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									                                                      NEWSLETTER                                       September 2007

                  Bushy Park Celebrates 100 Years
October of last year saw the centennial of the Bushy Park Homestead which had been completed and occupied
in September 1906. A weekend of celebrations started of with a banquet attended by 135 guests held in
Wanganui. Trust members came from all over New Zealand including Forest and Bird president Dr Peter
Maddison, Michelle Impey CEO of The Bank of New Zealand Save The Kiwi Trust, as well as many of the
earlier founding members of the Friends of Bushy Park and latterly the Trust. Guest speaker for the evening
was the noted, knowledgeable, humourous and highly gifted personality Ruud Kleinpaste.

Ruud presented two sessions during the evening; one on kiwis and a second on his greater passion – bugs! The
addresses could not have been better or more appropriate.

An auction of various items followed by the cutting of the cake by Stan Butcher and Nancy Payne rounded off
a great night.
                                                                                           Stan Butcher & Nancy Payne
Next day, Saturday, saw an open day out                                                    cutting the Bushy Park
                                                                                           Homestead Centennial Cake
at Bushy Park itself with a luncheon under
a marquee. All in all a most fitting time of
celebration and topped off with the launch
of Dr Penny Robinson’s book “Weaving
a Dream – The Bushy Park Story”. This
superb publication which tells the story
of Bushy Park from pre-European times
through to the present day has been much
sought after and we recommend it as an
ideal book for any supporter’s library and as
the ideal Christmas gift.

Copies may be ordered from
Bushy Park Trust,
P.O.Box 4088
                                                                           k E xperience
                                                      T h e B u s h y Pa r

Wanganui 4541.
                    BY PENNY RO

                          The Bushy Park
                                    Weaving a Dream

                                                            PENNY ROBINSON
                                                                             day in to Egmont National Park, this being the
                                                                             greatest number of kiwi ever released in one
                                                                             operation. Once again the Trust acknowledges
                                                                             the great work done by Jo Thorne in bringing
                                                                             Bushy Park to this point where it is the most
                                                                             important kiwi crèche on the mainland.
                                                                             We are happy to report that this year the Trust
                                                                             has received a significant grant from the Bank of
Upgraded entrance showing the double gates.
                                                                             New Zealand Save The Kiwi Trust which will
                                                                             enable this work to continue.
Rodent Fence Completed
In our last Newsletter we told you that work on
the second stage of the predator fence project                               Personnel Movements
viz a 750 metre rodent fence was about to start.                             Earlier in the year we were fortunate to have as
This has now been completed and is providing a                               Bayer-Boost Scholar, Alice Taylor who spent six
second line of defence against any critters which                            months carrying out weed surveys and assisting
make it into the Park, especially by way of                                  with numerous tasks in the Park. We are greatly
service vehicles.                                                            indebted to both Bayer N.Z. and The Royal
In addition the main entrance has been upgraded                              Society which administers the scholarship for
to incorporate two electronic gateways forty                                 this project which was of mutual benefit to both
metres apart. After passing through the first one                             Alice and the Trust.
the second gate will not open until the first one                             This year also saw the appointment of two
has closed behind the visitor. This system is                                new full time positions as a result of Work and
now standard for all Xcluder fences with                                     Income New Zealand’s Enterprising Communities
vehicular access.                                                            Scheme. Daniel Hurley is our new Conservation
                                                                             Officer with duties ranging from the kiwi
                                                                             programme to eco-tours in the Park. Daniel
Great Year For Saddlebacks                                                   comes to us from DoC and is slotting into his
The first breeding season for saddlebacks (tieke)                             role with great enthusiasm.
was hugely encouraging for the Trust. Of the                                 Robin Church, who had previously worked on
fourteen females in the translocation from                                   the construction of the Xcluder fences fills a role
Mokoia Island last year, eleven nesting pairs                                as Assistant Ranger with a priority of maintaining
produced twenty-eight young which fledged.                                    the fences and monitoring predators both inside
A great result and a tribute to the work of                                  and outside the forest.
Jo Thorne who has overseen this project from                                 Kelly Brider has been trained as a fully qualified
the beginning. We are hopeful that the next                                  kiwi operator, courtesy of a Bio-diversity Advice
few years will see a population explosion of                                 Fund grant. A second person will also be trained
this beautiful and spectacular bird with its                                 in this role giving us a sound pool of skilled
unique call.                                                                 personnel in this area of operations.
Other species are thriving with N.I. Robins
                                                    Photo by: Robin Church

(toutouwai) common, bush falcon ever present,
kereru in large flocks and all other species
present in good numbers.

Kiwi Creche Well Established
The second year of Bushy Park operating as a
kiwi crèche saw twenty-seven chicks brought in
and grown to release weights. The highlight of
the year was the release of eight birds in one
                                                                             North Island Robin (toutouwai).
                           Wanganui’s largest kiwi, carved by renowned          Students from Wanganui’s sister city in Japan
                           chain saw sculptor Merv Richdale from a 98 year      Nagaizumi-Cho in the forest.
                           old Elm log.

                           One of the benefits of having a team of trained       As a result of Terry’s efforts our LEOTC
                           kiwi workers is that Bushy Park will be running      programme won a most generous grant of
                           special kiwi viewing tours such as are not           $15,000 worth of technical equipment from
                           available to tourists elsewhere in New Zealand.      Canon NZ.
                                                                                A CCTV network camera, two good video
                           Visit by Japanese Sister                             cameras, data projectors, binoculars and carry
                           City Students                                        bags have enabled Terry and his classes to
                           During the year a group of Japanese students         monitor nests and create valuable classroom
                           from Nagaizumi-Cho (Wanganui’s sister city) and      resources. In addition, the purchase of a
                           their Wanganui hosts paid a visit to Bushy Park.     computer (funded by Whanganui Community
                           With the robins performing at their best, the        Foundation) has completed an excellent hi-tech
                           visitors were enthralled by the beauty and variety   resource for the LEOTC.
                           of the forest and birds.
                                                                                Sponsorship of Kiwi
                           LEOTC Goes From                                      As our numbers of kiwi being créched in the Park
                           Strength To Strength                                 increase, the opportunity exists for people and
                           Our education programme, now in its eighth           organisations to specially sponsor their own bird.
                           year, continues to grow under the expert             For example Wanganui Lions sponsored ‘Simba’,
                           leadership of Terry O’Connor. The year ended         pictured here being held by Alice Taylor.
                           this June saw a total of 3,000 primary and           Sponsorship ranges from $300 to $500 and
                           secondary students benefit from environmental         anyone interested needs to contact Lesley Dolling
                           education in one of New Zealand’s finest nature       on (06) 348 7771 or email
                           reserves. This was an increase of a thousand on      You will get naming rights, a chance to see your
                           previous years and a tribute to Terry and the        own bird and a framed photograph of yourself
                           quality and appeal of his programmes.                with your kiwi.
Photo by: Terry O’Connor

                           A young New Zealand Falcon (karearea).               Alice with Simba the kiwi.
Upgrade of Ablution Facilities                                      Stan Butcher Retires From Executive
Work has commenced on new and upgraded toilet and                   Committee
shower facilities at the Stables and Bunkhouse. A new               After many years of dedicated service to Bushy Park, our
amenity comprising disabled facility and shower is being            Patron Stan Butcher has stepped down from the Executive
added to the rear of the Bunkhouse and those at the                 Committee. One of the founders of the Trust and of the
stables will be progressively enlarged and upgraded as              Friends of Bushy Park, Stan reckoned he had, over the
funds become available.                                             years, travelled over 100,000 km and spent more than
Funding for the first stage of this work has come in the             700 nights at the Park in the course of his voluntary work
form of grants of $10,000 from each of the following:               for the Trust. Such dedication and commitment would
Dudding Trust, NZ Community Trust and Scottwood                     very rarely be equalled.
Trust. We thank them for their support.                             A special farewell dinner was held at the Homestead in
                                                                    April when many of Stan’s colleagues from those early
Homestead Heating                                                   days were able to join with present day Trustees to
For many years the Trust has sought to preserve the                 recognise Stan’s contribution to Bushy Park.
Homestead by identifying the most suitable means by
which this historic, but unfortunately very cold, building          Volunteers and Track Work
could best be heated. A donation of $20,000 from The                Our monthly visits from Global Volunteer Network
Stout Trust has enabled us to commence work on the                  people continue to be invaluable for a wide range
installation of central heating although a similar amount           of tasks, especially predator monitoring and track
will be needed in addition to complete the task. However            maintenance. This year we received considerable
we have no doubt this will be achieved so that by next              assistance with the metalling of walking tracks from
winter those cold, chilly rooms will be but a distant               Community Service workers. The forest now has three
memory!                                                             and a half kilometres of shellrock surfaced walking tracks
                                                                    making it easy for visitors to wander through the bush.
Membership Card
Last year we promised all members a card. Well, believe
it or not we now have it! Members (or Friends of
Bushy Park as we prefer to call you all) will receive a
personalised card when we post out your receipt for your
2007-08 donation. Remember that your donation entitles
you to claim the full tax rebate.
Your membership is a valuable source of income to the
Trust as are any
new members, so
please encourage
any friends who
may be willing to
join our Trust.             Mr A. Kereru

                                                                    Red hot pokers in the Homestead gardens provide food for tuis.

             Our thanks go to Pub Charity who have kindly
             sponsored this edition of our Newsletter. They have
             been a great supporter of Bushy Park over the years.

       Trust Contacts:
       Executive Chairman:      Allan Anderson               RD1, Wanganui                            Ph: (06) 342 1722
       Treasurer:               Brian Rhodes                 PO Box 4088, Wanganui 4541               Ph: (06) 349 0888

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