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2004 - 2005
Fellow Road Users,

Each year, thanks to support from AAA, CAA, their members, insurance companies,
and other generous donors, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is able to fund our
research and education projects in order to reach many audiences, from traffic safety
experts to policy makers, engineers, the media, and all “road users,” including children.

Through our research and public outreach we work to understand the causes of traffic
crashes, make driving safer, and produce better skilled and more responsible drivers.
This is as important as ever, given the alarming number of injuries and deaths on our
nation’s roads each year.

Perhaps the largest challenge of all is to convince the public and key policy makers
that these fatalities, and the associated injuries, are not “accidents” that we must
accept as normal consequences, but rather a public health crisis that can be
addressed. Fortunately, there is a ground swell of cultural change underway in
jurisdictions throughout the country where we see officials setting audacious goals
that envision a “zero fatalities” future. Hopefully, this cultural change will continue
to expand so that one day soon we as a society will not find it “acceptable” that one
person is killed in a traffic crash every 13 minutes!

For me personally, I am gratified to head an organization dedicated to “saving lives
through research and education” and that our team is “passionate” about that
mission. To that end, I am delighted to report that the AAA Foundation currently has
a record number of projects underway, covering a wide range of high priority issues,
from which we hope to make a dent in future injury and fatality statistics.

If you have additional questions, please visit or call us
at 1-800-993-7222.

J. Peter Kissinger
President & CEO, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
For more than 50 years, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has been
a publicly supported, non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable research and
educational organization. The Foundation’s tagline describes what
matters most in our work: “Saving lives through research and
education.” Also, the Foundation has a rich tradition of initiating
groundbreaking research on important safety issues and translating the
results into practical programs with real-world consequences.

Defining and meeting the needs of a vast and varied public is our primary
challenge. More than 190 million Americans today have driver’s licenses. We
expect the number of drivers to continue to rise as seniors stay on the road longer,
especially because of the “baby boom echo.” Thus, we have placed priority on research
and educational products to make older drivers safer. Also, since teens represent the
riskiest group of drivers, we produced driver-ZED® to help promote teen driver safety
and continue to research counter-measures, such as graduated driver’s licenses. We
continually research ongoing traffic safety issues, such as distracted driving and road
safety, and seek new strategies to address them. Keeping all drivers safe, along
with the millions of pedestrians, cyclists, skaters, and others who use the road,
is our most important concern.

We also juggle a constantly changing array of new topics that are raised by our own
research, by new technology, and by industry. Each new technology offers a new
traffic safety challenge and a new opportunity to investigate the issues associated
with it and provide reliable information to the driving public. Managing our varied
audiences and changing goals means that we have to maintain a responsive and
flexible operation.

We are organized around the two pillars of our mission — research and education.
In research, we identify and investigate traffic safety problems to determine the
causes of traffic crashes and ways to improve safety. Once we develop research
findings, our education and outreach programs set to work creating ways to
disseminate the information to the public and key policy makers.
Research                                                                                           Education & Outreach
Because traffic safety affects all of us, the AAA Foundation initiates research on a broad range   If we can get recommendations and safety messages to our audiences in ways that resonate
of problems and issues. The AAA Foundation conducts research by identifying behaviors,             with them, we know we have made a difference. When we develop new safety information or
hazards, and situations that can cause automobile crashes, learning as much as possible            recommendations based on our research, we immediately identify key audiences and devise
about why injuries occur and formulating strategies to make a difference.                          strategies for reaching those groups through a combination of earned media, direct outreach,
                                                                                                   and educational tools.
Each year the AAA Foundation’s Research           Once the research report is finalized, the
and Development Advisory Committee                AAA Foundation posts the report on our           Since so many of our messages apply to          In a typical year, we respond to more than
approves a slate of research projects based       website and produces printed copies for          drivers — a term that covers the whole          500 unsolicited media inquiries on various
on recommendations from the staff, AAA            free distribution to research professionals,     universe of people who get behind the           safety issues. The Nexis news database
and CAA clubs, expert consultants, and            the media, and the public. The efforts           wheel — we often start by trying to capture     records more than 1,000 stories where AAA
the committee members themselves.                 don’t stop there. As soon as we receive the      the national media’s attention. We hold         Foundation representatives are quoted as
These topics range from cutting-edge              findings from a study, we begin translating      news conferences, give interviews, provide      expert sources. However, media outreach
technology, such as glare problems caused         the information into constructive                television stations with “B-roll” video that    isn’t the only way to get information to the
by new types of headlights, to perennial          recommendations that contribute to making        shows our messages, and provide back-           public, which is why we continue to create
concerns such as teen safety and                  roads safer. High priority is placed on          ground materials such as specific               and distribute brochures, pamphlets,
distracted driving. Once the committee            translating the research into real world         incidents that illustrate our findings and      videos, PSAs, and other educational tools.
approves a topic, the best research method        changes and not simply reporting problems        recommendations. AAA and CAA clubs              These materials bring the issues home to
is determined. External consultants are           in an academic or abstract way. Working          help us enormously by promoting the local       special target audiences, including schools,
commissioned or we begin investigations           closely with AAA and CAA clubs, we leverage      angle and gaining media coverage in their       parent groups, police and fire departments,
using our own staff, depending on the             our research to offer practical advice for       areas. For example, when we released our        and local safety organizations. Recently,
nature and scope of the project. For example,     drivers, suggest vehicle modifications,          Older Driver Involvement in Injury Crashes      we’ve explored several “new media” efforts
recognizing that Latinos (Hispanics) are          recommend new laws or policies, or advise        in Texas study in 2004, we captured the         that combine the immediacy and excitement
overrepresented in many crash categories,         changes to roadways themselves. For              attention of every major network and            of broadcast messages with the ease and
in 2003 we commissioned the Educational           example, in releasing our study on               television news organization, as well as a      sensibility of traditional written material.
Development Center to evaluate educational        unlicensed drivers, we recommended               multitude of national and international
materials available in Spanish for cultural       several changes to the driver’s licensing        radio networks, newspapers, wire services,      For instance, the Foundation produces
appropriateness, with an eye toward               process and encouraged further study into        and countless local media outlets that          a summary fact sheet and PowerPoint
developing guidelines for future traffic          technologies such as “smart licenses” that       used our material to illustrate the situation   presentation to accompany the release of
safety education materials. All research is       could help keep dangerous drivers off            in their area. Based on this coverage, we       each research report available on the web.
closely managed and draft findings are            the road.                                        can estimate conservatively that our            We are also continuing to expand our
peer-reviewed to ensure scientific credibility.                                                    outreach on this story alone reached more       online photo library, which currently has
These “reviews” include careful, thorough                                                          than 100 million people. Ongoing media          around 1,500 photographs, and now has
examination by experts in the field who                                                            inquiries, as well as several older driver      an international component.
know the topic and can comment on the                                                              audio public service announcements (PSAs)
research methodology and conclusions.                                                              re-released in 2004, continue to draw
                                                                                                   attention to this issue.

Research Statistics                                                                                Education & Outreach Statistics
• Supported more than 130 research projects since 1947                                             EDUCATION
• Received the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine Scientific                   • Provided speakers for national safety meetings
  Paper Award for the AAA Foundation report Distractions in Everyday Driving                       • Distributed over 700,000 free brochures to schools, hospitals, police and fire
• Currently working on a record number of research projects, many of which are in                    departments, fraternal organizations, clubs, and other groups
  collaboration with one the following organizations:
  – AAA
                                                                                                   • Respond to more than 1,000 media inquiries annually
  – BMW of North America, Inc.
                                                                                                   • Distribute electronic newsletter to traffic safety professionals and media contacts
  – CAA
                                                                                                   • Reach more than 200 million people annually through earned media hits in television,
  – Center for Healthy Aging
                                                                                                     radio, newspaper, and magazine stories
  – Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
                                                                                                   • Logged nearly 20 million hits on the AAA Foundation websites
  – FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society
                                                                                                   • Developed new distracted driving brochure, general Foundation brochure, and a new
  – Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
                                                                                                     video called Crash Course: What to Know Before and After a Collision
  – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
                                                                                                   • Updated the driver-ZED CD-ROM, the Foundation’s most requested product
Websites                                                                                             Frequently Asked
Our main website,, provides a resource for anyone who wants more
information about traffic safety — from new drivers looking for safety tips to research scientists
who want information about the latest traffic safety research. In addition to the Foundation’s
main website, we also offer two special sites for key audiences, and Interest continues to grow dramatically for each site every year.                 Who funds the Foundation’s work?                  Does the media depend on the Foundation
                                                                                                     The Foundation's funds come from many             for information?
                                                                                                     sources. As an IRS-certified, tax-exempt,         The Foundation is seen as an authoritative
Visitors to can find         older drivers need to adapt their driving
                                                                                                     not-for-profit charitable organization            voice on traffic safety. Print and electronic
a variety of valuable information, including       habits to the changes that often come
                                                                                                     (section 501(c)(3)), it is funded by voluntary,   media use the Foundation as an expert
the complete text of research reports,             with aging, such as diminished vision
                                                                                                     tax deductible contributions from auto            resource on traffic safety issues, inviting
current and archived press releases,               and slower reflexes.
                                                                                                     clubs associated with AAA and CAA,                staff to appear on television and radio as
traffic safety news, practical safety tips,
                                                                                                     individual AAA club members, insurance            well as quoting us extensively in traffic
and engaging quizzes for all road users.           The Foundation’s online resource for
                                                                                                     companies, and other individuals or               stories. We encourage this by granting
AAA Foundation videos are also available           older drivers,, has
                                                                                                     groups, often as a memorial to a family           unlimited access to staff members and by
for viewing on the website, allowing               also shown remarkable growth since its
                                                                                                     member or friend. The growth of our               providing a balanced, accurate perspective
visitors access to video content as well as        launch in 2000. After our press conference
                                                                                                     support indicates the confidence that             on issues. Lawmakers, policy makers, and
preview before purchasing. In addition,            on senior safety and mobility in February
                                                                                                     motorists place in the Foundation’s               educators rely on our research for informed
web surfers can browse the Foundation’s            2004, visitations were
                                                                                                     pioneering research and education.                guidance, both in the U.S. and abroad.
catalog of traffic safety materials and            up almost 300% over the previous year.
place orders online. The Foundation’s              This site is a comprehensive resource on
                                                                                                     Is the AAA Foundation part of AAA?                How large is the Foundation?
educational CD-ROM driver-ZED remains              all aspects of senior safety and mobility.
                                                                                                     No, the AAA Foundation is an independent          Located in Washington, DC, the Foundation
our number one seller.                             Senior drivers can find fitness tips to
                                                                                                     tax-exempt organization that serves all           has six full-time staff members with a 2004
                                                   help maintain strength and flexibility,
                                                                                                     members of the public. However, we work           budget of approximately $3 million dollars.
To supplement our award-winning CD-ROM             behind-the-wheel safety skills, and long
                                                                                                     very closely with AAA, CAA, and auto clubs
driver-ZED, we developed,        distance travel advice. Information is
                                                                                                     throughout North America.                         Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of
a multimedia site for teen drivers and             available to help family members ensure
                                                                                                                                                       our most recent Financial Audit and/or
their parents. Online driving quizzes, as          that their senior relatives continue to
                                                                                                     Has the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety         copy of Form 990 Tax Returns should
well as information about the unique               drive safely. The site also provides guidance
                                                                                                     been recognized for their contributions?          contact us.
safety challenges that confront young              for senior transportation providers and
                                                                                                     We received a Golden Eagle award from
drivers, are also available. In addition,          those who want to start such programs.
                                                                                                     the Council on International Non-theatrical       How does the Foundation decide what
supplemental training materials for                Recently, the AAA Foundation expanded
                                                                                                     Events (CINE) for driver-ZED. We’ve also          research is published?
teachers and parents are provided to      to include a searchable
                                                                                                     won awards from the Public Relations              Under its public, not-for-profit charter,
maximize the safety utility of driver-ZED.         database of supplemental transportation
                                                                                                     Society of America, the New York                  the Foundation is required to publicly
                                                   programs for seniors throughout the
                                                                                                     Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, the          disseminate all of its research findings. A
Just as teens have specific safety issues          United States.
                                                                                                     New York Film Festival, and others.               comprehensive peer-review process is
that relate to their lack of driving experience,
                                                                                                                                                       utilized to ensure all findings are
                                                                                                     How does the Foundation decide its research       scientifically valid.
                                                                                                     We’re always developing research ideas —          How can I contribute to the Foundation?
                                                                                                     originated by AAA Foundation and AAA/CAA          Charitable contributions can be made
                                                                                                     staff, sent in as unsolicited proposals,          online at the Foundation’s website,

Collaboration                                                                                        and developed through contacts with
                                                                                                     known experts in the traffic safety field.
                                                                                                     Ultimately, our Research and Development
                                                                                                                                             , or by contacting
                                                                                                                                                       the Foundation. All contributions are fully
                                                                                                     Advisory Committee reviews the proposals
In order to maximize the impact of our Foundation activities, we collaborate with AAA,
                                                                                                     and votes on which ones will receive funding.
CAA, public agencies, and other key transportation safety organizations. Recent
collaborators have included the Better Business Bureau, the Beverly Foundation, FHWA,
the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society, NHTSA, and TRB. These efforts
allow us to leverage our research budgets and outreach capabilities to tackle bigger
problems, reach wider audiences, and make a larger difference.
Board of Trustees
Douglas E. Bower (2007)                 Timothy R. Georgeoff (2006)        Thomas V. McKernan, Jr. (2006)**          Augustine Preno
President and COO                       President and CEO                  President and CEO                         Lifetime Honorary Trustee
AAA Michigan                            CAA North and East Ontario         Automobile Club of Southern California    Cherry Hill, NJ
Dearborn, MI                            Ottawa, Ontario, Canada            Costa Mesa, CA
                                                                                                                     Daniel P. Rice (2007)
Barbara G. Brazil (2006)                Frederick L. Gruel (2007)          Thomas E. O’Brien (2006)*                 President and CEO
Manager, New Mexico                     President and CEO                  President and CEO                         AAA Kentucky
Public Affairs                          New Jersey Automobile Club         AAA Auto Club South                       Louisville, KY
Intel Corporation                       Florham Park, NJ                   Tampa, FL
Rio Rancho, NM                                                                                                       John G. Schaffer, Treasurer (2005)
                                        Marguerite D. Hambleton (2007)     Carol H. Ormond (2005)                    Vice President and CFO
Mark H. Brown (2007)                    President and CEO                  President and CEO                         AAA
Executive Vice President,               AAA Western and Central New York   AAA of Tidewater Virginia                 Heathrow, FL
Association and Club Services           Buffalo, NY                        Virginia Beach, VA
AAA                                                                                                                  Earle B. (Buzz) Seeley (2005)
Heathrow, FL                            Richard S. Hamilton (2007)*        Nicholas Parks (2005)**                   President and CEO
                                        President and CEO                  President and CEO                         AAA Merrimack Valley
Dennis J. Crossley (2005)**             AAA East Central                   CAA Central Ontario                       Lawrence, MA
President and Chairman                  Pittsburgh, PA                     Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Automobile Club of New York                                                                                          Robert R. Sharp (2007)**
Garden City, NY                         Charles H. Hire (2006)             David E. Parsons (2006)                   Chairman
                                        Vice Chairman                      President and CEO                         AAA Auto Club South
Robert L. Darbelnet (2007)              AAA                                AAA Carolinas                             Tampa, FL
President and CEO                       Columbus, OH                       Charlotte, NC
AAA                                                                                                                  Mark A. Shaw (2006)**
Heathrow, FL                            Kenneth A. Johnson (2006)          Paul C. Petrillo, Chairman (2005)         President and CEO
                                        President and CEO                  Weddington, NC                            AAA Southern New England
Anthony J. DeNovellis (2006)            AAA Missouri                                                                 Providence, RI
President and CEO                       St. Louis, MO                      Susan G. Pikrallidas (2005)
AAA Colorado                                                               Vice President, Public Affairs            Mark H. Shaw (2005)
Denver, CO                              Charles B. Liekweg (2005)          AAA                                       President and CEO
                                        President and CEO                  Heathrow, FL                              AAA Ohio Auto Club
Allen DeWalle (2007)**                  AAA Washington                                                               Worthington, OH
President and CEO                       Bellevue, WA                       Charles H. Podowski (2006)
AAA Mid-Atlantic                                                           President and CEO                         Gerald T. Terwilliger (2006)
Philadelphia, PA                        Mary S. Martino (2005)             The Auto Club Group                       President and CEO
                                        Buffalo, NY                        Dearborn, MI                              Connecticut Motor Club
James H. Doran (2007)                                                                                                Hamden, CT
President and COO                       D. James McDowell (2005)           John D. Porter (2006)*
AAA Hartford/Cincinnati/Kansas          President and CEO                  President and CEO                         F. Stuart Wilkins
West Hartford, CT                       AAA Arizona                        AAA Oregon/Idaho                          Lifetime Honorary Trustee
                                        Phoenix, AZ                        Portland, OR                              Canton, OH
David L. Flewelling, Secretary (2006)
President and CEO                       William I. McKenzie (2005)         James R. Pouliot (2005)*                  Willis B. Wood, Jr. (2006)
Canadian Automobile Association         Chairman                           President and CEO                         Chairman
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada                 AAA Northern New England           California State Automobile Association   AAA
                                        Portland, ME                       San Francisco, CA                         Los Angeles, CA

                                                                                                                      *Auditing Committee
                                                                                                                     **Funding Committee
Research & Development                                                             Recent Foundation
 Advisory Committee                                                                 Research & Projects
Mark H. Brown (1994)                     Paul A. Pelletier (2000)                  Recently Released Foundation Research
Executive Vice President,                President and CEO                           • Distractions in Everyday Driving
Association and Club Services            CAA Quebec                                  • Evaluation of Chevron Pavement Markings
AAA                                      Quebec, PQ
Heathrow, FL                                                                         • Older Driver Involvement in Injury Crashes in Texas
                                         Paul C. Petrillo (1975)                     • The Safety Impacts of Vehicle-related Road Debris
Dennis J. Crossley (1997)                Chairman                                    • Supplemental Transportation Programs for Seniors: A Report on STPs in America
President and Chairman                   AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Automobile Club of New York              Weddington, NC
Garden City, NY                                                                    Recently Released Foundation Products
                                         Susan G. Pikrallidas (2000)                 • Crash Course: What to Know Before and After a Collision DVD/VHS
Allen J. DeWalle (2004)                  Vice President, Public Affairs
President and CEO                        AAA                                       Research and Education Projects in Progress
AAA Mid-Atlantic                         Heathrow, FL
Philadelphia, PA                                                                   Foundation-funded research is currently investigating the following topics:
                                         Charles H. Podowski (2004)                  • Adapting Pedestrian Signals to Meet the Needs of Older Pedestrians
Marshall Doney (2004)                    President and CEO                           • Alcohol Screening of Motor Vehicle Crash Patients in the Emergency Department
Vice President, Automotive Services      The Auto Club Group                         • driver-ZED Update
AAA                                      Dearborn, MI
Heathrow, FL                                                                         • Enhancing Senior Drivers’ Performance
                                         James R. Pouliot (2002)                     • Evaluation of Short-Term License Suspensions for Drinking-Driving
James H. Doran (1999)                    President and CEO                           • Getting Around: Alternatives for Seniors Who No Longer Drive
Chairman                                 California State Automobile Association     • Guidebook to Observe and Assess Use and Misuse of Occupant Restraint Systems
AAA Hartford/Cincinnati/Kansas           San Francisco, CA
                                                                                     • Guidelines for Evaluating Driver Education Programs
West Hartford, CT
                                         Michael J. Right (1981)                     • Interventions to Increase Booster Seat Use for Children Aged 4-8 Years
Frederick L. Gruel (2001)                Vice President, Public Affairs              • Nationwide Evaluation of GDL Systems: What Works
President and CEO                        AAA Missouri                                • Reducing the Crash Risk for Young Drivers
New Jersey Automobile Club               St. Louis, MO
                                                                                     • Safety Impacts of Pavement Edge Drop-offs
Florham Park, NJ
                                         Earle (Buzz) Sealey (2003)                  • Senior Safety and Mobility Conference
Marguerite D. Hambleton, Ph.D. (1988)    President and CEO                           • Survey of Police about Drowsy Driving
Chairman                                 AAA Merrimack Valley                        • Traffic Safety Educational Materials for Latinos
President and CEO                        Lawrence, MA
                                                                                     • U.S. Road Safety Assessment Program - Pilot Project
AAA Western and Central New York
Buffalo, NY                              Robert R. Sharp (1992)                      • Young High-Risk Male Driver Insurance Incentives Project
Robert H. Kirk, H.S.D. (2003)            AAA Auto Club South
Knoxville, TN                            Tampa, FL

D. James McDowell (1998)                 Mark A. Shaw (2002)
President and CEO                        President and CEO
AAA Arizona                              AAA Southern New England
Phoenix, AZ                              Providence, RI

Thomas V. McKernan, Jr. (1993)
President and CEO
Automobile Club of Southern California
Costa Mesa, CA
607 14th Street, NW, Suite 201, Washington, DC 20005
202.638.5944 • 800.993.7222 •

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