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					Membership Kit

         Hawke's Bay Winegrowers Inc
              PO Box 1174, Hastings
                    P +64 6 876 3418
                    F +64 6 870 3468

                                                     Introduction                                                     2

                                                        Directors                                                     2

                                                        Organisation structure                                        4
                                                     Our Goals                                                        5

                                                        Regional promotion                                            5

                                                        Publications                                                  5
                                                        Website                                                       5
                                                        Advocacy                                                      6

                                                        Education                                                     6
                                                        Research                                                      6
                                                     Hawke's Bay Winegrowers Membership                               7

                                                        Automatic Membership                                          7

                                                        Wine Trail                                                    7
                                                        Event Marketing                                               8
                                                        International Network                                         9

                                                        Associate Membership                                          9
                                                     Hawke's Bay Winegrowers Events                               10

                                                        Midlands Hawke's Bay Charity Wine Auction                 10

                                                        Hot Red Hawke's Bay                                       10

                                                        Grape Grower Events                                       11

                                                     Regional Wine Selection (International Hosting)              12

                                                     Membership Application Form                                  14

   Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc Membership Kit 2011
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Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc
      Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc. has been formed by the amalgamation of Hawke’s Bay Winemakers Ltd and

      Hawke’s Bay Grape Growers’ Association Inc. for the purpose of having a singular unified regional organisation for

      the Hawke’s Bay wine industry. This amalgamation follows a national strategic move within the industry led by

      New Zealand Winegrowers. Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Association Incorporated is governed by a Board of

   Organisation Structure
      The overarching organisation is Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Association Incorporated, governed by a Board of eight

      Directors and managed by the Executive Officer.        All wineries and grape growers in Hawke’s Bay are
      automatically members of Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc. as levy payers to NZ Winegrowers.

      The Directors are elected by ballot by members of both grape growers and winemakers voting groups. The current

      directors of Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Association Incorporated are:

      Nicholas Buck, Te Mata Estate Winery (Chair)

      Xan Harding, Black Bridge Estate (Deputy Chair )

      Alwyn Corban, Ngatarawa Wines

      Peter Hurlstone, Corbans Wines

      Mandy Keesing, Triple Terrace Estate

      Kate Radburnd, C J Pask Winery Ltd

      Chris Howell, Prospect Vineyard

      John Palmer, Awarua Vineyards

      Lyn Bevin is the Executive Officer with responsibility for the day to day operation of Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc.

      and Lyn reports to the Board

      Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc Membership Kit 2011
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Grape grower members are automatic members and are not charged any membership fee as part of the regional

Hawke’s Bay Winemakers Promotions Ltd is the limited liability trading company for all promotional events and is
wholly owned by HBWG Inc. Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc. is entitled to invoice Hawke’s Bay Winemakers

Promotions Ltd for the financial administration of promotional events.

Hawke’s Bay Winemakers Promotions Ltd is also governed by a Board of Directors. This Board requires Directors

with the experience and skills for financial and promotional event management activity.

Current Directors of Hawke’s Bay Winemakers Promotions Ltd are:

Pip Austin, Sileni Estates (Chair)

Francis de Jager, Black Barn Vineyards

Helma van den Berg, Clearview Estate Winery

Brett Pilcher, Church Road Winery

Rosie Butler, Lime Rock Wines Ltd

Christine Harris, Askerne Vineyard

Adrienne Campbell, Bush Hawk Vineyards

The diagram on the following page provides a visual explanation of the overall structure.

Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc Membership Kit 2011
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                                                                            HAWKE’S BAY WINEGROWERS INC.

                                                                                      Board of Directors
                                                                         4 Directors Grape Growers, 4 Directors Winemakers

                                                                                       Executive Officer

                                                   Automatic Membership                                               HAWKE’S BAY
                                                   Member Newsletter                                                 PROMOTIONS LTD
                                                   WINE Hawke's Bay Magazine
                                                   Regional Wine Selection
                                                   International Hosting
                                                   Regional Promotional Material                                   Midlands HB Charity Wine
                                                   Focus Research Group                                                     Auction
                                                   Silver Secateurs
                                                   Young Viticulturist of the Year
                                                   Research & Education
                                                   Administration                                                    Hot Red Hawke's Bay
                                                   Member Advocacy                                                        Wine Expo

                                                                                                                             Wine Tourism

                                                  Wine Trail
                                                  Hawke's Bay Winery Guide
                                                  Wine Trail Map Pads

Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc Membership Kit 2011
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    Hawke’s Bay has a growing reputation as a producer of world class wines.             The further development of that
    reputation and the Hawke’s Bay wine industry will come with a cohesive and a co-operative approach of all the

    parties who produce and market Hawke’s Bay wines.

    The organisation’s main activities are:

 Regional Promotion and Marketing
    Regional promotion and marketing is an important part of the organisation’s strategic

    plan.   The raising of the profile of the Brand Hawke’s Bay Wine in the increasingly

    competitive world wine market is considered to be critical to the long-term future of the
    industry. Promotional activities take place regionally, nationally and internationally with

    this goal in mind.

    Wine trail map pads and brochures are produced for the regional consumer along with

    more targeted international trade material. Our main regional event is the Midlands

    Mortgage Trust Hawke’s Bay Charity Wine Auction. National activity includes the Hot
    Red Hawke’s Bay Wine Expo aimed at trade, media and consumers.

    International promotion currently takes the form of tailored regional tastings to trade and
    media visitors hosted within the region and further activity is reviewed annually.

    WINE Hawke’s Bay, the official magazine of Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc. was officially launched in February

    2008.    The magazine features up-to-date industry information tailored specifically for the Hawke’s Bay grape
    growing and wine making industry including: research projects, long-range weather reports, local award winners,

    grape growing information and more.

    The magazine is not just of value to members and the advertisers, but also benefits and

    is of interest to researchers, students, wine drinkers and award winners - there is
    something for everyone.

    There are a lot of important research projects, industry developments and local success

    stories that too often go without acknowledgment. With so much growth and success

    happening in the Hawke’s Bay wine industry, locally, nationally and internationally that is

    worthy of sharing, WINE Hawke’s Bay provides a space to share it.

    For more information about advertising or editorial contributions please email Dale
    Cowie, dale@ or phone (06) 8750 393.

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    The Hawke's Bay Winegrowers Inc website is The site contains public information as
     well as a members section with access to research reports and where a copy of this document can also be found.

   This involves dealing with local and central government together with an interface with New Zealand Winegrowers.
   To date much of the work in this area has involved District Plan Reviews and other Resource Management Act

   issues. Considerable progress has recently been achieved in gaining acceptance from local authorities that wine is a
   vertically integrated industry.

Education and Quality
   The development of Oenology, Viticulture, Marketing and Management skills are vital to the future of the Hawke’s

   Bay wine industry. This ensures the organisation can assist in promoting, fostering, protecting and encouraging the
   production, processing, distribution, marketing and consumption of grapes and wine. As part of the role of Hawke’s

   Bay Winegrowers Inc. information of value pertaining to the grape and wine industry will be communicated to

   members.     Hawke's Bay Winegrowers are part of liaison and working groups within The Eastern Institute of

   Technology in Hawke's Bay.

   Research at a regional level will be carried out where possible to implement or foster research relating to the wine

   and grape industry in order to produce higher quality grapes and wine. Previous research has been funded by
   Hawke’s Bay Grape Growers on beneficial insects, bird control, botrytis, bunch stem necrosis and canopy

   management to name a few of an extensive list of projects. Hawke’s Bay Winemakers Ltd has contributed and

   assisted in some forms of cellar door research to date. Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc. will also have input into
   research conducted on a national level by NZ Winegrowers Inc. The Hawke's Bay Focus Research Group is now

   administered by Hawke's Bay Winegrowers Inc as the regional research arm for the organisation.

   Findings and reports from historical funded research can be accessed via the member’s area of the organisation's
   website and are free to download. If you are unable to do so, please contact Hawke's

   Bay Winegrowers for a hard copy or copy on CD to be sent to you.

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  Automatic Membership
      All wineries and grape growers in Hawke’s Bay will automatically be members of Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc if
      they are levy payers to NZ Winegrowers.

      Benefits for automatic members:
      •   Regular newsletters

      •   Regional email communications and/or meetings of events and opportunities relevant to the Hawke's Bay wine

      •   Access to Hawke’s Bay regional marketing and promotional material

      •   WINE Hawke's Bay magazine

      •   Member only Tastings
      •   Winery listing on the HB Winegrowers website & inclusion on the Hawke’s Bay wine story PDF
      •   Hawke’s Bay Wine Marketing Collateral ( PDF email and disc versions )

      •   Public relations & press releases
      •   Advocacy & representation

      •   Education
      •   Research

      •   Networking opportunities
      •   Group administration

      Some regional funding is provided from NZ Winegrowers and provides for the administration and facilitation costs of
      running the regional organisation. These funds are unable to be used for specific marketing promotions.

  Wine Trail
      Members are invited to submit their details for the Wine Trail brochure and map pad.                       Each year 40,000 DL

      brochures and 1,000 map pads (100,000 maps) are produced and distributed to hotels, motels, tourism outlets,

      Visitor Information Centres in Hawke’s Bay and Poverty Bay. (See our website to download a copy of the map.)

      Cost Per Winery:

      $775.00 plus GST per annum

      NB: If fees are not paid by the due date, winery information will not be included in these publications.

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   •   Inclusion on the Wine Trail Brochure & Map Pads

   •   40,000 DL brochures distributed per annum currently
   •   1,000 map pads distributed per annum (100,000 maps)

   •   Brochures displayed at Hawke's Bay Airport in multi-pockets
   •   Freely distributed to all wineries in the region
   •   Distribution to Hotels, Motels, Tourism Outlets, Visitor Information

       Centres in Hawke’s Bay and Poverty Bay

   •   Ongoing regional presence & requests for use of the map in various print media publications and online.

   •   Less than 1 cent every time winery details & brand are listed per year on 120,000 maps and brochures

Event Marketing

   Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers uses events to further promote Hawke’s Bay and all members are able to participate.
   This currently includes Hot Red Hawke’s Bay, both in NZ and export markets, the Charity Wine Auction and any
   other events developed. All events are established on a user pays basis and the cost varies according to event.

   NB: The HB Wine and Food Festival is independent of this organisation.

Associate Membership
   Associate Membership is aimed at individuals or companies who are not members of Hawkes Bay Winegrowers by

   virtue of levys paid to NZWG, but who may want to be supportive of our organisation and kept advised of events our
   organisation is involved with.

   Associate Membership is available at the discretion of the Board at a cost of $75.00 plus GST per annum for

   individuals or $200.00 plus GST for a corporate membership. Students can become members free of charge but will

   not receive the WINE Hawke's Bay magazine as part of their membership.

   Associate Members are invited to attend all seminars and field days, and receive copies of communications from the

   Association but have no voting rights at Special or Annual General Meetings.

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Event Details

  Midlands Hawke's Bay Charity Wine Auction

     The Midlands Hawke’s Bay Charity Wine Auction is the oldest of its type in
     New Zealand and currently takes place during the Queen’s Birthday Weekend

     in June each year. The stature of the auction continues to grow each year

     with Hawke's Bay wineries offering a rare and select range of quality wines for
     auction alongside the signature piece of artwork chosen each year.

     In a longstanding relationship, the auction’s beneficiary is Cranford Hospice,

     Hastings who plays an important role in the area in providing much needed palliative care services.

     Winemakers are invited to submit lots for the auction that can range from smaller items to 56 litre quarter barriques to
     225 litre barriques. The wine auction attracts prospective bidders from around the country and comprises a pre-

     auction tasting event and a main auction dinner event.

     Date: Queen’s Birthday Weekend, June 2012 (To be confirmed)

     Participation fees: There is no charge for participation in this event and donations of wine lots are accepted from all


  Hot Red Hawke’s Bay
     Hot Red Hawke's Bay is an annual expo showcasing Hawke's Bay’s red wines and aimed

     at New Zealand’s key trade, media and wine knowledgeable consumer market. The
     event visits Auckland, Wellington, Hawke’s Bay and Christchurch and attracts in excess
     of 600 attendees, providing valuable market exposure for participating wineries.

     Trade and media are given complimentary entry to the event, whilst consumers are

     charged an entry fee and receive a complimentary branded glass as part of the ticket

     Dates 2012:                 To be advised

     Participation fees (2011)            $675 plus GST per city per winery

     Shared tables are able to be negotiated.

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Grape Grower Events

    Romeo Bragato Conference
    The winegrowing industry’s major conference - the “Romeo Bragato Conference” is held annually at the end of
    August. The conference is named after the Italian viticulturist Romeo Bragato, who identified New Zealand’s grape

    growing areas, and their potential for fine wine production as early as 1905.

    Fruitfed Supplies Silver Secateurs Grape Vine Pruning Competition
    The Silver Secateurs competition is designed to encourage and recognise best practice in this very important
    discipline for the wine growing industry. The competition is held annually in late July/early August with the Hawke’s

    Bay winners going on to represent the district at the National Silver Secateurs event held at the Romeo Bragato

    Markhams Young Viticulturist of the Year Competition

    The purpose of the Young Viticulturist of the Year Competition is to find a national viticulture sector representative to

    compete in the Young Horticulturist of the Year Competition.

    Regional competitions are run by local viticulture and wine industry organisations to find representatives to compete
    in a national competition. The winner of that competition will compete in the Grand Final for the Young Horticulturist

    of the Year Competition.

    Entrants must be 30 years of age or under as at 31 December of the year of the competition and working fulltime in

    the viticulture/horticulture industry. They must also have worked in a practical, hands-on position for the last three
    years in the sector in which they are entering the competition.

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International Hosting                      (Regional Wine Selection)

      All members of Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Association Incorporated will be invited to submit wines to the regional
      selection process as levy payers to NZ Winegrowers. These wines form the base for presentation to International
      media and trade.

      This process has been developed to assist the organisation in selecting Hawke’s Bay wines of sufficient quality to

      best represent the Hawke’s Bay Region in communicating what Hawke’s Bay has to offer to all visiting wine media

      (organised by NZ Winegrowers, HB Tourism, HB Winegrowers etc) in a regional overview format.

      Further opportunities exist at targeted trade and consumer domestic and international events. To best take

      advantage of these situations, a structured and consistent format is required to select and review these wines.

      New Zealand Winegrowers and international response to the process and regional presentations has been extremely

      positive with other wine regions recommended to adopt a similar process.

   Submission Criteria
      Wines submitted must be at least 85% from Hawke’s Bay and comply with all other national regulations regarding

      labelling and record keeping.

      Any vintage is able to be selected as long as it is commercially available. It would be desirable to include older wines

      where possible.

      A nominal charge of $5 per wine submitted is made to the winery to assist in costs associated with judging.

      The Executive Officer will appoint a panel of four judges with judging usually taking place twice yearly, in March and

      October. The judging panel will be made up from those who are currently active in assessing wines in competitions.

      One judge will be appointed chair by the Executive Officer and will chair the judging panel. The Chair will have the

      deciding vote if there is not unanimous agreement with regard to a wines selection.

   Process and Scoring
      Wines for submission will be called for by email. Two bottles of each wine (where under cork) will be delivered to the

      tasting venue by a specified date with appropriate documentation. Late arrivals will not be included in the tasting.

      The Executive Officer or appointed convenor is responsible for arranging wines into flights. Where appropriate and

      expedient, different flights of similar wine-styles can be combined, as long as no wine is disadvantaged.

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Wines will be tasted blind by the panel of judges and scored out of 20 as per normal convention. Wines will not be
discussed until all wines in category have been assessed at which time the chair will lead a panel discussion to

resolve any issues arising. The wines will be rated highest to lowest based on combined and averaged scores.

Wines selected for regional tastings must score above Silver medal standard (i.e.: 17.5 points). If there are not

sufficient wines above that score to supply the required number of wines, then other categories may be increased to

If a particular category shows particularly well, the number of wines submitted may be increased at the Executive
Officer’s discretion.

Once a decision is reached, wines may be unmasked.

There will be no opportunity for dialogue between unsuccessful entrants and the judges.

Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Inc. will request 6 bottles of each successful wine be donated to the organisation to form

the stock held for regional wine tastings and presentations to international media and trade. There is a charge per
successful wine selected to cover the costs of administration and hosting our international visitors.

Where appropriate, stock will be assessed by a judging panel every 6 months in March and October each year to
ensure ongoing suitability for purpose (quality), availability and allow inclusion of new release wines where


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Associate Membership Application

                          Fax back to 06 870 3468 or email to

         Please tick the categories below that you wish to join.

         CATEGORY                                   ANNUAL FEE

         NOTE Associate Membership is only
         required for those not NZ Winegrower
         levy payers.
         Associate - Student                        NIL

         Associate – Individual                     $75.00 + GST

         Associate - Corporate                      $200.00 + GST

         Pl eas e com pl ete all contact inf or m ati on below.

         I have read and understood the details regarding membership options as described in the accompanying
         letter and wish to join the membership categories indicated above.

   Contact Name:       ________________________________________             Title: ________________________________

   Postal Address:     __________________________________________           Email: _______________________________

                       __________________________________________           Phone:_______________________________

   Signed:           _____________________________________________          Date: __________________________

    (by a duly authorised person)

   On behalf of:________________________________________________             (insert name of company)

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