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Administrative Rules Filings Register
Printed:  Wednesday, May 25, 2011                                                                                                                                                         eRules v. 2 Production

 DAR        Date and                                                                                                                                                          Date 
 File #     Time Filed              Authorized by                      Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section          Code Citation    Published           Effective Date
  Filings received for the 01/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                            Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 1
 33234 12/02/2009           Carol Lear               Education, Administration                   Nonsubstantive Change:  Fiscal Standards              Section R277‐711‐4   Not Printed 01/04/2010 
           10:27:40 AM
 33235 12/02/2009          Patricia Smith‐Mansfield   Administrative Services, Archives          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Access to       Section R17‐7‐3      Not Printed     Withdrawn by 
       10:29:35 AM                                                                               Records                                                                                    Agency 12/29/2009

 33236 12/02/2009          Duane Betournay            Human Services, Child and Family           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of           Rule R512‐75         01/01/2010      12/02/2009 
       12:01:25 PM                                    Services                                   Continuation:  Rules Governing Adjudication of 
                                                                                                 Consumer Complaints

 33237 12/02/2009          David Loden                Governor, Criminal and Juvenile Justice    Nonsubstantive Change:  Calculation of Payments to    Section R356‐1‐7     Not Printed     01/04/2010 
       12:07:55 PM                                    (State Commission on)                      Counties for Reimbursement for Housing State 
                                                                                                 Probationary Inmates and State Parole Inmates

 33238 12/02/2009          Kevin Olsen                Commerce, Consumer Protection              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Purposes,       Section R152‐11‐1    01/01/2010      02/08/2010 
       2:49:26 PM                                                                                Rules of Construction

 33239 12/02/2009          Kevin Olsen                Commerce, Consumer Protection              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Repairs and     Section R152‐11‐5    01/01/2010      02/08/2010 
       2:57:30 PM                                                                                Services

 33240 12/03/2009          David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Statutory       Section R426‐2‐7     01/01/2010      03/15/2010 
       1:18:49 PM                                     Emergency Medical Services                 Penalties

 33241 12/03/2009          Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of           Rule R527‐332        01/01/2010      12/03/2009 
       1:26:58 PM                                                                                Continuation:  Unreimbursed Assistance Calculation

 33242 12/03/2009          Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of           Rule R527‐394        01/01/2010      12/03/2009 
       1:30:53 PM                                                                                Continuation:  Posting Bond or Security

 33243 12/03/2009          Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Intercept of    Rule R527‐412        01/01/2010      02/09/2010 
       1:38:41 PM                                                                                Unemployment Compensation

 33244 12/03/2009          David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Statutory       Section R426‐5‐11    01/01/2010      03/15/2010 
       1:41:29 PM                                     Emergency Medical Services                 Penalties

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                            Page 1 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:15 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                          Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                          Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33245 12/03/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Penalty for       Section R426‐7‐5       01/01/2010    03/15/2010 
       1:46:59 PM                                    Emergency Medical Services             Violation of Rule

 33246 12/03/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Penalties         Section R426‐12‐1400   01/01/2010    03/15/2010 
       1:51:48 PM                                    Emergency Medical Services

 33247 12/03/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Penalties         Section R426‐14‐600    01/01/2010    03/15/2010 
       2:12:56 PM                                    Emergency Medical Services

 33248 12/03/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Penalties         Section R426‐15‐700    01/01/2010    03/15/2010 
       2:17:59 PM                                    Emergency Medical Services

 33249 12/03/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Penalty for       Section R426‐16‐3      01/01/2010    03/15/2010 
       2:23:10 PM                                    Emergency Medical Services             Violation of Rule

 33250 12/03/2009         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R994‐305          01/01/2010    12/03/2009 
       6:01:16 PM                                    Insurance                              Continuation:  Collection of Contributions

 33251 12/07/2009         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Version of        Section R307‐101‐3     01/01/2010    03/04/2010 
       1:12:34 PM                                                                           Code of Federal Regulations Incorporated by Reference

 33252 12/08/2009         Palmer DePaulis            Community and Culture, Housing and     Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Qualified          Rule R202‐101          01/01/2010    02/22/2010 
       8:02:20 AM                                    Community Development, Community       Emergency Food Agencies Fund (QEFAF)

 33253 12/08/2009         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration              Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                     Section R277‐613‐1     Not Printed   01/04/2010 
       10:32:59 AM
 33254 12/08/2009         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration              Nonsubstantive Change:  Utah Schools for the Deaf       Rule R277‐800          Not Printed   01/04/2010 
       10:33:25 AM                                                                          and the Blind

 33255 12/08/2009         Sandy Mooy                 Public Service Commission,             Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R746‐401          01/01/2010    12/08/2009 
       4:49:53 PM                                    Administration                         Continuation:  Reporting of Construction, Purchase, 
                                                                                            Acquisition, Sale, Transfer or Disposition of Assets

 33256 12/09/2009         Duane Betournay            Human Services, Child and Family       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Youth             Rule R512‐10           01/01/2010    02/09/2010 
       10:55:56 AM                                   Services                               Advocate Program

 33257 12/09/2009         Duane Betournay            Human Services, Child and Family       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Foster Parent     Rule R512‐31           01/01/2010    02/09/2010 
       11:02:50 AM                                   Services                               Due Process

 33258 12/09/2009         Duane Betournay            Human Services, Child and Family       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Adoption by       Rule R512‐42           01/01/2010    02/09/2010 
       11:12:38 AM                                   Services                               Relatives

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                       Page 2 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                  Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section               Code Citation       Published        Effective Date
 32881 12/09/2009         Sandy Mooy                 Public Service Commission,                 Change in Proposed Rule:  Electrical Interconnection       Rule R746‐312           01/01/2010   04/30/2010 
       2:33:54 PM                                    Administration

 33259 12/09/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Program              Rule R414‐306           01/01/2010   02/22/2010 
       5:33:18 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Benefits

 33260 12/10/2009         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Utah NetCare          Rule R590‐255           01/01/2010   02/09/2010 
       11:15:21 AM                                                                              Alternative Coverage Notification Rule

 33261 12/10/2009         Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Unreimbursed         Rule R527‐332           01/01/2010   02/09/2010 
       11:46:00 AM                                                                              Assistance Calculation

 33262 12/11/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R432‐30            01/01/2010   12/11/2009 
       2:24:31 PM                                    Licensing                                  Continuation:  Adjudicative Procedure

 33263 12/14/2009         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions          Section R156‐77‐102     01/01/2010   02/08/2010 
       8:30:44 AM                                    Professional Licensing

 33264 12/14/2009         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  License              Section R156‐37‐301     01/01/2010   02/08/2010 
       8:43:29 AM                                    Professional Licensing                     Classifications ‐ Restrictions

 33265 12/14/2009         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Hunting              Rule R156‐79            01/01/2010   02/08/2010 
       12:37:28 PM                                   Professional Licensing                     Guides and Outfitters Licensing Act Rule

 33266 12/14/2009         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Delegation of        Section R156‐31b‐701a   01/01/2010   03/29/2010 
       1:00:03 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Nursing Tasks in a School Setting

 33267 12/14/2009         Dane Finerfrock            Environmental Quality, Radiation           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Technical            Section R313‐25‐8       01/01/2010   06/02/2010 see CPR 
       2:11:49 PM                                    Control                                    Analyses                                                                                        in 05/01/2010 
 33268 12/14/2009         Richard Buehler            Natural Resources, Forestry, Fire and      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Permit Rates         Section R652‐70‐700     01/01/2010   02/25/2010 
       2:40:04 PM                                    State Lands

 33269 12/14/2009         Richard Buehler            Natural Resources, Forestry, Fire and      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Filing               Section R652‐9‐400      01/01/2010   Lapsed 
       2:41:16 PM                                    State Lands                                Procedure

 33270 12/15/2009         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R590‐198           01/01/2010   12/15/2009 
       8:11:45 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Valuation of Life Insurance Policies Rule

 33271 12/15/2009         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Areas With           Section R657‐5‐13       01/01/2010   02/08/2010 
       8:50:00 AM                                                                               Special Restrictions

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 3 of 80                                                                              5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                         Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section          Code Citation     Published          Effective Date
 33272 12/15/2009         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Permit          Section R657‐37‐9     01/01/2010    02/08/2010 
       8:54:14 AM                                                                             Allocation

 33273 12/15/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,      Nonsubstantive Change:  Adjudicative Procedure        Rule R432‐30          Not Printed   01/04/2010 
       8:56:51 AM                                    Licensing

 33274 12/15/2009         John Njord                 Transportation, Preconstruction          Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal and Reenact):         Rule R930‐5           01/01/2010    02/08/2010 
       9:46:16 AM                                                                             Establishment and Regulation of At‐Grade Railroad 

 33275 12/15/2009         Kimberly Hood              Administrative Services, Finance         Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Reimbursement    Section R25‐7‐10      01/01/2010    01/01/2010 for 120 
       11:52:54 AM                                                                            for Transportation                                                                        days or until 
 33276 12/15/2009         Richard Buehler            Natural Resources, Forestry, Fire and    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Public Review   Section R652‐90‐600   01/01/2010    02/24/2010 
       2:30:16 PM                                    State Lands

 33277 12/15/2009         Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Non‐IV‐A Fee    Rule R527‐35          01/01/2010    02/23/2010 
       4:02:59 PM                                                                             Schedule

 33278 12/15/2009         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Holiday Leave   Section R477‐7‐2      01/01/2010    02/08/2010 
       5:44:34 PM                                    Administration

  Filings received for the 01/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                          Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 2
 33279 12/16/2009           Sherrie Hayashi          Labor Commission, Occupational Safety    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Roofing, Tar‐   Section R614‐7‐1      01/15/2010 02/22/2010 
           9:58:30 AM                                and Health                               Asphalt Operations

 33280 12/16/2009         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Occupational Safety    Nonsubstantive Change:  Incorporation of Federal      Section R614‐1‐4      Not Printed   05/25/2010 
       10:02:04 AM                                   and Health                               Standards

 33281 12/16/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of           Rule R432‐270         01/15/2010    12/16/2009 
       1:16:14 PM                                    Licensing                                Continuation:  Assisted Living Facilities

 33282 12/16/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal and Reenact):         Rule R432‐31          01/15/2010    02/25/2010 
       1:37:24 PM                                    Licensing                                Transferable Physician Order for Life‐Sustaining 

 33283 12/16/2009         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,      Nonsubstantive Change:  Assisted Living Facilities    Rule R432‐270         Not Printed   01/13/2010 
       1:42:49 PM                                    Licensing

 33284 12/17/2009         Alan Ormsby                Human Services, Services for People      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of           Rule R539‐4           01/15/2010    12/17/2009 
       2:35:02 PM                                    with Disabilities                        Continuation:  Behavior Interventions

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 4 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation      Published        Effective Date
 33285 12/17/2009         Alan Ormsby                Human Services, Services for People      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R539‐5            01/15/2010   12/17/2009 
       2:46:36 PM                                    with Disabilities                        Continuation:  Self‐Administered Services

 33286 12/21/2009         William Sederburg          Regents (Board Of), Administration       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R765‐604          01/15/2010   12/21/2009 
       10:01:15 AM                                                                            Continuation:  New Century Scholarship

 33287 12/21/2009         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Falconry           Rule R657‐20           01/15/2010   02/22/2010 
       12:55:06 PM
 33288 12/22/2009         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R850‐10           01/15/2010   12/22/2009 
       7:47:13 AM                                    Administration                           Continuation:  Expedited Rulemaking

 33289 12/22/2009         V. Lowry Snow              Judicial Performance Evaluation          Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Judicial            Rule R597‐3            01/15/2010   12/22/2009 for 120 
       2:11:55 PM                                    Commission, Administration               Performance Evaluations                                                                      days or until 
 33102 12/23/2009         Amanda Smith               Environmental Quality, Administration    Change in Proposed Rule:  Health Reform ‐‐ Health        Rule R305‐5            01/15/2010   02/16/2010 
       11:15:50 AM                                                                            Insurance Coverage in DEQ State Contracts ‐‐ 

 33290 12/24/2009         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R590‐197          01/15/2010   12/24/2009 
       10:35:24 AM                                                                            Continuation:  Treatment of Guaranty Association 
                                                                                              Assessments as Qualified Assets

 33291 12/24/2009         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R590‐232          01/15/2010   12/24/2009 
       10:44:02 AM                                                                            Continuation:  Authorization for a Health Maintenance 
                                                                                              Organization to Provide Services as Third Party 
                                                                                              Administrator of Health Care Benefits

 33292 12/29/2009         D'Arcy Dixon               Tax Commission, Auditing                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R865‐16R          01/15/2010   12/29/2009 
       12:18:45 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Severance Tax

 33293 12/29/2009         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Massage            Rule R156‐47b          01/15/2010   02/22/2010 
       3:23:05 PM                                    Professional Licensing                   Therapy Practice Act Rule

 33294 12/30/2009         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R590‐196          01/15/2010   12/30/2009 
       11:46:07 AM                                                                            Continuation:  Bail Bond Surety Fee Standards, 
                                                                                              Collateral Standards, and Disclosure Form

 33295 12/30/2009         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  CC Payment         Section R986‐700‐714   01/15/2010   04/01/2010 
       2:59:19 PM                                    Development                              Method

 33296 12/30/2009         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Unearned           Section R986‐200‐235   01/15/2010   04/01/2010 
       3:11:32 PM                                    Development                              Income

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 5 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation    Published          Effective Date
 33297 12/30/2009         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Submission of     Rule R590‐220        01/15/2010    02/22/2010 
       4:16:36 PM                                                                               Accident and Health Insurance Filings

 33298 12/31/2009         David Hart                 Capitol Preservation Board (State),        Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Parking on         Rule R131‐14         01/15/2010    02/22/2010 
       10:48:01 AM                                   Administration                             Capitol Hill

  Filings received for the 02/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                             Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 3
 33299 01/04/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Antidiscrimination       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Payment of        Section R610‐3‐22    02/01/2010    03/24/2010 see CPR 
       7:50:33 AM                                    and Labor, Labor                           Wages Via Pay Cards                                                                        in 02/15/2010 
 33300 01/04/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Boiler and Elevator      Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Coal Mine Safety   Rule R616‐4          02/01/2010    03/11/2010 
       8:14:35 AM                                    Safety

 33301 01/04/2010         Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R527‐40         02/01/2010    01/04/2010 
       3:43:52 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Retained Support

 33302 01/04/2010         Kimberly Hood              Administrative Services, Finance           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):                    Section R25‐7‐10     02/01/2010    04/21/2010 
       4:59:18 PM                                                                               Reimbursement for Transportation

 33303 01/05/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Nonsubstantive Change:  Trainee Registration            Section R162‐110‐1   Not Printed   01/28/2010 
       7:30:33 AM
 33304 01/05/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Nonsubstantive Change:  Preadmission Authorization,     Rule R414‐501        Not Printed   01/28/2010 
       2:08:11 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Retroactive Authorization, and Continued Stay Review

 33305 01/07/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Conservation and     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R64‐1           02/01/2010    01/07/2010 
       2:49:39 PM                                    Resource Management                        Continuation:  Agriculture Resource and Development 
                                                                                                Loans (ARDL)

 33306 01/07/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R156‐60c        02/01/2010    01/07/2010 
       3:37:45 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Continuation:  Professional Counselor Licensing Act 

 33307 01/07/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R156‐38a        02/01/2010    01/07/2010 
       3:43:05 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Continuation:  Residence Lien Restriction and Lien 
                                                                                                Recovery Fund Rule

 33308 01/11/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality         Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal and Reenact):  Lead‐    Rule R307‐840        02/01/2010    04/08/2010 
       9:12:15 AM                                                                               Based Paint Accreditation, Certification and Work 
                                                                                                Practice Standards

 33309 01/11/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality         Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Residential        Rule R307‐841        02/01/2010    04/08/2010 
       9:13:25 AM                                                                               Property and Child‐Occupied Facility Renovation

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 6 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section               Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33310 01/11/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality        Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Lead‐Based Paint      Rule R307‐842        02/01/2010    04/08/2010 
       9:14:21 AM                                                                              Activities

 33311 01/11/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Preconstruction, Right‐   Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Bus Shelters and Bus  Rule R933‐4            02/01/2010    03/10/2010 
       3:53:33 PM                                    of‐Way Acquisition                        Benches

 33312 01/11/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Preconstruction           Nonsubstantive Change:  Manual of Accommodation            Rule R930‐6          Not Printed   01/28/2010 
       4:50:15 PM                                                                              of Utility Facilities and the Control and Protection of 
                                                                                               State Highway Rights‐of‐Way

 33313 01/12/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Administration            Nonsubstantive Change:  Designation of Adjudicative        Section R861‐1A‐23   Not Printed   01/28/2010 
       2:27:11 PM                                                                              Proceedings Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 63G‐

 33314 01/12/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources     Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Falconry              Rule R657‐20         02/01/2010    01/12/2010 for 120 
       3:21:34 PM                                                                                                                                                                            days or until 
 33315 01/12/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Plant Industry      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R68‐20          02/01/2010    01/12/2010 
       4:16:00 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Utah Organic Standards

 33316 01/13/2010         Keith Woodwell             Commerce, Securities                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Exemptions           Section R164‐4‐9     02/01/2010    03/11/2010 
       8:45:30 AM                                                                              from Licensing Requirements for Certain Investment 

 33317 01/13/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Administrative       Rule R590‐160        02/01/2010    03/10/2010 
       9:16:13 AM                                                                              Proceedings

 33318 01/13/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R590‐88         02/01/2010    01/13/2010 
       3:18:10 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Prohibited Transactions Between 
                                                                                               Agents and Unauthorized Multiple Employer Trusts

 33319 01/13/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R590‐128        02/01/2010    01/13/2010 
       3:46:45 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Unfair Discrimination Based on the 
                                                                                               Failure to Maintain Automobile Insurance (Revised)

 33320 01/13/2010         Patricia Smith‐Mansfield   Administrative Services, Archives         Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Archives/            Section R17‐7‐3      02/01/2010    05/17/2010 
       4:18:09 PM                                                                              Research Room/Access to Records

 33321 01/13/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Health Benefit        Rule R590‐256        02/01/2010    03/10/2010 
       5:39:07 PM                                                                              Plan Internet Portal Solvency Rating

 33322 01/14/2010         Colin Winchester           Judicial Conduct Commission,              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R595‐1          02/01/2010    01/14/2010 
       10:18:08 AM                                   Administration                            Continuation:  General Provisions

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 7 of 80                                                                            5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                          Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                           Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation   Published          Effective Date
 33323 01/14/2010         Colin Winchester           Judicial Conduct Commission,            Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R595‐2         02/01/2010    01/14/2010 
       10:39:05 AM                                   Administration                          Continuation:  Administration

 33324 01/14/2010         Colin Winchester           Judicial Conduct Commission,            Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R595‐3         02/01/2010    01/14/2010 
       10:41:15 AM                                   Administration                          Continuation:  Procedure

 33325 01/14/2010         Colin Winchester           Judicial Conduct Commission,            Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R595‐4         02/01/2010    01/14/2010 
       10:42:46 AM                                   Administration                          Continuation:  Sanctions

 32978 01/14/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Change in Proposed Rule:  Hydraulic Modeling              Rule R309‐511       02/01/2010    03/11/2010 
       12:13:31 PM                                                                           Requirements

 33326 01/14/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R58‐7          02/01/2010    01/14/2010 
       12:25:03 PM                                                                           Continuation:  Livestock Markets, Satellite Video 
                                                                                             Livestock Auction Market, Livestock Sales, Dealers and 
                                                                                             Livestock Market Weighpersons

 33327 01/14/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R58‐17         02/01/2010    01/14/2010 
       12:26:28 PM                                                                           Continuation:  Aquaculture and Aquatic Animal Health

 33328 01/14/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah Mini‐          Rule R590‐253       02/01/2010    Lapsed 
       1:41:02 PM                                                                            COBRA Notification Rule

 33329 01/14/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R58‐10         02/01/2010    01/14/2010 
       5:13:24 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Meat and Poultry Inspection

  Filings received for the 02/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                           Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 4
 33330 01/19/2010           Jilene Whitby            Insurance, Administration               Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R590‐132       02/15/2010 01/19/2010 
           11:44:30 AM                                                                       Continuation:  Insurance Treatment of Human 
                                                                                             Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection

 33331 01/19/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Taking Bear         Rule R657‐33        02/15/2010    03/25/2010 
       12:51:17 PM
 33332 01/19/2010         Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Closure             Rule R527‐37        02/15/2010    04/02/2010 
       4:17:37 PM                                                                            Criteria for Support Cases

 33333 01/20/2010         Mark Payne                 Human Services, Substance Abuse and     Nonsubstantive Change:  20% Match Required to Be          Section R523‐1‐25   Not Printed   02/11/2010 
       11:51:47 AM                                   Mental Health                           County Tax Revenue

 33334 01/20/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R895‐9         02/15/2010    01/20/2010 
       3:33:48 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Utah Geographic Information Systems 
                                                                                             Advisory Council

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                        Page 8 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33335 01/21/2010         Patricia Smith‐Mansfield   Administrative Services, Records           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Committee         Section R35‐1‐4      02/15/2010    05/17/2010 
       1:54:39 PM                                    Committee                                  Minutes

 33336 01/25/2010         Francine Giani             Commerce, Administration                   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R151‐1          02/15/2010    01/25/2010 
       5:25:23 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Department of Commerce General 

 33337 01/26/2010         Kent Jones                 Natural Resources, Water Rights            Five‐Year Extension:  Reports of Water Right            Rule R655‐3          Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       10:21:48 AM                                                                              Conveyance                                                                                 Agency 01/27/2010

 33338 01/26/2010         Nannette Rolfe             Public Safety, Driver License              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Requirements      Rule R708‐41         02/15/2010    03/24/2010 
       2:44:27 PM                                                                               for Acceptable Documentation, Storage and 

 33339 01/26/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,                Nonsubstantive Change:  Insurance                       Section R81‐4E‐4     Not Printed   02/11/2010 
       2:54:02 PM                                    Administration

 33340 01/27/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R58‐21          02/15/2010    01/27/2010 
       9:29:45 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Trichomoniasis

 33341 01/27/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal and Reenact):  Nurse    Rule R414‐7B         02/15/2010    03/29/2010 
       10:57:40 AM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program

 33342 01/27/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Incorporations    Section R414‐1‐5     02/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       11:28:57 AM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   by Reference

 33343 01/27/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Services          Section R414‐54‐3    02/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       11:37:52 AM                                   and Reimbursement Policy

 33344 01/27/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Client            Section R414‐59‐4    02/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       11:44:59 AM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   Eligibility Requirements

 33345 01/27/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Residents of      Section R414‐302‐4   02/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       12:32:40 PM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   Institutions

 33346 01/27/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  A, B and D        Section R414‐303‐3   02/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       2:19:36 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Medicaid and A, B and D Institutional Medicaid 
                                                                                                Coverage Groups

 33347 01/27/2010         Kent Jones                 Natural Resources, Water Rights            Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R655‐3          02/15/2010    01/27/2010 
       3:40:52 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Reports of Water Rights Conveyance

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 9 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation      Published        Effective Date
 33348 01/28/2010         D'Arcy Dixon               Tax Commission, Auditing                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Compensation      Section R865‐9I‐44     02/15/2010   04/08/2010 
       9:59:09 AM                                                                             Received by Nonresident Professional Athletes 
                                                                                              Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐10‐116, 59‐10‐
                                                                                              117, and 59‐10‐118

 33349 01/28/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Nonresident's     Section R865‐9I‐13     02/15/2010   04/08/2010 
       10:39:18 AM                                                                            share of Pass‐Through Entity Income Pursuant to Utah 
                                                                                              Code Ann. Sections 59‐10‐116, 59‐10‐117, 59‐10‐118, 
                                                                                              59‐10‐1403.2 and 59‐10‐1405

 33350 01/28/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Place of Sale     Section R865‐12L‐5     02/15/2010   04/08/2010 
       10:59:36 AM                                                                            Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 59‐12‐207

 33351 01/28/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Determination     Section R865‐9I‐56     02/15/2010   04/08/2010 
       11:21:11 AM                                                                            of Amounts Withheld by a Pass‐Through entity that is 
                                                                                              an S Corporation Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 
                                                                                              59‐10‐116, 59‐10‐117, 59‐10‐118, 59‐10‐1403.2, and 

 33352 01/28/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Place of          Section R865‐12L‐6     02/15/2010   04/08/2010 
       11:41:30 AM                                                                            Transaction Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 59‐12‐

 33353 01/28/2010         Richard Buehler            Natural Resources, Forestry, Fire and    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Consistency       Section R652‐9‐200     02/15/2010   Lapsed 
       3:00:50 PM                                    State Lands                              Review

 33354 01/28/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment         Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal and Reenact):           Rule R994‐402          02/15/2010   04/01/2010 
       4:43:28 PM                                    Insurance                                Extended Benefits

 33355 01/28/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment         Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Waiver of         Section R994‐406‐203   02/15/2010   04/01/2010 
       4:53:21 PM                                    Insurance                                Recovery of Nonfault Overpayments

 33356 01/28/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Assistance for    Section R986‐200‐214   02/15/2010   04/01/2010 
       5:05:13 PM                                    Development                              Specified Relatives

 33233 01/28/2010         Walter Baker               Environmental Quality, Water Quality     Change in Proposed Rule:  Standards of Quality for      Rule R317‐2            02/15/2010   04/01/2010 
       6:08:00 PM                                                                             Waters of the State

 33232 01/28/2010         Walter Baker               Environmental Quality, Water Quality     Change in Proposed Rule:  Definitions                   Section R317‐1‐1       02/15/2010   04/01/2010 
       6:08:42 PM
 33357 01/31/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Liquefied         Rule R710‐6            02/15/2010   03/24/2010 
       7:01:10 PM                                                                             Petroleum Gas Rules

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                        Page 10 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                           Agency                           Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation    Published          Effective Date
 33358 01/31/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Non‐Affiliated      Section R710‐10‐8    02/15/2010    03/24/2010 
       9:19:26 PM                                                                             Fire Service Training

 33359 02/01/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Maximum             Rule R628‐11         02/15/2010    03/24/2010 
       12:40:03 PM                                   Administration                           Amount of Uninsured Public Funds Allowed to Be Held 
                                                                                              by Any Qualified Depository

 33299 02/01/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Antidiscrimination     Change in Proposed Rule:  Payment of Wages Via Pay        Section R610‐3‐22    02/15/2010    03/24/2010 
       2:52:29 PM                                    and Labor, Labor                         Cards

 33360 02/01/2010         D. Gregg Buxton            Administrative Services, Facilities      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R23‐26          02/15/2010    02/01/2010 
       9:01:34 PM                                    Construction and Management              Continuation:  Dispute Resolution

  Filings received for the 03/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                             Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 5
 33361 02/04/2010           James Karpowitz          Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources    Nonsubstantive Change:  Take of Wild Raptors              Section R657‐20‐11   Not Printed 02/24/2010 
           9:46:36 AM
 33362 02/04/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Boiler and Elevator    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Safety Codes        Section R616‐2‐3     03/01/2010    04/07/2010 
       1:44:55 PM                                    Safety                                   and Rules for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

 33363 02/08/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Five‐Year Extension:  Procurement of Architectural and    Rule R131‐1          03/01/2010    02/08/2010 see 5YR 
       11:01:40 AM                                   Administration                           Engineering Services                                                                         DAR No. 33544

 33364 02/08/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Five‐Year Extension:  Capitol Hill Complex Facility Use   Rule R131‐2          03/01/2010    02/08/2010 see 5YR 
       11:03:23 AM                                   Administration                                                                                                                        DAR No. 33545

 33365 02/08/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Five‐Year Extension:  State Capitol Preservation Board    Rule R131‐7          03/01/2010    02/08/2010 see 5YR 
       11:04:15 AM                                   Administration                           Master Planning Policy                                                                       DAR No. 33547

 33366 02/08/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and               Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R156‐38b        03/01/2010    02/08/2010 
       4:24:53 PM                                    Professional Licensing                   Continuation:  State Construction Registry Rules

 33367 02/10/2010         Dane Finerfrock            Environmental Quality, Radiation         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R313‐34         03/01/2010    02/10/2010 
       7:41:23 AM                                    Control                                  Continuation:  Requirements for Irradiators

 33368 02/10/2010         Dane Finerfrock            Environmental Quality, Radiation         Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Clarifications      Section R313‐34‐3    03/01/2010    04/15/2010 
       7:45:32 AM                                    Control                                  or Exemptions

 33369 02/10/2010         John Njord                 Transportation Commission,               Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Base Toll Rate       Section R940‐1‐3     03/01/2010    02/10/2010 for 120 
       9:57:50 AM                                    Administration                           and Range for HOT Lanes                                                                      days or until 
 33370 02/10/2010         Walter Baker               Environmental Quality, Water Quality     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R317‐4          03/01/2010    02/10/2010 
       9:58:52 AM                                                                             Continuation:  Onsite Wastewater Systems

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 11 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                      Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                        Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation   Published        Effective Date
 33371 02/10/2010         Curtis Garner              Pardons (Board Of), Administration   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Information        Rule R671‐303       03/01/2010   06/29/2010 
       11:54:07 AM                                                                        Received, Maintained or Used by the Board

 33372 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Utah Residential    Rule R162‐2c        03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:19:08 AM                                                                         Mortgage Practices and Licensing Rules

 33373 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Residential           Rule R162‐201       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:26:25 AM                                                                         Mortgage Definitions

 33374 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Initial Application   Rule R162‐202       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:31:21 AM
 33375 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Changes to            Rule R162‐203       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:35:16 AM                                                                         Residential Mortgage Licensure Statement

 33376 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Residential           Rule R162‐204       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:38:01 AM                                                                         Mortgage Record Keeping Requirements

 33377 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Residential           Rule R162‐205       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:40:45 AM                                                                         Mortgage Unprofessional Conduct

 33378 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  License Renewal       Rule R162‐207       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:44:09 AM
 33379 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Continuing            Rule R162‐208       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:46:08 AM                                                                         Education

 33380 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Administrative        Rule R162‐209       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:47:29 AM                                                                         Proceedings

 33381 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Certification of      Rule R162‐210       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:51:22 AM                                                                         Prelicensing Education Providers

 33382 02/11/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Adjusted License      Rule R162‐211       03/01/2010   04/12/2010 
       9:54:24 AM                                                                         Terms

 33383 02/11/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Child Care         Rule R986‐700       03/01/2010   04/21/2010 
       2:38:08 PM                                    Development                          Assistance

 33384 02/11/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Change of          Section R865‐9I‐7   03/01/2010   04/08/2010 
       3:24:36 PM                                                                         Status as Resident or Nonresident Pursuant to Utah 
                                                                                          Code Ann. Section 59‐10‐120

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                     Page 12 of 80                                                                       5/25/2011 2:46:21 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation    Published          Effective Date
 33066 02/11/2010         Kent Jones                 Natural Resources, Water Rights            Change in Proposed Rule:  Administrative Procedures     Rule R655‐16         Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       3:38:12 PM                                                                               for Declaring Beneficial Use Limitations for                                               Agency 02/11/2010
                                                                                                Supplemental Water Rights

 33385 02/11/2010         V. Lowry Snow              Judicial Performance Evaluation            Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Judicial          Rule R597‐3          03/01/2010    04/15/2010 
       3:55:24 PM                                    Commission, Administration                 Performance Evaluations

 33386 02/11/2010         John Njord                 Transportation Commission,                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Base Toll Rate    Section R940‐1‐3     03/01/2010    04/07/2010 
       4:54:10 PM                                    Administration                             and Range for HOT Lanes

 33387 02/16/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Bail Bond         Rule R590‐196        03/01/2010    04/14/2010 
       8:23:10 AM                                                                               Surety Fee Standards, Collateral Standards, and 
                                                                                                Disclosure Form

 33388 02/16/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Rule                            Section R590‐166‐4   Not Printed   02/24/2010 
       8:56:18 AM
 33066 02/16/2010         Kent Jones                 Natural Resources, Water Rights            Change in Proposed Rule:  Administrative Procedures     Rule R655‐16         03/01/2010    04/07/2010 
       9:49:16 AM                                                                               for Declaring Beneficial Use Limitations for 
                                                                                                Supplemental Water Rights

 33389 02/16/2010         Keith Woodwell             Commerce, Securities                       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R164‐2          03/01/2010    02/16/2010 
       3:39:04 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Investment Adviser ‐ Unlawful Acts

 33390 02/16/2010         Kimberly Hood              Administrative Services, Risk              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Risk              Rule R37‐1           03/01/2010    06/01/2010 
       4:12:02 PM                                    Management                                 Management General Rules

  Filings received for the 03/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                             Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 6
 33391 02/17/2010           Dennis Downs             Environmental Quality, Solid and           Nonsubstantive Change:  Location Standards for          Section R315‐302‐1   Not Printed 03/10/2010 
           7:16:51 AM                                Hazardous Waste                            Disposal Facilities

 33392 02/17/2010         Kimberly Hood              Administrative Services, Risk              Nonsubstantive Change:  Risk Management State           Rule R37‐2           Not Printed   03/10/2010 
       7:38:44 AM                                    Management                                 Workers' Compensation Insurance Administration

 33393 02/17/2010         Kimberly Hood              Administrative Services, Risk              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Adjusted Utah     Rule R37‐4           03/15/2010    06/01/2010 
       9:09:44 AM                                    Management                                 Governmental Immunity Act Limitations on Judgments

 33394 02/17/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R645‐105        03/15/2010    02/17/2010 
       10:23:14 AM                                   Coal                                       Continuation:  Blaster Training, Examination and 

 33395 02/17/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R645‐400        03/15/2010    02/17/2010 
       10:24:58 AM                                   Coal                                       Continuation:  Inspection and Enforcement:  Division 
                                                                                                Authority and Procedures

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 13 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33396 02/18/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Operations,                Nonsubstantive Change:  DESIGN‐BUILD Contracts            Rule R916‐3            Not Printed   03/10/2010 
       6:31:03 AM                                    Construction

 33397 02/18/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐501          03/15/2010    02/18/2010 
       10:49:51 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Educator Licensing Renewal and 

 33398 02/22/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Sales and           Section R162‐106‐7     03/15/2010    04/28/2010 
       11:07:15 AM                                                                              Listing History

 33076 02/22/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Epidemiology and Laboratory        Change in Proposed Rule:  Public Geothermal Pools         Rule R392‐303          03/15/2010    05/17/2010 
       12:31:52 PM                                   Services, Environmental Services           and Bathing Places

 33399 02/22/2010         Patricia Smith‐Mansfield   Administrative Services, Records           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R35‐1a            03/15/2010    02/22/2010 
       2:03:17 PM                                    Committee                                  Continuation:  State Records Committee/Definitions

 33400 02/22/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                       Section R156‐47b‐102   Not Printed   03/10/2010 
       5:02:37 PM                                    Professional Licensing

 33401 02/23/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Submission of Accident and        Rule R590‐220          Not Printed   03/10/2010 
       8:12:28 AM                                                                               Health Insurance Filings

 33402 02/23/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R156‐17b          03/15/2010    02/23/2010 
       12:02:12 PM                                   Professional Licensing                     Continuation:  Pharmacy Practice Act Rule

 33403 02/23/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R414‐33C          03/15/2010    02/23/2010 
       1:43:26 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Continuation:  Targeted Case Management for the 

 33404 02/23/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R590‐140          03/15/2010    02/23/2010 
       2:15:58 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Reference Filings of Rate Service 
                                                                                                Organization Prospective Loss Costs

 33405 02/24/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),        Five‐Year Extension:  CPB Facilities and Grounds:         Rule R131‐8            03/15/2010    02/24/2010 see 5YR 
       11:04:29 AM                                   Administration                             Maintenance of Aesthetics                                                                      DAR No. 33549

 33406 02/24/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),        Five‐Year Extension:  State Capitol Preservation Board    Rule R131‐9            03/15/2010    02/24/2010 see 5YR 
       11:05:24 AM                                   Administration                             Art Program and Policy                                                                         DAR No. 33551

 33407 02/24/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R414‐61           03/15/2010    02/24/2010 
       2:30:07 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Continuation:  Home and Community‐Based Services 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 14 of 80                                                                            5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                               Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation      Published        Effective Date
 33408 02/24/2010         Mark Forbes                Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Authority and      Section R651‐101‐1     03/15/2010   04/21/2010 
       4:12:54 PM                                                                               Effective Date

 33409 02/25/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R156‐55d          03/15/2010   02/25/2010 
       11:58:39 AM                                   Professional Licensing                     Continuation:  Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act 
                                                                                                Burglar Alarm Licensing Rule

 33410 02/25/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Epidemiology and Laboratory        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R392‐600          03/15/2010   02/25/2010 
       1:46:33 PM                                    Services, Environmental Services           Continuation:  Illegal Drug Operations 
                                                                                                Decontamination Standards

 33411 02/25/2010         Nannette Rolfe             Public Safety, Driver License              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Knowledge          Section R708‐39‐4      03/15/2010   04/21/2010 
       3:28:16 PM                                                                               Testing

 33412 02/25/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Options and        Section R986‐900‐902   03/15/2010   05/01/2010 
       5:04:16 PM                                    Development                                Waivers

 33413 03/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Outpatient          Rule R414‐3A           03/15/2010   03/01/2010 for 120 
       3:33:37 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Hospital Services                                                                            days or until 
 33414 03/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Cost Sharing       Section R414‐1‐28      03/15/2010   05/01/2010 
       3:45:52 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy

 33415 03/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Copayment          Section R414‐10‐6      03/15/2010   05/01/2010 
       3:54:38 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Policy

 33416 03/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Copayment          Section R414‐11‐8      03/15/2010   05/01/2010 
       3:58:55 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Policy

 33417 03/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Copayment          Section R414‐55‐3      03/15/2010   05/01/2010 
       4:04:05 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Policy

 33418 03/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Co‐payment         Section R414‐60‐6      03/15/2010   05/01/2010 
       4:10:12 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Policy

 33419 03/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Cost Sharing       Section R414‐200‐4     03/15/2010   05/01/2010 
       4:17:19 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy

 33420 03/01/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Maximum            Rule R628‐11           03/15/2010   04/27/2010 
       4:23:33 PM                                    Administration                             Amount of Uninsured Public Funds Allowed to Be Held 
                                                                                                by Any Qualified Depository

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 15 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation     Published          Effective Date
 33421 03/01/2010         Mark Forbes                Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Curriculum          Rule R651‐412         03/15/2010    04/21/2010 
       4:41:21 PM                                                                              Standards for OHV Education Programs Offered by 
                                                                                               Non‐Division Entities

 33422 03/01/2010         Mark Forbes                Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah               Section R651‐206‐3    03/15/2010    04/21/2010 
       5:25:44 PM                                                                              Captain's/Guides License and Utah Boat Crew Permit

 33423 03/01/2010         Mark Forbes                Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Carrying           Rule R651‐206         Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       5:34:08 PM                                                                              Passengers for Hire                                                                          Agency 03/02/2010

 33424 03/01/2010         Mark Forbes                Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Equipment          Section R651‐219‐7    03/15/2010    04/21/2010 
       6:23:58 PM                                                                              Exemptions

  Filings received for the 04/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                              Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 7
 33425 03/02/2010           David Sundwall           Health, Administration                    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Health Care        Rule R380‐210         04/01/2010 07/26/2010 
           10:24:15 AM                                                                         Facility Patient Safety Program

 33426 03/03/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  State              Section R432‐950‐16   04/01/2010    06/02/2010 
       12:58:44 PM                                   Licensing                                 Certification

 33427 03/04/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  National           Rule R307‐214         04/01/2010    06/03/2010 
       6:55:17 AM                                                                              Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants

 33428 03/04/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R307‐103         04/01/2010    03/04/2010 
       7:55:15 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Administrative Procedures

 33429 03/04/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R307‐201         04/01/2010    03/04/2010 
       7:56:05 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Emission Standards:  General Emission 

 33430 03/04/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R307‐202         04/01/2010    03/04/2010 
       7:56:48 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Emission Standards:  General Burning

 33431 03/04/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R307‐203         04/01/2010    03/04/2010 
       7:57:19 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Emission Standards:  Sulfur Content of 

 33432 03/04/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R307‐204         04/01/2010    03/04/2010 
       7:57:51 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Emission Standards:  Smoke 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 16 of 80                                                                            5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33433 03/04/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R307‐205        04/01/2010    03/04/2010 
       7:58:19 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Emission Standards:  Fugitive Emissions 
                                                                                                and Fugitive Dust

 33434 03/04/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R307‐206        04/01/2010    03/04/2010 
       7:58:52 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Emission Standards:  Abrasive Blasting

 33435 03/04/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R307‐207        04/01/2010    03/04/2010 
       7:59:29 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Emission Standards:  Residential 
                                                                                                Fireplaces and Stoves

 33436 03/04/2010         Patricia Smith‐Mansfield   Administrative Services, Records           Nonsubstantive Change:  Committee Minutes                 Section R35‐1‐4      Not Printed   05/17/2010 
       3:44:28 PM                                    Committee

 33437 03/08/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Administrative Services, Administrative    Nonsubstantive Change:  Administrative Rulemaking         Rule R15‐4           Not Printed   03/29/2010 
       3:31:56 PM                                    Rules                                      Procedures

 33438 03/09/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R657‐21         04/01/2010    03/09/2010 
       11:36:14 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Cooperative Wildlife Management Units 
                                                                                                for Small Game and Waterfowl

 33439 03/09/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R657‐15         04/01/2010    03/09/2010 
       11:38:39 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Closure of Gunnison, Cub and Hat 

 33440 03/09/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Corrective Action    Rule R277‐114        04/01/2010    05/12/2010 
       1:45:17 PM                                                                               and Withdrawal or Reduction of Program Funds

 33441 03/09/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Minimum             Section R277‐419‐3   04/01/2010    05/12/2010 
       1:45:47 PM                                                                               School Days, LEA Records, and Audits

 33442 03/09/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Charter             Rule R277‐470        04/01/2010    05/12/2010 
       1:46:06 PM                                                                               Schools

 33443 03/09/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Data Standards      Rule R277‐484        04/01/2010    05/12/2010 
       1:46:24 PM
 33444 03/09/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Operations,                Nonsubstantive Change:  Advertising and Awarding          Rule R916‐1          Not Printed   03/29/2010 
       4:56:15 PM                                    Construction                               Construction Contracts

 33445 03/09/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Program Development        Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Scenic Byways          Rule R926‐7          04/01/2010    06/21/2010 
       4:59:03 PM
 33446 03/09/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Program Development        Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Designated           Rule R926‐13         04/01/2010    06/21/2010 
       5:00:24 PM                                                                               Scenic Byways

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 17 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                           Date 
 File #    Time Filed           Authorized by                         Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33447 03/09/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Program Development      Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Utah Scenic         Rule R926‐14         04/01/2010    06/21/2010 
       5:02:02 PM                                                                             Byway Program Administration; Scenic Byways 
                                                                                              Designation, De‐designation, and Segmentation 

 33448 03/10/2010         Philip Notarianni          Community and Culture, History           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R212‐11         04/01/2010    03/10/2010 
       2:36:45 PM                                                                             Continuation:  Historic Preservation Tax Credit

 33449 03/11/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Amphibian          Rule R657‐53         04/01/2010    05/10/2010 
       6:11:53 AM                                                                             and Reptile Collection, Importation, Transportation, 
                                                                                              and Possession

 33450 03/11/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Drawing            Rule R657‐62         04/01/2010    05/10/2010 
       6:15:34 AM                                                                             Application Procedures

 33451 03/11/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Lifetime           Rule R657‐17         04/01/2010    05/10/2010 
       6:18:43 AM                                                                             Hunting and Fishing License

 33452 03/11/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Operations,              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R916‐4          04/01/2010    03/11/2010 
       6:24:49 AM                                    Construction                             Continuation:  Construction Manager/General 
                                                                                              Contractor Contracts

 33453 03/11/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R590‐164        04/01/2010    03/11/2010 
       1:52:02 PM                                                                             Continuation:  Uniform Health Billing Rule

 33454 03/11/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Boiler and Elevator    Nonsubstantive Change:  Examining Coal Mines             Section R616‐4‐3     Not Printed   03/29/2010 
       3:28:23 PM                                    Safety

 33455 03/11/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water    Nonsubstantive Change:  Sanitary Survey, Evaluation,     Section R309‐100‐7   Not Printed   03/29/2010 
       4:55:10 PM                                                                             and Corrective Action of Existing Facilities

 33456 03/11/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water    Nonsubstantive Change:  Microbiological Contaminants     Section R309‐205‐9   Not Printed   03/29/2010 
       4:55:32 PM
 33457 03/11/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water    Nonsubstantive Change:  Authority                        Section R309‐200‐2   Not Printed   03/29/2010 
       4:55:54 PM
 33458 03/11/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water    Nonsubstantive Change:  Tier 1 Public Notice ‐‐ Form,    Section R309‐220‐5   Not Printed   03/29/2010 
       4:56:18 PM                                                                             Manner and Frequency of Notice

 33459 03/11/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water    Nonsubstantive Change:  Lead and Copper Monitoring       Section R309‐210‐6   Not Printed   03/29/2010 
       4:56:37 PM
 33460 03/11/2010         Bill Colbert               Governor, Economic Development, Pete     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Hepatitis B        Section R359‐1‐508   04/01/2010    07/01/2010 
       5:54:03 PM                                    Suazo Utah Athletic Commission           Surface Antigen (HBsAg) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) 
                                                                                              Antibody Testing

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                        Page 18 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation    Published          Effective Date
 33461 03/15/2010         William Sederburg          Regents (Board Of), Administration         Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  New Century       Rule R765‐604         04/01/2010    05/11/2010 
       2:09:57 PM                                                                               Scholarship

 33462 03/15/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Ground            Section R309‐515‐6    04/01/2010    05/13/2010 
       4:21:16 PM                                                                               Water ‐ Wells

  Filings received for the 04/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                              Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 8
 33463 03/16/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Nonsubstantive Change:  Life with Dignity Order         Rule R432‐31          Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       9:38:41 AM                                    Licensing

 33464 03/17/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R309‐600         04/15/2010    03/17/2010 
       4:59:15 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Source Protection: Drinking Water 
                                                                                                Source Protection for Ground Water Sources

 33465 03/17/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R309‐605         04/15/2010    03/17/2010 
       5:00:47 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Source Protection: Drinking Water 
                                                                                                Source Protection for Surface Water Sources

 33466 03/18/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R414‐309         04/15/2010    03/18/2010 
       2:30:57 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Continuation:  Medicare Drug Benefit Low‐Income 
                                                                                                Subsidy Determination

 33467 03/22/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Rules Applicable to Informal    Section R590‐160‐7    Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       1:49:26 PM                                                                               Proceedings

 33468 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R309‐100         04/15/2010    03/22/2010 
       2:01:55 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Administration:  Drinking Water 

 33469 03/22/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Application       Section R81‐7‐1       04/15/2010    05/26/2010 
       4:11:38 PM                                    Administration                             Guidelines

 33470 03/22/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Nonsubstantive Change:  License Renewal                 Section R162‐2c‐204   Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       4:29:40 PM
 33471 03/22/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Nonsubstantive Change:  Unprofessional Conduct          Section R162‐2c‐301   Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       4:30:08 PM
 33472 03/22/2010         Sandy Mooy                 Public Service Commission,                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Determination of     Rule R746‐331         04/15/2010    06/30/2010 
       4:35:50 PM                                    Administration                             Exemption of Mutual Water Corporations

 33473 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐105       04/15/2010    03/22/2010 
       4:42:26 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Administration:  General Responsibilities 
                                                                                                of Public Water Systems

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 19 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                          Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                           Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation   Published        Effective Date
 33474 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐110       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:45:04 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Administration:  Definitions

 33475 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐115       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:45:34 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Administrative Procedures

 33476 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐200       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:46:09 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Monitoring and Water Quality:  Drinking 
                                                                                             Water Standards

 33477 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐205       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:46:34 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Monitoring and Water Quality:  Source 
                                                                                             Monitoring Requirements

 33478 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐210       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:47:12 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Monitoring and Water Quality:  
                                                                                             Distribution System Monitoring Requirements

 33479 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐215       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:48:19 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Monitoring and Water Quality:  
                                                                                             Treatment Plant Monitoring Requirements

 33480 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐220       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:49:07 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Monitoring and Water Quality:  Public 
                                                                                             Notification Requirements

 33481 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐225       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:54:20 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Monitoring and Water Quality:  
                                                                                             Consumer Confidence Reports

 33482 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐400       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:55:37 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Water System Rating Criteria

 33483 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐405       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:55:57 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Compliance and Enforcement:  
                                                                                             Administrative Penalty

 33484 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐300       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       4:59:49 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Certification Rules for Water Supply 

 33485 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐305       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:00:15 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Certification Rules for Backflow 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                        Page 20 of 80                                                                        5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                           Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section                Code Citation   Published        Effective Date
 33486 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐500       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:20:12 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:   Plan 
                                                                                             Review, Operation and Maintenance Requirements

 33487 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐505       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:22:46 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  
                                                                                             Minimum Treatment Requirements

 33488 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐510       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:23:43 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  
                                                                                             Minimum Sizing Requirements

 33489 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐515       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:25:00 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  Source 

 33490 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐520       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:25:42 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  

 33491 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐525       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:26:25 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  
                                                                                             Conventional Surface Water Treatment

 33492 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐530       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:27:12 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  Alternate 
                                                                                             Surface Water Treatment Methods

 33493 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐535       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:27:51 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  
                                                                                             Miscellaneous Treatment Methods

 33494 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐540       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:28:37 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  Pump 

 33495 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐545       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:29:21 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  Drinking 
                                                                                             Water Storage Tanks

 33496 03/22/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R309‐550       04/15/2010   03/22/2010 
       5:30:20 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Facility Design and Operation:  
                                                                                             Transmission and Distribution Pipelines

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                        Page 21 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                Date 
 File #    Time Filed           Authorized by                         Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33497 03/23/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Cooperative         Rule R657‐21           04/15/2010    06/01/2010 
       8:42:22 AM                                                                               Wildlife Management Units for Small Game and 

 33498 03/23/2010         Neal Gooch                 Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Rule                              Section R590‐166‐4     Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       9:10:37 AM
 33499 03/23/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Enforcement Date                  Section R590‐256‐5     Not Printed   03/29/2010 
       9:21:21 AM
 33500 03/23/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐700          04/15/2010    03/23/2010 
       1:21:52 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Financial Assistance:  State Drinking 
                                                                                                Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program

 33501 03/23/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐352          04/15/2010    03/23/2010 
       1:27:52 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Capacity Development Program

 33502 03/23/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R309‐705          04/15/2010    03/23/2010 
       1:30:51 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Financial Assistance:  Federal Drinking 
                                                                                                Water Project Revolving Loan Program

 33503 03/23/2010         Bill Colbert               Governor, Economic Development, Pete       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Promoter's          Section R359‐1‐501     04/15/2010    Lapsed 
       2:14:46 PM                                    Suazo Utah Athletic Commission             Responsibilities in Arranging a Contest

 33504 03/24/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Application         Section R81‐10B‐1      04/15/2010    05/26/2010 
       2:52:42 PM                                    Administration                             Guidelines

 33505 03/24/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  General              Section R590‐247‐3     04/15/2010    03/24/2010 for 120 
       4:31:21 PM                                                                               Instructions                                                                                   days or until 
 33506 03/24/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Nonsubstantive Change:  Utah‐Specific Education           Section R162‐2c‐203    Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       4:54:17 PM                                                                               Certification

 33507 03/24/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Nonsubstantive Change:  Administrative Proceedings        Section R162‐2c‐401    Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       4:54:52 PM
 33508 03/24/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Introduction                      Section R649‐9‐1       Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       5:10:04 PM                                    Oil and Gas

 33509 03/24/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Geology                           Section R645‐301‐600   Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       5:10:34 PM                                    Coal

 33510 03/24/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Designated Oil Shale Areas        Section R649‐3‐31      Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       5:10:59 PM                                    Oil and Gas

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 22 of 80                                                                            5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section               Code Citation   Published         Effective Date
 33511 03/25/2010         Nannette Rolfe             Public Safety, Driver License              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R708‐32        04/15/2010    03/25/2010 
       10:05:42 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Uninsured Motorist Database

 33512 03/25/2010         Nannette Rolfe             Public Safety, Driver License              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R708‐41        04/15/2010    03/25/2010 
       4:56:59 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Requirements for Acceptable 
                                                                                                Documentation, Storage and Maintenance

 33513 03/29/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Liquefied            Rule R710‐6         04/15/2010    05/24/2010 
       9:17:23 AM                                                                               Petroleum Gas Rules

 33514 03/29/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Targeted Case           Rule R414‐33        04/15/2010    05/24/2010 
       4:13:17 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Management Services

 33515 03/29/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Outpatient           Rule R414‐3A        04/15/2010    06/14/2010 
       4:21:24 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Hospital Services

 33516 03/30/2010         Nannette Rolfe             Public Safety, Driver License              Nonsubstantive Change:  Exception for Renewal or           Rule R708‐45        Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       11:56:50 AM                                                                              Duplicate License for a Utah Resident Temporarily 
                                                                                                Residing Out of State

 33517 03/30/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Submission of        Rule R590‐225       04/15/2010    05/26/2010 
       3:04:47 PM                                                                               Property and Casualty Rate and Form Filings

 33518 03/30/2010         Nannette Rolfe             Public Safety, Driver License              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R708‐36        04/15/2010    03/30/2010 
       4:31:30 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Disclosure of Personal Identifying 
                                                                                                Information in MVRs

 33519 03/30/2010         Nannette Rolfe             Public Safety, Driver License              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R708‐40        04/15/2010    03/30/2010 
       4:32:45 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Driving Simulators

 33520 03/30/2010         Nannette Rolfe             Public Safety, Driver License              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R708‐37        04/15/2010    03/30/2010 
       4:33:36 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Certification of Licensed Instructors of 
                                                                                                Commercial Driver Training Schools or Testing Only 
                                                                                                Schools to Administer Driving Skills Tests

 33521 03/31/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R994‐204       04/15/2010    03/31/2010 
       11:16:11 AM                                   Insurance                                  Continuation:  Covered Employment

 33522 03/31/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R994‐205       04/15/2010    03/31/2010 
       11:21:21 AM                                   Insurance                                  Continuation:  Exempt Employment

 33523 03/31/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R994‐206       04/15/2010    03/31/2010 
       11:25:21 AM                                   Insurance                                  Continuation:  Agricultural Labor

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 23 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                               Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33524 03/31/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R994‐304          04/15/2010    03/31/2010 
       11:30:37 AM                                   Insurance                                  Continuation:  Special Provisions Regarding Transfers 
                                                                                                of Unemployment Experience and Assigning Rates

 33525 03/31/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Standardized        Rule R590‐257          04/15/2010    Lapsed 
       2:44:34 PM                                                                               Health Benefit Plan Information Card

 33526 03/31/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Licensing          Section R162‐2‐2       04/15/2010    05/25/2010 
       3:50:02 PM                                                                               Procedure

 33527 03/31/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment           Nonsubstantive Change:  Agricultural Labor               Section R994‐206‐101   Not Printed   04/14/2010 
       5:04:37 PM                                    Insurance

 33528 03/31/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Coverage for       Rule R414‐19A          04/15/2010    05/27/2010 
       6:03:05 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Dialysis Services by a Free‐Standing State Licensed 
                                                                                                Dialysis Facility

 33529 04/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Creditable          Section R414‐320‐7     04/15/2010    04/01/2010 for 120 
       7:53:10 AM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Health Coverage                                                                               days or until 
 33530 04/01/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R850‐21           04/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       8:00:06 AM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbon Resources

 33531 04/01/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R850‐22           04/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       8:06:00 AM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Bituminous‐Asphaltic Sands and Oil 
                                                                                                Shale Resources

 33532 04/01/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R850‐23           04/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       8:14:01 AM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Sand, Gravel and Cinders Permits

 33533 04/01/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R850‐24           04/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       8:18:24 AM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  General Provisions:  Mineral and 
                                                                                                Material Resources, Mineral Leases and Material 

 33534 04/01/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R850‐25           04/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       8:23:41 AM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Mineral Leases and Materials Permits

 33535 04/01/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R850‐26           04/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       8:26:50 AM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Coal Leases

 33536 04/01/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R850‐27           04/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       8:29:43 AM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Geothermal Steam

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 24 of 80                                                                            5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                           Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation   Published          Effective Date
 33537 04/01/2010         Richard Buehler            Natural Resources, Forestry, Fire and    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R652‐120       04/15/2010    04/01/2010 
       1:06:49 PM                                    State Lands                              Continuation:  Wildland Fire

  Filings received for the 05/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                            Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 9
 33538 04/05/2010           Ken Stettler             Human Services, Administration,          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R501‐19        05/01/2010 04/05/2010 
           2:42:40 PM                                Administrative Services, Licensing       Continuation:  Residential Treatment Programs

 33539 04/05/2010         Ken Stettler               Human Services, Administration,          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R501‐20        05/01/2010    04/05/2010 
       2:44:02 PM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing       Continuation:  Day Treatment Programs

 33540 04/05/2010         Ken Stettler               Human Services, Administration,          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R501‐21        05/01/2010    04/05/2010 
       2:45:13 PM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing       Continuation:  Outpatient Treatment Programs

 33541 04/05/2010         Ken Stettler               Human Services, Administration,          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R501‐22        05/01/2010    04/05/2010 
       2:46:05 PM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing       Continuation:  Residential Support Programs

 33542 04/07/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Regulatory         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R70‐101        05/01/2010    04/07/2010 
       12:22:30 PM                                   Services                                 Continuation:  Bedding, Upholstered Furniture and 
                                                                                              Quilted  Clothing

 33543 04/07/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Nonsubstantive Change:  Procurement of Architectural      Rule R131‐1         Not Printed   04/26/2010 
       3:17:54 PM                                    Administration                           and Engineering Services

 33544 04/07/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R131‐1         05/01/2010    04/07/2010 
       3:21:34 PM                                    Administration                           Continuation:  Procurement of Architectural and 
                                                                                              Engineering Services

 33545 04/07/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R131‐2         05/01/2010    04/07/2010 
       3:27:19 PM                                    Administration                           Continuation:  Capitol Hill Complex Facility Use

 33546 04/07/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Nonsubstantive Change:  State Capitol Preservation        Rule R131‐7         Not Printed   04/26/2010 
       3:33:26 PM                                    Administration                           Board Master Planning Policy

 33547 04/07/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R131‐7         05/01/2010    04/07/2010 
       3:42:23 PM                                    Administration                           Continuation:  State Capitol Preservation Board Master 
                                                                                              Planning Policy

 33548 04/07/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Nonsubstantive Change:  CPB Facilities and Grounds:       Rule R131‐8         Not Printed   04/26/2010 
       3:44:58 PM                                    Administration                           Maintenance of Aesthetics

 33549 04/07/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R131‐8         05/01/2010    04/07/2010 
       3:48:31 PM                                    Administration                           Continuation:  CPB Facilities and Grounds:  
                                                                                              Maintenance of Aesthetics

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 25 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation     Published         Effective Date
 33550 04/07/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),       Nonsubstantive Change:  State Capitol Preservation       Rule R131‐9           Not Printed   04/26/2010 
       4:02:25 PM                                    Administration                            Board Art Program and Policy

 33551 04/07/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R131‐9           05/01/2010    04/07/2010 
       4:08:42 PM                                    Administration                            Continuation:  State Capitol Preservation Board Art 
                                                                                               Program and Policy

 33552 04/08/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Naturopathic       Section R156‐71‐202   05/01/2010    08/16/2010 
       8:31:48 AM                                    Professional Licensing                    Physician Formulary

 33553 04/08/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Administration                    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R380‐40          05/01/2010    04/08/2010 
       5:57:06 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Local Health Department Minimum 
                                                                                               Performance Standards

 33554 04/13/2010         Dane Finerfrock            Environmental Quality, Radiation          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Requirements       Rule R313‐19          05/01/2010    07/14/2010 
       3:18:58 PM                                    Control                                   of General Applicability to Licensing of Radioactive 

 33555 04/13/2010         Dane Finerfrock            Environmental Quality, Radiation          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General            Rule R313‐21          05/01/2010    07/14/2010 
       3:19:57 PM                                    Control                                   Licenses

 33556 04/13/2010         William Sederburg          Regents (Board Of), Administration        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R765‐626         05/01/2010    04/13/2010 
       3:43:56 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Lender of Last Resort Program

 33557 04/14/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Range              Rule R850‐50          05/01/2010    06/07/2010 
       7:21:19 AM                                    Administration                            Management

 33558 04/14/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Basic Health Care     Rule R590‐175         05/01/2010    06/21/2010 
       10:12:47 AM                                                                             Plan Rule

 33267 04/14/2010         Dane Finerfrock            Environmental Quality, Radiation          Change in Proposed Rule:  Technical Analyses             Section R313‐25‐8     05/01/2010    06/02/2010 
       11:47:40 AM                                   Control

 33559 04/14/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Community and Family Health       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Newborn            Rule R398‐1           05/01/2010    06/15/2010 
       1:55:57 PM                                    Services, Children with Special Health    Screening
                                                     Care Needs

 33560 04/15/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Health Facility    Rule R156‐15          05/01/2010    06/07/2010 
       8:11:39 AM                                    Professional Licensing                    Administrator Act Rules

 33561 04/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Educator           Rule R277‐501         05/01/2010    06/08/2010 
       1:10:09 PM                                                                              Licensing Renewal and Timelines

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 26 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33562 04/15/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Epidemiology and Laboratory        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R386‐800         05/01/2010    04/15/2010 
       2:44:55 PM                                    Services, Epidemiology                     Continuation:  Immunization Coordination

 33563 04/15/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Records and       Section R162‐4‐1      05/01/2010    06/16/2010 
       4:06:36 PM                                                                               Copies of Documents

  Filings received for the 05/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                             Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 10
 33564 04/21/2010         Kimberly Hood              Administrative Services, Debt Collection   Nonsubstantive Change:  Debt Collection Through         Rule R21‐3            Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       7:52:15 AM                                                                               Administrative Offset

 33565 04/22/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  License Status    Rule R162‐3           05/15/2010    06/21/2010 
       8:14:27 AM                                                                               Change

 33566 04/22/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah Uniform      Rule R156‐56          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       9:17:16 AM                                    Professional Licensing                     Building Standard Act Rules

 33567 04/22/2010         Alice Erickson             Public Safety, Criminal Investigations     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R722‐330         05/15/2010    04/22/2010 
       12:38:31 PM                                   and Technical Services, Criminal           Continuation:  Licensing of Private Investigators

 33568 04/22/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Incorporations    Section R414‐1‐5      Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       3:36:06 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   by Reference                                                                                Agency 05/10/2010

 33569 04/22/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Speech‐           Rule R414‐54          Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       4:00:27 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Language Pathology Services                                                                 Agency 05/10/2010

 33570 04/22/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Audiology‐        Rule R414‐59          Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       4:09:30 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Hearing Services                                                                            Agency 05/10/2010

 33571 04/22/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Targeted Case        Rule R414‐33C         05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       4:16:12 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Management for the Homeless

 33572 04/22/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Eligibility       Rule R414‐302         05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       4:26:45 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Requirements

 33573 04/22/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  A, B, and D       Section R414‐304‐9    05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       4:34:44 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Institutional Medicaid and Family Institutional 
                                                                                                Medicaid Income Deductions

 33574 04/22/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Resources         Rule R414‐305         05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       4:55:30 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 27 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33575 04/26/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Rules              Rule R710‐9          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:55:19 PM                                                                              Pursuant to the Utah Fire Prevention Law

 33576 04/26/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Emergency          Rule R426‐6          05/15/2010    08/03/2010 
       1:54:58 PM                                    Emergency Medical Services                 Medical Services Competitive Grants Program Rules

 33577 04/26/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Emergency          Rule R426‐8          05/15/2010    08/03/2010 
       1:59:22 PM                                    Emergency Medical Services                 Medical Services Per Capita Grants Program Rules

 33578 04/27/2010         V. Lowry Snow              Judicial Performance Evaluation            Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Evaluation Cycles   Section R597‐3‐1     05/15/2010    04/27/2010 for 120 
       12:20:59 PM                                   Commission, Administration                                                                                                             days or until 
 33579 04/27/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Hospice Care       Rule R414‐14A        05/15/2010    06/21/2010 
       4:30:23 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy

 33580 04/28/2010         Keith Woodwell             Commerce, Securities                       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Dishonest or       Section R164‐6‐1g    05/15/2010    06/22/2010 
       8:46:16 AM                                                                               Unethical Business Practices

 33581 04/28/2010         William Sederburg          Regents (Board Of), Administration         Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Regents'            Rule R765‐609        05/15/2010    07/15/2010 
       10:42:36 AM                                                                              Scholarship

 33582 04/28/2010         Mary Tullius               Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Violation of Rules               Section R651‐610‐1   Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       3:36:47 PM                                                                                                                                                                           Agency 05/17/2010
 33583 04/28/2010         Kevin Olsen                Commerce, Consumer Protection              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R152‐1          05/15/2010    04/28/2010 
       5:21:18 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Utah Division of Consumer Protection:  
                                                                                                "Buyer Beware List"

 33584 04/29/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Physical           Rule R156‐24b        05/15/2010    06/21/2010 
       8:32:14 AM                                    Professional Licensing                     Therapy Practice Act Rule

 33585 04/29/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Vocational         Rule R156‐78         05/15/2010    06/21/2010 
       8:44:17 AM                                    Professional Licensing                     Rehabilitation Counselors Licensing Act Rule

 33586 04/29/2010         Ronald Gordon              Governor, Criminal and Juvenile Justice    Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Judicial            Rule R356‐101        05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       9:22:32 AM                                    (State Commission on)                      Nominating Commissions

 33587 04/29/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Operations,                Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Drug and Alcohol    Rule R916‐6          05/15/2010    06/21/2010 
       10:07:10 AM                                   Construction                               Testing in State Construction Contracts

 33588 04/29/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R277‐473        05/15/2010    04/29/2010 
       11:03:28 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Testing Procedures

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 28 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section           Code Citation      Published        Effective Date
 33589 04/29/2010         Amanda Smith               Environmental Quality, Administration      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Health           Rule R305‐5            05/15/2010   06/23/2010 
       11:22:05 AM                                                                              Reform ‐‐ Health Insurance Coverage in DEQ State 
                                                                                                Contracts ‐‐ Implementation

 33590 04/29/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Targeted Case  Rule R414‐33D            05/15/2010   08/31/2010 see CPR 
       11:31:57 AM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   Management by Community Mental Health Centers for                                          in 07/01/2010 
                                                                                                Individuals with Serious Mental Illness                                                    Bulletin

 33591 04/29/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Disclosure of    Rule R590‐155          05/15/2010   06/21/2010 
       12:14:55 PM                                                                              Life and Health Guaranty Association Limitations

 33592 04/29/2010         Robert Thompson            Career Service Review Board,               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Grievance        Rule R137‐1            05/15/2010   07/01/2010 
       3:03:07 PM                                    Administration                             Procedure Rules

 33593 04/29/2010         Robert Thompson            Career Service Review Board,               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Government       Rule R137‐2            05/15/2010   07/01/2010 
       3:26:34 PM                                    Administration                             Records Access and Management Act

 33594 04/29/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Nursing Care     Rule R414‐401          05/15/2010   07/01/2010 
       3:36:12 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Facility Assessment

 33595 04/29/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R590‐172          05/15/2010   04/29/2010 
       3:39:09 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Notice to Uninsurable Applicants for 
                                                                                                Health Insurance

 33596 04/29/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Nursing          Rule R414‐504          05/15/2010   07/01/2010 
       3:50:57 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Facility Payments

 33597 04/29/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah Back to     Section R986‐200‐247   05/15/2010   07/01/2010 
       4:27:31 PM                                    Development                                Work Pilot Program (BWP)

 33598 04/29/2010         Kevin Olsen                Commerce, Consumer Protection              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R152‐39           05/15/2010   04/29/2010 
       4:30:58 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Child Protection Registry Rules

 33599 04/29/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Options and      Section R986‐900‐902   05/15/2010   07/01/2010 
       4:42:04 PM                                    Development                                Waivers

 33600 04/29/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):                   Section R414‐3A‐9      05/15/2010   06/21/2010 
       5:25:28 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Reimbursement for Services

 33601 04/29/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions      Rule R477‐1            05/15/2010   07/01/2010 
       11:47:11 PM                                   Administration

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 29 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                               Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation     Published         Effective Date
 33602 04/29/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Administration   Rule R477‐2          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       11:48:27 PM                                   Administration

 33603 04/29/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Filling          Rule R477‐4          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       11:49:25 PM                                   Administration                Positions

 33604 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Employee         Rule R477‐5          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:10:34 AM                                   Administration                Status and Probation

 33605 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Compensation     Rule R477‐6          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:12:34 AM                                   Administration

 33606 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Leave            Rule R477‐7          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:13:11 AM                                   Administration

 33607 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Working          Rule R477‐8          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:13:55 AM                                   Administration                Conditions

 33608 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Employee         Rule R477‐9          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:14:32 AM                                   Administration                Conduct

 33609 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Employee         Rule R477‐10         05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:15:16 AM                                   Administration                Development

 33610 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Discipline       Rule R477‐11         05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:15:57 AM                                   Administration

 33611 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Separations      Rule R477‐12         05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:16:39 AM                                   Administration

 33612 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Substance        Rule R477‐14         05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:17:46 AM                                   Administration                Abuse and Drug‐Free Workplace

 33613 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Workplace        Rule R477‐15         05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       12:18:27 AM                                   Administration                Harassment Prevention Policy and Procedure

 33614 04/30/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Classification   Rule R477‐3          05/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       11:08:58 PM                                   Administration

  Filings received for the 06/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                              Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 11
 33615 05/03/2010           Mark Steinagel           Commerce, Occupational and    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Social Worker    Rule R156‐60a        06/01/2010 07/08/2010 
           8:28:46 AM                                Professional Licensing        Licensing Act Rule

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402             Page 30 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                           Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                           Agency                          Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33616 05/03/2010         Francine Giani             Commerce, Administration                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Department of  Rule R151‐46b             06/01/2010    07/12/2010 
       5:32:10 PM                                                                            Commerce Administrative Procedures Act Rules

 33617 05/04/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration               Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R590‐231        06/01/2010    05/04/2010 
       3:10:55 PM                                                                            Continuation:  Workers' Compensation Market of Last 

 33618 05/05/2010         Kimberly Hood              Administrative Services, Finance        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Travel‐Related      Rule R25‐7           06/01/2010    08/01/2010 
       3:07:32 PM                                                                            Reimbursements for State Employees

 33619 05/05/2010         Michael Styler             Natural Resources, Water Rights         Nonsubstantive Change:  Procedures for Determining        Section R655‐14‐14   Not Printed   05/27/2010 
       3:22:27 PM                                                                            Administrative Penalties, Enforcement Costs and 
                                                                                             Water Replacement

 33620 05/05/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,               Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R628‐15         06/01/2010    05/05/2010 
       4:32:41 PM                                    Administration                          Continuation:  Certification as an Investment Adviser

 33621 05/06/2010         D. Gregg Buxton            Administrative Services, Facilities     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Procurement         Rule R23‐1           06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       2:43:23 PM                                    Construction and Management             of Construction

 33622 05/06/2010         D. Gregg Buxton            Administrative Services, Facilities     Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  State                Rule R23‐7           06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       2:49:32 PM                                    Construction and Management             Construction Contracts and Drug and Alcohol Testing

 33623 05/06/2010         D. Gregg Buxton            Administrative Services, Facilities     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General             Rule R23‐22          06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       3:00:51 PM                                    Construction and Management             Procedures for Acquisition and Selling of Real Property

 33624 05/06/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,               Nonsubstantive Change:  General Rule                      Section R628‐13‐5    Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       3:59:43 PM                                    Administration                                                                                                                       Agency 06/01/2010

 33625 05/10/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Program Development     Nonsubstantive Change:  Designated Scenic Byways          Rule R926‐13         Not Printed   06/21/2010 
       11:40:43 AM
 33626 05/10/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Taking Big          Rule R657‐5          06/01/2010    08/05/2010 
       1:00:59 PM                                                                            Game

 33627 05/10/2010         Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Medical             Rule R527‐201        06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       2:22:07 PM                                                                            Support Services

 33628 05/10/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Human Services, Administration          Legislative Nonreauthorization:  Department of Human      Rule R495‐888        06/01/2010    05/01/2010 
       6:35:07 PM                                                                            Services Related Parties Conflict Investigation 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                       Page 31 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                               Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                           Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section               Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33629 05/11/2010         Michael Styler             Natural Resources, Water Rights            Nonsubstantive Change:  Procedure for Administrative       Rule R655‐2          Not Printed   05/27/2010 
       3:02:07 PM                                                                               Proceedings Before the Division of Water Rights 
                                                                                                Commenced Prior to January 1, 1988

 33630 05/11/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Pharmacy             Rule R156‐17b        06/01/2010    08/02/2010 
       3:22:21 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Practice Act Rule

 33631 05/11/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Nurse Practice       Rule R156‐31b        06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       3:25:15 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Act Rule

 33632 05/11/2010         Michael Styler             Natural Resources, Water Rights            Nonsubstantive Change:  Administrative Procedures          Rule R655‐6          Not Printed   05/27/2010 
       3:55:45 PM                                                                               for Informal Proceedings Before the Division of Water 

 33633 05/11/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Position             Section R477‐3‐5     06/01/2010    07/12/2010 
       5:21:13 PM                                    Administration                             Classification Grievances

 33634 05/11/2010         D. Gregg Buxton            Administrative Services, Facilities        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Health               Rule R23‐23          06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       8:48:45 PM                                    Construction and Management                Reform ‐‐ Health Insurance Coverage in State 
                                                                                                Contracts ‐‐ Implementation

 33635 05/11/2010         Kent Beers                 Administrative Services, Purchasing and    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Construction         Rule R33‐5           06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       8:57:11 PM                                    General Services                           and Architect‐Engineer Selection

 33636 05/12/2010         Alice Erickson             Public Safety, Criminal Investigations     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R722‐310        06/01/2010    05/12/2010 
       12:53:26 PM                                   and Technical Services, Criminal           Continuation:  Regulation of Bail Bond Recovery and 
                                                     Identification                             Enforcement Agents

 33637 05/13/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Administration             Nonsubstantive Change:  Waiver of Penalty and              Section R861‐1A‐42   Not Printed   05/27/2010 
       9:03:57 AM                                                                               Interest for Reasonable Cause Pursuant to Utah Code 
                                                                                                Ann. Section 59‐1‐401

 33638 05/13/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Online                Rule R156‐83         06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       1:52:57 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Prescribing, Dispensing, and Facilitation Licensing Act 

 33639 05/13/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Division Utah        Rule R156‐46b        06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       1:57:26 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Administrative Procedures Act Rule

 33640 05/13/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Determination        Section R865‐9I‐56   06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       1:58:27 PM                                                                               of Amounts Withheld by a Pass‐Though Entity that is 
                                                                                                an S Corporation Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 
                                                                                                59‐10‐116, 59‐10‐117, 59‐10‐118, 59‐10‐1403.2, and 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 32 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation   Published         Effective Date
 33641 05/13/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General Rule      Rule R156‐1          06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       2:02:48 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     of the Division of Occupational and Professional 

 33642 05/13/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Notice to         Rule R590‐172        06/01/2010    07/15/2010 
       2:16:26 PM                                                                               Uninsurable Applicants for Health Insurance

 33643 05/13/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Nonsubstantive Change:  Enterprise Zone Corporate       Section R865‐6F‐28   Not Printed   05/27/2010 
       2:20:20 PM                                                                               Franchise Tax Credits Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                                Sections 63‐38F‐401 through 63‐38F‐414

 33644 05/13/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General           Section R590‐247‐3   06/01/2010    07/15/2010 
       3:09:27 PM                                                                               Instructions

 33645 05/13/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Nonresident's     Section R865‐9I‐13   06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       3:09:37 PM                                                                               Share of Pass‐Through Entity Income Pursuant to Utah 
                                                                                                Code Ann. Sections 59‐10‐116, 59‐10‐117, 59‐10‐118, 
                                                                                                59‐10‐1403.2, and 59‐10‐1405

 33646 05/13/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Return By         Section R865‐9I‐21   06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       3:39:38 PM                                                                               Partnership Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐
                                                                                                10‐507 and 59‐10‐514

 33647 05/13/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Disciplinary      Section R477‐11‐1    06/01/2010    07/12/2010 
       4:28:59 PM                                    Administration                             Action

 33648 05/13/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Single Risk Limitation Rule R590‐234      06/01/2010    07/15/2010 
       5:22:47 PM
 33649 05/13/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Operations,                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Health            Rule R916‐5          06/01/2010    07/13/2010 
       6:09:27 PM                                    Construction                               Reform ‐‐ Health Insurance Coverage in State 
                                                                                                Contracts ‐‐ Implementation

 33650 05/14/2010         Kent Beers                 Administrative Services, Purchasing and    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Source            Rule R33‐3           06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       10:28:23 AM                                   General Services                           Selection and Contract Formulation

 33651 05/14/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  One‐time Signing     Rule R277‐109        06/01/2010    07/15/2010 
       12:45:46 PM                                                                              Bonuses

 33652 05/14/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  One‐time             Rule R277‐113        06/01/2010    07/15/2010 
       12:46:25 PM                                                                              Performance‐based Compensation Program

 33653 05/14/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Athletic Coaching    Rule R277‐517        06/01/2010    07/15/2010 
       12:46:45 PM                                                                              Certification

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 33 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                               Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33654 05/14/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Basic Skills          Rule R277‐603         06/01/2010    07/15/2010 
       12:48:20 PM                                                                              Education Program

 33655 05/14/2010         Kent Beers                 Administrative Services, Purchasing and    Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  State               Rule R33‐10           Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       3:30:00 PM                                    General Services                           Construction Contracts and Drug and Alcohol Testing                                          Agency 05/17/2010

 33656 05/14/2010         Kent Beers                 Administrative Services, Purchasing and    Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  State               Rule R33‐10           06/01/2010    07/08/2010 
       11:25:51 PM                                   General Services                           Construction Contracts and Drugs and Alcohol Testing

  Filings received for the 06/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                              Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 12
 33657 05/18/2010           Keith Woodwell           Commerce, Securities                       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Exemptions         Rule R164‐14          06/15/2010 08/03/2010 
           12:56:29 PM
 33658 05/19/2010         Ann Hanniball              Regents (Board Of), University of Utah,    Nonsubstantive Change:  Curation of Collections from     Rule R807‐1           Not Printed   06/14/2010 
       11:25:40 AM                                   Museum of Natural History (Utah)           State Lands

 33659 05/19/2010         Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services          Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Assessment            Rule R527‐550         06/15/2010    08/09/2010 
       2:30:36 PM
 33660 05/19/2010         Mark Brasher               Human Services, Recovery Services          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Retained           Rule R527‐40          06/15/2010    08/09/2010 
       2:47:56 PM                                                                               Support

 33661 05/20/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R590‐199         06/15/2010    05/20/2010 
       9:25:17 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Plan of Orderly Withdrawal Rule 
                                                                                                Relating to Health Benefit Plans

 33662 05/20/2010         Lisa‐Michele Church        Human Services, Administration             Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Children in Care    Rule R495‐883         06/15/2010    08/09/2010 
       9:47:48 AM                                                                               Support Services

 33663 05/20/2010         Mary Tullius               Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Expulsion                        Rule R651‐610         Not Printed   06/14/2010 
       3:57:32 PM
 33664 05/20/2010         Mary Tullius               Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Trespass                         Section R651‐620‐2    Not Printed   06/14/2010 
       6:02:06 PM
 33665 05/24/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Nonsubstantive Change:  Utah Controlled Substances       Rule R156‐37          Not Printed   06/14/2010 
       4:09:45 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Act Rules

 33666 05/25/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah               Rule R162‐2c          06/15/2010    07/22/2010 
       11:32:16 AM                                                                              Residential Mortgage Practices and Licensing Rules

 33667 05/25/2010         Francine Giani             Commerce, Administration                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General            Section R151‐46b‐5    06/15/2010    07/22/2010 
       1:18:56 PM                                                                               Provisions

 33668 05/26/2010         V. Lowry Snow              Judicial Performance Evaluation            Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General            Rule R597‐1           06/15/2010    08/18/2010 
       11:59:22 AM                                   Commission, Administration                 Provisions

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 34 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                 Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section               Code Citation      Published        Effective Date
 33669 05/26/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions          Section R645‐100‐200   06/15/2010   07/28/2010 
       12:57:28 PM                                   Coal

 33670 05/26/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Areas                Section R645‐103‐200   06/15/2010   07/28/2010 
       12:58:03 PM                                   Coal                                       Designated by Act of Congress

 33671 05/26/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Major Coal           Section R645‐201‐300   06/15/2010   07/28/2010 
       12:58:38 PM                                   Coal                                       Exploration Permits

 33672 05/26/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Review, Public       Section R645‐300‐100   06/15/2010   07/28/2010 
       12:59:06 PM                                   Coal                                       Participation, and Approval or Disapproval of Permit 
                                                                                                Applications and Permit Terms and Conditions

 33673 05/26/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General              Section R645‐301‐100   06/15/2010   07/28/2010 
       12:59:27 PM                                   Coal                                       Contents

 33674 05/26/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Land Use and         Section R645‐301‐400   06/15/2010   07/28/2010 
       12:59:46 PM                                   Coal                                       Air Quality

 33675 05/26/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Motor Carrier, Ports of    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R912‐6            06/15/2010   05/26/2010 
       2:49:16 PM                                    Entry                                      Continuation:  Ports‐of‐Entry By‐Pass Permit Provisions

 33676 05/26/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R657‐55           06/15/2010   05/26/2010 
       5:56:12 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Wildlife Convention Permits

 33677 05/27/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Plant Industry       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R68‐12            06/15/2010   05/27/2010 
       7:46:35 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Quarantine Pertaining to Mint Wilt

 33678 05/27/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R590‐171          06/15/2010   05/27/2010 
       8:11:48 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Surplus Lines Procedures Rule

 33679 05/27/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Medical              Rule R156‐80           06/15/2010   07/22/2010 
       9:45:40 AM                                    Professional Licensing                     Language Interpreter Act Rule                               (Changed to R156‐
 33680 05/27/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R414‐19A          06/15/2010   05/27/2010 
       11:11:30 AM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   Continuation:  Coverage for Dialysis Services by a Free‐
                                                                                                Standing State Licensed Dialysis Facility

 33681 05/27/2010         Scott Anderson             Environmental Quality, Solid and           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R315‐16           06/15/2010   05/27/2010 
       1:38:10 PM                                    Hazardous Waste                            Continuation:  Standards for Universal Waste 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 35 of 80                                                                             5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                               Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                           Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation     Published         Effective Date
 33682 05/27/2010         Scott Anderson             Environmental Quality, Solid and           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R315‐102         06/15/2010    05/27/2010 
       1:40:59 PM                                    Hazardous Waste                            Continuation:  Penalty Policy

 33683 05/27/2010         D. Gregg Buxton            Administrative Services, Facilities        Nonsubstantive Change:  Requirements for the              Section R23‐22‐7      Not Printed   07/08/2010 
       5:41:56 PM                                    Construction and Management                Disposition of Real Property by DFCM

 33684 05/28/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Boiler and Elevator      Nonsubstantive Change:  Exemptions                        Section R616‐3‐6      Not Printed   06/14/2010 
       8:43:20 AM                                    Safety

 33685 05/28/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Antidiscrimination       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R606‐3           06/15/2010    05/28/2010 
       8:44:51 AM                                    and Labor, Antidiscrimination              Continuation:  Nondiscrimination Clause to be used in 
                                                                                                Contracts Entered into by the State of Utah and its 

 33686 05/28/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Antidiscrimination       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R606‐5           06/15/2010    05/28/2010 
       8:46:10 AM                                    and Labor, Antidiscrimination              Continuation:  Employment Agencies

 33687 05/28/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Antidiscrimination       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R606‐4           06/15/2010    05/28/2010 
       8:46:57 AM                                    and Labor, Antidiscrimination              Continuation:  Advertising

 33688 05/28/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Antidiscrimination       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R606‐6           06/15/2010    05/28/2010 
       8:48:31 AM                                    and Labor, Antidiscrimination              Continuation:  Regulation of Practice and Procedure on 
                                                                                                Employer Reports and Records

 33689 06/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Medicaid            Rule R414‐320         06/15/2010    07/29/2010 
       9:50:19 AM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability 
                                                                                                Demonstration Waiver

 33690 06/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah Health         Rule R434‐40          06/15/2010    10/12/2010 
       10:28:47 AM                                   Primary Care and Rural Health              Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program Rules

 33691 06/01/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Calculation of      Section R865‐20T‐13   06/15/2010    08/12/2010 
       11:53:13 AM                                                                              Tax on Moist Snuff Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 

 33692 06/01/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Property Tax               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Form for            Section R884‐24P‐24   06/15/2010    08/12/2010 
       12:54:27 PM                                                                              Notice of Property Valuation and Tax Changes 
                                                                                                Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐2‐918 through 

 33693 06/01/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Order of            Section R865‐6F‐27    06/15/2010    08/12/2010 
       1:30:24 PM                                                                               Credits Applied Against Utah Corporate Franchise Tax 
                                                                                                Due Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 9‐2‐413, 59‐
                                                                                                6‐102, 59‐7‐601 through 59‐7‐614, and 59‐13‐202

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 36 of 80                                                                            5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                        Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section               Code Citation       Published         Effective Date
 33694 06/01/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Order of             Section R865‐9I‐42     06/15/2010    08/12/2010 
       2:27:21 PM                                                                         Credits Applied Against Utah Individual Income Tax 
                                                                                          Due Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐6‐102, 59‐
                                                                                          13‐202, Title 59, Chapter 10, and 63M‐1‐413

 33695 06/01/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Property Tax         Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Valuation of         Section R884‐24P‐62    06/15/2010    08/12/2010 
       3:28:07 PM                                                                         State Assessed Unitary Properties to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                          Section 59‐2‐201

 33696 06/01/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Determination        Section R865‐9I‐2      06/15/2010    08/12/2010 
       5:03:14 PM                                                                         of Utah Resident Individual Status Pursuant to Utah 
                                                                                          Code Ann. Section 59‐10‐103

 33697 06/01/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Property Tax         Nonsubstantive Change:  Annual Statement for Certain       Section R884‐24P‐35    Not Printed   06/14/2010 
       5:14:22 PM                                                                         Exempt Uses of Property Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                          Section 59‐2‐1102

  Filings received for the 07/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                           Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 13
 33698 06/02/2010           Bryce Bird               Environmental Quality, Air Quality   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R307‐302          07/01/2010 06/02/2010 
           2:34:03 PM                                                                     Continuation:  Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Weber Counties:  
                                                                                          Residential Fireplaces and Stoves.

 33699 06/02/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R307‐306          07/01/2010    06/02/2010 
       2:38:26 PM                                                                         Continuation:  PM10 Nonattainment and Maintenance 
                                                                                          Areas: Abrasive Blasting

 33700 06/02/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R307‐307          07/01/2010    06/02/2010 
       2:38:55 PM                                                                         Continuation:  Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah Counties: 
                                                                                          Road Salting and Sanding

 33701 06/02/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R307‐309          07/01/2010    06/02/2010 
       2:39:23 PM                                                                         Continuation:  Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas 
                                                                                          for PM10:  Fugitive Emissions and Fugitive Dust

 33702 06/02/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R307‐310          07/01/2010    06/02/2010 
       2:39:47 PM                                                                         Continuation:  Salt Lake County: Trading of Emission 
                                                                                          Budgets for Transportation Conformity

 33703 06/02/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R307‐305          07/01/2010    06/02/2010 
       2:55:48 PM                                                                         Continuation:  Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas 
                                                                                          for PM10: Emission Standards

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                    Page 37 of 80                                                                               5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                           Date 
 File #    Time Filed           Authorized by                         Agency                           Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation     Published         Effective Date
 33704 06/03/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Barber,            Rule R156‐11a         07/01/2010    Lapsed 
       8:52:19 AM                                    Professional Licensing                  Cosmetologist/Barber, Esthetician, Electrologist, and 
                                                                                             Nail Technician Licensing Act Rule

 33705 06/03/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Nurse              Rule R156‐31c         07/01/2010    08/16/2010 
       9:04:05 AM                                    Professional Licensing                  Licensure Compact Rule

 33706 06/03/2010         Sam Lee                    Administrative Services, Fleet          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Surplus            Rule R28‐2            07/01/2010    08/19/2010 
       9:09:37 AM                                    Operations, Surplus Property            Firearms

 33707 06/03/2010         Judy Duncombe              Fair Corporation (Utah State),          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Smoke‐Free         Section R325‐3‐17     07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       12:04:05 PM                                   Administration                          Policy

 33708 06/03/2010         Judy Duncombe              Fair Corporation (Utah State),          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Smoke‐Free         Section R325‐5‐17     07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       12:18:55 PM                                   Administration                          Policy

 33709 06/03/2010         Judy Duncombe              Fair Corporation (Utah State),          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Smoke‐Free         Section R325‐4‐22     07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       12:26:08 PM                                   Administration                          Policy

 33710 06/03/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Physician          Rule R156‐70a         07/01/2010    09/13/2010 
       4:16:19 PM                                    Professional Licensing                  Assistant Practice Act Rule

 33711 06/04/2010         Bill Colbert               Governor, Economic Development, Pete    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Pete Suazo         Rule R359‐1           07/01/2010    10/01/2010 
       5:12:32 PM                                    Suazo Utah Athletic Commission          Utah Athletic Commission Act Rule

 33712 06/07/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and              Nonsubstantive Change:  Standards for Practice of        Section R156‐73‐603   Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       9:14:49 AM                                    Professional Licensing                  Animal Chiropractic

 33713 06/07/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration               Nonsubstantive Change:  Availability Requirements        Section R590‐83‐4     Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       10:00:55 AM                                                                           and Prohibited Transactions

 33714 06/07/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration               Nonsubstantive Change:  Prohibited Transactions          Rule R590‐88          Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       10:16:35 AM                                                                           between Agents And Unauthorized Multiple Employer 

 33715 06/07/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration               Nonsubstantive Change:  Penalties                        Section R590‐124‐5    Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       10:29:00 AM
 33716 06/07/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration               Nonsubstantive Change:  Unfair Discrimination Based      Rule R590‐128         Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       10:38:28 AM                                                                           on the Failure to Maintain Automobile Insurance

 33717 06/07/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration               Nonsubstantive Change:  Rules Governing                  Rule R590‐130         Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       10:53:34 AM                                                                           Advertisements of Insurance

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                       Page 38 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation     Published         Effective Date
 33718 06/07/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Continuing Education Rule       Rule R590‐142         Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       11:16:00 AM
 33719 06/07/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Unfair Marketing Practices      Rule R590‐154         Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       11:21:11 AM                                                                              Rule

 33720 06/07/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Privacy of Consumer             Rule R590‐206         Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       11:34:58 AM                                                                              Financial and Health Information Rule

 33721 06/07/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Authority                       Section R590‐216‐1    Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       11:40:19 AM
 33722 06/07/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Nonsubstantive Change:  Preadmission Screening and      Rule R414‐503         Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       4:57:17 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Annual Resident Review

 33723 06/07/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R414‐33D         07/01/2010    06/07/2010 
       4:59:21 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Continuation:  Targeted Case Management by 
                                                                                                Community Mental Health Centers for Individuals with 
                                                                                                Serious Mental Illness

 33724 06/08/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R651‐223         07/01/2010    06/08/2010 
       10:35:01 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Vessel Accident Reporting

 33725 06/08/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Required          Section R651‐215‐9    07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       11:16:34 AM                                                                              Wearing of PFDs

 33726 06/08/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Nonsubstantive Change:  Unprofessional Conduct          Section R162‐2c‐301   Not Printed   07/28/2010 
       4:36:00 PM
 33727 06/09/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                     Section R628‐11‐4     Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       12:15:01 PM                                   Administration

 33728 06/09/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):                    Rule R628‐13          07/01/2010    08/10/2010 
       3:51:13 PM                                    Administration                             Collateralization of Public Funds

 33729 06/10/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Violation         Section R81‐1‐6       07/01/2010    09/01/2010 
       3:23:56 PM                                    Administration                             Schedule

 33730 06/14/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  River Flat        Section R651‐215‐10   07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       8:50:38 AM                                                                               Water Areas

 33731 06/14/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Licensing         Section R81‐4C‐1      07/01/2010    09/01/2010 
       12:43:45 PM                                   Administration

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 39 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation    Published        Effective Date
 33732 06/14/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Licensing          Section R81‐10A‐1    07/01/2010   09/01/2010 
       1:43:40 PM                                    Administration

 33733 06/14/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Carrying           Rule R651‐206        07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       1:47:50 PM                                                                              Passengers For Hire

 33734 06/14/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Psychologist       Rule R156‐61         07/01/2010   08/16/2010 
       4:10:01 PM                                    Professional Licensing                    Licensing Act Rule

 33735 06/14/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Marriage and       Rule R156‐60b        07/01/2010   08/16/2010 
       4:36:49 PM                                    Professional Licensing                    Family Therapist Licensing Act Rule

 33736 06/14/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  State              Rule R156‐38b        07/01/2010   08/16/2010 
       4:57:53 PM                                    Professional Licensing                    Construction Registry Rules

 33737 06/14/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah               Rule R156‐55a        07/01/2010   08/16/2010 
       5:19:46 PM                                    Professional Licensing                    Construction Trades Licensing Act Rule

 33738 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions        Section R277‐402‐1   07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:03:24 AM
 33739 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  School District    Section R277‐433‐3   07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:05:20 AM                                                                              and Charter School Policies on Disposal of Textbooks

 33740 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Classroom          Rule R277‐459        07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:07:33 AM                                                                              Supplies Appropriation

 33741 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal and Reenact):  Class     Rule R277‐463        07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:07:59 AM                                                                              Size Reporting

 33742 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Instructional      Rule R277‐469        07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:08:36 AM                                                                              Materials Commission Operating Procedures

 33743 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Charter School      Rule R277‐472        07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:09:49 AM                                                                              Student Enrollment and Transfers and School District 
                                                                                               Capacity Information

 33744 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Testing            Rule R277‐473        07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:12:05 AM                                                                              Procedures

 33745 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Charter Schools     Rule R277‐480        07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:13:09 AM                                                                              School Building Subaccount

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 40 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                           Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                           Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation     Published        Effective Date
 33746 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Administrative     Section R277‐505‐4    07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:29:42 AM                                                                            License Area of Concentration Requirements

 33747 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Special            Section R277‐600‐10   07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:30:29 AM                                                                            Transportation Levy

 33748 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions        Section R277‐604‐1    07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:31:20 AM
 33749 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Standards for      Rule R277‐609         07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:32:01 AM                                                                            School District, School and Charter School Discipline 

 33750 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Foreign            Section R277‐612‐3    07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:32:23 AM                                                                            Exchange Student Cap

 33751 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions        Section R277‐616‐1    07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:32:57 AM
 33752 06/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Secondary          Rule R277‐705         07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       7:33:39 AM                                                                            School Completion and Diplomas

 33753 06/15/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources   Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Aquatic Invasive    Rule R657‐60          07/01/2010   06/15/2010 for 120 
       9:01:43 AM                                                                            Species Interdiction                                                                        days or until 
 33754 06/15/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Fees,              Rule R657‐42          07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       9:32:31 AM                                                                            Exchanges, Surrenders, Refunds and Reallocation of 
                                                                                             Wildlife Documents

 33755 06/15/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Lifetime           Rule R657‐17          07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       9:35:47 AM                                                                            Hunting and Fishing License

 33756 06/15/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Conservation       Rule R657‐41          07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       9:39:24 AM                                                                            and Sportsman Permits

 33757 06/15/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Wildlife           Rule R657‐55          07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       9:42:31 AM                                                                            Convention Permits

 33758 06/15/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Hunting and        Rule R657‐12          07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       9:45:55 AM                                                                            Fishing Accommodations for People With Disabilities

 33759 06/15/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Aquatic            Rule R657‐60          07/01/2010   08/09/2010 
       9:49:07 AM                                                                            Invasive Species Interdiction

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                       Page 41 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                        Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                           Agency                         Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation   Published         Effective Date
 33760 06/15/2010         William Sederburg          Regents (Board Of), Administration     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  New Century        Rule R765‐604       07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       10:09:43 AM                                                                          Scholarship

 33761 06/15/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,             Nonsubstantive Change:  Employee Converting from         Section R477‐6‐7    Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       10:22:20 AM                                   Administration                         Career Service to Schedule AC, AD, AR, or AS

 33762 06/15/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,             Nonsubstantive Change:  Conflict of Interest             Section R477‐9‐3    Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       10:23:33 AM                                   Administration

 33763 06/15/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Foster Parent      Rule R512‐31        07/01/2010    08/11/2010 
       10:29:19 AM                                   Services                               Due Process

 33764 06/15/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Child              Rule R512‐200       07/01/2010    08/11/2010 
       10:38:30 AM                                   Services                               Protective Services, Intake Services

 33765 06/15/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Out‐of‐Home        Rule R512‐300       07/01/2010    08/11/2010 
       11:06:21 AM                                   Services                               Services

 33766 06/15/2010         D. Gregg Buxton            Administrative Services, Facilities    Nonsubstantive Change:  Negotiation and Appointment      Section R23‐2‐15    Not Printed   07/01/2010 
       1:33:20 PM                                    Construction and Management

 33767 06/15/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions        Rule R477‐1         07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       2:27:44 PM                                    Administration

 33768 06/15/2010         Kevin Olsen                Commerce, Consumer Protection          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Pawnshop and       Rule R152‐32a       07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       2:38:51 PM                                                                           Secondhand Merchandise Transaction Information Act 

 33769 06/15/2010         Kevin Olsen                Commerce, Consumer Protection          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Direct             Section R152‐11‐9   07/01/2010    Lapsed 
       2:42:13 PM                                                                           Solicitations

 33770 06/15/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Purpose            Section R477‐15‐1   07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       2:43:16 PM                                    Administration

 33771 06/15/2010         Kevin Olsen                Commerce, Consumer Protection          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah Health        Rule R152‐23        07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       2:45:57 PM                                                                           Spa Services

 33772 06/15/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Recruitment        Section R477‐4‐4    07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       2:52:27 PM                                    Administration                         and Selection for Career Service Positions

 33773 06/15/2010         Kevin Olsen                Commerce, Consumer Protection          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Rules Relating     Section R152‐34‐7   07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       2:52:38 PM                                                                           to the Operation of Proprietary Schools under Section 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                      Page 42 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation       Published         Effective Date
 33774 06/15/2010         Jeff Herring               Human Resource Management,                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Rules              Section R477‐14‐1      07/01/2010    08/09/2010 
       3:05:02 PM                                    Administration                             Governing a Drug‐Free Workplace

 33590 06/15/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Change in Proposed Rule:  Targeted Case Management       Rule R414‐33D          07/01/2010    08/31/2010 
       4:40:51 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   by Community Mental Health Centers for Individuals 
                                                                                                with Serious Mental Illness

 33775 06/15/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Incorporations     Section R414‐1‐5       07/01/2010    08/31/2010 
       5:19:45 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   by Reference

 33776 06/15/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Services           Section R414‐54‐3      07/01/2010    08/31/2010 
       5:27:20 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy

 33777 06/15/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Client             Section R414‐59‐4      07/01/2010    08/31/2010 
       5:35:42 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Eligibility Requirements

  Filings received for the 07/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                               Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 14
 33778 06/21/2010           Kimberly Hood            Administrative Services, Debt Collection   Nonsubstantive Change:  Debt Collection Through          Rule R21‐3             Not Printed 07/26/2010 
           11:04:31 AM                                                                          Administrative Offset

 33779 06/22/2010         Amanda Smith               Environmental Quality, Environmental       Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Illegal Drug          Rule R311‐501          07/15/2010    09/28/2010 
       10:22:12 AM                                   Response and Remediation                   Operations Site Reporting and Decontamination Act, 
                                                                                                Contesting an Initial Order or Notice

 33780 06/22/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Deception          Rule R156‐64           07/15/2010    08/24/2010 
       10:46:57 AM                                   Professional Licensing                     Detection Examiners Licensing Act Rule

 33781 06/22/2010         Francine Giani             Commerce, Administration                   Nonsubstantive Change:  Orders                           Section R151‐46b‐11    Not Printed   07/26/2010 
       4:40:04 PM
 33782 06/23/2010         Amanda Smith               Environmental Quality, Environmental       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R311‐500          07/15/2010    06/23/2010 
       9:38:23 AM                                    Response and Remediation                   Continuation:  Illegal Drug Operations Site Reporting 
                                                                                                and Decontamination Act, Decontamination Specialist 
                                                                                                Certification Program

 33783 06/24/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Substance          Rule R156‐60d          07/15/2010    08/24/2010 
       12:20:42 PM                                   Professional Licensing                     Abuse Counselor Act Rule

 33784 06/28/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R657‐6            07/15/2010    06/28/2010 
       7:21:47 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Taking Upland Game

 33785 06/28/2010         Lisa‐Michele Church        Human Services, Administration             Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Fatality Review     Rule R495‐808          07/15/2010    08/23/2010 
       12:24:37 PM                                                                              Act

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 43 of 80                                                                             5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section               Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33786 06/28/2010         Lisa‐Michele Church        Human Services, Administration            Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Department of         Rule R495‐890          07/15/2010    08/23/2010 
       12:26:05 PM                                                                             Human Services Related Parties Conflict Investigation 
                                                                                               Procedure for Non Contracted Private Sector 
                                                                                               Independent Child Protective Services

 33787 06/28/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water     Nonsubstantive Change:  Capacity Development               Rule R309‐352          Not Printed   07/26/2010 
       5:14:15 PM                                                                              Program                                                     (Changed to R309‐
 33788 06/29/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Birthing             Rule R432‐550          07/15/2010    09/15/2010 
       8:49:20 AM                                    Licensing                                 Centers (Five or Less Birth Rooms)

 33789 06/29/2010         Lance Davenport            Public Safety, Administration             Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Honoring Heroes       Rule R698‐6            07/15/2010    09/01/2010 
       10:56:05 AM                                                                             Restricted Account

 33790 06/29/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R651‐409          07/15/2010    06/29/2010 
       4:06:24 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Minimum Amounts of Liability 
                                                                                               Insurance Coverage for an Organized Practice or 
                                                                                               Sanctioned Race

 33791 06/29/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R651‐634          07/15/2010    06/29/2010 
       4:12:52 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Nonresident OHV User Permits and Fees

 33792 06/30/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Disciplinary         Section R162‐2c‐402    07/15/2010    08/23/2010 
       7:57:20 AM                                                                              Action

 33793 06/30/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah‐Specific        Section R162‐2c‐203    07/15/2010    08/23/2010 
       8:05:37 AM                                                                              Education Certification

 33794 06/30/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Property Tax              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  2010 Personal        Section R884‐24P‐33    07/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       1:03:00 PM                                                                              Property Valuation Guides and Schedules Pursuant to 
                                                                                               Utah Code Ann. Section 59‐2‐301

 33795 06/30/2010         Scott Stephenson           Public Safety, Peace Officer Standards    Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Refusal,              Rule R728‐409          07/15/2010    06/30/2010 for 120 
       1:49:57 PM                                    and Training                              Suspension, or Revocation of Peace Officer Certification                                        days or until 
 33796 06/30/2010         Robert Thompson            Career Service Review Board,              Nonsubstantive Change:  Grievance Procedure Rules          Rule R137‐1            Not Printed   07/26/2010 
       5:40:03 PM                                    Administration

 33797 07/01/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment          Nonsubstantive Change:  Claimant Fraud                     Section R994‐405‐401   Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       11:58:30 AM                                   Insurance                                                                                                                                 Agency 07/06/2010

 33798 07/01/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment          Nonsubstantive Change:  Claimant Fraud                     Section R994‐406‐401   Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       12:04:16 PM                                   Insurance                                                                                                                                 Agency 07/06/2010

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 44 of 80                                                                              5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                  Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation        Published         Effective Date
 33799 07/01/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment           Nonsubstantive Change:  Claimant Fraud                    Section R994‐406‐401    Not Printed   07/26/2010 
       12:24:34 PM                                   Insurance

 33800 07/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐107           07/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       1:29:22 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Educational Services Outside of 
                                                                                                Educator's Regular Employment

 33801 07/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐459           07/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       1:29:47 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Classroom Supplies Appropriation

 33802 07/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐464           07/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       1:30:06 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Highly Impacted Schools

 33803 07/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐474           07/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       1:30:25 PM                                                                               Continuation:  School Instruction and Human Sexuality

 33804 07/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐475           07/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       1:30:44 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Patriotic Education

 33805 07/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐476           07/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       1:31:01 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Incentives for Elementary Reading 

 33806 07/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐520           07/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       1:31:18 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Appropriate Licensing and Assignment 
                                                                                                of Teachers

 33807 07/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Hospital Provider    Rule R414‐506           07/15/2010    07/01/2010 for 120 
       3:24:44 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Assessments                                                                                     days or until 
 33808 07/01/2010         Mary Tullius               Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R651‐101           07/15/2010    07/01/2010 
       3:24:46 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Adjudicative Proceedings

  Filings received for the 08/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                                 Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 15
 33809 07/05/2010           Thomas Patterson         Corrections, Administration                Nonsubstantive Change:  Offenders' Use of Telephones      Rule R251‐303           Not Printed Withdrawn by 
           8:09:50 PM                                                                                                                                                                            Agency 10/19/2010
 33810 07/05/2010         Thomas Patterson           Corrections, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R251‐303           08/01/2010    07/05/2010 
       8:55:42 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Offenders' Use of Telephones

 33811 07/06/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Residence Lien  Rule R156‐38a               08/01/2010    09/09/2010 
       11:03:33 AM                                   Professional Licensing                     Restriction and Lien Recovery Fund Rule

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 45 of 80                                                                               5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                               Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation     Published         Effective Date
 33812 07/06/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R156‐20a         08/01/2010    07/06/2010 
       12:19:38 PM                                   Professional Licensing                     Continuation:  Environmental Health Scientist Act Rule

 33813 07/07/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Plant Industry       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R68‐2            08/01/2010    07/07/2010 
       12:29:38 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Utah Commercial Feed Act Governing 

 33814 07/08/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Nonsubstantive Change:  Title                             Section R156‐83‐101   Not Printed   07/28/2010 
       5:17:57 PM                                    Professional Licensing

 33815 07/08/2010         Greg Bell                  Lieutenant Governor, Elections             Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Electronic           Rule R623‐4           08/01/2010    07/08/2010 for 120 
       5:31:32 PM                                                                               Signatures in Initiatives and Referenda                                                       days or until 
 33816 07/13/2010         Lance Davenport            Public Safety, Peace Officer Standards     Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal and Reenact):             Rule R728‐409         08/01/2010    09/09/2010 
       5:54:36 PM                                    and Training                               Suspension or Revocation of Peace Officer Certification

 33817 07/14/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Program Development        Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R926‐8           08/01/2010    07/14/2010 
       10:48:44 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Public Partnering

 33818 07/14/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Program Development        Nonsubstantive Change:  Public Partnering                 Rule R926‐8           Not Printed   07/28/2010 
       10:49:04 AM
 33819 07/14/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Motor Carrier, Ports of    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R912‐9           08/01/2010    07/14/2010 
       10:49:54 AM                                   Entry                                      Continuation:  Pilot/Escort Requirements and 
                                                                                                Certification Program

 33820 07/14/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Motor Carrier, Ports of    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R912‐10          08/01/2010    07/14/2010 
       10:50:17 AM                                   Entry                                      Continuation:  Requirements for Pilot/Escort Qualified 
                                                                                                Training and Certification Programs

 33821 07/14/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Individual and      Rule R590‐244         08/01/2010    11/09/2010 see CPR 
       12:51:51 PM                                                                              Agency Licensing Requirements                                                                 in 10/01/2010 
 33822 07/14/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Email Address        Rule R590‐258         08/01/2010    09/08/2010 
       12:59:07 PM                                                                              Requirement

 33823 07/14/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Title IV‐B Child    Rule R512‐2           08/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       1:11:14 PM                                    Services                                   Welfare/Family Preservation and Support Services and 
                                                                                                Title IV‐E Foster Care, Adoption, and Independent 

 33824 07/14/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):                      Rule R512‐11          08/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       1:18:03 PM                                    Services                                   Accommodation of Moral and Religious Beliefs and 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 46 of 80                                                                            5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                          Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                           Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33825 07/14/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Adoption           Rule R512‐43         08/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       1:33:19 PM                                    Services                                Assistance

 33826 07/14/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Rules              Rule R512‐75         08/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       1:40:14 PM                                    Services                                Governing Adjudication of Consumer Complaints

 33827 07/14/2010         Greg Bell                  Lieutenant Governor, Elections          Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Electronic          Rule R623‐4          08/01/2010    Lapsed 
       4:07:09 PM                                                                            Signatures in Initiatives and Referenda

 33828 07/14/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Nonsubstantive Change:  Administrative Procedures        Rule R309‐115        Not Printed   07/28/2010 
       5:49:39 PM
 33829 07/14/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Nonsubstantive Change:  Certification Rules for          Rule R309‐305        Not Printed   07/28/2010 
       5:50:08 PM                                                                            Backflow Technicians

 33830 07/14/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Nonsubstantive Change:  Facility Design and              Rule R309‐540        Not Printed   07/28/2010 
       5:50:39 PM                                                                            Operation:  Pump Stations

 33831 07/14/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Nonsubstantive Change:  General Policies                 Section R309‐300‐5   Not Printed   07/28/2010 
       5:51:03 PM
 33832 07/14/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Nonsubstantive Change:  Facility Design and              Rule R309‐515        Not Printed   07/28/2010 
       5:51:30 PM                                                                            Operation:  Source Development

 33833 07/15/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Qualifying         Rule R512‐41         08/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       9:27:22 AM                                    Services                                Adoptive Families and Adoption Placement

 33834 07/15/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Description of     Rule R512‐1          08/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       9:31:51 AM                                    Services                                Division Services, Eligibility, and Service Access

 33835 07/15/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Plant Industry    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R68‐10          08/01/2010    07/15/2010 
       12:39:49 PM                                                                           Continuation:  Quarantine Pertaining to European Corn 

 33836 07/15/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Rules              Rule R710‐9          08/01/2010    09/07/2010 
       1:08:49 PM                                                                            Pursuant to the Utah Fire Prevention Law

 33837 07/15/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Pass‐Through       Section R865‐9I‐13   08/01/2010    09/23/2010 
       6:07:03 PM                                                                            Entity Withholding Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                             Sections 59‐10‐116, 59‐10‐117, 59‐10‐118, 59‐10‐
                                                                                             1403.2, and 59‐10‐1405

 33838 07/15/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Liquefied          Rule R710‐6          08/01/2010    09/07/2010 
       8:56:34 PM                                                                            Petroleum Gas Rules

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                       Page 47 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:22 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                           Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation       Published         Effective Date
 33839 07/15/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Automatic Fire  Rule R710‐5               08/01/2010    09/07/2010 
       10:01:58 PM                                                                           Sprinkler System Inspecting and Testing

 33840 07/15/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Buildings          Rule R710‐4            08/01/2010    09/07/2010 
       11:40:59 PM                                                                           Under the Jurisdiction of the State Fire Prevention 

  Filings received for the 08/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                            Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 16
 33841 07/19/2010           Allyson Gamble           Capitol Preservation Board (State),     Nonsubstantive Change:  Capitol Preservation Board       Rule R131‐4            Not Printed 08/25/2010 
           5:47:17 PM                                Administration                          General Procurement Rule

 33842 07/19/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R131‐6            08/15/2010    07/19/2010 
       5:51:38 PM                                    Administration                          Continuation:  Board Designation of Space

 33843 07/19/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Health             Rule R131‐13           08/15/2010    09/22/2010 
       6:16:41 PM                                    Administration                          Reform ‐‐ Health Insurance Coverage in State 
                                                                                             Contracts ‐‐ Implementation

 33844 07/19/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),     Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Health Reform ‐‐    Rule R131‐13           08/15/2010    07/19/2010 for 120 
       6:19:53 PM                                    Administration                          Health Insurance Coverage in State Contracts ‐‐                                               days or until 
                                                                                             Implementation                                                                                superseded

 33845 07/19/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),     Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  State               Rule R131‐15           08/15/2010    09/22/2010 
       6:22:57 PM                                    Administration                          Construction Contracts and Drug and Alcohol Testing

 33846 07/19/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),     Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  State               Rule R131‐15           08/15/2010    07/19/2010 for 120 
       6:25:14 PM                                    Administration                          Construction Contracts and Drug and Alcohol Testing                                           days or until 
 33847 07/19/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Groundwater        Section R309‐215‐16    08/15/2010    09/21/2010 
       8:55:53 PM                                                                            Rule

 33848 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Collection of      Section R865‐19S‐4     08/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       10:43:14 AM                                                                           Tax Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 59‐12‐107

 33849 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Admissions         Section R865‐19S‐33    08/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       10:47:14 AM                                                                           and User Fees Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐
                                                                                             12‐102 and 59‐12‐103

 33850 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Morticians,        Section R865‐19S‐64    08/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       10:51:14 AM                                                                           Undertakers and Funeral Directors Pursuant to Utah 
                                                                                             Code Ann. Section 59‐12‐103

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                        Page 48 of 80                                                                            5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                 Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section               Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33851 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Charges for          Section R865‐19S‐78    Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       11:00:48 AM                                                              Repair and Renovation of Tangible Personal Property                                             Agency 08/02/2010
                                                                                or Property Transferred Electronically Pursuant to Utah 
                                                                                Code Ann.  Sections 59‐12‐102, 59‐12‐103, and 59‐12‐

 33852 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Printers'            Section R865‐19S‐80    08/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       11:05:58 AM                                                              Purchases and Sales Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                Section 59‐12‐103

 33853 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Sales and Use        Section R865‐19S‐85    08/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       11:18:30 AM                                                              Tax Exemptions for Certain Purchases by a 
                                                                                Manufacturing Facility Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                Section 59‐12‐104

 33854 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Sales Tax            Section R865‐19S‐109   08/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       11:21:36 AM                                                              Nature of Veterinarians' Purchases and Sales Pursuant 
                                                                                to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐12‐103 and 59‐12‐104

 33855 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Graphic              Section R865‐19S‐111   08/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       11:24:24 AM                                                              Design Services Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 59‐

 33856 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Sales and Use        Section R865‐19S‐121   08/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       11:27:33 AM                                                              Tax Exemptions for Certain Purchases by a Mining 
                                                                                Facility Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 59‐12‐104

 33857 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Sales and Use        Section R865‐19S‐122   08/15/2010    09/23/2010 
       11:31:21 AM                                                              Tax Exemptions for Certain Purchases by a Web Search 
                                                                                Portal Establishment Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                Section 59‐12‐104

 33858 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Nonsubstantive Change:  Taxation of Registered             Section R865‐6F‐36     Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       11:34:42 AM                                                              Securities or Commodities Broker or Dealer Pursuant 
                                                                                to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐7‐302 through 59‐7‐321

 33859 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Nonsubstantive Change:  Taxation of Publishing             Section R865‐6F‐31     Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       11:37:14 AM                                                              Companies Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐7‐
                                                                                302 through 59‐7‐321

 33860 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing   Nonsubstantive Change:  Taxation of Trucking               Section R865‐6F‐19     Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       11:39:15 AM                                                              Companies Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐7‐
                                                                                302 through 59‐7‐321

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402          Page 49 of 80                                                                              5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33861 07/20/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Nonsubstantive Change:  Taxation of Railroads             Section R865‐6F‐29     Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       11:41:03 AM                                                                              Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐7‐302 through 

 33862 07/27/2010         Michael Styler             Natural Resources, Water Rights            Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                       Section R655‐14‐4      Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       9:28:54 AM
 33863 07/27/2010         Michael Styler             Natural Resources, Water Rights            Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R655‐14           08/15/2010    07/27/2010 
       9:30:10 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Administrative Procedures for 
                                                                                                Enforcement Proceedings Before the Division of Water 

 33864 07/27/2010         Palmer DePaulis            Human Services, Child Protection           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R515‐1            08/15/2010    07/27/2010 
       2:46:27 PM                                    Ombudsman (Office of)                      Continuation:  Processing Complaints Regarding the 
                                                                                                Utah Division of Child and Family Services

 33865 07/29/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Speech‐             Rule R156‐41           08/15/2010    09/21/2010 
       9:09:55 AM                                    Professional Licensing                     Language Pathology and Audiology Licensing Act Rule

 33866 07/29/2010         Colin Winchester           Judicial Conduct Commission,               Nonsubstantive Change:  Administration                    Rule R595‐2            Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       10:28:57 AM                                   Administration

 33867 07/29/2010         Colin Winchester           Judicial Conduct Commission,               Nonsubstantive Change:  Sanctions                         Rule R595‐4            Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       10:30:58 AM                                   Administration

 33868 07/29/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment           Nonsubstantive Change:  Reconsideration of a Decision     Section R994‐508‐306   Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       12:47:17 PM                                   Insurance                                  of the Board

 33869 07/29/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Nonsubstantive Change:  Alternative Dispute               Rule R156‐39a          Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       1:55:20 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Resolution Providers Certification Act Rules                                                   Agency 08/26/2010

 33870 07/29/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Day Care Rules      Rule R710‐8            08/15/2010    09/21/2010 
       2:12:19 PM
 33871 07/29/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Hospital Provider    Rule R414‐506          08/15/2010    10/13/2010 
       2:23:33 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Assessments

 33872 07/29/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration        Nonsubstantive Change:  Access to Records                 Rule R895‐1            Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       3:19:06 PM
 33873 07/29/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Epidemiology and Laboratory        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Design,             Rule R392‐302          08/15/2010    10/18/2010 
       4:01:08 PM                                    Services, Environmental Services           Construction and Operation of Public Pools

 33874 08/02/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Individual,         Rule R590‐167          08/15/2010    10/04/2010 
       3:26:31 PM                                                                               Small Employer, and Group Health Benefit Plan Rule

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 50 of 80                                                                             5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                          Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                          Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation     Published         Effective Date
 33875 08/02/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration    Nonsubstantive Change:  Americans With Disabilities      Rule R895‐2          Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       5:06:30 PM                                                                           Act (ADA) Complaint Procedure

 33876 08/02/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration    Nonsubstantive Change:  Computer Software                Rule R895‐3          Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       5:15:55 PM                                                                           Licensing, Copyright, Control, Retention, and Transfer

 33877 08/02/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration    Nonsubstantive Change:  Sub‐Domain Naming                Rule R895‐4          Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       5:21:06 PM                                                                           Conventions for Executive Branch Agencies

 33878 08/02/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration    Nonsubstantive Change:  Acquisition of Information       Rule R895‐5          Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       5:25:35 PM                                                                           Technology

 33879 08/02/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration    Nonsubstantive Change:  Acceptable Use of                Rule R895‐7          Not Printed   08/25/2010 
       5:30:45 PM                                                                           Information Technology Resources

 33880 08/02/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal            Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Fire Alarm         Rule R710‐11         08/15/2010    09/21/2010 
       10:38:48 PM                                                                          System Inspecting and Testing

  Filings received for the 09/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                         Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 17
 33881 08/03/2010           Ron Morris               Public Safety, Fire Marshal            Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Assisted Living    Rule R710‐3          09/01/2010 10/18/2010 
           12:14:04 AM                                                                      Facilities

 33882 08/03/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration    Nonsubstantive Change:  State Privacy Policy and         Rule R895‐8          Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       9:11:43 AM                                                                           Agency Privacy Policies

 33883 08/03/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration    Nonsubstantive Change:  Utah Geographic Information      Rule R895‐9          Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       9:16:15 AM                                                                           Systems Advisory Council

 33884 08/03/2010         J Stephen Fletcher         Technology Services, Administration    Nonsubstantive Change:  Technology Services              Rule R895‐11         Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       9:21:30 AM                                                                           Adjudicative Proceedings

 33885 08/03/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Plant Industry   Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Standard of         Rule R68‐21          09/01/2010    10/12/2010 
       11:42:55 AM                                                                          Identity for Honey

 33886 08/03/2010         David Clark                Public Service Commission,             Nonsubstantive Change:  Pricing Flexibility              Rule R746‐351        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       11:58:21 AM                                   Administration

 33887 08/04/2010         Judy Duncombe              Fair Corporation (Utah State),         Nonsubstantive Change:  Adjudication of Objections       Section R325‐1‐4     Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       12:08:28 PM                                   Administration

 33888 08/04/2010         Amanda Smith               Environmental Quality, Air Quality     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R307‐165        09/01/2010    08/04/2010 
       3:36:52 PM                                                                           Continuation:  Emission Testing

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                      Page 51 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation     Published         Effective Date
 33889 08/04/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Special Closures or              Rule R651‐633         Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       4:41:12 PM                                                                               Restrictions

 33890 08/04/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Trespass                         Section R651‐620‐2    Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       5:35:42 PM
 33891 08/05/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Regulatory           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R70‐950          09/01/2010    08/05/2010 
       10:51:53 AM                                   Services                                   Continuation:  Uniform National Type Evaluation

 33892 08/05/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Regulatory           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R70‐620          09/01/2010    08/05/2010 
       10:54:32 AM                                   Services                                   Continuation:  Enrichment of Flour and Cereal Products

 33893 08/05/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Regulatory           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R70‐910          09/01/2010    08/05/2010 
       11:02:18 AM                                   Services                                   Continuation:  Registration of Serviceperson for 
                                                                                                Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices

 33894 08/05/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Regulatory           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R70‐610          09/01/2010    08/05/2010 
       11:08:31 AM                                   Services                                   Continuation:  Uniform Retail Wheat Standards of 

 33895 08/05/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Livestock          Rule R58‐7            09/01/2010    10/12/2010 
       11:16:11 AM                                                                              Markets, Satellite Video Livestock Auction Market, 
                                                                                                Livestock Sales, Dealers, and Livestock Market 

 33896 08/05/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Trichomoniasis     Rule R58‐21           09/01/2010    10/12/2010 
       11:30:42 AM
 33897 08/05/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Administration             Nonsubstantive Change:  Authority                        Section R907‐65‐2     Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       11:37:27 AM
 33898 08/05/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Operations,                Nonsubstantive Change:  Acceptable Bid Security;         Section R916‐3‐8      Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       11:43:44 AM                                   Construction                               Performance and Payment Bonds

 33899 08/05/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Operations, Traffic and    Nonsubstantive Change:  Manual of Uniform Traffic        Rule R920‐1           Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       11:46:31 AM                                   Safety                                     Control Devices

 33900 08/05/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Operations, Traffic and    Nonsubstantive Change:  Safety Regulations for           Rule R920‐51          Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       11:49:45 AM                                   Safety                                     Railroads

 33901 08/05/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  License            Section R162‐2c‐204   09/01/2010    10/09/2010 
       12:20:44 PM                                                                              Renewal

 33902 08/09/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Charter School Student           Rule R277‐472         Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       10:23:04 AM                                                                              Enrollment and Transfers and School District Capacity 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 52 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                          Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33903 08/09/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                 Nonsubstantive Change:  Criteria for Recommendation    Section R277‐469‐7   Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       10:23:37 AM                                                                             of Instructional Materials Following Mid‐Party 
                                                                                               Evaluations of Core Curriculum

 33904 08/10/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Program Development       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Designated       Rule R926‐13         09/01/2010    10/11/2010 
       9:59:33 AM                                                                              Scenic Byways

 33905 08/10/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Plant Industry      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R68‐6           09/01/2010    08/10/2010 
       2:13:06 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Utah Nursery Act

 33906 08/10/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions      Section R162‐101‐2   09/01/2010    10/09/2010 
       2:34:58 PM
 33907 08/10/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Failure to       Section R162‐106‐5   09/01/2010    10/09/2010 
       2:38:38 PM                                                                              Respond to Notice

 33908 08/10/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Application      Rule R162‐102        09/01/2010    10/09/2010 
       2:41:50 PM                                                                              Procedures

 33909 08/10/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Trainee          Rule R162‐110        09/01/2010    10/09/2010 
       2:51:27 PM                                                                              Registration

 33910 08/10/2010         Alice Moffat               Public Safety, Criminal Investigations    Nonsubstantive Change:  Undercover Identification      Rule R722‐320        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       4:52:25 PM                                    and Technical Services, Criminal 

 33911 08/10/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Notifications    Section R313‐18‐13   09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       5:30:45 PM                                    Control                                   and Reports to Individuals

 33912 08/10/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Specific         Rule R313‐22         09/01/2010    12/14/2010 
       5:39:35 PM                                    Control                                   Licenses

 33913 08/10/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Medical Use      Rule R313‐32         09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       5:42:38 PM                                    Control                                   of Radioactive Material

 33914 08/10/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Near Surface     Section R313‐25‐25   09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       5:43:34 PM                                    Control                                   Land Disposal Facility Operation and Disposal Site 

 33915 08/10/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions      Section R313‐25‐2    09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       5:44:27 PM                                    Control

 33916 08/10/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General          Rule R313‐12         09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       5:47:47 PM                                    Control                                   Provisions

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 53 of 80                                                                        5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33917 08/10/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General           Section R313‐21‐22   09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       5:48:28 PM                                    Control                                    Licenses ‐‐ Radioactive Material Other Than Source 

 33918 08/10/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Standards for     Rule R313‐15         09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       5:49:33 PM                                    Control                                    Protection Against Radiation

 33919 08/10/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Requirements      Rule R313‐19         09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       5:53:52 PM                                    Control                                    of General Applicability to Licensing of Radioactive 

 33920 08/11/2010         Alice Moffat               Public Safety, Criminal Investigations     Nonsubstantive Change:  Licensing of Private            Rule R722‐330        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       10:03:18 AM                                   and Technical Services, Criminal           Investigators

 33921 08/11/2010         Amanda Smith               Environmental Quality, Water Quality       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  TMDLs             Section R317‐1‐7     09/01/2010    11/19/2010 
       5:24:05 PM
 33922 08/12/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Appraisal            Rule R162‐150        09/01/2010    11/10/2010 
       8:32:21 AM                                                                               Management Companies

 33923 08/12/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Appraisal          Rule R162‐2e         09/01/2010    11/10/2010 
       8:36:06 AM                                                                               Management Company Administrative Rules

 33924 08/12/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Motor Carrier, Ports of    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R912‐16         09/01/2010    08/12/2010 
       11:28:11 AM                                   Entry                                      Continuation:  Special Mobile Equipment

 33925 08/12/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Home Based        Rule R512‐100        09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       12:18:00 PM                                   Services                                   Services

 33926 08/12/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Child             Rule R512‐201        09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       12:22:02 PM                                   Services                                   Protective Services, Investigation Services

 33927 08/12/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Child             Rule R512‐202        09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       12:25:57 PM                                   Services                                   Protective Services, General Allegation Categories

 33928 08/12/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Child             Rule R512‐203        09/01/2010    10/13/2010 
       12:29:52 PM                                   Services                                   Protective Services, Significant Risk Assessments

 33929 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions as Used in These    Rule R651‐601        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       4:53:46 PM                                                                               Rules

 33930 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Aircraft and Powerless Flight   Rule R651‐602        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       5:44:53 PM

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 54 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 33931 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Animals                         Rule R651‐603        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       5:49:54 PM
 33932 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Audio Devices                   Rule R651‐604        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       5:55:09 PM
 33933 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Begging and Soliciting          Rule R651‐605        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       5:57:45 PM
 33934 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Camping                         Rule R651‐606        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:02:23 PM
 33935 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Disorderly Conduct              Rule R651‐607        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:05:05 PM
 33936 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Events of Special Uses          Rule R651‐608        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:08:22 PM
 33937 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Explosives and Fireworks        Rule R651‐609        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:12:00 PM
 33938 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Expulsion                       Rule R651‐610        Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       6:16:25 PM                                                                                                                                                                          Agency 09/09/2010
 33939 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Fee Schedule                    Rule R651‐611        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:24:12 PM
 33940 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Firearms, Traps and Other       Rule R651‐612        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:27:45 PM                                                                               Weapons

 33941 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Fires                           Rule R651‐613        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:31:04 PM
 33942 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Fishing, Hunting and Trapping   Rule R651‐614        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:34:33 PM
 33943 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Motor Vehicle Use               Rule R651‐615        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:39:22 PM
 33944 08/12/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Nonsubstantive Change:  Organized Sports                Rule R651‐616        Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       6:53:38 PM
 33945 08/13/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Student Reading    Rule R277‐403        09/01/2010    10/11/2010 
       11:15:19 AM                                                                              Proficiency and Notice to Parents

 33946 08/13/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Career and        Rule R277‐518        09/01/2010    10/11/2010 
       11:16:30 AM                                                                              Technical Education Licenses

 33947 08/13/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Standards         Section R277‐601‐3   09/01/2010    10/11/2010 
       11:17:14 AM
 33948 08/16/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Motor Carrier, Ports of    Nonsubstantive Change:  Authority                       Section R912‐16‐1    Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       8:05:38 AM                                    Entry

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 55 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section           Code Citation        Published         Effective Date
 33949 08/16/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of           Rule R657‐11            09/01/2010    08/16/2010 
       9:30:48 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Taking Furbearers

 33950 08/16/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Nonsubstantive Change:  Contractor Financial          Section R156‐55a‐306    Not Printed   09/21/2010 
       12:19:59 PM                                   Professional Licensing                    Responsibility ‐ Division Audit

  Filings received for the 09/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                            Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 18
 33951 08/17/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Nonsubstantive Change:  Government Records Access     Rule R850‐6             Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       8:26:09 AM                                    Administration                            and Management

 33952 08/17/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Nonsubstantive Change:  Adjudicative Proceedings      Rule R850‐8             Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       8:27:57 AM                                    Administration

 33953 08/17/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Nonsubstantive Change:  Expedited Rulemaking          Rule R850‐10            Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       8:30:23 AM                                    Administration

 33954 08/17/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Nonsubstantive Change:  Appeals                       Section R850‐11‐1100    Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       8:32:03 AM                                    Administration

 33955 08/17/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Nonsubstantive Change:  Records                       Section R850‐60‐1200    Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       8:34:34 AM                                    Administration

 33956 08/17/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Nonsubstantive Change:  Sale of Trust Lands           Rule R850‐80            Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       8:37:47 AM                                    Administration

 33957 08/17/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Nonsubstantive Change:  Land Exchange Appraisals      Section R850‐90‐600     Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       8:39:25 AM                                    Administration

 33958 08/17/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Nonsubstantive Change:  Proof‐of‐Ownership            Section R850‐70‐300     Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       8:41:24 AM                                    Administration

 33959 08/17/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Permit Violation              Rule R651‐617           Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       11:20:20 AM
 33960 08/17/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Picnicking                    Rule R651‐618           Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       11:24:48 AM
 33961 08/17/2010         V. Lowry Snow              Judicial Performance Evaluation           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Judicial        Rule R597‐3             09/15/2010    10/22/2010 
       12:02:28 PM                                   Commission, Administration                Performance Evaluations

 33962 08/17/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Possession of Alcoholic       Rule R651‐619           Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       1:20:28 PM                                                                              Beverages or Controlled Substances

 33963 08/17/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Reports of Injury or Damage   Rule R651‐621           Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       4:12:32 PM

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 56 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section               Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33964 08/17/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Rock Climbing                      Rule R651‐622          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       4:16:20 PM
 33965 08/17/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Sale or Distribution of Printed    Rule R651‐623          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       4:18:39 PM                                                                              Material

 33966 08/17/2010         Alice Moffat               Public Safety, Criminal Investigations    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Regulation of        Rule R722‐310          09/15/2010    10/22/2010 
       5:39:21 PM                                    and Technical Services, Criminal          Bail Bond Recovery and Enforcement Agents

 33967 08/17/2010         Alice Moffat               Public Safety, Criminal Investigations    Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Concealed             Rule R722‐300          09/15/2010    10/22/2010 
       5:46:08 PM                                    and Technical Services, Criminal          Firearm Permit and Instructor Rule

 33968 08/18/2010         David Clark                Public Service Commission,                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                Rule R746‐510          09/15/2010    08/18/2010 
       7:44:46 AM                                    Administration                            Continuation:  Funding for Speech and Hearing 
                                                                                               Impaired Certified Interpreter Training

 33969 08/18/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Sanitation                         Rule R651‐624          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       11:24:33 AM
 33970 08/18/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Shirts and Shoes                   Rule R651‐625          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       11:54:48 AM
 33971 08/18/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Skating, Skateboards,              Rule R651‐626          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       11:59:05 AM                                                                             Motorized Transportation Devices

 33972 08/19/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Exemption            Section R156‐17b‐310   09/15/2010    10/22/2010 
       7:50:49 AM                                    Professional Licensing                    from Licensure ‐ Physicians Dispensing Cosmetic Drug 
                                                                                               or Injectable Weight Loss Drug

 33973 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Swimming                           Rule R651‐627          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       9:52:41 AM
 33974 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Trails and Walks                   Rule R651‐628          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       11:32:58 AM
 33975 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Unattended Property                Rule R651‐629          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       1:11:27 PM
 33976 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Unsupervised Children              Rule R651‐630          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       1:14:57 PM
 33977 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Winter Sports                      Rule R651‐631          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       1:20:39 PM
 33978 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Enforcement                        Rule R651‐632          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       1:25:19 PM
 33979 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Special Closures or                Rule R651‐633          Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       1:31:15 PM                                                                              Restrictions

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 57 of 80                                                                              5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation   Published         Effective Date
 33980 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Nonresident OHV User              Rule R651‐634       Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       1:38:24 PM                                                                              Permits and Fees

 33981 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Commercial Use of Division        Rule R651‐635       Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       1:45:20 PM                                                                              Managed Park Areas

 33982 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Procedures for Application to     Rule R651‐636       Not Printed   10/20/2010 
       3:09:55 PM                                                                              Receive Funds From the Zion National Park Restricted 

 33983 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  Minimum Amounts of                Rule R651‐409       Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       5:45:32 PM                                                                              Liability Insurance Coverage for an Organized Practice 
                                                                                               or Sanctioned Race

 33984 08/19/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Nonsubstantive Change:  OHV Use in State Parks            Rule R651‐411       Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       5:50:51 PM
 33985 08/23/2010         Lance Davenport            Public Safety, Highway Patrol             Nonsubstantive Change:  Vehicle Safety Inspection         Rule R714‐158       Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       3:18:03 PM                                                                              Program Requirements

 33986 08/23/2010         Lance Davenport            Public Safety, Highway Patrol             Nonsubstantive Change:  Permit to Operate a Motor         Rule R714‐110       Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       3:25:23 PM                                                                              Vehicle in Violation of Equipment Laws

 33987 08/24/2010         V. Lowry Snow              Judicial Performance Evaluation           Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Administration of    Rule R597‐2         09/15/2010    10/22/2010 
       11:39:48 AM                                   Commission, Administration                the Commission

 33988 08/24/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Off‐Highway         Rule R850‐110       09/15/2010    10/25/2010 
       11:55:59 AM                                   Administration                            Vehicle Designations

 33989 08/24/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R651‐635       09/15/2010    08/24/2010 
       3:01:50 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Commercial Use of Division Managed 
                                                                                               Park Areas

 33990 08/24/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R994‐207       09/15/2010    08/24/2010 
       3:45:15 PM                                    Insurance                                 Continuation:  Unemployment

 33991 08/24/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Marketing and       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R65‐4          09/15/2010    08/24/2010 
       5:09:46 PM                                    Development                               Continuation:  Utah Egg Marketing Order

 33992 08/24/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Marketing and       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R65‐3          09/15/2010    08/24/2010 
       5:12:07 PM                                    Development                               Continuation:  Utah Turkey Marketing Order

 33993 08/24/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Marketing and       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R65‐1          09/15/2010    08/24/2010 
       5:14:05 PM                                    Development                               Continuation:  Utah Apple Marketing Order

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 58 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 33994 08/24/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R58‐16            09/15/2010    08/24/2010 
       5:15:58 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Swine Garbage Feeding

 33995 08/24/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R58‐13            09/15/2010    08/24/2010 
       5:24:49 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Custom Exempt Slaughter

 33996 08/25/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R58‐12            09/15/2010    08/25/2010 
       9:17:23 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Record Keeping and Carcass 
                                                                                                Identification at Meat Exempt (Custom Cut) 

 33997 08/25/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R58‐11            09/15/2010    08/25/2010 
       9:20:27 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Slaughter of Livestock

 33998 08/25/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Plant Industry       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R68‐1             09/15/2010    08/25/2010 
       9:59:55 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Utah Bee Inspection Act Governing 
                                                                                                Inspection of Bees

 33999 08/25/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R58‐15            09/15/2010    08/25/2010 
       10:04:58 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Collection of Annual Fees for the 
                                                                                                Wildlife Damage Prevention Act

 34000 08/25/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Regulatory           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Blending          Section R70‐940‐7      09/15/2010    12/23/2010 
       10:21:21 AM                                   Services

 34001 08/25/2010         David Clark                Public Service Commission,                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Calculation of    Section R746‐360‐8     09/15/2010    10/25/2010 
       11:51:24 AM                                   Administration                             Fund Distributions in Rate‐of‐Return Incumbent 
                                                                                                Telephone Corporation Territories

 34002 08/25/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                     Section R645‐100‐200   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       11:55:41 AM                                   Coal

 34003 08/25/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Scope                           Section R645‐106‐100   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       11:56:03 AM                                   Coal

 34004 08/25/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Hydrology                       Section R645‐301‐700   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       11:56:21 AM                                   Coal

 34005 08/25/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Bonding and Insurance           Section R645‐301‐800   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       11:56:39 AM                                   Coal

 34006 08/25/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Refusal to Agree                Section R649‐2‐9       Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       11:56:54 AM                                   Oil and Gas

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 59 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                          Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section           Code Citation   Published         Effective Date
 34007 08/25/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Well Workover and              Section R649‐3‐23   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       11:57:09 AM                                   Oil and Gas                                Recompletion

 34008 08/25/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Wildcat Wells                  Section R649‐3‐35   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       11:57:25 AM                                   Oil and Gas

 34009 08/25/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Nonsubstantive Change:  Enhanced Recovery Project      Section R649‐3‐37   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       11:57:43 AM                                   Oil and Gas                                Certification

 34010 08/25/2010         John Baza                  Natural Resources, Oil, Gas and Mining;    Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Determination of    Rule R649‐4         09/15/2010    10/27/2010 
       1:53:45 PM                                    Oil and Gas                                Well Categories Under the Natural Gas Policy Act of 

 34011 08/25/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Charges for    Section R865‐19S‐78   09/15/2010    Lapsed 
       4:56:56 PM                                                                               Labor and Repair Under an Extended Warranty 
                                                                                                Agreement Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐12‐
                                                                                                103 and 59‐12‐104

 34012 08/26/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Chemistry            Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R63‐1          09/15/2010    08/26/2010 
       8:30:35 AM                                    Laboratory                                 Continuation:  Fee Schedule

 34013 08/26/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R657‐24        09/15/2010    08/26/2010 
       9:19:59 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Compensation for Mountain Lion, Bear 
                                                                                                or Eagle Damage

 34014 08/26/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Taking           Rule R657‐9         09/15/2010    10/25/2010 
       9:23:51 AM                                                                               Waterfowl, Common Snipe and Coot

 34015 08/26/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Fees,            Rule R657‐42        09/15/2010    10/25/2010 
       9:27:50 AM                                                                               Exchanges, Surrenders, Refunds and Reallocation of 
                                                                                                Wildlife Documents

 34016 08/26/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Taking           Rule R657‐11        09/15/2010    10/25/2010 
       9:31:10 AM                                                                               Furbearers

 34017 08/26/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Taking Cougar    Rule R657‐10        09/15/2010    10/25/2010 
       2:57:31 PM
 34018 08/26/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Compensation     Rule R657‐24        09/15/2010    10/25/2010 
       3:01:30 PM                                                                               for Mountain Lion, Bear or Eagle Damage

 34019 08/26/2010         Grant Whitaker             Housing Corporation (Utah),                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Programs of      Rule R460‐3         09/15/2010    10/22/2010 
       3:28:26 PM                                    Administration                             UHC

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 60 of 80                                                                       5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 34020 08/26/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Permissible Arbitration           Rule R590‐122        Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       4:39:49 PM                                                                               Provisions

 34021 08/26/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Permissible Arbitration           Rule R590‐215        Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       4:40:40 PM                                                                               Provisions for Individual and Group Health Insurance

 34022 08/27/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Occupational Safety      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Incorporation       Section R614‐1‐4     09/15/2010    10/22/2010 
       11:04:34 AM                                   and Health                                 of Federal Standards

 34023 08/27/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Boiler and Elevator      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Deputy              Section R616‐2‐15    09/15/2010    10/22/2010 
       11:06:54 AM                                   Safety                                     Boiler/Pressure Vessel Inspectors

 34024 08/30/2010         Fred Hayes                 Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation    Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  2011 Antelope        Rule R651‐637        09/15/2010    10/26/2010 
       11:29:10 AM                                                                              Island State Park Special Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep 

 34025 08/30/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  LEA and Board Interagency         Section R277‐800‐6   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       11:38:51 AM                                                                              Agreement

 34026 08/30/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Replacement         Rule R590‐93         09/15/2010    01/10/2011 see CPR 
       4:11:11 PM                                                                               of Life Insurance and Annuities                                                              in 11/15/2010 
 34027 08/31/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Boiler and Elevator      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Inspection of       Section R616‐2‐8     09/15/2010    10/22/2010 
       7:22:21 AM                                    Safety                                     Boilers and Pressure Vessels

 34028 08/31/2010         Kimberly Hood              Administrative Services, Risk              Nonsubstantive Change:  Risk Management                   Rule R37‐3           Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       3:31:09 PM                                    Management                                 Adjudicative Proceedings

 34029 08/31/2010         Leonard Blackham           Agriculture and Food, Administration       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R51‐1           09/15/2010    08/31/2010 
       3:47:58 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Public Petitions for Declaratory Rulings

 34030 09/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Licensed            Rule R430‐90         09/15/2010    01/01/2011 
       8:54:29 AM                                    Child Care Licensing                       Family Child Care

 34031 09/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Residential         Rule R430‐50         09/15/2010    01/01/2011 
       9:03:07 AM                                    Child Care Licensing                       Certificate Child Care

 34032 09/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Physician           Rule R414‐10         09/15/2010    Lapsed 
       9:27:06 AM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Services

 34033 09/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Home and            Rule R414‐61         09/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       9:39:27 AM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Community‐Based Services Waivers

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 61 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                           Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 34034 09/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Home and           Rule R414‐61         09/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       9:47:19 AM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Community‐Based Services Waivers

 34035 09/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Aliens             Section R414‐1‐7     09/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       9:53:03 AM                                    and Reimbursement Policy

 34036 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R277‐410‐1   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:56:45 AM
 34037 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R277‐411‐1   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:57:06 AM
 34038 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R277‐412‐1   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:57:20 AM
 34039 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R277‐413‐1   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:57:35 AM
 34040 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R277‐438‐1   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:57:46 AM
 34041 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R277‐501‐1   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:57:59 AM
 34042 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R277‐604‐1   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:58:15 AM
 34043 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Centennial Scholarship for       Rule R277‐703        Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:58:27 AM                                                                               Early Graduation

 34044 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Secondary School Completion  Rule R277‐705            Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:58:40 AM                                                                               and Diplomas

 34045 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R277‐484‐1   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:58:53 AM
 34046 09/01/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R277‐516‐1   Not Printed   10/21/2010 
       9:59:05 AM
 34047 09/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Dental, Oral       Rule R414‐50         09/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       9:59:51 AM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   and Maxillofacial Surgeons

 34048 09/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Effective Date     Section R414‐306‐4   09/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       10:09:27 AM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   of Eligibility

 34049 09/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Verification of    Section R414‐308‐4   09/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       10:19:24 AM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   Eligibility and Information Exchange

 34050 09/01/2010         D. Gregg Buxton            Administrative Services, Facilities        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Requirements       Section R23‐22‐7     09/15/2010    Lapsed 
       12:22:11 PM                                   Construction and Management                for the Disposition of Real Property by DFCM

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 62 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                           Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 34051 09/01/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Small Source      Section R307‐401‐9    09/15/2010    01/01/2011 
       2:07:11 PM                                                                             Exemption

 34052 09/01/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions       Section R307‐405‐3    09/15/2010    01/01/2011 
       2:07:34 PM
 34053 09/01/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions       Section R307‐415‐3    09/15/2010    01/01/2011 
       2:07:56 PM
 34054 09/01/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Family            Rule R986‐200         09/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       5:33:23 PM                                    Development                              Employment Program

  Filings received for the 10/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                           Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 19
 34055 09/02/2010           Allyson Gamble           Capitol Preservation Board (State),      Nonsubstantive Change:  State Construction Contracts    Rule R131‐15          Not Printed 10/18/2010 
           10:07:26 AM                               Administration                           and Drug and Alcohol Testing

 34056 09/02/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                    Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Timeshare and      Rule R162‐57a         10/01/2010    11/08/2010 
       3:21:14 PM                                                                             Camp Resort Rules

 34057 09/03/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R612‐6           10/01/2010    09/03/2010 
       7:45:14 AM                                                                             Continuation:  Notification of Workers' Compensation 
                                                                                              Insurance Coverage

 34058 09/07/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Application       Section R81‐7‐1       10/01/2010    11/17/2010 
       4:38:01 PM                                    Administration                           Guidelines

 34059 09/07/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,              Nonsubstantive Change:  Licensing                       Section R81‐4C‐1      Not Printed   10/18/2010 
       4:46:45 PM                                    Administration

 34060 09/08/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R986‐100         10/01/2010    09/08/2010 
       4:28:52 PM                                    Development                              Continuation:  Employment Support Programs

 34061 09/08/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R986‐200         10/01/2010    09/08/2010 
       4:39:28 PM                                    Development                              Continuation:  Family Employment Program

 34062 09/08/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R986‐300         10/01/2010    09/08/2010 
       4:45:27 PM                                    Development                              Continuation:  Refugee Resettlement Program

 34063 09/08/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R986‐400         10/01/2010    09/08/2010 
       4:52:00 PM                                    Development                              Continuation:  General Assistance

 34064 09/08/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R986‐500         10/01/2010    09/08/2010 
       4:59:31 PM                                    Development                              Continuation:  Adoption Assistance

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                        Page 63 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                        Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                          Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation    Published        Effective Date
 34065 09/08/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R986‐600        10/01/2010   09/08/2010 
       5:09:19 PM                                    Development                            Continuation:  Workforce Investment Act

 34066 09/08/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R986‐700        10/01/2010   09/08/2010 
       5:37:47 PM                                    Development                            Continuation:  Child Care Assistance

 34067 09/08/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R986‐800        10/01/2010   09/08/2010 
       5:42:16 PM                                    Development                            Continuation:  Displaced Homemaker Program

 34068 09/08/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R986‐900        10/01/2010   09/08/2010 
       5:49:41 PM                                    Development                            Continuation:  Food Stamps

 34069 09/09/2010         Alan Ormsby                Human Services, Services for People    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Service           Rule R539‐2          10/01/2010   12/01/2010 
       4:08:55 PM                                    with Disabilities                      Coordination

 34070 09/09/2010         Lance Davenport            Public Safety, Highway Patrol          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Instrument        Section R714‐500‐6   10/01/2010   11/27/2010 
       5:09:25 PM                                                                           Certification

 34071 09/13/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and             Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Elevator           Rule R156‐55e        10/01/2010   11/08/2010 
       1:25:14 PM                                    Professional Licensing                 Mechanics Licensing Rule

 34072 09/13/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Architect         Rule R156‐3a         10/01/2010   11/08/2010 
       6:05:16 PM                                    Professional Licensing                 Licensing Act Rule

 34073 09/13/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Inactive          Section R156‐1‐305   10/01/2010   11/08/2010 
       6:13:43 PM                                    Professional Licensing                 Licensure

 34074 09/14/2010         Allyson Gamble             Capitol Preservation Board (State),    Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Board Review,        Rule R131‐5          10/01/2010   11/08/2010 
       9:23:46 AM                                    Administration                         Compensation and Incentive Award Process

 33821 09/14/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration              Change in Proposed Rule:  Individual and Agency         Rule R590‐244        10/01/2010   11/09/2010 
       3:47:59 PM                                                                           Licensing Requirements

 34075 09/14/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration              Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Utah Mini‐COBRA      Rule R590‐253        10/01/2010   11/09/2010 
       4:07:22 PM                                                                           Notification Rule

 34076 09/15/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Allocation and    Section R865‐6F‐8    10/01/2010   12/15/2010 
       10:08:26 AM                                                                          Apportionment of Net Income (Uniform Division of 
                                                                                            Income for Tax Purposes Act) Pursuant to Utah Code 
                                                                                            Ann. Sections 59‐7‐302 through 59‐7‐321

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                      Page 64 of 80                                                                        5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 34077 09/15/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Title and Escrow Commission     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R592‐2          10/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       10:36:06 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Title Insurance Administrative Hearings 
                                                                                                and Penalty Imposition

 34078 09/15/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Title and Escrow Commission     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R592‐1          10/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       10:37:53 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Title Insurance Licensing

 34079 09/15/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R590‐130        10/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       10:39:21 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Rules Governing Advertisements of 

 34080 09/15/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):                      Section R865‐6F‐16   10/01/2010    12/15/2010 
       11:25:06 AM                                                                              Apportionment of Income of Long‐Term Construction 
                                                                                                Contractors Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐7‐
                                                                                                302 through 321

 34081 09/15/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Administration             Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Declaratory          Section R861‐1A‐31   Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       11:51:48 AM                                                                              Orders Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 63G‐4‐503                                          Agency 09/15/2010

 34082 09/15/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Taxation of         Section R865‐6F‐32   10/01/2010    12/15/2010 
       12:05:03 PM                                                                              Financial Institutions Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                                Sections 59‐7‐302 through 59‐7‐321

 34083 09/15/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Taxation of         Section R865‐6F‐33   10/01/2010    12/15/2010 
       12:12:26 PM                                                                              Telecommunications Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                                Sections 59‐7‐302 through 59‐7‐321

 34084 09/15/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Incorporations      Section R414‐1‐5     10/01/2010    11/15/2010 
       12:58:56 PM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   by Reference

 34085 09/15/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Services            Section R414‐54‐3    10/01/2010    11/15/2010 
       1:06:10 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy

 34086 09/15/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Client              Section R414‐59‐4    10/01/2010    11/15/2010 
       1:10:50 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Eligibility Requirements

 34087 09/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Licensing           Rule R277‐503        10/01/2010    11/08/2010 
       1:41:05 PM                                                                               Routes

 34088 09/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Certified            Rule R277‐611        10/01/2010    11/08/2010 
       1:41:23 PM                                                                               Volunteer Instructors and Material Approval 
                                                                                                Requirements and Process for Firearm Safety in the 
                                                                                                Public Schools

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 65 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                          Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation        Published         Effective Date
 34089 09/15/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  The               Rule R277‐700           10/01/2010    11/08/2010 
       1:41:41 PM                                                                            Elementary and Secondary School Core Curriculum

 34090 09/15/2010         Palmer DePaulis            Human Services, Administration,         Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R497‐100           10/01/2010    09/15/2010 
       2:00:20 PM                                    Administrative Hearings                 Continuation:  Adjudicative Proceedings

 34091 09/15/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Administration          Nonsubstantive Change:  Declaratory Orders Pursuant     Section R861‐1A‐31      Not Printed   10/18/2010 
       2:23:06 PM                                                                            to Utah Code Ann. Section 63G‐4‐503

 34092 09/15/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Nonsubstantive Change:  Water System Rating Criteria    Rule R309‐400           Not Printed   10/18/2010 
       3:04:02 PM
 34093 09/15/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Nonsubstantive Change:  Cross Connection Control        Section R309‐105‐12     Not Printed   10/18/2010 
       3:04:51 PM
 34094 09/15/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water   Nonsubstantive Change:  Compliance and                  Rule R309‐405           Not Printed   10/18/2010 
       3:07:36 PM                                                                            Enforcement:  Administrative Penalty

 34095 09/15/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment          Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah Back to      Section R986‐200‐247    10/01/2010    11/15/2010 
       5:01:08 PM                                    Development                             Work Pilot Program (BWP)

 34096 09/15/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Investigating     Section R590‐186‐8      Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       5:36:20 PM                                                                            Unprofessional Conduct                                                                        Agency 09/16/2010

  Filings received for the 10/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                            Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 20
 34097 09/16/2010           Deanna Sabey             Commerce, Real Estate                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Qualifications    Section R162‐2c‐202     10/15/2010 11/22/2010 
           7:19:02 AM                                                                        for Licensure

 34098 09/16/2010         Forrest Cuch               Community and Culture, Indian Affairs   Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R230‐1             10/15/2010    09/16/2010 
       11:20:33 AM                                                                           Continuation:  Native American Grave Protection and 

 34099 09/20/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and              Nonsubstantive Change:  Working Relationship and        Section R156‐70a‐501    Not Printed   10/27/2010 
       10:46:09 AM                                   Professional Licensing                  Delegation of Duties

 34100 09/20/2010         Traci Gunderson            Commerce, Consumer Protection           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Direct            Section R152‐11‐9       10/15/2010    02/07/2011 
       3:54:43 PM                                                                            Solicitations

 34101 09/20/2010         Spencer Eccles             Governor, Economic Development          Nonsubstantive Change:  Rural Fast Track Program        Rule R357‐1             Not Printed   10/27/2010 
       6:11:27 PM
 34102 09/20/2010         Spencer Eccles             Governor, Economic Development          Nonsubstantive Change:  Rural Broadband Service Fund    Rule R357‐2             Not Printed   10/27/2010 
       6:36:33 PM
 34103 09/21/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and              Nonsubstantive Change:  Speech‐Language Pathology       Rule R156‐41            Not Printed   10/27/2010 
       9:21:18 AM                                    Professional Licensing                  and Audiology Licensing Act Rule

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                       Page 66 of 80                                                                             5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                           Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section           Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 34104 09/21/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Administrative Services, Administrative    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R15‐1           10/15/2010    09/21/2010 
       9:47:26 AM                                    Rules                                      Continuation:  Administrative Rule Hearings

 34105 09/21/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Administrative Services, Administrative    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R15‐2           10/15/2010    09/21/2010 
       9:47:53 AM                                    Rules                                      Continuation:  Public Petitioning for Rulemaking

 34106 09/21/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Administrative Services, Administrative    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R15‐3           10/15/2010    09/21/2010 
       9:48:19 AM                                    Rules                                      Continuation:  Definitional Clarification of 
                                                                                                Administrative Rule

 34107 09/21/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Administrative Services, Administrative    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R15‐4           10/15/2010    09/21/2010 
       9:48:36 AM                                    Rules                                      Continuation:  Administrative Rulemaking Procedures

 34108 09/21/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Alternative      Rule R156‐39a        10/15/2010    11/22/2010 
       2:25:31 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Dispute Resolution Providers Certification Act Rules

 34109 09/22/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Administrative Services, Administrative    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R15‐5           10/15/2010    09/22/2010 
       12:11:24 PM                                   Rules                                      Continuation:  Administrative Rules Adjudicative 

 34110 09/23/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Administrative Services, Administrative    Nonsubstantive Change:  Public Petitioning for         Rule R15‐2           Not Printed   10/27/2010 
       8:25:25 AM                                    Rules                                      Rulemaking

 34111 09/23/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Electricians     Rule R156‐55b        10/15/2010    11/22/2010 
       9:09:05 AM                                    Professional Licensing                     Licensing Rule

 34112 09/23/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  General          Section R309‐100‐4   10/15/2010    02/03/2011 
       10:08:31 AM
 34113 09/24/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R277‐444        10/15/2010    09/24/2010 
       5:27:39 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Distribution of Funds to Arts and 
                                                                                                Science Organizations

 34114 09/24/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of            Rule R277‐602        10/15/2010    09/24/2010 
       5:28:07 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Special Needs Scholarships ‐ Funding 
                                                                                                and Procedures

 34115 09/27/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Professional     Rule R156‐22         10/15/2010    11/29/2010 
       2:03:42 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors Licensing 
                                                                                                Act Rule

 34116 09/27/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Construction     Rule R156‐55c        10/15/2010    11/22/2010 
       2:25:52 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Trades Licensing Act Plumber Licensing Rule

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 67 of 80                                                                        5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                            Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 34117 09/27/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R162‐10         10/15/2010    09/27/2010 
       4:09:31 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Administrative Procedures

 34118 09/28/2010         Clark Harms                Pardons (Board Of), Administration        Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Attorneys           Rule R671‐103        10/15/2010    12/07/2010 
       7:43:07 AM
 34119 09/28/2010         Clark Harms                Pardons (Board Of), Administration        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Offender           Rule R671‐308        10/15/2010    12/07/2010 
       7:46:55 AM                                                                              Hearing Assistance

 34120 09/28/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Funeral            Rule R156‐9          10/15/2010    11/29/2010 
       9:55:46 AM                                    Professional Licensing                    Service Licensing Act Rules

 34121 09/28/2010         Keith Woodwell             Commerce, Securities                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Custody            Section R164‐2‐2     10/15/2010    11/22/2010 
       1:10:56 PM                                                                              Requirements for Investment Advisers

 34122 09/30/2010         Alice Moffat               Public Safety, Criminal Investigations    Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                      Section R722‐300‐3   Not Printed   10/27/2010 
       8:12:33 AM                                    and Technical Services, Criminal 

 34123 09/30/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Barber,            Rule R156‐11a        10/15/2010    11/29/2010 
       10:19:17 AM                                   Professional Licensing                    Cosmetologist/Barber, Esthetician, Electrologist, and 
                                                                                               Nail Technician Licensing Act Rule

 34124 09/30/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah               Rule R156‐55d        10/15/2010    11/22/2010 
       10:34:23 AM                                   Professional Licensing                    Construction Trades Licensing Act Burglar Alarm 
                                                                                               Licensing Rule

 34125 09/30/2010         Keith Woodwell             Commerce, Securities                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Broker‐Dealer      Rule R164‐5          10/15/2010    11/22/2010 
       2:39:46 PM                                                                              and Investment Adviser Books and Records

 34126 09/30/2010         Keith Woodwell             Commerce, Securities                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Licensing          Rule R164‐4          10/15/2010    11/22/2010 
       3:43:45 PM                                                                              Requirements

 34127 09/30/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                 Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Dependent           Rule R590‐259        10/15/2010    09/30/2010 for 120 
       4:30:05 PM                                                                              Coverage to Age 26                                                                          days or until 
 34128 09/30/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal               Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Rules Pursuant      Rule R710‐9          10/15/2010    10/01/2010 for 120 
       4:38:27 PM                                                                              to the Utah Fire Prevention Law                                                             days or until 
 34129 09/30/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,       Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R434‐100        10/15/2010    09/30/2010 
       8:47:18 PM                                    Primary Care and Rural Health             Continuation:  Physician Visa Waiver

 34130 10/01/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Boiler and Elevator     Nonsubstantive Change:  Safety Codes and Rules for       Section R616‐2‐3     Not Printed   Withdrawn by 
       8:52:33 AM                                    Safety                                    Boilers and Pressure Vessels                                                                Agency 10/27/2010

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 68 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                  Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section                Code Citation        Published         Effective Date
 34131 10/01/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Boiler and Elevator    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Safety Codes          Section R616‐3‐3        10/15/2010    11/22/2010 
       9:00:37 AM                                    Safety                                   for Elevators

 34132 10/01/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Regulation of         Section R612‐2‐5        10/15/2010    11/22/2010 
       9:11:52 AM                                                                             Medical Practitioner Fees

  Filings received for the 11/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                                 Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 21
 34133 10/05/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):                        Section R156‐24b‐502    11/01/2010    12/09/2010 
       10:26:09 AM                                   Professional Licensing                   Unprofessional Conduct

 34134 10/05/2010         Michael Hansen             Community and Culture, Housing and       Nonsubstantive Change:  Procedures in Case of               Rule R199‐10            Not Printed   10/28/2010 
       2:36:44 PM                                    Community Development                    Inability to Formulate Contract for Alleviation of Impact

 34135 10/05/2010         Michael Hansen             Community and Culture, Housing and       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Permanent             Rule R199‐8             11/01/2010    01/13/2011 
       3:29:41 PM                                    Community Development                    Community Impact Fund Board Review and Approval 
                                                                                              of Applications for Funding Assistance

 34136 10/06/2010         Ken Stettler               Human Services, Administration,          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R501‐15            Not Printed   Invalid 
       8:30:13 AM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing       Continuation:  Therapeutic Schools

 34137 10/06/2010         Ken Stettler               Human Services, Administration,          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R501‐4             11/01/2010    10/06/2010 
       8:31:17 AM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing       Continuation:  Certified Local Inspectors

 34138 10/06/2010         Ken Stettler               Human Services, Administration,          Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R501‐14            11/01/2010    10/06/2010 
       8:32:24 AM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing       Continuation:  Background Screening

 34139 10/06/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Human Services, Administration,          Notice of Expired Rule:  Therapeutic Schools                Rule R501‐15            11/01/2010    10/06/2010 
       9:38:14 AM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing

 34140 10/06/2010         Ken Stettler               Human Services, Administration,          Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Therapeutic            Rule R501‐15            11/01/2010    12/08/2010 
       9:55:44 AM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing       Schools

 34141 10/06/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of                 Rule R628‐4             11/01/2010    10/06/2010 
       2:32:15 PM                                    Administration                           Continuation:  Bonding of Public Treasurers

 34142 10/11/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                Nonsubstantive Change:  Definitions                         Section R277‐403‐1      Not Printed   10/28/2010 
       8:10:51 AM
 34143 10/11/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                Nonsubstantive Change:  Level 1 CTE (APP) License           Section R277‐518‐4      Not Printed   10/28/2010 
       8:11:15 AM
 34144 10/11/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Epidemiology and Laboratory      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Design,               Rule R392‐200           11/01/2010    02/16/2011 
       3:57:53 PM                                    Services, Environmental Services         Construction, Operation, Sanitation, and Safety of 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 69 of 80                                                                                5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation     Published        Effective Date
 34145 10/12/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R628‐11          11/01/2010   10/12/2010 
       2:42:45 PM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Maximum Amount of Uninsured Public 
                                                                                                Funds Allowed to be Held by any Qualified Depository

 34146 10/13/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Motor Carrier, Ports of    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R912‐2           11/01/2010   10/13/2010 
       12:29:23 PM                                   Entry                                      Continuation:  Mobile and Manufactured Homes

 34147 10/13/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing              Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal and Reenact):            Rule R410‐14          11/01/2010   04/25/2011 see CPR 
       3:08:49 PM                                                                               Administrative Hearing Procedures                                                           in 03/15/2011 
 34148 10/13/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R414‐59          11/01/2010   10/13/2010 
       3:22:03 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Continuation:  Audiology‐Hearing Services

 34149 10/13/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Property Tax               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  2010               Section R884‐24P‐53   11/01/2010   12/15/2010 
       6:14:17 PM                                                                               Valuation Guides for Valuation of Land Subject to the 
                                                                                                Farmland Assessment Act Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. 
                                                                                                Section 59‐2‐515

 34150 10/14/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  State              Rule R277‐422         11/01/2010   12/09/2010 
       5:30:39 AM                                                                               Supported Voted Leeway, Local Board‐Approved 
                                                                                                Leeway and Local Board Leeway for Reading 
                                                                                                Improvement Programs

 34151 10/14/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Charter            Rule R277‐470         11/01/2010   12/09/2010 
       5:31:00 AM                                                                               Schools

 34152 10/14/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  License            Section R590‐222‐5    11/01/2010   12/20/2010 
       11:06:06 AM                                                                              Requirements

 34153 10/14/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Premium            Section R612‐4‐2      11/01/2010   12/31/2010 
       11:07:04 AM                                                                              Rates for the Uninsured Employers' Fund and the 
                                                                                                Employers' Reinsurance Fund

 34154 10/14/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of              Rule R414‐40          11/01/2010   10/14/2010 
       12:17:49 PM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   Continuation:  Private Duty Nursing Service

 34155 10/14/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Payment of         Rule R994‐401         11/01/2010   12/09/2010 
       4:09:02 PM                                    Insurance                                  Benefits

 34156 10/14/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Unemployment           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Payments           Rule R994‐404         11/01/2010   12/09/2010 
       4:15:40 PM                                    Insurance                                  Following Workers' Compensation

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 70 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                               Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation       Published         Effective Date
 34157 10/14/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Property Tax               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Valuation of      Section R884‐24P‐62    11/01/2010    12/15/2010 
       4:33:40 PM                                                                               State Assessed Unitary Properties Pursuant to Utah 
                                                                                                Code Ann. Section 59‐2‐201

  Filings received for the 11/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                              Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 22
 34158 10/18/2010           David Clark              Public Service Commission,                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R746‐407          11/15/2010 10/18/2010 
           5:35:27 PM                                Administration                             Continuation:  Annualization of Test‐Year Data

 34159 10/18/2010         David Clark                Public Service Commission,                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R746‐341          11/15/2010    10/18/2010 
       5:35:47 PM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Lifeline/Link‐up Rule

 34160 10/20/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Out of Home       Rule R512‐301          11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       9:30:57 AM                                    Services                                   Services, Responsibilities Pertaining to a Parent or 

 34161 10/20/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Out of Home       Rule R512‐305          11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       9:47:48 AM                                    Services                                   Services, Transition to Adult Living Services

 34162 10/20/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Transition to     Rule R512‐306          11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       10:14:53 AM                                   Services                                   Adult Living Services, Education and Training Voucher

 34163 10/20/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Out of Home       Rule R512‐308          11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       10:32:24 AM                                   Services                                   Services, Guardianship Services and Placements

 34164 10/20/2010         Brent Platt                Human Services, Child and Family           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Kinship           Rule R512‐500          11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       10:41:39 AM                                   Services                                   Services. Placement and Background Screening

 34165 10/21/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Nonsubstantive Change:  Timeshare and Camp Resort       Rule R162‐57a          Not Printed   12/01/2010 
       7:56:12 AM                                                                               Rules

 34166 10/25/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Nonsubstantive Change:  Retrospective Operation         Section R414‐506‐8     Not Printed   12/01/2010 
       10:46:55 AM                                   and Reimbursement Policy

 34167 10/25/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Taking Fish       Rule R657‐13           11/15/2010    01/04/2011 
       3:17:44 PM                                                                               and Crayfish

 34168 10/25/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Fishing           Rule R657‐58           11/15/2010    01/04/2011 
       3:21:02 PM                                                                               Contests and Clinics

 34169 10/25/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Establishment     Section R590‐167‐4     11/15/2010    01/10/2011 
       3:50:00 PM                                                                               of Classes of Business

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 71 of 80                                                                            5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                          Date 
 File #    Time Filed           Authorized by                         Agency                            Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 34170 10/25/2010         Donna Morris               Community and Culture, Library           Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R223‐2          11/15/2010    10/25/2010 
       4:36:28 PM                                                                             Continuation:  Public Library Online Access for 
                                                                                              Eligibility to Receive Public Funds

 34171 10/27/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,    Nonsubstantive Change:  Government Records Access       Rule R850‐6          Not Printed   12/01/2010 
       1:01:40 PM                                    Administration                           and Management

 34172 10/27/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Family            Rule R986‐200        11/15/2010    01/01/2011 
       4:57:31 PM                                    Development                              Employment Program

 34173 10/27/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Child Care        Rule R986‐700        11/15/2010    01/01/2011 
       5:04:25 PM                                    Development                              Assistance

 34026 10/28/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                Change in Proposed Rule:  Replacement of Life           Rule R590‐93         11/15/2010    01/10/2011 
       1:13:29 PM                                                                             Insurance and Annuities

 34174 10/28/2010         Lance Davenport            Public Safety, Administration            Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Hazardous         Rule R698‐5          11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       2:04:48 PM                                                                             Chemical Emergency Response Commission

 34175 10/28/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Variable          Rule R590‐133        11/15/2010    01/10/2011 
       2:05:25 PM                                                                             Contracts

 34176 10/28/2010         David Clark                Public Service Commission,               Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Calculation of    Section R746‐360‐8   11/15/2010    01/19/2011 
       2:53:39 PM                                    Administration                           Fund Distributions in Rate‐of‐Return Incumbent 
                                                                                              Telephone Corporation Territories

 34177 10/28/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                 Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R865‐21U        11/15/2010    10/28/2010 
       4:25:31 PM                                                                             Continuation:  Use Tax

 34178 10/28/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Collections              Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R867‐2B         11/15/2010    10/28/2010 
       4:30:37 PM                                                                             Continuation:  Delinquent Tax Collection

 34179 10/31/2010         Bill Colbert               Governor, Economic Development, Pete     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  "White‐Collar     Section R359‐1‐901   11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       6:29:54 PM                                    Suazo Utah Athletic Commission           Contests"

 34180 10/31/2010         Bill Colbert               Governor, Economic Development, Pete     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Event Officials   Section R359‐1‐511   11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       10:12:58 PM                                   Suazo Utah Athletic Commission

 34181 10/31/2010         Bill Colbert               Governor, Economic Development, Pete     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Ringside          Section R359‐1‐502   11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       10:25:00 PM                                   Suazo Utah Athletic Commission           Equipment

 34182 10/31/2010         Bill Colbert               Governor, Economic Development, Pete     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Promoter's        Section R359‐1‐501   11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       10:41:36 PM                                   Suazo Utah Athletic Commission           Responsibilities in Arranging a Contest

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                         Page 72 of 80                                                                        5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation    Published         Effective Date
 34183 11/01/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R657‐5          11/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       8:59:49 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Taking Big Game

 34184 11/01/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R657‐17         11/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       9:22:27 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License

 34185 11/01/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R657‐38         11/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       9:24:59 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Dedicated Hunter Program

 34186 11/01/2010         Kenneth Hansen             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of Expired Rule:  Assistance for People with       Rule R434‐50         11/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       9:41:03 AM                                    Primary Care and Rural Health              Bleeding Disorders

 34187 11/01/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R657‐41         11/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       9:52:02 AM                                                                               Continuation:  Conservation and Sportsman Permits

 34188 11/01/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R657‐56         11/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       10:09:40 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Recreational Lease of Private Lands for 
                                                                                                Free Public Walk‐in Access

 34189 11/01/2010         James Karpowitz            Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources      Nonsubstantive Change:  Taking Cougar                     Rule R657‐10         Not Printed   12/01/2010 
       11:22:15 AM
 34190 11/01/2010         Bryce Bird                 Environmental Quality, Air Quality         Nonsubstantive Change:  Public Notice                     Section R307‐401‐7   Not Printed   12/01/2010 
       11:42:04 AM
 34191 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Real Estate          Rule R162‐2f         11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       2:36:58 PM                                                                               Licensing and Practices Rules

 34192 11/01/2010         John Reidhead              Administrative Services, Debt Collection   Nonsubstantive Change:  Authority                         Section R21‐3‐2      Not Printed   12/01/2010 
       2:41:02 PM
 34193 11/01/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R628‐12         11/15/2010    11/01/2010 
       3:32:18 PM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Certification of Qualified Depositories 
                                                                                                for Public Funds

 34194 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Authority and          Rule R162‐1          11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       3:48:30 PM                                                                               Definitions

 34195 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Exam and License       Rule R162‐2          11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       3:49:13 PM                                                                               Application Requirements

 34196 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  License Status         Rule R162‐3          11/15/2010    12/22/2010 
       3:49:58 PM                                                                               Change

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 73 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                             Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                           Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation   Published        Effective Date
 34197 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Office Procedures ‐    Rule R162‐4         11/15/2010   12/22/2010 
       3:50:38 PM                                                                               Real Estate Principal Brokerage

 34198 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Property               Rule R162‐5         11/15/2010   12/22/2010 
       3:51:16 PM                                                                               Management

 34199 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Licensee Conduct       Rule R162‐6         11/15/2010   12/22/2010 
       3:51:56 PM
 34200 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Enforcement            Rule R162‐7         11/15/2010   12/22/2010 
       3:52:45 PM
 34201 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Prelicensing           Rule R162‐8         11/15/2010   12/22/2010 
       3:53:19 PM                                                                               Education

 34202 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Continuing             Rule R162‐9         11/15/2010   12/22/2010 
       3:54:04 PM                                                                               Education

 34203 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Administrative         Rule R162‐10        11/15/2010   12/22/2010 
       3:54:36 PM                                                                               Procedures

 34204 11/01/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Undivided              Rule R162‐11        11/15/2010   12/22/2010 
       3:55:13 PM                                                                               Fractionalized Long‐Term Estates

 34205 11/01/2010         Edward Leary               Financial Institutions, Industrial Loan    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Rule Clarifying     Rule R339‐6         11/15/2010   02/01/2011 
       4:31:17 PM                                    Corporations                               Industrial Loan Corporation Investments

 34206 11/01/2010         Edward Leary               Financial Institutions, Banks              Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Ownership by State‐    Rule R333‐11        11/15/2010   02/01/2011 
       4:34:48 PM                                                                               Chartered Banks of Real Estate Other Than Property 
                                                                                                Used for Bank Business or Held as an Investment

 34207 11/01/2010         Edward Leary               Financial Institutions, Administration     Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Ownership of         Rule R331‐26        11/15/2010   02/01/2011 
       4:37:13 PM                                                                               Real Estate Other Than Property Used for Institution 
                                                                                                Business or Held as an Investment by Depository 
                                                                                                Institutions Subject to the Jurisdiction of the 
                                                                                                Department of Financial Institutions

 34208 11/01/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Maximum             Rule R628‐11        11/15/2010   01/12/2011 
       5:11:35 PM                                    Administration                             Amount of Uninsured Public Funds Allowed to Be Held 
                                                                                                by Any Qualified Depository

 34209 11/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Inpatient           Rule R414‐2A        11/15/2010   01/01/2011 
       5:38:59 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Hospital Services

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 74 of 80                                                                         5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section            Code Citation      Published         Effective Date
 34210 11/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Outpatient        Rule R414‐3A          11/15/2010    01/01/2011 
       5:44:46 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Hospital Services

 34211 11/01/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Nursing           Rule R414‐7B          11/15/2010    12/28/2010 
       5:53:34 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Program

 34212 11/01/2010         Ken Stettler               Human Services, Administration,            Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Outpatient        Rule R501‐21          11/15/2010    01/24/2011 
       5:54:36 PM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing         Treatment Programs

  Filings received for the 12/01/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                             Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 23
 34213 11/02/2010           David Sundwall           Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Emergency          Rule R426‐16          12/01/2010 11/02/2010 for 120 
           9:15:19 AM                                Emergency Medical Services                 Medical Services Ambulance Rates and Charges                                                 days or until 
 34214 11/02/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Systems Improvement,        Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Emergency         Rule R426‐16          12/01/2010    Lapsed 
       9:50:22 AM                                    Emergency Medical Services                 Medical Services Ambulance Rates and Charges

 34215 11/02/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Prelitigation     Rule R156‐78B         12/01/2010    01/10/2011 
       4:25:37 PM                                    Professional Licensing                     Panel Review Rule

 34216 11/03/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R81‐4B           12/01/2010    11/03/2010 
       2:52:26 PM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Airport Lounges

 34217 11/03/2010         Dennis Kellen              Alcoholic Beverage Control,                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R81‐10A          12/01/2010    11/03/2010 
       2:53:05 PM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  On‐Premise Beer Retailer Licenses

 34218 11/03/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R628‐16          12/01/2010    11/03/2010 
       3:15:49 PM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Certification as a Dealer

 34219 11/04/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents     Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R612‐10          12/01/2010    11/04/2010 
       12:35:29 PM                                                                              Continuation:  HIV, Hepatitis B and C Testing and 
                                                                                                Reporting for Emergency Medical Services Providers

 34220 11/07/2010         William Wallace            Money Management Council,                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R628‐13          12/01/2010    11/07/2010 
       4:21:52 PM                                    Administration                             Continuation:  Collateralization of Public Funds

 34221 11/08/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Nonsubstantive Change:  Consideration of Good Moral     Section R156‐1‐302    Not Printed   12/01/2010 
       10:56:27 AM                                   Professional Licensing                     Character, Unlawful Conduct, Unprofessional Conduct, 
                                                                                                or Other Mental or Physical Condition

 34222 11/08/2010         Alice Moffat               Public Safety, Criminal Investigations     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions       Section R722‐300‐3    12/01/2010    01/07/2011 
       12:48:17 PM                                   and Technical Services, Criminal 

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                           Page 75 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                               Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation     Published        Effective Date
 34223 11/10/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Utah Housing         Rule R162‐2a          12/01/2010   01/08/2011 
       7:27:36 AM                                                                               Opportunity Restricted Account

 34224 11/10/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal):  Utah Housing           Rule R162‐12          12/01/2010   01/08/2011 
       7:31:37 AM                                                                               Opportunity Restricted Account

 34225 11/10/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Licensing and       Section R162‐2c‐201   12/01/2010   01/08/2011 
       7:39:30 AM                                                                               Registration Procedures

 34226 11/10/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah‐Specific       Section R162‐2c‐203   12/01/2010   01/08/2011 
       7:47:28 AM                                                                               Education Certification

 34227 11/10/2010         Deanna Sabey               Commerce, Real Estate                      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  License             Section R162‐2c‐204   12/01/2010   01/08/2011 
       7:51:17 AM                                                                               Renewal

 34228 11/10/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Utah Medicaid       Rule R414‐1           12/01/2010   01/19/2011 
       12:46:45 PM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   Program

 34229 11/10/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Prenatal and        Section R414‐303‐11   12/01/2010   01/27/2011 
       12:53:55 PM                                   and Reimbursement Policy                   Newborn Medicaid

 34230 11/10/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Pupil               Rule R277‐419         12/01/2010   01/10/2011 
       3:02:16 PM                                                                               Accounting

 34231 11/10/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Adult               Rule R277‐733         12/01/2010   01/10/2011 
       3:02:36 PM                                                                               Education Programs

 34232 11/10/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐100         12/01/2010   11/10/2010 
       3:02:57 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Rulemaking Policy

 34233 11/10/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐477         12/01/2010   11/10/2010 
       3:03:15 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Distribution of Funds from the Interest 
                                                                                                and Dividend Account (School LAND Trust Funds) and 
                                                                                                Administration of the School LAND Trust Program

 34234 11/10/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐616         12/01/2010   11/10/2010 
       3:03:28 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Education for Homeless and 
                                                                                                Emancipated Students and State Funding for Homeless 
                                                                                                and Disadvantaged Minority Students

 34235 11/10/2010         Carol Lear                 Education, Administration                  Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of               Rule R277‐711         12/01/2010   11/10/2010 
       3:03:40 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Education Programs for Gifted and 
                                                                                                Talented Students

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 76 of 80                                                                           5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                 Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section              Code Citation        Published         Effective Date
 34236 11/10/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                  Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Health             Rule R590‐152           12/01/2010    01/20/2011 
       5:11:38 PM                                                                               Discount Programs and Value Added Benefit Rule

 34237 11/15/2010         Mark Steinagel             Commerce, Occupational and                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Drugs              Section R156‐83‐306     12/01/2010    01/10/2011 
       10:10:35 AM                                   Professional Licensing                     Approved for Online Prescribing, Dispensing, and 

 34238 11/15/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal                Notice of 120‐Day (Emergency) Rule:  Rules Pursuant      Rule R710‐9             12/01/2010    11/15/2010 for 120 
       12:13:23 PM                                                                              to the Utah Fire Prevention Law                                                                days or until 
 34239 11/15/2010         Kristen Cox                Workforce Services, Employment             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Transitional       Section R986‐200‐246    12/01/2010    01/13/2011 
       3:26:04 PM                                    Development                                Cash Assistance

 34240 11/15/2010         Rusty Lundberg             Environmental Quality, Radiation           Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Technical          Section R313‐25‐8       12/01/2010    04/04/2011 see CPR 
       4:07:16 PM                                    Control                                    Analyses                                                                                       in 03/01/2011 
 34241 11/15/2010         John Njord                 Transportation, Operations, Traffic and    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Ropeway            Rule R920‐50            12/01/2010    01/10/2011 
       4:11:35 PM                                    Safety                                     Operation Safety Rules

 34242 11/15/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Rules              Rule R710‐9             12/01/2010    01/09/2011 
       4:31:46 PM                                                                               Pursuant to the Utah Fire Prevention Law

 34243 11/15/2010         Ken Bousfield              Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions        Section R309‐110‐4      12/01/2010     05/09/2011 see CPR 
       6:18:39 PM                                                                                                                                                                               in 04/01/2011 
  Filings received for the 12/15/2010, Utah State Bulletin issue                                                                                                                Utah State Bulletin Vol. 2010, No. 24
 34244 11/16/2010           Ken Bousfield            Environmental Quality, Drinking Water      Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Facility Design    Rule R309‐520           12/15/2010 05/09/2011 see CPR 
           1:26:32 PM                                                                           and Operation:  Disinfection                                                                    in 04/01/2011 
 34245 11/16/2010         Greg Bell                  Lieutenant Governor, Elections             Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):                     Section R623‐1‐4        12/15/2010    Lapsed 
       4:53:38 PM                                                                               Registration/License Application Procedure

 34246 11/18/2010         Scott Anderson             Environmental Quality, Solid and           Nonsubstantive Change:  General Closure and Post         Section R315‐302‐3      Not Printed   12/09/2010 
       8:14:41 AM                                    Hazardous Waste                            Closure Requirements

 34247 11/18/2010         Ron Morris                 Public Safety, Fire Marshal                Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Rules              Rule R710‐2             12/15/2010    01/21/2011 
       2:48:00 PM                                                                               Pursuant to the Utah Fireworks Act

 34248 11/22/2010         Ken Stettler               Human Services, Administration,            Nonsubstantive Change:  Therapeutic Schools              Rule R501‐15            Not Printed   12/09/2010 
       3:44:03 PM                                    Administrative Services, Licensing

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 77 of 80                                                                              5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                              Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                              Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section           Code Citation       Published        Effective Date
 34249 11/24/2010         Walter Baker               Environmental Quality, Water Quality      Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R317‐102           12/15/2010   11/24/2010 
       4:39:28 PM                                                                              Continuation:  Utah Wastewater State Revolving Fund 
                                                                                               (SRF) Program

 34250 11/29/2010         Sam Lee                    Administrative Services, Fleet Operations Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R27‐1              12/15/2010   11/29/2010 
       9:47:01 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Definitions

 34251 11/29/2010         Sam Lee                    Administrative Services, Fleet Operations Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R27‐2              12/15/2010   11/29/2010 
       9:48:46 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Fleet Operations Adjudicative 

 34252 11/29/2010         Sam Lee                    Administrative Services, Fleet Operations Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R27‐3              12/15/2010   11/29/2010 
       9:50:59 AM                                                                              Continuation:  Vehicle Use Standards

 34253 11/29/2010         Sam Lee                    Administrative Services, Fleet            Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R28‐2              12/15/2010   11/29/2010 
       9:52:32 AM                                    Operations, Surplus Property              Continuation:  Surplus Firearms

 34254 11/29/2010         Sam Lee                    Administrative Services, Fleet Operations Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R27‐7              12/15/2010   11/29/2010 
       10:06:43 AM                                                                             Continuation:  Safety and Loss Prevention of State 

 34255 11/29/2010         Lance Davenport            Public Safety, Highway Patrol             Notice of Proposed Rule (Repeal and Reenact):           Rule R714‐600           12/15/2010   01/24/2011 
       12:10:11 PM                                                                             Performance Standards for Tow‐Truck Motor Carriers

 34256 11/29/2010         Sam Lee                    Administrative Services, Fleet Operations Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Vehicle Use       Rule R27‐3              12/15/2010   01/25/2011 
       2:33:01 PM                                                                              Standards

 34257 11/29/2010         Sam Lee                    Administrative Services, Fleet Operations Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Capital Credit    Section R27‐4‐11        12/15/2010   01/25/2011 
       2:33:19 PM                                                                              or Reservation of Vehicle Allocation for Surrendered 

 34258 11/29/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Delay or          Rule R590‐99            12/15/2010   Lapsed 
       3:04:56 PM                                                                              Failure to Record Documents and the Insuring of          (Changed to R592‐14)
                                                                                               Properties with the False Appearance of 
                                                                                               Unmarketability as Unfair Title Insurance Practices

 34259 11/29/2010         Jilene Whitby              Insurance, Administration                 Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Bail Bond         Rule R590‐186           12/15/2010   02/10/2011 
       3:41:55 PM                                                                              Surety Business

 34260 11/30/2010         Sherrie Hayashi            Labor Commission, Occupational Safety     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Incorporation     Section R614‐1‐4        12/15/2010   01/27/2011 
       10:19:28 AM                                   and Health                                of Federal Standards

 34261 11/30/2010         Kevin Carter               School and Institutional Trust Lands,     Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Cultural          Rule R850‐60            12/15/2010   01/24/2011 
       12:19:10 PM                                   Administration                            Resources

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 78 of 80                                                                          5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                           Date 
 File #    Time Filed          Authorized by                          Agency                             Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section             Code Citation   Published        Effective Date
 34262 11/30/2010         Thomas Patterson           Corrections, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R251‐102       12/15/2010   11/30/2010 
       1:56:43 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Release of Communicable Disease 

 34263 11/30/2010         Thomas Patterson           Corrections, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R251‐109       12/15/2010   11/30/2010 
       3:04:04 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Sex Offender Treatment Providers

 34264 11/30/2010         Thomas Patterson           Corrections, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R251‐110       12/15/2010   11/30/2010 
       3:14:55 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Sex Offender Registration Program

 34265 11/30/2010         Thomas Patterson           Corrections, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R251‐301       12/15/2010   11/30/2010 
       3:24:39 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Employment, Educational or Vocational 
                                                                                                Training for Community Correctional Center Offenders

 34266 11/30/2010         Thomas Patterson           Corrections, Administration                Five‐Year Notice of Review and Statement of             Rule R251‐709       12/15/2010   11/30/2010 
       3:35:23 PM                                                                               Continuation:  Transportation of Inmates

 34267 11/30/2010         David Sundwall             Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Preadmission      Rule R414‐501       12/15/2010   04/05/2011 
       5:10:35 PM                                    and Reimbursement Policy                   Authorization, Retroactive Authorization, and 
                                                                                                Continued Stay Review

 34268 12/01/2010         R. Bruce Johnson           Tax Commission, Auditing                   Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Charges for    Section R865‐19S‐78    12/15/2010   01/27/2011 
       9:27:10 AM                                                                               Labor and Repair Under an Extended Warranty 
                                                                                                Agreement Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59‐12‐
                                                                                                103 and 59‐12‐104

 34269 12/01/2010         Brent Everett              Environmental Quality, Environmental       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):                    Rule R311‐212       12/15/2010   02/14/2011 
       11:08:39 AM                                   Response and Remediation                   Administration of the Petroleum Storage Tank Loan 

 34270 12/01/2010         Brent Everett              Environmental Quality, Environmental       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Underground       Rule R311‐200       12/15/2010   02/14/2011 
       11:09:45 AM                                   Response and Remediation                   Storage Tanks:  Definitions

 34271 12/01/2010         Brent Everett              Environmental Quality, Environmental       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Underground       Rule R311‐201       12/15/2010   02/14/2011 
       11:10:36 AM                                   Response and Remediation                   Storage Tanks:  Certification Programs and UST 
                                                                                                Operator Training

 34272 12/01/2010         Brent Everett              Environmental Quality, Environmental       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Underground       Rule R311‐203       12/15/2010   02/14/2011 
       11:11:02 AM                                   Response and Remediation                   Storage Tanks:  Technical Standards

 34273 12/01/2010         Brent Everett              Environmental Quality, Environmental       Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Underground       Rule R311‐206       12/15/2010   02/14/2011 
       11:12:07 AM                                   Response and Remediation                   Storage Tanks:  Financial Assurance Mechanisms

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                          Page 79 of 80                                                                       5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM
 DAR       Date and                                                                                                                                                                                     Date 
 File #    Time Filed           Authorized by                             Agency                                    Filing Type:  Title of Rule or Section                      Code Citation         Published        Effective Date
 34274 12/01/2010         Brent Everett               Environmental Quality, Environmental              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Accessing the                Rule R311‐207              12/15/2010   02/14/2011 
       11:12:36 AM                                    Response and Remediation                          Petroleum Storage Tank Trust Fund for Leaking 
                                                                                                        Petroleum Storage Tanks

 34275 12/01/2010         Brent Everett               Environmental Quality, Environmental              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Underground                  Rule R311‐205              12/15/2010   02/14/2011 
       2:19:28 PM                                     Response and Remediation                          Storage Tanks:  Site Assessment Protocol

 34276 12/01/2010         Jilene Whitby               Insurance, Administration                         Notice of Proposed Rule (New Rule):  Dependent                     Rule R590‐259              12/15/2010   01/25/2011 
       4:16:31 PM                                                                                       Coverage to Age 26

 34277 12/01/2010         Kristen Cox                 Workforce Services, Employment                    Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Workforce                    Rule R986‐600              12/15/2010   01/26/2011 
       5:09:28 PM                                     Development                                       Investment Act

 34278 12/01/2010         Bill Colbert                Governor, Economic Development, Pete              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Drug Tests                   Section R359‐1‐506         12/15/2010   01/31/2011 
       8:26:01 PM                                     Suazo Utah Athletic Commission

 34279 12/01/2010         Bill Colbert                Governor, Economic Development, Pete              Notice of Proposed Rule (Amendment):  Definitions                  Section R359‐1‐102         12/15/2010   02/22/2011 
       8:46:38 PM                                     Suazo Utah Athletic Commission

                                           Division of Administrative Rules * 4120 State Office Building * Salt Lake City, UT  84114 * 801‐538‐3764 * Fax 801‐359‐0759 *

Rules Filings Register (series 84327) Required by UT Code Section 63G‐3‐402                                    Page 80 of 80                                                                                       5/25/2011 2:46:23 PM

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