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					        Simply Speaking
         Volume 3 Issue 1                                   Club #2209 District 25 – Division B – Area 26

      January 4, 2010

                                                                   A Step Above the Rest!
  Inside This Issue
                                             “I’m Too Sexy… Macarena…Who Let the Dogs Out… “ All famous one-
  1       A Step Above the Rest!             hit wonder songs of yesteryear! Although most people won’t admit it,
  2       Make a Goal…and Score              many of us blasted these songs on our radios during their height of
          Big!                               success. Then a funny thing happened- the song got old and the
                                             groups went into obscurity! Last year, AAFES TM had a Rock star year.
  3       Check Us Out!!!
                                             We went from a club on the brink of being shut down to a champion
  4       Upcoming Events                    racking up all the awards in 2009- even becoming a President’s
  4       Spotlight on AAFES TM              Distinguished Club for the first time in our history!

                                             We celebrated our success! And then we celebrated again! It was
Meetings in January 2010 are
                                             hard work and we deserved the kudos we received. However we must
every Wednesday in the Executive
                                             not forget that we are now in 2010. We have to perform all over again!
Conference Room.
                                             Just as every New Year begins with a new slate, so does our standing in
Time: 12:00 – 12:30pm
                                             Toastmasters. We have to reach again beyond the stars and try to
                                             secure our place as a commendable club. There are ten goals for
Guests are always welcome!
                                             each Toastmaster’s year. We have to achieve nine of the goals in
                                             order to be designated a President’s Distinguished Club. We currently
                                             have met three (3). Not a small feat- but we can do so much more. If
                                             we stick to our club goals of increased membership and securing
          Congratulations!!                  Competent Communicator and Leader designations, we can reach
      AAFES TM has completed                 our goal again this year!

         3 of the10 goals for                Check with our VP of Education to see how you can help AAFES TM
 President’s Distinguished Club              meet its yearly goals. The article on the next page will help you as well!
   for the 2nd year in a row!
                                             This is our time to show how great we are! Not a one-hit wonder, but a
                                             sign of what’s yet to come! Come on AAFES TM- let’s reach our goals!!
 Happy New Year’s AAFES TM!!
                                             Happy New Year!!

          There will be two
   Speech-a-Thons this month!                                   Norissa Stutson
       Mark your calendars for
          Jan 14th and 28th!!                                   VP-Public Relations, AAFES Toastmasters #2209
    PAGE 2                                                                                                            SIMPLY SPEAKING

 Make a Goal … and Score Big!

Goal-setting leads to success by fostering focus and discipline.

By Sushma Subramanian
Rich Williams, a former Toastmaster, has always set goals to motivate himself. A veteran bowling coach and expert on the sport, he
gives many presentations on bowling-related topics. But he wasn’t always such a polished speaker.

“When I joined Toastmasters, I was surprised to learn that I had some serious refining to do to reach the professional presenter level,”
says the resident of Chesterland, Ohio. “I achieved my presentation goals due to the goal-setting work I did.”

Like many people, Williams sets milestones for himself to help him achieve success, whether it’s related to his career or his exercise
routine. The 57-year-old says he runs four miles four times a week and does strength training at least three times a week. “Every time I
lift a weight, there’s a goal involving the number of repetitions or the amount of weight in the lift. Every time I run, I reach for an ‘equal to
the last time’ or ‘better than the last time’ performance,” says Williams, who with his wife, Doris, runs Williams Sports Consulting, a
company that trains bowlers of all levels.

Goal-setting has also played a key role in Jana Barnhill’s life. When the 2008-’09 president of Toastmasters International first joined the
organization and was working her way through speech manuals, she gave herself deadlines along the way. For example, she gave
herself one year to achieve her first Competent Communicator award – and did it in nine months. Years later, when she was running for
leadership offices in Toastmasters, she used similar incentives – promising herself that she’d call a certain number of people by a
certain date or that she would edit a letter for club members by a certain time.

“Goal-setting has played a major role in my advancement in Toastmasters, both as a speaker and a leader,” says the Lubbock, Texas,
resident. “My personality is one that can easily be distracted. As a result, if I don't set goals for myself, I find myself very busy but not
necessarily accomplishing anything.” Having a plan for how to accomplish certain tasks or objectives also gives Barnhill a sense of
pride once those tasks are completed.

What the Research Shows
A pair of psychologists, Gary Latham and Edwin Locke, published the first real research on the subject in the 1960s. The results
showed that productivity increases when people give themselves goals. Locke and Latham recommended following these general
guidelines for setting goals:
 They must be specific, measurable, relevant and time-bound.
 They must be challenging enough that they can inspire.
 They must be something people want to achieve so that they remain committed.
 They should be flexible. People should check in every few weeks on their progress and leave room to rethink or reinterpret goals.
 They must be attainable. If they seem impossible to reach, people tend to give up.
There is a well-known acronym that’s often used to characterize the goals people should set for themselves: It’s called SMART –
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

To read more about goal setting, check out the January issue of the Toastmaster Magazine at www.toastmasters.org.

   SIMPLY SPEAKING                                                                                   PAGE 3

                                                              AAFES TM will be holding a
                                                              SPEECH-A-THON on Jan 14th
                                                              and 28th! The meeting will be
                                                              from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

                                  Contestants from Area 26:
             AAFES, DFWAE, Oak Cliff Communicators, Young Street Yappers, WINS Texas Toast

                         Tall Tales and International Speech Contest
                          Spring Contest: Saturday, March 27, 2010
                                          1:00pm - Registration Opens
                                                1:15 pm - Briefing
                                            2:00pm - Contest Begins
           Location: Spring Creek Barbeque, 3514 West Airport Freeway, Irving, Texas 75062

                  It’s Time for the Semi-Annual Officer Training!
                 Remember, it’s not just for executive members.
                                  All TMs are invited!
                     Winter 2009-2010 Toastmasters Leadership Institute
                 Date     Day    Time                                 Details
                                                                  Abilene, Texas
                 Jan 9     Sat   1:30PM
                                                                  Location: TBA
                                              TLI Lite - Club Officer Training Only - No Electives
                Jan 15     Fri   6:30PM                     Texas Wesleyan University
                                                                Fort Worth, Texas
                                                            Texas Wesleyan University
                Jan 16     Sat   8:00AM
                                                                Fort Worth, Texas
                                              TLI Lite - Club Officer Training Only - No Electives
                Jan 22     Fri   6:30PM                         Allstate Insurance
                                                                   Irving, Texas
                                                                Baylor University
                Jan 23     Sat   8:00AM
                                                                   Waco, Texas
                                                           University of North Texas
                Jan 30     Sat   8:00AM
                                                                Denton, Texas
                                                              Wichita Falls, Texas
                Feb 20     Sat    TBA
                                                                Location: TBA

    PAGE 4                                                                                   SIMPLY SPEAKING


    Toastmasters Club Officers                                            Su    Mo   Tu     We     Th   Fr   Sa
                                                                                                        1    2
    President – Mike Santy, CC, ALB x-27623
                                                                          3     4    5      6      7    8    9
                                                                          10    11   12     13     14   15   16
    VP Education – Matt Baird, CC, CL x-22993                             17    18   19     20     21   22   23
                                                                          24    25   26     27     28   29   30
    VP Membership – Trevor Adams, CC, CL x-24437                          31
    VP Public Relations – Norissa Stutson x-24409
                                                                          Su    Mo   Tu     We     Th   Fr   Sa
    Treasurer – Tracy Ho x-22779                                                1    2      3      4    5    6
                                                                          7     8    9      10     11   12   13
    Secretary – Nancy Nuñez 972-980-9600                                  14    15   16     17     18   19   20
                                                                          21    22   23     24     25   26   27
    Sergeant at Arms – Robert Stutson Jr x-23086                          28

    Upcoming Events                                                                        March

    Check out our club website for latest club events:                   Su    Mo    Tu     We     Th   Fr   Sa
    http://aafes.freetoasthost.info/                                           1     2      3      4    5    6
                                                                         7     8     9      10     11   12   13
    Check out District 25 website for latest District 25 events:         14    15    16     17     18   19   20
                                                                         21    22    23     24     25   26   27
    http://www.d25toastmasters.org/index.htm                             28    29    30     31

                                                                               Spotlight on AAFES TM
                                                                                     Club #2209

                                                                   1. What is your role?
                                                                   At Toastmasters, members learn by speaking
                                                                   to groups and working with others in a
                                                                   supportive environment.

                                                                   2. Important to AAFES because…
                                                                   Whether you're speaking to the board of
                                                                   directors, your customers, or your co-workers,
                                                                   you'll learn and practice in a friendly,
                                                                   comfortable environment with people who
      Education - Check Your Progress                              also want to become better communicators

      Ensure your education records are current. Check with Matt   3. How can I help AAFES TM?
      Baird, VP Education to update your record. We will be        Get involved! Not only are there speaking
      posting a club progress chart on the website soon.           roles, but leadership roles are available as
                                                                   well! AAFES TM needs an active membership
                                                                   and membership makes a difference!

        Questions or comments? Contact newsletter editor norissa_stutson@freetoast.org or 214-312-2769.

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