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Media release - Grape and Wine Research and Development


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									9 May 2011                                                                           11-3

                      Media release
          GWRDC kicks off grape and wine sector consultation
The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) has started talking
with key grape and wine sector groups about their research, development and extension
(RD&E) priorities.

‘Each year, GWRDC invests on average more than $20 million in RD&E to help the Australian
wine sector’s profitability, international competitiveness and sustainability’, said Mr Neil
Fisher, Executive Director of the GWRDC.

‘Where GWRDC invests these levies is guided by its five-year RD&E plan. It’s time to write a
new one and we are consulting widely to find out what our stakeholders believe our
priorities should be for the five years to 2017.

‘We are asking which of the many challenges facing the grape and wine sector can be
addressed by GWRDC investments in RD&E over the five years to 2017?

‘We are also looking to build on the long-term successful partnership between the wine
sector and research community through a targeted investment plan’, he said.

To help develop its new five-year RD&E plan, GWRDC is talking with its key stakeholders, the
representative organisations of its levy payers - Wine Grape Growers’ Australia and the
Winemakers’ Federation of Australia – and the Australian Government, which provides
matching funding.

GWRDC is also consulting with many others interested in grape and wine RD&E, for example
Wine Australia, GWRDC Regional Program representatives, graduates of the Future Leaders
Program and Australian Rural Leadership Program, the Innovators Network members, co-
investors in wine RD&E (such as the CSIRO, universities and state agencies) and wine
industry suppliers.

Individual grapegrowers and winemakers are also invited to contribute through their
representative organisation or online via the GWRDC website (www.gwrdc.com.au) from
late June/early July.

There is also more information available on the website, under the strategic plan tab.

The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (GWRDC) supports the
development of the Australian grape and wine industry by planning and funding research
and development (R&D) programs and facilitating the dissemination, adoption and
commercialisation of the research results throughout the industry.

GWRDC is funded by grapegrowers and winemakers, who pay levies on the annual
winegrape harvest, and the Australian Government, which provides matching funds.

For further information:
Neil Fisher, Executive Director, 08 8273 0500

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