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					Mean, Mode, Median,
  Daniela Escorcia Aguilar
           2 hour
       The skill is to find the
      mean, mode, median, and
        range on some data
Mean means to add all the numbers and divide it by
  the numbers of piece of the data
Mode means the number that occurs the most
Median means to put the numbers in order from least
  to greatest and find the number in the middle. But
  if there is two numbers you add them up and divide
  it by two
Range means to find the differences between the
  greatest and the least numbers
        Problem to work out
•             Test Scores
•   61,99,56,99,75,100,100,80,95,100
•        Least to greatest
•   56,61,75,80,95,99,99,100,100,100
•   Find the mode? 100
•   First find the number that repeats the most? Which is 100 the right answer.
•   Find the range? 44
•   First find the biggest and smallest number? Which they are 100 and 56 then
    subtract them. The answer is going to be 44.
•   Find the median? 97
•   First find the middle number. So there is two numbers then you add them up and
    get 194. So divide that by two which is 97. So that is your answer.
•   Find the mean? 84 r4
•   First add all the numbers which is 864. Then divide it by 10 because there are 10
    numbers. Which is 86 with over 4.
• The skill that I choose can be used in real
  life by when I get a job I will use median,
  mode, mean, and range. I know that we still
  learn it school. Just because we go to
  school right now that never meant that
  when we grow up we won’t use mean,
  median, mode, and range. We will use this
  for the entire life,

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