MAY 22-26, 2006 - AUSTIN, TX

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  Join more than 1,000 attendees who will benefit from tried and true home performance
  principles in Austin, Texas, this May when ACI marks twenty years of progress at the
                                                                                                                                      (Affordable Comfort, Inc.)
  2006 ACI Home Performance Conference. Regional spotlight sessions include coping
  with hurricane devastation, cooling issues, and high performance in new green homes.                                                 Promoting residential building
                                                                                                                                       performance, energy efficiency,
  Outside of the core conference, choose from more than fifty half- and full-day sessions
                                                                                                                                       comfort, health, and safety in
  including hands-on, in-field, and diagnostic short courses.
                                                                                                                                       home retrofit, new construc-
  This and much more awaits you at ACI’s Twentieth Anniversary Conference hosted by                                                    tion, and renovation.
  Austin Energy.

  Keynote Speaker – Danny Parker
                                                                                         Apply Now for an ACI Conference Scholarship
Danny Parker is Principal Research Scientist at                                          Established in 2004, the ACI Memorial Scholarship Fund is a tribute to
the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC). He spe-                                          the leaders in the building science field who have championed the “whole
cializes in collecting and analyzing measured                                            house” approach. ACI will contribute one dollar from each conference reg-
data taken from residential and commercial                                               istration to the fund.
buildings. He then determines how efficiency
and renewable sources can dramatically lower                                             To apply, write an essay stating how you will advance home performance
energy needs.                                                                            through what you’ve learned at the conference and/or in your work.
                                                                                         The applicant who shows the most promise as an advocate for house-as-
Keynote Address                                                                          a-system principles will receive up to $1,500 to cover the cost of registra-
                                                                                         tion, travel, and lodging.
Lighting One Corner of the World:                                                        Letters of application are due to ACI by February 24, 2006, and may be
Pointing the Way with Energy Efficiency                                                  sent by mail or email to The winner will
We have reached a point where energy efficiency is increasingly becoming ever            be announced on March 6, 2006.
more important. Higher fuel prices, global warming, and the need for personal
economy will catalyze the implementation of capabilities developed, and inspire          You can contribute!
us to reach a new understanding. Not only can we profoundly alter the energy             You can make a tax deductible donation to the ACI Memorial Scholarship
use in our lives and local economy, but we have the potential to educate and             Fund in someone’s memory. Contact ACI for details.
impact the community around us. Individually we make a difference; together
we change the planet.

                             2006 SPONSORS                                                                            2006 EVENT SPONSORS
                 PLATINUM SPONSORS                         GOLD SPONSOR              Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems   North American Technician Excellence, Inc.
                                                                                     CertainTeed Corporation                         (NATE)
                                                                                     CITIMortgage, Inc.                              PPL Electric Utility
                                                                                     Home Energy Magazine                            Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)
                                                                                     Honeywell                                       Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
                                                                                     MaGrann Associates                              Zerodraft/Canam Building Envelope
                                                        George E. Pataki, Governor

                                                                                                                           2006 PARTNERS
                               SILVER SPONSORS                                       Absolute Home Inspection                        Frontier Associates, LLC
                                                                                     Advanced Energy                                 G.S. Fultz & Associates
                                                                                     American IAQ Services, LLC                      Hispanic Contractors Association of Austin
                                                                                     AndersonSargent Custom Builder, LP              IBACOS, Inc.
                                                                                     Austin Habitat for Humanity                     Johns Manville
                                                                                     Barley + Pfeiffer Architects                    Koeller & Company
                                                                                     Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc. (BKi)                   Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc.
                                                                                     Building Diagnostics                            M. Blasnik & Associates
                                                                                     Building Performance & Comfort, Inc.            McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning
                                                                                     California Energy Commission                    National Center for Healthy Housing
                                                                                     Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp.                 Ohio Department of Development
                                                                                     CEDA - Weatherization                           P G & E Company, Energy Training Center -
                                                                                     City of Waco - Code Enforcement (Inspection     Stockton
                                                                                     Services)                                       Performance Systems Development, Inc.
                                                                                     Cleveland Green Building Coalition              Practically Free Energy
                                                                                     Comfort Diagnostics + Solutions, Inc.           R.J. Karg Associates/WxWare Diagnostics
                                                                                     Conservation Connection Consulting              State of North Dakota, Division of Community
                                                                                     Contects LLC Consultants & Architects           Service
                                                                                     CVOEO Weatherization                            Tamarack Technologies, Inc.
                                                                                     Delta-T, Inc.                                   Texas ACCA
                                                                                     Ebenezer Management Services, Inc.              Texas ACCA - North Texas Chapter
                                                                                     Ecotope, Inc.                                   Texas HERO
                                                                                     EnTherm, Inc.                                   Texas Institute of Building Designers
                                 BENEFACTORS                                         Environmental Depot                             Texas Veterans Land Board
                                                                                     EPA - Indoor Air Quality                        The HouseMender, Inc.
APPRISE                   Ground Level Solutions     Home Builders Association       E-Star Colorado                                 US Department of Housing & Urban Development
                                                     of Greater Austin                                                               (Region 6)
                                                                                     Florida H.E.R.O., Inc.
                                                                                                                                     Wisconsin Division of Energy

2nd Annual Building Performance                    Poster Sessions                                    LOGISTICS INFORMATION
Institute, Inc. (BPI) Awards                       Poster sessions provide an opportunity for         Conference Location and Lodging
Held in conjunction with the annual ACI            participants to make a visual presentation of a
                                                   program, concept, or research results. Poster      Hilton Austin
Home Performance Conference, the “BIPPYs”                                                             500 East 4th Street
are awarded to those in the building perform-      sessions will be held during the Wednesday
                                                   reception and Thursday afternoon outside the       Austin, TX 78701
ance industry who have demonstrated excel-
lence at an individual and business level.         exhibit hall. Poster session presenters must       Hotel Reservation Information
                                                   be present to discuss content and answer           Single and double rate is $140.00, plus
This year, presentations will be made during
                                                   questions.                                         applicable tax (currently 15%)
the welcome reception.
                                                   For further information, call 800-344-4866,        Reserve your room by calling 512-482-8000
For category descriptions, eligibility require-
                                                   ext. 11.                                           or online at To get the group
ments, or to submit a nomination, visit or call 1-877-BPI-1BPI.                                                                   rate, be sure to state you are attending the
                                                   RESNET Recertification Test                        2006 ACI Home Performance Conference.
The deadline for nominations is March 15,
2006.                                              Thursday, 7 PM                                     The hotel rate expires April 17, 2006.
                                                   The RESNET Recertification Test will be            For driving directions, please contact the hotel.
Rebuilding New Orleans                             offered at the 2006 ACI Home Performance           Parking
                                                   Conference. Raters will be responsible for pro-    Parking at the Hilton Austin is $12.00 for
ACI has established the Katrina Disaster
                                                   viding their own laptops. For information on       overnight self parking and $17.00 for valet
Relief Fund to assist in the residential recon-
                                                   costs and to register, please email                parking. A parking garage is located across the
struction of New Orleans. ACI will place one
                                          Space is limited.          street costing approximately $7.00 per day.
dollar from every 2006 ACI Home
Performance Conference registration fee in                                                            (Subject to change without notice.)
the fund. You can make an additional contri-       BPI Certification Examinations
bution of your own. Indicate your donation         Available at ACI HPC 06                            Discount Airfare:
amount in the space provided on the registra-      This year, BPI will offer certification examina-   United Airlines is the official airline of ACI. If
tion form.                                         tions, both the written and field tests, at the    you or your travel agent call United’s toll-free
                                                   2006 ACI Home Performance Conference.              number (1-800-521-4041) to book your
Welcome Reception                                  Advanced registration is required. Please          reservations, you will receive a 2% discount
at Stubbs’s Bar-B-Q                                email, or call 1-877-274-1274         off the lowest applicable discount fare,
                                                   for more information.                              including First Class. An additional 5% dis-
Tuesday, May 23, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
                                                                                                      count will apply when tickets are purchased at
Enjoy great Texas style BBQ and experience         Field Trips / Activities                           least 30 days in advance of your travel date.
live music at our conference kick-off reception.
                                                   Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Redevelopment     Discounts also apply on United Express. Call
Round trip transportation will be provided         Monday, May 22, 1-4 PM          $25 / person       United’s Specialized Meeting Reservations
starting at 5:45 PM                                                                                   Center at 1-800-521-4041 to obtain the best
                                                   Tour the former Robert Mueller Municipal
                                                   Airport as it is redeveloped into over 4000        fares and schedule information. Make sure you
Core Conference                                    sustainable residential units and 5 million        refer to the Meeting ID Number 529TF.
Wednesday, May 24 – Friday, May 26                 square feet of commercial space, including a       Dedicated reservationists are on duty 7 days a
Attend the two-and-a-half day core conference      hospital and medical office complex.               week from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM EST.
featuring ninety-six workshops in twenty-one                                                          Shuttle Service:
                                                   Distributed Generation & District Cooling
tracks.                                                                                               There is a shuttle service between the hotel
Take advantage of the early registration                                                              and the airport. The hotel is approximately 20
                                                   Tuesday, May 23, 1-4 PM          $25 / person
discount price and be entered to win a                                                                minutes from the airport and cab fare is about
                                                   Austin Energy puts a strong emphasis on pro-       $20.00.
portable DVD player or $100 gift certificate by
                                                   viding energy services that meet customer
registering before March 31, 2006!
                                                   needs, offer value to the utility, and maintain
                                                   the quality of life for the citizens of Austin.
Tradeshow                                          Two of these services are the Downtown
Wednesday, May 24 – Thursday, May 25               District Cooling System and Dell Children’s         Core Conference Registration of
Visit this two-day tradeshow and see cutting       Hospital. Discover the goals, progress, and         $545.00 / $635.00 includes:
edge products, diagnostic tools, services, and     impacts of district cooling and distributed
much more!                                         generation.                                         ✓ Keynote Address
                                                   Beer & A Movie                                      ✓ All Workshops Wednesday – Friday
Optional Short Courses                             Thursday, May 25, 6-9 PM        $10 /person           (noon)
Monday, May 22, Tuesday, May 23, and Friday,       Looking to wind down after a long day of learn-
May 26                                             ing? Visit the Alamo Drafthouse and enjoy a         ✓ Tradeshow Wednesday and Thursday
Additional in-field and classroom sessions are     Mexican feast, a drink, and some laughs. And
held before and after the core conference.         don’t forget, the chance to view a few building     ✓ Refreshments Wednesday – Friday
These courses offer a half- or full-day of in-     science “cult classics”!                            ✓ Lunch Wednesday and Thursday
depth information on a single topic, featuring     Tickets are limited.
small class sizes.                                                                                     ✓ Evening Receptions Tuesday and
Advance registration is required and seating       Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
is limited. Short course descriptions will be      Friday, May 26, 1-4 PM         $25/person
available February 15 on the web at                The Center for Maximum Potential Building           ✓ Evening Sessions                         Systems is a non-profit sustainable planning,
                                                   design, and appropriate technology firm. The
                                                   Center is recognized for its anticipatory per-
   DON’T WAIT, REGISTER TODAY                      spective, and is a founding partner of the City
                                                   of Austin’s Green Building Program. See how
                                                   CMPBS uses life cycle design to foster ecolog-               For more complete
                                                   ical balance within a multi-scalar context and
                                                   engages in interdisciplinary collaborations              information, please visit us
                                                   with a common vision of healthful environ-                      on the web:
                                                   ments, economic prosperity, and social equity. 
  Monday Full Day Sessions                                                             MONDAY AND TUESDAY SHORT COURSE AGENDA
  8 AM – 5 PM                                        MONDAY FULL DAY (MFD) 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM                                           TUESDAY FULL DAY (TFD) 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

MFD 01 Profit from Home Performance                                                                           Mobile Homes: Audit, Installation, Inspection, & Diagnostic Techniques - Chris Dorsi,
                                                              Profit from Home Performance -
                                                     MFD 01                                            TFD 01 Cal Steiner (Registration includes the guidebook, "Your Mobile Home: Energy & Repair Guide for Manufactured
If you are a mechanical contractor, remodel-                  Dick Kornbluth, Joe Kuonen
                                                                                                                Housing" by John Krigger)
er, or other home improvement specialist,
this is your opportunity to see how home                    The Garage Connection (Classroom / In-              Symposium: National Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® - (Chandler von Schrader),
performance contracting can take your busi-          MFD 02 field) -Innes Hood, Dave Keefe, Steve      TFD HP
                                                                                                                David Lee, Marsha Quinn
ness to a new level of profitability and pro-               Klossner, Paul Raymer, Keith Wiliams
fessionalism. Find out how the home per-
formance approach can position your com-                      Essentials in Healthy Housing -          TFD 02 The House as a System: Building Science Primer - David Keefe
                                                     MFD 03
                                                              Tom Nelter, Ellen Tohn
pany as the expert in diagnosing and fixing
a home’s comfort, health, and energy prob-                  Consumer Action: Connecting, Choosing,
lems…with eager customers, bigger jobs,                                                                     TUESDAY AM (TAM) 8:00 AM - NOON                               TUESDAY PM (TPM) 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
                                                     MFD 04 & Changing - Rana Belshe,
and higher profit rates.                                    Lydia Gill Polley
                                                                                                                                                                             Combustion Safety II (In-field) -
                                                            Energy Program Design & Implementation: TAM 03      Combustion Safety I - Gary Fagilde,
By the time you leave, you will have all the                                                                    Rich Moore
                                                                                                                                                                     TPM 03N Gary Fagilde, Rich Moore
information needed to decide if home per-                   25 Years of Lessons Learned -                                                                                      (TAM 03 is a prerequisite)
                                                     MFD 05
                                                            Ben Adams, Jackie Berger, Mark Dyen,
formance contracting is your door to the                    Blair Hamilton, John Proctor                        Measuring Pressure & Airflow in Ducts
future and how to take the next easy steps.                                                                                                                                    Venting Gas Combustion Appliances -
                                                                                                    TAM 04      (Hands-on) - Bob Davis, Bruce Manclark,              TPM 04
                                                            Designing & Building High Performance                                                                              Tom Andrews
Richard Kornbluth, EnTherm, Inc., Syracuse, NY                                                                  Frank Spevak
Joe Kuonen, Comfort Diagnostics + Solutions,         MFD 06 Homes: 78,000 Houses Later -
Inc., Sherwood, AR                                          John Tooley
                                                                                                                Thermography for Building Professionals -                      Rainwater Harvesting (In-field) -
                                                                                                    TAM 05                                                           TPM 05N
                                                            Home Performance & The Real Estate                  John Snell                                                     Dick Peterson
MFD 02 The Garage Connection: Solving CO,            MFD 07 Inspector: Business Opportunities -
IAQ, & Comfort Problems (Classroom / In-                    Frank Vigil
field) (Advanced)                                                                                     TAM       Indoor Air Quality Laboratory Tour -                           Pressure Balancing a House (In-field) -
                                                                                                                                                                     TPM 06N
                                                                                                      06N       Jeffrey Siegel                                                 Steve Klossner, Paul Raymer
An attached garage can be the source of                           Agenda as of 1/10/06
carbon monoxide and other pollutants enter-
ing a house. However, solving the CO prob-          type of program or program issue. A panel                   Duct Design & Installation: Best Practices                     Rethinking Forced Air: Novel Approaches
                                                                                                       TAM 07                                                        TPM 07
lem by exhausting air from the garage can                                                                       for Current Approaches - Rob de Kieffer                        (Advanced) - Rob de Kieffer
                                                    discussion on best practices will wrap up
cause combustion appliances to backdraft.           this full-day session.
Rooms over garages often have comfort               Ben Adams, MaGrann, Morristown, NJ                          Insulating Existing Homes: Best Practices                      Insulating Existing Homes: Best Practices
                                                                                                       TAM 08                                                        TPM 08
problems. Here is your opportunity to use           Jackie Berger, APPRISE, Princeton, NJ                       for Attics - Chris Clay, Anthony Cox                           for Walls - Rick Karg, Lil Weston
diagnostic tools, discuss whole house solu-         Mark Dyen, Conservation Services Group,
tions, and improve your retrofit techniques         Westborough, MA                                           Applying ASHRAE 62.2 to Exisiting Homes
as you address the garage connection. Field         Blair Hamilton, Vermont Energy Investment          TAM 09 (Advanced) - David Grimsrud, Rick Karg, TPM 09N Doing a Baseload Audit (In-field) - TBD
                                                    Corporation, Burlington, VT                               Robert Parkhurst, Scott Pigg
research reports will address the magnitude
                                                    John Proctor, Proctor Engineering Group, San
of the problem.                                     Rafael, CA                                                Solar Hot Water: New Ideas from the North
Innes Hood, Sheltair Group, Vancouver, BC                                                                     & the South - Tom Lane, Howdy Reichmuth,         Water Distribution: Getting
                                                    MFD 06 Designing & Building High                   TAM 10 Anne West, +                              TPM 10
David Keefe, Vermont Energy Investment                                                                                                                         Hotter Water Faster - Gary Klein
                                                                                                                (Registration includes the book, “Solar Hot Water
Corporation, Fairfax, VT                            Performance Homes: 78,000 Houses Later                      Systems’ Lessons Learned 1977 to Today”)
Steve Klossner, Advanced Certified Thermography,
Lakeland Shores, MN
                                                    What techniques and building systems con-
                                                    sistently get good results? What are the            TAM     Multifamily Air Sealing (In-field) -                           Air Conditioner Sizing for Remodeling &
Paul Raymer, Tamarack Technologies, Inc., West                                                                                                                       TPM 11
                                                    management processes that must be in                11N     Steve Tratt, Tony Woods                                        New Homes - John Proctor
Wareham, MA
Keith Williams, Building Services & Consultant,     place to ensure high performance homes?
Milwaukee, WI                                       Find out how a comprehensive house-as-a-                    Forgiving & Resilient Wall Systems                             Windows: Sorting Through the Options -
                                                                                                       TAM 12                                                        TPM 12
                                                    system approach can result in homes with                    (Advanced) - TBD                                               Chris Mathis
MFD 03 Essentials in Healthy Housing
                                                    higher levels of comfort and energy efficien-
Understand the connection between health            cy while simultaneously achieving greater                                                                                Verifying Performance of Mechanical
and housing. Learn to take a holistic                                                                           Mechanical Ventilation Installation
                                                    resistance to indoor air quality and moisture      TAM 13                                                        TPM 13N Ventilation Systems (In-field) -
                                                                                                                Techniques - John Hockman
approach in identifying and resolving prob-         problems as well as natural disasters.                                                                                   John Hockman
lems that threaten the health and well-being
                                                    John Tooley, Advanced Energy, Raleigh, NC                                                                               Getting to 50% Above Code: Tax Credits for
of residents. Explore the seven principles of                                                           TAM     Habitat High Performance Green Home
                                                                                                                                                                     TPM 14 New Homes - Ren Anderson, John Broniek,
healthy housing: keeping homes dry, clean,          MFD 07 Home Performance & the Real                  14N     Tour - Catherine Lee Doar
                                                                                                                                                                            Terry Lenhart, Jim Sargent
pest free, contaminant-free, safe, well-ven-        Estate Inspector: Business Opportunities
tilated, and well-maintained. Go beyond             Looking for ways to set yourself apart from                 How to Sell High Performance Homes -                           HERS Rating Demo (In-field) -
mold, lead, pests, and radon in isolation to                                                           TAM 15                                                        TPM 15N
                                                    your competition? Utilize building science                  Brian Smith                                                    CT Loyd
distinguish the root causes – and solutions.        principles to effectively communicate with
Tom Neltner, National Center for Healthy Housing,   your clients. Discover the latest in home                   LEED for Homes: Lessons Learned -                              Starting a Home Performance Contracting
Columbia, MD                                        performance and diagnostics. Increase your         TAM 16                                                        TPM 16
                                                                                                                Ann Edminster, Jay Hall                                        Business - Greg Thomas, Mike Woodson
Ellen Tohn, ERT Associates, Wayland MA
                                                    client satisfaction by finding ways to link
MFD 04 Consumer Action: Connecting,                 with building performance professionals in
                                                                                                                Moisture Fundamentals for Existing Houses        Mold: Inevitable & Unacceptable -
Choosing, & Changing                                your area.                                         TAM 17
                                                                                                                - Jeff Gordon
                                                                                                                                                          TPM 17
                                                                                                                                                                 Mac Pearce
Returning this year in an expanded version,         Frank Vigil, Vigil and Associates, Las Vegas, NV
this session will examine proven education-                                                             TAM     Getting the Most From Your Blower Door                         Getting the Most From Your Duct Blaster
al models and recent scientific research rel-       SPECIAL SESSIONS Home Performance                   18N     (In-field) - Rogge Miller, David Walker
                                                                                                                                                                     TPM 18N
                                                                                                                                                                               (In-field) - Bob Davis, Bruce Manclark
evant to those involved in planning, manag-         with ENERGY STAR®
ing, or delivering occupant education. Gain         Monday 6 PM – 8 PM                                          Commissioning New Homes: Beyond                             Mortgage Opportunities: Financing Energy
experience connecting theory and practice,                                                              TAM
                                                                                                                Energy Ratings (In-field) -                          TPM 19 Efficiency - Steve Baden, Bruce Everly,
                                                    Introduction to Home Performance                    19N
information and learning, facts and feelings,                                                                   Ken Fonorow                                                 Pat Goolsby, Daniel Lopez
and memory and motivation to reinforce the          with ENERGY STAR®
benefits of “doing with” rather than “doing         Explore results, lessons learned, and new                   Designing & Delivering Training That Sticks        Energy Performance Contracting for Public
                                                                                                       TAM 20                                               TPM 20
to” our selected learners.                          directions planned for the coming year. If                  - Bill Wilson                                      Housing - TBD
Rana Belshe, Conservation Connection Consulting,    you are interested in pursuing a comprehen-
Fairchild, WI                                       sive approach to improving the efficiency of                                                                    TPM 12N is an in-field short course that is being
                                                                                                            What does TPM 12N mean?
Lydia Gill Polley, Constructive Consulting,         existing homes, join us for an introduction                                                                     held on Tuesday afternoon.
Oklahoma City, OK                                                                                             T    =    Tuesday
                                                    to, and update on Home Performance with                   PM =      Afternoon                                   +       =     Additional presenters
MFD 05 Energy Program Design &                      ENERGY STAR®. This session will prepare                   12 =      Course Number                                             to be determined.
Implementation: Twenty-five Years of Lessons        you for Tuesday’s symposium.                              N    =    In-field                                    ()      =     Session Leaders

Learned                                             Dale Hoffmeyer, EPA / ENERGY STAR®,
                                                    Washington, DC                                     services. With five years of results, Home                       discuss strategies that advance the home
We know much more than we did twenty-               Patricia Plympton, DOE-NREL / ENERGY STAR®,        Performance with ENERGY STAR® has                                performance industry and improve the effi-
five years ago during the infancy of residen-       Washington, DC                                     become an important program delivered by                         ciency of existing homes.
tial energy programs. Whether you are                                                                  states, utilities, and nonprofit organizations.                  Chandler von Schrader (Facilitator),
involved in designing and implementing a            Tuesday 8 AM – 5 PM                                This symposium will draw on lessons                              ENERGY STAR® - Home Improvement Program,
new program or overhauling an existing one,                                                            learned to encourage discussions about pro-                      Washington, DC
this session is for you. Explore design ele-        National Home Performance with ENERGY              gram implementation issues including stan-                       David Lee, EPA / ENERGY STAR®,
ments, management, implementation, eval-            STAR® Symposium                                    dards, training, quality assurance, market-                      Washington, DC
uation, and quality control in the first part       Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®                                                                                  Marsha Quinn, DOE / ENERGY STAR®,
                                                                                                       ing, and financing. Whether you are or are                       Washington, DC
of the session. In the second part, partici-        links ENERGY STAR® to comprehensive,               planning to implement a home performance
pate in a small group focusing on a specific        building science-based home improvement            program, don’t miss this opportunity to
                                                                              ACI 2006 CORE CONFERENCE SESSIONS
                                                                                            MAY 24, 2006 – WEDNESDAY
                 Track                                       SESSION 1                              SESSION 2                                          SESSION 3                                       Track
                                                             10:00 – 11:40                                 1:30 – 3:10                                   3:45 – 5:25

                                                                                                                                                 Top 10 Energy & Water
            Priorities for                              Energy Opportunities                                                                                                                      Fundamentals
                                                                                                  Making Energy Decisions                           Saving Measures
          Energy Efficiency                                  in a Home                                                                                                                         Suzanne Harmelink
                                                                                                            Rick Karg                           for Multifamily Buildings                           (FUND)
                 (TOP)                                       Jim Fitzgerald
                                                                                                                                                         Duncan Hill

           After the Flood                         High Performance Factory Built                         Residential                          Sustainable Redevelopment
                                                         Housing Solutions                                                                                                                         Built to Last
              Alice Finley                                                                              Flood Cleanup                        of Post-Hurricane New Orleans                            (LAST)
                                                          Howard Broughton
                 (WET)                                                                                   Marty McKellips                                Charles Reith
                                                           Subrato Chandra

                                                        Design & Retrofit for                                                                           Fireplaces
          Ducts & Heating                                                                          Duct & Register Triage                                                                            Insulated
                                                       Quieter HVAC Systems                                                                          & Space Heaters
              Joe Kuonen                                                                                   Joe Kuonen                                                                                 & Tight
                (DUCT)                                      (Advanced)                                   Bruce Manclark                                 Skip Hayden
                                                                                                                                                        Rich Moore
                                                       Rob de Kieffer, David Hill

                                                          It’s Not the Heat,                          It’s Not the Heat,
           Hot & Bothered                                                                                                                     Reducing Heat Gain Through                         Hot & Bothered
                                                        It’s the Humidity 1 -                       It’s the Humidity 2 -
              Joe Kuonen                                                                                                                            Attics & Roofs                                  Joe Kuonen
                (COOL)                                   Building Solutions                         Mechanical Solutions                          Bill Miller, Danny Parker                           (COOL)
                                                    Joe Kuonen, Bernie Mittelstaedt             Geoffrey Hartman, Michael Hayes

             Mechanical                            Reducing Particulate Matter                           Exhaust Only                                   Ventilation
                                                           in Homes                                   Ventilation on Trial                                                                         Diagnostics
             Ventilation                                                                                                                             for Hot Climates                                  (DIAG)
                                                              Don Fugler                            Rana Belshe, Don Fugler,
                (VENT)                                       Jeffrey Siegel                        John Hockman, Mac Pearce
                                                                                                                                                        Doug Garrett

              Codes &                                 When Building Science                                 Codes                          Using Certification & Accreditation                    Build It Right
             Certification                              & Codes Conflict                               That Support You                          to Build Your Business                          Marcus Bianchi
                                                                                                          Rob de Kieffer                          Steve Baden, Pat Murphy,
                (CODE)                                 Mark Fortney, John Tooley                                                                                                                     (RITE)
                                                                                                          Henry Gifford                         Bill Parlapiano, Brendan Reid

   Water & Energy Connection                             The Water Energy                            Aggressive Water                               The Well-Plumbed
                                                            Connection                             Conservation Programs                                 Home                                        Solutions
             Mary McLeod
                                                             Bill Hoffman                         David Bracciano, Bill Hoffman              Gary Klein, Jim Lutz, Peter Pfeiffer,                    (SOLV)
                                                             John Koeller                                 Eddie Wilcut                               Howdy Reichmuth

           Healthy Houses                              Dampness & Health:                              Health Effects of                      Remodeling for Asthmatics:                         Healthy Houses
      Tom Neltner, Eric Werling                       What’s the Connection?                            IAQ Pollutants                           Two-Way Education                          Tom Neltner, Eric Werling
                                                                                                          John Ouellette
              (HEAL)                                             TBD                                                                                      Ellen Tohn                                (HEAL)
                                                                                                          James Sublett

              New Home                                                       Panel: (2 Parts)                                                       Utility Partnerships                        Achieving Green
              Initiatives                                National Energy, IAQ, and Green Programs: An Overview                                    for Better New Homes                           in New Homes
  Mary McLeod, Kristin Shewfelt                     Dave Bell, Ann Edminster, Randy Erwin, Jay Hall, Steve Klossner, John Loyer,                 Celeste Becia, Kim Hooper,              Mary McLeod, Kristin Shewfelt
            (INIT)                                                        Sam Rashkin, Bill Rectanus, +                                                Richard Morgan                              (GRN)

 Business of Home Performance                      Starting a Home Performance                      HVAC Contracting:                                  Low / No Cost                   Business of Home Performance
    Dale Hoffmeyer, Mike Rogers                        Contracting Business                     The Whole House Approach                                 Marketing                        Dale Hoffmeyer, Mike Rogers
                                                           Robert Mitchell                             Dan de Pontbriand                             Richard Willingham
              (BUS)                                                                                                                                                                                 (BUS)
                                                     Greg Thomas, Mike Woodson                            Larry Taylor                                       +

             Emerging                               Consulting, Certification, &                      Energy Policy Act:                               Show Me                                 Program Elements
            Opportunities                            Rating in Existing Homes                         Energy Tax Credit                            The Ways & Means                              That Perform
         Charles Segerstrom                                  Bruce Everly                                 Ren Anderson                                  Duane Larson                     Jackie Berger, Elizabeth Chant
               (OPP)                                       Keith Williams, +                              Steve Baden                                        +                                      (PROG)

            Affordable                               Can Low-Income Owners                            Housing Issues in                               Responses to                             Electric Efficiency
         Housing & Energy                              Afford Their Homes?                              Tribal Areas                              Rising Energy Prices                             Jackie Berger
           Elizabeth Chant                                    Jim LaRue                                   Roger Fragua
                                                                                                                                                              TBD                                     (ELEC)
                (AFF)                                         Bill Wilson                                 Larry Kinney

                                                                              NEW CORE CONTENT FOR ACI 06 (highlighted with gray background)

              EVENING SESSION                                                                                                                           FRIDAY AFTERNOON SHORT COURSES
                                                                        Thursday Night Advanced Technical Session
              Wednesday Night
                                                                                       7 PM – 9 PM                                                                      FRIDAY PM (FPM) 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM
                7 PM – 9 PM
Forum on National Standards                                  Condensation Profile Analysis & Mold                                                           Palm Harbor Homes: Manufacturing Facility Tour -
                                                                                                                                                    FPM 01N
                                                                                                                                                            Keith Alexander
• What projects are under development?                       For sixty years, the “condensation paradigm” has governed the
• Can one set of standards work nationally                   design and construction of building envelope assemblies. Then
                                                             along came mold, and this analytic tool proved to be practically use-                   FPM 02    Crawlspaces: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly - Jeff Tooley
  and regionally?
• Would you like to have an opportunity to                   less. How do we make the transition away from “condensation analy-
  give your input?                                           sis” toward an analysis that is a better predictor and guide? The                      FPM 03N Combustion Safety: Worst Case Depressurization (In-field) - TBD
Steve Baden, RESNET, Oceanside, CA                           major steps in this transition are the issues of bound water and
Chris Fennell, IBTS, Herndon, VA                             ASHRAE Standard 160P, “Design Criteria for Moisture Control in
                                                                                                                                                               Overcoming the Language Barrier with Crews & Subcontractors -
Bob Knight, Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc. (BKi),                   Buildings.” This standard is not completed yet, nor is it approved,                     FPM 04
                                                                                                                                                               Chris Dorsi, +
Hayward, CA                                                  but the techniques it embodies have already been put to use in
Bill Parlapiano, Building Performance Institute,             changes to building codes.                                                                        Controlling Bugs, Bats, & Rats: Healthy & Durable Homes -
Malta, NY                                                                                                                                            FPM 05
                                                                                                                                                               Terry Brennan, Stephen Frantz
Gregory Thomas, Performance Systems                          Bonus topic: How to talk about moisture with architects, builders,
Development, Inc., Ithaca, NY                                and code officials.
                                                                                                                                                     FPM 06    Sell Solutions, Don’t Buy Problems - John Tooley
                                                             Bill Rose, Building Research Council, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL

                                                                                    CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
                                                                      ACI 2006 CORE CONFERENCE SESSIONS
                                         MAY 25, 2006 – THURSDAY                                                                              MAY 26, 2006 – FRIDAY
          SESSION 4                             SESSION 5                                       SESSION 6                              SESSION 7                  SESSION 8
           8:30 – 10:10                              10:40 – 12:20                                3:30 – 5:10                           8:30 – 10:10                             10:40 – 12:20

                                                                                                 Combustion                               Defining
              House                                  Heat Loss /
                                                                                                   Safety                             Air & Pressure                           IAQ & Moisture
           as a System                               Heat Gain
            David Keefe                             Marcus Bianchi
                                                                                                 Anthony Cox                            Boundaries                               Terry Brennan
                                                                                                 Rich Moore                           Robert Parkhurst

  Assessing Exterior Finishes                     Vapor Barriers /                                                                Crawlspace Research                              Windows
                                                                                             Doing Slabs Right                          Update
        for Durability                              Air Barriers                                 Joe Lstiburek
                                                                                                                                                                                  That Work
                                                                                                                                        Charley Casey
            Brad Oberg                               Duncan Prahl                                                                                                                     TBD
                                                                                                                                        Cyrus Dastur

                                                   Sealing Ducts:                           Assessing Insulation                   Benefits & Costs                         Building Science:
       Finding & Sealing
                                                   What Matters?                               Performance in                       of Airsealing in                     Confounding Interactions
         Key Junctures
     Lil Weston, Keith Williams
                                                   What Works?                             Attics & Open Cavities                 Multifamily Buildings                        (Advanced)
                                             Bob Davis, Bruce Manclark, +                   Joe Arrigo, Bruce Harley                   Tony Woods, +                            Michael Blasnik

     Evaporative Coolers:                                                                     Room AC & CAC
                                                SEER 13 & Beyond                                                                  AC Sizing Demystified:                  Central AC Installation
Affordable Comfort in the West                                                                Triage: Quick &
                                                   (Advanced)                                                                       Climate Specifics                        Best Practices
   Jeff Ackermann, David Carroll,
                                                                                              Dirty Diagnostics                        Bruce Manclark                             Tom Downey
            Larry Kinney                                                                     Bob Davis, Chris Dorsi

      Using & Interpreting                        Getting the Most                                                          Changes to House Depressurization              Practical One Person
            Infrared                                Out Of Your                               Is it Wet or Dry?                    Limits (Advanced)                       Pressure Diagnostics
          Charlie Gohman                            Blower Door                                   Jeffrey May                          Jim Fitzgerald                             Anthony Cox
            John Snell                                David Keefe                                                                        Don Fugler                               Collin Olson

                                                                                                                                 Sprayed-In & Blown-in                         HVAC Options:
       New Construction:                             Conditioned                          Reducing Cooling Loads
                                                                                                                               Open Cavity Wall Insulation            Apts & High Performance Homes
        Building It Right                              Attics                                    Danny Parker
                                                                                                 Peter Pfieffer                  Bohdan Boyko, Michael Fay                      (Advanced)
            Jim Sargent                              Joe Lstiburek
                                                                                                                                        Tom Harris                          Henry Gifford, Jeff Tiller

Black, Brown, Green, & White:                         Fixing                                      Solving                             Sound Advice                                 Fixing
Identifying & Resolving Stains                    Wet Basements                              Pressure Problems                       for Quiet Homes                       Existing Crawlspaces
                                                     Terry Brennan                              Steve Klossner
            Jeffrey May                                                                                                                 JR Babineau                                Jeff Tooley
                                                      Don Fugler                                 Paul Raymer

 Does 62.2 Ensure Good IAQ?                         Resolving                                                                     Reducing Moisture &                          Low Level CO:
                                                                                   Lead: Low Levels, Measurement,
         (Advanced)                                Mystery Odors                                                                    Radon: Sub-slab                           Health not Death
                                                                                          & New EPA Rules
  David Grimsrud, Terry Brennan,                     Jim Fitzgerald
                                                                                                 Tom Neltner
                                                                                                                                    Depressurization                             David Penney
  Don Fugler, Courtney Moriarta                        Jeffrey May                                                                Brad Turk, Dick Kornbluth                       Bill Spohn

         How Do I Start                 Sophisticated Green: Lessons from                          Toward                              Affordable                           Business Models for
         Going Green?                      Battle-Scarred Practitioners                         Zero Energy:                         Home Providers                         New Home Services
          Chip Henderson                           (Advanced)                                  Half Way There                          Go Green                          Kathy Howard, Paul Kriescher,
           Rich MacMath                        Peter Pfeiffer, Matt Oliver                        Betsy Pettit                Dana Bourland, Catherine Lee Doar                  Kelly Parker

       Streamlining the                            Making Sure                      Selling Whole House Services                     Safe or Sorry:                            Financing
      Diagnostic Process                        of Your Job Quality                          (Role Play)                          Reducing Legal Risks                      Home Performance
           Darin Hughes                             Dick Kornbluth                         Alice Finley, Joe Kuonen,                    Mark Dyen                       Mike Lancaster, Bruce Matulich,
            Larry Taylor                             Mike Rogers                           Jerold Sit, Mike Woodson                     Greg Tarone                             Rob McCorkle

                                               Non-Energy Benefits                             Cross-Cultural                                                                Customer Service
Actual Versus Predicted Savings                                                                                             Continuous Program Improvement
                                                Jennifer Thorne Amann
                                                                                              Communications                           Michael Blasnik
                                                                                                                                                                            from Start to Finish
          Michael Blasnik                           Jackie Berger                                                                                                               Debbie Haycock
                                                                                                     TBD                               Maria Frederick
                                                    Lisa Skumatz                                                                                                                   Carol Hill

   Priorities for Peak Power            Know Where Your Electric Baseload          Low Income Baseload Programs:                         Baseloads                           Lighten Up: Issues,
          Prescriptions                           Dollar Goes                         Design & Implementation                        that Surprise You                      Options, & Solutions
           John Proctor                                                                         Michael Blasnik                        Danny Parker                               Rana Belshe
                                                    Tamasin Sterner
        Charles Segerstrom                                                               Kyle Haddock, Tamasin Sterner               Charles Segerstrom                           Larry Kinney

                            + Presenter to be confirmed             ( ) Session Leader          TBD To be determined           Sessions as of 1/10/2006. Subject to change.

Schedule for Meals, Tradeshow, & More             WAYS TO SAVE:                                            Early Registration:                                Register online:
                                                  ACI is pleased to offer special discount-                Register for the core conference before  
           Wednesday, May 24                                                                               March 31, 2006 and be entered to win               Receive a $10.00 discount when you
                                                  ed pricing. Discounts may not be com-
             7:00 - 8:30 am
                                                  bined.                                                   an Axion 8” LCD TV monitor with slot-in            register online.
 Coffee & Pastries in Tradeshow Hall                                                                       DVD player ($500.00 estimated value)               Register by fax:
             8:30 - 9:40 am                       Special Combo Packages:                                  or a $100.00 gift card.                            724-627-5226
  Opening Plenary / Keynote Address               Standard Package registration of                         See registration form for individual early
            11:40 - 1:15 pm                       $705.00/$745.00 includes:                                                                                   Register by mail:
                                                                                                           registration discounted rates.                     Affordable Comfort, Inc.
           Lunch & Tradeshow                        - Core Conference (listed above)
             5:30 - 7:30 pm                                                                                Multiple Registrations:                            32 Church Street, Suite 204
  Tradeshow, Exhibitor Reception, &                 - Three Short Courses*                                 People from the same organization may              Waynesburg, PA 15370
          Poster Sessions                         Premium Package registration of                          qualify for a group discount. Call ACI at          Register at the door
            7:00 - 10:00 pm                       $830.00/$890.00 includes:                                800-344-4866 ext. 10 for inquires on
    Participant-Initiated Sessions /                                                                       group rates.                                       For registration assistance,
                                                    - Core Conference (listed above)                                                                          please call 800-344-4866 or
           Evening Sessions
                                                    - Five Short Courses*                                  Scholarships:                                      724-627-5200 ext. 10.
            Thursday, May 25                                                                               “Working Scholarships” are available.
                                                  *NOTE: A full day session counts as two                                                                     Cancellation policy:
             7:00 - 8:30 am                                                                                Scholarship recipients work during the
 Coffee & Pastries in Tradeshow Hall              short course selections.
                                                                                                           conference week in exchange for a                  There is a non-refundable cancellation
            12:30 - 3:15 pm                       Short Course registration costs:                         reduced registration fee of $175.00.               fee of $200.00 for each registration
 Lunch, Tradeshow, & Poster Sessions              Register for short courses together or                   For more information, call 800-344-                cancelled. Refund requests must be
            5:30 - 10:00 pm                       separately.                                              4866 ext. 11.                                      made in writing and received at ACI by
    Participant-Initiated Sessions &              - Half-day $85.00
            Evening Sessions                                                                               Students:                                          April 21, 2006. No refunds will be
                                                  - Full-day $170.00
                                                                                                           Students with current school identifica-           granted after that date.
              Friday, May 26
                                                                                                           tion can receive a core conference regis-
             7:00 - 8:30 am
                  Coffee                                                                                   tration fee of $250.00.
REGISTER TODAY! Fax this completed form or register online
2006 ACI Home Performance Conference Registration Form
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TYPE OF REGISTRATION:                                                                                                  Pictures will be taken for marketing purposes.
(Registration and payment on or before March 31, 2006 qualifies for discount price.)
                                                                                                          Discount Price        Full Price
Core Conference only (Wednesday 8:00 AM - Friday noon)                                                    $ 545 _____           $ 635 _____
One day Core Registration (Day attending: ❏ WED ❏ THU)                                                    $ 250 _____           $ 250 _____
Exhibitor registration fee (includes core conference for two representatives)
           (please also submit exhibitor application, separate form)                                      $1200 _____           $1500 _____
Additional exhibit representative, each (max. two)                                                                              $ 300 _____
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Standard Package (Core Conference + three half-day Short Courses)                                         $ 705 _____           $ 745 _____      DEMOS
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Home Performance w/ENERGY STAR®              ❏ MON EVE / TFD HP______                                                           $ 125 _____
FIELD TRIPS / ACTIVITIES SELECTIONS: (see inside for details) (Price is per person)                                                              TRADESHOW
Robert Mueller Municipal Airport
          Monday, May 22         1-4 PM                    ❏ MON RMMA                                                           $ 25 _____
Distributed Generation & Cooling
          Tuesday, May 23        1-4 PM                    ❏ TUE DGC                                                            $ 25 _____
Beer & Movie (Space limited)
          Thursday, May 25       6-9 PM                    ❏ THU BEER                                                           $ 10 _____
Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems
          Friday, May 26         1-4 PM                    ❏ FRI CMPB                                                           $ 25 _____
MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND CONTRIBUTION                                                                                          $ ________
KATRINA DISASTER RELIEF FUND                                                                                                    $ ________
YOUR TOTAL FEES: (All payments in US dollars)                                                             $ _________           $ ________       IN-FIELD SESSIONS

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Americans with Disability Act: Please let us know what reasonable accom-                 Mail to: ACI (Affordable Comfort, Inc.)
modations you will need to facilitate your participation (i.e. special access,                      32 Church Street, Suite 204
                                                                                                                                                ADVANCING HOME PERFORMANCE
assistance, etc.)                                                                                   Waynesburg PA 15370
                                                                                         Or register at the door.
                                                                                         Cancellation policy: There is a non-refundable cancellation fee of $200 for
                                                                                         each registration cancelled. Requests for refunds must be made in writing and
Registration fees (prices are in U.S. dollars)
For registration assistance, please call 800-344-4866, ext 10.                           received at ACI by April 21, 2006. No refunds will be granted after that date.
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MAY 22-26, 2006 - AUSTIN, TX

Join Affordable Comfort for our annual
conference, as we mark 20 years of
progress in home performance.
•   More than 175 presenters from across
    the United States and Canada – learn
    from the experts

•   New content in 56 of our 96 core
    conference sessions

•   Three ways to save – Register for the core
    conference early, and save $90.00, register
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