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									                                                                                                                     The Link
                                                                                                       First Presbyterian Church
                                                                                                      October 2011

                                                                                                                     Life is Good
                                                                                      I get tired of all the bad news in the media. So let me give you some good
                                                                                      news about life at First Presbyterian Church. We are doing really, really well.
                                                                                      Here is some evidence:
                                                                                              -Our September worship attendance has been very strong.
                                                                                              -We have added 12 new members in 2011. This represents a nearly
                                                                                              8% growth in the size of our congregation.
                                                                                              -The September edition of the Open Table Concert Series shattered its
                                                                                              all time record, with 85 on hand to enjoy Sara Hickman.
                                                                                              -Sunday School and Wednesday evening children’s attendance has
                                                                                              been very good; averaging over 13 kids, aged 13 and under, per
                                                                                              -Our cash flow is strong, and is enabling us to have both a robust mis-
                                                                                              sion and outreach budget and continue to improve our facility.
                                                                 Ken Schweitzer

                                                                                              -Our worship service has been streamlined and upgraded to make it
                                                                 Marlene Wilson

                                                                 Martha Holland

                                                                 Kenny Schwab
                                                                 Keith Leesman

                                                                 Brianna Eeten
                                                                 Lori Beekman

                                                                 Karen Graber
                                                                 Diane Osborn

                                                                                              more accessible, and to further modernize its flow.
                            Sarah LeDonne, Children’s Director

                                                                 Connie Boss
                                                                 Pat Diersing

                                                                                      What does all this mean? That we are so great? No. That we can take a

                                                                 Jill Apel

                                                                                      break? No. It means that the Spirit is active here, and it means that we are
                            Debbie Schweitzer, Organist

                                                                                      going in the right direction. I hope you feel this as strongly as I do. In my
                            Janis Klockenga, Secretary
                            Diane Ham, Youth Director

                            Julie Kasa, Music Director
First Presbyterian Church

                                                                                      seven years in Lincoln, I have never been more pleased or excited about the

                                                                                      direction of this congregation than I am right now. And this is a testimony to
                            Roberta Logan, Sexton
                            Rev. Phillip Blackburn

                            Roger Boss, Organist

                                                                                      the greatness of the God we worship, and the dedication of the saints who call
                                                                 Jeannine Pickering
                                                                 Debbie Schweitzer

                                                                                      this place their home. Let’s keep up the hard work, and keep our eye on God,
Lincoln, IL 62656

                                                                                      and remember that any success we experience as a church is a testimony to
                                                                 Kendall Martin

                                                                                      God’s greatness.
301 Pekin St.

                                                                 Linda Zinser

                                                                 Karen Davis
                                                                 Garret Apel
                                                                 Roger Boss

                                                                 Judy Busby
                                                                 Paul Kasa


               Coats for Kids Needs Volunteers
        Volunteers are needed to help with the purchase, labeling,
and delivery of winter coats, hats and gloves for area school chil-                                     October Birthdays
dren. This project does not require weeks and months of your
time. It’s just buy, label and deliver. Helping will make you feel                         3   Gene Blue               11   Jonathon Graber
good and will make a difference in the lives of these children. Call                       4   Calum Blackburn         12   Bev Brown
Marilyn Kasa at 735-2001 to volunteer.                                                     5   Emory Gaffney           19   Jean Peters
                                                                                           5   Ken Schweitzer          22   Hope Graber
                            ALL SAINTS DAY                                                 5   Marlene Wilson          23   Lori Beekman
                                                                                           6   Cince Bowns             24   Marilyn Kasa
                                                                                           8   Catherine Maciariello   26   Sue Dehner
                                                                                           9   Jill Aper               29   Donna Miller
                  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd
                         6:30 P.M.                                                                    October Anniversaries
                                                                                                 11     Mike & Bev Brown
                    IN HONOR OF ALL SAINTS                                                       12     Stuart & Linda Churchill
                                                                                                 15     Bi Shuwei & Ann Kvitle
           Lainey Elizabeth Cosby March 6, 2011
              Ava Rae Eeten August 14, 2011

                                                                                           Women’s Coffee Hour
                     Ruth Aldendifer 3-29-2011                                               In October, 2011
                      Evelyn Jenkins 4-5-2011

         Hello, families! This month, keep your eyes on our church’s website for new
family communication page which will feature updated notes and calendar events for
children’s ministries. Under the tab for Children & Youth, we are developing a new
parent page which will be the place to go to answer the questions you might have
                                                                                            Lunch at the Wild Hare
about your kids’ church activities, like: Who? What? Where? When? How? And
sometimes…. Why? Hope it’s helpful.                                                    in Elkhart, IL be sure to sign up.
                                                                                                          DEACON NEWS

                                                                                      The Deacons had their regular scheduled meeting in Septem-
                                                                              ber. Once again they discussed the needs of our congregational
                                                                              members and ways that we can be of assistance. The Deacons are
                                                                              pleased with the new members of our congregation and are going to
                                                                              try to make every effort to make those members feel welcome and a
                                                                              part of our church family.
                                                                                      Deacons also would like to remind everyone that juice should
                                                                              not be taken into the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings. Parents,
                                                                              please remind your children that they need to be careful with food in
                                                                              the parlor too, as we don’t want to have stains on our newly recov-
                                                                              ered furniture or carpet.

                                                                                                         Spiritual Life
                            Food Pantry
         The Food Pantry is not getting as much from the Food Bank as in             October 1, Saturday morning coffee will instead be 11:30
earlier months. The selection and amounts have decreased significantly.       lunch at Wild Hare Café in Elkhart. See back of church for sign up
         Cost of food purchased locally has seen a big increase, by as much   sheet or call Jeannine Pickering before Friday, September 30th, (&32
as 25% on some items. Minor changes have been made in amounts of food         -6083)
given to each family.                                                                The annual wiener roast will be on Sunday, October 23, at
         May through August 550 families per month were helped represent-     Boss’s home so save this date on your calendar.
ing 1800 plus individuals. One Thursday in September 81 families were
                                                                                     The next “Communion after Communion” is scheduled on
served. 8 or 10 new sign-ups are registered each day the pantry is open.
         Local produce has been later than usual but very much appreciated.
                                                                              Sunday, November 6, when Ann Jackson will be with us.

        Emphasis for October is Kleenex.                                                           Women’s Association

                                                                                    Women’s Association will meet for lunch on October 6th at
                                                                              Cracker Barrel at 11:30 A.M.
                     CARE AND BENEVOLENCE

    Please pray for:                                                                                     Garden News
    Homebound: Emily McElhaney, Dorothy Trapp, Mary Wilson, Florence
    Luebchow, Mildred Wickline, Mildred Anderson.                                     Thanks to all of you who helped with the Community Garden
    Illness: Nate Stuckey, Roberta Logan, Mildred Holland, Heather Alley,     this summer. It would not have been successful without the many
    Dick Logan (Uncle of Karen Graber), Barbara Sather (friend of Sue Bea-    hands who helped. Even though we had struggles with the weather,
    ver), Madi Allen( niece of a friend of Karen Graber), and Jim Ward        we have been able to make vegetable deliveries to the food pantry
    (friend of Ann Kvitle), Alicia Maxwell.                                   twice a week for the past month. There’s still plenty to pick! If you
    Military Service: Brennan Boss, Brad Boss, Michael Vander Wilt            haven’t had a chance to help, feel free to join us! Until it frosts, we will
    (nephew of Jill Apel), and Emily Ham & Elizabeth Kear (daughters of       be working on Sundays from 4-5 P.M. and Wednesdays from 5-6
    Clay & Diane Ham).                                                        P.M.
     If you have questions about the prayer list please ask Phil.
             Meet our Newest Members                                        Choir News
                                                          The choir is back to their regular fall schedule. If you would
                                                 like to join us, we rehearse on Sunday mornings from 8:45-9:45. All
                                                 are welcome.
                                                          We also are looking for instrumental or vocal soloist to pro-
                                                 vide special music during the time of offering. If this is something
                                                 you would be interested in, please contact Julie.
                                                          Looking ahead, we will be singing a cantata on Sunday,
                                                 Dec. 18th during worship. The cantata will be a celebration of les-
                                                 sons and carols. It will include many familiar carols and several
                                                 original pieces. If you are interested in singing with the choir for the
                                                 cantata, please join us! There will be special cantata rehearsal on
                                                 November 1st from 4-6 in the sanctuary. After that, we will rehearse
 Anthony & Sarah LeDonne                         on Sunday mornings. If you have questions contact Julie.
      Beren, Nessa                Bill Best

Catherine Maciariello            Jody Alberts

Gerald & Susan Dehner            Ryan Shershen
                                               October 2011
       Sun                   Mon                       Tue                  Wed                 Thu                    Fri          Sat
                                                                                                                             1 Wild Hare Lunch
                                                                                                                             in Elkhart instead of
                                                                                                                             Women’s Coffee Hour

2                     3                        4                    5                   6 Women’s Association     7          8
                                                                                        meet at Cracker Barrel
World Communion       Phil gone to Texas for
                                                                                        at 11;30 A.M. for Lunch
Sunday                Continuing Education                          Kids 5:30 P.M.      Saul Nache
Worship                                                             Adults 6:30 P.M.    Chad’s Blind
Sunday School                                                                           7:00 P.M.

9                     10                       11 Phil Returns to   12                  13                        14         15
Worship with Clay     Janis Vac                office Janis Vac     Janis Vac
    Ham                                        Deacons 5:00 P.M.    Kids 5:30 P.M.
Sunday School                                  Session 7:00 P.M     Adults 6:30 P.M.

16                    17                       18                   19                  20                        21         22
Sunday School                                                       Kids 5:30 P.M.
                                                                    Adults 6:30 P.M.

23                    24                       25                   26                  27                        28         29
Sunday School                                                       Kids 5:30 P.M.      Christopher Williams
Annual Wiener Roast                                                 Meal at 6:00 P.M.   Chad’s Blind 7:00
at Boss’s home                                                      Adults 6:30 P.M.    P.M.
30                    31
 Sunday School
Reformation Sunday    Happy Halloween
                              October 2011

             October 2       October 9        October 16       October 23        October 30

            Kenny Schwab     Lori Beekman     Karen Graber     Martha Holland   Kenny Schwab
Deacons     Marlene Wilson   Connie Boss        Jill Apel       Pat Diersing    Karen Graber

Worship      Gary Davis      Cince Bowns      Marsha Dallas    Mel Anderson       Diane Ham

Flowers      The Busbys      Ted & Kendall   Dorothy & Emory    Paul & Sue      Katherine Abbott
                                Martin           Gaffney         Beaver

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