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  News                                              President’s Letter
                                                National Conference FY12
November 2011                                                             By Sarah Coppola

Inside this Issue
                                       Becky Clark and I travelled to Chicago October 12-15 for the National Society of
                                       Women Engineers conference, Raising the Heights of Innovation. The conference was an
                                       amazing experience to network with other female engineers and to attend professional
                                       development seminars. Fortunately, we had perfect weather while we were there and
       President’s Letter             were able to admire the beauty of Chicago‟s architecture and explore some of its famous
 1                                     deep dish pizza. I recently graduated from a Chicago college and am very familiar with
                                       Chicago‟s volatile weather patterns, but the windy city cooperated for our trip.
    President’s Letter
 2 (con’t)                             Thursday, the longest day, started bright and early with the Keynote Breakfast entitled
                                       Dance Like Nobody’s Watching. Natalie Givans, a senior vice president from Booz Allen
       Catalyst Report                Hamilton, discussed her vast career experience and shared valuable lessons she has
                                       learned. Her message focused on how to be an authentic leader to both yourself and your
       Calendar                       colleagues by being fully present and establishing balance between career and home. If
 3  Upcoming                          you lead with your heart, you can achieve any success you want. Thursday afternoon we
                                       joined the rest of Region J for the region meeting. Becky represented our section and
        Programs                       voted to pass the new section bylaws, and we all participated in discussions of best
       Banquet Update                 practices. Our small group shared ideas for increasing membership, creating engaging
                                       events and utilizing members‟ strengths. We also learned of many exciting outreach
                                       opportunities and some of the plans for the region conference in Hawaii this winter. Later
       Local News
 4     Western Region
                                       that night, the career fair kicked off with a great Chicago Jazz performance from three
                                       singers. Becky and I helped out in HP‟s recruiting booth for two hours before moving to
        Conference                     the hospitality suite. At that point we‟d been there for twelve hours and our feet were
                                       throbbing, but somehow we survived the free food, wine and music for two more hours.
                                       Our suite was by far the most crowded, so it was a great opportunity to talk with many
       Review of Fierce
 5      Conversations
                                       collegiate members about our jobs in “real world” engineering.

                                       On Friday, we arrived early to beat the Starbucks rush before the career fair started.
                                       While we ate our breakfasts, we were able to network with many of the job seekers. The
       EC Meeting
 6      Minutes
                                       rest of the day was spent at the HP booth or in sessions. These sessions were: Changing
                                       the Conversation: Engaging and Inspiring a New Generation of Engineers, Lean Product
                                       Development, Surviving in a Large Company, MBA or Technical Master’s?, She’s too
                                       Pushy/ She’s too Soft, and Human Factors as a Career and Business Differentiator. My
                                       favorites were Changing the Conversation (CTC) and She’s too Pushy/She’s too Soft.
                                       (Continued on page 2)

                                       Becky and Sarah at the HP Booth     The view of Chicago from the hotel room
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Page 2                               Willamette Valley SWE Section News                                      September 2011

   Willamette                                             President’s Letter (con’t)
    Valley                        While they covered different issues, both resonated with me about the challenges facing

    Section                       diversity in engineering. The CTC talk challenged us to each do one thing to promote
                                  engineering in a way that engages youth by focusing on the real world impact engineers
                                  make. I also visited the Outreach Expo where I networked with other groups who work
    FY12 EXECUTIVE COUNCIL        to promote STEM in K-12 and brought back a lot of ideas and materials for our WVS
                                  outreach events this year.
 Abbie Kimerling                  Saturday I had the opportunity to volunteer with Invent it. Build it, an all day engineering
                                  design outreach program with SWE, Girl Scouts, Design Squad Nation, and ExxonMobil
DEVELOPMENT                       Foundation. 400 girl scouts and 150 parents/educators came to the conference for three
 Betty Coulman                    hands-on engineering projects, speeches, and an outreach expo. The girls built a wind
VICE PRESIDENT, CAREER GUIDANCE   powered car, a safer soda can carrier and an extendable arm for people with disabilities
 OPEN                             using simple household products. At first, the girls were shy and hesitant to participate,
                                  but as they were allowed to build with their hands, they started asking great questions and
 Toni Doolen                      finding innovative solutions. It was amazing to see how inspired the girls were, and many
                                  showed a new interest in pursuing a STEM career. I met one girl, Danielle, who was
 Sarah Coppola                    particularly inspiring. An 8th grader at a science and math magnet school, she was well
                                  spoken, inquisitive and very driven. Her Girl Scout troop even has its own robotics team,
SECTION REPRESENTATIVE            The Southside Divas, who presented. I was able to meet with her mother and connect her
 Becky Clark
                                  to the leader of the outreach events that I participated in as a collegiate SWE member.
                                  This experience exemplified everything the conference is about: bringing together
    FY12 COMMITTEE CHAIRS         multiple generations of women engineers to encourage and support the future of women
                                  in engineering. WE11 was a great experience, and Becky and I look forward to many
BANQUET CHAIR                     more conferences in the future.
 Andrea Knight
 Taia Gelhaus
 Amy Welter
 Lorraine Wang
 Kathy Lane
 Roberta Stinson
OSU COUNSELOR                                                     Sponsoring Women to Success –
                                                                  Catalyst’s latest report
PRE-COLLEGE OUTREACH                                             Why is the number of women in executive ranks
 Sarah Coppola
                                                                 apparently stalled?
PROGRAMS                                                         Catalyst has published the results of its latest study
 OPEN                                                            of the additional challenges for women who aspire
PUBLICITY                                                        to executive level positions. An actionable
 OPEN                                                            recommendation to level the playing field is the
SCHOLARSHIP                                                      establishment of sponsorships of an organization’s
 Sara Homeijer                                                   top women.
WEBMASTER                         Sponsorship is more than traditional mentoring. It is defined as the “active
 Kathy Lane                       support by someone appropriately placed in the organization who has significant
                                  influence on decision-making processes or structures and who is advocating for,
                                  protecting, and fighting for the career advancement of an individual.”
                                                                  Read the free report at

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Page 3                                         Willamette Valley SWE Section News                                   September 2011

                                                   Calendar of Events
NOVEMBER                                       DECEMBER                                        JANUARY
2     EC Meeting                               2      Wine Tasting, 5:00pm, see                 4 EC Meeting, 7:00pm, Rogers Hall
3     Fierce Conversations                            details below                                238A
5     Girl Scout Activity                      7      EC Meeting, 7:00pm, 238A                 TBD Scholarship selection meeting,
TBD   Meet and Greet                                  Rogers Hall                              21 Girl Scouts
                                                                                               TBD Panel Discussion with OSU,
                                                                                                   sometime week of 1/23 through
                                                                                               TBD Meet and Greet

                                                                                                                           Where: McGr
                Upcoming Section Programs – Mark Your Calendars!
                                                      Betty Coulman

                                   Wine Tasting with the Executive Council
                                      December 2, 2011
A fun networking event is planned for Friday evening, December 2, 5-8 pm at Toni‟s house in Corvallis.
Join members of the EC and the section to taste local wines or cider, graze the hors d‟oeuvres, hear the
latest section news and re-energize before the next big holiday rush.

This event is free for members and doubles as our December Meet „n Greet. RSVP by Monday,
November 14 to if you plan to attend.

             13th Annual Willamette Valley Engineers Week Banquet

Save the date! Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012 at the Corvallis Country Club.

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Annette von Jouanne, professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at
Oregon State University and Co-Director of the Wallace Energy Systems & Renewables Facility (WESRF). She will be
speaking on “Riding the Waves: Harnessing Ocean Wave Energy Through Research, Development and Testing.”

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Page 4                                              Willamette Valley SWE Section News                                            September 2011
                                                             Local News

     Section Volunteers Needed!                                                              Membership Drive!
We still have some officer and chair positions that we would                  Have a few friends that are thinking about joining SWE? Have
like to fill. Please contact Abbie Kimerling                                  a new colleague that you think would enjoy our programs?
( if you are interested in helping                  Here‟s your chance to be rewarded for sharing your love for
out.                                                                          SWE! We‟re looking to increase the number of paying SWE
                                                                              members in our section.
Engineers Week Banquet chair and committee members:
Organizes annual Engineers Week Banquet in February. Areas                    Willamette Valley Section is pleased to announce a
to be managed: meals and facility liaison, registration and                   membership drive with incentives for recruiting new SWE
student ticket assignment, publicity, master of ceremonies,                   members. For every two new members you recruit, we will
evening timeline, and program design and printing.                            give you a $20 gift card! Just email Toni Doolen at
                                                                     with the names of the two new members
OSU Counselor: Represents WVS-SWE to OSU section.                             you recruited. This membership drive begins November 1,
Attends OSU section meetings and reports to VPCG or                           2011 and will run through March 31, 2012.
President. Assists in planning joint meetings. Offer guidance
to OSU section officers and members.

Programs chair and committee members: Organizes                                                    Help Wanted!
monthly member events including development workshops,
panel discussions, technical tours, and social events.
                                                                              Consider exercising and honing your leadership skills in the
Vice President Career Guidance: Oversees committee chairs                     position of Chair for our annual Engineers Week Banquet to
for Certificate of Merit, Essay Contest, Girl Scouts, Pre-                    be held February 22, 2012. This is our section‟s signature
College Outreach, and Scholarship as well as the Counselor                    event in the community and we need to fill this opening. The
for the OSU section. Attends Executive Council meetings.                      venue, keynote speaker and program printer are already in
                                                                              place. If interested, please contact or
Publicity chair: Advertises SWE events.                              Thank you!

Fund Development chair: Coordinates fund development
activities for our section.

                                                           Region News

  The 2012 Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Western Regions Joint Conference registration is now open! The Conference is a three-day
  professional development event that will provide women engineers across the Southwest and West Coast the opportunity to network,
  develop professionally, and learn to overcome challenges.

  The 2012 SWE Western Regions Joint Conference will be held from February 29 to March 3, 2012 at the Sheraton Waikiki in Honolulu,

  Please visit the conference website for online registration and the latest information on tours and speakers.

  If you have any questions please contact Jenn Harris at or Amy Weintraub at

                                                                                Visit our website at
                                    Fierce Conversations –
                       Developing Conversation as a Leadership Skill

    What gets talked about in an organization, how it gets talked about and who is invited to the
                  conversation, determines what will happen. Or won't happen.™

Jean Bonifas, Springboard NW, gave us a
Taste of Fierce Conversations on November 3.                               The 7 Principles of
The concept is based on Susan Scott's
national bestseller, Fierce Conversations,
                                                                          Fierce Conversations
Achieving Success at Work and in Life. Jean’s
                                                                           1. Master the courage to
passion for the subject is reflected by the
quote, “While no single conversation is                                       interrogate reality.
guaranteed to change the trajectory of a                                   2. Come out from behind
career, a company, a relationship or a life –                                 yourself, into the
any single conversation can.”                                                 conversation, and make
                                                                              it real.
The program was nicely balanced between
learning the principles of Fierce Conversations                            3. Be here, prepared to be
and engaging in conversations among                                           nowhere else.
attendees. There were many nods of                                         4. Tackle your toughest
recognition and great examples of the various                                 challenge today.
conversational styles and behaviors discussed.                             5. Obey your instincts.
Jean concluded the program with actionable
suggestions for a 30-day focus on improving                                6. Take responsibility for
the quality of our own conversations to achieve                               your emotional wake.
clarity, compassion and authenticity.                                      7. Let silence do the heavy
Good stuff!

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                                       WVS-SWE EC Meeting Minutes
                                   November 2, 2011                 Scribe: Sarah Coppola

Attendees: Betty Coulman, Becky Clark, Abbie Kimerling, Lorraine Wang, Sarah Coppola, Toni Doolen

    Girl Scouts event 11/5 has enough volunteers
    Scholarship essays
          o Need to have Sara and Taia send scholarship           Banquet (February 22)
              info                                                       On track but still need banquet chair
          o Have already received one application                        Need announcement, registration form, PayPal
          o Need to figure out logistics for getting                     Send out info to CH2MHill in Jan
              essays                                                     Can people mail in checks or give them to Lorraine?
                    Lorraine can get them from P.O.                     What is the deadline for registration? Do we shut
                       Box and give them to the husbands                  down PayPal?
                       of scholarship committee chairs at              Invite girls from local high school robotics teams and
                       HP                                                 LBCC to banquet
          o Need to have website updated- follow up                            o How many can we fund?
              with Cathy                                                       o Need to ask clubs how many girls are
                    Can more people have access to the                             interested
                       website or make individual blogs?                       o Just have 1 sponsorship option
    OSU outreach                                                      OSU spots will come from undergrad office
          o Saturday Academy- TBD in Spring                       Finances
          o February 18th event                                        Paypal will allow $500 increments without SSN
          o AWSEM- Tuesday (MS) and Wednesday                          $22k in money market is not earning anything
              (HS) events in Winter
                                                                       We need $25k to do $1k scholarship endowment
                    Need dates to make sure there is no
                                                                       Toni talked to Umpqua about the money in checking
                                                                          to find something with more interest but there is no
Upcoming Events
                                                                          investment counselor in Corvallis. She will follow up
    Fierce Conversations 11/3
                                                                          about a CD
          o Betty will bring pizza, salad and drinks
                                                                       Current Accounts
          o Lorraine will look for cups, plates etc
                                                                               o Checking: $11,617.55
    Girl Scout event 11/5
                                                                               o Scholarship endowment savings: $22,342.35
    Sarah will plan next informal meet and greet                              o Total: $33,959.90
    Amy Welter will plan lunch meet and greet                    Regional Conference
    Fall Meet and Greet at Toni‟s Dec 2 5-8 PM                   HP can send 2 representatives
          o Betty is researching award winning local
              wines to make game for wine tasting
          o Might need to rent more wine glasses
          o Make sure we have non-alcoholic sparkling
              apple cider
          o Member ship drive
                    Gift card for anyone who brings in
                       2 new members (send email to Toni
                       who will send out gift cards)
                    Can we have paper versions of
                    Toni will have computer
                    Does membership drop to half
                       price in Jan?
                    Need to advertise in newsletter
          o Agenda
                    Introductions
                    Benefits of membership
                    Membership drive
    Tour TBD in March (not last week)
    Work Life balance panel with OSU

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