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									                                        Kindergarten Parent Newsletter
                                              September 19, 2011
          It is very important to have your child at school each day. Remember that if he/she has to be
absent or get an early dismissal before 11:00 am I must have an excuse within 3 days of your child
returning to school.
          Our annual Title 1 meeting will be on September 20 th. One meeting will be at 10:00 am and the
other at 4:30 pm. You may contact the office for additional information.
          We will have our school Parenting Meeting on October 10th at 10 am. The speaker will
be from Alta Pointe and will be discussing parenting tips and child safety.
          We have been in school for over 5 weeks. Please allow your child to walk to class on his/her
own. There is a Safety Patrol to help them get to their class if they forget where they are going. Thank
          Last week we sent home a list for you to keep track of the books your child is reading. There is
the Alabama/Auburn reading list and the reading list that will continue throughout the year. The same
book can be used for both logs. We have already started to see some Alabama/Auburn logs come in. Keep
up the reading!
          This week we will be learning to identify characters in Reading. We have two new “popcorn”
words this week. Also, we will be studying the letter “m.” We will be teaching children to associate the
letter “m” with the letter sound “/m/.” Have your child tell you the sound the letter “m” makes. Ask him
or her to list things that begin with the “m” sound.
          Your child should already be able to identify all of the letters.
          Popcorn Words: the, little, I, am, to, a
          Letter Sounds: Mm

          In Math the children are learning about numbers 0-5. They are learning how to count items, write
the numbers and identify the numbers 0-5. These are very important skills. Please help your child practice
these skills at home. For example, you can ask your child to count how many dolls or cars you have.
Another thing you can do is have them identify numbers around the house. Not only is this reinforcing
what is taught at school, but also connecting these skills to daily activities.

         For Social Studies this week they are continuing to learn about community helpers. They will
learn about sanitation workers, police, construction workers, vets, doctors, etc.

        This is the schedule for testing this week. It is subject to change.
                  *Identify front/back of book and title page (Wednesday)
                  *States Full Name (First, Middle, and Last) (Thursday)
                  *State Age                                                 Additional things to work on at
                  *Community Helpers (Friday)                                home:
                  *Conduct (Friday)                                          *Writing your name
                                                                             *State parents’ name
                                                                             *State age
                  Thank you,                                                 *Recognizing name from class list
                  Kindergarten Teachers                                      *Recognizing, writing, and counting
                                                                             *Correct pencil grip
                                                                             *Identifying all letters

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