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A newsletter for donors and friends of Partners Home Care


									 WInTer 2009

connection         A newsletter for donors and friends of Partners Home Care

 in this issue                       Guy MoRse’s own MARAthon to RecoveRy
                                     by Maribeth MacDonald, Partners home care Development staff

  From the President                 Guy Morse, husband and father of four,
              page 2                 is the director of the Boston Athletic
                                     Association (BAA), the organization that
                                     oversees the Boston Marathon. In 1984,
    service Area Map
                                     Morse was hired as the first-ever BAA
               page 4
                                     employee. His contract, six months.
                                     Twenty-six years later, he is still on board
Philanthropy update                  and the BAA hasn’t been the same since.
             page 5                  Morse revolutionized the Boston Marathon,
                                     elevating it from a local amateur race to
Partners home care                   a worldwide prize-money race that draws
  in the community                   elite runners from every continent.
            page 6                                                      ”
                                     “John Hancock sponsors the race, Morse
                                     said. “They have since 1986. Their long-
              tribute Gifts          term commitment put us on the map.
                    page 7           Boston is the only marathon you have to        Guy Morse at the BAA offices with the Boston
                                                                                    Marathon trophy.
                                     qualify for, other than the Olympics.”
           Annual Donor              Morse’s stewardship of the BAA and the
             honor Roll              Boston Marathon is a story that could
                  insert             cover chapters, but today Morse wants to           “The nurses and physical
                                     talk about the valuable care he received           therapists from Partners
                                     from Partners Home Care, when the
                                     “Year from Hell” disrupted his life.               Home Care were outstanding!
                                     Three days after his daughter’s wedding,     They were knowledgeable,
                                     Morse was diagnosed with prostate            dedicated, compassionate
                                     cancer. While receiving treatment for
                                     cancer and just a few months before
                                                                                  and caring. I couldn’t have
                                     the 2008 Boston Marathon, Morse              received better care.”
                                     slipped on ice and ruptured both his
                                     quadriceps tendons, tearing them from                           – Guy Morse
                                     his kneecap. “The tendons rolled up like
                                     shades. I couldn’t walk. They rushed me
                                     to Brigham and Women’s Hospital and operated on both legs the next day.
    781. 2 9 0 . 4 0 0 0
                                     When he was discharged from the hospital, Partners Home Care was called into an
Partners home care is a member
of Partners healthcare, founded by   unusual rehabilitation setting. Morse, a Cape Cod resident, moved into the Fairmont
Brigham and women’s hospital and
Massachusetts General hospital.                                                                                 continued on page 3
    connection | winteR 2009

    L e t t e R F Ro M the P R esi D ent

                                     Dear Friends,
                                     A new President for the United States, a new year, a renewed sense of hope. Despite the economic
                                     crisis affecting us, the human spirit prevails. I see it every day in our caregivers who help their
                                     patients recover at home and help them and their families enhance their quality of life.
                                     Our cover story features a patient, Guy Morse, whose spirit could not be diminished even by a cancer
                                     diagnosis or a very rare injury that left him unable to walk. I am amazed by his determination
                                     and proud of the Partners Home Care staff that challenged their own expertise to come up with a
                                     plan that enabled Guy to walk and achieve important personal and professional goals.
                                     Our commitment to Guy is the same one we strive to provide to all of our patients – to deliver
    Christopher M. Attaya            compassionate and high quality care no matter the weather, the economic environment or the
                                     complexity of the patient’s illness. Integral to meeting our commitment are the individuals,
    businesses, and foundations that choose to invest their charitable dollars in our organization so that we are able to meet our
    patients’ needs.
    I thank all of our donors, who contributed more than $723,000 in 2008, including those listed in our Annual Donor Honor Roll.
    On behalf of everyone at Partners Home Care, I say thank you and recognize the following milestones made possible with your
    • The volunteers on the Tee-Off for Partners Home Care and Partners Hospice Committee raised an incredible $476,800 in
      honor of the event’s 15th Anniversary; and
    • Eighteen organizations made grants totaling $150,263 toward critical programs such as the free Partners Home Care clinics
      at the Salem Mission in Salem and River Street Shelter in Beverly; Partners Transitions services for patients and families at
      end-of-life; and telemonitoring for congestive heart failure patients.
    Thank you for your interest in and support of the work of Partners Home Care. These truly are challenging times, but no matter
    the economic environment, I am assured that our caregivers, staff, volunteers and donors will continue to bring life to our mission.

    Christopher M. Attaya, MBA, FHFMA
    President & CEO

      Our commitment is to deliver compassionate home health care and community based services to enhance
                                      the quality of life for those we serve.

       ExcEllEncE             •    SErvicE           •   PEoPlE          •    i n n ovat i o n       •    c o l l a b o r at i o n

wounD cARe PRoGRAM Receives nAtionAL hoMe cARe AnD hosPice AwARD

The Partners Home Care Wound Care Program received           our Wound resource nurses, Partners Home Care is
the Innovations Award from the national Association of       able to effectively and efficiently provide wound care to
Home Care and Hospice. This new award showcases              500 patients. Our successful outcomes have positioned
successful programs from across the country that             us as the agency of choice among wound care experts
advance the practice of home care and hospice.               throughout the region and as a leader in innovation in
                                                             home health care. The award is made possible thanks to
The program was recognized for its achievements
                                                             the spirit and dedication all of our staff members bring
in three key areas that lead to consistent high quality
                                                             to work each day. n
wound care to patients. By leveraging the expertise of

Guy Morse’s Marathon continued from page 1                    Guy credits Partners Home Care for getting him back
Copley Plaza Hotel so he could continue his BAA work          to work so quickly. “The nurses and physical therapists
from a bed and manage the upcoming marathon.                  from Partners Home Care were outstanding! They
                                                              were knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate and
Guy was undergoing a rigorous six-month chemotherapy          caring. I couldn’t have received better care, especially
treatment for his prostate cancer. With two ruptured          at the hotel when I began the rehab process. I never
tendons, and deteriorating muscles, time was of the           got depressed. I remained motivated. I kept busy. All
essence if Guy was ever to walk again.                        this stuff took my mind off the cancer. It was a surreal
                                                                                    feeling coming in as a patient.
“Guy’s case was challenging.                                                        My eyes opened wide as a per-
Tearing one tendon is rare; two is                                                  son of disability – even using the
unheard of, said Bob Ford, Partners        He survived his maladies and             elevator was something I had to
Home Care physical therapy man-                                                     learn. ”
                                           continues to thrive. And due to
ager. “The healing process is quite
painful, and there is a higher risk        teamwork and excellent medical           His experience in a wheelchair
of re-injuring the tendons while                                                    proved to be a revelation and gave
                                           care, on April 14, 2008, Guy
undergoing chemotherapy.     ”                                                      Guy a “newly found appreciation”
                                           Morse was standing at the                of the obstacles faced by people
rose DeMelo, a seasoned Partners                                                    of disability. He said we need
Home Care physical therapist,              finish line at the 112 Boston
                                                                                    more communication and collabo-
working with the Oncology team             Marathon to congratulate the             ration, to build lifts, ramps, and
from the Dana Farber Cancer Care                                                    elevators.
Unit, created and implemented an
aggressive physical therapy plan for                                                Guy has a greater understand-
Guy. For the next few months Guy                                                    ing of the needs that charitable
and rose worked diligently to get him from a wheelchair       organizations face. not only does the BAA have a long
to a walker – from a walker to crutches – from crutches       tradition of extending the challenge of road racing to
to a cane and finally to walking independently. “Guy was      persons with disabilities, it also provides charitable
an excellent patient, he pushed himself and never com-        organizations guaranteed entries for the organization’s
plained. He worked hard and kept a positive attitude,   ”     fundraising purposes.
commented rose. “He also is a really nice guy.    ”
                                                              Morse sat in his office at Trinity Place and talked about
even with surgery and two months of physical therapy          his family – his daughters, Jillian, Caitlin, elizabeth;
and chemotherapy, Guy Morse never missed a beat.              his son, Daniel; his wife nancy, who was his high
With assistance from his staff at the Boston Athletic         school sweetheart. They’ve been married since 1974.
Association and help from his devoted wife nancy, Guy         He survived his maladies and continues to thrive.
was able to oversee the planning of the Boston Mara-          And due to teamwork and excellent medical care, on
thon. “This is the goal of home care, said rose, “to allow
                                     ”                        April 14, 2008, Guy Morse was standing at the finish
patients to live a normal life and continue living their      line at the 112th Boston Marathon to congratulate the
lives while receiving the best possible medical care.  ”      winner. n
    se Rv i c e ARe A MAP
    Partners Home Care is proud to serve most of eastern Massachusetts. Below is our Service Area Map which
    displays the family of services we offer in each region.

         Partners home care service Area
         Partners hospice service Area
         Partners Private care service Area
         Partners Lifeline service Area

PhiLAnthRoPy uPDAte

s P Ri n G i s he R e! think AB out GoLFinG

S av E t h E d at E

                               to benefit         •   Partners home care & Partners hospice
                               June 24, 2009             • PinehiLLs GoLF cLuB • PLyMouth, MA

                                                       P r E S E n t E d by

  the annual tee-off is the largest single fundraiser for
  Partners home care and Partners hospice. event proceeds
  are crucial to our mission to deliver compassionate home
  health and hospice care services to enhance the quality
  of life for those we serve, regardless of their insurance
  status or ability to pay.

  in this time of economic uncertainty for patients and their
  families, support of the tee-off is critical now more than
  ever so that Partners home care and Partners hospice
  can meet their needs.

  if you are interested in learning more about sponsorship
  opportunities, participating on the tee-off committee or
  playing golf on a summer day, please contact keturah
  sawyer, Director of events, at 781-290-4021, or

  for MorE inforMation:

    2009 tEE-off coMMittEE

    c o–c hairS                 MEM bErS
    roger boucher               chris attaya                      John Grady                             Peter Stevens
    BAnk oF AMeRicA             PARtneRs hoMe cARe                AthenA cAPitAL, LLc                    JP MoRGAn

    Joe carrabes                Maura callahan                    tom Janes                              david Storto
    Jennison AssociAtes, LLc    PARtneRs heALthcARe               LincoLnshiRe MAnAGeMent, inc.          PARtneRs continuinG cARe

    Mike Manning                John connolly                     charlie o’connor                       Sta f f
    PARtneRs heALthcARe         stAte stReet coRPoRAtion          FiDeLity investMents
                                                                                                         danielle degnan
                                beverly Gottlieb                  Jon Stevens                            PARtneRs hoMe cARe
                                GottLieB AnD AssociAtes           cocARD                                 AnD PARtneRs hosPice

                               t h E f u t u r E o f h o M E h E a lt h c a r E i S i n yo u r G r i P

    PARtneRs hoMe cARe in the coMMunity

    chA Ri tA B Le contR iButions h eLP honoR cAReGiveRs

                                                                           thoughtfulness as those contributions led to the
                                                                           creation of the award and our ability to present the
                                                                           recipient with a plaque and monetary gift. As addi-
                                                                           tional contributions in honor of Peter are made, these
                                                                           funds will be used to establish a workspace dedicated
                                                                           solely to ongoing education and training of clinicians
                                                                           to achieve professional growth and specialization.

                                                                           The Peter Hammond Award is presented annually to
                                                                           a staff member of the Bridgewater or Pembroke Care
                                                                           Teams who exemplifies Peter’s nursing excellence
                                                                           and compassionate qualities. Patricia Moynihan, rn,
                                                                           of the Bridgewater Care Team, received this year’s
                                                                           Award at a reception held on October 28, 2008 at
    Peter Hammond’s family joined Laurie Whiting, RN (center), 2007
    Hammond Award recipient, and Patricia Moynihan (third from right) at   the William H. Conant Community Health Center
    the ceremonies.                                                        in Bridgewater. Patty’s family, more than 30 staff
                                                                           members, and the Hammond family, who traveled
    Thanks to the generosity of many, the Peter hammond                    from as far as new Hampshire, were present as Sue
    award was established in 2007 to pay tribute to Peter                  Beausoleil, VP of Home Care Services, and Corinne
    Hammond, a Partners Home Care registered nurse                         Mcneill, rn, nursing manager for the Partners Home
    and friend to many who passed away unexpectedly in                     Care Pembroke and Bridgewater Teams, presented
    2006. The Hammond family chose to have contribu-                       Patty with the award and praised her for always going
    tions made to Partners Home Care in lieu of flowers                    above and beyond for her patients. n
    in tribute to Peter. We are grateful to them for their

                                                                           Anna’s noble and compassionate qualities. Initially
                                                                           established to honor a home care nurse from Milton,
                                                                           the award has since grown as the delivery of home
                                                                           health care has evolved. now the award is presented
                                                                           to a member of the Milton Care Team, which covers
                                                                           several communities and includes nurses, therapists,
                                                                           social workers and home health aides.

                                                                           Partners Home Care was proud to present this year’s
                                                                           Anna Hughes Baker Award on October 16, 2008 to
                                                                           Susan Jenkins, Physical Therapist on the Milton Care
                                                                           Team. At a reception at Fuller Village in Milton, sur-
                                                                           rounded by her family, colleagues, donors and mem-
    (Left to right) Attending the Baker Award Ceremony were Chris          bers of the community, Partners Home Care Presi-
    Attaya, President & CEO, Partners Home Care, Deborah Felton,           dent Chris Attaya and ed Baker presented Susan with
    Executive Director, Fuller Village, award recipient Sue Jenkins, PT,
                                                                           this prestigious award. Kathy Hernon, Partners Home
    Milton Team, PHC, Ed Baker of Milton, Kevin Mearn, Town of Milton
    Administrator.                                                         Care South regional Director, recognized Susan for
                                                                           being an exceptional physical therapist. “She always
    With a very generous contribution made to Partners                     provides the highest quality of care to her patients.
    Home Care in 1997 (then the Milton VnA), ed Baker                      She has excellent evaluation, treatment and problem
    of Milton established the anna hughes baker award                      solving skills as well as the flexibility to change with
    as a lasting legacy to his mother. The honoree is                      the times as health care has evolved.    ”
    chosen by his/her peers as a person who exemplifies                                                         continued on next page

tRiBute GiFts

Partners Home Care would like to thank the friends and family members listed below who generously contributed
gifts in honor or memory of someone special in their lives. This list reflects tribute gifts made between July 25, 2008
and December 31, 2008.

i n h o n oR oF                    Kathy Stevens                  Mary T. Galante                   Connie Murphy
                                   Cheryl Stowe                   Patrick Gallo                     Warren Nigro
Theresa Baker                      Russell Sydell                 Richard J. Gardiner               James T. O’Donnell
Cecile Battis                                                     Gerard J. Gauthier                Sandra A. O’Donnell
Jeroen Bongers                     in Me MoRy oF                  Dorothy Gentile                   Charles C. O’Rourke
Sheila Brennan                                                    Anthony Giaimo                    Annette L. Paul
JoAnn Burke                        John P. Agretelis              Jean Glaser                       Rocco Paulo
Joan Byrne                         Cosma L. Ando                  Frank X. Hackett                  Howard Pierce
Elizabeth Campbell                 David Aronson                  Peter Hammond, R.N., M.Ed         Marie Praino
Cory Collins                       Fay Aronson                    Elizabeth Haynes                  Carol R.(Downie) Regan
Cherie Curtin                      Russell Barilaro               Beatrice Healey                   Robert E. Roque
Patricia A. Defina                 Kathryn J. Bishop              Lawrence E. Healey                Mary J. Rosato
Joan Dinapoli                      Barbara T. Burns               Theresa Hoxsie                    Augustus A. Smith
Jennie Dipietro                    Gregorio Capano                Ruth F. Huxley                    Carolyn E. Smith
Judy L. Ead                        Ralph Cardarelli               Francis Kaseta                    Kenneth M. Sweeney
Eryne Faletra                      John “Jack” Carey              Joan Keenan                       Doris Wheeler
Margaret Farwell                   Matthew J. Carfagno            Raymond King                      Elinor Wolfson
Melinda Gachignard                 John Catrone                   Mutti Klussmann                   Lawrence Wolk
Isabelle T. Garabedian             Bertram L. Cowan               Vati Klussmann
Marie Jemelkova                    Larraine Culligan              Michael F. Kravchuk
John J. Joyce                      Betty Dean                     Preston A. Landers
Karoline Lubbeck                   John H. Dean                   Shirley A. Levesque               We have made every effort to
Michael P. Manning                 Mary Doucette                  Susan M. Luscombe                 be inclusive and accurate and
                                                                                                    respect requests for anonymity.
Lorin Moore                        Michael Dzierzak               John MacDonald
                                                                                                    However, if you have questions,
Kristina Shorey                    Bernice M. Edovitz             Ann Manuel                        corrections or would like to
Monir Simozar                      Claudia B. Feldberg            Su C. McLaughlin                  amend the listing of a name,
Marcia M. Spraker-Cavallo          James P. Finn                  Mary Menadier                     please contact Melinda Forstey
Peter J. St. John                  Marianne E. Freeman            Garald C. Moulton                 at 781-290-4094. n

                                                                  Anna Hughes Baker Award, continued from previous page

   “She always provided the highest quality of                    Being able to present the Anna Hughes Baker Award
                                                                  to a caregiver each year, which comes with a plaque
   care to her patients. She has excellent                        and monetary gift, means a lot to Partners Home Care
   evaluation, treatment and problem solving                      and also offers an opportunity to thank Mr. Baker for
                                                                  his generosity and foresight in recognizing the unsung
   skills as well as the flexibility to change with               heroes of home health care.
   the times as health care has evolved.”                         This year’s ceremony was particularly meaningful
                                                                  because it also marked Susan Jenkins’ retirement
                                       – Kathy hernon             from Partners Home Care after 30 years of service.
                    Partners Home Care South Regional Director,   In her honor Kevin Mearn, Milton Town Administrator,
     recognizing Anna Hughes Baker Award recipient Sue Jenkins    presented Sue with a proclamation from the Milton
                                                                  Town Board of Selectman. n

281 Winter Street
Suite 240                                                                                Main: 781-290-4000
Waltham, MA 02451
                                                                                         BRAnch oFFices:

                                                                                         Beverly Branch
                                                                                         800 Cummings Center
                                                                                         Suite 166S
                                                                                         Beverly, MA 01915

                                                                                         Chelsea Branch
                                                                                         80 everett Avenue
                                                                                         Suite 233
                                                                                         Chelsea, MA 02150

                                                                                         Waltham Branch
                                                                                         281 Winter Street
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                                                                                         Braintree Branch
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            Save the Date                                                                Braintree, MA 02184

           Inaugural Celebration of Hope Dinner                                          781-681-1000

                                                                                         Plymouth Branch
            Co ur age o uS vo i C e S o f h o m e C are                    h o Spi C e   5 Wally Krueger Way
                                                                                         Bridgewater, MA 02324
            to Benefit                                                                   508-830-0580

            thursday evening           november 5, 2009
            Boston harbor hotel           Wharf room - 70 rowes Wharf, Boston, ma

            Dinner Committee*
            angela menino                             Kathy markell
            Honorary Chairwoman                       marianna o’Brien                   home care connection
            Sandy Baker                                                                  is published by the
                                                      patti Salamone
            annabelle Bierbaum                        Partners HealthCare                Development Department
            David Condon, esq.                        tony Swartz-Lloyd                  781-290-4094
            Louison, Costello, Condon & Pfaff, LLP
                                                      ted tobin
            micki gold                                K.S.S. Realty Partners, Inc.       Partners Home Care is a 501(c)(3)
            mary Joyce, rn                                                               non-profit organization. Please
                                                      marie trottier
            Massachusetts General Hospital                                               write to the Partners Home Care
                                                      Harvard University
                                                                                         Development Office if you do
            Doug Louison
                                                                                         not wish to receive future direct
            Louison, Costello, Condon & Pfaff, LLP    *Confirmed to date
                                                                                         mail publications and requests
                                                                                         in support of our work.

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