign
Fiscal, budget
Training on time studies for new staff.
Creating careers in a no job labor market
More web based training. To allow more people training opportunities
without having to leave the facility. Time studies, DOL issues, assistive
technologies etc.
Rehabilitation staff continuing education.
Writing evaluations for Rehabilitation Staff.
Service costing software training.
Performance related system not in place
Working with people with different kinds of disabilities, supervisory training
for this task.
Bidding process for successful contract acquisition.
New business operation opportunities (laundry, document destruction,
Skills for supervisors including writing and problem solving skills and how
to do so professionally.
PASS Plan training

Quality Work Environment Imitative - what will be made mandatory by
NISH in the future
Work layout

How to scour business development opportunities other than AbilityOne
Leadership development
Development of Business Plans
Training regarding how to navigate through government paperwork in
obtaining a government contract.
Developing business acumen.

Leadership training and team building
Strategic alignment
Affordable Care Act Training
How to build infrastructure to attract federal work

Training on Federal procurement for food and commissary services.
Green cleaning
Pricing and Securing Contracts.

Cleaning methods trained on effectively

Time study and wage and hour training
Reproducing programs at geographically remote locations

Trainings near the Denver Area
Marketing skills
HR (Proper Procedures for Managers)
Middle management leadership training
Emergency procedures

Positive behavior management training
How to best support people who have autism
Growing our business
Maintaining professional boundaries with clients
New business development.

Contract pricing
Contract management
Disability specific training

Basic Computer/Data Entry Skills for Line Supervisors
Effective communication skills.
Managing difficult behaviors
AbilityOne documentation compliance
We ourselves have not utilized the NISH library/references available to
CRP's - we have a goal to do so
Hourly Time Study
How to establish and maintain a quality relationship with your CO and
Training to improve management skills
Human resources management training.
Lack of courses in Creole and Spanish
Quality control systems

Financial literacy with regard to individual contracts
Strategic Planning

Where and how to acquire sustainable work projects federal or others.

Employment law
Time Management
Quality control and production oversight
Since training has been an emphasis of our organization the past two
years I would say that allocating enough funds to allow people to go to
outside trainings (such as NISH or SDA) is another issue we face.
Floor Care
Operations Management (for some of our businesses)
Time and motion study
Training in general dealing with all topics.
Social media skills/literacy for all staff members
ISO related training (internal auditors)
Training on how the company departments must work and function
together as a team.
Providing training to job coaches on how to do time studies.

Growth in business development.
Quality/LSS/Kaizen, etc
Implementing an effective "green clean" program. Have a attended a
training held by NISH but need more to implement and work with the
federal customer.
Federal regulations - FLSA, FMLA, DOL, etc.
Maintaining floors, especially tile.
Understanding everything NISH does.
More training on managing an SSA Employment Network. We are an
Employment Network.

Practical contracting training (map to DAU CON 101, etc.)

Employment law
Fostering teamwork among employees with disabilities
Board development

More training in wage & hour requirements including commercial and gov
contracts. How to set piece rates, completing and maintaining sub-
minimum wage certificates/applications.

Training for Manager and Supervisors, specific to working with NISH.

Less focus on training, more focus on getting work
To teach consumers tasks to perform job duties.
Human Resource/ hiring compliance.. FMLA, etc.
At the operational level, understanding Statements of Work and
Performance Requirements Summaries in order to meet contractual
Day Program Schedules and Staff to Consumer Ratio preclude many staff
from attendance at important training events.
Understand NISH/AbilityOne requirements for new employees
Wage and hour

Job development and placement (as a sales function)

Inspiring\motivating staff

Sharing of best practices
Estimating and costing (bidding)
Safe lifting
How to overcome limited past performance.
Enhancing life-skill training
Training for rehabilitation staff- more on job matching, hands on training,
developing individualized training programs for people who are severely
More training available in Pacific Northwest - Seattle -Portland
Marketing and Fund Raising

How to make technology move from principle to practice.

Specific legal issues and responsibilities of an AbilityOne contract.
Training appropriate to all levels

Classrooms to conduct training
how to properly develop the ADD package
Implementation of new service area
NISH Univ-type training coupled with succession problem above
Supervisory skills
How to be a good mentor
Developing Affirmative Action Plans that doesn't require a f/t staff to

Leadership development

Lawn care certifications
Business Acumen
Life skills and effects on individuals with severe disabilities.
How to Raise Capital
Project Management
Managing contracts

Having sufficient staff time to review Biz Opps or other job possibilities.
Grant research/writing
Training that would be utilized by staff who work with consumers in other
ways than work related
Effective utilization of state-of-the-art job development techniques
Customer Relations
In-depth quality and process improvement such as Lean, Six Sigma, a
Autism training
Meeting quality control expectations
Business development, identifying opportunities for new business and
building capacity for new lines of business.

Human Resources and legal issues for management staff.

Well integrated and very streamlined labor hour, wages, benefits, holidays,
vacations, budget, tracking of AbilityOne operations and requirements.
Determining and enforcing performance standards by lead and
supervisory personnel
Customer service
CLLM Certification Training
Social entrepreneurship
Clients routine after retirement
Time studies
Meeting customer service expectations.

Mid-level management and supervision

Not enough local training from NISH. We are located in the Midwest.
Clear competency training on job expectations (not just the job
Effective supervision

Staff training on how individuals disabilities affect their daily production.
Marketing the program
Commensurate wage compliance
Training for contracting officers about the AbilityOne Program.
Developing Budgets
Succession planning
Increasing need for understanding contract requirements, more specific
requirements for each contract.
Working with challenging populations
NISH has a number of key competency trainings; however, they are held
in long distance locations. We are not able to take advantage of them
because of distance and costs.
Program evaluation and outcome measurement systems.

Training on specifics of who does and who does not qualify for program

Janitorial trainings that are closer to NYS to enable our staff to attend.
Efficiencies on the work floor
How to handle contract issues with the Government
Metrics, evaluation, performance measurement
Working effectively with people with disabilities

Total Facilities Management courses being readily available.

Trustees don't make time for training.
Local instructors to provide training required by state.
Quality improvement systems
Grant and Project writing
CPR training
Learning how to expand business operations in a limited geographical
area with a poor economy
Entry level staff-Increasing training opportunities and having staff long
enough to provide adequate training
Balance between rehab and production.
Business Planning.
Helping CRP's develop additional lines of commercial business
Developing new leaders in both supervisory and management levels
Training for new contract opportunities
New business development
Helping people w/ disabilities to achieve higher production standards
The ability to complete ALL phases of a training in order to be able to
ascertain if your on-line training has actually taught you something. Hands-
on simulation.
Product sales
Mechanic skills.
Job placement for people with multiple disabilities.

More training via the telephone and on-line would be a lot more accessible
Disability awareness.
Specialized certifications (ISO, etc.)
Quality control
Middle management supervision
Efficiency improvements
Regulation training
Staff time away from facility.
How to get more NISH contracts

Would like more training in approaching state government units.
Budget, Scheduling, Training etc.
Use of technology
Consumer Assessment and fitting the right consumer to the right job.
Diversity Training
No follow-up from the instructors after the training. once training has been
completed that is it very few trainers deviate from their script with this you
do not always get the ultimate training.
Create some profit to expand.
Vocational evaluation, engineering
Supervisory skills
Staying in contract but practices
Making the clearance process easier.
Assistive Technology
Employee Certification Training.
Training of site manager on new services line
Project Manager Training
Training offered is great, but more options closer to home.
Time Study Importance.
More training for direct care workers

Insufficient support from Regional Office
Specific training in quality assurance practices
Trainings are not local

Most other training needs are going unmet due to lack of funds
Responsibility for your work.
Bidding Billing
Supervisor training
OFCCP affirmative action plan requirements (needs repeating).
Supervising and motivating people
Affordable training
Demonstration of public benefit

Networking ideas that work with others outside the organization.
Team building

Training on specific disabilities or medical issues.
Compliance Issues skills
With the development of new technology to address needs of clients, we
need the ability to assess client readiness, type of technology, and the actual
programming of the technology.
Time management skills

Training NISH staff to understand the complexity of finding good supervisors.
Training funds to address skill gaps of production employees that are critical
for an AbilityOne Product contract.
Technical support
New Business Development
Entrepreneurial abilities.
Hold more regional conferences rather than national
JWOD reporting
Same as #2 for custodial contracts. Efficiencies in operating lawn care
projects(worker efficiencies-training).
Improving writing and communication skills.

Succession planning.

Change management programs and communication planning
Qualified QA personnel
Teaching techniques - how individuals learn and methods for instruction
Preparing employees to work with people with disabilities. How much
information do you disclose regarding the person's disability without violating
the law so the person is being served.
Disability Awareness Train the Trainer
General business management
Process improvement; "lean"

Cross Training of Operational and Rehabilitation Staff
Green training
Communication skills.

Assistance with re-negotiating existing contracts
Staff professionalism
Data driven decision-making
AbilityOne project tracking.
Communication from supervisors to workers
AbilityOne new lines of business
Contract negotiations training for new staff.
Non-profit management best practices

Disaster / Recovery planning
Government systems (WAWF etc) training and systems
Contract Procurement
Products contracting.
Mid level mangers need financial training

Good time study classes.
Contract Development
Expanding customer base.

Leadership strategies.
Strategies for supporting persons with autism and traumatic brain injury and
an aging population
Personnel issues

Ways to balance using equipment and manual labor on jobs to create
efficiencies while maintaining the number of jobs for people with disabilities.
Adequate time to send staff
Increase awareness of the importance of advanced degrees amongst our
work force
Supervisory development
Behavior interventions and management

Quality supervisory skills.

Understanding the unique challenges of working with people with disabilities
Leadership development
Preparing for new business opportunities
More online courses - too much travel
Food services training for ordering and inventory controls to match current
Time studies
Marketing Contracts.

Knowledge of cleaning products/methods

Management training
For senior level managers to fully understand strategic management,
planning, and implementation.
Trainings on how to handle changes in contract personnel on a year to year
Rehabilitation issues for front-line staff and documentation of support(s)
Working with People with Disabilities
Communication - verbal & written
Procurement skills
Training in concepts of Lean Manufacturing applied across the board, mfg.
office etc
How to support people with traumatic brain injuries
Having the funding to attend needed training
Teaching and training methodology
Board of Director's training and development.

Training on how to provide services to individuals with significant disabilities
Cost development and management
Contract management (including non-AbilityOne contracts
Professional staff development.
Supervising employees.
Work/Life Balance for employees
Having the staff and time available to learn about some new lines of business
we want to develop i.e. service centers
Supervisors' managing skills and trainings.

How to contract with the federal government - starting from scratch
Time Management
Training in developing specific new services lines.
Grant writing
Sources sought training
General business training for human service professional Business
Development 101

Public Relations.
Supervisors training about AbilityOne, NISH, the government, etc. The
problem is that NISH offers great training but we can't take the supervisors
off the job to travel. No one would be running the crews. We need all the in-
house training we can afford
Conflict Resolution
Management and leadership development
I think we could use a refresher course on procedures for establishing "piece
rates" or below minimum wage rates that are compatible with our wage and
hour exemption through our CRP.
Quality Improvement
Higher Level ID training
Financial training for CRP's
New endeavors
Distribution training.
Business planning analysis for the Board of Directors
evaluating successfulness of training

Outside trainers. Our staff gets tired of hearing the same people talk.
Provide janitorial training to clients

Marketing our existing services.

Developing better negotiating skills in dealing with the federal customer.
QC Requirements - QC plans
Education with green products.
Networking with NISH to increase product output.

Team Building for direct support staff
Cheaper way to get more of our mid-level leaders to AbilityOne University.
Like to see this as a road show to the Regions.

Recruitment and retention
Stress management
Succession planning.

Business plan writing and development of lines of commercial/gov contracts

Specific NISH contract training for disabled workers.
Training on how to obtain, and maintain new work, government or
commercial opportunities
Strategic Planning, Emergency Preparedness Plan Development.
Call Center Training and Sewing Training

Collection and use of data to solve operational problems and reduce costs.

Leadership Training.
Marketing and sales specific to document destruction
Workplace evaluation, environmental assessments, behavioral supports,
assistive technology

Creating online training

Need to attend regulatory training seminars
Certifications in custodial, hospital housekeeping
HPPA compliance
Customer service training not geared toward call centers

Training on working with people with autism in supported employment
All training available every year on the west coast - Pacific North West
Succession Planning
How to help employees meet work and life issues balance. A generally lower
paid workforce inherently has more challenges they must juggle. How do we
best help them so they can be the best employee possible.
How an organization can directly work with DOD officers to build a
relationship beyond our current budgets locally, regionally, or nationally.
In-House Trainer

Taking time away from the job without negatively impacting the work.
Updated skills and new improvements
How to develop and support partnerships
Communication-not "how to" but "why"
Leadership skills
Teamwork improvement training

Union relations
Utilization of data to make program decisions: new development, expansion,
effectiveness of services
Understanding opportunities and how to respond 4) Understanding and
preparing for ISO certification
Accomplishing the work while utilizing people with severe disabilities
Sources for Grants
Operations Management
Organizational management

Where to find jobs such as a commodity.
Technology use
Worker training

Leadership and supervisory training
Applying effective training/supervision methods in the workplace
D.O.L. Updates
Effective training development that includes reality based assessments,
curriculum development, and outcome measurements.
Management skills for supervisor.
Dually diagnosed training
Safety regulations
Collaboration and teaming with other AbilityOne producers and private

Time studies for custodial services

Training curricula for federal customers to raise heightened awareness of
AbilityOne program's mission.

Train the trainer curriculum
Strategic Thinking
Preparing contract /project bids
Marketing and negotiating for new contracts.

Working with people with disabilities
Travel is expensive, the vouchers help but we can't afford to send all the staff
that could benefit.
Ongoing training at all levels of up-to-date best practices in each specific
position in our industry (not the global/generic point of view).
managing staff through a paradigm shift

Staff training on accessibility



















































1. Provide appropriate networking skills training. 2. Understanding and appropriately matching persons
                              Q6. TRAINING NEEDED TO AGGRESSIVELY GROW JOBS
w/disabilities to job skill requirements. 3. Training for new supervisors on different disabilities that may be
experienced with employment in the workplace. 4. A class on how to make all the employees effective
"salespeople" to create more business so we can create more jobs if we are a producing CRP.

Assistance with Marketing / Selling the program - outside of what NISH is already doing.
Better community engenderment to what we are trying to do. Marketing
community awareness of the organization
Expanding access to "State-Use" programs and other public agencies.
How to effectively market the service capabilities.
How to find those jobs and procure them from the community. How to "pitch" the job and obtain a contract with a
How to qualify for projects without access to capital - "chicken & egg"
How to sell our services and break down barriers at local business.
how to sell our services in a competitive market
Market development.
Marketing - we are a small CRP in an isolated geographic area - we watch Sources Sought but would love more
marketing information/training before the contract is put out.
Marketing and business development
Marketing programs
Marketing skills
Marketing, Securing employment in community with high unemployment rate.
Marketing/communication - both outreach to the disability community, as well as promoting the program to potential
Need sales more than training.
Need to improve our sales and marketing. If we could double our sales, we could double our employment.
Networking potential employers. Entry level jobs have changed - they have become more multi-tasked in the face
of past layoffs at major companies. I see a shift in the employment services notion to stay away from Big Box
companies in favor of small business. Small business - the mom and pop companies can no longer afford to hire
outside the family. Large companies, as the economy improves, will hire - but will they open up jobs that aren't
more technical than they were 5 years ago. While technology changes the work force, the people we work with
Ongoing training in ways to successfully market disabled workers to community employers, particularly when
majority of positions are semi-skilled labor.
Our Agency will be aggressively marketing and pursuing two lines of business: Food Services for both Adult day
care and child day care agencies. Most of these agencies qualify for the New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Child and Adult Food Program which will reimburse agencies for food. Janitorial services for state and local
Public education, essentially marketing the program
Sales and marketing
Sales and marketing
Sales and Marketing training.
Sales and marketing, how to bring in more business
Sales and marketing; product and service development
Sales/marketing Task analysis and job setup
subcontracting to the large primes.
Training related to creative ways to grow capital and market services
use of technologies for training, marketing and promoting, Enterprise wide resource planning, start up funds.
leadership, quality enhancement and customer service training.
We have trouble with local base ( WPAFB) to allow new contracts-tough base to work with- I think marketing to
We need to learn how to get all military units to buy from DLA where our products are "mandatory". Some military
units buy from sources other than DLA and neither DLA nor NISH see their role as marketers to get them to buy
additional contracts
Again, because of our name, United Cerebral Palsy, we serve large numbers of individuals with physical
disabilities. We really struggle with finding jobs for this population. Any help in this area would be greatly
Anything related to obtaining and maintaining a contract
as a social enterprise we are opening a new business and looking for other businesses that will employ our folks,
give options. Training on funding ops would be good, as well as dev
Assistance in securing new contract opportunities.
Contract acquisition
Contract Acquisition
Contract search for specific areas of contracting where to find them
Contracts that are consistent
CRPs new a fast track process for expand the number of contracts out for bid
Createneed business opportunities -establishing product opportunities. Substantial growth is happening in the
Commercial Sector in the products arena. NISH and the Commission have a great opportunity to capitalize on
these success stories by incorporating these opportunities into the Procurement List. This is the initiative which will
double jobs for people with significant disabilities over the next five years.

Developing Jobs in a recession.
Finding and securing contracts (work)
Gaining a better understanding of attaining AbilityOne Contracts in our area
Help find us the work - then train!
Helping CRP's identify and secure new contract opportunities.
How to acquire opportunities when available.
How to best access government contracts in rural areas
How to better navigate the system to obtain new AbilityOne contracts
How to bring in more contract work and make more supported employment placements.
How to develop jobs in a shrinking market.
How to find AbilityOne jobs or partner in creating AbilityOne work sites
How to find jobs
How to find product opportunities.
How to get another AbilityOne contract
How to locate/develop opportunities for same - such as subcontracting.
How to procure more government contracts.
How to secure contracts. Marketing.
How to seek out new contracts
How to successfully find and get new AbilityOne opportunities.
I think that it would be beneficial if the Regional offices personally notified CRP's when a solicitation is available
based on the knowledge of the CRP's capabilities.
Identifying more AbilityOne contracts
In order to aggressively grow jobs for individuals with significant disabilities over the next five years our organization
would need training in searching for and securing new contracts as well as starting up new programs.
Information on available contracts for bid and instruction on negotiation of contracts
More assistance with locating work without hours and hours of review of contracts that may have already been
More contract opportunities
More sites available within our area.
Need to create more kitting opportunities or other type of work that is compatible to people with significant
New contracts
NISH contacts and procurement
Not training.....more contracts identified by NISH
Recognizing opportunities
Smaller contracts for janitorial services.
Soliciting for new contracts.
Successful contract negotiations and tactics for competitive bids.
The training necessary to research new opportunities.
To clearly understand where those jobs might be, not just the jobs that exist today, but those jobs we might be
engaged in in 5 years, so we can plan accordingly.
To identify areas
Training in not the problem, NISH assistance with getting work and contract work is what is needed
Training isn't a barrier, product contract opportunities is the barrier
Training on how to get contracts and products for jobs for our clients (Government).
Training on how to successfully bid on new contracts
We need a comprehensive directory of available resources in our area.
What contracts are available in our area. Specific skills training.
Where to find the jobs.
With limited financial and personnel resources the ability to have personnel trained in how to search for contracts
and the ability to "changeover" from current type of products to new opportunities to sell new options to the Board
(NISH really does not serve those with significant disabilities.) Identifying work and accommodations for those we
feed and toilet and are non-verbal.
As stated earlier, we need to identify opportunities for our individuals, market our existing capabilities and grow our
Biggest growth constraint is cash, not training. That said, could use easier/better ways to integrate new hires into
the NISH world. (A1 University, PR-3 pricing, etc.)
Bring in subject matter experts on different kinds of contracts from facility maintenance or other challenging lines of
business that we could successfully put people with disabilities to work on.
Competitive job development.
Customize employment for people with disability
Customized Employment
Employment opportunities for people
Finding the right job for the person
How to find more opportunities for lower functioning individuals
How to look at capabilities and individual need areas for the individual to become successful. How to develop more
How to work with the business community to create jobs for individuals with disabilities
Identification of services that more of our intellectually disabled consumers can perform within our region.
Identification of the jobs that work best for this population and how to train for them
Integrated/customized employment
Job carving in a difficult economy. Creative employment supports
Job carving Techniques.
Job carving. Job placement for people with multiple disabilities.
Job carving. Rates of pay for job carving. Training staff to understand that breaking down jobs into different
components can increase the likelihood of filling positions with folks with disabilities.
Job coach task analysis training. Job development methods training. Continued time study and DOL trainings.
Job coach training - all types. Transportation.
Job development and job carving training. Enabling staff to approach potential employers with options that fit their
Job Placement training
Kind of a chicken and egg thing. We need training in the specifics of the real opportunities available (.i.e. - if postal
operations are really available in my area then I need training in postal operations).
Knowledge of jobs our CRP can offer/engage in contract to offer more opportunities for the people with disabilities
More understanding on how certain abilities may match with new contract opportunities. we need to understand the
business at the same time as we need to make sure we have the correct skills toemploy a the task.
Our area has very limited opportunities for AbilityOne contracts and we currently perform large number of
significantly disabled individuals within our agency. We also place a large number of individuals with significant
barriers to employment within the community. So we do an effective job right now ... and it isn't possible to "grow"
the number of AbilityOne contracts in our area.

Our staff need training getting companies to work with us to place people with disabilities in the work place shortly
after they complete the training programs.
We would like to identify what areas the market increase of jobs would increase and from that assessment decide.
Adding and securing product contracts that are new to our agency.
Assistance with the Development of New programs that Federal, State and Commercial Customers would be
Business Development - creating new LOB
Continued training associated with new lines of business
Creating different business lines.
Developing a wider set of skills in emerging areas of AbilityOne opportunities
Developing core competencies in emerging business opportunities
Developing new commodities and services
Expend in both products and service area outside of what we current have.
Go beyond just being in janitorial, not all people in area capable of janitorial, there are other areas of work for
How and where to develop new opportunities.
How to produce a product and locate buyers for that product. Diversity.
I am not sure I can answer this until a growth opportunity presents itself. I expect this will be in janitorial, grounds
maintenance or something similar and we are moving in those directions but specifically how that will look, I cannot
I believe more health care related jobs such as coding, billing, front-office.
If it can not be in our areas of expertise, training in other fields.
Implementing Quality initiatives to improve current services and assist with training and building capabilities for new
Learn new technical skills to take on different types of projects
New lines of business
Not training but local opportunity. We're in a small market and lack economy of scale.
On how to find...or be considered for an additional fed service or, particularly, a products contract.
Opportunities - how to grow to the new opportunities - steam cleaning.
Possibly how to secure new work in the new arena. It has been one much more difficult.
Small business startup - affirmative enterprise
The ability/resources to develop new business ventures through partnerships and global understanding of arising
Training in new lines of business
Training in new types of service contracts that are available in our rural, land-locked state.
Training on new AbilityOne Federal contracts.
Training on new jobs and/or tools to simulate in coming jobs
Training related to new business lines we choose to enter such as TFM, contact center operations.
We have been thinking about diversifying from services to include admin services. unfortunately, unless you have
enough companies or individuals for training in your state all classes are cancelled. If NISH wants to meet their
goal they need to be willing to provide this cross training to CRP's w/o stipulations.
We just need opportunities to grow.
We need to be able to create new opportunities and not rely on past jobs or contracts. We need to be able to
expand our sand box and shift our paradigm.
We need training for more sophisticated lines of business which will attract interest of staff and workers.
We would welcome new opportunities in any service area. Training for new ventures may be required.
Will need specific training in new lines of business if they become available.
Developing an effective proposal. Matching jobs and individual capabilities of persons with significant disabilities.
Sensitivity training for co-workers without significant disabilities.
Estimating and costing
How to make the AbilityOne contracts financially viable for the agency
Locating and bidding effectively for government contracts.
Proposal writing and marketing
Responding to RFP's.
So does every federal, state and local agency. So how to compete in that competitive environment would be a good
start. Also how exactly do you 'grow' a job!!
Understanding the requirements and needed data/language with developing responses to solicitations or RFI
We don't need training as much as we need the opportunity to show our capabilities when bidding contracts
Assistance in areas of Mental Health and Autism, areas where we expect growth in the coming years. Further, I
expect our organization to expand efforts in the Prisoner Reentry and Youth efforts to meet the need in the
Creative partnerships
Development with commercial companies.
Either more government sites or a program to integrate workers into the non-government market
Emerging industries
How to diversify services. How to tap into industries other than federal gov't.
How to recruit employers in the community since very little opportunity here through Federal government.
How to transform from center based work to community based employment
Job development in commercial sectors.
Partnering with commercial enterprises
Techniques for developing partnerships with business. Identification of growing sectors and entry points. Business
TFMS training; Training on teaming with commercial companies
Transitioning to the public sector in time of slumping economy and high unemployment.
Capacity building trainings in total base management and hospitality services that allow us to gain real experience
in what the processes and difficulties are in those growing business lines.
Computer-assisted assembly and manufacturing.
Documenting and paying for client training
Expanding business in document destruction.
I think that we are set and could meet NISH's goal without any "specific" training. I think general trainings as to how
best train in the custodial fields which we specialize.
Janitorial Training for federal office buildings use of machines to speed up the cleaning times.
More specific lines of business training - such as document management, secure mail, call centers, etc.
On hands training for janitorial, document destruction
Pre-job site training for contract workers in skills the contract requires.
Recycling knowledge
Sales training
Same as 5: Custodial training for new staff on new AbilityOne contract. Training on time studies for new staff.
Contract negotiations training for new staff.
See prior answer: Customer Service; Lean Principles; Data Driven Decision Making
Since our NISH contract is only a small percentage of our business, it is hard to find training that revolves around
that. Now if there was more manufacturing training opportunities that would be great.
Technical Skills Training and how to perform to the contracts standards
Time Studies: Piece Rate and Hourly Rate
Total Facilities Management Document Imaging Certifications Custodial Industry Management Standards (CIMS)
Total Facility Management
Training in the conduct of facilities management and electronic component packaging
Training in work skills for janitorial, laundry, and yard work.
Training on new and more streamline methods of production
We would like to grow in learning more on piece work.
"How to" trainings for CRP coaching staff. If job coaches know what the landscaping is about and know how to do
it, they can coach individuals with disabilities more effectively and this will create more jobs- because our people
will prove that they can do these jobs. This is just one of the aspects.
a. Error prevention 2. technology for maximizing productivity
1. Methods, tools, and Methods improvement 3. Time studies of disabled workers. b. How to market the benefits of
using a disabled work force to potential customers; including productivity data and market cost comparisons. c.
Business development process for non-AbilityOne projects.

Advanced training specific to the high skilled trades.
Affirmative business training
Better understanding of Gov't Contracting Process
Business Awareness, Staff understanding that they need to "try another way". Customized employment training.
Business management, business development, leadership
Business plan, negotiation, proposal, budget, marketing
Business Plans for new programs that would be needed by the government.
Continue with training, offer a little more vouchers.
Creating an employment first culture in the agency
Developing business plans for specific projects.
Effective training development that includes reality based assessments, curriculum development, and outcome
Help train first line supervisors and contract managers to develop line staff in preparing for competitive
employment. Need to develop methods which move people through our program into other employment
How to manage contracts that are located 50+ miles away.
How to ready the organization for this intended growth.
I guess we may need specific training in areas in which we have no knowledge or experience.
Job development on a dime
Job development tools and methods for individuals with disabilities and criminal backgrounds
Job Development.
Leadership, innovation and strategic development
Management & Leadership. Federal procurement. Quality & efficiency.
Managerial training
Managing growth
Managing job lose on current jobs
More face to face training at CRP's.
More robust assistive technologies training that can be brought right out to the production floor.
More training for direct support personnel.
More training to be in compliance with current Regs.
Much the same training as industry
Organizational and self development, to assist the organization's staff to develop options for clients.
Practical approaches to assistive technology.
Project Management Training
Providing productive supervision
Sales/Grant opportunities/Scorecard Implementation and Training
Seeing that according to this year's audit jobs increased a little over 2.5%. We need training on how to get the
message across that if you prorate the H&W rate like the wages pursuant to the time study, more severely disabled
Specific training for job coaches who work with people with significant disabilities.
Staff whom share the same vision and who understand the strategic direction and buy in to it. We'll need the
information on the state of the art ways to technologically assist persons served with adaptive equipment to do
Supervising skills Business management
Supervisory skills.
Techniques to improve productivity of clients
TFM training
To keep updated Training for Management on all types of job skills, leading to stabilize quality assurance, new type
of equipments to perform jobs more efficient and in less time.
Training for community job placement.
Training for supervisors to help them be able to manage multiple projects and still meet quality requirements and
Training good business practices
Training new managers in preparation of this type of aggressive growth
Training of Government Staff
Training on how to start these projects. Most of us are social workers not entrepreneurs.
Training specific to opportunities NISH develops
Training specific to the needs of our area markets.
Training the Trainers; QC; Management
Training to recruit, identify, and document individuals with "invisible" disabilities
Understanding the government programs. How to identify which items or lines of business are profitable.
Ways to improve relationships with NISH so that the capabilities of our organization are recognized by NISH and
Area in which we provide services is limited, however Jackie Bradley and her group has made extreme progress
in educating the customers on what additional services we can offer. Customers often have blinders on when
looking at things that can happen for them concerning AbilityOne. They are only limited by their imagination.

Assistance in knowing how to work with our local rehabilitation programs and other government sponsor programs
Best practices for locating potential employees when not affiliated with state disability offices.
Community awareness and direct service staff trainings.
Community education to open the door.
Create ways to make job accommodations for varying disabilities
Disability Awareness including assessing individuals (ensuring assignment to a job that is a good fit).
Engaging community stakeholders in supporting people with significant disabilities and applying the latest
How to outreach to employers (in a group type forum) in order to educate them on the benefits and importance of
Increasing Disability Awareness. Floor Care. Quality Improvement.
Supporting people with significant intellectual disabilities or co-occurring disorders on the job.
Training on how to effectively deal with people that have various disabilities!
         people about good assessments and opening their minds to the possibility that
Training on work modifications/accommodations for individuals with physical disabilities.there are more job
opportunities than the traditional jobs if one could be open to the ideas and be creative in enhancing the
opportunities. Demonstrating creative opportunities that have worked in other areas and adapting it to a variety of
locations and settings.

Training staff for the increase of severe behaviors of referrals and the unique difficulties they present in the
Business Development
Business development
Business development
Business Development
Business Development for Commercial partnerships
Business development techniques for teaming with commercial businesses for product lines that are being
developed or are in manufacturing & development phases by NISH National Business Development Team.
Business development that specifically targets story telling of why it is GREAT business to hire people with
Business Development training
Business development training geared toward selling organizations supporting people with disabilities.
Business Development training to permeate through to the human services staff
Business development training, to include commercial
Business Development/Marketing
Business Development/Marketing training
More training on business development
Need job developer & associated skills.
New business development
New business development
New Business Development and Marketing Specific Line of Business Trainings
New business development. How to break into new avenues of business so we can continue to offer good jobs to
Planning, project organization
Product development and investment
Product/service development
Strategic planning techniques Business planning/development
Strategies in job modification, job sharing; unique job placement strategies
Training in areas of new business development.
Training on business development to acquire new business and training on workforce development to ensure that
Most important in rural financial
Finding projectsfactor is areas support. We have successfully survived and grown during a very troubled time in
our economy. Our organization does have opportunities for continued growth however we are required to refrain
due to lack of funding. NISH does have funding available however the funding is only for AbilityOne projects of
which we currently do not qualify for, or do not have the competency.

Not training, just funding
Again at this time, in our area, we need jobs and work before we can 'train' for the unknown.
Appropriate business opportunities not training is most important.
Let's get the jobs and then provide the training.
More work opportunities.
Need to get the jobs first
New contracts, especially a commodity would be nice. Training follows function so the contract needs come into
Not training - lack of availability of NISH contracts or jobs in the community.
Not training but work opportunities are needed.
We do not need training to help achieve this goal - we need contracts.
We just need more contracts. We are attending the Total Facilities Management training now.
We need contract opportunities. Training is useful once we get the contracts.
We need contracts
Assistive technology
Assistive Technology in more parts of our CRP
Benefit impact.
Broaden the scope of occupations.
Collaborations and partnerships
Establishing better relationships with government customers
Here in Wisconsin those jobs won't be at a NPA. They will be community-based.
How to best provide accommodations
How to motivate people to want to work and move off benefits.
How to support people using limited resources in finding and maintaining employment.
How to survive a program that is based on a premise that a CRP subsidizes the federal government. If I currently
lose X dollars serving Y clients, there is a good chance I may lose 2X dollars when I serve 2Y clients. I know that it
isn't always that simple, but more often then not, the laws of arithmetic prevail.
I believe we are already well-positioned to contribute toward this goal. The challenge is truly the economy and the
high unemployment rate here in AZ
I need more information on what your goal means? are you going to increase the # of jobs or do a better job of
helping people with disabilities access existing jobs?
Increase number of employees to train in order to grow jobs.
Need people to assist us that are in our region. Someone from NY has no idea what rural NM is like.
Our CRP has many jobs, just not with AbilityOne
See preview
The funding prohibits such growth in jobs. Possibly training in "best practice" program/services.
To get CEO forums recommendations enacted.
Use the NISH Leading Library more . Send all my manager to AbilityOne Academy
Using social media to recruit people with disabilities.
We believe that the vocational staff maintain the latest techniques and trends.
We fully agree with, have as our own mission, and are partners with NISH in accomplishing this goal. I do not
believe that training is the major solution (or conversely, that lack of training is the barrier for not achieving this
We've grown 200% in the last two years!!
None, NISH needs to learn a few things about business and what the CRP's can do to assist them in doubling the
jobs. We actually do understand what we are doing and can create jobs, the problem is when we do have any real
opportunity the CRP gets punished and NISH takes the business to everyone else or acts as though we are doing
something illegal because you make money . We spend a lot of money and time creating the opportunity and all
This would be very difficult in our area. We currently have all viable federal service contracts except service for
Coast Guard. No specific training would help us do this.
Training not really the issue- resources to hire marketing/sales staff is needed. Change the focus-train businesses,
government, and public! Expand training "Market" to these sectors, have CRPs send these folks!
We have in house training.
I don't believe any type of training would allow for a doubling of jobs in this area.
No idea
Not sure
 QUEST                             QUALITY WORK ENVIRONMENT (QWE)
00261  1. Onsite visit which is being scheduled
       A strong clear training on the initiative as well as sample plans that can be modified to our
00175  organization.
       A thorough understanding of what the outcomes of the QWE initiative are to be to ensure
00275  everyone is on the same page.

00323    All training and guidance to become compliant with QWE initiative. Examples of best practices.
00389    All Training related to initiating and sustaining the QWE Initiative.
00169    An AbilityOne employee working at our site to implement and teach.
00120    An understanding of what the initiative is designed to attain, guidelines, etc.
00244    Anything related to that initiative
00139    Assistance in beginning the process.
00099    Attend the QWE training and work with NISH to implement the program.
00516    Basic training on the initiative due to new leadership.
         Basic training regarding these guidelines, how to change existing work cultures that may be
00483    dysfunctional.
00017    Basics
00502    Basics of QWE
00215    Better understanding of the concepts and their application
         Collection and effective utilization of pertinent metrics. Staff
00457    assessment/development/surveying techniques.
00187    Details of QWE, and how it would help employ more people with disabilities.
00180    Dissemination of QWE best practices.
00112    General QWE training.
00209    Guidelines for starting a program.
00326    Hands on training for QWE
00260    Hands-on experience with the Initiative and clearly defined steps to implement.
         Implementing QWE in our CRP is one of our corporate goals for the coming year. Training in
00064    how to implement QWE will be sought.
00203    In depth training on QWE
00434    In-depth QWE training, with practical application feature and maybe CRP mentoring
00179    Initial training on the QWE program and possible support in ways to implement.
00256    Initiative overview.
00305    Introduction to the specific training
         Just the criteria and some good examples "sample plans" that can be modified to our specific
00052    situation
00412    More about QWE standards and best practices.
00198    More in depth "how to do it" type of training
00228    Need more training on how to implement and maintain this exciting new initiative.
         Need to attend the QWE training sessions, we are starting at the bottom, we have no idea
00452    what it will take to operate this program.
00170    Need training in the guidelines.
         NISH training on self-assessment process and analysis. Training of development of continued
00095    QWE process. Training on interpretation of spreadsheet tool.
         On site orientation to the QWE program and how to work it in to other accreditation
00007    requirements i.e. CARF
00344   Periodic refresher training
00046   QWE overview
00196   QWE training
00406   Review of the QWE tools and expectations

        Several staff persons have gone through the QWE training with a 1-day training with the NISH
        QWE team . We are considered a first responder. We are in the process of creating the QWE
        environment. Follow up may be helpful. It's seems to be stalling for reasons of lower priority.
00033   If we go under for lack of new business, the QWE is a moot point.
00431   Specific on how to start entering the data as well as how it will directly help our NP.
00499   The model developed and recommended by NISH
00016   To start, general training on the implementation of this initiative.
        Training about the QWE. Know the general concept, but what would implementation really
00365   mean.
00168   Training as to what QWE entails.
00371   Training as to what the initiative is and the expectations.
00011   Training for all staff on the programs vision and ideas for implementation.
00265   Training in QWE
00285   Training in QWE and how to develop the practices in our processes.
00093   Training on criteria for QWE
00075   Training on QWE initiative
00259   Training on the QWE initiative. prefer web based training.
00404   Training to be more aware of the QWE initiative
00498   We are CARF accredited and any training pertaining to implementation would be helpful .
        We haven't adopted QWE yet. Could use a decent, local "how to" course. Maybe integrated
00347   into Regional NCWC or as a road show to the regions.
00419   We would greatly benefit from a thorough education in this area.

00343   Would be helpful if this training could be conducted in our agency in order for all staff to attend.
00145   Already an early adopter-training NISH provided was excellent
00053   Already implemented
00400   Already participating in QWE
00158   As a sub-contractor for ServiceSource we do this already.
00402   Continued QWE training
00428   Implemented
00041   In process.
00454   None. We have started this process, but haven't finished yet.
00199   Opportunity Village(OV) is currently involved in the QWE initiative.
        QWE already implemented. Individualized Approach to people serviced. Accomplishing the
00097   identify goals from strategic plan.
00049   We are a QWE early adapter
00437   We are already involved in this initiative
        We are already on board with the QWE initiative and have an evaluator scheduled to come in
        on August 20, 2011 to conduct an assessment of our readiness and compliance with the
00311   standards developed.
00455   We are an early adopter and have sent staff to training conducted by NISH
00292   We are an early responder.

00535   We are currently working with QWE to develop training and higher quality work environment.
00224   We are doing our QWE self-assessment in July 2011.
        We are in process of developing our QWE and appreciated the personal assistance provided
00038   by Bill Sandonato.
00423   We are underway and got positive help from NISH.
00148   We are well on our way with this.
00425   We attended a QWE training and feel that it met our needs.
00353   We attended the training in San Antonio
        We have an AbilityOne Steering Group which is doing great work for us. Our QWE Program
        has transformed many of our processes and integrated the total workforce into our company-
00493   wide initiatives and policies.
00289   We have been doing "QWE" for a long time.
        We have been trained in QWE practices - we need more involvement by those in our own
00328   agency.
00127   We have implemented QWE.
        We have participated in the QWE training and have set out priorities out for the next three
        years - some of this involves specific training including ongoing participation in QWE
        sessions/webinars along with participation in the provision of data for the overall effort on the
        part of the Institute to gather relevant information about who the program serves and other
00249   outcome data.

        We have participated in this training - we appreciate that it is not mandatory, as we are already
00492   required by other licensure to be CARF certified, and there is a lot of overlap in our opinion.
00063   We have received this training.
00494   We have begun that process

00197   We're currently involved in the QWE process. No additional training needs currently identified.

00109   We've always done QWE - already fully engaged. Should be required for CRP participation.
        A better understanding of how QWE and CARF and ISO can be interfaced to enhance one
00477   another
00068   Are services available to assist with the assessment process?
00518   Basic education and benefits of the program.

        Good question. I think there needs to be a simple "assessment format" that would help CRP's
00293   identify training needs. I definitely need to get more familiar with QWE...just being honest!
00220   Have no knowledge of this initiative.
        I am not certain how to answer this question. I am not as informed as I need to be regarding
00118   the QWE.
00348   I'd like to hear how the QWE differs from our CART accreditation.
00350   More information on the Quality Work Environment initiative
00262   More knowledge of the requirements
00318   Need more research
00355   Need to start from scratch. don't know the details of this program.
00167   Not familiar enough with Initiative to answers.
00110   Not familiar with program. Please forward information.
00225   Not familiar with QWE initiative
00317   Not familiar with this program?
00453   Not sure=I know very little about the QWE initiative

00390   Not very familiar with the initiative and do not know how it would apply to document destruction.
00135   QWE - What is it and what does it mean for CRP's.
00378   We are not familiar with this initiative.
00422   We need to know more about the initiative before making this assessment
00460   We will be reviewing this area for more involvement
00507   What the program is about.        ?
00424   Would need to know more about the QWE before answering the question
00270   AAP training. (Affirmative Action Planning)
        Create tools for first line supervisors to use to develop PWSD in the workplace gain
        confidence, knowledge, quality improvement and ability to integrate into the mainstream
00501   workforce.
00101   Disability awareness
00282   Disability Awareness Human Rights
00163   Diversity awareness and integration.
00391   Diversity Training
        Front line management - conflict resolution, communication, understanding different
00211   disabilities, understanding different learning styles
00124   Help with adaptations, especially for people with mental disability
00126   How to educate employers on the quality of workers with disabilities
        How to get creative in ways to increase productivity so we can increase wages for people with
00073   disabilities.
00004   How to train people with disabilities in proactive manner to perform quality work
00236   Job carving. Job placement for people with multiple disabilities.
00040   Job development for persons with disabilities.
        People with disabilities do appreciate an open and professional work environment. When
        expectations, even higher than usual, are made in a professional way, they can rise to the
        occasion like everyone else. Training in partnering with the customer (in NISH's case) or with
        employers in community placement would be helpful. How do we not intrude on, but enhance
00018   the quality work environment of a place?
00083   Providing positive reinforcement to encourage productive performance
00491   Shift from a nurturing culture to a teaching culture
00026   Skills on how to integrate clients into workplace - non-disabled workers.
00257   Supervising difficult people
00447   Supervision, Quality and how to manage employees with disabilities.
00028   The necessary skills to develop a strong motivation in our service population to excel.
        To train people with all different type of disabilities focusing with encouragements, rewards, self-
00489   satisfaction, etc. and be interested in the job tasks.
        Training specifically oriented towards people with disabilities, to meet the needs they have in
        their jobs, whether that be budgeting courses, or basic sign language classes so that they are
        able to communicate more effectively with their colleagues. Also, training for other staff and
        partners on working with individuals with disabilities, to allow our program participants to feel
00021   understood and valued within their work environments.

        a. Best practice methods for increasing disabled workforce productivity, including assistive
        technologies. b. How to identify and harness community resources for specialized training and
00386   job placement. c. Supervisor training for effectively managing disabled workers.
00051   Benchmarkings and best practices
00414   Best business practices
00283   Best Practices sharing.
00468   Best practices. Training supervisors to support workforce with severe disabilities
00174   Consistent contracts with best practices in place
        Dissemination on best practices on recruiting, hiring, training and supporting individuals with
00443   disabilities in the workplace
        Sharing of best practices that people have actually implemented is very useful. maybe a
        webinar series that shows these? Incorporate YouTube videos showing best practices in
00430   action.
00159   Sharing on best practices and methods of implementation
        The AbilityOne project work environment has been steadily improving over the last 4 years and
        our quality is very good overall. An opportunity to learn about the best practices being used by
00429   others in similar operations would be helpful.
        Continuum of training on quality methods, more support from NISH like Centers of Excellence
00034   Program
00273   Efficiency/re: equipt, products, standards, etc.
00129   Entire organization trained in ISO quality standards
00176   Foundations of Quality currently offered by NISH and QWE overview and implementation
00166   Guidance in quality improvement/compliance
00495   More detailed training on quality assurance aspect
        Provide training on how to obtain formalized quality control systems such as: Six Sigma, Toyal
00186   Quality Management (TQM) ISO 900xsystem and Procedures.
00335   QC training would always be helpful.
00269   Quality training workshops, more localized.
00506   Safety on the job. More current training.
        Training in developing an overall quality plan to enhance the work environment for all
        employees - moving from a very traditional environment to a more "fluid" environment including
00356   management of employees/projects that are not within our geographic regions.
        A training that is specific to how to teach staff what the competencies are of their job so that
00526   they are clearly informed of the job expectations.
00487   Assisting Supervisors QWE.

00486   Building and maintaining a truly engaged workforce through every level of our organization.
00448   Business management and leadership
00081   Cross Training- Big gap between Operational and Rehabilitation Staff.
00514   Developing individual employment plans for staff
00478   Management
00096   Provide supervisors with the tools so they can better train the workers.
        Strategic planning Leadership and management training for mid-level managers. Teaching
00072   techniques for DSP.
00208   Training for front-line supervisors
00528   Training for Supervisors and Project Managers
00079   Training the Trainers; QC; Management
00432   Availability of training in areas geographically closer to us.
00122   Maybe periodic online strategy meetings in addition to the introductory training
00340   More training on job
00515   On-site training
00456   Scheduled visit. Online training.
00435   Training in web-based learning, training in MODATPS.
        We need a training delivery mode that's cost-effective. That's not just the cost of training, but
00322   a way to deliver training without travel costs.
00415   How to be "effective" and "efficient"...
00288   I think the Lean practices would fall in line with this?
00077   Managing more with less/with quality outcomes
00532   Production flow and efficiency
00438   Customer Service Training at the Consumer level
        In order to implement the practice guidelines and to create a high quality work environment for
        people with significant disabilities our organization could use training in recent advances in
        accommodations used in Food Service, Clerical, Facility Services, Custodial, Shelf Stocking,
        Grounds Maintenance, Production, Silk Screening and Embroidery work environments. Most
        importantly, we need access to QWE trainings in Hawai'i. We cannot access these because
00089   they occur on the mainland.
        Industry specific accommodations. Developing surveys specific to needs. Supervisor training
00010   for QWE.
00309   Training on assembly work; also how to work at a faster pace-effectively.
00014   Training specific to the high-skilled trades.
00290   How to balance staff time - to accomplish!
        It is just finding the time to get it all implemented in. An implementation team may be a big
00114   help and force CRP's to concentrate in putting the QWE initiative in place.
00427   More time for training Use the NISH Leading Library more
        Need contract volume to dedicate management time limited by cuts in programs for the 97% of
00416   our clients in other programs.
00202   No training, just resources- money and time
00445   None just time to complete

00069   The training is available. It freeing time up for individuals to take the training that is the issue.
00461   Time to spend focusing on this effort
        We don't need any training we need time. With all of the other "initiatives" that we are doing
00087   there doesn't seem to be enough time to undertake this latest initiative.
00062   We need time more than training.
        We need to start this process. Seems like it takes a lot of work with staff too busy with many
00474   other things.
00229   Funding to work 1:1 to improve quality work environment
        How to find additional funding. We have a very high quality work environment already - but
00361   fewer staff places it at risk.
        I would like to be able to afford a clothing allowance (uniforms) to promote the idea of
00330   teamwork and to protect clothes of workers.
00281   We need help and funding to re-structure our website
00231   More resources
        Not sure if it's the QWE; we are already qualified and have lots of resources to do many kinds
00263   of work; need opportunities
        The QWE sounds like a good program we have not yet attended. Since we do not currently
00370   have work for our manufacturing plant, it is difficult to attend training classes.
00115   We already have a high quality work environment - we just need more work.
        We have state and local support in this area, work is what is needed, then quality systems in
00358   place to maintain
00512   "How to" trainings
00382   All
00055   All management to attend QWE training.
00349   All of it
00338   All of it.
00251   Any related.
00210   Buy-in from board and upper management
00287   Continued Business Development plans and processes
00276   Development Training
00076   Employee relationship skills
00103   Ergonomics and assistive technologies
00117   Ethics, Compliance and House.
        I believe our CRP is way ahead of the curve here. If given the opportunity we can create more
00513   jobs for the future around the PL than with it.
00267   Ideas for accessibility - Especially within Federal facilities where the NPA has no control
00246   On the standard
00268   Performance Improvement, evaluating for quality performance, recruitment & retention
00178   Program support
00058   Project management
00470   Project Management. Principles of Quality, Use of quality tools
00278   QWE is not a priority at my CRP just meeting payroll is.
00031   Real world solutions that have an impact, not pie-in-the-sky-let's-emulate-ISO strategies.
00036   Scorecard Implementation and Training
        Should we decide to participate in this initiative we would need all the trainings offered by
00321   NISH.
00188   Staff to train.
00157   Sufficient training and technical assistance is made available by NISH.
00226   Teaching and training methodology
00100   To attend some of these training sessions.
        To enforce handicap parking violations and provide more handicap parking which are closer
        and more accessible to the main entrance of all work sites, especially corporate offices since
00223   ALL employees have to visit for employment purposes.
00194   Training and support
00094   Very little
        We have a wonderful facility and dedicated staff. We would benefit from all phases of training
00008   to ensure we practice the guidelines determined by AbilityOne.
00295   We have not received the QWE.
00472   We have obtained our ISO 9001: 2008 registration
00066   We just need to get off the dime and move on this issue.
00136   We need to send staff to the training is all! Enhance our current QWE.
        We need to sort where QWE will overlap with other requirements dictated by CARF, States,
00035   FDA, etc. We already have enough very expensive compliance issues.
00233   We've not participated in the QWE exercise yet.
00012   You tell me.
00264   At this time, none. NISH has been very thorough and helpful concerning this initiative.
00342   Current training is adequate.

        Have researched the QWE initiative thru NISH Academy and thru the Institute for Economic
00151   Empowerment. The tools on both sites seem sufficient for the training to implement guidelines.
        I believe that there are several trainings currently available. CRP resources need to be
        devoted to this initiative. I don't believe that additional training programs other than those
00050   currently offered are needed.
00307   I believe we already have the high quality work environment.
00213   No new training
00125   None
00248   None
00253   None
00300   None
00337   None
00372   NONE
00421   None
00442   None
00520   None
00134   None at present
00201   None at this time
00255   None at this time
00463   none at this time
00206   None at this time.
00377   None at this time.
00450   None at this time.
00449   None we are on track
00185   None.
        None. we are carve accredited, have carve surveyor on staff, and have sent staff to QWE
00232   training.
00205   None. we are in the assessment stage of the QWE
00523   Nothing at this time, we understand QWE.
00070   Nothing at this time.
00172   Nothing. It's no different than what we do for all employees, disabled or otherwise
00133   The Arc is receiving adequate support the QWE initiative.
        The training materials look extensive and thorough. We will implement using available NISH
00436   materials.
00027   The training we have now is adequate.
00193   This training is done in house for us as well.
00137   Training is not necessary. Would like to see additional support from AbilityOne.
00392   Training provided by NISH is adequate
00182   Training/Implementation is good.
00313   We are ISO registered and do not plan to implement QWE
00509   We feel that we have a high quality work environment
00534   We follow CARF guidelines for quality.
00254   We have a quality work environment.
00286   We have adequate expertise in this area
00444   Do not know
00517   Do not know
00503   Don' Know
00143   Don't know
00092   Don't know yet. Really just introducing QWE to entire company
00527   I can not think of a pertinent answer
00351   I don't know
00241   I don't know at this time as I have not seen what is in the program.
00329   I not sure.
00239   I'm not sure
00074   Meeting with QWE staff within the next few weeks - to be determined.
00019   N/A
00023   N/A
00080   N/A
00385   N/A
00388   N/A
00401   N/A
00439   N/A
00519   N/A
00113   No
00393   No comment
00250   No comments
00411   Not Applicable
00130   Not sure
00147   Not sure
00171   Not sure
00511   Not sure
00013   Not sure, think we are OK.
        Not sure. Our Commercial Director was eager to implement QWE, however we have been
        very taken up with getting our document destruction business going. I am hoping we can get
00025   back to the QWE effort.
00123   Our standards are already HFOH in this area. N/A

00316   Unknown. This question is broad and I would need more information to answer this correctly.
00082   Unknown
00297   Unknown
00067   Unknown. We haven't yet engaged in the QWE process although we have plans to.
00173   Unsure
00466   Unsure
00484   Unsure
00480   Unsure at this time
00271   Unsure will check with staff
00476   We are currently looking at this process. No comment at this time
00004   Leadership development

00007   Good over view of Compliance
        Leadership Industry best case practices Human
00008   Resource Succession Planning
00010   Supervising today's culture

00012   Political effectiveness.
00014   Currently being met.

        Brand new President and CEO. We have lost 3 Vice
        Presidents in the past 3 years. Our VP of Development
        position is vacant. a bit of a culture change in this
00018   agency.
00019   Business development

00021   Communication

        Organizational development and how rural providers
00025   can access federal contracts or sub contracts.
        Technology. Multiple task- time management.
00026   Government regulation compliance.
00028   Team building and maintenance.

00031   Commonsense for Dummies
        Vision to execution Maintaining a consistent positive
00032   and productive senior management team
        Leadership Training Opportunities; Fundraising; Team
00033   Building; Communication.
00034   Understanding the requirements of contracts
00035   Risk exposure due to contact terms.

        Leadership and Management Line if Business Best
00038   Practices QWE AbilityOne Compliance
00040   Strategic planning.
00051   Personnel development Business development

00053   Latest techniques in the field
        Project management Leadership skills Mentorship
00058   opportunities
00060   Marketing/sales

00063   Learning to do succession planning and hiring for this.
00064   How to stay challenged and motivated.

00066   Leadership/Time Management; QWE; Negotiation Skills

00068   Succession Planning

        Management information applicable to new potential
00069   contracting opportunities.
00070   Has limited exposure to AbilityOne

        Corporate Governance Strategic planning Succession
00072   Planning

        Business development, managing multiple priorities
00073   when everything is a priority and organizational skills
00075   None
00077   Transition Planning

00079   Retaining, Recruiting Workers
        Situational leadership, "lean" and process improvement,
00080   business development

00081   Grants Management., Governmental Contracting

00083   Growing a business/ Sales/ contract negotiations
        Planning and execution Pay for performance Business
00087   strategies

00089   Leadership, securing contracts, governance
00092   NISH Academy
00093   Leadership, Management, recruiting, retention
        See prior answer: Customer Service; Lean Principles;
00094   Data Driven Decision Making
        More knowledge of what the AbilityOne program is and
        the process to obtain and maintain an AbilityOne
00095   contract.

00096   Capital Campaign
        Business plan, negotiation, proposal, budgeting,
00099   marketing
        Legal issues in the work place. Contract negotiations,
00100   DOL and OSHA issues.
00101   Contract overview and federal regulation trainings
00103   Succession Planning

00109   Strategic "thinking" - senior leaders are too focused.
00113   None

00114   Contract Law and pricing classes.
00115   N/A

00117   Ethics/Compliance, Supervisory Skills/Leadership.

00122   Use of professional communication tools.
00123   "Lean"
        Leadership communication skills - managing/motivating
00126   a team of people.

00127   Planning
00130   Diversified Funding

00134   New business development and planning.

00135   Strategic Development and Planning
00136   Access to Federal, state, NISH grants.

00137   Best Practices
00139   Organizational Culture
        Continual process improvement and development of
00144   Enterprise Resource Planning program.
00145   Business development techniques
00148   Teaming relationships
        Leadership, strategy, finance, quality management and
00158   fund raising
00159   Succession Planning
        Leadership training, career development and
00163   succession planning.
00167   Advanced computer education.
00168   None at present.
        New Executive Director-not a lot of background in
00171   AbilityOne programs
00172   Transitioning out of our nonprofits

00174   Regulatory changes
        Tools for Growing Our Business currently offered by
00176   NISH Leadership Essentials
00178   Board development

        Supervisory and Management skills- Excelling as quality
00179   managers.
00180   Strategic Marketing. Succession Planning.

        Business Development, recruitment and Retention of
00182   staff. Non- profit management.
        Working with NISH to identify new contract
00185   opportunities.

00186   Leadership and Standards of Excellence courses.

00188   Business Development.

00193   Understanding the AbilityOne Program
00196   Proposal writing

        Looking to develop senior managers for potential
00199   upward mobility opportunities within the organization.

00201   None

00208   Marketing Long-range planning

00209   Business Development; Proposal Developing; Pricing
00210   Training on NISH and AbilityOne opps

00211   Funding opportunities

        Leadership, team building, efficiency, management
00215   (business and behavior)
        How to survive and grow in a challenging fiscal
00220   environment.

00223   None
00225   Contract negotiation; interacting with gov't contacts
00226   Building relationships -- legislative advocacy
        Long range planning. Steps to successful pricing of
        products for now and the future. Preparing successful
        bid proposals. How to lead meetings and how to speak
00228   to groups of individuals.

00229   Human Resource trainings
        Rolling forecasting as an alternative to traditional
00231   budgeting processing
00232   Organizational reorg -- managing in times of change.

00233   Communications Inclusive Management

00236   Creating/sustaining motivation of staff.

00241   Succession planning

        Expects focusing on the field's trends. Training that
00242   rejuvenates creativity and motivation.
00244   Dealing with NISH and GSA
00246   Six sigma
00248   Establishing and executing priorities

        Transition planning as an aging executive/senior
        management staff prepares for retirement during the
00249   next 5 years.
00250   Federal Contract Prizing

00252   How to get "it all done"

00253   Ongoing management support initiatives

00255   Developing New lines of business
00257   Risk Management PR

00259   Human resources management updates
00261   Error prevention and identification
00262   Costing and bidding disability guidelines grants

00263   NISH Support
        Developing responses to solicitations/RFI;
        Understanding allowable expenses; FAR for dummies;
        Tying the requirements of a job/contract while meeting
00267   the AO disability qualifications.

00268   Smart Growth for CRPs, succession planning
00271   Conflict resolution
        Typically get training through Goodwill and other
00273   sources-book club gets used.

00275   None
00276   Strategic Planning
        Finding funding sources that will sustain the agency's
00278   financial future.
        We always need training in the latest management
00281   acumen
        The Art of Negotiation Establishing Partnerships with
00282   Other Companies

00286   Leadership training and succession planning
00291   Long-term planning and Business development.

        UCP of Arkansas just had this population complete 33
        hours of Leadership Training and we are utilizing the
        skills and knowledge gained to move our agency from
00293   "Good to Great".
00295   Varies
        How government contracting works. Business
00297   development/sales.
00300   Succession Planning
        More flexibility to roam and observe freely with what is
00309   going on with contracts.
        Fundraising; developing pro formas and business plans;
        creative employee benefits planning; succession
00311   planning
00313   ISO

        We have a new CEO who is getting his feet wet in our
        organization and community. Additionally, our senior
        staff needs to become more immerse into community
        activities to drive new business acquisitions and to get
00316   the word out about what we do.
00317   Developing Business/Sales skills
00318   Project bidding
        Strategic thinking/long-range planning with
00322   contingencies
        None required of the senior executives or leadership -
        however it would be better if all had a better grasp and
00328   understanding of the overall AbilityOne program.

        How they fit into the program and what's needed from
00329   them to help the growth of the program.

        1. An assistant to help with workload 2. Better state
        budgets to retain staff and add support staff where
00330   needed.

00335   None specific; case by case most probably
00338   Unsure
        Succession planning. "Big Picture" thought processes.
00342   General leadership training.
00344   None
        More stuff like Roger Hallowell and Peter B. present.
00347   Basically executive MBA kind of courses.
        Professional development - would love to send the
        Senior Management to a Disney Training Institute-type
00348   workshop.
00349   Leadership development and strategic planning

00350   Finding/creating AbilityOne worksites
        Leadership training such as collaboration and
        negotiation competency-based and training needs
        analysis - based employee development organizational
00351   development.
00355   Planning and project management

00356   Succession planning
        How to obtain new or additional revenue sources
00358   through government or commercial avenues

00362   Strategic Planning, Successor Planning.

        We lost our plant manager; when we re-open
        operations we will need to find a plant manager with
00370   experience in the corrugate business that we can afford.
00371   Communication/ Hr practices
00372   DCAA audit exposure.
00377   Transformational leadership

        Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning, Critical
00386   Thinking

        Any training that will help senior managers understand
        the purpose and overall processes involved in securing
00389   and maintaining AbilityOne Projects.

00390   How to secure new NISH/AbilityOne contracts
00391   Grant writing
00393   Succession planning, mentoring emerging leaders

00398   Fund raise/marketing

00400   Strategic thinking
00404   Contract procurement
00406   Managing multiple businesses and programs
        Funding challenges the new health insurance law and
00409   impact.
00410   Funding - using resources wisely

00412   Regulatory training
00414   Latest leadership trends
        Training needs will increase if succession happens in an
00416   unplanned manner (I've been here 30 years).

00419   How to handle large projects.
00421   Business development skills
00425   None

00427   N/A

00429   Succession Planning and Facilitating Cultural Change

        Succession planning and developing people to step into
00430   their roles.

        Assistance in developing a product line of business and
00432   securing AbilityOne Products opportunities.
00434   On-going Leadership

        Leadership, visioning, motivating and rewarding
00435   employees, performance management, team building
00437   Relationship building
00438   N/A
00442   Health care changes
00443   Bidding, contract management
00445   None
00447   Certified CEO and Management Training.
        Skill development (assessment & planning) for under
00448   developed staff
        Service Contract Act - health and welfare benefit
00454   options.
00455   Succession planning
00456   N/A

        Leadership Data Management Effective Management:
00457   Program, People, Community
00463   None at this time
        ISO - Preparation for certification; understanding how to
00464   apply standards.
        Business Development; Business Acumen;
00466   Leadership/Management

00468   Collaborations and Benchmarking

00472   We are OK
00474   Time to find jobs

00477   Transition planning
00478   Technology
        Leadership Trainings Grant Training Business
00480   Development AbilityOne Training

00483   Managing change
00484   Contract Procurement
        Building and maintaining a truly engaged workforce
00486   through every level of our organization.

00487   Attaining Customer Loyalty. ISO 9001. FAR.

        Overall Management Skills and Hands On Training with
00489   the current Company's Nature of Works.
00491   Continuous improvement / lean concepts
00492   How to best access new government contracts
        Business Development, Succession Planning,
        Workforce Development, Functional Area Staff Training
        (i.e., CFO, COO, Human Resources Director, Rehab
00493   Director, Safety Director)

00494   Succession planning

00495   Succession planning
00498   HR, Legal

        Innovation management, strategic planning.
        inspirational leadership skills, mufti-tasking, public
00499   speech, net-working etc.

00501   Strategic planning, business development
00502   Growth strategies
00503   Fundraising CLLM Certification
00504   Acquisition
00511   Leadership; Employee Motivation/ Morale
00512   Contract negotiation.

00514   Government Contracting Training & Certification
        Availability and use of IT in monitoring and improving
00517   performance of CRP.
00519   Seeking jobs
00520   None
00523   How to market the agency to our customers
00526   Time/project management

00532   Federal compliance and business planning

00534   Succession planning
00013   None
00023   HR policies
        Management of multiple sites - how to best evaluate
00074   and oversee several contracts

00097   Fully understanding complexity of AbilityOne contracts.
00138   Financial/Strategic Planning and Leadership

        The Individual Training Plan section of the NISH
        Training Catalog presents an outstanding listing of core
        competencies and related training courses. Increasing
00157   the availability of eLearning courses would be helpful.
00169   Grant Writing, Public Relations
00194   Leadership skills
00203   Leadership; Motivation

00206   Labor regulations updates
00213   Procurement / Business development
00224   Growing our business lines
00307   Visioning
        Negotiating Skills Regulatory Compliance QWE Board
00323   Governance

00340   Writing business development marketing
00345   Leadership, Communication.
        How to do more with less. We used to have 12 on our
00361   management team. We now have 7.
00392   HR
00441   Succession planning and career development
00471   Job Development.
00473   Financial Management

00528   Managing difficult customers
        Personnel Law (i.e. affirmative action plans verity
00256   requirements, wages piece rates.

00116   Transition Planning
        How to develop and succeed in new social enterprise
        concepts how to recruit the "best" to our field given the
        low salary structures, reduced benefits, no annual
00173   increases.

00239   Carrying a project to fruition

00431   How to generate revenue.
        Working closely with the government customer and how
00452   to best meet their needs.
00090   Planning
00202   How to work with contacting officers
00382   Contract development
00527   Securing the contracts

        None - currently short term. New Director would require
        basic course and guidance. IN ALL cases of training it
        would be nice if more could be in the mid west or by
        web/telecomp. Due to cost but more due to time away
00052   from Agency especially with limited staff.

00067   Effective strategic planning skills.
00110   NISH University
00175   Business Development
00187   Government contracting
00290   Regulation training

00444   Widened horizons

00453   Mentoring Succession planning
00518   Leadership
00533   Project development/implementation

00049   Successor

00378   Thinking outside the box training
00506   Strategic thinking/visioning
00016   Collaboration between CRP's
00076   Strategic development
00124   Business skills
00337   NISH Understanding
        Leadership, Business Development, Finance and
00011   Business Essentials. Grantmanship.
00112   Compliance needs and changes.
00305   Financial knowledge
        AbilityOne Academy Overview and basic information
00516   due to new leadership
00265   Procuring contracts
00507   Where to find more work.
00082   Financial management
00285   N/A
00288   Leadership techniques Regulatory compliance
        Everyone can always learn something and we attend
00446   various training.

00254   Sales training
00046   TFM and HES Project Managers
00270   AAP Training.
00363   Innovativeness - thinking outside the box.
        Need to be trained to think more like a business rather
00365   than as a non-profit organization.
00385   Succession Management Development
00449   Funding source for new lines of services
        We are a very small agency; we don't have all these
        positions. We do have extensive training for our staff
00509   annually.
        CRP's should be able to sit within the committee as
        associate members. There is not one committee
        member that has ever run a business or a non-profit
00513   business.
        Government contract compliance. Managing Go's jobs
00521   requirements. Security Clearance.




















Managing people

How company Policies and procedures Relate to
Compliance and Mission.

Business Development Employee Development
Marketing the mission

Working the Government market.
Currently being met.

How to address the feeling of being put upon. No
raises here in 4 years. More work to address the
needs caused by lay offs at both the management
and staff levels - still the pressure to achieve sales
and production goals.
Federal contracting

Training staff effectively, i.e. educational techniques,
how people learn, and how they develop their
perspectives on the job.
Communication. Knowledge of disabilities. Autism
(method of training).
Same as above: Team building and maintenance.
We don't have middle managers; we are lean, mean
manufacturing machines!
Supervision strategies; Policy and procedures
Leadership Training Opportunities; Performance
Evaluation Tools; Communication.
Project management training
DOL compliance.
Leadership and Management Line if Business Best
Practices QWE AbilityOne Compliance Disability
Fiscal management.
Person centered approach
On-going education; reinforcement of what is and
what is new.

Project management
Workmen's Compensation issues
Acquiring the skills to be promotable into senior
Managing personnel effectively, efficiently, and within
all legal guidelines.
Legal Issues; Employee Supervision; Disability
Awareness Training

Expectations balance

Quality programs.
Large knowledge of AbilityOne

Leadership; Business Communication; Finance/
Human Resource issues; Customer Service

Managing multiple priorities when everything is a
priority and organizational skills.
Leadership and management

Vendor Relations; Rewards and Recognition; Hiring
Financial management, creative problem solving,
process improvement "lean"

Challenges of Managing CRP into the future.
Getting a quality performance/ managing the
Supervisor development Process & system

Leadership, Contract management, securing
contracts, compliance with AbilityOne regulations
QWE, Leadership, time management
Marketing, management of staff and clients

Management/coaching and supervision
More knowledge of what the AbilityOne program is
and the process to obtain and maintain an AbilityOne



We are a small agency.
Time studies
Pricing transparency

Technical by project type or area

Contract pricing and supervisory classes.
Funding, Lack of Staff, Business Environment. Ethics,
Compliance, House.
Same as above (use of professional communication
tools) and maybe PBL training. Nursing home, QSP,
other CEUs
Work Floor Efficiencies
Daily supervision of staff to focus on community
inclusion of people supported.

Financial Management; Metrics
Diversified funding

New business development and planning.

Leadership and Supervisory Trainings
Regulatory - Patty Pappas type training

Best Practices
Regulations, Contract Management
Communication improvement Business Management
Recruiting good staff
Performance reliability

Supervisory and management development
Communication and decision making skills

Financial Budget training
Enhancement of Supervisory Skills

Leadership development Strategic thinking
DOL additional rules as they surface. i.e.: anti-
harassment training...which is one of the
unreimbursed costs mentioned before

Leadership Essentials

Understanding the big picture. gaining understanding
of the multiple requirements of the Program, i.e.
reporting/ federal DOL regulations, compliance
Efficiency through technology. Digital document
management .Establishing performance benchmarks
statistical process control.
Shredding "Boot Camp" smart growth for CRP's.
Nonprofit Management. Managing your AbilityOne

Pricing competitively

Increasing Productivity and Individualized Training
Contract, Securing, Pricing, and more orders,
additions, contract marketing.

Understanding the AbilityOne Program
Management training

Identifying an "ideal" curriculum for Middle managers
to acquire the skills for promotion to senior manager


Interviewing and hiring skills Supervisory skills

Budget and Finance Training
Training on NISH and AbilityOne opps

Leadership, Follow up

Leadership, team building, efficiency, management
(business and behavior)

Leadership skills.

Understanding and implementing contracts
Supervisory effectiveness

Improving management skills. How to lead and

Contract pricing, human resource trainings, managing
within the law, time studies, increased understanding
of AbilityOne program and how to provide services to
individuals with significant disabilities
Managing multiple priorities and increasing efficiency
while improving effectiveness
Supervision -- inspiring staff to give all

Financial Basics Communications Inclusive
Long range planning - the ability to think beyond
getting through the day.


Time management. Supervisory skills. Needs of
individuals specific to diagnoses.
Dealing with NISH and GSA
People skills

Transitional preparation to aid in skill acquisition for
taking on higher level management responsibilities
How sell your product/service to other customers
Performance measurement - it's not a once a year
Supervision and constructive use of conflict

Creative accommodations for varying disabilities
Supervising employees

Human resource management updates.
Error prevention and identification
supervisory quality control computer skills
Production management courses and supervision

Project management; Basic contracting 101

QWE Overview & Implementation
Project mgrs attend NISH training-again-how to get
the job done more efficiently.
AbilityOne Programs, Exposure to new lines of
Meeting the increasing demands with les manpower
and fewer dollars
Dealing with people and the customer

Conflict Resolution
Cost reduction strategies, supporting staff in
professional development needs
Dealing with personnel issues.

We are finishing with our "Good to Great" training for
this population as well (Completion date of May 26).

Customer interaction. Improving training techniques.
Budget Analysis
Better familiarity with NISH products and how to work
faster with contracts.

Enhancing staff morale; use of social media; sales
and marketing techniques

Our middle Managers need to increase the
awareness of their how their interaction with
customers is vital. Professional in is the focus of our
Contracts Department at the middle Management and
Managers level. From organizational issues to
keeping our selves in the face of our customer, we
are focusing on reaching up to the next step to pull
our agency up.
Developing Business/Sales skills
Resource allocation/utilization & being a team
member where team success is most important

All-around training in federal requirements
i.e....workshops - hands-on trainings

How to motivate senior manager to become more
involved with the program.

Stronger pre-VOC programs to teach pertinent skill
sets for community work in work centers.

None specific; case by case most probably
"Big Picture" thought processes. General leadership

How to lead, how to supervise.

Supervision basic and advanced classes.
Leadership development
On the job skills to assist people with disabilities
becoming more productive. Skills for approaching
possible contract procurement sites.

Management and leadership skills, fiscal
management, human relation skills
Assuming more senior management responsibilities
and being trained for such.
How to obtain new or additional revenue sources
through government or commercial avenues
Technology(computer tools) to make most efficient
use of time. How to delegate for results.

Crisis Management.
Transformational leadership
Proposal Development (AbilityOne and commercial),
Contract/Subcontract Management for Non-
Contracting Personnel
Leadership Development that focuses on preparing,
and selecting individuals to work on AbilityOne
Projects. Assessments and Regulatory requirements
for AbilityOne Projects.
Understanding NISH/AbilityOne regulations (targeted
to new staff only)
DOL training and guidelines
Managing for results and accountability

Understanding the philosophy behind fund raise

Financial management; Strategy thinking
Contract procurement
Motivating employees

Supervisory skills
Supervision of staff

Training by the senior staff regarding NISH
Managing to the P&I
Need training to care for medically fragile day service

A better understanding of the NISH organization.
Leadership and management training
AbilityOne Academy Train the Trainer Customized
Employment for Anyone

Organizational Development
Leadership around being change agents. how to
break down change into executable steps that are not

Better insights into determining our competitiveness
for AbilityOne product opportunities and identifying
viable opportunities to pursue. Also, same as above
(assistance in developing a product line of business
and securing AbilityOne Products opportunities).
On-going Leadership/Change Agent

Delegating, team building, conflict resolution,
Relationship building
Organizational Skills Time Management
Budget management
Bidding, implementation of new contracts
Basic Supervision Training

Business management, supervisory, and leadership

Leadership and supervisory
How to delegate
Effective Management: Program and People
Leadership Succession Planning
Training/Accountability Techniques Utilization of
None at this time

Leadership; ISO
Business Development; Business Acumen;

Identifying and implementing accommodations


Supervision workshops
Time to find the jobs through various reporting

Time management Doing more with less
Leadership Trainings Business Development Grant
Training AbilityOne Training

Managing personnel
Building and maintaining a truly engaged workforce
through every level of our organization.

Foundation of Quality. Roles of Leadership.

Continuous improvement / lean concepts
How to best access new government contracts

Supervising/Interacting with People With Disabilities.
Functional Area Training, Federal Regulatory Training

Succession planning
Staff development compliance Promoting a quality
work environment recruitment/retention strategies
HR, Legal

Setting goals, performance management, partnership
management, resource development
Contract interpretation/enforcement with customers
and staff. Contract Administration: subcontractor and
vendor management.
Emerging leadership
Time management
Customer Service.

Setting performance standards and contract costing

Seeking jobs
Understanding Federal worker guidelines
How to market the agency to our customers
Performance indicators, understanding the
responsibility of holding persons accountable
Laundry and document destruction operations
Transition from sheltered work to integrated
Time management training
Supervisor Training

Disability training - on-line self paced training
Time Management. Professionalism. Effective
communication skills.
Mission and Programs

Increasing the availability of Webinars as well as
eLearning Courses for core competency topics would
be helpful to fit into staff schedules.
Time Management
Managing skills
Effective supervision Personnel management
How to maintain good communication in an ever
changing system.
Supervision and quality control
NISH compliance
Time management

Negotiating QWE Regulatory Compliance

Leadership more management training work culture
Leadership, communication.
There are no middle managers left. They have been
cut due to state budget cuts.
Wage and Hour
Leadership training; Management development
Job Development
People management

Managing difficult customers

Budget reductions

Leadership Training. Project Management.

How to supervise off-site programs how to supervise
a culturally diverse staffing pattern how to survive with
less (open staffing positions).

Motivating and supervising the job coaches

How to generate revenue.
Training in how to work with Contracting Officers and
how to negotiate contracts.
How to work with contacting officers
Time studies

Developing a long range plan within the "reality" of

How to effectively manage the performance of staff.
Contract and Grant Writing
Business Development
Quality Control
Staff supervision
I would guess "customer service for your internal

Leadership/Management Writing skills
Project development/implementation

Organizational behavior and supervisory skill training
General Supervisory skills Thinking outside the box
Delegation. Thinking ahead. Staff training.
Commensurate Wage information.
Employee staffing / relationship skills
Technical skills, contracting skills
NISH Understanding
Effective performance evaluations.
Leadership training

Business; Marketing
Leadership training
Disability Awareness-Train the Trainer. Effective
Training specific to job functions (i.e., quality,
business line management, compliance, sales and
marketing, etc.).

Excel training, negotiating skills, business
NISH understanding

Management and leadership trainings. Business
Development - teaching how to reach out to private
sector jobs as well. Disability awareness trainings:
autism focus
Keeping a stable work force - moving disabled
workforce to a competitive work environment
Learning the processes of the jobs that they are

Management Leadership. Supervision of Employees.
Marketing for AbilityOne Contracts

Functions of Supervision Quality Planning
How to communicate, conflict resolution
Successfully bidding and being awarded contracts in
the public sector as well as obtaining additional
AbilityOne projects.
People handling skills; leadership
Learning the skills needed to move to Senior Manager
Leadership strategies, supervisory skills trainings.
Interviewing techniques

Exposure to industry best practices.
Supervising Difficult People
More onsite time

Project Man Contract Development Marketing
Training to establish a comprehensive quality
assurance program.
Financial/budget planning
Meeting customer expectations

Lean Manufacturing, working with people with disabilities, the
75/25 ratio.

Marketing and Sales Contract Negotiations
Disability awareness and increasing productivity
Latest rehab technology, if it works; not supported employment
Currently being met

This person is feeling much more in balance and not at risk of
losing health of body and mind since the non renewal of the GSA
contract. We are ready to do more!
Not sure

Communication/working with individuals with disabilities.
Management/Leadership Training

Rural providers accessing federal contracts

Report writing. Computer skills.
Same as above: Team building and maintenance.
We don't have contract managers; we are lean, mean
manufacturing machines

Proper pricing of products and services
Leadership Training Opportunities; Project Management;
People development skills
Leadership and Management Line if Business Best Practices
QWE Customer Service/Quality AbilityOne Compliance Disability
Workflow and process improvement.
Cost analysis Contract negotiations

Continuing education

Supervisory skills Training skills
Safe food mgt practices
Same as #2: Acquiring the skills to be promotable into senior
Effectively managing workers with significant disabilities.
Technical Skills; Moving participants to employment outside
Working with Persons With Disabilities (layman's training).
Disability awareness is not enough. The need here is more on
how to navigate the circumstance that arise in work settings,
motivations that differ and external involvement by folks like

Training specific to janitorial/housekeeping; grounds
maintenance - maybe food service project management.
Limited exposure

Labor management Customer Service Quality Control Conflict

Managing multiple priorities when everything is a priority and
organizational skills
Not applicable as we don't have this position

Organizing Work Flow; QC Process and Plan

Financial management, negotiations

AbilityOne Training, Project/Services Training

Getting a quality performance/managing the contract/Sales

Supervisor development Process & system management

Leadership, Staff Accountability, Contract management,
Securing contracts, Initial and Annual Assessments, compliance
with AbilityOne regulations.
Subject matter specific
Management, reporting, regulations

Management/coaching and supervision

Training in organizational structure of AbilityOne program.
Seems to be in constant "flux". Difficult to understand.

Improve quality of service
Business plan, negotiation, proposal, budgeting, marketing,
Federal Compliance, Contract negotiations and FAR
Time studies
DOL Initiatives

Government systems training

Supervisory classes in dealing with different peoples needs and
disabilities. Customer relations.
Funding ,Lack of Staff, Business Environment. Ethics,
Compliance, House.

Contract bidding. Staying ahead of new security and safety
standards. Efficiency techniques.
Work Floor Efficiencies

Project management - time studies.

Resource Management; Risk Management
Quality documentation

Staff recruitment and supervisor mentoring/training.
Everything and anything related to securing federal contracts,
pricing, QA, documentation requirements, etc.
QWE and Time Studies/DOL
How to Navigate the AbilityOne process and secure more
Regulations, Contract Management

Lean Training ISO9000 training
Government customer relations
Performance reliability

Committee regulations and customer satisfaction
Supervision skill sets

Motivational and leadership training
Janitorial- New products and best usage practices.

Customer relations Cost management

Contract language changes. Some verbiage has subtle, tricky

Operating and Managing a Successful Custodial Business
Leadership, supervision
Understanding the big picture. gaining understanding of the
multiple requirements of the Program, i.e. reporting/ federal DOL
regulations, compliance How to balance the contract
requirements and support for individuals with disabilities
Establishing performance benchmarks. Customer service.

Business Development. Business Plan Prep.

Pricing competitively

Increasing Productivity and Individualized Training Techniques.
Janitorial Contracts Management. Continuing education on use
of chemical and cleaning techniques.

Contract Pricing. Business Development.
Understanding the AbilityOne Program and the importance of
keeping the disability ratio at a certain percentage.

Doing more with less

Ongoing yearly updated training per contract
Supervisory skills Contract management Invoicing in VIM -

Working with People with Disabilities
Implementation of new projects

Communication-Conflict Resolution, Quality Control

Leadership, team building, efficiency ,management (business
and behavior)

How to successfully collaborate with GSA representatives

Understanding contract vernacular
Project coordination

Better overall contract management. Improved communication

Managing within law, providing services to individuals with
significant disabilities, training on providing quality work

Contract compliance and regulatory compliance
Customer service

Contract Negotiations Communications Inclusive Management


Better understanding of pricing structures.

Maneuvering the government paperwork maze
On-going customer service techniques. Big picture training that
highlights on-going positive benefits for hard work and
Dealing with NISH and GSA
Time management
Financial management and budgeting

Skill development in both the technical aspects of the job
requirements as well as the rehabilitation skills needed to serve
the broad populations we serve with significant disabilities
Contract management.
Effective communication with COTR and how to improve quality
of service

Supervision and constructive use of conflict management

Creative accommodations for varying disabilities
Best practices

Updates on change practices in managing contracts.
Error prevention and identification
Costing and bidding project management
Production management and dealing with the disabled in the

Understanding AO contracting; Basic contracting 101;Tying the
requirements of a job/contract while meeting the AO disability
Managing AbilityOne Contracts; standard setting & performance
Conflict resolution; supervision.
See above-Project mgrs attend NISH training-again-how to get
the job done more efficiently.

Contracts and pricing
Liaison with federal contractors

No AbilityOne project
Dealing with people and the customer - customer service

Disability Awareness Total Quality Management

NISH requirements, basic government contracting requirements
Monitoring contract expense.
This is an area where we definitely need some training as this
group is our business people and their needs are significantly
different than our human services program staff. Increasing
sales, efficiency of work, outstanding customer service ideas,
staying abreast of work opportunities are just some areas I am
thinking of.

Business development/sales. Leadership strategy.
Cost containment

More training on products.

Creative "downsizing" - doing more with less; job development
and [placement for persons with disabilities

Middle Managers need training and enthusiasm on how to
increase their own personal professionalism and how to elevate
their staff in the same fashion. We have begun this starting with
dress and perceptions of the way we keep our areas tidy and
clean and how our employees look at work.
Quality Assurance Plans
Contract competencies: SOW, SOPs, scope creep, customer
communication process

All-around training in all the federal requirements - Regulations,
rules, requirements, etc.

The ability to utilize the written contract to perform at a high level
of customer satisfactory

1) Money in contract for a training only staff person. 2) Pertinent
on-line training to save time and money 3) How to deal with
difficult workers/behaviors.

QC initiatives; Organization of duties;

FAR training. Managing your A1 contracts.

Leadership plus contracting courses

1. Managing multiple sites/contracts 2. Understanding the FAR
Leadership development

Finding/creating AbilityOne worksites. Ability to identify possible
AbilityOne projects.

Project management, customer service, communication skills,
employment law and regulatory training, (FMLA, sexual and
other unlawful forms of harassment, Service Contract Act, etc.)

Contract Pricing and Customer Services
How to obtain new or additional revenue sources through
government or commercial avenues.

Maintaining skills efficiencies when contracts are inconsistent.

Senior managers of organization have absorbed AbilityOne work
during this period when we do not have a NISH contract, that
caused us to lay-off personnel.
Contract expectations
Understanding the contracts.
Communications and Customer relations
Project Planning & Management, Resource Management,
Contract/Subcontract Management, Research Methods &
Information Management

Managing Custodial Projects to include scheduling, training
workers to gain the most efficient use of time, supplies, and
equipment to provide quality services.

How to secure new NISH/AbilityOne contracts
Supervisory skills
Efficiency and productivity enhancements
At the present time our PM are really good if we were to have
new hires they definitely need understanding the workforce and
develop transitional skills.

Contract management
Managing the contract efficiently and effectively
Maximizing the abilities of all workers

Current on regulations
Regulations; Info on Green Products; Info on Improving Skills

Understanding the NISH company and what the stand for.
Contract management
Analysis skills
Better understanding on how to deal with customers and
consumers alike.
Details of Federal Contracts training
Procuring contracts
AbilityOne Academy Train the Trainer Customized Employment
for Anyone

Update on the changing rules and regulations

Setting people up for success.

Same as both above: Better insights into determining our
competitiveness for AbilityOne product opportunities and
identifying viable opportunities to pursue. Also, same as above
(assistance in developing a product line of business and securing
AbilityOne Products opportunities).
Train the Trainer

Delegating, team building, training in supervising people with
severe disabilities, disability awareness, computer skills.
Relationship building
Customer Service/PR management
Contract management
Basic Supervision

Business management, supervisory, and leadership

Technical training and quality control
Bidding/Labor laws
Time management. Online training.

Finance/Budgeting Contract Negotiations Contract Management
Leadership Planning and Forecasting
None at this time

Inventory control; Duty planning; Quality checks/assurance
Business Development; Business Acumen;

Documenting accommodations. Communications to all disabled
employees (best practices).

Our Contract manager has received training, but new Contract
managers will require some training.
Red tape for projects, long bidding process that often gets no

Changing times in federal procurement
Skills training

Managing Contracts Supervisor training AbilityOne Training
Managing systems of health, safety, quality, efficiency, and

Growing our customer base while maintaining high quality.

QWE. Federal Compliance. Green Cleaning.

To get thorough insight of Project Management including control
of Project Budget.
Continuous improvement / lean concepts
D.O.L. sub-minimum wage issues

Supervising/Interacting with People With Disabilities, Federal
Contracting with Emphasis on AbilityOne Contracts.

The art of responsible delegation.
DOL/AbilityOne compliance Contracting (costs/pricing); Quality
assurance practices.
Quality Control

Oversight of operations, human resources utilization, scheduling,
monitoring and appraising performance through compensation
and other incentives.

Customer service. Developing compliant quotes for additional
Supervising and training
Time studies
Lowering costs of doing business.

Contract costing, 14(c) compliance, and efficient labor allocation.

AbilityOne contract specific training; Project management
Understanding the Fair Wage and Hour guidelines
How to grow the business
Time Management Project Management Interacting with POC's

Laundry and document destruction operations training.

Supervisory training
How to get product contracts
Contract Renewal
Disability training for project managers - on-line self paced
training would be great!
Education of AbilityOne program and how it benefits their agency
and the positive impact it has.
Project Management and Quality

Increasing the availability of Webinars as well as eLearning
Courses for core competency topics would be helpful to fit into
staff schedules.
Productivity techniques
Cleaning/janitorial skills
Effective supervision
Training on the structure of the Air Force Command, the
acronym language, and contract language.
Cost effectiveness
Job Shadowing and Project related training
New Contract development

Pricing Negotiating QWE Best Practices Recruitment

Cost management
Scheduling Supervision.

Team building
Customer service; Assistive Technology
Staff Motivation.
People management Securing contracts

Managing difficult customers, educating contracting and CORs

Facility Maintenance and Ground Maint.

DOD Specs, RFID, Quality System

Understanding roles within AbilityOne
To make sure they are constantly 'supervising' the contract

How do PM's work with people with significant disabilities.
On-site training on how to best work with the government
Day to day supervision skills
How to work with contacting officers
Service quality
More education on process

Foundations of Quality.
Training on current trends in respective fields.
Manage a contract

Strategies for developing structure and organizing the workflow
QWE training,
Contract admin.
Quality assurance practices
Direct Project Manager training. However, it needs to be
provided in an area relatively close to contract location
Effective supervision.
Quality management
Marketing Strategies; Overview of Government Contracting for
Leadership training Navigate the "sources sought"

Responding/Pricing for RFP's.
Supervising people with disabilities, AbilityOne and DOL
compliance, understanding contract requirements, customer
service as it pertains to Federal contracts
AI rules for compliance Managing to a budget Dealing with

Excel training, disability awareness, managing skills
Understand and follow contract

Compliance, Time studies, leadership and management, laws
and regulations- impact on industry

Current improvements in chosen field
Learning the AbilityOne Program Requirements and Why
AbilityOne has these requirements.

Updates & trainings on AbilityOne.
Marketing for AbilityOne contracts Green Cleaning methods
Functions of Supervision Quality Planning Human Resources
Training Compliance Training
how to communicate, conflict resolution,
Same as above. Successfully bidding and being awarded
contracts in the public sector as well as obtaining additional
AbilityOne projects.
People handling skills; leadership

Customer Relations with COR's
Sensitivity training.

Effective personnel management
Understanding AbilityOne, and understanding government
Employee Diversification.
Labor Laws
Evaluations on Functional Limitations
Quality Control Plans
Developing the proposal
Disability awareness

How to motivate supervise a diverse work force.

Supervising a Diverse Workforce Customer Service
Providing we

Computer skills.
Currently being met.
At the heart of the morale problem. How to address loss of
work associates? How to continue to do more and more to
avoid loss of programs for clients? how to do all this without
raises in a State which has no light at the end of the tunnel?
No one is encouraged. The satisfaction comes in the direct
service alone.
Not sure

Disability-specific training, management and leadership

Developing teamwork among staff

Time management. Conflict resolution. Multiple products.
Task focus
We don't have front line supervisors; we are lean, mean
manufacturing machines
Same as middle managers: Supervision strategies Policy
and procedures implementation.
Customer Service; Performance Evaluation Tools;
More quality training
Supervising a disabled work force.
Leadership and Management Line if Business Best
Practices QWE Customer Service/Quality AbilityOne
Compliance Disability Awareness
Supervisory skills.
Person centered Understanding the workforce

Reinforcement of regulations and what is required

Training methods
Management of aggressive behaviors

Acquiring skills to be promotable to middle managers.
Supervising and motivating workers with significant
Dealing with behavioral issues; Time Studies; Increasing

I think we are up to date in this arena. However, I would like
to see QWE training's focus on maintenance of a system.

Training specific to janitorial/housekeeping; grounds
maintenance - maybe food service specific to tasks.
Limited exposure

Customer Service teaching techniques basic management
skills conflict resolution professional writing.

Supervisory skills and how to implement them when
everything is a priority and don't have time to attend training
or implement what was learned if did get to training.

Rewards and Recognition; Evaluating Performance

Person centered planning, lean and process management

Issues related to disability.

Providing supervision/ meeting expectations

Supervisor development Process & system management
Leadership, Staff Accountability, Inclusion and
Accommodation training, Safety training, customer service
training, Initial and Annual Assessments, compliance with
AbilityOne regulations
Hands on supervisory
Client interaction, professionalism

Management/coaching and supervision

More knowledge of what the AbilityOne program is and the
process to obtain and maintain an AbilityOne contract.

Train the workers for more quality service


Green Cleaning, Carpet and Floor cleaning.
Time studies
Time study, assistive technologies

Very specific technical and safety training
Same as the A1 project/contract managers. Supervisory
classes in dealing with different peoples needs and
disabilities. Customer relations.
Funding, Lack of Staff, Business Environment. Ethics,
Compliance, House.

Problem solving skills. Techniques for completing
contracts efficiently.
Job Set Up, Evaluation
Daily supervision of staff to focus on access to community
opportunities for people supported.

Evaluation; Supervisory skills; Coaching for performance
Staff training

Diversity and disability awareness.
Disability Awareness. Productivity and QA Standard
Productivity, quality control, increase client work skills.

Lean Manufacturing
Effective communication/team building

Communicate Effectively
Same as above: Government customer relations
Supervisory requirements and legalities

Onboarding and supervisory development
Training methods

Motivational and leadership training
Enhance Supervisory Skills

Knowledge of the specific requirements for documentation
Training and Supervision

DOL regulations
Current NISH offering: Increasing Productivity and
Individualized Training Techniques
Efficiency, quality control

How to support individuals on a daily basis and how to
manage the contract responsibilities- Understanding their
Customer service. Statistical process control. Simple
Adaptive technology/methods.

Time Studies.


Increasing Productivity and Individualized Training
Techniques. Janitorial Contracts Management. Continuing
education on use of chemical and cleaning techniques.

Supervising persons with disabilities.

Understanding the AbilityOne Program
Computer training on spreadsheets, excel etc

Understanding the basic concepts of "supervision"

Ongoing training
Enhanced effective training/instruction for individuals
receiving services Time management

Working with People with Disabilities
Implementation of new projects
Communication-Conflict Resolution, Documentation,
Quality Control

Leadership, team building, efficiency ,management
(business and behavior)

Leadership skills

Managing disabled work force
Training methodology

How to better manage employees. How to better
accommodate employees with significant disabilities.

Time study, increasing production, using accommodations
and assistive technology with clients
Being more effective customer service representatives of
the organization serving multiple customers
Clear supervisory do's and don'ts

Dealing with behavioral problems of the mentally disabled.
Taking Ownership of Their Jobs at $9-$10.00 per hour.


Time management/prioritizing diverse tasks.
Managing work forces that include more than type of
Needs of individuals specific to diagnoses.
Communication/professionalism/attitudes. Task analysis.
Leading by example.
Customer relations
Managing conflict

Overall conceptual skill building - ability to see a bigger
picture and how the front-line supervisor in an integral part
of the whole
Supervising and training skills

How to improve quality of service

Supervision and constructive use of conflict management

Supervision and Management skill development
How to training in janitorial/lawn maintenance

Team building. Disability specific training for impact of
disability on learning style, work skill training needs, and
Error prevention and identification
Supervisory training job crewing scheduling crews
Same as above: Production management and dealing
With the disabled in the workforce

Time management, Managing people with disabilities;
Motivating employees

Green Cleaning, Grounds Maint
Motivational tools in supervision
Any training in primarily custodial related topics offered

Sensitivity training

How to deal with DD clients in a working environment.
Commensurate wages, contracts, soft skills

Goal Setting

Basic supervisory skills
Continued professional development.

I would have to say the list I stated above would be
appropriate for this group as well.

Leadership strategy. Training techniques.
High level ID training

More initiative to produce contracts work more effectively.

Time management; developing behavioral strategies and
instructional objectives; Applied Behavioral Analysis
Assistive devices

Front line supervisors ask for training on how to handle
people and issues. This is particularly hard since our staff
have many mental health issues and behaviors associated
with being raised in difficult situation with parent who use
drugs, are abusive, and who have no or little support. We
can teach our staff how to clean, but teaching them
behaviors and how to be professional become a more
challenging problems especially since people react
differently to different situations and other people.
Supervision Skills
Management basics, AbilityOne 'do's and don'ts', coaching
& counseling behaviors, leadership

Lessons in quality control and supervision. Maximization of
current and new personnel.

What their role is and operate with in it to support project
managers accomplishing the scope of work.

1) Stronger pre-VOC programs to teach pertinent skill sets
for community work in work centers. 2) How to connect job
performance with ISP goals/objectives.
Updated how to train those with disabilities to get the best
product from their work
Time studies for products. Occupational safety & health

Leadership, leadership, leadership, leadership.

Supervising basics
Leadership development

On the job skills to assist people with disabilities becoming
more productive
Working with individuals with different kinds of disabilities,
explaining a work task, communication skills for people
who supervise people with communication skills,
systematic instruction.
Hands on training techniques

Supervising employees on fed contract
How to obtain new or additional revenue sources through
government or commercial avenues

Motivation Trainings, Task analysis steps and procedures.

OK; we keep our Machine Operator (front-line supervisor)
by hiring in a new temporary role.
Skill training with people with Disabilities
Managing difficult employees.
Communications and Customer relations
Business Communications, Team Building, Analysis &
Problem Solving, Customer Service, Computer Literacy,
Workplace Diversity (including disabled workforce)

Supervisory skills in custodial services to include
assessing, assigning work tasks, and evaluating
performance of custodial workers.
Understanding NISH/AbilityOne regulations (targeted to
new staff only)
Time management
Workplace accommodations

Understanding their workers needs and adjustments to
make accommodations
Lines of business skills; Working with people with
Managing the contract efficiently and effectively
Crisis management

Quality control

How to understand and work with people with disabilities.
Managing to your budget
How to serve medically fragile clients

Industrial standards for the field they work in.
Supervisory, coaching, & mentoring training
Hiring AbilityOne employees
AbilityOne Academy Train the Trainer Customized
Employment for Anyone

Motivational Techniques

Self accountability.

Human Relations skills training in proper disciplinary
techniques and documentation processes.
Employee Motivation
Delegating, team building, training in supervising people
with severe disabilities, disability awareness, computer
Cost control
Working with people with sever disabilities
Skill updates in performing tasks and instruction
Supervising staff
Quality/timeframes meet
Basic Supervision and Quality Training

Business management, supervisory, and leadership

Working with individuals with disabilities
How to work with people with significant disabilities
Time Management. Online training.

Contract Execution and Management Teaching/Training
Skills Documentation Quality Management Public
Relations/Customer Service
None at this time
Inventory control; Duty/labor planning; Janitorial and lawn
care certifications
Business Development; Business Acumen;

Training and understanding the needs of workers with
severe disabilities

Motivation of Employees; Teaching Techniques

Red tape of contracts and having the correct

MODAPTS Communication skills

Supervisor training

Supervising personnel and process
Basic Supervisory Skills

Training development and delivery.
Green Cleaning. Disability Awareness. Increasing

The technical experience of scope of work and the abilities
to supervise subordinates.
Teaching skills
Safety concerns

Supervising/Interacting with People With Disabilities

The art of responsible delegation Succession planning
Understanding what a QWE is. Teaching strategies
customer service practices
Training Techniques

Monitoring daily productivity, work-setup, work
measurements, inventory management etc.

Training skills to PWSD.
QER and compliance
Stress management
Time management
Quality Control
Delegation, accountability, and working with people who are
disabled for the work.

HR Project Management
Understanding the Fair Wage and hour guidelines
Not Sure
Competency expectations Roles and Responsibilities
clearly identified Being held accountable

How to job coach clients effectively

Leadership training
Management Training
Supervisor Training

Disability training Time study
Time Management. Professionalism. Effective
communication skills.
Productivity and quality

Increasing the availability of Webinars as well as eLearning
Courses for core competency topics would be helpful to fit
into staff schedules.
Behavioral techniques and hourly time study
Managing difficult consumers
Customer service
How to communicate with Intellectually disabled adults, and
adapt work structures to maintain productivity.
Project related training
Relationship/management development
QWE Supervision of employees Best Practices Training
Programs Recruitment

Management training leadership training job coaching
Scheduling Communication.

Quality control. Behaviors control.
Quality/efficiency oversight
Customer service; managing federal contracts
Time Study Related Information.
People management

Managing difficult customers, basic supervisory skills

Budget reductions
Understanding the importance of quality and insuring that
Consumers/Clients/employees with disabilities develop to
their maximum ability

How to effectively manage the performance of staff.
Customer Service Training
Quality usable supervisory training
Time management
How to deal with difficult clients
Just the transition problems associated with moving from
"worker bee".

Best practices for supervision compliance(legal)
Effective supervision of difficult staff

Leadership training

Thinking outside the box
Roles of Leadership

Increasing productivity, Time Studies, Management skills.
Technical training within their fields.
Quality work environment
Behavioral strategies and job coaching techniques for crew
Job coaching
Time studies

How to deal effectively with employees you cannot seem to
Effective supervision.
Quality management/expectations Time studies

Foundations of Quality
Leadership training

Dealing with Behaviors.
Supervision, with emphasis on working with people with
disabilities, communication, organization, time
management, training (train the trainer).

Customer care
Excel training, floor and carpet care, disability awareness,
managing skills.
How to train people with disabilities

Boot camps on total facility management, landscaping,
janitorial, shredding. Developing training programs for
workers with disabilities, creating good work environment,
Getting more disable clients ( individuals ) interested in
Learning the AbilityOne Requirements and Why AbilityOne
has these requirements.
Paperwork-documentation & reports/records.
Understanding individual needs of clients. Curriculum
building skills & teaching.
Green cleaning methods
Functions of Supervision Quality Planning OSHA/DOL
Knowing the Statement of work and implementing it.
Leadership strategies, supervisory skills trainings.
Interviewing techniques

Best training techniques supervision skills using webinar
and do it frequently to help CRP new staff training needs.
Job Coach training
More onsite time
Functional Assessment Disabilities and their affect on

Same as above: Sensitivity training.

Effective supervision techniques

How to work with people with disabilities
Keeping employees motivated.
Project Management, Quality Control
Supervisor Training

Supervisory methods and training skills for efficiencies in
Training regarding current best practices for specific
service line
Certifications and training for floor and carpet care
Basic training
Working for a common goal (get the job done)
Sessions on understanding disabling conditions, how to
meet individual goals in a group setting, effectively using
the community as a classroom. The role of integration in
Client Care Industry standards Customer Service
Individual Growth and Development
Various approaches

Methods of accommodating that are effective.
Currently being met.

Unfortunately, this is a level of the organization which has
been hit hard.
Integrating people with higher needs into contracts

Disability law, benefits planning information - Training on
the programs and services that our program participants
need help navigating through. We need to be the most
well-verse, in order to serve as a resource for them.

Self development

Knowledge of disabilities. Task analysis. Time studies.
Clinical expertise

Commonsense 101

Balancing production and training needs

Disability Awareness; Paperwork Flow & Productivity.
How to support all disabilities in a program
Contract performance.
Person Centered Planning Customized Employment QWE
Customer Service/Quality AbilityOne Compliance Benefits
Planning Disability Awareness
Soft skills in dealing with persons with disabilities.
Person centered Workplace safety

Education of guidelines

Training methods
Management of aggressive behaviors

Conducting disability sensitivity training for co-workers
without significant disabilities.
Developing measurable rehabilitation plans; Customized

Autism, Mental Health and supports for a work
We would love to jump on board with the Wounded
Warrior Program but we are not getting referral resources
that seem to be working with this group.
No problem
Teaching techniques behavioral supports disability
awareness - types, best supports professional writing skills
conflict resolution

How to develop an excellent rehab model
None that we don't provide locally

Training - How People Learn

Person centered thinking, creative problem solving
Training on Rehabilitation Issues of surviving individuals
with the most significant (severe) disabilities. Job
Development Techniques, Financial Literacy,
Accommodation Training on AbilityOne Program

Job development & placement strategies for hard to place
persons with disabilities.

Inclusion and Accommodation training, Safety training,
customer service training
Client interaction, professionalism


More knowledge of what the AbilityOne program is and the
process to obtain and maintain an AbilityOne contract.
Recruit employers in the community to hire persons with


Green Cleaning, Carpet and Floor Cleaning.
Time studies
Assistive Technology
All types job coaching, placement and evaluation
continuing education

Dealing with different disabilities than they are used to.
Dealing with PTSD and other veteran related disabilities.
Funding, Lack of Staff, Business Environment. Ethics,
Compliance, House.

How to support individuals with various needs (autism,
TBI, Mental illness and DD) in various settings
Full Inclusive. Model - Competitive. Employment.

Access to community opportunities for people supported.

Academic preparation
Customized Employment

Job development and placement in a difficult job market.
These groups seems to have an abundance of training
available to them.
Social security and client benefits.

Ways to provide continuous training for consumers
Effective communication/team building

Communicate Effectively
The importance of a job in recovery
Penetrating a tough labor market

Clinical services and quality management
Benefits and SSI/SSDI Training

Diversity training.
None at present.


Rehab technique additions/changes as they affect daily
No specific training than what is currently available from
NISH e-learning courses
New approaches for difficult people.

How to train job skills; enhance and work toward
increasing skills. Being mentors.
Adaptive technology/methods. Applied Behavior Analyses.

Smart growth for CRP's. Customized employment.


Rehabilitation and future employment development for


Understanding the AbilityOne Program

Ensuring, through the assessment process that the staff
has the capabilities to do the job.

All training; appropriate documentation, location training

Job placement/job development

Time Studies; Job Carving
Training to assist people w/ disabilities to achieve
Work assessment and job site skills training,
How to work with others to help them understand how to
work with people with disabilities without making them feel
inadequate and how to do the same with


Ability to participate in training which would require travel
and overnight lodging like managers and executives if the
course requires it. Not always on-line.
Resource availability
Job development and productivity

How to improve our Assistive Technology program. How
to write clear and complete case reports. Communicating
effectively with individuals with significant disabilities.

Increasing production, using accommodations and
assistive technology with clients, accessing AbilityOne
contract opportunities for clients.

Rehabilitation technology and work adaptation strategies
Documentation of disability; disability specific trainings

Communications Financial responsibilities of the job


Providing quality supports.

We do not have any rehab staff.

Job coach - task analysis. Social Security Disability. Job
development methods.
Innovative training methods and task modification
Training techniques
Documentation of disabilities

Increased knowledge base regarding autism, PTSD, and
other emerging populations of individuals re-
entering/entering the work force.
Understanding of the AbilityOne Program
Job development for individuals with disabilities AND
criminal backgrounds.
Focusing on building resiliency strengths and resource
and self-management of recovery.
Enhancing the abilities of individuals served as opposed to
focusing on disabilities.
Best practices

Same as #5: Front line staff training that is job/disability
specific; Human resources management training; Training
in developing specific new services lines.
Autism info
Disability requirements plan writing

NISH Guidelines for disability, etc.

Basic contracting 101; What it takes to operate a contract
from business standpoint.

Floor care technician, carpet cleaning
Disability determination and documentation

Attend non-NISH training.

Business Development AbilityOne Overview
Job development

Individual Program development.
Legibility, evaluation narratives, recruiting, hiring

Time Studies

Job coaching, person- centered habilitation
Monitoring client progress.

Record keeping/documentation, measures of efficiency,
creating a positive work environment, are just a few areas
I can think of.
Compliance related topics. Minimum wage vs. sub
minimum. Disability determination.
High level ID training

More redirection/praise from supervisors.

Applied Behavioral Analysis; Job Development; Social
Assistive devices

Our rehab staff, particularly job coaches, need more
training o how to make employees productive and
organized. They tend to empathize with our clients while
we know that poor behaviors will affect performance an
can result in termination. Rehab staff need to learn how to
get clients to work in the real world, not in a sheltered
Client Training Skills
We need enough work to justify a full-time rehab

Understanding of what is required of AbilityOne programs
and employees.
Recognizing when some one should be place into the
work force or not and that we are not placing people just to
meet required ratio.

Working non-paid assessments of people of non-contract
workers in AbilityOne Contract and satisfying DOL
regulations IE (can be non-paid for work done by others).
Same as above: Updated how to train those with
disabilities to get the best product from their work.

Disability awareness

Compliance documents. How to find and support vets.

Disabled for the ________ ________
Leadership development

On the job skills to assist people with disabilities becoming
more productive.

Recruiting people with disabilities for AbilityOne contracts.
(who, how, what to look for, how to get attached funding,

Wage and hour requirements
How to obtain new or additional revenue sources through
government or commercial avenues.

Coaching for success. Creating a meaningful day.

Disability education
Hiring to lower w/c rates.
Technical skills ref: contract sites.

Methods to Improve Disabled Worker Productivity;
Business Communications, Computer Literacy
Assessment of Day Program Workers with Disabilities,
and developing training programs to prepare them for
promotion or placement into more challenging jobs. Time
Understanding NISH/AbilityOne regulations (targeted to
new staff only)
Assistive technology
Precision teaching and job coaching


Working with people with disabilities.
Identifying interest, skill building and training
Education on available resources that are consistently
Improving Plan Development
Train to do the job they have now and be training for the
next opportunity.
Referral analysis

Labor laws regarding employees.
None at this time
AbilityOne Academy Train the Trainer Customized
Employment for Anyone

Stress Management

Teaching techniques

Practice in communication and social skills to enhance
customer satisfaction.
Transferable Skills
Mentoring, time study evaluation, counseling skills, time
management, understanding and awareness of
community resources, assessment training.
Business acumen
New innovations in performing work
How to build natural supports in the workplace
Need to staff individuals
Basic HR and Administrative Training

Leadership and "Best Practices"

Assessment skills and placement training
Job placement for those not motivated to move
Not available.

Best Practices: Workforce Development as well as those
associated with population base working with.
None at this time

Leadership; Certifications; DOL Requirements
Business Development; Business Acumen;
Understanding the contracts environment. How to support
the mission and the employee without undermining the

Job Training Skills

They are well trained at this point
See above: Time to find jobs; Red tape for projects, long
bidding process that often gets no results; Time to find the
jobs through various reporting agencies; Red tape of
contracts and having the correct documentation.
Developing linkages with other community partners
without "giving away the house!"
Skills training

Anything related to the rehabilitation side
Applying adaptive equipment and teaching techniques with
persons having significant disabilities

Training development and delivery.

Benefits Planning. Federal Compliance.
To gain in depth knowledge/experience about
rehabilitation and how to tackle problems and correlated
Teaching Skills
Safety concerns

National Disability Issues and how they relate to
Moving individuals successfully through the process and
into competitive employment
Teaching strategies and training methods promoting and
providing choice.

Counseling, setting goals, monitoring behavioral
planning/evaluating, changes and treatment techniques,
assessing impact of disability on performance, proper use
of medications, progress reporting, etc.

Forming MOUs with partner CBOs.
Disability Awareness
Psychiatric/medical disorders
Job carving
Positive Reinforcement for quality control.
Eligibility and employment requirements/placement and
file management

Better training in Vocational Rehabilitation
Not sure
Clear expectations of their job task Immediate feedback
both positive and unpleasant Increased responsibility (the
opportunity to make decisions).


Discovery process

Documentation of Disabilities. Federal Clearance

Understanding disabilities and impact on behaviors.

Aggressive job development/job search
Case management and contracting departments work
together with understanding on the goals of each.
Continued training in the needs and supports that the
people they support have.

Understanding the correlation between a rehabilitation
plan and the "real world" of work.
How to develop, maintain and improve classroom
Writing effective evaluations and time studies.
Best practice in rehab work with individuals
Training techniques

"Getting clients" in a world with less VR involvement
Leadership/career pathing Writing effectively Best
Pride and responsibility in their work.
Thinking outside of the box

Implementation of federal regulations.

Disability Awareness.
Documentation. Time studies.
Relating work to eventual community employment
Behavioral strategies and job coaching techniques for
crew development

Mental Health training
Quality management/expectations Time studies

Creating a quality work environment. Benefits planning.
Leadership training

Dealing with Behaviors.
Supporting people with disabilities working in a business
environment in which the customer's needs have to be
Understanding the job functions and matching to the

Excel training
Same as above: How to train people with disabilities
Training on technical knowledge : shredding, landscaping,
etc and how to transfer these knowledge into effective
coaching for people they serve. Assessing progress and
adjusting coaching program to individuals, training on
teaching and coaching skills.

Keeping disable clients supported so to keep working

How to train the workers to do a better job.
Trainings pertaining to new business operations. ex,
Janitorial skills training
On going session (webinar) in intro to AbilityOne
compliance etc. CRP need such regular offer to help new
staff working in these areas.
Time Management

Understanding of the ratio requirement. How to recruit
and qualify individuals with significant disabilities that do
not know they have a disability or think they do not have a
chance of being employed because they have a disability.
Techniques to work with persons with autism and to get
better results
Recruitment of people with disabilities and understanding
AbilityOne requirements
QWE planning.
Production Management
00004 Managing customer expectations

00007   How to manage the change to performance based contracts.
00008   None at this time
00010   Marketing the positive aspects of productivity

00011   Quality management. Management of the AbilityOne contract.
00013   None
00014   Training in the high-skilled trades.
00016   Pricing
00017   Green tech for Janit
        We have done janitorial services since 1981, but we continue
        to learn as new methods, products and machines come out to
        improve our performance. These we try to get through our
00018   vendors.
00019   Quality assurance
        Management/leadership training for front-line supervisors and
00021   middle managers.
00023   N/A
        We have two AbilityOne Services contracts for janitorial
        services. We have taken advantage of both janitorial trainings
        and document destruction trainings as well as management
        trainings. They have all been excellent. We greatly
        appreciate these trainings and just want you to continue to
        keep them available and hopefully more on the west
00025   coast....Seattle is great.
00026   Working with AbilityOne and Government supervisors.
00027   Understanding the statement of work .
00028   Monitor consistency of quality
00031   Learning to have the patience of a saint.
00033   We are not performing any Service contracts.
        Understanding the industry trends and requirements to be
00034   successful in that business line.
00035   Employee documentation requirements.
00036   Bidding for follow along years

        New Business Marketing/Development, Line of Business Best
00038   Practices, Customer Service/Quality, AbilityOne Compliance
00046   TFM and HES
00050   Grounds Maintenance Best Practices
00051   NA
00053   Techniques on costs and methods of cost savings
00058   JWOD reporting, and supervision skills
00060   Inventory management

        Listed in #5-1)Information on addressing employment issues
        for people with alternative life styles. 2)Efficiencies in
        operating lawn care projects(worker efficiencies-training).
        3)Same as #2-Efficiencies in operating lawn care
00062   projects(worker efficiencies-training) for custodial contracts.
        Working with the customer to reduce expenses without
00064   significantly cutting service levels.
00066   Custodial Product Use
00067   N/A
00068   Support techniques for non-rehab staff.
00069   Janitorial, housekeeping, grounds maintenance.
00070   None
        Contract best practices labor management customer services
00072   Quality awareness.
00073   Managing costs.
00075   Not applicable
00076   Laundry operations
00077   Human Resources Management
00079   Training on floors, custodial team cleaning
00080   N/A
        Training Operational Staff on Rehabilitation issues. Training
00081   Rehab staff on operational issues
        How to get the most out of your employees to meet
00083   expectations and standards
        For our AbilityOne SERVICES contracts our greatest learning
        needs are with regards to customer service as well as
        understanding and accommodating for the disabilities of the
        trainees in the programs and how best to work with the
00089   disabilities.
00090   Keeping up to date on changes in marketplace
        Daily supervision. Communicating and motivating people with
00092   disabilities
00093   How to get more contracts
        See prior answer: Management/coaching and supervision.
00094   Person-centeredness.
00095   Legal and financial responsibilities.
00096   Quality service training
        What our organization needs to do to be more marketable in
00099   order to grow or develop new lines of business.
        To keep up with improved practices, products and equipment
00100   to do the job.
00101   Overview of government contracting.
00103   DOL, Time studies
        Tracking and reporting consistent data Job development
00105   techniques
00109   Safety; Technical in Custodial and Grounds
        1. Providing security clearance documentation. 2.
00110   Communicating with vendors for payments.
00112   Continuing education within the field.
00113   No
00114   Keeping up with changing procurement environment.
00115   N/A
00117   New cleaning Methods.
        Additional training on going to an even higher level of
00118   environmentally friendly (green) cleaning.
00120   N/A
00121   Janitorial skills training
        Successful bidding, security and safety standards, completing
00122   required reporting.
00123   Political advocacy to maintain them. N/A
00126   Quality management
00127   Resource Management; Supervisory Skills
00130   Documentation for AbilityOne
00133   Total Facility Management training and CIMS training
        New supervisor mentoring/training. Diversity and disability
00134   awareness.
00135   N/A

00136   Meeting the needs and requirements of our federal customers.
00137   N/A
00139   N/A
        We have one very small USARC janitorial contract -- we have
00140   no training needs.
00143   How to track hours
00145   Simms certification training/ISO 9000
00147   Managing difficult personalities effectively

        Establishing standard processes that can be implemented
00148   across a wide geographic expanse and monitored remotely.
00151   Continual customer service
00157   NA
        The competitive disability assessments and annual
00158   evaluations.
00159   Costing
00163   Interacting with the government.
00166   Increasing production output
00167   New products and procedure innovations.
00168   No specific need(s) at present.
        Having the correct number of clients working on the project to
00169   make sure that it is profitable
00170   Contract Pricing
00171   How to make it cost effective
00172   Cost control Value adding
00174   New methods and equipment for janitorial
00175   Bus. Development
        Contract management Development and implementation of
        QEP at contract sites Green cleaning standards in current
00176   practice
00178   Custodial and laundry trainings
        How to help folks with disabilities to learn the more complex
        tasks. Managers understanding of the contract and the
00179   program and how they relate.
00180   Customer service. Performance Benchmarks.
00182   N/A
00185   Attracting new contracts
        Continue to maintain new modern techniques for cleaning and
00186   chemical use (greening)
        Anything related to janitorial services, green cleaning, utilizing
00187   the newest equipment.
00188   How to best price and secure service contracts.
        Someone being in charge of the contract that will know rules
00190   to play by.
        Ensuring that we are using proper cleaning and training
00193   techniques. Basically, how to work smart.
00194   Cleaning methods
00196   Writing proposals to obtain projects
00197   NA
        Keeping contract management up-to-date on changes in
00198   AbilityOne
00199   Being able to acquire great negotiation skills
        To keep up with modernization; to know of most appropriate
00201   new equipment and changes
        Train the managers and contracting officers on bases- provide
00202   outside groups training!
00203   Staff supervision Customer service
        Green cleaning methods/equipment; Equipment maintenance.
00205   How to get more contracts.
        Updates on materials and equipment used in the Janitorial
        arena. Cleaning agents used for MRSA, and C-dif would be
00206   an example.
00208   N/A
00209   Proposal Development; Pricing Commercial Work
00210   Growth of the businesses
        At this time we are not performing AbilityOne Services
        contracts. When we provided services the greatest learning
        need was to find a way to help the government customer
        better understanding the AbilityOne program, Goodwill's role,
00211   and NISH's role.
00213   Quality control
00215   Ours are going well
00220   How to work with GSA
00223   N/A
        How to be competitive and gain experience that will qualify us
00224   to get contracts.
00225   Interpreting modifications to contracts
00226   N/A
00228   Not applicable at this time.
        Understanding AbilityOne contract, pricing, expanding
00229   programs.
        Changing regulations and contract requirements. Methods of
00231   improving efficiency.
00232   Balancing need of customer with support for employees
00233   N/A
00235   NA
00236   Our current contracts are stable.
00241   How to get the contract renewed on time
        How to develop appropriate pricing schedules for commercial
00242   services.
00244   How to do more with less
00246   Training skills
00248   Quality inspection and plans
        Staying current with best practices in mailroom mgt.; service
00249   center operations; warehouse maintenance.
        Managing the contract in providing the highest quality of
00250   services to our customers.
        How to maintain an effective relationship with the CO and
00252   COTR.
        Conflict resolution and using positive supports to motivate and
00253   sustain good practices.
00255   None at this time
00257   Best practices to reduced costs and increase efficiency
00258   Best practice for specific services
00259   None
00260   Front-line Supervisor training
00261   Error prevention and identification
00262   Project management financial
00263   We know the job and staff are skilled
00264   1) Supervision 2) Communication 3) Compliance
00265   Scheduling
00266   Frontline super training
        Learning how to maintain compliance ratios while still meeting
00267   requirements of FMLA or other leave regulations.
00268   Standard setting and performance measurement
00269   Train the trainers in basic job functions
        Opportunities for internet training for middle management.
        Many are skilled in the work being preformed but not
00271   management and can't leave the work site.
        See all of above-Efficiency/re: equipt, products, standards,
        etc. Any training in primarily custodial related topics offered
00273   locally.
00275   Pricing and procedures
00276   Developing new markets
00278   N/A
        The time to access all of the training available from NISH.
        We are a very small CRP and can't release supervisors, etc.,
        to attend training sessions, travel, etc. When we can, we
        attend all we can and we also take advantage of NISH coming
        to us. We appreciate and need all the training we can get.
        Personnel issues, Employment law, AbilityOne program,
        contracts, commensurate wages, soft skills, you name it, we
00281   need it.
00282   Time Studies
00287   Floor care, janitorial
00289   N/A
00290   FAR Regulation
00291   Quality control standards.
        I really think the AbilityOne contracts are explained in such a
        way that most CRP's understand from Day 1 what is expected
        of them. I think being able to be as efficient as possible is
        always going to be our challenge as we continue to compete
00293   with the regular business world!
00295   Varies
00297   Improving quality.
00302   N/A
00305   Loss of contract revenue
00307   None
        How to deal with difficult people; how to effectively familiarize
00309   managers with services.
        Reducing the scope of the PWS proportionate to reductions in
00311   contract pricing.
00313   QA checks for janitorial services
        WE have many of our training needs covered, except for fresh
00316   faces to bring a different perspective to our staff.
00317   Staff and client Janitorial Training
00318   None
00321   Contract pricing.
00322   How to grow our contracts business
00323   Developing Negotiating Skills Improving Quality Pricing
        How much can we get from the services within the contract
00326   with quality and be consistent with performance
00328   Quality control practices and maximization of resources.
        How to handle customer disputes using proper documentation
00329   and communication.
        1) Leasing up to date processes on line. 2) Latest product
        availability on line. 3) Performing a maintenance contract
00330   during daytime.
00332   Current Trends.
00335   QC techniques;
00337   N/A
        Task analysis for custodial supervisors custodial contract
00340   bidding.
00342   N/A
00343   Training of all staff on the proper way to clean
00344   Understanding the Committee for Purchase
        Develop supervisors before they are supervisors. Leadership
00347   is taught.
00348   Time studies
00350   How to better satisfy the customer with quality services.
        Systematic instruction,(we had Marc Gold Associates and it
00351   was fantastic), strategic planning, succession planning.
00353   Safety and Green Cleaning best practices
00354   Green equipment and products
00356   Business development
        How to quote for Federal projects and learn more about rules
00357   and regulations.
00358   N/A
        N/A - we do not have learning needs for the contract we
00361   already do.
00365   Marketing and sales.
        We do not currently have a service contract, but we are
00370   anxious to explore possibilities.
00371   Billing
00372   DCAA audits.
00373   Leadership training
00377   Floor care Contract comprehension Communication
00382   Floor care Contract comprehension Communication

        Educating federal customers of capabilities and contracting
00385   techniques - Admin Performance Five Year Contracts
        a. Streamlining workflows and resources; including LEAN/5S.
        b. How to increase disabled workforce productivity. c.
00386   Managing resources for profitability.
00388   N/A
        Same as previously stated: Any training that will help senior
        managers understand the purpose and overall processes
        involved in securing and maintaining AbilityOne Projects.
        Leadership Development that focuses on preparing, and
        selecting individuals to work on AbilityOne Projects.
        Assessments and Regulatory requirements for AbilityOne
        Projects. Managing Custodial Projects to include scheduling,
        training workers to gain the most efficient use of time,
        supplies, and equipment to provide quality services.
        Supervisory skills in custodial services to include assessing,
        assigning work tasks, and evaluating performance of custodial
        workers. Assessment of Day Program Workers with
        Disabilities, and developing training programs to prepare them
        for promotion or placement into more challenging jobs. Time
00389   Studies.
        Understanding NISH/AbilityOne regulations (targeted to new
00390   staff only).
00391   DOL evaluation tools
00392   Quality and efficiency

        Same as previous question: Succession planning, mentoring
        emerging leaders. Managing for results and accountability.
        Efficiency and productivity enhancements. Workplace
00393   accommodations. Precision teaching and job coaching.
00398   Piece work
00400   Contract management; Scheduling workforce
00402   Pricing
00404   No major needs at this time
        training workers with disabilities to complete more complicated
00406   portions of the contract
00409   None
00410   Customer demands; would like more contracts.
        FAR, Government Contracting and reporting requirements.
        Same for NISH. (We know and are doing these, but want to
00411   be certain we are doing it right.)
        Continue to understand the limitations or developmental
00412   challenges of our employees.
00414   Estimating and costing
00416   How to expand into private contracts
00419   How to negotiate with government.
00421   Supervisory, leadership and management skills
        Trainings for front line supervisors; time studies; improving
00422   productivity and effectiveness
00423   Compliance
        Training disable workers to be more efficient, other than
00424   using more money as the reward.
00425   Proper cleaning techniques
00427   More time for training Use the NISH Leading Library more
00428   QC
        Greater understanding of the impact of some of the latest
        hospital linen and chemical requirements and their impact on
00429   linen and equipment life.
00430   Service excellence
00431   Specific development of safety manuals.
        Supervisory skills training and Public Relations / Marketing
00432   training.
00434   Bidding
00435   Quality, customer service, working to standard,
00437   Keeping up with technology
00438   Custodial Training at the Local Level
00439   Technology- software tracking systems.
00440   Customer service
        Managing multiple sites through structured systems and
00441   processes.
00442   New best practices
00443   How to partner with other agencies to increase contracts.
00445   Keeping up to date on the paperwork

        Often, there is a lack of the technical operation of our
        customer. Example- Commissary requires detail knowledge
00446   of that business other than just the tasks you are performing.
00447   Basic Supervision and Management Training.
00448   Business management, supervision, and leadership
00449   Training of manager on project management
        Our CRP only has two small contracts. At this time, I cannot
        think of any learning needs that we are not able to meet for
00450   our staff.
00452   Commissary services seem to be the biggest challenge.
00453   N/A
00454   Technical skills and quality assurance methods
00455   Food sanitation
00456   How to flow information to incoming replacements.
        Succession Planning Building New service Lines (including
00457   non-set asides)
00460   No service contracts
        Differences between Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, GSA
00461   cultures
00463   None at this time
00464   ISO; Inventory; Janitorial and lawn care certifications
00466   Developing more business.
        Workers understanding and supporting their disabled co-
00468   workers
00471   Staff Motivation, Time material study.
        We have been performing our existing contract for many
        years. If we start a new contract someday, I would like an
00472   introduction course.
00473   N/A
        Trying to know all of the purchasing agents and having them
00474   understand the process.
00476   How to use the south source process
00477   None
00478   Skills training
00483   Same as for products, maintaining quality and efficiency
00486   NA
00487   Improving productivity.
        Besides understanding the scope of work of the contracts, it's
        also required to discover of the working potentials from some
00489   of the people with disabilities.
00491   No

00493   Recruiting and training employees for complex, technical jobs.
        Previously stated: Succession planning. The art of
        responsible delegation. Moving individuals successfully
00494   through the process and into competitive employment.
00495   QWE green cleaning
00498   Time Studies for Custodial services
        Knowing the needs of the customer and delivering a
00499   customized service to the customer as a vendor of choice.
        Contract administration, interpretation. Enforcing standards to
00501   meet contract performance requirements.
00502   Quality
        How to change the current system prorating the H&W system.
        What are the steps a congressman has to go through to be a
00503   champion.
00504   We do not currently have a services contract.
00507   Regulatory Time studies
00512   Quality Control.
        Employee Assessment (determining right task/job for an
00514   employee).
00515   Keeping up with current postal regulations.

00516   New leadership requires overview and clarity on expectations.

        See previous answers: availability and use of IT in monitoring
        and improving performance of CRP. AbilityOne contract
        specific training Project management. HR Project
00517   Management. Better training in Vocational Rehabilitation.
00518   Quality control
00519   Contracting skills
00520   Understanding the Fair Wage and hour guidelines.
00521   Legal requirements of SCA.
00523   N/A
00526   Quality Control
00527   Doing well
00528   Project Manager Training, certifications in industry
        How to obtain more business to create more jobs in a tough
00532   economy like Ohio.
00534   Clear understanding of expectations
00436   Piece rate calculations
00256   New product lines, New equipment.
QUEST                     PRODUCTS CONTRACTS
        How to keep the producing efficiently during a slowdown in
00007   orders. How to increase sales to government customers.
00008   Not Applicable at this time.
00013   How do we get product contracts?
00016   Subcontracting from the contractor's perspective.
00017   N/A
00021   N/A
00023   N/A
00025   N/A
00026   N/A
        Working with contracting officers as a team not adversaries.
00027   Trust among all parties.
00028   History of product purchases
00031   Learning to have the patience of a saint.
00032   Pricing

        Learn how to come up with people or ways to develop new
        products or find more existing product needs that we can fulfill.
        More business!!! Also, see #2.3, #5.3, #6.1, #6.2, #6.3, #6.4:
        Lack of internal training resources for production employees
        that can't use the web or travel for training. Training funds to
        address skill gaps of production employees that are critical for
        an AbilityOne Product contract. 1. Provide appropriate
        networking skills training. 2. Understanding and appropriately
        matching persons w/disabilities to job skill requirements. 3.
        Training for new supervisors on different disabilities that may
        be experienced with employment in the workplace. 4. A class
        on how to make all the employees effective "salespeople" to
        create more business so we can create more jobs if we are a
00033   producing CRP.
        Contract language and changes. We spend to much time
        meeting ever changing contract requirements and paperwork
00034   that has no connection to the product.
00035   Technical support for new types of products.
00038   NA
        How to improve production efficiencies with individuals with
00039   challenging .
00040   Assembly and light manufacturing.
00041   Finding appropriate business opportunities.
00046   N/A
00049   Process flow and leadership training
00050   How to expedite the process for approval
00051   Market analysis with competition
        Costing and, a better understanding of the manufacturing
        process by AbilityOne Staff personnel for realistic coordination
        between the producing facility and Government Contractor
00052   expectations.
00053   Modernization of equipment
00055   N/A
00058   N/A
00062   N/A
00066   N/A
00067   N/A
        We need to learn something new. We have not had a new
00069   product opportunity for years.
00070   N/A
00072   N/A
00073   Managing costs.
00074   Do not provide products
00075   How to generate more NISH product business
00076   N/A
00079   N/A
00080   Ergonomics and adaptive technology
00081   NA
00083   N/A
00087   Computer skills. Pricing and costing.
        For our AbilityOne PRODUCTS contracts our greatest learning
        needs are with regards to providing accommodations to
00089   increase our production capability.
00092   N/A
00093   N/A
00094   N/A
00095   N/A - still in acquisition process.
00097   N/A
00100   N/A
00103   DOL, Time Studies (web based), assistive technology
00109   Quality
00110   N/A
00112   N/A
00113   Yes
        Creating assistive technology for the lower functioning
00114   individuals, to help them become more productive.
00115   None
00117   Marketing.
00118   N/A
        Understanding government requirements, specifications, and
00119   procedures.
00120   N/A
        N/A Would be interested in where to make future investments
00122   to grow product contracts.
00123   Political advocacy to maintain them.
00129   How to get a contract
00130   NA
00134   N/A
        Knowing and understanding the AbilityOne contract, reporting
00135   and compliance requirement.
00136   Meeting product specifications.
        How to actually receive an order for items on the procurement
00137   list.
00138   Attaining and maintaining customer satisfaction.
00139   Contract management
        We have several small, seldom utilized/ordered products -- we
00140   have had for years no training needs.
00144   Lean ISO9000
00145   Adapting to the environment
00147   N/A
00157   New lines of business training.
00158   no product contracts
00159   Costing
00163   Interacting with the government.
00166   N/A
00167   N/A
00168   N/A
00170   Job bidding and price packaging.
00171   NA
        Communication between entities, predicting future
        orders/available inventory, how to obtain additional sizes for
00173   our product.
00176   No product contracts
00182   Marketing.
00186   N/A
        How to best price and secure service contracts and Marketing
00188   existing contracts.
00196   N/A
00197   None identified at this time
        Keeping contract management up-to-date on AbilityOne
00198   requirements
00199   N/A
00201   N/A
00206   N/A
00208   FAR clauses
00209   N/A
00210   More of them
        At this time we are not performing AbilityOne Products
        contracts. Our Goodwill has not had an AbilityOne Products
00211   contract.
00215   We are performing none
00220   NA
00223   N/A
00224   Training around specific new product lines.
00225   NA
00226   Not sure
        How to develop new business opportunities. How to better
        serve the customers we currently have. How to grow more
00228   AbilityOne jobs.
00229   N/A
00232   N/A
00233   See Question 5: Sewing skills. Mechanic skills.

00236   N/A
00241   Packaging engineering
00242   N/A
00244   N/A
00246   Training skills
00248   N/A
00249   N/A
00251   Landing new contracts for products(responding to RFP).
00252   N/A
        How to navigate and increase the speed of getting the contract
00254   paperwork completed
00259   Not applicable
00261   Error prevention and identification
00262   Time studies work area layouts lean work sites
00267   NA
00270   Not at the present, But would like a product contract.
00273   N/A
00278   N/A
00282   N/A
00285   Contract Admin
        Inventory control and purchasing, increasing production
00286   efficiency
00287   N/A

        Need a good technical training on accurate labor time analysis
00289   on a sewing garment, similar to the one TC2 offers.
00290   N/A
00295   Varies
00297   N/A
00302   More sewing projects.
00305   N/A
00307   N/A
        How to effectively familiarize managers with products offered
00309   by the various contracts produced.
00313   N/A
00316   We have no products and want to develop them.
00317   N/A
00318   None
00321   N/A
00322   N/A
00326   N/A
00330   N/A
00335   None
00337   None
00338   Networking with NISH
00340   N/A
00342   Improving negotiation skill to enhance success.
00347   N/A
00350   We do not have products
00355   Project management.
00356   N/A
00358   New contracts, additional or an increase in current work orders
00361   No product contract.
        Need to learn more about marketing corrugate products to the
00370   government.
00373   NA
00386   NA
00388   N/A
00389   N/A
00390   Not applicable
00392   N/A

        How to convince administration of née state that sheltered
00401   employment is a valued program towards employment goals.
00402   Pricing
00404   N/A
00409   NA
00412   N/A
00414   N/A
00416   NA
00419   N/A
00421   N/A
00425   N/A
00427   N/A
00428   QC and production efficiency
00430   Quality control.
00431   N/A
00434   N/A
00437   Keeping up with technology
00438   Securing labor intensive contracts.
00439   N/A
00442   N/A
00444   Lean mfg People-to-people skills
00445   No
00446   NA
00447   N/A
00448   NA
00453   Identifying new opportunities that are a good fit.
00454   NA
00455   N/A
00457   N/A
00460   No needs
00463   None at this time
00464   ISO; Inventory
00466   N/A
00468   N/A
00471   N/A
00472   N/A

        See above as we only do products: Trying to know all of the
00474   purchasing agents and having them understand the process.
00477   MODAPTS Pricing
00478   Quality control
        MODAPTS/Sewing MODAPTS Costing/Financial as related to
00480   sewing products Quality training, including ISO
00483   Maintaining quality and efficiency
00484   N/A
        Process improvement to increase capacity and maintain price
00486   model to meet customer demands.
00489   N/A
00491   No
00492   D.O.L sub-minimum wage issues
00493   Opportunities for products contracts.
00495   N/A
        Producing quality product that can win the approval and favor
        of the customer produced at 100% congruency with the
00499   customers needs and expectations.
00504   We do not currently have a products contract.

        We need orders. Small simple products contract has
00509   presented no learning needs beyond what we already have.
00511   N/A
00512   N/A
        The CRP's are required to have professional and degreed
        personnel within the respective industries. AbilityOne should
        be do the same, it's the only way both will be successful and
00513   create jobs with real opportunity.
00514   NA
00517   N/A
00518   How to sell.
00519   Contracting skills
00520   N/A
00521   N/A
        Training on how to quickly navigate the mountains of
00523   documents when searching for A1 opportunities.
00526   N/A
00527   Securing the bid
00532   N/A
00534   N/A
        Already listed: Staff training on individuals disabilities. Staff
        training on how individuals disabilities affect their daily
00535   production. Staff training on accessibility.
00436   Piece rate calculations
        Casting, Quality, Understanding the needs of the Customer.
00256   Expanding product line.
QUEST                 Q11. LOB1                          TRAINING NEEDS FOR LOB1

00356   ADMIN SERVICES                         Contract management in multiple locations
00385   ADMINISTRATION                         Marketing
                                               Specific training in the office environment our
00307   ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES, VAMC          people are working in
                                               How to move people into permanent federal
00058   ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT                 positions with the organization.
00197   ANY PRODUCTION LINE OF BUSINESS        How to obtain new business opportunities.
                                               Need a good technical training on accurate labor
                                               time analysis on a sewing garment, similar to the
00289   APPAREL MANUFACTURING.                 one TC2 offers.

                                               No real training needed, just need to learn how to
                                               more effectively communicate why the NISH fee is
00461   ARMY HOUSING MANAGEMENT                required and how that benefits the services.
00251   ARMY TABLE PRODUCTION.                 Understanding why RFP tag requirements.
                                               Quality Assurance Requirements and product
00135   ASSEMBLY                               labeling/shipping requirements.
                                               How to identify which items on the procurement list
                                               are appropriate for the current workforce attending
00389   ASSEMBLY/DISASSEMBLY                   the Day Programs.
00309   BOX CRATES (NAVY)                      Measurement and specifics.
                                               Securing additional business & how to combine
                                               physical locations for one regional/district customer
                                               into one 'account' contract with flexibilities to add
00322   BUILDING & GROUNDS                     locations on ad hoc basis.
00473   TRAILERS                               Quality Control

00518   BUSINESS                               How to run a business as opposed to a workshop.
00318   CLEANING                               Better bidding process
00416   CLEANING
00424   CLEANING BUILDING FASTER               Working with subcontractors
                                               How to complete bidding, cleaning techniques,
                                               available inexpensive technology to complete
00122   CLEANING/JANITORIAL                    above and to track work....
00233   CLOTHING AND TEXTILE SEWING            Sewing skills.
                                               As previously stated: Greater understanding of the
                                               impact of some of the latest hospital linen and
                                               chemical requirements and their impact on linen
00429   COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY OPERATIONS          and equipment life.
00201   COMMISSARY                             Keep up with current trends for modernization
00209   COMMISSARY                             Pricing
                                               Best practices for Shelf Stocking techniques, and
00269   COMMISSARY                             warehousing techniques
                                               How to operate within a budget and develop
00452   COMMISSARY                             positive relationship with the government.
                                          Other contract opportunities associated with the
00468   COMMISSARY                        commissary
                                          How to manage the job and meet the time
00202   CONTACT CENTER                    Operations-daily. Negotiating prices.
                                          Sales and Marketing (that is the need -- I am not
00411   CONTACT CENTER AND TELESERVICES   sure "training" is the answer.)
00116   CONTACT CENTER SERVICES           Development of contracts.
                                          Rules, Regulations, Legal Issues pertaining to
00137   CONTACT CENTERS                   calling or receiving calls.
                                          CON 100 Business Development How to work with
00275   CONTRACT MANAGEMENT               Veterans organizations to staff positions
00340   CONTRACT/JOB BIDDING              Contract bidding for new janitorial contract
                                          Need more marketing training, and need to learn
                                          more about related box business opportunities
00370   CORRUGATE BOX MANUFACTURING       such as packaging supplies.
00285   CORRUGATED BOXES                  Contract admin / government regs

                                          Keep abreast on legal requirement. Impact of Gov't
00521   COURIER CONTRACT.                 shutdown and how it effects CRP and employees.
00423   CRP / PERFORMING                  More on line opportunities.
00438   CUSTODIAL                         Local Custodial Training
00528   CUSTODIAL                         Industry certifications, project Management
00010   CUSTODIAL                         Time saving methods

00435   CUSTODIAL                         Environmental compliance, bio-based chemicals,

00264   CUSTODIAL                         None at this time

00066   CUSTODIAL                         Measuring worker performance and productivity.
                                          Continuation of training as the industry changes
00526   CUSTODIAL                         methods, chemicals, etc..

00448   CUSTODIAL                         Standardized/systemic cleaning procedures

00211   CUSTODIAL                         Strengthening government customer relationships

                                          Like to see NISH offer (subsidize) the Certified
00347   CUSTODIAL                         Executive Housekeeper (CEH) course.
00312   CUSTODIAL                         Certifications
00421   CUSTODIAL                         Green cleaning
00348   CUSTODIAL                         Green cleaning; Managing Costs
00498   CUSTODIAL                         Time Studies specific to job tasks
00178   CUSTODIAL                         Floor care
00225   CUSTODIAL                         Contract modifications; time/cost management
00484   CUSTODIAL                         FLOOR CARE BEST PRACTICES

                                          Green Cleaning Floor Care Technician Certification
00038   CUSTODIAL                         Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Technician
00034   CUSTODIAL                         How to do more efficiently
                                            Supervisory custodial training within closer
00095   CUSTODIAL                           proximity.
                                            Quality Control Beat Produces. Assisting
00487   CUSTODIAL                           Supervision.

00074   CUSTODIAL                           Use of green products
00062   CUSTODIAL                           Operational efficiencies
00079   CUSTODIAL                           Training on floors, custodial team cleaning
00167   CUSTODIAL                           Customer Relations
00203   CUSTODIAL                           Customer relationship management
                                            Updated available equipment and techniques to
00335   CUSTODIAL                           ensure highest of quality.
00354   CUSTODIAL                           Green initiative
00443   CUSTODIAL                           Quality assurance
                                            Technical training, such as floor care Quality
00454   CUSTODIAL                           Assurance methods
00517   CUSTODIAL                           New chemicals & equipment

00520   CUSTODIAL                           Understanding the Fair Wage and hour guidelines
00159   CUSTODIAL -                         Managing Contract Modifications and reductions

00205   CUSTODIAL / GROUNDSKEEPING          Equipment maintenance
00377   CUSTODIAL AND COMMISSARY            Floor care best practices
                                            "Green Cleaning" techniques, training, and
00432   CUSTODIAL AND JANITORIAL SERVICES   certification criteria.
00511   CUSTODIAL CONTRACT                  Time studies

                                            Carpet and Floor Cleaning, Green Cleaning,
00100   CUSTODIAL CONTRACTS                 Increasing productivity and Customer Satisfaction.

00008   CUSTODIAL SERVICES                  Customer Service Quality Management
                                            Negotiation Pricing Quality Improvement/Best
00323   CUSTODIAL SERVICES                  Practices
00398   CUSTODIAL SERVICES                  None

00231   CUSTODIAL SERVICES                  Equipment improvement and efficiency techniques
00220   CUSTODIAL SERVICES                  Green cleaning and cost to do so.
00291   CUSTODIAL TRAINING.                 Adequate client Training.
                                            The changes that the government make and how
                                            to incorporate them without causing more work on
        CUSTODIAL, GROUNDS CARE AND         existing staff or hiring more staff to perform to the
00316   MAINTENANCE                         newest requirements.
00117   CUSTOM CLEANING.                    Industry Improvements.
00075   DENTAL PRODUCTS                     FDA compliance
00455   DFA                                 Food sanitation

00474   DIGITAL IMAGING                     Everything about the process
                                            Marketing to private sector. Marketing through
00180   DIGITAL IMAGING.                    state use.
00185   DINING HALL                        Pricing in a FTI environment
00472   DINING SERVICES                    We have that down
                                           How to obtain government contracts for this area
00210   DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION               for this service
                                           As I said before-expanding the volume of business
00532   DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION               and marketing
                                           Attracting and managing a sales force. Sales and
00031   DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION               marketing 101; business development
00057   DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION               Business development
00143   DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION               Marketing
                                           Tapping into the market given our existing
00236   DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION               environment.

00242   DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION               On-going expertise about HIPPA and the industry.
                                           Developing and implementing document
00287   DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION               destruction business, proper equipment
00406   DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION               Sales

00249   DOCUMENT IMAGING                   Sales and marketing of services
00400   DOCUMENT IMAGING                   Line of business skills
00305   DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SERVICES       Where to find contracts
00504   DOCUMENT STORAGE AND DESTRUCTION   Best practices and confidentiality
                                           Training for those who desire upward mobility in
00014   FACILITIES MAINTENANCE             the high-skilled trades.
00248   FACILITIES MANAGEMENT              Preventive maintenance
00428   FACILITY MAINTENANCE               QC
                                           How to sell fleet management to AbilityOne
                                           customers. Basics of fleet management. Using
00127   FLEET MANAGEMENT                   veterans for fleet management.
00028   FOOD PACKAGING                     Regulatory quality procedures

                                           Sustaining services while facing outside challenges
00267   FOOD SERVICE                       both financially and contractually

                                           Assistance with securing grants for capital
                                           purchases, Common Accommodations for people
                                           with disabilities, Safety training, safe food handling
00089   FOOD SERVICE                       practices

00493   FOOD SERVICE                       Air Force Food Service Transformation
                                              Keep up with latest methods and training for this
00114   FOOD SERVICE                          line of business.

00175   FOOD SERVICE                          Supervision
                                              Federal performing primary Line of Business that
                                              we are performing for AbilityOne what do you need
00186   FOOD SERVICES                         to learn?
00035   CUSTOMER SERVICE                      Customer service
                                              Making the that training is adequate before start-up
00332   FUTURE BUSINESS = VEHICLE WASHING.    Best Practices = Steam Cleaning.
                                              Arborist, irrigation systems, and landscape. How to
00329   GROUND MAINTENANCE                    bid on none AbilityOne contracts.
00092   GROUND MAINTENANCE                    Best practices, emerging trends
00431   GROUNDS                               How to build a training and safety manual.
00109   GROUNDS                               Safety; Quality
00112   GROUNDS MAINT.                        Continuing education within the field.
                                              Quality work performance during times of reduced
00064   GROUNDS MAINTENANCE                   budgets.

00393   GROUNDS MAINTENANCE                   How to grow the business and get more contracts
                                              Best practices managing govt contracts customer
00072   GROUNDS MAINTENANCE                   service
00478   GROUNDS MAINTENANCE                   Trade skills
00373   GROUNDS MAINTENANCE                   None
00290   GROUNDS SERVICE                       Certification
00096   GROUNDS SERVICES                      How to improve on quality of service delivered
        HOUSEKEEPING/TOTAL FACILITY           Getting individuals with disabilities licensed and
00145   MANAGEMENT                            certified in the trades.
00129   PAST 18 MONTHS
00358   HOW TO GET NEW OR MORE CONTRACT       Same as above: Getting new work

                                              Need to understand how others are working in
        HOW TO SPREAD THE BUSINESS TO         other areas and states and meeting ratios and
00302   I DON'T KNOW.
00502   JANITORIAL                            quality

00404   JANITORIAL                            None needed
                     We have been doing this line of business quite
                     successfully for the last several years. I think if
00025   JANITORIAL   anything the training would be maintaining quality.
                     Team Cleaning, including certification on key
00514   JANITORIAL   functions such as floor care
                     Provide Janitorial Skills Training through Internet
00317   JANITORIAL   so staff and clients can train at their own pace.
00232   JANITORIAL   developing ops for advancement
                     New equipment, chemicals and techniques to work
00434   JANITORIAL   faster/smarter/cost efficient
00512   JANITORIAL   Quality Control
00442   JANITORIAL   Best practices
00172   JANITORIAL   Innovation Cost Containment
                     Best practices and industry trends in janitorial
00441   JANITORIAL   services; industry certifications
00196   JANITORIAL   management training
00456   JANITORIAL   Time management.
00013   JANITORIAL   None
                     Time Class room setting Use the Leading Library
00427   JANITORIAL   more

                     negotiation, proposal, market, new cleaning
00099   JANITORIAL   equipment, techniques
00213   JANITORIAL   New technology and methods
00017   JANITORIAL   Green tech
                     Chemicals - work so as not to be intrusive - floor
00026   JANITORIAL   care.
00067   JANITORIAL   N/A
00090   JANITORIAL   Marketing business to non-government areas
                     customer service, running lean, managing within a
00094   JANITORIAL   contract
                     Supervisor mentoring /training. Diversity and
00134   JANITORIAL   disability awareness.
                     Green cleaning, new cleaning
00187   JANITORIAL   techniques/equipment
                     Janitorial cleaning on general cleaning and special
00229   JANITORIAL   janitorial niches
00244   JANITORIAL   customer relations
00255   JANITORIAL   None
00257   JANITORIAL   "How to" trainings
00262   JANITORIAL   chemical usage methods
00391   JANITORIAL   Improve productivity
00409   JANITORIAL   green line of products
00516   JANITORIAL                          work task analysis and time study implementation
                                            Floor Care Training - Stone or Terazzo Green
00176   JANITORIAL AND LAWN SERVICES        Cleaning Industry Standards
00126   JANITORIAL CONTRACT                 Quality control.

                                            How to maintain efficient communication when the
00206   JANITORIAL CONTRACTS                Contract officers change frequently.

00174   JANITORIAL IN A NEW FACILITY        New equipment and methods

00069   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 Project Management
                                            Current is a very small contract served 2 days per
                                            week. Would be helpful to know how others
                                            incorporate small contracts into a larger program
                                            so that a worker will have more than 15 hours per
00018   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 week.
                                            Better (more efficient) cleaning techniques, green
                                            products, latest equipment (probably need a blog
00263   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 versus actual training sessions)
                                            Training on anything that has changed in the last
00171   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 year
00259   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 none

00168   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 None at present.
00083   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 assessing readiness for employment
                                            Maintaining janitorial equipment Best janitorial
                                            equipment for a reasonable price Proper cleaning
00193   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 techniques Proper scheduling
00250   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 Managing the contract
                                            Objectifying work outcomes as seen from the
00253   JANITORIAL SERVICES                 customer's perspective

00357   JANITORIAL WORK                     Green products. Floor care
00004   JANITORIAL/GROUNDS KEEPING          managing customer expectations
00070   VARIED PRICING OF GROUNDS WORK.     More training for efficiency in grounds keeping
00080   LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE               service costing and quoting
00265   LANDSCAPING                         how to do it effectively and efficiently
00077   LANDSCAPING/C27 QUALIFICATIONS      Skills/Equipment maintenance

00258   LAUNDRY
00507   LAUNDRY                             Linen utilization

00068   LAUNDRY                             Support techniques for non rehab staff.
00503   LAUNDRY                             Calm Certification Training
00300   LAUNDRY                             have a good operations management system
                                            a. Business development best practices for non-
                                            AbilityOne projects. b. Marketing benefits of the
                                            AbilityOne program, including market price
                                            competitiveness and overcoming prevalent
00386   LAUNDRY & LINEN SERVICES            misconceptions.
                                                How to develop a pricing strategy, as well as
00120   LAUNDRY OPERATIONS                      regulations/guidelines updates.
00476   LAUNDRY SERVICES                        way to cut cost.
                                                Job Shadowing Specific Training to start the
00224   LAUNDRY SERVICES                        business

                                                We are solid in this area, but it would be a plus for
                                                our employees and site supervisors to understand
00328   LAWN MAINTENANCE                        all aspects and importance of their work.
00226   LEATHER MANUFACTURING                   efficient set-up and workplace controls

00081   MAIL                                    None

00282   MAIL CENTERS                            Mail Center Operations
                                                How to upgrade and automate the skills without
00110   MAIL DISTRIBUTION                       eliminating key positions on contracts.
00449   MAIL ROOM MANAGEMENT                    marketing this to customers
00158   MAIL SERVICES                           none
00343   MAILROOM                                How to manage a mailroom
                                                1) Leasing up to date processes on line. 2) Latest
                                                product availability on line. 3) Performing a
00330   MAINTENANCE/JANITORIAL                  maintenance contract during daytime.

                                                See previous answer: Communication between
                                                entities, predicting future orders/available inventory,
00173   MANUFACTURING                           how to obtain additional sizes for our product.

00535   MARKETING; PROJECT MAN                  Increasing individual productivity
                                                No training really needed other than how to
                                                respond to the AFTI and preserve jobs for disabled
00311   MESS ATTENDANT                          workers
                                                Helping individuals with disabilities to start their
00351   MICRO ENTERPRISE                        own small businesses
00208   N/A
00425   N/A                                     N/A
00271   N/A
00337   N/A
00466   N/A
00278   N/A NO CONTRACT                         N/A

00344   NONE
00276   ORDER FULFILLMENT                       performance standards
00486   PACKAGING                               Best practices
                                                Sales forecasting Marketing to military customers
00087   PACKAGING AND DISTRIBUTION              who do not buy from DLA
                                                  See answers to #10. Learn how to come up with
                                                  people or ways to develop new products or find
                                                  more existing product needs that we can fulfill.
                                                  More business!!! Also, see #2.3, #5.3, #6.1, #6.2,
                                                  #6.3, #6.4: Lack of internal training resources for
                                                  production employees that can't use the web or
                                                  travel for training. Training funds to address skill
                                                  gaps of production employees that are critical for
                                                  an AbilityOne Product contract. 1. Provide
                                                  appropriate networking skills training. 2.
                                                  Understanding and appropriately matching persons
                                                  w/disabilities to job skill requirements. 3. Training
                                                  for new supervisors on different disabilities that
                                                  may be experienced with employment in the
                                                  workplace. 4. A class on how to make all the
                                                  employees effective "salespeople" to create more
        PACKAGING, ASSEMBLY, FULFILLMENT AND      business so we can create more jobs if we are a
00033   FABRICATION                               producing CRP.
00523   PALLETS                                   Nothing more needed
00450   PATIENT ESCORT SERVICES                   NA
                                                  Improve quality of services (runs completed in a
00252   PATIENT ESCORT SERVICES                   timely manner)
00483   PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING                 Process control
00052   PALLETS                             NONE

00136   PRODUCT                                   How to Expand
                                                  Assistance in learning how to effectively identify
                                                  viable product line(s) in our geographic location--
                                                  including potential business partners. With this
                                                  complete, specific training associated with the line
00457   PRODUCT                                   of business.
00182   PRODUCT EXPANSION.                        Marketing.
        PRODUCT WORK I.E. ASSEMBLY,               Contract set-up bidding on jobs quality assurance
00166   PACKAGING ETC.                            programs i.e.. ISO compliance
00286   MANUFACTURING                        Production scheduling and inventory control
                                             Marketing government products to the commercial

00513   PRODUCTION OF UGRA - MEAL KITS            Need better connections to hire Wounded Warriors
00261   PRODUCTS                                  error prevention and identification
00144   PRODUCTS                                  Lean Manufacturing
00170   PRODUCTS                                  Job bidding and price packaging.
00492   PRODUCTS CONTRACTS                        D.O.L. sub-minimum wage issues

        QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN JANITORIAL          the current trends and practices of competitive
00499   SERVICES                                  Janitorial operation
                                            QUALITY LEAN MANUFACTURING COST
00093   SCANNING(HOPE TO IN THE FUTURE)     proposal writing, pricing

                                            How to grow the business. How to use the
00293   SECURE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION         AbilityOne model to secure State Agency business.
00365   SECURE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION         Sales and Marketing
                                            How to successfully identify and access the proper
                                            people within the various federal
        SECURE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION         agencies/departments so we can discuss with
00390   (PRESENTLY PROVIDE)                 them using our shredding services.
00281   SEE #10

00036   SERVICE                             Follow along year bidding
00130   SERVICE                             Finding additional janitorial contracts

                                            How to deliver the best quality services. Quality
00350   SERVICE CONTRACT                    control measures
                                            Federal regulations, contract overview, time
00101   SERVICE CONTRACT                    studies.

00163   SERVICE CONTRACTS                   Management and supervisory skills development
00139   SEWING                              Efficiency/productivity

                                            HOW TO PROCURE CONTRACTS IN THIS
                                            AREA AND HOW TO FIND AMERICAN
00469   SEWING                              SUPPLIERS FOR TEXTILES.
00123   SEWING                              Efficiencies
00103   SEWING                              Assistive Tech
00444   SEWING                              Lean mfg New technology
                                            locating materials in an international market;
00241   SEWING                              automation equipment
00480   TYPES                               Costing/Quality/FAR/Time Studies

00228   SEWN PRODUCTS                       Business development. Job Creation.
00169   SHREDDING                           Efficiency

00495   STOCKING                            product coding material handling inventory control
00113   SUBCONTRACTING SERVICES             Quality
00464   SUNSCREEN                           ISO Preparation
00016   TEXTILE MANUFACTURING               product diversification.
                                            Transitioning from fairly simple sewing operations
                                            to more complex textile product needs with a
        TEXTILE PRODUCTS: HOSPITAL DUTY     workforce of individuals with limited cognitive
00049   TEXTILES                      R&D
00053   TEXTILES                      Automation
00260   TFM                           Everything!

00148   TFM                           Managing teaming relationships
00372   TFM                           Overall Mgmt.

00419   TFM                           How to better connect with NISH regional staff.
00437   TFMS                          QA and scheduling

00501   TFMS                          Enforcing FLSA 14(c) requirements for all skills.

                                      TFM training for Executives, Managers, and Front
00133   TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT   Line supervisors.

00027   TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT   Attending classes now.
00392   TOTAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT     certification standards
                                      101 type course with case study of real situations
00353   TOTAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT     and issues
                                      total facility management, we have good
                                      experience in janitorial and some in total facility
                                      management and would like to learn more about
00422   TOTAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT     this line of business
00019   TOTAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT     subcontracting managing multiple customers
                                      How to find great partners to execute broad
00430   TOTAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT     customer needs.
00051   UNDERSTANDING PRICE POINTS    Negotiation skills
                                      Obtaining as many as relevant training as possible.
                                      Both management and hands on including new
00489   UPDATED CLEANING TECHNIQUES   equipment and materials.
00295   VARIES                        Varies
00453   VINYL LABEL HOLDERS           N/A

00362   WIPING CLOTH.                 Maintaining skills/efficiencies when contract lapses.
00060                                 Inventory management
00382                                 Contract development
                   LOB2                TRAINING NEEDS FOR LOB2
                              Need to develop total facilities management
CUSTODIAL                     services


CLEAN BY STEAM CAR WASHING    Customer Service and marketing

SECURE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION   Marketing/developing commercial business

SECURE SHREDDING              Developing non governmental market for services
GROUND JACK PAD.              RFID usage (why).

TIRE KITS (ARMY)              Specifics.

                              Security needs, keeping up with safety and
MAILROOM OPERATIONS           technology...
N/A                           N/A

ASSEMBLY                      New trends for our specific location
CUSTODIAL                     Quality Assurance; Green

JANITORIAL                    Best practices for cleaning
                              Training and knowledge on what it takes to
SWITCHBOARD OPERATIONS        How to motivate workers in a shift environment.

CUSTODIAL CONTRACT            Very little training is required in this area.
MAIL ROOM/CLERICAL SERVICES   Contact center business development
FULFILLMENT                   Management of a fulfillment center, software

PACKAGING/FULFILLMENT         Systems operations.

TASK ANALYSIS /BREAKDOWN      Learn to break down task for janitorial contract

                              Work flow systems, since we have never done
KITTING                       kitting; Quality assurance systems for kitting.

ASSEMBLY/PACKAGING            Securing labor intensive contracts
CFM/BOS CONTRACTS             Industry certifications, project Management
COMMISSARY                    Increased productivity
                              Correct stocking procedures, forklift, warehouse
COMMISSARY                    management
                              1) Scheduling of employees in an environment with
                              significant swings in product volume on a daily

CUSTODIAL                     Skill training for those with intellectual disabilities.

DIGITAL                       Continuous training as technology improves

DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION          Operational procedures

DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION          Certification(s)

                              Don't need technical training. Need leadership
FLEET MANAGEMENT              training for the emerging supervisors.
FOOD SERVICE                  more opportunities
GROUNDS MAINT                 Environmentally sensitive service provision
LANDSCAPING                   Securing new contracts
LAUNDRY                       Safety, customer service
LAUNDRY                       General contract management
MAIL ROOM                     NONE

MAIL SERVICES                 Customer Service/Quality
PRINTING                      Trend changes
                             All -- from preliminary to acquisition and
PRODUCTS                     completion.

SHREDDING                    Marketing. Productivity.
                             How to organize and implement the site
SITE MANAGEMENT              management contracts

FOOD SERVICE                 Inventory Controls
HOSPITAL HOUSEKEEPING        Estimating and costing
                             Running a document destruction program security
DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION         specifics of document destruction

                             All phases of training as this is will be a new line of
DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION         business for our organization.
                             Pricing Quality Improvement/Best Practices Turf
LAUNDRY                      Piece work

MAIL SERVICES                Customer relations. Workplace adaptation
NA                           N/A
LAWN MAINTENANCE.            Skills Development
                             We need to learn how to develop a line of
                             products. We have the ability to do the work, the
                             desire, people, space but need to identify the
PRODUCTS                     widget (s).

JANITORIAL                   Green cleaning
                             How will we know if it is profitable and is their a
                             task analysis of the jobs to be performed. We can't
                             get $99.00 for a car when they only receive $61.00
STEAM CLEANING               in Fargo.

FLEET SERVICES.              Basic maintenance. Auto computer diagnostics.
BASE WIDE CUSTODIAL           Intro. and time studies
                              How to expand this product as a "set aside" to
FIBER ROPE ASSEMBLY           other government agencies
                              Overall training and sessions at national
LAUNDRY                       conferences.

PRODUCT MANUFACTURING         Sales and marketing 101; business development

                              Best practices; business plan development;
SERVICE CENTER                resources required to start a service center

FOOD SERVICES                 Social entrepreneurship

CUSTODIAL                     QC

N/A                           N/A

                              How to find opportunities / market development.
CALL CENTER                   Basics of LOB.

                              Federal Government security clearance
                              requirements/access to facilities of program
CUSTODIAL                     participants.

                              How to secure new AO GM contracts in Hawaii and
                              the Pacific basin, New business opportunities
                              outside of GM in Hawaii and the Pacific basin,
                              Available incentives that would promote the
                              expansion of the AO program into local
                              government and businesses, NISH to open an
                              office in Hawaii that services the entire Pacific
                              basin, Assistance with securing grants for capital
                              purchases, Common Accommodations for people
                              with disabilities, Safety training, vehicle
GROUNDS MAINTENANCE           maintenance, equipment maintenance.

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE           Certification in grounds maintenance/landscaping
                                        Learn how to assist lower functioning people with
                                        disabilities by creating assistive technology. What
MANUFACTURING                           new technology is out there that we can start with.
                                        How to identify and develop new business
PACKAGING                               opportunities

                                   Continues assistance from NISH SSNs to expand
JANITORIAL SERVICES                business.
SPECS EVERY TIME.                  Quality

N/A                                     N/A

DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION                    How to get started and needs in this area
JANITORIAL                              Best practices, emerging trends
CUSTODIAL                               How to build a training and safety manual.
CUSTODIAL                               Safety; Quality
CUSTODIAL                               Continuing education within the field

COMMISSARY SHELF STOCKING               Working effectively with DECA personnel.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT                     How to get federal customers
                                        Prime/ Sub-contractor relationship Best Practices
FOOD SERVICES MESS HALL                 Labor Management - staffing
JANITORIAL                              trade skills
JANITORIAL                              None

CUSTODIAL SERVICES                      How to improve on quality of service delivered

HOW TO GET NEW OR MORE CONTRACT         Same as above: Getting new work

HOW TO MARKET                           Products.

                                        Business concepts of standards in this area that
HEALTHCARE LAUNDRY                      apply to assist in bidding process

CONTACT CENTER                          Customer service
                                        Getting AbilityOne contracts and Certification
DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION                    requirements
                                     We just started this line of business in March of
                                     2010, it is building quite well, but has not "taken off"
                                     yet, although we have NAID certification. Our key
                                     personnel have taken the NISH Document
                                     Destruction Bootcamp. Now I think we need more
DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION                 training
                                     Cradle to grave on entire process & procedures
DOCUMENT SERVICES                    including equipment, labor, etc...

DOCUMENT SHREDDING                   Security/Chain of Custody Training
FOOD SERVICE                         Best practices, cost containment
                                     Same as #1: New equipment, chemicals and
GROUNDS MAINTENANCE                  techniques to work faster/smarter/cost efficient
GROUNDS MAINTENANCE                  Customer Service.
LANDSCAPE                            Best practices
LANDSCAPING                          Cost containment

LAWN CARE                            Industry certifications; best practices
MAILROOM                             Compliance and time study
PRODUCTS                             Contracts
                                     Same as above: Time Class room setting Use
TOTAL FACILITIES MGMT.               the Leading Library more
                                     Negotiation, proposal, market, new cleaning
                                     equipment, techniques and other trainings that are
                                     required and/or that will assist in obtaining a
VEHICLE WASHING                      Establishing contracts and technical training
                                       Current NISH offering: Document Destruction
DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION                   Operations

                                       Start up of the service, Certification of our agency,
                                       equipment needs, and development of contracts
SECURED DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION           within our region.

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE                    New training as it applies to specific types of work
                                       Project identification, implementation and
FIRST SERGEANTS BARRACKS               management

                                       Need to know what the real need is. We have the
                                       capacity do to microfilm, microfiche, and digital
                                       reproduction, but don't know if and where the
IMAGING                                government has a need for this service.

                                       Again we know job inside out; a blog to share
MAIL ROOM SERVICES                     information with other mail room sites?

                                       How to develop opportunities for addition(s) to the

SEWN PRODUCTS                       Growing the business

CUSTODIAL                              How to be effective and efficient
CUSTODIAL                              Human Resources Management
                                       Managing a custodial business Green cleaning
CUSTODIAL                              techniques
CUSTODIAL                              Floor care

FED CONTRACTS                          Janitorial- support techniques for non-rehab staff.
FOOD SERVICE                           NA
FOOD SERVICES                          Have a more well defined orientation program
                                       a. Business development best practices for non-
                                       AbilityOne projects. b. Marketing benefits of the
                                       AbilityOne program, including market price
                                       competitiveness and overcoming prevalent
FACILITIES                             misconceptions.
                                     New regulations (green products, etc.), best
CUSTODIAL                            practices.
HOPE TO GET A PRODUCT SOON           How to price products

                                     Quality control and best practices in regards to
                                     customer satisfaction. Methods and techniques to
JANITORIAL                           maximize productivity.

                                     Development for Federal, State and Commercial
CALL CENTER/CONTACT CENTER           customers
                                     Warehousing Procedures Safety Procedures
WAREHOUSING                          Inventory Systems
                                     More Contracts/Training for skills for individual
JANITORIAL                           cleaning on contracts.

DUPLICATING SERVICES                 None
OTHER CLERICAL-TYPE WORK             Any relevant training

                                     FLOORING REPAIR / DEMOLITION /

                                     Improving efficiency with major PWS components
CUSTODIAL/JANITORIAL SERVICES        (i.e. floor care)

N/A                                  N/A


TEXTILE PRODUCTIONS                  Best practices and product development.
                                     Marketing to military and civilian personnel on the
FOOD SERVICE                  NA

SECURE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION   Managing workforce efficiency

                              Our NISH staff are able to answer most of our
SERVICES                      questions.

NEW PRODUCTS                  Procurement, Billing, Tracking.

ASSEMBLY                      Lean.

SERVICES                      Error prevention and identification

CUSTODIAL CONTRACTS           New products, methods available

                              How to develop and expand new food service
FOOD SERVICE                  business under AbilityOne program.
                                         Same as LOB#1, (How to grow the business. How
                                         to use the AbilityOne model to secure State Agency
                                         business) although, thanks to the State Purchasing
                                         Contract we have just entered into partnership with
                                         Office Depot to build remanufactured cartridges for

                                         Have been to one training, but need more info
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT (HOPE TO             about how this business works and what it would
PROVIDE)                                 take for us to be successful.

                                         How to get your first products contract with
PRODUCTS                                 AbilityOne

                                         How to procure a production contract. What types
                                         of contracts would fit with government agencies in
                                         our area and what type of equipment/skills would
PRODUCTION CONTRACT                      our workers need to fulfill

155 HOWITZER PALLETS                     Raw material yield

                                         HOW TO SET UP AND OPERATE A CALL
                                         CENTER; HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN
CALL CENTER                              FOR A CALL CENTER
CHAIN PRODUCTION                         Efficiencies
CUSTODIAL SERVICES                       Assistive Tech, DOL
FOAM FABRICATION                         Lean mfg New technology

                                         Same as above: Costing/Quality/FAR/Time

STEAM WASHING/CLEANING                   How to develop and market this new opportunity.

JANITORIAL SERVICES                      Project management
JANITORIAL                               Janitorial Certifications
CUSTODIAL                                Pricing methods.

EXPLORING DOCUMENT SCANNING LINE OF Introduction to Document Scanning and Operations
BUSINESS IN THE FUTURE              course (boot camp)
FLEET MANAGEMENT                   R&D
LOGISTICS                          Automation
CUSTODIAL                          Latest trends
                                   Incorporating new technologies which will reduce
CUSTODIAL SERVICES                 operating expenses
HFCS                               Multiple site Mgmt.
LANDSCAPING.                       How to connect with the customer.
FOOD SERVICE                       Certification training
                                   Use of automated quality control programs.
                                   Reporting data to government customer and
JANITORIAL                         corporate office
EFFICIENCY/RE: EQUIPT, PRODUCTS,   Any training in primarily custodial related topics
STANDARDS, ETC.                    offered locally.

FIRST SERGEANT'S BARRACKS          Dormitory style management classes
                                   We need all training available pertaining to this
CUSTODIAL                          Leadership quality
                                   101 type course with case study of real situations
HOSPITALITY SERVICES               and issues

SECURE DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION        Sales in private sector hands on sales trainings

VARIES                             Varies

Grounds Maintenance                Managing contract. Quality. Equipment.
                                   Safe food mgt practices
               LOB3                   TRAINING NEEDS FOR LOB3
                            Development of a secure mail operation for an
MAILROOM OPERATIONS         existing contract as a pilot program.

TOTAL FACILITY MANAGEMENT   Continue to obtain certifications and experience

SHREDDING                   Obtaining contracts, pricing, bidding, techniques...
                              How to choose equipment that will increase
JANITORIAL                    efficiency.


SHREDDING                     Basic training.

FOOD SERVICE                  Sensitivity training Disability documentation


                              Potential line of business - broad range of
TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT   training/support that NISH seems to have in place

DOCUMENT SCANNING             Business development and operational procedures

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE           Best practices
                              Quality stuff (like ISO 9000). More specifically,
                              sharing good ideas like how to integrate technology
ALL                           into ISO 9000 (handhelds, etc.).

CONTRACT CLOSEOUT             Contract closeout specific training

LAUNDRY                       Certified Laundry and Linen Management
                               All -- from preliminary to acquisition and

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES        Finding work in community.

KITTING                        Work flow structures

                               Maintaining supply and demand requirements Total
BUILDING PALLETS               Quality Management Customer Service

COMPLETE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT   HVAC training Electrical Parking Lot Maintenance

SHELF STOCKING                 How to bid this work and make it successful
NA                             N/A


MAILROOM                      Continue staying abreast of best practices

CUSTODIAL                     Efficiency

N/A                           N/A

                              Learning how to roll our diverse experience into a
TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT   comprehensive TFM contract.

                              Assistance with securing grants for capital
                              purchases, Common Accommodations for people
                              with disabilities, Safety training, safe chemical
BUILDING/FACILITY SERVICES    handling practices, construction safety
COMMISSARY SHELF STOCKING,    Training and assistive technology to increase shelf
CUSTODIAL, WAREHOUSING        stocking productivity
                                    How to identify and develop new business opp.
FACILITIES MANAGEMENT               Best practice in TFM

N/A                                 N/A

FACILITY MANAGEMENT                 To complete the establish training program.
FOOD SERVICE                        Best practices
SERVICE BUSINESSES                  Training for OSHA.

DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION                Developing a business structure.
                                    Developing an effective marketing program for car
CAR WASHING                         washing.

LABOR                               Leadership

HOW TO GET NEW OR MORE CONTRACT     Same as above: Getting new work

MORE STAFF AND TRANSPORTATION FOR   The money to secure more staff and transportation
CLIENTS.                            for clients.

MAILROOMS                           Lean organization
TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT   All technical and contract training


MAILROOM OPERATIONS           Software

WOODWORKING                   Marketing of products
PRODUCTS                      Contracts
                              Same as above: Time Class room setting Use
ADMIN. CONTRACT               the Leading Library more
                              Negotiation, proposal, market, new cleaning
                              equipment, techniques and other trainings that are
                              required and/or that will assist in obtaining a
BARRACKS/HOSPITALITY          contract.
                                  Project identification, implementation and

                                  Would hire and train for potential new work that
                                  would create jobs and training for people with
OPEN TO NEW                       disabilities.






                                  a. Business development best practices for non-
                                  AbilityOne projects. b. Marketing benefits of the
                                  AbilityOne program, including market price
                                  competitiveness and overcoming prevalent
CALL CENTERS                 Customer Service Representative Training

ADMINISTRATIVE (DOD)         More contracts!!! Clerical training for staff.

SUPPLY SERVICES              None

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE          No training needed at this time

N/A                          N/A

CONSULTING                   Start-up

TERMINAL LUG MANUFACTURING   Identifying similar terminal lugs used by the military.

NO OTHER AT THIS TIME   None at this time

LAUNDRY                 New products, methods available

                        Strategies of penetrating mail service markets or
                        businesses of government agencies /customers.
                        out sourced functions of governmental agencies on
MAIL SERVICE            behalf of the government..
                                    HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN FOR E
                                    WASTE RECYCLING. WHAT LEVEL OF
                                    SECURITY/CERTIFICATION IS REQUIRED TO

SHIP'S AC FILTERS                   Lean mfg New technology

                                    Same as above: Costing/Quality/FAR/Time

DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION                How to develop and market this new opportunity.

MFG                                 ISO

EXPLORING VEHICLE WASHING LINE OF   Fleet Maintenance - vehicle washing introduction or
BUSINESS IN THE FUTURE              certification course
PLASTICS / RECYCLING        Technical and Equipment
PEST MANAGEMENT             Obtaining AbilityOne contracts

CUSTODIAL                   Cost cutting

                            Food service trends. Flexible menu planning with
FULL FOOD SERVICE           Government customer.


                            101 type course with case study of real situations

VARIES                      Varies

Janitorial                  Improves efficiency and quality.
 QUEST                                         NISH HELP
         A list of current Federal buildings and contract contact people to propose
00512    AbilityOne services.
00305    Assist with contract identification for document management services
00498    Assist with contract procurement
00358    Assistance from NISH to get new or expanded work opportunities

         Assistance with making key contact connections in these sectors. Introductions,
00050    guidance to the appropriate decision maker based on LOB etc.
         Assistance with the location of specific Janitorial projects within the Denver Metro
00206    area.
00105    Easier access to potential contracts
00473    Finances and help securing contracts
00062    Find out when contracts are coming up for bid.
00302    Finding more sewing contracts.
00295    How to get the work we identify.
00126    How to procure contracts.
         In order to expand our organization NISH can help by providing training on how to
         secure additional contracts and to maintain current productivity levels while
00089    expenses increase during the expansion period.

         It would be helpful to know where and when subcontracting opportunities are
         available and when and if a prime is seeking strategic partnerships with other
         CRP's. Financial aid with new LOB start up is always most appreciated and
00311    oftentimes essential in getting off the ground with an expansion.
         Need to be able to find and respond to more potential government contracts.
00300    NISH has the contacts.
00171    Need to know what contracts are available in our area.
         NISH can provide more janitorial and shredding opportunities in the community,
00317    like for federal offices, and recruiting offices.
00063    NISH could help with providing available contracts.
         No further comment, see previous answers: How to grow the business and get
00393    more contracts.
00185    Obtaining and setting aside new contracts
00265    Procurement of contracts/sales
00438    Securing labor intensive contracts
         Understanding how to access AbilityOne Contracts- how is the decision made to
00231    use one organization over another.
         How to find the right fit for us with the right business or government entity. We
00252    haven't seem to made the match!! But we have a lot to offer.

         How to obtain new business and approach the WPAFB which is tough to work
00532    with and better communications with AbilityOne document destruction staff
00110    Procurements and solicitation trainings; other vendors who want partnership.
00349    We need to find more opportunities
         What is needed by the federal government agencies in my area, and what would
00424    I need to be able to offer this to them
00281    Advice on marketing
         Continued Procurement Assistance for Federal Service Contracts as offered by
         CRP Opportunities on the Ability web site. Expand the marketing tools provide by
         NISH to include federal HAYSTACK data access. Provide low-cost financing
00186    equipment or vehicles.
00064    Developing a compelling marketing message.
00074    How to develop and implement a successful marketing plan and effort
00188   How to get our existing products on the open market.
00261   How to get that appointment.
00004   How to sell in a competitive environment
00257   How to sell our services to the private sector
00289   Improve our ability to "Sell" our services.
00011   Make initial contact with customer to introduce scope of AbilityOne.
00090   Marketing
00143   Marketing
00285   Marketing
00297   Marketing and Sales
        Marketing and selling in the non profit operation. From understanding what
        appeals to the customer, to assuring a competent operation for customer
00025   satisfaction.
        Marketing and Strategy planning to grow patient escort services in the
00450   commercial sector.
00167   Marketing and Web development.
00205   Marketing for a new contract. Partnering with other CRPs
00398   Marketing our company
        Marketing skills; development of marketing materials; HELP PAY FOR THE ISO
00088   Marketing Strategies.
00437   Marketing techniques
00187   Marketing techniques
00093   Marketing techniques, networking, specific contacts
00478   Marketing training
00211   Marketing, Quality Control, Certifications
00080   Marketing, service costing, retail/wholesale distribution channels
00117   Marketing.
00487   Marketing. Customer Loyalty.
00266   More marketing to government
        More sales trainings and industry specific- with more mentoring and follow up
00422   from NISH staff
00421   New marketing approaches
00136   Private sector = community education. Promotion of work for people.
00406   Sales
00365   Sales & Marketing
00210   Sales and marketing
00523   Sales and Marketing skills
        Same as last question - Marketing; Project Management; Increasing Individual
00535   Productivity

        Successful marketing within and outside government. How to use various tools.
00122   Successful strategies. Pinpointing possible needs in our geographic area etc.
00236   Tap into the market given our existing environment.

        The market potential, target market and strategies of acquiring added business
00499   through networking, direct marketing and partnerships and other resources.
00053   Offer more sales, marketing and business development training

        1. Continue and expand facilitation of meetings between CRPs and contracting
00208   activity 2. Continue to expand lines of business applicable to rural areas
        1:1 consultation re business plans, marketing strategies, specific to our org and
00232   geographic location
        A marketing how-to check list for small agencies without a marketing department
00241   best practices in starting and running a mobile janitorial workforce
        a. Business development best practices for non-AbilityOne projects. b.
        Marketing benefits of the AbilityOne program, including market price
00386   competitiveness and overcoming prevalent misconceptions.
00518   Business and advertising fundamentals.
00072   Business development - new LOB, Negotiation skills
00262   Business development, contract writing, negotiations
00356   Business development for commercial and government contracts
00439   Business Development.
00041   Business development. Managing multiple projects.
00448   Business management skills, leadership, and business development
00502   Business plan research and development
00099   Business plan, negotiation, proposal, marketing
00416   Business planning
        Business planning, development and sales pose the greatest training needs
00134   today.
00347   Business plans and cash
        Call center business plan development; subcontracting with government prime
00268   contractors
00385   Develop NPA specific sales plan and sales literature.
        Developing or designing a business plan for opportunities we do not have a
00049   current competency
        How to grow a business; learning what contracts are in the area and how to go
00083   for them!
        How to research and develop a new product; how to learn about new NISH
        product opportunities more quickly; How to brand what we do and get the word
00033   out more effectively.
00534   How to write quality business plans

        I think, just like any business, we need to have a formal strategy to expand our
        businesses. Right now I feel we are totally dependent on two employees to grow
00293   our businesses and that is not fair to them...or an effective way to grow!
00471   Job Development.
00127   Market development.
00203   New business development techniques Writing business plans
        NISH can't; they currently do not have anyone within the organization that has
        any background or understanding of real business practices from the commercial
00513   industry.
00224   Planning for business growth
00076   Strategic development fundamentals general business development
00504   Access to bids
00040   Access to employers with employment opportunities for our clients.
00460   CRP's don't necessarily need more training as much as more opportunity.
00253   Employment opportunities in our service area
00446   Expanding the business requires more opportunity.
00357   Find us more opportunities within our region.
        Finding and bidding on contracts. This is difficult in our area due to lack of
00425   government contracts available.
00377   Greatest LOB opportunities and ways to gain core competencies.
        Guidance on how to best look for opportunities in our area, resources to utilize,
00120   etc.
00197   Help us to identify and secure NEW opportunities!
        How and who to access within the various federal departments/agencies so we
        can discuss providing shredding services. There also seems to be a disincentive
        for our Atlanta business development staff to help us. We have been told that
        part of their performance appraisal (and possibly salary) is dependent on how
        many jobs are created. Since document destruction contracts tend to be small,
        there is no incentive for NISH staff to expend their efforts to try to open doors for
00390   us.
        How do we directly reach federal buyers. Techniques to support out of area
00172   contracting.
        How do we go about learning about new opportunities that we could be a part of
00220   in our area?
        How to get NISH to be responsive to our wish to have more contracts. Service
00361   and/or product.
00066   How to identify opportunities locally.
        How to identify what the Federal government is buying so we can produce it and
        get in on the procurement list. We are partnering with another business and
00316   have plans for Nichol Hansma to assist us in this endeavor.
00163   How to read and interpret government contracts on FedBizopps.
00258   Identify new or unmet needs for government entities
00113   Identify unmet needs & viable fits within our region or location
00515   Identifying potential accounts
        Keep us aware of new opportunities that may arise on the left coast. Product
00174   availability is scarce out here.
00415   List of current and possible projects
00442   Locate new opportunity
00354   Locate opportunities in our territory,
00454   More detailed information about opportunities and consultation.
00215   Need more opportunities and assistance in meeting those opportunities
        Need to know what opportunities are available, need to learn how to quickly
00260   assess the feasibility of a new LOB for our agency.
        NISH could find more product opportunities. Not everyone is located near a base
00342   or has opportunities for service jobs.
        Notification of contract availability and assistance in obtaining and submission of
00100   bids.
00412   Opportunities in our area.
00016   Subcontracting; service opportunities in our area
00201   To know what's available per our location
00344   Understanding what is suitable for our CRP
00292   Unfortunately, what CRP's need is more business opportunities to train for.
        We need to identify the opportunities within the NISH program that would fit with
        our CRP. The NISH program for posting opportunities is already assisting us to
00321   see what is out there.
        We need to know where to find the opportunities. We also need training on the
00328   contracting process.
00233   What are the AbilityOne Program opportunities?
00278   What areas to explore in an economically depressed area.
00520   What is available, after which the training needs would become apparent
00026   What kinds of contracts and products are available.
00410   What's available? What's in area to look at. When contracts become available.
        Where the contracts might be. Seems like a portion of our product is given to an
00474   agency, sort of spreading it around. The work is too sporadic.
        Who are the federal customers we have in our area and how do we approach
00058   them.
00140   We would need to be able to cross GII territorial lines
00073   Advocate when quoting against the bigger organizations
00032   Again pricing
00434   Bidding
00527   Bidding process
00318   Bidding process
        Contract pricing, increasing productivity, marketing our services and
00229   understanding expansion opportunities
00166   Contract procurement procedures job set-up bidding practices
00060   Costing information
        Costing. Preparing response to an RFP that is competitive and acknowledges
00018   real costs. Can't afford a leader contract which loses dollars.
00443   How to bid
00340   how to bid on new contracts remote sector janitorial
        How to compete with larger, more financially capable, and more broadly
00432   established entities for new AbilityOne Contracts.
00193   I would need to know ''How to Bid" properly.
00101   Managing AbilityOne contracting, and federal contract pricing.
00096   More information and tools on how to accurately bid on jobs.
00209   More knowledge of commercial pricing.
00051   More specific understanding of other CRP's involved
        Need to learn more tips on being the successful bidder without the project going
        into the red. It is getting more and more difficult, especially when it comes to
00118   expendable supplies and the rising costs.
        Partnering with NISH officials and present a "team approach" when negotiating
00199   for the contract.
00511   Product/ Service bidding
00075   Provide the opportunity to bid on more product contracts
00251   Responding to RFP's
00449   The pricing model
00476   Training on cost savings and pricing
00414   Training on costing, bidding, estimating
00528   Work Breakdown (estimating tools)
00338   As much as I can learn.
00388   Current Available opportunities to expand our services
00168   Development/discovery of expansion/addition of opportunities.
00180   Expanding beyond Federal markets for digital imaging.
        Exposure to new LOBs and introductions to commercial businesses looking to
00275   partner with NPAs
        Grassroots training on searching for products, and training in responding to
        requests for proposals. MAJOR HURDLE is "Small Business set-a-sides" which
00052   do not permit facilities to be considered.
00135   How can that avenue be approached? Technical assistance?
        How does a CRP recognize what new line of business would be a good fit for
00228   them, and then how do you develop this new opportunity?
        How to best manage direct labor hours and ratio when you only need temporary
        labor because of fluctuation of material volume. Maybe assist in starting another
00027   company.
        I need to know the people being in charge of developing this line of business.
00419   NISH must be receptive to small CRP's.
        Identify needs of the federal customer and how to develop product lines. We
00323   have some funds to develop and/or obtain capacities.
        In what kinds of businesses are their opportunities for expansion and NISH
00255   contracts
00112   Information on acquiring product contracts.
00350   Knowledge of products that are needed that we could produce
00198   Learn new skills that are consistent with emerging opportunities
00095   Market analysis.
        Mentoring to move forward on process of obtaining additional sizes and
00173   potentially other products within sector that are available.
00013   Product contracts
        We could benefit from Mentor Protégé arrangement but identifying an opportunity
00069   will be challenging.
00225   We need to know what options we have to grow product sales
        We need to learn about new opportunities that are available in new lines of
00114   business and see if it is a fit for our company.
00452   We would need specific training in the new line of business.
        What AbilityOne opportunities are available in this area other than the few
00067   janitorial contracts and what are the requirements for them?
00378   What other opportunities does AbilityOne offer.

        What types of strategic alliances are necessary to develop new lines of business.
00501   How to strategically expand staff to meet merging business opportunities.
00445   Where to look for more sites
00263   Who to talk to; customer base expansion
00363   Would like to add products to AbilityOne Programs.
00391   Would to know the process for obtaining a product contract
00139   Access to the commercial marketplace.
00402   Commercial/private sector mentoring/partnerships
        Developing collaborations with the private sector; business development
00441   execution
        Document Imaging private sector business development aids would be of
00133   particular use.
        Fundamental understanding of partnering between CRP and commercial/private
00039   business
        How does the AO program and its requirements translate outside of Federal
        Contracts? Qualifications of program participants and the appearance of
00267   competitive employment if moved to jobs in the commercial/private sector.
        How to build relationships with NISH and the commercial sector working with
00137   AbilityOne. Which people to talk to in what department.
        How to change over from the AbilityOne Program work in order to compete in the
00329   commercial and private sector.
        How to develop and leverage relationships in the business community and how to
00175   turn those into an AbilityOne contract.
        How to find, evaluate and take advantage of business opportunities that are
        potentially available through the AbilityOne Program, and Marketing them
00483   commercially
00182   How to partner with existing business, financing.
00250   How we can market our services to the private sectors
00130   More demonstration projects outside of the government funded contracts

00370   Need to learn more about partnering agreements with private sector companies.
00248   Partnering with commercial enterprises
        There are many commercial sector companies who sell products to the military.
        The most important thing we need to learn is how to take market share from
        those commercial companies so we can increase sales of our PL items. We also
        need to learn how to sell to those commercial companies so we can increase
        sales of our PL items indirectly to the military customers who do not buy from
00087   DLA.
00404   Document Destruction training

00202   More hands on for specific LOB's- two day seminars are limited in usefulness.
00103   More web based DOL training and assistive technology training
00038   NISH currently helps with webinars, trainings and personal visits.
00055   Professional training in the LOB.
00392   Total facility management training

        Training on how to help the customer understand it is a great business practice to
00430   hire people with disabilities. A webinar series for this subject would be great.
00169   Training sales personnel and making them productive
00427   Use the Lending Library more, Training of all Staff

        How can we better access more in-house governmental production contracts, in
00492   our rural setting, and could we do that cooperatively with other area CRP's
        How to develop Partnerships and Sub/Prime relationships with other AbilityOne
00493   Producers and Private Firms
00353   How to partner with larger NPA's on their extensive projects
        I/We need to partner with the larger Goodwill Organizations in the Southeast in
00447   order to grow our business.
        Most of the AbilityOne products are one of (a flash light or a tape dispenser) to
        sell commercially you need a line of flashlights or similar products. NISH can
        bring together CRPs who may have products that would work well together when
00007   marketing to the commercial sector.
        1) How to increase military (contract) budgets. 2) How to advocate for contracts
00330   in new areas (i.e. rug care).
00249   Already noted the need to learn about how to operate a service center
00371   Call Center exploration
00435   Facilities management, HVAC systems, Building Operations

00526   Franchising, Sells and Marketing, Scanning, Document Storage and Product
        Great potential in the Commercial Sector for Call/Contact Center. This fits the
00081   individuals we serve.
00373   How to get started in the facilities management business
        Inventory control/material handling How to develop a product line. (Currently all
00495   work we do is "service.")

        Looking at 2 areas of expansion: 1. Expand green clean into the
        commercial/private sector to expand opportunities. For this endeavor, assistance
        from NISH with sound contract negotiations and sales skills would be the most
        helpful. In addition, assurances of best practices for quoting and on-going
        management. 2. Development of product line(s). Need to know how to efficiently
        identify potential commercial partners for either co-branding under AbilityOne or
        developing a commercial line. Assistance from NISH in these initial steps as well
        as identifying product experts to bring on board to assist with start-up and future
        new line development.
00470   Market research, Customer Service
        Product line training, we need to understand the details of the business before we
        get involved. What do the commercial counterparts deals with, those types of
00034   questions
00348   Recycling
        Same as above: Developing and implementing document destruction business,
00287   proper equipment.
00094   See above: Customer service, running lean, managing within a contract.
00070   Small engine repair. Grounds keeping techniques
00464   Steam cleaning - interest in this

00282   Total Facilities Management Army Barracks Management Chain Management
        We are interested in expanding into document management, document
00158   destruction, call center. You do provide some training in those areas.
00276   We want to expand into document destruction.
00521   What kind of expansion opportunities are available in document destruction.
        Availability to more special loan/grant offers would help as we expand equipment
00242   and specs.
00429   Creative ways to raise capital
00159   Financial assistance programs and training programs available
00503   Financial help NISH can give.
00382   Funding and financing
00307   Need money for equipment purchase and building leasing
00147   Provide grants
00036   Seed money to begin private sector business

        Sources of Business Start Up Funding. Identifying shipping and handling needs,
00389   especially since none of the Day Programs are located near a military installation.
        Tax credit and incentives for business owners to employ individual with
00097   disabilities.
00290   Training funds (vouchers)
00337   At capacity

        Balancing the technical workforce of a commercial/private sector company with
00157   the NISH ratio and DOL regulations that may include prevailing wage pay.
00431   Best Practices.
00148   Best ways to tap the wounded warrior talent pool.
00453   Can't think of any

00176   Can't think of anything extra that NISH is currently doing or is currently available
00264   Continuing discussion with NISH in region and national level
00351   Customized employment, discovery
00517   Do not know
        Enhanced communications and more clarification around business systems and
00021   processes related to the AbilityOne Program
        Finding a combined customer base when single agencies don't have the level of
00213   need to contract the service.
00472   Further understanding regarding base wide operations (custodial)
00362   General brochure about the benefits of NISH partnership.
        How to financially manage the contracts so that they are feasible for the
00082   organization to operate
00035   How to get more from our existing contracts
00428   How to identify NSNs and take to next level
        How to motivate prime vendors. Helping the disabled is not consistent.
00312   Contractual requirement is motivating.
00343   How to purchase supplies and equipment in a more cost effective manner
00466   I need more communication with NISH.
        Increase the number of individuals at the organization that can seek out
        additional contracts. Increase the number of individuals that understand the
00179   complexity of bidding contracts and managing contracts
        It is imperative that the company obtains all information about the job nature of
00489   the business, primary strategies it's operating procedure & impact of risk.
00309   It's always good to understand products and/or services offered.
00019   Managing growth
00010   Marketing to people with disabilities the importance of work
00077   Need Management Development/Skills/Quality
00516   New leadership needs basic structure and expectations

00145   NISH can help by assisting CRP's identify best practices and expand upon them
00506   NISH needs to be a more responsive organization.
00335   No expansion planned in the next couple of years.
00455   Not sure

        Obtaining new product opportunities through the NISH system is time consuming
00196   and we have spent many hours on a project only to lose it to another CRP
00170   Overview of government contracting for CRP.
00123   Political advocacy to maintain them.
00092   Project management, efficient operations, supervision
        Same as above-keeping up with changing equipment/products. Efficiency
00273   improvements
00046   See previous: TFM and HES
        Successfully performing more services/responsibilities for Customer while being
00514   paid less. Best practices on efficiencies.
00423   Suggestions from NISH on what training would be helpful?
        To be able to take my experiences as the Federal Government Security
00223   Clearance person and to have my own business.
        We are well informed regarding what is required to expand in the AbilityOne
00014   Program.
        We don't know the answer to that. I would think that is an area of expertise of our
00115   NISH rep. NO?
00286   We have adequate capacity in this area
00468   What differentiates commercial contracting from other sectors?
00017   What happens to Government E waste
00440   What is the plan of action
        How to obtain more NISH contracts, how to better market our products and
00436   services to government agencies
00256   Who are the customers and what products do they need.


American training resources
Chamber of Commerce
College of Direct Support web program
County risk management for safety, NAID
E Learning
Goodwill Industries International
Goodwill International
Grant consultants
I think we used to take advantage of NISH trainings more. these are just different and difficult times.
Internal organized from community resources
Local community agencies and colleges
Local High School Career Center
Medical personnel
Nonprofits that specialize in trainings SCORE (the retired executives program) Colorado Nonprofit Association
The Community Resource Center AmeriCorp
On-line subscription services
online use of College of Direct Supports
Opportunities have only been possible in the last year so I cannot adequately answer this question. NISH and for-
profits have been utilized on occasion in the past.
Professional Associations
Social Security; Ticket to Work Trainings
State Association; Community Mental Health (Consumer specific); but no training for Business in the real world
Technical assistance providers and consultants
United Way
Webinars; city cert/emergency responders.






Executive Asst
Office Manager along with the Executive Director.
Office Manager
Production Assistant
Admin finance support
Office Manager/HR Clerks (*Retiring in one month.)
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
Vice President
Jason Frey - Vice President of Sales and Marketing Barbara LeDuc - President Traci Logothetis-Government
Contracting CSR
Vice President
Acting VP of Development and Rehabilitation
VP of Operations and Director of contracts
For NISH/AbilityOne- Dolly Sedwick Vice President of Contracts
V.P. for Contracts
VP of Contracts
Vice President, Commercial Services
Executive Director & the Safety/Training Coordinator
President and CEO
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1. IDC Administrative Services Director 2. IDC Compliance Coordinator
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Human Resources: Kim Fleck, HR Manager Bonnie Sprague, HR Assistant
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We have three: Human Resources Manager, HR coordinator, and HR Assistance
HR Director
Director of Operations/Programs
Director of client services.
Director, Beyond Limitations Career School
Support Services Director
QWE Director. This is a new position and only recent activity has been recorded.
Director Program Development, Quality Assurance Health & Safety Departments.

Human Resource Director Corporate Compliance officer Director of Development
Director- Skills Development
Director of Contracts
Director of Staff Development
Dominique Harvey, Janitorial Manager
Education Coordinator
Administration, Program Managers
Staff Development Manager
Director of Organizational and Employee Development
Contract's Support Services Coordinator
Director of Vocational Services
QA Development Coordinator
Director of Compliance
Director, Research and Development
Director of Career Development & Learning
Director of Organizational Development
Director of Quality Assurance
Director of Program Administration
Production Manager
Julie Roloff, Director-Contract Sales.
Director, Quality & Continuous Improvement
Regional Manager; also shared with Director of Organizational Development
Program Director
Food and Beverage Director
Administrative Executive
Safety and Quality Assurance Manager/Staff Training Coordinator

Director of GCS
Kay Tonkinson, Site Manager
Director of Operations
Director of Corporate University
Organizational Development Manager
Director of Finance & Administration
Director of Workforce Development
Program Director
Staff Development Coordinator
Staff Services Manager
Medicare Coordinator
Dir Work Services & Operations
Director of Programs
Operations Manager
Director of Rehabilitation Services
Administrative manager
Office Coordinator
Development Officer Administrator
Support Specialist
Director of Employee Care
Office Administrator and the Plant Manager
Program Manager.
Vocational Coordinators
Quality Assurance Manager
Director of Rehab.
Business Manager
Director of Quality Control
Director of Program Services and HR
Training Director
Training Manager
Director of Training and Performance Management
Training Coordinator
Training and Development Coordinator
Training and development Coordinator
Training and Development Specialist
Assistant Executive Director of Staff Training and Quality Assurance.
Training and Development Specialist
Training Coordinator/HR Assistant
Training Coordinator
Training Manager Human Resource Manager
Training Director
Procurement and Training Coordinator
Training Coordinator
Training Coordinator
Director of Training
Training Manager
Training Coordinator
Training Manager
Veronica Herrera, Corporate Trainer Gregory Mathes, Dir. Special Projects & Prog. Develop.

Staff trainer and executive director as well as HR
Staff training, compliance and QC manager
Training Coordinator
Training Manager
Human Resource Department/Training Section
Director of Training
Training Manager
Administrative Assistant /Training & Safety
Staff Trainer
Training Coordinator
Vice President of Employment & Training
Training Coordinator
Director of Training
HR Training Specialist
Training Coordinator
Training Coordinator
Training Coordinator
Training Specialist
Training coordinator
Director of Training
Training Manager
Director of QA & Training
Training Director
Director of Training
Training Coordinator
Staff Development and Training Manager
Training Coordinator
Director of Training and Development
Director of Job Readiness Training
Director of Training.
Behavior Specialist/Training Coord.
Training Coordinator
Training Director
Training Director
Staff Trainer
Training Coordinator
Training Coordinator
Director of Training and Compliance
Training Coordinator
Deputy Director
Deputy Director
Assistant Director
Deputy Director
Assistant Director

Associate Director and Program Director
Case Manager

It is one on at the division level
Abby Crowley
Kim Nowell
Chief Administrative officer
Willie Walker
Contracting Team
Internal Case Manager
This is a shared task between several staff
Contracting Officer
Mission Services staff
                      EMAIL ADDRESS; and
Steven G. Meilleur <>
currently in transtion
Barb Gabri
use mine
1. 2. and
Rachel Hough 1000 Liberty Ave Room 103 Wm Morrhead Fed
Building Pgh, PA 15222 and
elizabeth rosarion work services division fegs health and
human services system 315 hudson street 2nd floor new
york, new york 10013
QUEST                             Q17. TOP CITY #1
00004   Portland, Oregon
00007   Salt Lake City
00008   Portland OR
00010   Anchorage, AK
00011   Seattle WA
00012   Seattle, WA
00013   Eugene
00014   San Francisco
00016   Salt Lake City
00017   LA
        Chicago - I'm afraid I have stayed away from any travel because no
00018   one else in the agency can afford to go anywhere.
00019   DC
00021   Washington DC
00025   Portland, OR
00026   Sacramento, CA
00027   Charlotte, NC
00028   Albany NY
00031   Hartford, CT
00032   Boston, MA
00033   Indianapolis, IN
00034   Washington DC
00035   Philadelphia
00036   St. Louis, MO
00038   Detroit, MI
00039   New York, NY
00040   Milwaukee
00041   Seattle, WA
00049   Saginaw, MI
00050   Washington DC
00051   Chicago, IL
00052   Green Bay, W
00053   Syracuse, NY
00055   Las Vegas NV
00057   Albany, NY
00058   Albany, NY
00060   Baltimore, MD
00062   Atlanta, GA
00063   Dallas, TX
00064   Los Angeles, CA
00066   Boise, ID
00067   Grand Rapids, MI
00068   Dallas, TX
00069   Denver/Colorado Springs, CO
00070   Virginia (Anywhere)
00072   San Diego, CA
00073   Albany, NY
00074   Orlando, FL
00075   Ithaca, NY
00077   Los Angeles, CA
00079   Houston, TX
00080   Los Angeles, CA
00081   Tampa or Orlando, FL
00082   Denver, CO
00083   Burlington, VT
00087   Raleigh, NC
00088   Washington DC
00089   Honolulu, HI
00090   Dallas, TX
00092   Seattle, WA
00093   Washington DC
00094   New York, NY
00095   Syracuse, NY
00096   Kahului, HI
00097   Phoenix, AZ
00099   New York, NY
00100   Oklahoma City, OK
00101   Salt Lake City, UT
00103   Detroit, MI
00105   Chicago, IL
00109   Atlanta, GA
00110   Atlanta, GA
00112   Las Vegas, NV
00113   Buffalo, NY
00114   San Francisco, CA
00115   Nashville, TN
00116   Chicago, IL
00117   Albany NY
00118   Pittsburgh, PA
00119   Washington, DC
00120   Omaha, NE
00121   Albany, NY
00122   Chicago, ill or surrounding suburbs
00123   Chicago, IL
00124   Phoenix, AZ
00126   Minneapolis, MN
00127   Pittsburgh, PA
00129   Atlanta, GA
00130   Philadelphia, PA
00133   Atlanta, GA
00134   Philadelphia, PA
00135   Orlando, FL
00136   Seattle, WA
00137   Hawaii, HI
00138   Los Angeles, CA
00139   Indianapolis, IN
00140   Nashville, TN
00143   Chicago, IL
00144   Denver, CO
00145   Boston, MA
00147   New York City, NY
00148   Atlanta, GA
00151   Dallas, TX
00157   Midway International Airport - Chicago, IL
00158   Virginia
00159   Dallas, TX
00161   Dallas, TX
00163   Boston, MA
00166   Detroit, MI
00167   Pittsburgh, PA
00168   Nashville, TN
00169   Las Vegas, NV
00170   Los Angeles, CA
00171   Chicago, IL
00172   San Francisco, CA
00173   Hartford, CT
00174   San Francisco, CA
00175   Norfolk, VA
00176   Chicago, IL
00178   Minneapolis, MN
00179   Seattle, WA
00180   Salt lake City UT
00182   New York, NY
00185   Dallas, TX
00187   Cleveland, OH
00188   Washington DC
00190   Jackson, MS
00193   Atlanta, GA
00194   Jackson, MS
00196   Syracuse, NY
00197   Kansas City, MO
00198   San Antonio, TX
00199   Washington DC.
00201   Los Angeles, CA
00202   Denver, CO
00203   Washington DC
00205   Seattle, WA
00206   Denver, CO
00208   Charlotte, NC
00209   Charleston, SC
00210   Jacksonville, FL
00211   Washington DC
00213   Tallahassee, FL
00215   Atlanta, GA
00220   Orlando, FL
00223   Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia area
00224   Kansas City, MO
00225   Dallas, TX
00226   Indianapolis, IN
00228   Washington DC
00229   Columbus, OH
00231   Los Angeles, CA
00232   San Francisco, CA
00233   Fort Smith, AR
00236   Washington DC
00239   Norfolk, VA
00241   Philadelphia, PA
00242   Chattanooga, TN
00244   Minneapolis, MN
00246   Fort Wayne, IN
00248   El Paso, TX
00249   Denver, CO
00250   Los Angeles, CA
00251   Atlanta, GA
00252   Charlotte, NC
00253   Portland, ME
00254   St. Louis, MO
00255   Chicago, IL
00257   San Francisco, CA
00258   Detroit, MI
00259   Buffalo, NY
00260   Washington DC
00261   Miami, FL
00262   Atlanta, GA
00263   Cincinnati, OH
00264   Chicago, IL
00265   Pittsburgh, PA
00266   Dallas, TX
00267   Chicago, IL
00268   Los Angeles, CA
00269   Atlanta, GA
00271   Miami, FL
00273   Baltimore, MD
00275   Chicago, IL
00276   Washington Metro Area
00278   St. Louis, MO
00281   Seattle, WA
00282   Atlanta, GA
        No Preference- Topics of the training is the deciding factors for us
00283   not the location.
00285   Raleigh, NC
00286   Rochester, NY
00287   Dallas, TX
00288   St. Louis, MO
00289   Prefer East coast location.
00290   San Diego, CA
00291   Seattle, WA
00293   Dallas, TX
00295   Louisville, KY
00297   Cincinnati, OH
00300   Las Vegas, NV
00302   Oklahoma City, OK
00305   Chicago, IL
00309   Shreveport, LA
00311   Las Vegas, NV
00312   Oklahoma City, OK
00313   Indianapolis, IN
00316   Columbus, OH
00317   Las Vegas, NV
00318   Milwaukee, WI
00321   Washington DC
00322   Phoenix, AZ
00323   Chicago, IL
00326   Virginia
00327   San Antonio, TX
00328   Houston, TX
00329   Miami, FL
00330   Boston, MA
00332   Chicago IL
00335   Atlanta, GA
00337   Charleston, SC
00340   Seattle, WA
00342   Milwaukee, WI
00343   Providence, RI
00344   San Jose, CA
00345   Portland, OR
00347   Seattle, WA
00349   Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
00350   Minneapolis, MN
00351   Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX
00353   San Antonio, TX
00354   Baltimore, MD/ Washington DC
00355   Charlotte, NC
00356   Atlanta, GA
00357   Hilo, HI
00358   Virginia
00361   Ontario, CA
00362   Baltimore, MD
00365   Chicago, IL
00370   Dallas, TX
00371   Philadelphia, PA
00372   Dallas, TX
00373   Chicago, IL
00377   Charlotte, NC
00378   Charleston, SC
00382   Phoenix, AZ
00385   San Francisco, CA
00386   San Diego, CA
00388   Miami, FL
00389   Greenville, SC
00390   Tampa, FL
00391   Richmond, VA
00392   Atlanta, GA
00393   Seattle, WA
00398   Seattle, WA
00399   Seattle, WA
00400   Chicago, IL
00401   Honolulu, HI
00402   Atlanta, GA
00404   Milwaukee, WI
00406   Atlanta, GA
00407   Albuquerque, nm 3 1/2 hours a way.
00409   Chicago, IL
00410   Savannah, GA
00411   Philadelphia, PA
00412   Chicago, IL
00414   Norfolk, VA
00416   Chicago, IL
00419   San Diego, CA
00421   Vienna, VA
00422   New York, NY
00423   Pittsburgh, PA
00424   Seattle, WA

00425   Omaha, NE
00426   Lafayette, TX
00427   Chicago, IL
00428   Chicago, IL
00429   Indianapolis, IN
00430   Minneapolis, MN
00431   Atlanta, GA
00432   Biloxi Gulfport, MS
00434   Phoenix, AZ
00435   Atlanta, GA
00437   Washington DC
00438   No preference
00439   Kansas City, MO
00440   Chicago, IL
00441   Chicago, IL
00442   Fresno, CA
00443   Boston, MA
00444   Atlanta, GA
00445   Chicago, IL
00446   Jacksonville, FL
00447   Orlando, FL
00448   Anaheim, CA
00449   Dallas, TX
00450   Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
00452   Minneapolis, MN
00453   Chicago, IL
00454   Denver, CO
00455   Seattle, WA
00456   Houston, TX
00457   Baltimore, MD area
00460   Atlanta, GA
00461   Honolulu, HI
00463   Los Angeles, CA
00464   Orlando, FL
00466   Denver, CO
00468   Dallas, TX
00469   Kansas City, MO
00470   Atlanta, GA
00471   Las Vegas, NV
00472   Los Angeles, CA
00473   Atlanta, GA
00474   Depends on the training
00476   New Orleans, LA
00477   Richmond, VA
00478   Austin, TX
00480   Chicago, IL
00483   Detroit, MI
00484   New Orleans, LA
00486   Tampa, fl
00487   Orlando, FL
00489   Honolulu, HI
00491   New York, NY
00492   Twin Cities - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
00493   Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
00494   Orlando, FL
00495   Atlanta, GA
00498   Seattle, WA
00499   Chicago, IL
00501   San Francisco, CA
00502   Atlanta, GA
00503   Norfolk, VA
00504   Boston, MA
00506   Atlanta, GA
00507   Tampa, FL
00509   We don't attend training out of state
00511   Minneapolis, MN
00512   San Francisco, CA
00513   Chicago, IL
00514   Atlanta, GA
00515   California
00516   Orlando, FL
00517   St. Louis, MO
00518   Atlanta, GA
00519   St. Louis, MO
00520   Florida
00521   Nashville, TN
00523   Indianapolis, IN
00526   Washington DC
00527   Minneapolis, MN
00528   Baltimore, MD
00532   Chicago, IL
00534   Chicago, IL
00535   Sacramento, CA Sacramento International Airport
00256   Baltimore, MD
                          TOP CITY #2
Seattle, WA
Denver, CO
Seattle WA
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
Las Vegas, NV
Portland, OR
Philadelphia, PA
Denver, CO
Seattle, WA

Maybe Indianapolis, IN - drivable
New York, NY
St. Petersburg, FL
Seattle, WA
Ontario, CA
Atlanta, GA
Syracuse, NY
Providence, RI
Tampa, FL
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA
Newark, NJ
Memphis, TN
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, IL
Portland, OR
Traverse City, MI
Boston, MA
Dallas, TX
Milwaukee, WI
Rochester, NY
San Diego, CA

New York, NY
Washington DC
Columbia, SC
Kansas City, MO/KS
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA
Detroit, MI
Atlanta, GA
Albuquerque/Phoenix, AZ
Ohio (Anywhere)
Los Angeles, CA
Washington DC
Miami, FL
Syracuse, NY
Bay Area SFO/Oakland /San Jose, CA
Austin, TX
San Francisco, CA
Washington DC
Dallas, TX
Albany NY
Norfolk, VA

San Francisco, CA
Kansas City, MO/KS
Portland, OR

Atlanta, GA
Plattsburgh, NY
Honolulu, HI
San Diego, CA
Washington DC
San Antonio, TX
Boise, ID
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
Nashville, TN
Washington, DC
Los Angeles, CA
Rochester, NY
Seattle, WA
Atlanta, GA
Detroit, MI
Newburgh, NY
Cleveland, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Des Moines, IA
Syracuse, NY
Atlanta, GA
Minneapolis, MN
Los Angeles, CA
Denver, CO
Baltimore, MD
Asheville, NC
Allentown, PA
Washington DC
Boston, MA
Las Vegas, NV
Denver, CO
San Francisco, CA
San Diego, CA
St. Louis, MO
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Seattle, WA
Washington DC .
Philadelphia, PA
Washington DC
Denver, CO
O'Hare International Airport - Chicago, IL
Las Vegas, NV
Salt Lake City, MO
St. Louis, MO
New York, NY
Chicago, IL
BWI Airport, MD
Indianapolis, IN
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA
Indianapolis, IN
Las Vegas, NV
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Richmond, VA
Milwaukee, WI
Des Moines, IA
San Francisco, CA
Denver CO
Albany, NY
Denver, CO

Columbus, OH
Philadelphia, PA
Memphis, TN
Jackson, MS

Albany, NY
Chicago, IL
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Dallas, TX
Cleveland, OH
Portland, OR
Las Vegas, NV
Greensboro, NC
Myrtle Beach, SC
Orlando, FL
Chicago, IL
Jacksonville, FL
Panama City, FL
Las Vegas, NV
St. Louis, MO
Baton Rouge, LA
Chicago, IL
Atlanta, GA
Charleston, WV
Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Little Rock, AR
New York, NY

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Denver, CO
Indianapolis, IN
Albuquerque, NM
Washington DC
San Diego, CA
Chicago, IL
Raleigh, NC
Boston, MA
Kansas City, MO/KS
Milwaukee, WI
Phoenix, AZ
Chicago, IL
Pittsburgh, PA
Baltimore, MD
Atlanta, GA
Savannah, GA
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Washington DC area
Atlanta, GA
Milwaukee, WI
Orange County, CA
New Orleans, LA
Atlanta, GA
Washington, DC
Orlando, FL

Nashville, TN
Reno, NV
Las Vegas, NV

Washington DC area
Syracuse, NY
New York, NY
Dallas, TX

Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Atlanta, GA
Indianapolis, IN
Columbus, OH
Norfolk, VA
Wichita, KS
Columbus, OH
Alexandria, LA
San Diego, CA
Dallas, TX
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Los Angeles, CA
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Washington DC
Florida, FL
Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX
Atlanta, GA
Providence, RI
Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Savannah, GA
San Francisco CA
Chicago, IL
New Haven, CT
San Francisco, CA

Portland, OR
Sioux Falls, SD
New York, NY
New York, NY
Austin, TX
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Washington DC
Honolulu, HI
San Francisco, CA
Salisbury, MD
St. Louis, MO
Houston, TX
New York, NY
Las Vegas, NV
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Ontario, CA 190 miles
Washington DC
Las Vegas, NV
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Columbia SC
Miami, FL
Washington DC
Washington DC
Portland, OR
San Diego, CA
Dallas, TX
Miami, FL
Washington DC
Chicago, IL
New York, NY
Phoenix, AZ 6 hours a way
Virginia Beach, VA
San Antonio, TX
Baltimore, MD
Atlanta, GA
Minneapolis, MN
Los Angeles, CA
Charlotte, NC
Baltimore or Washington DC

Portland, OR

Los Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX
Indianapolis, IN
Detroit, MI
St Louis, MO
Denver, CO
Orlando, FL
New Orleans, LA
Las Vegas, NV
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA

Omaha, NE
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis, MN
Sacramento, CA
New York, NY
Savanna, GA

Orlando, FL
Atlanta, GA
Los Angeles, CA
Boston, MA
New Orleans, LA
Seattle, WA
Washington DC
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA

Chicago, IL
Birmingham, AL
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Atlanta, GA
Salt Lake City, UT
Houston, TX
St. Louis, MO
Washington DC
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco, CA
Nashville, TN
prefer Minneapolis, MN
Houston, TX
Raleigh, NC
Miami, FL
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Orlando, FL
Savannah, GA

Rochester, NY
Chicago, IL
Oklahoma City, OK
Miami, FL
Charlotte, NC
Los Angeles, CA
Atlanta, GA
San Diego, CA
Orlando, FL
Newport News, VA
Washington, DC
Orlando, FL
Reno, NV

Sioux Falls, SD
San Diego, CA
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
New York, NY
Chicago, IL
Charlotte, NC
Chicago, IL
New York, NY
Birmingham, AL
Chicago, IL
Orlando, IL
Las Vegas, NV
Washington DC
San Francisco, CA
Minneapolis, MN
San Francisco, CA SFO
Vienna, VA
                           TOP CITY #3
Las Vegas, NV
San Francisco, CA.
San Francisco, CA
Portland, OR
Boise, ID
Chicago, IL
Seattle, WA
Houston, TX
Portland, OR
San Diego, CA

Milwaukee, WI is a nice city!
Atlanta, GA
Raleigh, NC
Boise, ID
Seattle, WA
Washington DC

Boston, MA
Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL

Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Boston, MA
Minneapolis, MN

Detroit, MI
Chicago, IL
New York, NY
Chicago, IL
Albany, NY
Seattle WA or other California city.

Denver, CO
Las Vegas, NV
Salt Lake City, UT
Milwaukee, WI
New Orleans, NO
Salt Lake City, UT/Dallas, TX
Kentucky (Anywhere)
San Francisco, CA
Tampa, Fl
Elmira, NY
Las Vegas, NV
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
Atlanta, GA
Salt Lake City, UT

Richmond, VA

Los Angeles, CA
St. Louis, MO
Denver, CO

Baltimore, MD/Washington, DC
Burlington, VT
Los Angeles, CA
Las Vegas NV
Chicago, IL
New Orleans, LA
Idaho Falls, ID
Toledo, OH
Atlanta, GA
Memphis, TN
Dallas, TX
Phoenix, AZ

Los Angeles, CA

Nashville, TN

Buffalo NY
Baltimore, MD
Kansas City, MO
Buffalo, NY
Minneapolis, MN
Milwaukee, WI
Las Vegas, NV
Omaha, NE
Washington DC
Chattanooga, TN
Harrisburg, PA
San Diego, CA
New York, NY
Omaha, NE
Portland, OR City 4: Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
Las Vegas, NV
Louisville, KY
Birmingham, AL
Kansas City, KS/MO
Detroit, MI
New York, NY
Atlantic City, NJ
Tampa, FL
Albuquerque, MN
New York, NY
Phoenix, AZ
New Orleans, LA
Albany, NY

Philadelphia, PA
St. Louis, MO
Salt Lake City, UT
Las Vegas, NV 4. San Diego, CA
St. Louis, MO
Portland, OR
Providence, RI/Boston, MA
Las Vegas, NV
Raleigh, NC or Washington, DC
Detroit, MI
Omaha, NE
Portland, OR
Las Vegas, NV
Trenton, NJ
Phoenix, AZ

Chicago, IL
Richmond, VA

Memphis, TN

Rochester, NY
Maui, HI
Dallas, TX
Atlanta, GA
Ontario, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Orlando, FL
Los Angeles, CA
New Orleans, LA
Richmond, VA
Atlanta, GA
Tampa, FL
Charlotte, NC
Atlanta, GA
Montgomery, AL
Denver, CO
Alabama, GA
Chicago, IL
Houston, TX

Chicago, IL
Parkersburg, WV
Chicago, IL
Las Vegas, NV
Fayetteville, AR
Baltimore, MD

Miami, FL
3) Nashville, TN 4) Birmingham, AL
Orlando, FL
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Chicago, IL
Santa Ana, CA
Nashville, TN
Greensboro, NC
Manchester, NH
Tulsa, OK
St. Louis, MO/KS

Atlanta, GA
Cleveland, OH
Vienna, VA
Orlando, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Washington DC
Washington DC
Cleveland, OH
Washington, DC
Indianapolis, IN
San Diego, CA
Dallas, TX
New Orleans, LA
Richmond, VA
Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA

Charlotte, NC
Buffalo, NY
Miami, FL
Denver, CO

East Coast
Denver, CO
St. Louis, MO/KS
Cincinnati, OH
Indianapolis, IN
Denver, CO
St. Louis, MO
Cleveland, OH
Lake Charles, LA
Los Angeles, CA
Kansas City, MO
Cincinnati, OH
Detroit, MI
San Diego, CA
Minneapolis, MN
Atlanta, GA
Houston, TX
Seattle, WA
Ft. Worth, TX
San Antonio, TX
Vienna, VA

Orlando FL
Columbia, SC
Columbia, SC
Portland, OR
Detroit, MI
Boston, MA
Sacramento, CA

Washington, DC
Rapid City, SD
Chicago, IL
Miami, FL
Houston, TX

Washington, DC
Any in Florida
Seattle, WA
Las Vegas, NV
Dover/Wilmington DE
Kansas City, KS/MO
Los Angeles, CA
Washington DC
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
Washington DC
Raleigh-Durham, NC
Los Angeles, CA 247 miles
Denver, CO
San Francisco, CA
Orlando, FL

Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Northern CA
Atlanta, GA
Los Angeles, CA
St. Louis, MO
Seattle, WA
Orlando, FL
Detroit, MI
New Orleans, LA
Denver, CO 8 hours a way
Dallas, TX
St. Louis, MO
Newark, NJ
Orlando, FL
Richmond, VA
Cincinnati, OH
San Francisco, CA
Chicago, IL
Boston, MA

Spokane, WA
We would take advantage of any location if training were
applicable to our needs.
San Antonio, TX
Kansas City, KS/MO
Minneapolis, MN
Chicago, IL
Salt Lake City, UT
Las Vegas, NV
Atlanta, GA
Los Angeles, CA
Dallas, TX
Chicago, IL

Minneapolis, MN

Atlanta, GA
San Jose, CA
Baltimore, MD
Jacksonville, FL

Memphis, TN
San Diego, CA
Atlanta, GA
Kansas City, MO.
San Diego, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Oakland, CA
Portland, OR

Detroit, MI
Orlando, FL
San Francisco, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Jacksonville, FL
Arlington, TX
Chicago, IL
Orlando, FL
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Huntsville, AL

Dallas, TX
Washington, DC
Biloxi, MS
Washington DC
Indianapolis, IN
Memphis, TN
Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA

Buffalo, NY
Denver, CO
Austin, TX
Atlanta, GA
Washington DC area
Las Vegas, NV
bad economy
Las Vegas, NV
New Orleans, LA
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Savannah, GA

Fargo, ND
Las Vegas, NV
Charlotte, NC
Dallas, TX
New Orleans, LA
Kansas City, KS/MO
Charleston, SC
Atlanta, GA
Cleveland, OH
Atlanta GA
Cincinnati, OH
Chicago, IL

Philadelphia, PA
Virginia, VA
Indianapolis, IN

Chicago, IL
00228   Board of Directors
00489   Contracting Team
00147   Director of Business Development
00372   Finance
00173   Have not attended in a number of years due to cost
00250   Human Resource, Client
00278   Payroll Staff
00263   Sales Staff
00228   Board of Directors
00489   Contracting Team
00069   Depends - training is needed at all levels for different reasons.
00242   Front-line if more client-care was offered.
00474   Not sure
00278   Payroll Staff
        We are very much constrained in sending Rehabilitation Staff to trainings as our funding for
00025   staffing is reduced. They need more development training.
00256   Human Resources
00489   Contracting Team
00355   Everyone
00136   Our clients
00263   Sales Staff

All of the Above: CEO, Senior Management, Middle Management, Front Line Supervisors, Project Managers,
Rehab Staff, Production Staff, Business Office Staff, NISH Points of Contact
Contracting Team
Most everyone at some time or another.
Sales Staff
Vocational Staff
Being conveniently located to our area to cut down time away from work site and cost.
Great question - all of these options would be of great help.
Improved site based access to NISH training assignments for internal site staff.
You already have a lot available.
A lot of people do not like to fly
Agency cannot add funds at this time to allow for travel to out of area events.
I send them to the State Office and not sure where they go from there.
Lots of local training that does not require lodging, etc.
Not sure what vouchers cover since most training is free.
The person who handles NISH programs within our agency understands the ins and outs of the program.
Will now utilize.




I am not directly responsible for tracking training activities.
Not my AOR
Because of time pressures and interruptions whenever staff are at their worksites it hasn't caught on here yet but
Do to windows of time in our contracts Project Managers and Supervisors do not have the opportunity to take
time from providing the services required in the contract to do eLearning. . Most, other than PM, are hourly and
Hard while at office
I believe daily work activities interrupt the learning process.
In the course of the day, operations consume every available moment. Even if you "schedule" yourself in for
training, the reality of immediate program/ops/client needs invariably pushes training into the category of "nice to
Time constraints but will make time for pertinent training for specific contracts in future.
They have not "bought into" looking for new opportunities and due to small staff are very busy just maintaining
current production and ALL the required paperwork for sponsoring agencies such as Mental Health and CARF
Did not know it was available.
Did not really know about it or explore it. Will do that.
Didn't know they were available.
Don't know much about them
I'm a newer senior manager and don't yet know about the eLearning courses
Lack of awareness of opportunity and lack of expectations of Management for personal growth and development
Lack of familiarity - hasn't caught on yet
Most are unaware of the courses, plus the eLearning courses are difficult to access.
Not aware of offerings.
Not familiar with eLearning
Not familiar with E-Learning courses
Not familiar with the elearning process and courses.
I'm old school. Virtual presence = actual absence. It's just not the same as being there. Just don't believe its
Making time on their own to navigate through the offerings. It may be better utilized if some courses were offered
like college courses with an instructor-led course with a set schedule advertised like other courses.
Staff prefer instructor-led
Haven't incorporated this into our training yet
Just have not gotten started.
Just have not tried it yet
Just haven't done it yet. Not opposed, but so much going on right now - as if the agency is reinventing itself, but
Staff preference
Not preferred, try too hard to _________
Lack of perceived value
Have not explored this enough to relay information to staff
I haven't really researched to see what is available lately
Need more information.
Not really aware of what's available
We have not been fully aware of the training available
Lack of exposure
Many are uncomfortable with learning atmosphere; prefer face to face
Besides that it's hard to track e-learning activities- with all the security firewalls put by our IT, accessing these
Not enough awareness of how to and what is available.
Courses offered not relevant
Just haven't found training that would apply to us
The types of training needed doesn't fit with learning
Likely will soon
Planning on it.
We have only just started using it. Plan to use it more in the future.
We have use twice
We are looking at it now.
We have just begun discussing the opportunities
We have not signed up for it as of yet
We just came to learn of this recently.
Limited internet access
Only middle mgmt and above have access to internet; front line staff do not
Have not been given access
Have no idea
No reason
Just unsure as they don't report informal training
Would need to ask my Senior Staff
Have E-Learning throughout company, required to complete.
Staff member expressed interest in class- don't know if took or not.
At this time I am the only one that has used the service that I know of. Not sure that other staff in the agency
We wanted to get started on eLearning, ask NISH-no response in what we should be learning
My production staff does not but I'm not aware of other service program providers.


Did not know about it
Did not know about it until now.
Did not know about this NISH capability. Would solve most of my training issues.
Did not know it existed.
Did not know it was available.
Did not know they were available
Did not know this was available
Did not know this was available.
Didn't know about it.
Didn't know about it.
Didn't know it existed
Didn't know it existed
Didn't know they were available.
Didn't really know this was available; will need to check into more details
Have not been informed of Lending Library and what topics are available through it.
I was not aware of that resource.
Lack of awareness
Lack of awareness of Management Staff
Not aware of it but will look into it ASAP.
Not aware of NISH Lending Library
Not aware of the library
Not aware of the program.
Not aware of these resources.
Not familiar with the service
Not familiar with this resource
Not really aware of this program
Not sure I knew it existed.
Unaware of availability
Unaware of the resource
Unfamiliar with process.
Wasn't aware of the availability of this option
Wasn't aware of the Lending Library
We were not aware that NISH has a Lending Library
Are not sure what is available
Don't know much about the resources
I haven't had the opportunity to review materials to identify what is needed.
Not familiar with what's available
Not familiar with video based training titles
Not sure what is available
Unsure of resources available.
At this time the organization has not used this resource
Continuing to work with Managers to access such materials.
Have knowledge of program, but have not accessed the information.
Have not encouraged the lending library's use so staff has not considered it for their training needs.
Have not pursued items from Library
Have not started
Have not visited the site, but I will. It may be beneficial.
Haven't incorporated this into our training
Haven't really looked at what is available in the NISH Lending Library.
It has been discussed but no one has yet taken advantage of this resource
Just have never used but will begin to use
Just have not tried it yet?
Never really looked into this option
Never tried it
Really have not looked at or promoted this.
Really haven't explored it.
They simply haven't taken advantage of this
We have in the past-not recently. Hard to keep up. If we could download and play it would be wonderful.
We have not experimented with this opportunity yet.
We just need to push this more as there are incredible resources available from the lending library
We recently learning of their availability.
Do not always remember to review choices.
Forget it's available - maybe reminder emails would help
Forgot that this was an option.
Forgot they were available
Just forget about its availability
Fitting into staff's schedule to do
Haven't had time to review the material available
Lack of time
Lack of time.
Making the time to plan and organize access to the library
No time
Not enough time and our area is rural. Cannot show a DVD from NY. Impossible to relate.
Not even time
Scheduled specific times. Commitment.
The idea of sitting to watch a DVD sounds nice, but the day to day reality of operations precludes such activity
even if you have "scheduled" in the time for training.
Need to investigate what is available.
Need to take advantage of it.
Planning on it.
Planning to in the near future.
Sure would like too
We should do this!!!
Will start using it
Don't know why
Just not sure
No idea
No reason
Currently no one is assigned to track training opportunities since we have no full time NISH personnel due to a
Do not know process on how to do this.
Limited exposure to topics available
Looked at topics initially in D.C. and saw nothing we needed or did not already have; will revisit site. Recommend
placing information in format accessible by internet.
No access to that information.
No response from NISH when e-mailed for assistance.
Not my AOR
Our Goodwill receives training materials from Goodwill International.
Same as before---not buying into and not taking the time.
The NISH Lending Library site is not easy to access. Most staff don't know how.
We don't track staff borrowing activities
We have just begun our formal training programs at the local level.
We started our own lending library
Will utilize post facility move this coming fall 2011.





HazMat online TTT Bloodborne Pathogens online TTT Transportation regulations TTT
OJT, Safety, and Quality Control Programs
Safety MODAPTS Pricing Time Management
Safety skills training QC
Safety, medical, chemical storage & care; like to see what NISH offers
Safety; Job Coaching; Disability Awareness
Business management, supervision, leadership, and business development
Conflict Management. How to counsel employees.
Conflict resolution, supervision, disability determination and documentation
Management & Supervisory
Management Issues Supervision, Safety, Motivational.
Management skills for mid-level managers customer service teaching techniques
Management Training Budget/Fiscal Training Negotiation, Marketing, Proposal, Business Plan Training Specific
Management/Leadership Compliance Business Development Federal Grants/Loans Legal Issues Employment
Law QWE Time Studies Commensurate Wage Issues Subcontracting Managing Performance
Situational management,
Succession planning Delegation Leadership
Dealing with Behaviors Time Studies Safety Many others
Disability awareness
Disability Awareness
Disability awareness
Disability awareness
Disability awareness Safety training Food Safety
Disability Awareness Soft Skills Employment law
Disability Awareness, ISO Auditor, Compliance,
Disability Awareness. Training techniques to enhance productivity. Developing advocating skills.
Disability-specific training, management/leadership, other information-specific training
Diversity Awareness Conflict Resolution Customer Service
General training on supporting people with psychiatric or behavior challenges
Learning about products; How to effectively deal with those we serve.
Recruiting the disabled population Efficiency in grounds keeping
Rehab support efforts for persons with disabilities at work geared toward non-rehab staff. Change management
See previously stated needs : How to motivate our consumers to want to work; Managing difficult behaviors;
Sensitivity Training
Sensitivity training for co-workers without significant disabilities.
Teaching people with visual and mental disabilities how to clean a building.
Training Methods to maintain class focus
Understanding disabilities and how they affect productivity. Functional Assessment Project Man
Understanding disabilities, communication-interpersonal skills, conflict-resolution, quality control, marketing
Quality Control, Customer Service, Marketing to obtain new contracts.
Quality control, time studies, janitorial services
Quality Management, Project Management
Quality service, recruit employers, communication
Quality Systems,Sec14C Compliance, QWE.
Quality training
Quality, workflow,
Train the Trainers Quality Human Resources
We can lean together and share good ideas. QWE, Quality Control, Productivity.
1) Maintaining tile floors 2) Rug cleaning/maintenance
Basic Janitorial.
Best Practices for basic tasks in Janitorial, shelf stocking, warehousing, safety, etc.
Cleaning Methods- Floor care
Custodial management
Custodial Services
Custodial services quality assurance
Custodial training; "how to" "QC techniques" or "New techniques/equipment available to ensure great service".
Facilities maintenance Chemical usage Motivating People
Floor care technician
Floor Tech Services, OSHA training
Green training/ asbestos training/ supervisory training
Greening initiative IEHA certification
Janitorial Services, Motivational Positive Practices for Building Worker Performance Improvements
Janitorial training project management training
Janitorial, full food service, TFMS
Janitorial, grounds maintenance, rehabilitation
Janitorial, Landscape
Janitorial; Assistive Technology
Soft Skills Technical custodial
All above: Customer Service; Lean Principles; Data Driven Decision Making
By interested, I more mean "available" Not sure of topics (perhaps call center customer service training)
Quality work environment, customer service, disability specific training
Affirmation Action Plan
Compliance Successful Rehab approaches
DOL Initiatives, Time Studies, Pricing transparency, Assistive technology
Regulations, Cost saving measures, Sales & Marketing...
Regulatory Assistance
Understanding labor laws and regulations including FMLA, ADA, EEOC, etc
Custodial Services Supervision. Regulatory Requirements for NISH Project. Time Studies. Wage and Hour
Regulations. Assessments and Training Skills for Custodial Projects. Floor Care and Maintenance. Carpet Care
Supervision compliance
Supervision of Employees; Work Ethics; Attitudinal Adjustments
Supervision skills. Working with people with disabilities.
Supervision, marketing, and planning
Supervisor skills; Disability awareness
Supervisory effectiveness, training techniques, information on types of disabilities
Supervisory skills, customer service
Supervisory skills. Coaching for performance.
Supervisory training, problem solving
4 roles of leadership; business development 1: the planning process; improving negotiation skills to enhance
Leadership and Supervisory training.
Leadership Business Development Career Development Plans
Leadership Contract Management Rehabilitation practices
Leadership Customer Service Obtaining more government contracts Grant writing
Leadership New business development Strategic Marketing Writing business plans
Leadership, employer expectations, Quality improvement, safety
Leadership/supervision Growing contracts Developing quality disability documentation
We would love to have trainers in courses on leadership development, project management, trainers to train
rehabilitation staff on developing coaching programs for people with disabilities
Sales and Marketing
How to do time studies! Janitorial Quality Assurance Training
Time studies
Time Studies Motivational courses.
Time studies Regulatory
Time Studies, OSHA, Forklift Safety, Disaster Preparedness, Quality Control.
Time studies, Curriculum development, Customized employment, Supervision of Employees/Clients.
Time studies. Client documentation.
Time Studies; Proposal Development
Time Study
Time study, compliance, computer training including basic spreadsheet and excel.
Time studies Leadership/Management; Management skills for supervisors.
All of the current NISH training and some training on cost savings and pricing
All pertinent training to our CRP and LOB's.
Behavioral Management Training Lean Mfg-mfg, office, general Leadership
ID Trainings, Trainings on time studies or mod-apps,
Mandatory Training Requirements
Paula, our training coordinator is always looking at trainings that improve knowledge, skills, and abilities of our
direct line staff so the trainings would need to focus on improving people performance.
Specific disability training
Training on disabilities, certification skills training.
Training programs for front line supervisors and Project Managers for training staff on best industry practices
HR Wage and Hour
Ticket to Work Wage and Hour regulations Performance measurement
Understanding the Fair Wage and hour guidelines
Wage & hour, business development, succession planning
Wage and Hour information, tools for growing our business.
Wage and Hour specifically 14c
Time management Cost analysis
Time Management.
Timing and Productivity training ABO reporting requirements QWE program.
Build manuals need to comply with contracts.
Contract acquisition; Staff retention; Green cleaning
Contract Administration, Strategic management, and Leadership development
Contract management quality instruction
Contract Management; Productivity; Communication/Team Building
Contract negotiations; communication
Developing commodities and services, Project Management
How to Properly Bid on Janitorial Jobs
Learn about quotes for GSA contracts, and how to read the contracts, what is MOD? etc.
Managing an AbilityOne contract; New business development; Management principles; Interpreting financial
Procurement of contracts, regulatory compliance, and placing competitive bids.
Assistive Technology. QWE.
QWE Leeds Certification
QWE, Leadership, management, subject specific
"Lean", person centered planning, creative problem solving.
Commensurate Wage subcontracting service pricing financial assistance
Cost estimation of AbilityOne contracts budget tracking of contract operations customer service Total and
How to respond to SSN's. Labor Law. Human Resources.
Lean. Efficiencies. Political Advocacy.
Mostly HR and/or financial
Positive Behavior Supports; Support and Employment Practices; Best Practices
Skills pointed out earlier - Business/Advertising and Leadership/Responsibility
Staff Development. Training Development Process Improvement
Strategic development
Supervisor recruitment
Best practice for rehab staff; business development
Business Development Government Contract Bidding Contracting Officers Networking
Business Development Pricing QWE
Business growth Marketing Sales Job Development
Same as listed before: Business Development Training
Soft skills. Job Development.
starting new line of businesses
All that are relevant to our needs
Always open to these types of trainings -- depends on what is available.
Any area of food service.
Core Competency courses for Project Managers/Middle Management, Front-line Supervisors and Production
Creating jobs
Credit rating techniques
Customized Employment for all
Customized Employment; Increasing Productivity and Training Tech; Compliance
Effective training materials.
Employment law, supervisory skills, grant writing
Help people with disabilities start a business
Myers Briggs
NISH/AbilityOne regulations
NISH/AbilityOne orientation for new employees
Person Centered Planning
Services and Products
Social entraprenerialship
Specific opportunities such as Total Facilities Mgmt
The Mental Health First Aid USA instructors course has proven to be very valuable, but we currently only have
one certified instructor. It would be very helpful if NISH could sponsor a course and allow training vouchers to be
Things mentioned earlier: Learn new technical skills to take on different types of projects.
Topic areas for training have been basically appropriate; format may be adapted to allow attendees to easily
We have been in the business for so long that we already know what will be in the course. NEW information is
I don't know since I am not familiar with the course
I don't know what's available for TTT
Know what is available in Train the Trailer Courses
Need to know availability
Not sure of topics available
Need to step up with what is working
Not sure
Not sure
Not sure
Not sure at this time
Not Sure.
Unsure at this time, what would the choices be?
Would need to think about this























                                Q34. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS ON NISH TRAINING
All of our attendee's have always been impressed with the NISH training.
All of our staff who have attended trainings have spoken highly on how well material was presented and on quality
Every education program is excellent.
Excellent Training!!
Good job
Great training opportunities for high volume CRP's
Have found the courses to be professional and informative.
I believe that NISH offers many excellent training resources. Our CRP needs to develop a plan to better utilize
I have always found that NISH training is of the highest quality and I get that same report back from staff who
have attended NISH training. We always use all of our vouchers ! My preference is face to face training, I think
the motivation and renewal factor for staff is enhanced in that type of setting. Similarly, I prefer training from a
person from outside the organization, that is why I am not totally excited about a "train the trainer" program, as I
I have been satisfied with NISH training but it is becoming harder to find ways to send staff to these trainings.
I think the NISH trainings offered are an outstanding benefit and resource for the CRP community.
it is always top quality and highly effective
My staff love the quality of NISH training. We get solid support from Chris Stream and north central staff. Love
Peter Brinkerhoff and Rodger Hallowell trainings. Love the assistance from Shane Woodsen.
NISH does excellent job of promoting services and training for person with disabilities.
NISH has a good selection of effective training programs. If opportunities in new business lines are captured, it
would be very helpful to have experts available on-site for some period of time (relative to complexity of
NISH has been successful in forming our agencies drive for learning since being associated as a CRP for 20 plus
years. I am sure we will continue to enjoy and use the training NISH provides.
NISH offers Excellent Training
NISH offers the best training that I have attended. The issue is more the cost to attend the training. Webinar
NISH South does an excellent job of coordinating training and making your services available to CRP's,
NISH training has generally been very good and we send as many members of our staff to the trainings whenever
we can. I have been disappointed by the time study classes that have been offered. They really need to be
NISH training is great! Keep up the good job!!
NISH training is very good.
NISH Training Programs are high quality and comprehensive. Also, we have had two NISH Teams provide onsite
training during the last year--both courses were extremely beneficial. NISH is our primary training source.
NISH trainings are excellent. The biggest obstacles have been the locations selected. While Florida, Las Vegas,
and various other locations are very attractive it is difficult for CRP's struggling with budget cuts and pay cuts to
justify going to a lavish location even if vouchers can be used. Cities like Indianapolis and St Louis are easier to
NISH trainings are extremely helpful and we appreciate vouchers.
NISH's training program is a great asset to our company.
nope. I've liked the book clubs. I really enjoy the outside trainers that I've had re: best practices, consultive
Our NISH rep really does well with communicating trainings.
Past experience with NISH Training has been Beneficial and well needed.
Thanks to all at NISH for the many different training opportunities-in person & online! More on-line training in all
subject areas. more in person trainings in San Francisco Bay Area
The NISH Training courses we have attended have all been of excellent quality and at nice locations. We thank
The NISH training is absolutely fantastic. Don't succumb to those that want NISH vouchers to support non-NISH
training. You guys are doing the right stuff and watering it down to allow non-NISH training will hurt the program.
The NISH training that we have attended to date is extremely helpful and beneficial. The trainers have been
thorough, and very knowledgeable. I would be interested in having a NISH training come to our site and provide
The trainings have been very good, just expensive to send employees.
Training that is offered is excellent, but webinars would help carp's who cannot afford the expenses of travel, etc.
We are very grateful to NISH for an outstanding training program and appreciate giving our input here. Just keep
We enjoy working with NISH Staff in Marietta, GA.
We find NISH trainings relevant and well done; would send more staff if funds allowed.
We find the training useful that we have attended
We love the training and we need MORE Vouchers!!!!
We rely on NISH for much of our training, excellent training
We very much enjoy the NISH training opportunities
Your training selection, and instructors are top notch. However, the content get jammed into a full day and much
For us in NYC the biggest challenge in using NISH Trainings is that most of them are not close to NYC and it's
very expensive if not impossible to send people out (we receive only limited amount of training vouchers which
The National conference should be held at less expensive locations so that more staff can attend. I believe it is
not good for morale at a CRP when the staff hears "through the grapevine" that the conference is always held at a
Coverage for program and providing staff training is a delicate balance.
I believe that NISH is a great resource for training however this organization does not avail itself. One reason is
that we have to spend so much time and money on medical training (CPR, First Aid, etc) that it leaves little time
for other training. Another is that because of funding issues we want to keep our staffing lean, which doesn't
allow for coverage for time taken for training. Also, certain elements of management are not convinced of the
It keeps getting tougher to find the time/funds to attend training. It helps to have vouchers to cover costs and
Often trainings are three full days and it is difficult for employees to be gone that long.
Quest #31-Weekly basis time available to your staff for training activities--depends on position--varies
Question #30 - Some of the materials borrowed have been somewhat out-of-date. Question #31 - Staff time is
scheduled for training as required. No set amount of time - varies widely. Attendance at NISH training sessions
The biggest single issue is making time available for staff to attend training. It is cost prohibitive to staff activities
(whatever ones) for people to be in training when it takes a day to reach a destination, two days of training and
There is so much that I feel we used to do through NISH and so much I would hope to be able to do. This is just
not a good time to plan time away from activities that seem absolutely necessary - or to think people should
Time is always an issue.
We are just beginning to use the trainings. Time and distance are detriments. The cost of replacing team staff
Because of our location in Hawai'i we are not able to regularly attend face to face trainings on the mainland and
would like to see more online webinars that work in our time zone (HST) or even taped sessions available for
viewing over the web. Also, we would like to see safety trainings oriented to working with individuals with
significant disabilities that are specific to the type of work that we do…namely with Food Service, Clerical,
Building/Facility Services, Custodial, Shelf Stocking, Grounds Maintenance, Production, Silk Screening and
I think more are available than we are willing/able to access due to location
More training needed at state and regional locations
Possibly some consideration could be given to CRPs from Hawaii since they have to come from so far to attend
Would be nice to have more training available north of Albany, NY. More training opportunities combined with
Would like to have NISH training available that is more centrally located i.e.. some training is very far away
Your trainings seem to be more on the east coast? Need more training on west coast.
Having on site at agency would enable more staff to gain knowledge.
Location/Travel is the primary hindrance
Continue Management Knowledge Inputs in Business
Expand e-learning courses
I would like to see more *easy to understand information available on how to use: 1) Lending Libraries 2)
Webinars/On-Line Training 3) How to use the GSA System * During NISH staff visit the person and CRP could
More one on one training on how to price, secure and market products.
Most contracts through NISH are not available in our area. Some that are available are too costly for our small
NISH classes needs to be more CRP specific, in terms of the CRP's local market and LOB
Training vouchers are valuable
More vouchers would be helpful and would lead to us sending more staff to training.
More vouchers! Up the ratio for earning vouchers, so that more vouchers can be earned.
NISH Vouchers are insufficient to cover the costs associated with Hotel and Travel Rates.
Front line/ direct care staff don't get to attend NISH training much. There should be more webinar developed for
the this group to assist CRP with quality training for this group.
More web based training would be ideal so that staff would not be away from the facility
Publicize training available on DVD's. This would assist us tremendously.
Webinar on Time studies, Commensurate wages
Webinars have been helpful- NISH staff is always a good resource.
Classroom classes could be augmented with pre and post learning assignments
Develop training for contracting officers (re: AbilityOne, regs, etc), and to inform purchasers- government and
commercial- about the joys and advantages of contracting with NISH and its CRP's.
How to connect/inform tenants to the CRP.
I don't think training or lack thereof is the issue. The issue is lack of work. Our NISH contracts have all but died.
As we are trying to survive, sending staff to training is NOT a priority.
I think there would be value to the National Conference to offer some official training as part of the curriculum
More important US representatives that support and understand AbilityOne at the national conference.
Most of it is not really that useful
Most training is related to corporate level business as opposed to rehabilitation training for direct support staff
NISH needs to focus more on getting new contracts for CRP's and less on training
NISH's bureaucracy has gotten larger and less flexible and responsive.
No. This survey is a reminder that we need to do a better job of taking advantage of what trainings NISH has to
Our training needs are -ever-changing and evolving. It's good to see that NISH is re-evaluating training needs on
Question #31 is difficult to answer by the way it's worded, on a weekly basis we don't like to spend more than an
average of one hour for staff training however we regularly send staff to trainings that run from 4 - 8 hours.
Thank you for the opportunity for input.
There was a suggestion for more roundtable discussion opportunities among other CRPs; sharing best practices
There's a need to know clearly what is required by NISH under its contract with IRS for document destruction.
While the contract is clear, there are many NISH-related procedures that are not in the contract and that are
Thought the annual conference was good.
Training where needed most is tough. We rely heavily on the project manager to sustain operational
requirements at the contracts sites so we are very selective in how much time we schedule away from the
We do not find courses that seem to be useful to our center. I attended one training course several years ago
We need to take more advantage of what you do offer. We commend you for placing such emphasis on training
We need to use you more
We're so involved in battling state reductions in services and funding that NISH seems a bit remote to most of my

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