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                    The Celebrity Tweet Directory

               Movie Actors/Actresses
Jessica Alba                                   Tom Cruise
@JessMAlba                                     @TomCruise
Followers: 11,933                              Followers: 181,923
Fantastic Four                                 Tropic Thunder, Mission Impossible 1-3

Stephen Baldwin                                Hugh Dancy
@FREAKSB                                       @hughdancyy
Followers: 3,205                               Followers: 406
The Usual Suspects, Biosphere                  Confessions of a Shopaholic

Elizabeth Banks                                Kat Dennings
@ElizabethBanks                                @OfficialKat
Followers: 65,741                              Followers: 39,237
The 40 Year Old Virgin                         Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Kristen Bell                                   Danny DeVito
@IMKristenBell                                 @Danny_DeVito
Followers: 74,646                              Followers: 256,637
Forgetting Sarah Marshall                      Romancing the Stone, Matilda

            Celebrity Tweets
            Anyone see Angels & Demons? Tom Hanks ruined it for me when he told Stephen
            Colbert anti-matter is harmless. A shaken soda is more scary.
            @Mark_Wahlberg (Mark Wahlberg)

Russell Brand                                  Peter Facinelli
@rustyrockets                                  @peterfacinelli
Followers: 655,826                             Followers: 1,315,126
Forgetting Sarah Marshall                      Twilight, New Moon

Jim Carrey                                     Mia Farrow
@JimCarrey                                     @mia_farrow
Followers: 64,688                              Followers: 1,707
Ace Ventura series, The Truman Show            Rosemary’s Baby, Be Kind Rewind


             Celebrity Tweets
             “Starry, starry night. Paint your palette blue and grey, Look out on a summer’s day,
             With eyes that know the darkness in my soul.”
             @RachelleLefevre (Rachelle Lefevre)

Tom Felton                                          Tom Hanks
@TomFelton                                          @tomhanks
Followers: 208,577                                  Followers: 70,238
Harry Potter series                                 Philadelphia, Castaway

Carrie Fisher                                       Anne Hathaway
@CarrieFFisher                                      @hathaway_anne
Followers: 21,833                                   Followers: 14,863
Star Wars trilogy, When Harry Met Sally             Ella Enchanted, The Devil Wears Prada

Jane Seymour Fonda                                  Mariel Hemingway
@Janefonda                                          @Marielhemingway
Followers: 55,143                                   Followers: 187,019
Nine to Five, Monster-in-Law                        Manhattan

             Celebrity Tweets
             And I just want to add f**k you paparazzi for invading our privacy. The laws are chang-
             ing here in CA and that is a 50 grand fine!
             @mrskutcher (Demi Moore)

Danny Glover                                        Tyler Hilton
@mrdannyglover                                      @tylerhilton
Followers: 1,236,879                                Followers: 26,830
Lethal Weapon 1-4                                   Walk the Line

Whoopi Goldberg                                     Timothy Hutton
@WhoopiGoldberg1                                    @timhutton
Followers: 2,298                                    Followers: 3,015
Ghost                                               Taps, Ordinary People, Last Holiday

             Celebrity Tweets
             Best of luck to @EdNorton who is running the NY Marathon today!
             @KevinSpacey (Kevin Spacey)

                      The Celebrity Tweet Directory

Eddie Izzard                                        Lindsay Lohan
@eddieizzard                                        @lindsaylohan
Followers: 1,295,337                                Followers: 161,213
Ocean’s Twelve and Thirteen                         The Parent Trap, Mean Girls

             Celebrity Tweets
             If I were king I would ban those boxes on forms that ask you what race you are. There
             would be only one box and the answer would be”human”.
             @TimmyDaly (Tim Daly)

Hugh Jackman                                        Virginia Madsen
@RealHughJackman                                    @madlyv
Followers: 499,040                                  Followers: 6,708
X-Men series, Wolverine                             Sideways, The Number 23

Val Kilmer                                          Gilles Marini
@ValEKilmer                                         @GillesMarini
Followers: 3,833                                    Followers: 12,000
Top Gun                                             Sex and the City: The Movie

             Celebrity Tweets
             As you get older the pickings get slimmer but the people sure don’t.
             @CarrieFFisher (Carrie Fisher)

Larry The Cable Guy                                 Steve Martin
@GitRDoneLarry                                      @iamstevemartin
Followers: 20,091                                   Followers: 1,861
Delta Farce, Witless Protection                     The Shop Girl, Cheaper by the Dozen 1-2

Rachelle Lefevre                                    Marlee Matlin
@RachelleLefevre                                    @MarleeMatlin
Followers: 160,566                                  Followers: 29,103
Twilight, New Moon                                  Children of a Lesser God

             Celebrity Tweets
             Why is it that women’s health is always the sacrificial lamb? Even under the Obama
             @janefonda (Jane Seymour Fonda)


             Celebrity Tweets
             when I think of how many people aren’t being punched in the face right now I’m
             proud of us. so many getting along so well. :)}}
             @JimCarrey (Jim Carrey)

Rachel McAdams                                      Alex Pettyfer
@RachelMcAdams                                      @apet09
Followers: 21,930                                   Followers: 748
The Notebook, Wedding Crashers                      Stormbreaker

Jason Mewes                                         Denise Richards
@JayMewes                                           @DENISE_RICHARDS
Followers: 49,654                                   Followers: 1,368,828
Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back              Wild Things, Undercover Brother

Matthew Modine                                      Emmy Rossum
@MatthewModine                                      @emmyrossum
Followers: 2,900                                    Followers: 53,637
Full Metal Jacket, Married to the Mob               The Day After Tomorrow

Demi Moore                                          Michael Sheen
@mrskutcher                                         @michaelsheen
Followers: 2,310,625                                Followers: 60,185
Ghost, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle              Frost/Nixon, New Moon

Edward Norton                                       Kevin Spacey
@EdwardNorton                                       @KevinSpacey
Followers: 220,318                                  Followers: 1,423,844
American History X, The Incredible Hulk             The Usual Suspects, American Beauty

             Celebrity Tweets
             Why don’t they have floatation devices fixed to airplanes ‘black box’
             @mia_farrow (Mia Farrow)

Simon Pegg                                          Mary Steenburgen
@simonpegg                                          @MSteenburgen
Followers: 112,910                                  Followers: 796
Shaun of the Dead                                   What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Elf

                     The Celebrity Tweet Directory

Ben Stiller                                        Verne Troyer
@RedHourBen                                        @VerneTroyer
Followers: 712,046                                 Followers: 6,599
Reality Bites, Zoolander                           Austin Powers series

Channing Tatum                                     Nia Vardalos
@channingtatum                                     @NiaVardalos
Followers: 93,552                                  Followers: 25,655
Coach Carter, G.I. Joe                             My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Elizabeth Taylor                                   Mark Wahlberg
@DameElizabeth                                     @Mark_Wahlberg
Followers: 185,475                                 Followers: 101,498
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe                     Boogie Nights

             Celebrity Tweets
             Wow..I just heard from Perez Hilton that Miley Cyrus thinks twitter should be banned
             from this universe..what do you think about that?
             @JessMAlba (Jessica Alba)

Ashley Tisdale                                     Marlon Wayans
@ashleytisdale                                     @MARLONLWAYANS
Followers: 2,294,202                               Followers: 66,298
Highschool Musical series                          Scary Movie 1-2

                     TV Actors/Actresses
Kirstie Alley                                      Aziz Ansari
@kirstiealley                                      @azizansari
Followers: 446,205                                 Followers: 68,154
V, Cheers, Fat Actress                             Parks and Recreation, Reno 911!

Pamela Anderson                                    Christina Applegate
@PamelaDAnderson                                   @1capplegate
Followers: 90,423                                  Followers: 297,198
Baywatch                                           Married... with Children, Samantha Who


            Celebrity Tweets
            I tweet a lot. Consider yourself forewarned.
            @Alyssa_Milano (Alyssa Milano)

Adrienne Bailon                                     David Blue
@Adrienne_Bailon                                    @DavidBlue
Followers: 214,330                                  Followers: 74,409
The Cheetah Girls                                   Ugly Betty

Mischa Barton                                       Michele Boyd
@THEREALMISCHA                                      @micheleboyd
Followers: 118,536                                  Followers: 4,579
The O.C.                                            The Guild

Justine Bateman                                     Rob Brydon
@JustineBateman                                     @RobBrydon
Followers: 16,525                                   Followers: 86,844
Family Ties                                         Marion and Geoff, The Keith Barret Show

Amber Benson                                        Candace Cameron Bure
@amber_benson                                       @candacecbure
Followers: 31,505                                   Followers: 29,537
Buffy the Vampire Slayer                            Full House

            Celebrity Tweets
            When sketches aren’t on-line it almost always has to do with musical clearance issues.
            @sethmeyers21 (Seth Meyers)

Valerie Bertinelli                                  LeVar Burton
@Wolfiesmom                                         @levarburton
Followers: 4,278                                    Followers: 1,455,447
One Day at a Time                                   Star Trek: The Next Generation

Michael Ian Black                                   Adam Busch
@michaelianblack                                    @AdamBusch
Followers: 1,457,615                                Followers: 6,191
Ed                                                  Buffy the Vampire Slayer

                       The Celebrity Tweet Directory

Amanda Bynes                                       Tim Daly
@amandabynes                                       @TimmyDaly
Followers: 163,431                                 Followers: 2,395
All That, What I Like About You                    Wings, Private Practice

John Cabrera                                       Tony Danza
@johncabrera                                       @TonyDanza
Followers: 2,968                                   Followers: 46,720
Gilmore Girls                                      Taxi, Who’s the Boss?

Nick Cannon                                        Stacey Dash
@NickCannon                                        @REALStaceyDash
Followers: 1,383,000                               Followers: 9,210
All That                                           Celebrity Circus

Michael Chiklis                                    Alan Davies
@MichaelChiklis                                    @alandavies1
Followers: 4,301                                   Followers: 112,559
The Commish, The Shield                            Jonathan Creek

            Celebrity Tweets
            Just got asked “team Jacob or team Edward?” by a bunch if girls. I answered “get off
            my lawn!” holding my shotgun. Too much?
            @dannymasterson (Danny Masterson)

Margaret Cho                                       Felicia Day
@margaretcho                                       @feliciaday
Followers: 609,233                                 Followers: 1,574,211
Drop Dead Diva                                     Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Chris Colfer                                       India de Beaufort
@chriscolfer                                       @Indiadebeaufort
Followers: 53,123                                  Followers: 1,502
Glee                                               The Basil Brush Show, One Tree Hill

Stephen Collins                                    Jeffrey Donovan
@Bassisland                                        @Jeffrey_Donovan
Followers: 1,666                                   Followers: 25,480
7th Heaven                                         Burn Notice


Fran Drescher                                      Nathan Fillion
@frandrescher                                      @NathanFillion
Followers: 39,948                                  Followers: 304,031
The Nanny                                          Castle

Haylie Duff                                        Dave Foley
@HaylieK                                           @DaveSFoley
Followers: 59,745                                  Followers: 7,109
Joan of Arcadia, 7th Heaven                        The Kids in the Hall, NewsRadio

Hilary Duff                                        Judah Friedlander
@MissHilaryDuff                                    @JudahWorldChamp
Followers: 89,073                                  Followers: 15,190
Lizzie McGuire, Gossip Girl                        30 Rock

Eliza Dushku                                       Soleil Moon Frye
@elizadushku                                       @moonfrye
Followers: 286,596                                 Followers: 1,300,624
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse                Punky Brewster, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Anthony Edwards                                    Janina Gavankar
@anthonyedwards                                    @janinaz
Followers: 103,844                                 Followers: 14,529
ER                                                 The L Word

Jenna Elfman                                       Melissa Gilbert
@jennaonpurpose                                    @MelissaEGilbert
Followers: 3,490                                   Followers: 24,650
Dharma & Greg                                      Little House on the Prairie

Omar Epps                                          Sara Gilbert
@omarepps                                          @THEsaragilbert
Followers: 581,930                                 Followers: 37,222
House                                              Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory

             Celebrity Tweets
             I don’t understand the expression same difference.
             @langfordperry (Matthew Perry)

                       The Celebrity Tweet Directory

Summer Glau                                         Alyson Hannigan-Denisof
@summer_glau                                        @alydenisof
Followers: 11,634                                   Followers: 62,502
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles             How I Met Your Mother

Selena Gomez                                        Danneel Harris
@selenagomez                                        @DanneelHarris
Followers: 1,191,647                                Followers: 11,495
Wizards of Waverly Place                            One Life to Live, One Tree Hill

Brea Grant                                          David Harris
@breagrant                                          @BartonSmart
Followers: 27,085                                   Followers: 908,410
Heroes                                              Disaster Date

Greg Grunberg                                       Neil Patrick Harris
@greggrunberg                                       @ActuallyNPH
Followers: 1,276,681                                Followers: 155,583
Felicity, Heroes                                    Doogie Howser, How I Met Your Mother

Bear Grylls                                         Kevin Hart
@BearGrylls                                         @KevinHart4real
Followers: 19,700                                   Followers: 145,644
Man vs. Wild                                        Comedy Central Presents

            Celebrity Tweets
            Just for the record, C.C. is AMAZING on set(and off). Everyone loves her! And you know
            that I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true...
            @Busyphilipps25 (Busy Philipps)

Harry Hamlin                                        Melissa Joan Hart
@HarryRHamlin                                       @MellyJHart
Followers: 3,691                                    Followers: 30,004
LA Law                                              Sabrina the Teenage Witch

            Celebrity Tweets
            Shaq just picked me up like a sack of potatoes...
            @jeremypiven (Jeremy Piven)


David Hasselhoff                                   Jamie Kennedy
@DavidHasselhoff                                   @jamiekennedy
Followers: 34,517                                  Followers: 45,401
Knight Rider, Baywatch                             The Ghost Whisperer

David Henrie                                       Mila Kunis
@David_Henrie                                      @MissMilaKunis
Followers: 391,254                                 Followers: 17,952
That’s So Raven                                    That 70’s Show, Family Guy

David Hewlett                                      Ashton Kutcher
@dhewlett                                          @aplusk
Followers: 19,985                                  Followers: 4,012,189
Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis                    That 70s Show, Punk’d

Kate Hewlett                                       John Larroquette
@katehewlett                                       @JohnLarroquette
Followers: 7,369                                   Followers: 18,683
Stargate Atlantis                                  Night Court

Amanda Holden                                      Miracle Laurie
@Amanda_Holden                                     @miraclelaurie
Followers: 62,129                                  Followers: 10,461
Britain’s Got Talent                               Dollhouse

Alaina Huffman                                     David H.Lawrence XVII
@alainahuffman                                     @dhlawrencexvii
Followers: 2,593                                   Followers: 7,872
Painkiller Jane                                    Heroes

Wesley Jonathan                                    James Kyson Lee
@WesleyJonathan                                    @jameskysonlee
Followers: 10,290                                  Followers: 18,718
What I Like About You                              Heroes

             Celebrity Tweets
             I’ve only broken 1 bone: my seventh vertebrae. In a diving accident. On my 18th
             @donttrythis (Adam Savage)

                       The Celebrity Tweet Directory

Jared Leto                            Stephen Lunsford
@jaredleto                            @Lunsfuhd
Followers: 67,584                     Followers: 540
My So-Called Life                     Kamen Rider, Dragon Knight

Lucy Liu                              Allison Mack
@itsLucyLiu                           @allisonmack
Followers: 21,152                     Followers: 15,936
Ally McBeal, Dirty Sexy Money         Smallville

Blake Lively                          Danny Masterson
@blakeclively                         @dannymasterson
Followers: 147,214                    Followers: 1,249,974
Gossip Girl                           That 70s Show

Robert Llewellyn                      Jenny McCarthy
@bobbyllew                            @JennyfromMTV
Followers: 35,339                     Followers: 61,086
Red Dwarf                             The Bad Girl’s Guide, In the Motherhood

Lauren London                         Jennette McCurdy
@MsLaurenLondon                       @jennettemccurdy
Followers: 351,301                    Followers: 147,770
90210, Entourage                      iCarly

George Lopez                          Dean McDermott
@georgelopez                          @Deanracer
Followers: 75,136                     Followers: 24,156
George Lopez, Reno 911!               Tori and Dean: Inn Love

Mario Lopez                           Rose McGowan
@MarioLopezExtra                      @rosemcgowan
Followers: 75,886                     Followers: 43,115
Saved by the Bell, Extra              Charmed

Demi Lovato                           Joel McHale
@ddlovato                             @joelmchale
Followers: 1,168,624                  Followers: 1,526,435
Camp Rock                             The Soup, Community


Leighton Meester                                 Frankie Muniz
@itsmeleighton                                   @frankiemuniz
Followers: 261,738                               Followers: 13,027
Gossip Girl                                      Malcolm in the Middle

Carlos Mencia                                    Olivia Munn
@carlosmencia                                    @oliviamunn
Followers: 10,647                                Followers: 102,167
Mind of Mencia                                   Attack of the Show!

Seth Meyers                                      Mary-Kate Olsen
@sethmeyers21                                    @imMKOlsen
Followers: 46,904                                Followers: 85,609
Saturday Night Live                              Full House

Alyssa Milano                                    Donny Osmond
@Alyssa_Milano                                   @donnyosmond
Followers: 398,428                               Followers: 30,852
Who’s the Boss, Charmed                          Dancing with the Stars

A.D. Miles                                       Marie Osmond
@80miles                                         @marieosmond
Followers: 8,434                                 Followers: 16,217
Dog Bites Man                                    Dancing with the Stars

            Celebrity Tweets
            my father said to me “a man has few great moments in his life-you have given me
            many” today is for you dad-and it even has your name on it!
            @JohnStamos (John Stamos)

Shanna Moakler                                   Joe Pantoliano
@ShannaMoakler                                   @NKMToo
Followers: 71,392                                Followers: 653
Pacific Blue                                     The Sopranos

Tahj Mowry                                       Hunter Parrish
@Tahj_Mowry                                      @HunterParrish
Followers: 32,449                                Followers: 17,519
Smart Guy                                        Weeds

                     The Celebrity Tweet Directory

Holly Robinson Peete                               Kevin Pollak
@hollyrpeete                                       @kevinpollak
Followers: 20,155                                  Followers: 168,450
21 Jump Street, Mr. Cooper                         The Drew Carey Show, Shark

Matthew Perry                                      Jaime Pressly
@langfordperry                                     @jpressly730
Followers: 115,812                                 Followers: 13,251
Friends                                            My Name Is Earl

            Celebrity Tweets
            People who don’t believe in evolution really shouldn’t be allowed to get flu shots.
            @rainnwilson (Rainn Wilson)

Busy Philipps                                      Zachary Quinto
@Busyphilipps25                                    @ZacharyQuinto
Followers: 6,863                                   Followers: 77,213
Dawson’s Creek, Cougar Town                        Heroes

Lou Diamond Phillips                               Gloria Reuben
@LouDPhillips                                      @Glo_Reuben
Followers: 7,323                                   Followers: 279
SGU Stargate Universe, Numb3rs                     ER

            Celebrity Tweets
            We r 43days away from the year 2010, Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston r STILL fighting
            on the cover of tabloids. They moved on y can’t we?
            @NICKZANO (Nick Zano)

Jeremy Piven                                       Lisa Rinna
@jeremypiven                                       @lisarinna
Followers: 930,751                                 Followers: 37,951
Entourage                                          Days of our Lives, Melrose Place

            Celebrity Tweets
            As someone who was diagnosed with BC at 36 yrs old, I am especially angered by this.
            yet I still feel we need better ways of screening!
            @1capplegate (Christina Applegate)


Michelle Rodriguez                                 Vanessa Simmons
@MRodOfficial                                      @V_Simmons
Followers: 11,891                                  Followers: 153,539
Lost                                               Run’s House, The Guiding Light

Mark Salling                                       Jessica Simpson
@Mark_Salling                                      @JessicaSimpson
Followers: 38,948                                  Followers: 1,834,886
Glee                                               That 70’s Show, Newlyweds

Adam Savage                                        Ashlee Simpson Wentz
@donttrythis                                       @ashsimpsonwentz
Followers: 109,697                                 Followers: 1,882,675
MythBusters                                        7th Heaven, Melrose Place

Kyra Sedgwick                                      Molly Sims
@kyrasedgwick                                      @MissMollySims
Followers: 6,941                                   Followers: 592
The Closer                                         Las Vegas

William Shatner                                    Jaclyn Smith
@WilliamShatner                                    @realjaclynsmith
Followers: 125,554                                 Followers: 2,851
Star Trek, Boston Legal                            Charlie’s Angels

            Celebrity Tweets
            Mom made me turn the depressing music off and put on “One Time” by my boy Justin
            Bieber. Why does he always put me in a good mood?
            @selenagomez (Selena Gomez)

Grant Show                                         Jamie-Lynn Spears
@GrantNoShow                                       @JamieL_Spears
Followers: 160                                     Followers: 7,981
Melrose Place                                      All That, Zoey 101

            Celebrity Tweets
            ..a thin but staunch prophylactic, the only barrier between me and cerebral anarchy.
            Hey, I think there’s a song in there…….
            @JohnLarroquette (John Larroquette)

                      The Celebrity Tweet Directory

            Celebrity Tweets
            Life is too short to waste. Dreams are fulfilled only through action, not through endless
            planning to take action. - D. Schwartz
            @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher)

Tori Spelling                                       Blair Underwood
@torianddean                                        @BlairUnderwood
Followers: 87,063                                   Followers: 8,326
Beverly Hills 90210                                 LA Law

Brent Spiner                                        Michael Urie
@BrentSpiner                                        @michaelurie
Followers: 1,242,611                                Followers: 21,830
Star Trek: The Next Generation                      Ugly Betty

John Stamos                                         Wilmer Valderrama
@JohnStamos                                         @WillyVille
Followers: 92,966                                   Followers: 8,333
Full House, ER                                      That 70s Show

Chrishell Stause                                    Kate Walsh
@Chrishell7                                         @k8_walsh
Followers: 5,590                                    Followers: 12,268
All My Children                                     Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice

Anna Perez de Tagle                                 Adam West
@AnnaMariaPdT                                       @therealadamwest
Followers: 57,065                                   Followers: 4,853
Hannah Montana                                      Batman, The Family Guy

            Celebrity Tweets
            I miss my dead dog so much I pet his box of ashes
            @margaretcho (Margaret Cho)

Aisha Tyler                                         Wil Wheaton
@aishatyler                                         @wilw
Followers: 10,752                                   Followers: 1,491,502
Friends, The Ghost Whisperer                        Star Trek: The Next Generation


Rumer Willis                                        Adam Woodyatt
@TheRue                                             @AdamWoodyatt
Followers: 107,203                                  Followers: 22,670
90210                                               East Enders

Rainn Wilson                                        Nick Zano
@rainnwilson                                        @NICKZANO
Followers: 1,650,715                                Followers: 13,590
The Office                                          What I Like About You

            Celebrity Tweets
            Figured out facebook :) I’m not a gizmologist...
            @PamelaDAnderson (Pamela Anderson)

                       Theatre Actresses
Shoshana Bean                                       Kristin Chenoweth
@shoshanabean                                       @KChenoweth
Followers: 5,049                                    Followers: 59,297
Wicked                                              Pushing Daisies, Wicked

            Celebrity Tweets
            I love Stephen Colbert. Period.
            @KChenoweth (Kristin Chenoweth)

           Movie Directors/Producers
Wes Craven                                          Jon Favreau
@wescraven                                          @Jon_Favreau
Followers: 25,419                                   Followers: 559,901
Scream 1, 2, 3                                      Rudy, Swingers, Elf, Iron Man

                     The Celebrity Tweet Directory

            Celebrity Tweets
            Favorite thing I’ve heard today from a reporter: “I have nothing to Twitter about.”
            Perhaps the social statement of the decade.
            @JasonReitman (Jason Reitman)

James Gunn                                         Tyler Perry
@james_gunn                                        @tylerperry
Followers: 19,606                                  Followers: 62,350
Slither, Dawn of the Dead                          Madea series, Meet the Browns

David Lynch                                        Jason Reitman
@DAVID_LYNCH                                       @JasonReitman
Followers: 176,763                                 Followers: 17,067
Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive                      Thank You for Smoking, Juno

Frank Marshall                                     Eli Roth
@LeDoctor                                          @eliroth
Followers: 5,802                                   Followers: 12,914
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button                Hostel 1-2, Grindhouse

Adam McKay                                         Kevin Smith
@GhostPanther                                      @ThatKevinSmith
Followers: 13,884                                  Followers: 11,278
Anchorman, Talladega Nights                        Clerks, Jersey Girl

            Celebrity Tweets
            Hunting season opens 2day in Mich. Nutty local state rep & sen have intro’d bill 2 allow
            college students 2 carry handguns on campuses.
            @MMFlint (Michael Moore)

Michael Moore                                      Quentin J. Tarantino
@MMFlint                                           @QJTarantino
Followers: 477,604                                 Followers: 27,628
Roger and Me, Bowling for Columbine                Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill 1, 2

            Celebrity Tweets
            TWILIGHTers! I offer 1000 sparkly prayers for safe passage to your nearest popcorn
            cathedral for this, your most holy day ever... ‘til June.
            @ThatKevinSmith (Kevin Smith)


Cash Warren
Followers: 27,522
Independent Lens, Made in America

               TV Directors/Producers
Neal Baer                                           Dan Harmon
@NealBaer                                           @danharmon
Followers: 4,286                                    Followers: 5,451
Law and Order: SVU                                  The Sarah Silverman Show, Community

Larry David                                         Greg Yaitanes
@larry_david                                        @GregYaitanes
Followers: 98,339                                   Followers: 96,268
Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm                      House, season 6

            Celebrity Tweets
            So, I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes. No one has said anything. Is this supposed to
            do something? Did I break The Twitter?
            @larry_david (Larry David)

     The Celebrity Tweet Directory


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