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                        The Artists in the Schools Program

THE CALAVERAS COUNTY ARTS COUNCIL is a non-profit organization which
exists to encourage and promote excellence in the arts throughout the county. One of our
programs is the Artists in the Schools Program which has been in existence since 1981,
providing workshops and performances by qualified professional local artists. The goal: to
be catalysts for kids to discover the magic of the arts and how creating art can lead to self-
expression, growth, exploration and gratification. We can’t ignore the facts: arts education
strengthens learning skills, builds self-esteem, and often provides the “hook” which keeps
children interested in school. Evidence is strong that over-all achievement is higher if the
arts are regularly a part of education.

The Arts in Education Program is supported by a grant from the County Office of
Education, as well as by matching funds from schools, and from our own fundraising.
The Program has earned the statewide “Exemplary” status by the California Arts Council.

The Resource Catalog (being created for 2010-11) has been developed to assist each K-8
county school in selecting artists to make presentations. Each page offers a full description
of the workshop or performance, fees, materials, artist background info, etc. Also
included are details on how the program works, artist agreement forms, and teacher
evaluation forms. We’ve designated those artists who’ve been trained through The
California Arts Project (TCAP) to present lessons that are in line with the Visual and
Performing Arts Standards (VAPA).

Please Note that we will permit artists that you may know of, as long as they are of the
quality and integrity of those described herein.

So, let’s get started! THE ARTS ARE FOR EVERYONE!
We want our children to have the benefits of an education rich in the arts!

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Arts in Education.

                           Table of Contents
Introduction                                                                          1
Table of Contents                                                                     2
Membership Application                                                                3
How to Use the Artist in the Schools Catalog                                          4
Artists in the Schools Agreement                                                      5
CCAC Artists in the Schools Teacher Evaluation Form                                   6

Performing Arts
Jennifer Aquirre               Puppetry Performances                                  7
Hoyt Cory                      Careactors for Edutainment                             8
Joe Craven                     Multi Instrumentalist                                  9
Mark & Bear Dyken              World Music Beat                                       10

Patrick Karnahan               Historical Music Performances                          11
Arno Lascari                   Traditional & Social Latin or Western Ballroom Dance   12
Rosemary Aliyah Lee            Dance Magick                                           13
Cynthia Restivo                Storytelling                                           14
Dave Rainwater                 Musical “America’s Frontier Days”                      15
Dave Rainwater & Pat Kaunert   “Way Out West in 1861” (Mark Twain)                    16
Duende Drama & Literature      “Friendly Fire: A Forty-Niner’s Life With the Miwok    17
                               “The Air We Share” (Joseph Priestly)

Visual & Literary Arts
Valerie Hanson                 Clay Worshops & Wicker Baskets                         18
Marchand Heimann               Mixed Media                                            19
Patrick Karnahan               Basic Painting, Still Life & Landscape                 20
Brad Stark                     Earthlinguistics Presents Treasures of the Earth       21
Kathy Martinez                 Storyteller                                            22
Elaine Staben                  Watercolor or Pastel                                   23
Sharon Strong                  Mask Making                                            24
Fred Velasquez                 Arts & Crafts, Miwok History                           25
Katherine Venturelli           Printmaker                                             26
Martha Wallace                 Drawing, Watercolor & Pencil                           27

                                           Membership Application

                               We're celebrating 30 Years!
                              We’re Celebrating 28 years!
   Keep the momentum going by becoming a member of the Calaveras County Arts Council.

                                                Why join?
                     Your membership is vital for supporting the arts in Calaveras County:

                  Arts in Education                                    Scholarships for Artists
                  Ovations Performing Arts Series                      Free Music in the Parks
                  Artists Studio Tour                                  Resource for Musician referrals
                  Gallery that showcases local artists                 And MUCH more!

                                       Yes! I want to join!
 Name or Business/Corporate Name
                                                                                    ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS*.
                                                                                     Student                $10
 Additional Name or Owner/Contact Person
                                                                                     Individual             $35
                                                                                     Family                 $50
 Phone Number                  Email
                                                                                    Group/Organization      $50
                                                                                     Business               $75
 Address                                                                              on CCAC website.

                                                                                     Businesspremium       $250
                                                                                      CCAC website
 City/Town                                         Zip
                                                                                       OTHER DONATIONS
                                                                                     Recognition on CCAC website.
     This is a membership renewal.

    If Student Membership, name of school:
 Amount: $                                                                               JOIN OUR
          Check is enclosed: Please make check payable to CCAC.                      GALLERY OF DONORS
          Credit card: Only VISA or MasterCard accepted.
                                                                                     $1,000 or more
 VISA or MasterCard Account Number                           Expiration Date

 Signature                                                   Date

                              Yes! I want to volunteer! Please call me.
                Please mail your application to CCAC, PO Box 250, San Andreas, CA 95249
             If you have any questions, please call 209.754.1774 or email
                       You can always visit us on the web at

               Dues are annual from July 1st to June 30
Membership Application 2009
     How to Use the Artists in the Schools Catalog

1. School pays the Calaveras County Arts Council (CCAC) its share of the fees to have credit
with CCAC to spend on artists in the catalog. A separate letter explains the match and the
exact amount of funds available.

2. Each school selects artists from the catalog to enhance its own school curriculum and makes
arrangements directly with the artists. Please note that if you know of another artist of quality,
call us for approval, and make the arrangement.

3. School makes sure each artist fills out the Arts in Education Agreement (included in the catalog -
make copies) in advance and return it to the school. A school contact signs the Agreement.
The school must then forward a copy to CCAC.

4. After the artist has fulfilled the commitment, school mails the Teacher Evaluation Form to
CCAC and CCAC will send a check for the amount as indicated on the agreement to the
artist. (Form is included in this catalog–make copies as needed).

If a School’s expenditure happens to go over its allotted amount, it is expected that the school
will pay the difference. Funds from one school year do not roll over to the next.

The Calaveras County Arts Council looks forward to this worthwhile project and encourages
comments and suggestions from the school sites. If you have any questions, please contact:

                Mary Jane Genochio, Executive Director
                Penny West, Deputy Director
                Calaveras County Arts Council
                Office: Phone (209) 754-1774; Fax: 754-4624

                Calaveras County Arts Council
                22 Historic Main Street
                P O Box 250
                San Andreas, CA 95249

                          (Make copies of this page to have for each artist)

In order for an educational program in the arts to be presented, this agreement is made between:


   1. Description/Title of program(s):
   2. Dates(s)and Time(s) including length of presentation:
   3. Location (school, address, classes, teacher name(s):
   4. School Contact Person (name and phone):
   5. Facilities & Materials to be provided by school:
   6. Materials to be provided by artist:

   7. Payment to artist shall be made by the Calaveras County Arts Council (CCAC), following
   presentation. If necessary, explain details:
             Presentation payment:
             Materials, if applicable:
             Agreed Total Cost:
   8. Evaluation Forms shall be filled out by both artists and teacher(s) and filed with CCAC
   immediately following engagement. Upon receipt, artist will be paid.

   9. Cancellation: Artist who cancel without sufficient notice or cause (injury, illness, etc.)
   will be dropped from the program.

   10. The Calaveras County Arts Council shall be held harmless for any injury, loss, damages,
   or expenses of any nature sustained by artist, student, of school in the conduct of any workshop,
   performance, or presentation of in the execution of any duties or obligations pertaining to
   the Agreement.

Artist Signature:                                     School Signature:

Address:                                              Address:

Phone:                                                Phone:

Date:                                                 Date:

Artists SS# or Tax I.D. #

 CCAC Artists in the Schools Teacher Evaluation Form
Calaveras County Arts Council • PO Box 250 • San Andreas, CA 95249 • (209) 754-1774

Artist:                                               Date:

School:                                               Teacher:

Grade level(s):                                       How many students:

Please complete and return as soon as possible to CCAC immediately after workshop/performance.
Upon receipt, CCAC will issue payment to artist.

                                                                 Excellent       Fair            Poor
1. In general, the quality of the workshop was                      5        4     3       2      1
2. Appropriateness for grade level                                  5        4     3       2       1
3. Artist ability to work with and manage the group was             5        4     3       2       1
4. The students’ attention and interest was                         5        4     3       2       1
5. The students participation was                                   5        4     3       2       1
6. As part of the school curriculum, the workshop/performance was 5          4     3       2       1
7. Was the artist on time?                                                         Yes          No
8. Would you recommend the artist for further workshops?                           Yes          No
9. Were the facilities, space, and materials adequate for the workshop/performance? Yes         No
10. Will anything from the workshop/performance be useful in future teaching?      Yes          No

Additional comments:

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and continued interest in Arts in Education…and
remember to mail this immediately after the workshop(s) / performance(s) to the Arts Council!

Jennifer Aguirre – Puppetry Performances
                                                   P   uppetry is a wonderful way to tell a story. It adds the dimension
                                                       of color and movement to the spoken words which brings the
                                                   story or poem to life.

                                                   Story Apron Time–Pockets full of Puppets–There is something
                                                   magical about the puppets hidden in the pockets. Join Jennifer
                                                   and one of her aprons for an enchanting and joyful treat. Children
                                                   choose among the numerous pockets which separately hold a little
                                                   treasured puppet. Through story, verse or song, the puppets are
                                                   brought to life.

                                                   Choose from four Aprons:
                                                   Garden Story Apron – This beautiful spring/summer time apron
                                                   with its hand felted pockets is home to birds, bugs and fairies. A
                                                   lovely compliment to spring or garden activities.

                                                   Green Tree Story Apron – This delightful (Oak) tree and pond
                                                   story apron is home to a variety of hand crafted animal and insect
                                                   puppets each tucked away among the leaf, trunk, and water pock-
                                                   ets. A gentle and lovely way to introduce the wonder of our natural
                                                   world and California native species.

Ocean Story Apron – This lovely sea-colored story apron is home to a variety of sea creatures whose habitats
include the open seas, kelp forests, tide pools and shore. The beauty and wonder of the California Coast sea life comes
gently and delightfully to life through puppets, poems, and songs. Another favorite is the Castle Story Apron.

It’s A Small World – Jennifer has a variety of puppet stories from around the world available to delight her viewers.
Choose from the stories below or let Jennifer choose for you. Sessions involve 2-5 stories and interweave student
interaction, puppet history, and different handcrafted
puppet mediums made from natural fibers. Includes
table puppets, lap rod puppets, simple silk marionettes,    Contact Person                          Jennifer Aguirre
and a unique colored fleece story board.                    Address                       8783 Tuttletown School
More programs to choose from – Three Billy Goats                                                 Sonora, CA 95370
Gruff (Norwegian); The Rabbit and the Carrot (Chi-          Telephone                                 209.532.5098
nese); Tutankanula (Yosemite Miwok Tale); Sweet             Grade Levels                             Preschool, K-2
Porridge (Grimm’s-German); How Crayfish Got                 Time Needed                              30-40 minutes
Eyes on the End of his Stalk (Native American); The         Facilities                                 Classroom or
Treasure (Russian); The Little Red House; and much                                              multipurpose room
more...                                                     Supplies                                         2 chairs
The Story of Puppets (Grades 2-12; 50 to 60 minutes)        Maximum Students                                       40
Join Jennifer in an interactive demonstration of the four Fees                                         $ 60/program
main types of puppets found throughout                                       $150/three consecutive programs
the world; shadow, rod, marionette, and hand. Puppet                        creative financial suggestions encouraged
history and cultural legend is richly presented with
puppets from different countries brought to life
through short stories. Students gain much inspiration
for their own puppet creations and a great appreciation
for puppetry.

Hoyt Cory – CareActors for Edutainment
C    areactors for edutainment are an evolving cast
     of personas (usually in costume) who inspire,
motivate or essentially educate through entertain-
ment − hence, “edutainment”. They embody the
notion that “people don’t care how much you
know, until they know how much you care”.
Through humor and word play, they provide a
fresh point of view to awaken the creativity and
motivation to “see the world anew”.
Dr. I. Know is one of the premier Careactors, and
as a good doctor, can address a number of subjects
that ail us: self esteem, teamwork, ethics/values,
stress management, communication, and citizen-
ship to name a few. He is also very knowledgeable
about the body and how to be healthy and well.
Dr. I. Know shows up at conferences, trainings,
in-service retreats, classrooms or parties to connect
people, bring a sense of relief and the knowing that
when you laugh, you learn.                                   Hoyt Cory has worked for over twenty five years in the
Like Raggedy Ann and Andy − who could heal                   personal development field. He has provided consult-
because they were stuffed with cotton, absorbing             ing, training and coaching in the corporate and non-
people’s cares and pains − Careactors create their           profit communities, with an emphasis on people skills,
presentation to match a client’s needs and con-              performance, leadership and teamwork. Hoyt also has
cerns. They can then deliver a supportive message            a background in the healing arts, offering bodywork
from a neutral point of view, and a “character” in           and counseling and teaching yoga and meditation. He
costume embeds the learning impact.                          has been a professional musician, practicing artist and
                                                             has served as a Unity minister. He is also a great uncle!
Careactors for Edutainment also offer workshops for
people − especially children − to develop their own
“careactors” to express parts of themselves that may          Contact                Hoyt Cory, aka Dr. I. Know
lay waiting in a potential dream or be frustrated by          Address                20586 Tanner Dr.
a troubling relationship. Essentially, participants                                  Soulsbyville, CA 95372
can give that part of themselves permission to find           Phone                  209-532-7222
a voice and body language to express what’s really            E-mail       
living inside them. This playful, supportive                  Grade Level            1st - Adults
approach encourages greater self esteem and                   Time Needed            50-60 Minutes
confidence to be more fully ourselves.                        Facilities             Classroom or Library
                                                              No. of Students        To be discussed
Being in the enlightenment (i.e. to “lighten up”)             Due to the customized nature of a Careactor’s work, all
business, Careactors for Edutainment see endless              fees are negotiable. There is an initial consultation to
possibilities to help people shift their point of view        determine specific content, resulting preparation time
                                                              and delivery. This service would be a reasonable charge
and become change agents for themselves or their              in addition to the hourly fees below.
organizations and enterprises. Don’t know how?                Fees :
Invite a Careactor in for a chat, and together you’ll         Classroom              $60 per hour
find a way to educate through entertainment.                  Inservices             $100 per hour
                                                              Assemblies             $150 plus consultation fee

Joe Craven – Multi Instrumentalist
Finding the Artist Within Yourself

D     emonstrating his own love of music as the catalyst,
      Joe shows students how artistic passion can spark and
drive them in any endeavor towards enrichment, empowerment
and excellence. This is given in a broad setting of musical
instruments from all over the world and objects from
our daily life.
Concepts: Exploration & investigation, decision,
commitment, practice, discipline, goals, performance.
Demonstrations include: strings such as violin, mandolin,
tenor guitar & banjo, Turkish saz, Egyptian oud, Puerto Rican cuatro and other
percussion instruments.

   • Techniques for listening
   • Building imagination with exploration & interpretation of sounds
   • The importance of rhythm
   • Demonstrations of mouth, body and “found object” percussion . . . finding ways
     to make music with just about anything.
   • Introducing how different styles of music ultimately all relate to one another . . .
     making connections and bridging gaps between what people enjoy.
   • Exploring the social importance of playing music.

Joe Craven offers a variety of other
                                           Contact Person                                   Joe Craven
workshops including 3 to 5 day
school residencies; student
                                                                                           P.O. Box 556
intensives (about 12 students)
                                                                                      Dixon, CA 95260
and a “My Family Makes Music”
                                           Telephone                                      707.678.1351
                                           Grade Level                                            K - 12
Programs can be modified and
                                           Facilities             classrooms/cafeterias/gymnasiums
prices adjusted to fit your
curriculum focus.                          Assemblies                                           $800.
                                           One hour (+ or -) musical instruments and sound from
Please contact the Calaveras               around the world. Performance mixed with motivation &
County Arts Council for more               some participation; completely self-contained with sound
detailed information on his                system, etc., (a favorite with most schools.)
other programs.
                                           In-Service Playshops (For Teachers and Parents) $750.
                                           One to two hour participation presentations on topics such
                                           “Turning up the Creative Flame” (avoiding job burnout)
                                           “Breaking Through the Box, then Playing it Out”.

Mark & Bear Dyken – World Music Beat
T    he Dyken brothers have been playing music together
     since childhood. Their band, Clan Dyken, has toured
steadily since 1987, covering North America, Hawaii, and
Europe. They have self-produced ten albums on their own
Forward Productions record label. Their work is influenced
by a wide variety of music, including Native American,
African, Latin and Reggae.

The brothers have extensive experience as presenters and
teachers in a number of settings including individual instruction, group workshops, classroom and
impromptu drum circles. The presentations are custom fit to the situation, and can be used as an
ongoing music class or a onetime workshop. Topics covered include basic drumming, story telling,
improv music, music and cultural history and drum making. They specialize in presenting a
comparative study of different musical styles from around the world.

The Dyken brothers are available together or individually for concerts, classes, special events and work-
shops. Participants receive more individual attention with both presenters in the workshop. Participants
are requested (but not required) to bring hand percussion instruments.

Also, they can perform as the “Dust Bowl Brothers”, using music and storytelling, they tell the story of
two brothers who come to California in the late 1930’s. The songs of Woodie Guthrie and others are
combined with storytelling to bring a rich piece of California history to life.

                           Contact Person                Mark or Bear Dyken
                           Address                     4087 Ponderosa Way
                                                    Angels Camp, CA 95222
                           Telephone                           209.559.0802
                           Time Needed                             45 minutes
                           Number of Students                           Open
                           Fees                        $150/single presenter
                                                           $250/2 presenters
                                         Two Sessions $225/single presenter
                                                           $375/2 presenters
                                           additional sessions $50/1; $100/2
                                  Complete band available for full assemblies

Patrick Karnahan – Historical Music Performances
P   atrick Karnahan is a multi-talented visual and performing arts. A visitor to
    Ireland many times to research first hand the culture of his ancestors, and
to satisfy his intense interest in folk music, Karnahan provides inspiring programs.
Recently Karnahan was a featured performer at the Smithsonian Museums
Folklife Festival as well as a concert at the Kennedy Center. The following are
descriptions of his classes:
Songs & Stories about the Golden State This 45-minute program
covers California History Pre-Gold Rush through the 20th Century. Many of the
songs & ballads were written during this time period. Topics covered include; Early
Mexican rule, Early transportation to California; The mix of many cultures;
California Bear Flag Revolt; The Gold Rush; The building of the railroads;
Great wealth; John Muir; and California after the crash of 1929. Patrick Karnahan
has performed this program for 9 years in the public schools. Many of his original
song ballads are used from his California Story CD recording.

                                 Grades                                 4-12
                                 Facilities  Classroom or multipurpose room
                                 Number of Students                    30-60
                                 Time Required              35 to 45 minutes
                                 Fees                           $100/session

Songs & Stories of the Sea Tall ships and tall tales are the focus of this
45-minute program exploring early travel at sea. Topics to be presented include an
overview of oceanic authors from Melville to Verne, life on a sailing ship, immigration
to America, the west coast whaling industry, and legends of mermaids and sea monsters.
Historical songs are performed along with a slide presentation on sailing ships.

Riding the Rails “Hobo Bill Kelly” narrates this 45-minute program which
explores the folklore associated with railroading, including colorful characters, interesting
facts, and little known details from history.

                                                                        Contact Person          Patrick Karnahan
Open History of Ireland Through Story & Song
                                                                        Address                    P.O. Box 4541
 This 45-minute program explores Ireland’s rich colorful past
through its historical ballads. Patrick Karnahan and a member
                                                                                              Sonora, CA 95370
of the Black Irish Band cover 500 years of Irish history using          Phone                       209.532.8375
different instruments to interpret the time periods. Music from                               Cell: 209.743.1565
the time of O’Carrolin to the music of the Irish rock band              E-mail     
U2 are performed focusing on Ireland’s fight for freedom,               Grades                               3-12
the Famine Years and the Foundation of the Free State.                  Facility            Multipurpose room or
                                                                        Number of Students               30 to 60
                                                                        Fee         $70/performance or $120/two

Arno Lascari
Traditional, Social Ballroom, Latin or Western Dance
A    rno Lascari has a BS from University of Michigan, an MS from
     University of Southern Connecticut and a PhD from University
of Wisconsin, all in physical education. Semi-retired former Professor
of Physical Education, Kinesiologist and a Gymnastics Coach at the
University of British Columbia, Lascari has training in over 65 dance
styles plus choreography and dance music.

Performance Dance Groups
Dance routines based on traditional dance forms or any
of the line dance categories (listed below) will be selected
by collaboration with the students and school. Open to
boys and girls of all shapes and sizes, as teams, clubs or
voluntary participation groups.                                Contact           Arno Lascari
1. Country Western                                             Address           11282 Arno Way
2. Swing                                                                         Sonora, CA 95370-5451
3. Ballroom                                                    Phone             209-588-8071
4. Latin                                                       E-mail  
5. Marching                                                    Grade Levels      5-12
6. Country Hip Hop                                             Facilities        Gym, Multipurpose Room
7. Arm Swings & Turns                                                            or Grass
8. Lunges                                                      Availability      2 hours per day

Traditional Dance                                              PERFORMANCE DANCE GROUPS
Lively steps, hops, jumps and turns based on traditional       Time Needed     5+ sessions
dance forms — social, marches, folk, ballet, ballroom,         No. of Students TBD
jazz, modern, Latin and western — comprise this class.         Fee             $30 per hours
Students will learn and perform a short routine in addi-                       plus travel expenses
tion to across-the-floor patterns. Special emphasis upon
request: understanding of the music or rigorous exercise       VAPA              D (AP, CE, AV, CRA) PE
to music.
                                                               TRADITIONAL DANCE
Social Ballroom, Latin or Western Dance
                                                               No. of Students No max with teacher
Solo or Solo/Partner Basics of traditional and culturally
                                                               Time Needed:    30-60 minutes
important social dance styles—waltz, swing, Latin, foxtrot
                                                               Fee             $40 per hour
and requests—are offered in this class. Upon request,
                                                                               plus travel expenses
emphasis can be given to an exposure to a variety of dance
styles or a learning of one or two. Sufficient sessions may    VAPA              D (AP, CE, CRA) PE, M
enable a learning of competent leading and following, plus
dance frame technique and etiquette.
                                                               SOCIAL BALLROOM, LATIN OR WESTERN
                                                               No. of Students No max with teacher
                                                               Time Needed:    30-60 minutes
                                                               Fee             $40 per hour
                                                                               plus travel expenses
                                                               VAPA              D, PE, M/social development, HSS

Aliyah Lee – Dance Magick
                                                                     C    ombining elements of freestyle expression with
                                                                          disciplined efforts for enhanced movement,
                                                                     students will be introduced to musical rhythms and
                                                                     the basic components of dance. Within a structured
                                                                     format, they are given the opportunity to explore
                                                                     movement, thought and feeling, which can often
                                                                     help to ease some of the awkwardness at certain
                                                                     particularly challenging stages of development.

                                                                     Dance and social etiquette — in actuality, integral
                                                                     parts of a full academic experience — improve
                                                                     self-awareness, communication, and increase
                                                                     self-confidence. Dance education develops body
                                                                     awareness and helps integrate physical, emotional
                                                                     and mental processes.
Choose from the partner dances: Swing (Jitterbug, East or West Coast Swing) Latin (Salsa, Cha Cha, Rumba) or
Ballroom (Waltz, Foxtrot) or the solo dances: country and contemporary line dances or freestyle dances. Any of these
dances provide excellent opportunities to extend student-learning capacity through kinesthetic, musical, spatial, verbal,
intra and interpersonal social skills.

In addition, Ms. Lee offers Cotillion. Cotillion is a course which teaches ballroom dancing and etiquette, usually for
middle and high school students. A ten-week course typically provides the best results; however, a shorter course can
provide satisfactory results while supporting current, lean school budgets. This course benefits the community by
enhancing the social skills and graces of our next generation of adults. There are currently at least two middle schools,
in Calaveras County, which have already included such a course in their curriculum to a very positive effect.

AVAILABLE FOR GRADES 7 – 12. Ms. Lee is offering the “The Dance Games.” This concept is modeled on the
award winning documentary film “Mad Hot Ballroom.” The “Dance Games” are both an intra-school and inter-school
dance competition within the county, which combines the artistry of dance with the team spirit of competitive sports in
a dance festival evening. Ms. Lee welcomes the opportunity to talk about bringing this wonderful event to your school
and our county.

Rosemary Aliyah Lee (formerly Zachary) is co-founder
of both the Next Generation Swing Dance Club and                Group Name                   Dance Magick
the Metronome Ballroom, the largest dance studio in             Contact Person        Rosemary Aliyah Lee
San Francisco. She is a certified teacher and member            Address                        P.O. Box 255
of the Golden State Dance Teachers Association. In                                        Avery, CA 95244
addition, she is a performer and choreographer. Her             Telephone                     209.795.0987
high school students have won first place at the                Email
Calaveras Fair Talent show and she was the                      Grade Levels                           7-12
choreographer of the 2005 Calaveras Follies finale
                                                                Time Needed                       One hour
number. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in
                                                                Facilities              Multipurpose room
Human Relations and Organizational Behavior;
                                                                                               w/wood floor
with an Associate Degree is in Music. Her dance
experience, musical training and organizational                 Equipment                    Sound system
skills —as well as her well-honed sense of humor—                              w/CD, easel and microphone
enable her to conduct quality classes of exceptional            Fees                         $100/one hour
value and interest.                                                                         $150/two hours
                                                                                       $25/additional hours

Cynthia Restivo – Storytelling
                                         C     ynthia Restivo’s dynamic storytelling style delights both adults
                                               and children. She’s made an academic and professional career of
                                         theatre. Cynthia studied at UOP and at Berkeley and then went on
                                         to act and teach at various California schools. Through her studies
                                         and with the International Theatre of Vienna, she has amassed a still
                                         growing repertoire of some 75 stories from around the world. They
                                         include folk tales from Ireland, Japan, Africa, East India and the
                                         American South, and real-life tales from the California Gold
                                         Country. She’s brought these tales to life at venues throughout the
                                         state, from schools, to festivals, to campfire programs. Cynthia, along
                                         with BZ Smith, recently released a CD titled “The Story Quilters”
                                         which won the prestigious Parents Choice Gold Award.

Winter Jubilee – Jack Frost, snowmen and winter              Voice of the Voiceless – Kate Richards O’Hare, social
traditional from around the world.                           activist, talk about early labor movement and its injustices.
Stories of the Seasons – A series of four programs to        Immigrant Voices – Stories of America’s Immigrant
celebrate the progress of the year.                          Experience.
Celtic Celebration – Lively and often humorous               Do-it-Yourself stories – Audience and storyteller team
stories from Ireland, Scotland & Wales.                      up to create and tell tales with results that are often
Tough-Girl Tales – Featuring girls as the heroes.            uproarious.
                                                             Custom-Made for your Curriculum –Whether it’s
All the World’s a Stage – Chaucer’s Canterbury
                                                             interplanetary exploration or the Golden Age of Greece,
Tales, and tales of Shakespeare’s plays. Performed in
                                                             Cynthia can find and tell the appropriate tales! (But give
period costume.
                                                             her a month’s notice, please).
Eureka! – True-life stories, tall tales, and literature
from the California Gold Rush. Performed in period
Stepping Over the Line – Breaking the chains of
slavery one link at a time. Stories of the underground
railroad.                                                 Contact Person                    Cynthia Restivo
Gold Mountain – Folktales of the immigrants who           Address                1310 North Shaws Flat Rd.
came to mine gold in the foothills.                                                       Sonora, CA 95370
It’s All Greek to Me – Stories of the ancient             Telephone                           209.533.8624
civilizations of Greece and Rome.                         Grade Levels                                   1-8
Starlight, Starbright – Stories of the skies; the sun/    Time Needed             30 to 50 minutes/program
the moon / the stars.
                                                          Facilities      Classroom or multi-purpose room
Hare Raising Cotton Tails – The trickster rabbit is at
                                                          Number of Students       1 or 2 classes combined
the center of these clever tales.
                                                          Fees                $ 200/day up to five programs
1492 - Stories from the time of Columbus on both
sides of the Atlantic.
                                                                                 (solo or combined classes)
Peace Tales – Stories of peace & justice from around
                                                          Assembly     $250 (discount for mulitple bookings)
the world, respect for diversity.                         Availability Wednesdays are preferred
Westward Ho! – Stories of the Western movement
and pioneer life.
1776 - Rediscover some of the stories our forefathers/
mothers told in Colonial times.
Musical Treasures From The Gold Rush
Era & America’s Frontier Days
Dave Rainwater, the gold country fiddler and minstrel takes us on an
unforgettable journey back to the rough and tumble times of the California
Gold Rush, the event that changed America and the world! Revisit the days
when the cry of gold was too irresistible to ignore, and many a man left home
and family to seek the yellow metal Dave’s show includes the use of a variety of
folk instruments and paints a unique picture of the days of 49, and the
minstrels who left us a treasured legacy in song. Journey back in time through
stories, songs, poetry and of course..…..a good dose of humor and fiddling!
$250 per assembly, appropriate for grades 3 through 8

Catgut Strings & Rattlesnake Tales
A Fiddlers Journey exploring the fun, romance and folklore surrounding
America’s first favorite folk instrument….. The Fiddle! Join comic fiddler Dave
Rainwater on a historical and educational musical journey that is wild and
funny, exploring the roots and development
of America’s own original folk music. A
fascinating show with stories, songs, poetry and Contact Person                              Dave Rainwater
true and unusual historical anecdotes. $250 per    Address                                    P.O. Box 1118
assembly, appropriate for grades 6 thru 12                                           Jamestown, CA 95327
                                                   Telephone                      209.743.9352 or 984.3560
Sing & Play Folk Songs                             Email                       
with the Appalachian Dulcimer
                                                   Grade Levels                                         K-8
Remember when California school songbooks          Time Needed                 1 hour set-up and 45-60 min.
included folk songs? Folk songs? Oh yes, and                         session (can be lengthened if desired)
the easiest way to learn folk singing is with      Facilities                    Gym or multi-purpose room
the easiest instrument to play. In just minutes,
                                                   Number of Students                               No Limit
students can strum, hum and sing easy folk
                                                   Equipment                    Sound system, etc. provided
songs from the great American tradition. Dave
provides each student with a dulcimer and basic Fees                                    $ 250/one assembly
songbook with an easy numbered fingering                                          $50/each added assembly
system. Students are shown how to hold it                      Additional fee for locations beyond 75 miles
and strum with a pick and in minutes are able
to sing along with Dave. Beginning tunes are       Residencies Available
introduced such as Go Tell Aunt Rhody, This
Land Is Your Land, Down In The Valley, Sloop One Day: Play the
John B, On Top of Old Smoky, Oh Susanna,           Appalachian Dulcimer
Working On The Railroad, Red River Valley,
Amazing Grace and many, many more.                 Two Day: Make and Play
Appropriate for grades 3 thru 8                    an Appalachian Dulcimer
                                                    Call for details and pricing
$150 for two back-to-back classroom sessions.
Limited to 25 students per class. I provide each
student with a basic dulcimer. Dulcimers are also
available for purchase, if the student wishes to
take one home. Contact me for more information
                                                       “Wow! Wonderful! I want to adopt him!”
                                                                      —Teacher, West Point
Dave Rainwater & Pat Kaunert’s “Way Out West”

I  n 1861 Samual Langhorne
   Clemens (Mark Twain) hopped
aboard the Overland Stage to the
Nevada Territory. His adventures
and his rise to fame began there.
Join Gold Country fiddler and
minstrel, Dave Rainwater and Pat
Kaunert (Mark Twain) as they
paint a unique picture of the life
and times of the Gold Rush Era.
Some of the stories and
songs include:

The Jumping Frog of
Calaveras County

The Genuine Mexican Plug

The Days of 49

Seeing the Elephant

Twain’s Blue Jay Yarn

The California Humbug

and many more songs and
stretchers as Sam describes

                              Contact Person                           Dave Rainwater
                              Address                                   P.O. Box 1118
                                                               Jamestown, CA 95327
                              Telephone                    209.743.9352 or 984.3560
                              Grade Levels                                       4-12
                              Time Needed               1 hour set-up and 45-60 min.
                                               session (can be lengthened if desired)
                              Facilities                  Gym or multi-purpose room
                              Number of Students                              No Limit
                              Equipment                  Sound system, etc. provided
                              Fees                                $ 250/one assembly
                                  $50/each added assembly (same location & day)
                                         Additional fee for locations beyond 75 miles

DUENDE – Drama & Literature
Friendly Fire: A Forty-Niner’s Life With The Miwok
T     homas F. Maguire performs the drama that shows what
      the Gold Rush meant to Native Americans.
Jeff Blake is a forty-niner from Missouri. He comes to
California just knowing he’ll get rich. But when his group
commits an atrocity to take a mining claim from a group of
Indians, he finds he can’t stomach what he has become involved
in. He flees and is injured in the Sierra. When he is rescued by a
Miwok village, he learns how idiotic and murderous are the
prejudices against Indians that all his people share.
Friendly Fire provides a model for the overcoming of prejudice
and contains a sensitive and accurate portrayal of Miwok life
before contact with European culture. It has been embraced by
the Miwok community as a tribute to their people.
The play has been performed more that 500 times in schools,
museums, National Forests, and at Yosemite National Park.
It has been presented by young-audience groups in San Jose,
San Diego the Bay Area.

The Air We Share                                                        Thomas F. Maguire as Jeff Blake

T    homas F. Maguire performs a new play by Rick Foster that
     features Joseph Priestley (1733-1804) whose paradigm-changing
discoveries include a gas now called “oxygen” and the fact that green
plants can replenish an atmosphere that has been depleted of oxygen.
Priestly was also a radically humanistic clergyman who helped found
Unitarianism in England, and a philosopher of politics and education.
His support for the American and French revolutions ended in his
house, church and laboratory being burnt by an angry mob in 1791.
He spent his last years in America, a friend of many of the Founders.
The Famous Jefferson Adams letters mention him fifty-two times, far
more than Washington and Franklin combined.
                                                                              Portrait of Joseph Priestly

 Contact Person                        Rick Foster       Friendly Fire
 Address                             P.O. Box 943        Grade Levels                                 4-12
                               Sonora, CA 95370          Fees                           $ 250/one assembly
 Telephone                          209-532-9177                               $450/back-to-back assemblies
 Fax                                209-532-8566         The Air We Share
                                                         Grade Levels                                 6-12
                                                         Fees                           $ 300/one assembly
 Time Needed      45 minutes, plus 15 minute Q&A                               $550/back-to-back assemblies
 Facilities                  Stage, amphitheater,
                 multi-purpose room or classroom
                                                         Equipment               Sound system, etc. provided
 Number of Students                 300 Maximum          Availability      Available slots through school year

Valerie Hanson – Clay Workshops

                               V    alerie Hanson gives workshops in clay and glazes.
                                    The class meets twice for a simple project and
                               three or four times for more complex projects. These
                               projects include pinch pots, slab pots, sculptures, wind
                               chimes and clay whistles.

                               Valerie Hanson has a Bachelors degree from San Jose
                               State University in Art/Ceramics. She has received
                               several commissions from both individuals and
                               businesses. She enjoys sharing her skills with children
                               and adults alike. She has worked with several schools
                               in Calaveras County and has completed several
                               public art murals with students.

         Contact Person                    Valerie Hanson
         Address                             P.O. Box 361
                                   West Point, CA 95255
         Telephone                          209.293.7905
         Grade Levels                                  K-8
         Time Needed                        Two sessions
         Facilities                    Classroom and kiln
         Number of Students                          15-20
         Fees                                 $65/session
                                         +$50 from school
                               to provide clay and glazes
         Equipment      A storage area with a table will be
                       needed to dry the pieces for 3 days

Marchand Heimann – Mixed Media
                                         S    tudents will discover the artist within themselves
                                              with hands-on experiences in numerous mediums.
                                         Marchand’s workshops are designed to boost self es-
                                         teem and learning through involvement in the creative
                                         process. All workshops are modeled after The Califor-
                                         nia Arts Project (TCAP). Ms. Marchand’s workshops
                                         are designed to support and enhance other classroom
                                         disciplines. This artist challenges teachers
                                         to request new art lessons in conjunction with
                                         curriculum already in process.

                                         Marchand Heimann is a very creative, energetic teach-
                                         er who continues to give art workshops to numerous
                                         counties in the surrounding area. Murals are another
                                         specialty. Over the years she has helped students at
                                         Valley Springs, Plymouth, Rail Road Flat and West
                                         Point Elementary Schools, Calaveras High School,
                                         and at the Amador County Fairgrounds.

                                         Marchand also offers a Staff Development Program
                                         that was recently used at CUSD. It motivates and
                                         engages teachers to incorporate the use of inspiring art
                                         lessons that are standards-based and cross-curriculum.

  Contact Person         Marchand Heimann
  Address                       P.O. Box 232
                          Valley Springs, CA
  Telephone                 209.481.3792 or
  Time Needed                     One hour +
  Facilities                      Classroom
  Number of Students                   20-35
  Fees                          $50.00/hour,
                minimum five classes per day

  Serving Calaveras and Amador Unified
  School Districts

Patrick Karnahan – Basic Painting, Still Life & Landscape

                                                                      S     tudents learn basic elements
                                                                            of color mixing, composi-
                                                                      tion and understanding their
                                                                      subjects. Using his own artwork,
                                                                      Mr. Karnahan demonstrates these
                                                                      principles and leads students in
                                                                      painting their own still life. As a
                                                                      follow up, students transfer their
                                                                      still life painting skills to land-
                                                                      scape subjects.
                                                                      Patrick Karnahan, a nationally
                                                                      recognized artist, began paint-
                                                                      ing at age 8 and has captured the
                                                                      American railroad on canvas for

over 20 years. He is also an accomplished musician and is the manager and lead member of the Black
Irish Band, a well known Irish music band. A member of both the Calaveras County Arts Council and
the Central Sierra Arts Council, Mr. Karnahan has given many well received presentations in the schools.
Check out his art website:

                      Contact Person                          Patrick Karnahan
                      Address                                     P.O. Box 4541
                                                             Sonora, CA 95370
                      Phone                                        209.532.8375
                                                             Cell: 209.743.1565
                      Number of Students                                 10 to 20
                      Time required
                      Still Life -     40 minutes /session, three sessions
                      Landscape -      40 minutes/session, seven sessions
                      Fee:                $37.50/session $250/7 sessions
                                           (minimun of 2 sessions per day)

Brad Stark & Earthlinguistics Present
Treasures of the Earth
Earthling - An inhabitant of the Earth
Linguistics - The scientific study of Language
Earthlinguistics - Stories & studies of humanity,
looking at some of the oldest cultures of the Earth

J   oin Brad in his travels around the planet, visiting some
    of the Earth’s oldest cultures through their written
history and art. See pictures taken during his travels and
stories of people he met along the way.
Through slide shows and music of India and
Malaysia, you will see the warmth and spirit of
the people of these countries who have been learn-
ing the Art of Living called “Ayurveyda” for many
Brad visited temples over 3000 years old and stayed
in old-style “Gokul” schools that have been in
operation for thousands of years. He will share the
values and beauty of life in these very old cultures.
Brad also trained for 2 years with a Native
American Chumash Elder and has spent time in
the 4 corners area of the American
midwest. He will share the valuable
lessons and ancient wisdoms of the             Contact Person                               Brad Stark
Native American culture and present            Address                            2841 Gold Strike Rd.
pictures of 2000 year old                                                      San Andreas, CA 95249
cliff dwellings.
                                               Telephone                                 209.754.4247
In addition, Brad is a stone
sculptor and sculpture instructor.
He has several shows about art and             Grade Levels                                        2-12
creativity, including a show about a                              Lessons adjusted for each grade level
large glass sculpture he installed in the      Time Needed                                  45 minutes
Sacramento International Airport.
                                                                 30 minute shows with 15 - 30 min talks
Other shows include how stone
sculpture is carved and how bronze                                               1.5 hours set-up time
sculptures are created and poured.             For list of presentations
                                                          Audio & Multimedia equipment is provided
                                               Can be shown in classrooms or multi-purpose rooms
                                            Fees                                   $150 for first show
                                                                                    $200 for 1/2- day

Kathy Martinez – Storyteller
K     athy Martinez belongs to the Achoma’wi, Illma’wi and
      Atwamsini Bands of the Pit River Tribe located in North-
eastern California. She has done classroom presentations for
over 12 years. She has been a storyteller for 18 years and tells
traditional and contemporary Native American stories, as well
as non-native stories. She is a member of the California Indian
Storytellers Association (CISA) and Storytelling Association of
Alta California (SAAC). She has conducted an Afternoon Story-
telling Club in Fremont for seven years. She has been a featured
Teller throughout the Bay Area and in Southern California.

                                                         Contact           Kathy Martinez
Glimpse Into The Past                                    Address           128 Gold Strike Way
Students will be introduced to everyday life                               San Andreas, CA 95249
                                                         Phone             209-754-1803
of the Northern California Native People.
Children will participate in a hands on
                                                         Grade Level       4-8
presentation. Through the use of replicas,
                                                         Time Needed       50-60 Minutes
handmade tools and basketry the student                  Facilities        Classroom or Library
will take part in explaining and demonstrat-             No. of Students   60
ing various everyday village chores,                     Equipment         Chalk or White Board
ceremonies and leisure activities.                       Fees :
                                                         Glimpse Into
Basics of Storytelling                                   The Past          $60
Students will learn and use techniques to                Basics of
                                                         Storytelling      $50
tell their own stories. They will share a
personal story in small groups and critique
one another. Selected students will share
their own story with the class.

Elaine Staben – Watercolor Paintings Or Pastels

H      er lifelong love for nature has inspired
       Elaine Staben to try and share that tranquil
beauty with everyone who sees her paintings. Her
fascination with light, color and design is more
important to her than realism in the traditional
view, in expressing her feelings. Studying the
impressionists was a tremendous influence,
however, she is open to new styles of painting.
She continues to take workshops from various
artists, always striving to explore new ideas,
techniques, and acquire inspiration.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in
Fine Art from San Francisco State University            Elaine’s work can be seen in local art shows along
in 1970, she pursued employment in various              the Ebbett’s Pass Corridor. Murals can be seen at
commercial arts including advertising, displays,        Dr. Arnold’s office, Hibernation Spa, The Logging
painting windows and signs. Fine arts were her          Museum, and several private residences in Arnold
obsession though. For over thirty years Elaine has      and Murphys.
been painting a multitude of different medias –
everything from oils, watercolor, acrylics, pastels,
batiks and collage. Murals are becoming one of
her favorite and most popular specialties.
                                                       Facilities                             Classroom
Since relocating from the Bay Area to the              Contact Person                     Elaine Staben
Mountains, she has spent much of her time
substitute teaching in the local schools. She is       Address                           P.O. Box 334
part of the Adjunct Staff at Columbia College to                                       Avery, CA 95224
teach art classes and is also a long time member       Telephone                           209.795.2911
of The Arts of Bear Valley, an organization
whose volunteer work helps bring art to local
communities.                                           Time Required               60 Minutes Preferred
                                                       Facilities                             Classroom
                                                       Number of Students                       Up To 35
                                                       Fees                              $40.00/session
                                                                      (minimum four sessions per day)
                                                        Material Costs:     School supplies watercolor
                                                          paper, watercolors or pastels, brushes, cups
                                                         for water, paper towels. If not available, artist
                                                         will bring in what’s needed – cost negotiable.
                                                       Availability        Monday-Friday, Year Round

Sharon Strong – Mask Making
                                          S   haron Strong, Psychologist, painter, perfor-
                                              mance artist and maker of masks Strong says,
                                          “Most people think about masks as concealing,
                                          ‘wearing a mask.’ What I do in my workshops is
                                          help people reveal what’s beneath their mask.”

                                          Her workshops will show students that they are
                                          all artists in their own unique and wonderful
                                          ways. Please discuss with Sharon your particular
                                          class and needs.

                                          Sharon would also be interested in working
                                          with a dance class or theatre group using
                                          masks in performance.

                                          Sharon is a working psychologist with an office in
                                          San Andreas. Her art gallery is in Murphys. She
                                          also presents unique 3-day weekend mask-making
                                          workshops for adults.

                                           Contact Person             Sharon Strong
                                           Address                      P.O. Box 728
                                                        Mountain Ranch, CA 95246
                                           Telephone                   209.754.3463
                                           Grade Level                           4-12
                                           Supplies            plaster, gauze, paper
                                               mache, acrylic paint, feathers, shells,
                                                                          beads etc.
                                           Session        4-2 hour sessions weekly
                                                                or every other week.
                                           Facilities               open floor space
                                           Fees              $80 per 2 hour session
Mask By Sharon Armstrong, from her book               Schools must pay for supplies
“Soul Unmasked”                            email  

Fred Velasquez – Arts & Crafts, Miwok History

A     s a teacher of Native American Art, Crafts and
      History (Miwok) Mr. Velasquez is a Native
American who, with his vast knowledge and gentle
manner, “mesmerizes” students with stories of how
the Miwoks lived in this area. He uses his personal
collection of fascinating artifacts to enhance his pre-
sentation. He encourages students involvement and
patiently listens to and answers all of their questions.
Workshops are tailored to suit the requested age level.

Mr. Velasquez will also give a hands-on workshop
focusing on the following: Basic skills and using
simple tools (i.e. pump drills, etc.) and exploring
the earth-based technology of the California native
cultures. Presentations include a chronology of events
in the history of the native people of California, both
pre- and post- European contact. Also included
are aspects of contemporary California Native
American life ways.
                                                           Contact Person             Fred Velazquez
A primary element of the presentations include             Address                 6284 Church Street
sharing stories, songs, history and a display of                            Valley Springs, CA 94252
artifacts that help to develop interest. They              Telephone                    209.772.1226
are a kinetic adjunct which bring home the                 Grade Levels                             K-6
lessons and historical content with sights,                Time Needed                 45-50 minutes
sounds, smells, and tactile-sensory enhancements           Facilities                      Classroom
                                                           Number of Students                        30
to help assure a memorable experience for all age
                                                           Fees          $30-$35/Miwok presentation;
groups – students, teachers and parents alike.
                                                                    $ 60/half day hands-on workshop;
Workshops: All materials are provided and are                                           $150/ full day;
mostly gathered locally by Velasquez himself.                                 Could be approached to
These are the same materials used by California                     discuss any other kind of program
Native Peoples for a millennia. Workshops are
for limited numbers of students and require
consultation with instructors to achieve best results.

Katherine Venturelli – Printmaking
K    atherine Venturelli, a Northern
     California artist, creates unique and
limited-edition books from her etchings
and monotypes. Noted and awarded for
her mixed media prints and artists’ books,
Katherine has been an art instructor
and lecturer for the past 30 years. She
has taught printmaking to all levels and
ages of students. Actively involved in
community art outreach programs, she
developed monotype programs in local
schools as well as giving printmaking
workshops to California art teachers                    is a fine-art activity that is particularly suited to
(Cal State Art Resource Workshops and CAEA              educational outreach programs. For children, the
Conferences). Her work is in international and          monotype process is a delight because it fulfills
U.S. collections, Mills College, and the University     their need for playful experimentation, spontaneity
of Washington. She received her art degree and          and surprise.
teaching credential from U.C.S.B., and currently
has a printmaking studio in Sutter Creek, CA.           The monotype process is a fascinating combina-
She is an art instructor for Los Rios Community         tion of painting and printmaking techniques. They
College District.                                       are usually made by transferring an image that
                                                        has been painted on a hard, non-porous surface
Currently, her work is represented by Art Foundry       such as Plexiglass to a piece of paper. Transferring
Gallery, Sacramento, and Larry Warnock Fine             is accomplished either by hand rubbing or on an
Arts, San Francisco; and Vamp and Tramp Book            etching press. The results are a unique impression.
Sellers. Katherine’s printmaking studio is in Sutter    The earliest known monotypes date back to the
Creek.                                                  1600s in Italy.

Monotype Printmaking Workshop                            Contact Person          Katherine Venturelli
Kathleen’s objective is to introduce to school           Address                         P.O. Box 4
children through a hands-on experience the fine                              Fiddletown, CA 95629
art of monotype printmaking. Participants will           Telephone                    209.267.0567
create one or two monotype prints utilizing              Email 
professional art equipment and supplies. I will          Grade Levels                          K -12
bring my etching press into the classroom; they          Time Needed          2- 45 minute sessions
will use non-toxic printmaking inks and printmak-
ing paper which I will provide. I will also supply
                                                                             Needs 1 hour to set up
printmaking plates, brushes, water jars, sponges for
clean-up and table covers, lesson plans, and packets     Facilities          Classroom with tables,
for students to take artwork home.                                  water access & electrical outlets
                                                         Number of Sudents                  Up to 24
What is Monotype?                                        Fees                          $50 per hour
Monotype is a type of printmaking process that al-                  Larger projects by arrangement
lows both novices and experienced artist of all ages                        An additional fee will be
to create finished images in relatively few steps. It                            charged to schools

Martha Wallace – Drawing, Watercolor & Pencil
                                                 I  n these workshops the students will be intro-
                                                    duced to one of the lessons below and will
                                                 work step-by-step with the artist. Each lesson will
                                                 be geared to meet the appropriate developmental
                                                 level of the students in the class. The goal of the
                                                 workshop is for the students be exposed to and
                                                 experiment with different techniques and mediums
                                                 in art and to succeed and gain confidence with a
                                                 positive and creative feeling towards art.

                                                 The artist is also available for in-service workshops
                                                 for teachers to experience 4 to 5 hands-on, tried
                                                 and true art lessons that they will be able to build
                                                 upon and share with their students. This could be
                                                 an evening or Saturday workshop that would last
                                                 about 3 hours.

    Basics in Drawing – Sketching two             Basics in Watercolor – Emphasis on color
    dimensional shapes and learning how to        mixing and experimenting with various
    change them to three dimensional shapes.      watercolor techniques.

    Art History Lesson – Focus on a famous        Basics in Colored Pencil – Emphasis on
    artist followed by a lesson experimenting     technique
    with that artists’ style.
                                                  1 & 2 Point Perspective

                                                Contact Person              Martha Wallace
Martha Wallace is a professional artist         Address                        P.O. Box 181
who has earned her living from the sale                                    Avery, CA 95224
of her watercolors since 1975 and from          Telephone                     209.728.8859
teaching private art classes since 1982.        Grade Levels                            K-8
She has been an Artist in the Schools           Number of Sessions           Three or more
since 1989, and her watercolors are                                            back to back
on exhibit at the Harbinger                     Time Needed                  45-60 minutes
Gallery in Murphys.                             Facilities                       Classroom
                                                Supplies            Paper, watercolors, etc.
                                                Number of Students            K-3; up to 20;
                                                                     4th and up; 30-35 max
                                                Fees                       Calaveras $ 45
                                                           Plus travel beyond Angels Camp


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