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Paralegal Certificate Program   Preparing
                                for successful

     Approved by
     the American
     Bar Association
Professional Certificate in Paralegal Studies
Embark on a new career in the exciting and rewarding legal profession! UC San Diego Extension’s ABA-Approved Paralegal Program offers you
the opportunity to expand your knowledge of legal procedures and increase your chances for promotion. In as little as one quarter (through an
intensive accelerated curriculum) or one year (through a series of quarterly evening and/or day courses), you can complete the training required
to become a paralegal.

UCSD Extension’s Paralegal Program
Our Paralegal Program features a curriculum that combines practical skills with legal theory and analysis. Classes are taught by prominent
attorneys, judges and advanced paralegals to provide students with a balanced perspective and expertise of the tasks that paralegals perform.
Emphasis is placed on the working relationship between the paralegal and the attorney. Course content focuses on civil litigation, criminal
procedure, legal research, writing, inter viewing, substantive and procedural law.

What is a Paralegal?                   Bar Association’s                      American                               “We are extremely pleased
                                                                                                                     with the high quality and
California Business & Professions      Definition of                          Association for
Code § 6450 defines “Paralegal”                                                                                      competency of UCSD paralegal
as a person who either contracts
                                       Paralegal                              Paralegal Educators                    graduates hired by Perkins Coie.
with or is employed by an              A paralegal is a person, qualified     (AAfPE)                                The in-depth paralegal training
attorney, law firm, corporation,       by education, training or work
                                                                              AAfPE is a national organization       students receive allows them to
governmental agency, or other          experience who is employed or
                                                                              that serves the needs of paralegal     make an instant contribution
entity and who performs                retained by a lawyer, law office,
                                                                              educators and institutions
substantial legal work under           corporation, governmental agency                                              at a law firm, and to succeed
                                                                              offering paralegal educational
the direction and supervision of       or other entity and who performs                                              in today’s fast-paced legal
                                                                              programs. Formally established
a practicing licensed attorney.        specifically delegated substantive
                                                                              in 1981, its roots go back to the      environment.”
Tasks performed by a paralegal         legal work for which a lawyer is
                                                                              mid 70’s when the American Bar
include, but are not limited to,       responsible.                                                                  Jennifer L. Severson, J.D.
                                                                              Association sponsored conferences
case planning, development,
                                                                              for paralegal educators. From          Office Administrator
and management; legal
                                                                              this beginning, much has been          Perkins Coie, LLP
research; interviewing clients;
                                                                              accomplished in the field of
fact gathering and retrieving
information; drafting and              American Bar                           paralegal education. The UC San
                                                                              Diego program is a member of
analyzing legal documents;             Association                            AAfPE in addition to being ABA
and collecting, compiling, and
utilizing technical information to     Approved                               approved.
make an independent decision           American Bar Association (ABA)
and recommendation to the              approval has become a benchmark
supervising attorney. Paralegals       for many employers who hire
may not provide legal services         paralegals. To be considered for
directly to the public except as       approval by the ABA, a program
permitted by law.                      must meet rigorous standards
                                       adopted by the ABA Standing                                                    American Bar Association
                                       Committee on Paralegals. Both                                                  www.abanet.org
The American                           UC San Diego accelerated and
                                       part-time programs were granted                                                National Federation of Paralegal
                                       approval by the ABA in February                                                Associations
                                       1990.                                                                          www.paralegals.org
                                                                                                                      National Association of
                                                                                                                      Legal Assistants
                                                                                                                      American Association for Paralegal
                                                              Accelerated Program
                                                              The intensive Accelerated Program allows students to complete
                                                              instruction in as few as 12 weeks. This program is offered three times
                                                              a year, in Fall, Spring, and Summer quarters. Classes meet four days a
                                                              week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students can also expect additional hours
                                                              of work per session to complete outside the classroom. Classes are
                                                              held at the UC San Diego Extension University City Center.

                                                              Part-time Program
                                                              The Part-time Program allows participants to study for a new career
                                                              without disrupting their work schedules. Quarterly courses meet
                                                              one night per week. Students pay for courses when they enroll and
                                                              need not pay for the entire program in advance. On average, the
                                                              part-time program takes 12 to 24 months to complete. Students who
                                                              enroll in three to four classes each quarter can satisfy certificate
                                                              requirements within one year. Daytime courses are also available to
                                                              accelerate completion of the certificate. Classes are held at the UC
                                                              San Diego campus and UC San Diego Extension University City Center.

                                                              Program Goals & Objectives
                                                              UC San Diego Extension upholds the highest quality educational
                                                              standards in order to provide students with an in-depth perspective
                                                              into the legal field, as well as the essential skills required for success in
                                                              the workplace. The goals of the program are to:
                                                              •	 Familiarize	students	with	the	legal	system	and	the	role	of	the	
                                                                 paralegal in the delivery of legal services in the public and private
“It’s pretty amazing that after just three months I
understood the steps of the litigation process, I was         •	 Train	students	in	critical	paralegal	skills	such	as	investigation,	legal	
                                                                 research, interviewing, written and oral communications.
confident in my ability to draft correspondence and
                                                              •	 Provide	students	with	the	theoretical	background	to	perform	the	
pleadings, and I had a solid resume to cast into the
                                                                 paralegal’s tasks in substantive areas of law and legal specialties.
job market.”
                                                              •	 Educate	and	train	students	in	areas	of	procedural	law,	emphasizing	
Monica Thompson                                                  the paralegal’s role in litigation, mediation and arbitration.
Law Offices of Bobette Fleishman                                                                                              p
                                                              •	 Teach	students	about	the	general	principles	of	ethical	legal		 ractice	
Alumnae, Accelerated Program                                     as defined by the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee
                                                                 on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and California’s Business
                                                                 & Professions Code § 6450 et seq.
“I have found my education at the UCSD Extension
                                                              •	 Encourage	students	to	contribute	to	the	advancement	of	the	
Paralegal Program to be the keystone in preparing
                                                                 paralegal profession.
me for my career path as a certified paralegal.
                                                              •	 Provide	counseling	during	the	program	and	to	assist	students	in	
From the variety of classes to the knowledgeable
                                                                 preparing for and obtaining meaningful careers in the paralegal
and hands-on instructors to the CLA/CP exam                      field.
preparatory course, every aspect of the program
ensures quality. I am proud to be a graduate of
the UCSD Extension Paralegal Program.”

Kristine M. Custodio, C.P.
Butterfield Schechter LLP
Alumnae, Part-time Program

                                              paralegal.ucsd.edu I (858) 534-8164 I jdunlap@ucsd.edu
Admission Requirements                                                     Fees
Standards are set by the American Bar Association and are reviewed         A	$50	nonrefundable	fee	is	required	upon	submitting	the	certificate	
periodically. Applicants must meet entrance requirements prior to          application. Upon acceptance into the Accelerated Program, a deposit
admission. The basic requirements and submissions are as follows:          of	$200	is	to	be	made.	The	remaining	tuition	fee	includes	all	books,	
•	 Bachelor’s	degree	(for	the	Accelerated	Program);	preferred	for	the	     course materials, orientation, graduation and certificate. Part-time
   Part-time Program                                                       students pay on a course-by-course basis. For information on the
                                                                           refund and withdrawal policy, please visit paralegal.ucsd.edu.
•	 Minimum	of	an	Associate’s	Degree	or	equivalent	of	general	
   education units (for the Part-time Program)
•	 Application	for	Candidacy	in	the	Paralegal	Training	Program	
   (see next page)                                                         Financial Aid
•	 A	nonrefundable	$50	processing	fee,	payable	to	UC	Regents.	This	        UC San Diego Extension will assist in providing you with the best
   fee covers the application evaluation, interview, and counseling        financial assistance options. You get 100% of the money you borrow
   throughout the program                                                  and there are no fees. You are welcome to make payments before
                                                                           completing your program to help lower monthly payments later, but it
•	 Official	transcripts	of	college	work                                    is not necessary. Rates are based on the prime rate as published in The
•	 Three	letters	of	recommendation	from	individuals	who	are	familiar	      Wall Street Journal. For further information, call (858) 534-3400.
   with the applicant’s academic and/or professional background

Application Deadlines                                                      Internship assistance can be offered and arranged through the
Applications must be submitted six weeks prior to the beginning of         program but is not a requirement of the program. Internships provide
the quarter. Students applying for the Accelerated Program are advised     students with valuable experience in the delivery of legal services and
to apply early; enrollment in this program is kept small and can fill      allow them to apply their skills upon completion of their certificate.
up quickly.

                                                                           Career Services
Certificate Program Enrollment                                             The UC San Diego Extension staff conducts individual counseling
Anyone may enroll in any or all of the evening courses; however,           sessions and workshops on interviewing techniques, resumé drafting,
those who wish to earn a certificate must formally apply for the           sources of employment contacts, and general job assistance. While
certificate before enrolling in their third course. Upon acceptance into   UC San Diego Extension cannot guarantee job placement, counselors
the program, candidates have four years from the date of enrollment        are available to help students develop career skills, identify personal
(Accelerated Program will finish in 12 weeks) in their first class to      strengths and goals, and ultimately translate these elements into
successfully complete all requirements. Certificate enrollees have         successful employment opportunities.
priority enrollment in courses.

“Butz Dunn & DeSantis has been very pleased
with our experience in hiring a paralegal whose
paralegal education was completed through the
UCSD Extension Paralegal program. She was hired
to fill in on a temporary basis for someone who was on
maternity leave. As it turned out, her comprehe
nsive paralegal skills and attention to detail were
of such value to the firm, we ultimately hired her
as a full-time employee of the firm.”

Patti L. Groff, CLM
Director of Administration,
Butz Dunn & DeSantis, APC
Past President - Association of Legal Administrators
Course TiTle                                           Crs. No.      uNiTs
                                                                              Advisory Committee
required Courses (All 10 courses are required)
Introduction to the Legal System                     LAW-40000         1
                                                                              luciana B.A. Case, ClA               Carole m. leffler
Legal Communications                                 LAW-40015         2
                                                                              Certified Paralegal                  Asst. Administrator/Billing
Business Law for the Legal Professional              LAW-40001         3
                                                                              Butz Dunn & DeSantis                 Coordinator
Computers for the Legal Professional                 LAW-40027         2      Karla m. Castetter, J.d., mls        Farmer Case & Fedor
Ethics for the Legal Professional                    LAW-40028         1      Professor of Law and                 suzie Johnson
Civil Litigation I                                   LAW-40018         3      Library Director                     Paralegal,
Civil Litigation II                                  LAW-40021         3      Thomas Jefferson School of Law       Office of General Counsel
Legal Research and Analysis                          LAW-40003         3      Angelo Corpora                       San Diego County Regional
Evidence Law                                         LAW-40035         2      Coordinator,                         Airport Authority
Practice and Procedures                              LAW-40020         2      Legal Studies Program                deborah murphy, ClA
eleCTives (6 units required)                                                  Palomar College                      Administrator,
Administrative Law and Procedure                     LAW-40047         3      Julia m. dunlap, esq.                Legal & Corporate Department
Alternative Dispute Resolution                       LAW-40384         3      Attorney and Director of             Biosite, Incorporated
Bankruptcy Law                                       LAW-40016         3      Legal Education                      Katherine B. scheele
Intellectual Property Law                            BUSA-40263        2      UC San Diego Extension               Paralegal	Manager
Contract Law                                         LAW-40019         2                                           Robbins Umeda LLP
Computer and Software Law                            BUSA-40211        1
                                                                              Patti l. Groff, Clm
Corporate Law                                        LAW-40044         3
                                                                              Director of Administration           Katherine B. Wilkins, ClAs
Criminal Law and Procedure                           LAW-40049         3
                                                                              Butz Dunn & DeSantis                 Certified Paralegal
Domestic Relations Law                               LAW-40006         3
Employment Law for the Paralegal                     LAW-40030         3
Estate Planning and Administration                   LAW-40017         3      Administrative Staff
Immigration Law                                      LAW-40038         2
Real Property Law                                    LAW-40022         3
                                                                              Julia m. dunlap, esq.                vicki l. Krantz
Tort Law                                             LAW-40037         2
                                                                              Director of Legal Education          Managing	Director	of	Business,	
                                                                              (858) 534-8164                       Science & Technology
reCommeNded                                                                   jdunlap@ucsd.edu                     UC San Diego Extension
Certified Legal Assistant Exam Preparation
and Review                                           LAW-40042         3      Carla s. Haney, ACP, mBA,            Katherine sears
                                                                              Career	Services	Manager              Marketing	Representative,	
                                                                              Paralegal Program                    Business Programs
Electives: a combination of one-, two-, and three-unit electives that total   (858) 534-8152                       (858) 534-8178
six units are needed to complete the program. Please see the quarterly UC
                                                                              chaney@ucsd.edu                      ksears@ucsd.edu
San Diego Extension catalog for detailed course offerings and information.

Transfer Credit
Credit from other University of California paralegal programs is                             Julia m. dunlap is the Program Director for UC San Diego
accepted. Credit from other schools is accepted only by special                              Extension’s American Bar Association (ABA) Approved
permission. Nine courses must be taken through UC San Diego                                  Paralegal Certificate Program, established in 1990.
Extension, regardless of whether the students have completed core                            Additionally, she teaches Legal Communications, Legal
requirements elsewhere.                                                                      Research and Writing and other electives for UC San Diego.
                                                                                             She brings to the position 15 years of teaching experience
                                                                                             in the paralegal field.
                                                                                             Ms.	Dunlap	received	her	Bachelor	of	Arts	degree	in	English	
                                                                                             from the University of California at Berkeley. She graduated
                                                                                             with her Juris Doctor degree from the University of
                                                                                             San Diego School of Law and became an active member
                                                                                             of the California Bar Association in 1993.
                                                                                             In addition to her duties at UC San Diego, she is a solo
                                                                                             practitioner in San Diego specializing in estate planning.

                                                  paralegal.ucsd.edu I (858) 534-8164 I jdunlap@ucsd.edu

                                                                                                      Intellectual Property Certificate
                                                                                                      Discover the principles of intellectual property and its
                                                                                                      importance in stimulating and safeguarding innovation
                                                                                                      and creativity.
                                                                                                      Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, you will
                                                                                                      benefit from core classes that teach essential and timely
                                                                                                      concepts in patents, trademarks, property law and copyrights.
                                                                                                      In addition, you can develop your area of expertise through
                                                                                                      our customizable program.
                                                                                                      visit extension.ucsd.edu/iplaw for complete certificate

                                                                                                      Mandatory Continuing Legal
                                                                                                      Education (MCLE)
                                                                                                      UC San Diego Extension brings the best and brightest minds
                                                                                                      together to offer approved continuing education courses. There
                                                                                                      are a variety of beneficial topics for legal, business, medical
                                                                                                      and administrative professionals.
                                                                                                      Fulfill your hourly requirements with an assortment of classes
                                                                                                      that suit your interests and schedule. With several classes
                                                                                                      offered	each	quarter	that	satisfy	MCLE	requisites,	you	are	free	
                                                                                                      to choose from one-day seminars or weekly courses.

                                                                                                      For more information:
                                                                                                      Julia dunlap, esq.
                                                                                                      director, legal education Program, uC san diego extension
            Locations and Phone Numbers                                                               (858) 534-8164
            uCsd Campus, la Jolla          UCSD University City Center
            UCSD Extension Complex         6256 Greenwich Drive                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sorre
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      nto V

            9600 North Torrey Pines Road   San Diego, CA 92122
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            La Jolla, CA 92093             Phone: (858) 534-9999



            Phone: (858) 534-3400          Fax: (858) 246-1031                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Lusk B
                                                                    Pacific Ocean



            Fax: (858) 534-8527


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