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					Re-Launch the Fight for Free Education

Proposer: Rosa Dunn
Seconder: Joe Poser


   1. Since Higher Education Funding review a significant number of unvirsities have
      announced swingeing cuts. These include course and department closures at
      universities including Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores, Essex. At lest 100
      unis have been earmarked for jobs cuts.

   2. Despite this ..That the top-up fees review was originally scheduled as the end of a
      “trial period” for top-up fees in order disarm opposition from backbench MPs and
      from students are due to be reviewed this year.

   3. That Vice Chancellors are taking the opportunity to lobby for higher fees:
      anything from £6,000 to £20,000 per year.

   4. That top-up fees massively increase the financial burden on students, particularly
      those from poor or working class background. The majority of students already
      have to take jobs during term-time and the overwhelming majority already
      graduate with tens of thousands of pounds of debt.

   5. That the amount of money being pumped into the black hole of the banking
      system higher than the amount that would be required to scrap fees, provide cost-
      of-living grants to all students and save our universities from the latest round of


   1. That student fees are only part of the drive to create a financially self-sufficient
      university sector.

   2. That many universities are now working very closely with “partners” in the
      private sector, to the extent that these now even set the syllabus for some course

   3. That many universities are pushing through severe cuts on staff levels, contact
      hours and facilities with 100 universities facing job cuts.

   4. That on some campuses staff and students are fighting back. In particular:
         a. Over 700 students demonstrated in Liverpool on the 11th of March against
            cuts in Liverpool University and Liverpool John Moores University, and
            have called for a city-wide demonstration on the 9th of May.

         b. The campaign against cuts at London Metropolitan University has already
            forced the Vice-Chancellor to resign, although the university still plans to
            cut up to a quarter of all posts and a further demonstration has been
            scheduled for the 23rd of May.

  5. That students recently took radical action in 30 universities in support of the
     people of the Gaza strip. These occupations show the potential for students to take
     collective, radical action and to win their demands


  1. That education is a right, not a privilege and not a commodity.

  2. That it is not sufficient to “haggle” with Vice-Chancellors and the Government
     over the appropriate level of fees. That once we concede the ideological
     argument over universities being run as businesses, we allow our opponents to set
     the agenda.


  4. .


  1. To campaign against fees, against cuts, and for a free education.

  2. To support the demonstrations in Liverpool on the 9th of May and in London Met
     on the 23rd and to send a delegation to the demonstration on the 23rd.

  3. To support staff and students taking action against cuts in other universities as the
     situation develops to support the staff unions in all their campaigns over pay,
     conditions and redundancies.

  4. To support Another Education is Possible and future initiatives it takes in the fight
     against cuts, fees and for free education.

  5. To mobilise students against any further cuts in contact hours or staff levels that
     may be announced, and to facilitate and support any action that students take in
     the spirit of this motion.

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