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Howard Dean press release


									Event Name: Gov Howard Dean Energizing Arizona for 2012, Opening Act: Brothers Gow

Date: Sunday March 27th @ the historic Orpheum Theatre, Flagstaff

CONTACT: Coconino County Democrat Party - Kelsey Blakley (928) 214-0393

   Gov. Howard Dean brings his charismatic energy to Flagstaff’s historic Orpheum Theatre
Sunday March 27. “Energizing Arizona for 2012” features Gov. Dean rallying Flagstaff and
Arizona for the upcoming elections. Known for his plain talk and inspiring speeches, Dean
explains, “There’s an enormous desire for people to be told the truth about why things are a
problem and what ought to be done different.”

   Chair of the event Ron Brewster is “very excited and honored to have Gov. Dean here to let
us know what’s going on currently with health care.” A published author (“Winning Back
America” and “You Have The Power”), Dr. Dean’s most recent book is "Prescription for Real
Healthcare Reform." In it he advises, “If you want to help small businesses, let them pay lower
health insurance premiums.”

   The six-term governor successfully balanced state budgets and was able to bring health
insurance coverage to nearly all of Vermont’s children. Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign is
famous for being first to reach out via the internet and inspire millions of small ($5-20)
donations from everyday citizens. As Chair of the DNC (Democratic National Committee 2005-
2009), Dean was able to put into play his famous 50-state strategy (campaign everywhere, not
just the states that seem like certain wins) which became the backbone of presidential
candidate Barack Obama’s successful campaign in 2008.

   Against the Iraq war from the onset, Dean is proud to be from the “Democratic wing of the
Democratic party.” In 2004, the governor formed DFA (Democracy for America), which has over
a million members across the country. Dean explains, “I want a restoration of a sense of
community, that we’re all in this together. Power grows from the grass roots up.”

   Rally for your party with a great fundraising party and rally! Opening will be The Brothers
Gow (first set 6 pm). Doors open 5:30 pm, Gov. Dean 7 pm. Seating is limited – tickets available
at Animas Trading, Rainbow’s End, Bookmans, and online
($35/main floor, $20 bar & balcony area, $10 bar & balcony area – student rate). For
information about the private reception before the rally ($150 donation includes preferred
seating at the Orpheum event), contact the Coconino County Democrats (928) 214-0393 or


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