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									      In The Hour
 What is an offer?
 Key elements of the offer
 What makes for a good offer?
 Things to test
 15 tips
What is an offer?
       Response Rate Influencers

            Offer        Creative
            15%           10%

Key Elements of the Offer

     Price
     Response options
     Payment method
     Offer statement
     Deadline
Can also include….
   Guarantee
   Free gift
   Invitation to participate
   Article reprint
   Free case histories
Five Universal Motivators
     1.     Fear
     2.     Exclusivity
     3.     Greed
     4.     Guilt
     5.     Need for approval
     6.     Anger

      Herschell Gordon Lewis
     Matching Needs of the Donor

1.   Assuagement of guilt
2.   Need to belong or achieve something
3.   Desire to stop, start or eradicate something
4.   Seen to do good
  It’s the language we use….

    “God knows when we’ll find a cure—or
even the beginning of a cure—for this
terrible disease. But we intend to find it.
Continue to help us and we’ll find it

          George Smith
    “We cannot win the battle overnight.
But it is possible that we can remove the
threat of CFC’s during your lifetime—if
you continue to support our campaign.”

                George Smith
                Offer Tests

   Premium                 “Ask line”
   Method of payment       “Ask amount”
   Method of response      Underlining
   Free info/kit           No strings guarantee
  3 Bases of Success

1st Base         -                 Verisimilitude

2nd Base         -                 Clarity

3rd Base         -                 Benefit

           Herschel Gordon Lewis
Highlight the offer
Add a powerful P.S.
Use a larger typeface
Put the offer higher up in the letter
Underline most important benefit
Tell them what happens if they
        don’t act now
Get emotional
Include the word “you” as
often as possible
Put numbers in your offer
Put “sell” copy on the reply device
Give them a choice of offer
Include an 800 number
Put a deadline on the offer
Offer a free “kit”
Test, test, test

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