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									BIO - NAVNEET SINGH                                           Active in the Australian wine industry for
                                                              over twelve years, Navneet Singh provides
                                                              professional wine industry consulting. He
                                                              offers   custom        solutions    in    winemaking,
                                                              viticulture,    wine     business        management,
                                                              benchmarking, education and wine list
                                                              development. Nav holds oenology and
                                                              viticulture qualifications from The University
                                                              of Adelaide, a Bachelor of Management
                                                              from the University of South Australia and is
                                                              currently      undertaking         the    international
                                                              Masters of Wine program. He sits on the
                                                              executive board of South Australian Wine
                                                              Press Club and was on the executive board
                                                              of Margaret River Wine Industry Association
                                                              and undertook the prestigious Winemakers
                      Federation of Australia 2010 Future Leaders program. He has comprehensive
                      knowledge of many different winemaking styles and techniques with extensive
                      experience throughout Europe and Australasia, including positions at Mountadam,
                      Chandon Australia, Chateau Le Pin and Vieux Chateau Certan in Bordeaux and three
                      vintages at Domaine de L’Arlot in Burgundy. Navneet Singh was General Manager
                      and Senior Winemaker at Moss Brothers Wines in Margaret River from 2005-2010. His
                      appointment brought a new wave to the Margaret River region, recognised with
                      numerous accolades for his wines including ten trophies and over one hundred wine
                      show medals. Nav strives for excellence and aims to craft wines of distinction which
                      stand above all others in their quality and provenance. His focus is showcasing the
                      unique regionality of the local wine landscape while providing a path to future
                      sustainability and growth. Since the AWRI Advanced Wine Assessment Course, Nav
                      has judged many wine shows including; the Hyatt Advertiser South Australian Wine of
                      The Year Awards, 2010 Royal Adelaide Wine Show, 2010 Boutique wine awards, 2010
                      Cairns Wine Show, 2009 RSM Geographe Wine Show, 2008 & 2007 Qantas Western
                      Australian Wine Show, 2007 Macquarie Commonwealth Bank Margaret River Wine
                      Show and looks forward to judging the 2011 Hong Kong Wine Challenge, Royal Perth,
                      Royal Adelaide and Cairns Wine Show. While studying winemaking in his youth, Nav
                      gained his grounding in the great wines of the world working as Sommelier for Hyatt
                      Regency Adelaide and was three times awarded SA’s best wine list in Australia’s Wine
                      List of the Year Awards.

                      Navneet Singh
                      +61 (0) 403 773 871

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