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Sustainability Department
Sustainability Officer
Janie Watts

Monitor the sustainability network.
A number of online accounts were intended to be created within the ‘Days of
Change’- Do your bit social network within the previous task contained by the
sustainability department. As there was not a group already formed for myself to
monitor I arranged a group email that individually invited each person within
Here2Help to join me in creating their own personal Days of Change - Do your bit
blogging and sustainability practises site. The outline that we are arranging to
cooperate within was listed from their direct website:

Our Plan – Days of Change
“History has shown that wide scale change usually starts at the community level.
This is because together we are the customers, the voters, the shareholders, the
creators of culture that direct where the world heads next. Days of Change’s mission
therefore is to get millions of people across the world to use our
amazing doYOURbit function to change to a more sustainable lifestyle—one simple
step at a time.”

Days of Change is an informative sustainability website that encourages all viewers
and those interested in using their initiative to benefit a variety of environmental
health and safety concerns in today’s society. The group email that I sent to all
contacts within each department was created with the hope to encourage each
person in generating their own account. Creating an account will give each member
the ability to view a variety of ways we can run aspects of our business inclusive to
the environmental, social and health related areas of our group. Days of Change
provides a range of ideas to research on the site in relation to our areas mentioned.
Currently, only 8 of 22 colleagues have connected to the doYOURbit sustainable
practises web/blogsite.

The sustainability department hopes to have all members join the doYOURbit
network between weeks 8 and 9 to make sure all members of our business are
aware of the practises suggested by the website. Members within the sustainability
department are required to pick a small number of sustainable solutions that involve
benefitting areas within our business, to later exercise.

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