BUCK CREEK                                                                            BUCK CREEK UMC NEWSLETTER MARCH 2004

     UMC NEWSLETTER                                                                    THE STAFF
                                                                                       Tim Schnepp, editor.
                                                                                       Nancy Schnepp, Ruth Davidson, Bob Shepard reporters.
                                                                                       Carol Shepard, church secretary, duplicator.
                                                                                       Plus contributions from many in the church congregation.
                                                                                       photography in this issue by Nancy Schnepp, Ken Mueller , Peg Eckhart
                                                                                       …and God, who makes all of this possible.
A BREAK FROM ROUTINE                                                                   BCUMC on the web: http://www.gbgm-umc.org/bcumcin/
    As I pause to write this month’s article, I am busily getting ready to             EDITOR’S NOTES: March is all about adjustments. Usually, by the end of the
head off on a family vacation. If all has gone as planned, I am back                   month, the landscape has started its transition from winter to spring. I love following
and already telling the stories of the good times we had. Yet, in this                 the college basketball tournament, so I have to adjust my schedule to allow for
moment, many things are still up in the air. Such things as, will we get               watching nearly endless basketball Thursday through Sunday. Giving up something
                                                                                       for Lent will also require accepting adjustments. I have also noticed I will need to
everything done, road conditions and how Anthony will travel. The list
                                                                                       continue to adjust myself to become a more effective substitute teacher (which has
could be endless.                                                                      proven itself to be a bit different than was my student teaching last semester--thus,
    As I think of lists, I realize that we are busily moving into the Lenten           another adjustment!). Here’s hoping your March adjustments will prove enjoyable,
season. I also realize that much of what I was planning to do this year                intriguing, and insightful!
is already on the back burner, but not forgotten. Isn’t it funny how life                                                                              -Tim Schnepp
                                                                                                                                       e-mail: schneptd@purdue.edu
works. We can always find time for something to fill our lives.
    I have an idea for this year’s Lenten
season.      Why not give up some of the                                             SANCTUARY FLOWERS
business of our lives and spend a little time in                                     03.07 > In memory of Gramps, from the Schnepp family
the presence of God. Lent is a season in                                             03.14 > Pat Sense for 45th anniversary
which days are beginning to get longer and                                           03.21 > from Lorena Poore
Spring is just around the corner. It is also the                                     03.28 > For Loren Turner & Adam Kennedy's birthdays from Carmen Turner
season that prepares us for the Easter
Celebration.                                                                         MOWING SCHEDULE (sign up now even though the snow is still flying!)
    Let us remember in the business of our
lives, there is One who is much, much more
                                                                                     LENTEN BREAKFASTS 2004
                                                                                     + Here are the dates for this year's Lenten breakfasts. Services begin at
busy than we are. Yet, God cares enough to know the smallest details
                                                                                     7am with breakfast at 7:30am.
of our lives. He even knows the number of hairs on our head. Let us
celebrate in that love and spend a little time getting to know him better                March 7:     Colburn UMC (Church St/1000 East, Colburn)
as we prepare our hearts to receive the joy of Easter morning.                           March 14:    Camden UMC (214 W. Cemetery St., Camden)
                                                                                         March 21:    Delphi UMC (118 N Union St., Delphi)
                                                              Peace and Love,            March 28:    Buck Creek UMC (4915 Ferret St., Buck Creek)
                                                                  Pastor Joe             April 4:     Radnor UMC (S 585 W/Victor St, Radnor)
                                                                                     + For those new to the Lenten Breakfasts, they have been going on for 30
SOME QUOTES FROM CHURCH                                                              some years. It is a time of sharing a message, music and a meal with
+ “Take the stuff of life from us, and hold us in your arms.” -Pastor Joe (prayer)   other nearby United Methodist churches during the Lenten season. Early
+ “God and His love for us always lasts.” -Pat Miller (children's sermon)            risers will enjoy this time of fellowship. If you are unsure where any of
+ “You don't have to look for God because God's always there.” -Pam                  these churches are located, feel free to ask for directions or a ride. Please
Church (Children's sermon)                                                           plan to attend and help make sure Buck Creek UMC is well represented at
                                                                                     each of the breakfasts!

                                       1                                                                                           2
WISHES OVERHEARD                                                           DARNELL - MOORE WEDDING
+ We wish to say how great it's been that the church parking lots have         Ritchey Blake Moore and Sara Megan Darnell were married
been kept clear this winter!                                                                            January 3, 2004 at Stidham United
+ I wish the rocking chair in the nursery could please be made splinter                                 Methodist Church at Shadeland. Pastor
free!                                                                                                   Sandy Knepple officiated. The bride is
+ I wish to say it was great seeing the chimes used again! I hope we                                    the daughter of BCUMC member Rita
will see them out more often.                                                                           Darnell of rural Buck Creek, and Gary
+ I wish to say thank you to the MYF for an enjoyable and meaningful                                    Darnell of Louisville. Parents of the
service on Youth Sunday. Thanks to the leaders also for all their hard                                  groom are Eugene and Nancy Moore of
work and organization. You are all appreciated very much.                                               S CO. Rd. 250 E. Honor attendants
+ I wish to say how touched I was by the Valentine I received from the                                  were Coreen Brenner of W. Lafayette
Sunday School classes. It warmed my heart and made my day.                                              and Cody Pruitt of Lafayette. Other
                                                                                                        wedding party members were: Charlie
THANK YOUS                                                                                              Russell, Lindsey Butler, Jeremy Pruitt,
+ Dear Buck C    reek UMC, The YWCA Domestic Violence Prevention                                        Brandon Clifton, Kyle Kiser, Mandy
and Intervention Program gratefully acknowledges your help with our                                     Bunch, Miah Moore, Emalie Moore,
2003 Kris Kringle Program. Because of your caring and generosity, we                                    Mitchel Moore and Corbin Moore. The
were able to provide 144 women and 303 children with food and gifts                                     bride graduated from Harrison High
for Christmas. Our sincerest thanks, -YWCA DVPIP                                                        School and attended Ivy Tech State
+ Dear Members of Buck Creek UM, Thank you for remembering the             College. Her husband graduated from McCutcheon High School and
church Women United Food Pantry! Your contributions will help us           attended Purdue University. He is serving in the Air Force and
reach our goal of helping others. Best wishes for 2004. -Food Pantry       attending Waylan Baptist University. The couple lives at 9403 Vermont
Committee                                                                  Court, Clovis, NM 88101. Congratulations to the happy couple!
+ Dear Church Family, Thank you for all the cards, calls, food, flowers,
and visits during Frank's and my surgery and illness. Especially thanks    SUPER SOUPer BOWL GIVING
for all the prayers. Your support and prayers are a great strength for         On SOUPer Bowl Sunday the
our family. In Christ's Love, -Jane Faurote                                Junior/Senior High Sunday School classes
                                                                           collected a total of $99 cash (which
                 CUP OF JOE WITH PASTOR JOE                                exceeded the goal of $1 per person in
                          Starting in March                                attendance) and 18 cans of soup! They
   What? You say there is nothing to do in Buck Creek at 9am to 10         have decided to donate the money to
                                                                           Oprah's Angel Network. (One hundred
ish on Thursday? Why not come and Join Pastor Joe for some
                                                                           percent of all money donated to OAN goes
Fellowship and Fun & Oh yea a Hot Cup of Joe (coffee) or maybe tea!!
                                                                           directly to the organ-izations & initiatives
                  Movie Screening with Pastor Joe                          supported by OAN. These include Boys
           The Passion Of The Christ (a Mel Gibson movie)                  and Girls Clubs of America & Habitat for
                  When: Saturday March 6, 2004                             Humanity; building schools in 10 different
                       Where: Eastside Ten                                 countries; and helping South African
                    Time: TBA (early afternoon)                            children orphaned by AIDS.) The cans of
                                                                           soup collected will be taken to the CRFC
  Following the movie a time of reflection and fellowship at Buck Creek    Food Pantry. BCUMC was one of 11,513 organization participating in
UMC. Come and join Pastor Joe & some of your Buck Creek family as          SOUPer Bowl. To date the reported total collected from all these
we go & view one of the most talked about movies in recent history.        organizations is $3,963,535. Thank you for your donations!

                                  3                                                                           4
SPECIAL MUSIC                                                                 MISSION WORK CAMP
   Special Music is an important part of our worship service. Just look            Don't forget about the upcoming Mission Work Camp at Pine Creek
at some of the musical talent that was shared the last few months at          Church Camp. Jim and Anita Davidson and Steve and Michele Mitchell will
BCUMC...                                                                      be leading our group of workers on this local mission which our Church will
                                                                              be able to see, feel and touch for years to come. We are scheduled to
+ Last August, Coley Sharp shared the song He is All You Need. Dick           arrive the afternoon of Sunday, March 21st to set up camp and fellowship.
Temple shared music with his pan flute. The Choir shared There's              We will be working starting on Monday the 22nd and ending the work camp
Room at the Cross.                                                            on the afternoon of Wednesday the 24th. We will be painting the inside of
+ In September Coley Sharp, Anita Davidson and Elaine Latia performed the     a new building which was built at the new horse corral, and we will also be
beautiful song Turnaround. The Choir sang Because He Lives.                   cutting and splitting wood for the camp. Other jobs will be available and
+ Last October we enjoyed seeing Doug & Elaine Latia's daughter               will be done depending on resources and time that is available after we
Jenee performing ballet to the song God Loves You. We also had Dick           have done the jobs we have committed for. Anyone interested in helping,
Mohler singing The Beat of the Drum. Michele & daughter Megan                 even if only for one day, contact Jim, Anita, Steve, Michele, Bob, or Pastor
Mitchell sang Standing on the Promises.                                       Joe. We will need to know who will be going by Sunday, March 14th so we
+ In November young Haleigh Taylor shared My Daddy's Fireman                  can make sure we have the needed lodging and food for our hard workers.
Song. The Choir performed a special version of Jesus Loves Me with
guest soloist Megan Mohler. Dick Temple on the clarinet accompanied
                                                                              THE MISSION COMMITTEE NEEDS YOU
                                                                                 We are in need of people to staff the Food Pantry at the Community
by Coley Sharp on the piano, performed two songs: Sweet Hour of
                                                                              and Family Resource Center (CFRC) the week of March 15th - 19th,
Prayer and Wonderful Words of Life.
                                                                              from 12:30 to 3:00. We will be filling bags with food and handing them
                                    + In December the Choir performed
                                                                              out to people who have been approved to receive them. This is a great
                                    Infant Holy, Infant Lowly, Thank
                                                                              service we do for our community and reflects the enormous generosity
                                    God for Children, and Heirlooms.
                                                                              our church has. If you don't think you can make it to the work camp the
                                    + In January Monica Maksymov-
                                                                              next week, this would be another way you could help in our local
                                    itch (pictured at left), a co-worker of
                                                                              missions support. Please contact Bob Shepard if you are interested in
                                    Ron Austin Jr., sang beautifully It is
                                                                              helping. Every day is still open for your choosing.
                                    Well with My Soul, and You Set Me
                                    Free. The Choir performed The             PLANT A SEED OF HOPE !
                                    Potter's Hand. The Kindergarten               The Seeds of Hope Shelter is in need of a few items. These are the
                                    Sunday School                             "seeds" that are especially needed: disposable razors, toothbrushes,
                                    class performed B-I-B-L-E.                coffee, sampler size shampoos and bar soap. There is a box in the
                                    + In February Megan Mitchell              front foyer of the church for your year round donations. Thank you for
                                    performed Dulci Jubilio on her            planting some hope!
                                    saxophone. On Youth Sunday the
                                    MYF performed Shout to the Lord!          CHOIR NOTES
                                    with chimes. The Choir performed              The Choir has kept busy with several specials (see Special Music
                                    His Strength is Perfect, and have         article). We sang at St. Anthony's Health Care on February 4th. We
                                    several      more        specials    in   are scheduled to sing at George Davis Manor on March 3rd. The
                                    preparation.                              Brookston Gospel sing is March 7th and the BCUMC Choir will be one
    Can you, or do you know someone who can sing, dance, or play an           of the groups participating. You are welcome to come and enjoy a
instrument? Why not bring that very special music to BCUMC? Please            music filled evening at Brookston UMC. In other news: For those who
contact Pastor Joe Hornick or our choir director Anita Davidson to book       are wondering, the old blue choir robes have been donated to Goodwill.
a date.                                                                       Now we have more closet space for our new robes!

                                    5                                                                               6
LIFE SAVERS                                                                   ON THE ROAD AGAIN...
Say you’re driving in your vehicle, and you come                                 Heartfelt thanks to our brothers and sisters in Christ for all of the prayers for
to a railroad crossing and have to stop for a train                           our NOMADS project in Bronson, FL. The Lord prepared our team of nine, and
to pass by. How close do you get to the tracks                                the cooperation was great. Our main priority was to paint the sanctuary and
                                                                              repair/install electrical outlets for the sound system, outside flood lights and
before you come to a stop? Have you ever seen
                                                                              outside sign. In addition, we painted all exterior doors for the Fellowship Hall,
a train derailment? It’s happened in Buck Creek                               Education Building and sanctuary annex, refinished an antique table, refinished
twice in the last 30 years. Once by the grain                                 the altar rail, converted a small bathroom to a baby-changing station for the
elevator on March 18, 1974, and again on                                      nursery, built a lean to at the Williston parsonage and more. For our last
September 30, 1983, a little father down. Those boxcars sure can roll         workday, we prepared, cooked, baked, served and cleaned up for a district-
far. Keep your distance and be a life saver. (See this month’s Time           sponsored training meeting at the Williston First UMC.
Capsule for further details.)                                                 Our team worked hard, ate too much and had lots of fun. Pastor Barry
                                                                              Andrews at First UMC has a 10 passenger van. He took us to a historical farm,
                                                                              a race horse farm, Homosassa State Park (to see the manatees and much
WINGS OF LOVE MINISTRY                                                        more), set up a tour of the peanut factory, took us to several flea markets,
    Accept your good days as they are given, as gifts of hope, as             Lowe’s and Walmart (a must for all Nomads...ha), shopping and out to eat...and
glimpses of heaven while still on earth, as reminders that even the best      eat...and eat. The Bronson and Williston congregations treated our team to
                                                                              many delicious meals and good fellowship too! We took turns attending
days of our lives are simply little tastes of the timeless joy that God has
                                                                              Sunday School and worship services at both churches (and thought of
in store for us as we draw ever closer to Him...
                                                                              BCUMC and all of you). We thank the Lord for our Team and all that was
    The street people here, although they have nothing as far as              accomplished for Him as we worked, played and fellowshipped with our
material things like a home or car, they have discovered Jesus, and           brothers and sisters in Christ...we all hoped to be blessings for others, and...we
they find joy in learning more about Him and experiencing the joy of          were blessed in return! Again, THANKS, BCUMC for your prayers!! - Jim &
praise in the streets.                                                        Ruth Davidson
    News Of Joy: Some of the street people have jobs and are getting
out of bondage, out of the streets and feeling good about themselves.
They will come back and because of where they have been they will be              There's a mighty train a comin'                  A MIGHTY TRAIN
able to minister to others that share the hurt, loneliness and despair.           You will hear it by and by                     (as sung by Hank Snow)
God lifts up the homeless people and your prayers help much. Your                 And you'll know that screaming whistle
                                                                                   as it thunders through the sky
prayer covering, your hedge of protection keeps them safe.                        My Lord will be the engineer                     In memory of Clarence
    Hope: To find true hope, you have to go to the distance between               My soul must pay the fare                      LaMaster. It was one of
                        the heart and the head. My beloved Clarence               Don't get sidetracked at the crossing          his favorite songs.
                        brought much hope to the homeless people                  Ride the rails you formed with prayer
                        here and it warms my heart as they share and              I'll be moving on to Glory
                        talk about him. Clarence had a great gift of              When that Golden Train comes down
                        discernment, and it tickles me as I see his               With my Jesus at the throttle
                        insights of people being received. Hope lives in          I will lay my burdens down!
                        the streets this day.                                     I'll keep my ticket stain free from the marks of sin,
                                                                                  throw the devil from my life,
                            May God richly bless each one of you.                 And let the light of Jesus in...
                        Please continue to lift up the needy and the              Let Him in, let Him in, let Him in.
                        servants who minister to them. You know we                All the crossties will be sinners that have
minister to the homeless but oh how they richly bless the socks off of              fallen by the way
us... Shalom -Linda LaMaster Psalm 91                                             At the junction of tomorrow
                                                                                  you'd better kneel and pray...

                                    7                                                                                   8
            Servants of the Lord March 2004
 USHERS > Ron Austin / Sam Stratton / Bob Waugh
 GREETERS > Marie Pless / Pat Sense
 ACOLYTE > Lorin Pullen
 LITURGIST > Ralph Rohrer
 BELL RINGER > Paige Davidson
 SCRIPTURE READERS > Melissa Shepard (7th & 21st)
                       Alli Germain (14th & 28th)

 NURSERY HELP > Joelle Hornick / Melissa Shepard / Barb Irr

                  >>No children’s sermon March 7th (Holy Communion)
                       >>Communion Steward: Ed & Deb Istwan
                Organist: Mindy Jester / Choir Director: Anita Davidson

    Please let me know if you would like to be added, deleted or
changed to another area on the Servants of the Lord volunteer list.
Check the current list posted on the bulletin board in the basement. I
will not be coordinating Nursery help as that is being handled by Deb
Davidson. See Deb if you would like to help in the Nursery. - Doug
Latia, Worship Committee Chair

  One SOL duty is the children’s
   sermon. Pictured is Megan
   Mitchell giving the children’s
    sermon on Youth Sunday.

+ “ As the Choir sang, remember Jesus loves you SO MUCH.” -Pastor Joe
+ “Our child-like faith is what's important.” -Pastor Joe (sermon)
+ “It's our way of reaching out to those who can't get out. We have a
good time.” -Anita Davidson (on Choir singing at St. Anthony's)
+ “Even if we're one grape, Jesus has patience with us.” -Pastor Joe (sermon)
+ “I hope I give you my 6AM sermon---it was pretty good!” -Pastor Joe
(on his early run through)

                                          9                                     10
         About 2 a.m. on March 18, 1974 a Norfolk and Western freight train
     traveling from Peru, Indiana to Decatur, Illinois derailed at the main
     crossing in Buck Creek, Indiana           Thirty-two railroad cars were
     scrunched into a half block area surrounding the Buck Creek elevator.
     I, Peggy Eckhart, was trying to sleep that night when I hear a noise that
     sounded like 3 or 4 cars going off the tracks. I got up to look out the
     east window, and saw someone carrying a light along the railroad
     tracks. I went downstairs, and my dad Donald was looking out the
     window. He had heard the same thing, so I called my brother, Bill, who
     lived on Miller Street near the tracks. I said that I heard a noise
     sounding like 3 or 4 cars going off the tracks, and he answered back
     that there were many cars off the track. Bill said that there was no fire
     and no damage to his property or to my grandmother's home (Sylvia
     Eckhart) on Miller Street. My dad and I make our way uptown to see
     the wreck. I had my camera with me, and the engineer asked me to
     put it away fearing the flash might cause a fire. I noticed that my
     neighbors did not hear the wreck, so I went back home to tell my
     mother Mary about the wreck. Then I made visit to my neighbor, Arliss
     Graves ( old railroad man ) to tell him about the accident. He tripped
     over a board in kitchen to keep small dog in the room, but he left
     immediately to go to see wreck. He came back and got his wife,
     Biddy, to open the restaurant for the firemen and workers. Then I went
     to see my aunt, Ella Mae LaMaster, to tell her about the wreck. She
     contacted her two daughters, Nancy and Susan, and they made their
     way uptown. About 6 a.m. I came back home to get ready to teach my
     guidance classes at Tecumseh Junior High, and put my order in for
     Basketball State Final Ticket at Bloomington. Lafayette Jeff was in the
     finals that year, and my teacher next door to me was assistant coach
     on the team. The principal at Tecumseh asked me about the wreck. I
     told him that no one was hurt and no damage to our home. He sent me
     home early to watch the action in Buck Creek so I sat on my
     grandmother's front porch to watch the workers clean and build the
     tracks. About 11 p.m., a train came through Buck Creek.
         Fern Knochel, elevator owner, said the damage to the elevator itself
     was slight, damage to the storage building at $10,000. Packed with
     fertilizer and seed beans, the contents of the building were estimated to
     be worth $20,000 but Knochel said most of that could be salvaged.
          Many ladies went to the restaurant to help Biddy Graves keep Kozy
     Korner open for the workers, firemen who were standing by, and
     sheriff's deputies directing traffic.

11                                      12
     I do remember a car carrier full of Cadillacs with minor damage.
The railroad detectives were guarding that car! In front of my                      YOUTH SUNDAY
grandmother's home was a car full of expensive furniture guarded by                     February 15, 2004 was the Sunday designated this year for the Youth
detectives. Many people made their way to Buck Creek to see the                     Group to take over the entire worship service. And what a great job they
damage. I never heard the official cause of the accident, but there was             did! ! They led us in praise songs: Shine; Praise Him Raise Him; You
talk that one of the cars came off the tracks east of Buck Creek at the             Alone Are Worthy; and Hosanna You’re the King. The Children’s Sermon
bridge over the Buck Creek creek, and the engines unhooked from the                 was given by Megan Mitchell. She read Psalms 30: 5 [...Weeping may go
                                                                                    on all night, but joy comes with the morning.] and a book to the children
rest of the train racing ahead to be clear from the accident. When the
                                                                                    about the loss of a pet dog and asking for God’s comfort. Wes Austin led
rest of train got to the crossing, cars piled on top of each other. Written         us through announcements, praises and prayer concerns. The Youth
by Peggy Eckhart with help from Lafayette Journal and Courier.                      Group performed "Shout to the Lord! " with the chimes for special music.
                                                                                    Then the Youth presented four skits for our entertainment and inspiration.

                                                                                                                                     Shout to the Lord on chimes!

                                                                                    + SKIT #1: The clear meaning of Paul’s thorn in the flesh. [Zach Doerr
                                                                                    read 2 Corinthians 12: 1-10] On the TV set of Speaking of the Bible we are
                                                                                    greeted by the Host (Megan Mitchell). Tonight our entire half hour will be
                                                                                    devoted to the writings of the most prolific author of the New Testament,
                                                                                    the Apostle Paul. Please help me welcome Paul the Apostle! Paul (Patrick
                                                                                    Balser) comes on the set, with a huge thorn through his head (a cleverly
                                                                                    made prop)! *You got an aspirin? * he
                                                                                    asked the host. No, sorry. *Bummer.* The
                                                                                    host goes on to speak to Paul... We readers
                                                                                    of your epistles have been fascinated and
                                                                                    perplexed by the concept of the thorn in the
                                                                                    flesh. Frankly, we had no idea it was a
                                                                                    literal thorn! *You got an alka seltzer? * No,
                                                                                    I’m sorry. For those of our viewers who are
                                                                                    not familiar with the concept of the thorn in
                                                                                    the flesh, we should probably clarify the
                                                                                                                                      Ouch, Patrick!
                                                                                    concept. According to 2 Corinthians 13: 7
                                                                                    you state that the thorn in the flesh was
                                                                                    given to you to keep you from being conceited. Did I interpret that concept
                                                                                    correctly? *You would not believe this headache. What was the question
                                                an aerial view of the train wreck

                                  13                                                                                    14
again? * Paul, you are one of the most prolific contributors to the bible.     implement legalism. And the other one I assigned to work on the other half
Have you always been so good with words? *Yes.* I would have thought a         implementing liberalism. I try to get my churches to throw away all the rules
wordsmith like you would be more talkative. *Not since—you know                and not judge anyone. Within a year or two the church falls apart for lack
(pointing to the thorn in his head). I have to go lie down.* Paul leaves the   of self-discipline. *But if we were both whacking at the same church, it
set, and the host drags two crew members on the set to fill in the time.       should be in total chaos by now.* No. Liberalism and legalism sort of
First is Tina (Casi Davidson) the make-up artist. Tina, you’re a Sunday        canceled each other out. With both standards and compassion in one
School teacher—what do you think of the writings of Apostle Paul? *I like      church, we don’t stand a chance. *Why not? * asked one demon.
them.* And what do you like about them? *They’re good.* Okay... next the       *Because standards and compassion is what Jesus teaches.* said the
host brings on Mary (Melissa Shepard), the production assistant. Mary,         second demon. DON’T SAY THAT NAME AROUND ME! screamed
you go to church sometimes. Which of Paul’s epistles do you like best?         Satan. *Sorry, boss.* If a church has compassion, it will realize that non-
*Did Paul write epistles? I thought he wrote some of the bible...* The host    believers are turned off by too many rules. It will cut back on the rules in
pushes Mary off the set and puts on a rerun!                                   order to attract seekers. But, if a church with compassion stresses the
+ SKIT #2: The Devil & the overthrow of the church. [Megan Mitchell read       standards in the bible, new believers find out that their lives actually run
Ephesians 6: 10-18] As we hear the song The Devil Went Down to                 smoother. *What are you going to do, boss? * Take matters into my own
Georgia, Satan (Wes Austin) enters wearing a red silky hooded robe. He         hands and unleash my secret weapon. *What secret weapon? * When a
is dragging one                                                                church has a balance between standards and compassion, the only
of his demons                                                                  weapon we have left is complacency!
(Allen Church)                                                                 + SKIT #3: The Young and the Hairless (Samson & Delilah) [Megan
by his pointy                                                                  Mohler read Judges 16: 4-20] As Nadia’s Theme plays, the narrator (Casi
ear. How could                                                                                                               Davidson) updates us on this
you do this to                                                                                                               soap opera... In our last
me!        *Ouch!                                                                                                            episode we saw the hunky,
Why are you                                                                                                                  long-haired Handsome (Josh
mad at me,                                                                                                                   Handy) as he got ready to
boss? I was just                                                                                                             visit      DeLiar       (Adrian
doing my job.*                                                                                                               Davidson). (To the theme of
What kind of                                                                                                                 Sharp Dressed Man we see
demon are you?                                                                                                               Handsome grooming himself
Your job was to                                                                                                              in a mirror.) Handsome didn’t
neutralize that                                                                                                              know it, but sweet little ol’
church. Does it                                                                                                              DeLiar was at this moment
look neutralized                                                                                                             hatching a plot with the
to YOU! ? *Ow! Can you let go of my ear? * When I get some answers.                                                          neighborhood tough girl,
You were supposed to render that church useless to the Christian cause. *I                                Handsome & DeLiar  Phyllis (Kiersten Davidson)
was working on it! * Your job was to get them so involved with legalism that                                                 and her gang of strong mean
they would drive away potential Christians! *And I did that boss. I got them   women, the ’Phyllis teens’ (Ali Davidson, Megan Mitchell, Amanda
passing judgment on one another. I got the church observing rules that are     Shepard). *I want to know the secret of Handsome’s strength! * That night,
never even mentioned in the bible, like no drinking, no smoking, no            DeLiar was in her apartment watching her favorite tv show, Bethlehem
dancing, no movies. They were treating the rules of man as the rules of        90210 when there was a knock at the door. Handsome enters. Greetings
God.* Then why is that church still attracting new Christians? Another         my little cactus blossom. DeLiar gave him a sexy wink. By the way, big
demon (Travis Germain) enters. Get over here! shouts Satan. Do you             guy, what’s the secret of your strength? DeLiar asks three times. The first
know anything about that church? ! *Listen, boss, I’ve been working hard       time Handsome fibs and tells her it is his sandals. When he takes off his
against that church. I’ve done everything I could...* Oh, no. BOTH of you      sandals, the Phyllis teens enter and beat on him, but Handsome fended
have been working on the same church! *Then shouldn’t it be a disaster         them off with a series of karate moves. Now DeLiar was ticked off. She
by now? * asked the second demon. Yes, but you were working opposite           asked again what his real secret was. This time he told her if he was tied
strategies. I had one of you working on half the churches trying to            up with bungee cords that have never been used, I will not be able to break

                                  15                                                                                16
free. The sweet talking DeLiar talks him into being tied up with new bungee           me. Cindy will need a more experienced guardian angel when she
cords. Again, the Phyllis teens attack Handsome. He breaks free and                   becomes more useful to the boss.* The boss. *Yeah, you know, the boss.*
felled them with the bungee cord. Now DeLiar is really upset. She whined              Say his name. *Huh? * I said, SAY HIS NAME. *Why? * If you’re really a
to Handsome, Doesn’t our relationship mean anything? Can’t I trust you?                                                         guardian angel, you’ll be able to
She rubbed his arms, felt his muscles, tickled his kneecap and batted her                                                       say His name. Say it. *Jeee...
eyes, and scrunched her nose. *If you really loved me you’d give in.* And                                                       Jeee... Jee, look at the time. You’d
finally Handsome gave in. The secret of my strength is....my hair. Now                                                          better get back to headquarters.*
while Handsome fell asleep on DeLiar’s lap, she cut off his long black hair,                                                    You’re not an angel of light. *Oh
giving him a buzz cut. For a third time the Phyllis teens charged him,                                                          yes I am, I’m light as light can be.*
screaming, kicking and swinging. They blindfolded him, gagged him, and                                                          You’re a demon and you’ve come
                                                                                                                                to keep Cindy from being an
                                                                                                                                effective servant of the Lord.
                                                                                                                                *You’re right. I am a demon. So
                                                                                                                                sue me.* You’d better leave. *But I
                                                                                                                                have a job to do. As long as Cindy
                                                                                                                                was a plain Vanilla Christian going
                                                                                                                                to churc h on Sunday but not doing
                                                                                                                                any Christian service, she was no
                                                                                                                                threat to us.* But now she’s about
                                                                                                                                to do the Lord’s work and she could
                                                                                                                                do some damage to you. *Well...*
                                                                                                                                What’s in the box? *This? It’s
                                                                                                                                candy, Cindy’s favorite. I thought
                                                                                                                                she might like a piece.* (The
                                                                                                                                demon angel tempts Cindy with the
                                            Handsome captured by the Phyllis teens!                                             chocolate.) *I’ll just leave the box
                                                                                         L-R: Angel Grace, Cindy, the demon     right here. Is it stealing if you don’t
tied his hands. The narrator breaks in... Unfortunately that’s all the time we                                                  know who the candy belongs to?
have for today’s episode. Tune in next time when Handsome says, *Lord,                Hey, Cindy, chocolates with nuts. Your favorite! * Cindy notices the candy
remember me, just once more.* The moral to the story: never trust anyone              and thinks about taking a piece. Grace shouts Cindy! Think about the
who pressures you to give in for love, for you may lose much more than                interview. Here’s what your interview is going to look like. [The committee
your hair.                                                                            (Ali Davidson, Amanda Shepard, Kiersten Davidson) enters and speaks to
+ SKIT #4: Honesty [Adrian Davidson read 1 John 4: 1-6] A girl named                  her.] Cindy, I see you’re highly qualified for this ministry. This ministry is a
Cindy (Melissa Shepard) enters, carrying a book. She is waiting for an                position of great trust. Can you think of a reason we shouldn’t trust you?
interview. She sets down and begins to read to herself. Two angels enter              Cindy does not take the candy and says, No I can’t think of a single reason
from opposite sides. The first angel Grace (Alli Germain) speaks to the               you shouldn’t trust me. But once more the demon angel tempts Cindy...
second angel (Megan Mohler): Halt! Who goes there! *Hold on! I’m on                   *Cindy, this has nothing to do with trust. This is just a piece of melt-in-your
your side! * State your business. *Why are you so defensive? I’m a                    mouth-chocolate. You have no idea who it belongs to. Nobody is looking.
guardian angel just like you.* My supervisor told me sometimes demons                 Take a piece. Just one piece...* Cindy looks at the chocolates again and
come disguised as angels of light. You’re not a demon are you? *Of                    takes one. Grace tells Cindy to look forward to the interview... The
course not. I told you I’m a guardian angel. I’m here to relieve you                  committee tells her, We can predict how a person will fulfill great
watching Cindy.* Well there must be some kind of mix-up. I’m assigned to              responsibility by how well they have handled small responsibilities. Can
Cindy. *There’s no mix-up. It says here I’m assigned to guard Cindy and               you be trusted with small responsibilities? Can you be trusted? Cindy
you’re supposed to go back to headquarters.* So it does. Well, you can’t              answers *Sure, I’m honest (as she looks at candy in her hand). I can’t do
be too careful you know, especially now, since Cindy... *Yeah, I know all             this. Not only might I be stealing, but I might have to lie about it. Then I
about it. Cindy is about to enter a Christian ministry. That’s why they sent          might have to lie about my lies... I can’t serve the Lord with a guilty

                                   17                                                                                        18
conscience (she puts candy back). Honesty is a choice a person has to
make every moment, every hour of every day.*
   Greeters today were Amanda Shepard and Kiersten Davidson. Acolyte
was Parker Mitchell. The prelude was Amazing Grace performed on the
saxophone by Megan Mitchell. Hymns were Sweet Hour of Prayer with
Melissa Shepard on piano, and For the Beauty of the Earth with Casi
Davidson on piano. Casi also performed the theme from Beauty & the
Beast during the offering. Youth Group leaders/assistants Jim & Anita
Davidson, Michele Mitchell, Bob Shepard. The next MYF meeting is March

   “My true disciples produce much fruit. This brings great glory to my
Father.” -John 15:8
This may be stirred up quickly as an emergency dessert!
  •   1 1/2 cups flour
  •   1 1/2 tsp. baking powder
  •   1 tsp. salt
  •   1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
  •   1 cup oats (quick or old fashioned, uncooked)
  •   3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
  •   3/4 cup raisins (works without)
  •   1 1/2 cups applesauce
  •   1/3 cup oil or melted shortening
  •   2 eggs, beaten
  •   1/4 cup milk

                                                                                                 Come join our Sunday services!
                                                                           Sunday school for all ages each Sunday at 9am! Worship begins at 10:15am!
   Sift together flour, baking powder, salt, soda and cinnamon. Stir in
oats, sugar and raisins. Add applesauce, oil, eggs, and milk, stirring
until dry ingredients are blended. Turn into a greased and fl oured loaf                         In the midst of everything
pan (or 9  -inch square) and bake at 350 degrees for 50-55 minutes.                         Take time to Love and laugh and pray
May be iced if desired. Eat warm!                                                               Then Life will be worth living
                                                                                                    Each and every day!
                                                                                                          - CRLM

                                   19                                                                        20

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