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                                                                                            June 10, 2004

           Rev. Craig Harper              “I wrestled, played football and baseball…
      OFFICE MANAGER                      started smoking pot and attending raves…
           Mrs. Judith Dooley
                                                by 17, I was shooting heroin…”
            P.O. Box 250771
      9236 W. Appleton Ave.
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225      My name is Shaun Carter. I am 24 years old. I
             (414) 466-4415
         Fax (414) 466-0793
                                 grew up in Gurnee, IL.
                                 In high school, I wrestled, played football and
                                 baseball and met a lot of new people. Partying
     “ROBBY DAWSON”              became a way of life for me and I started to
            727 North 31st St.   believe that with the amount of violence in the
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208
              (414) 342-0909
                                 world, there couldn’t possibly be a God.
         Fax (414) 466-0793

                                 I started drinking very young but when I got into
    “CENTER OF HOPE”             high school, I started smoking and selling pot
       MEN’S CAMPUS              and LSD.
            P.O. Box 250771
      9222 W. Appleton Ave.
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225
             (414) 466-4415
                                 A lot of people smoked pot and drank, but LSD
         Fax (414) 466-0793      introduced me to some wilder crowds.

                                 A girl I knew began taking me to all-night parties called “raves.” I was
            PROGRAM              mesmerized by the rhythmic beats, the style of dance and dress, and the overall
            P.O. Box 250771
      9246 W. Appleton Ave.
                                 love and acceptance everyone seemed to have for each other. We used a drug
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225      called Ecstasy which makes you think you love everyone.
              (414) 466-4415
                                 In this scene, drugs were the norm and I began taking them like they were
                                 candy. By 17, I was shooting heroin and had overdosed on alcohol twice.
       1015 North 10th Street
                                 After I barely graduated from high school, I decided to stop doing hard drugs. I
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53205      moved to Denver, CO with my girlfriend and a couple of other friends. My family
                                 began to come back to the Lord one by one. I also became interested in
                                 possibly following Jesus, but had no interest in obeying God.
       5319 North 91st Street    After a year in Colorado, my girlfriend and I began talking about marriage.
 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53225
             (414) 438-1689
                                 Instead of getting engaged, I got a slap in the face when I found out she was
                                 being unfaithful. I was completely devastated.

                                 I moved to Wisconsin to go to UW Whitewater where I started drinking to numb
                                 the pain. My younger sister was involved in a tragic automobile accident. She
                                 was in a coma and things were not looking good. I started using heroin again
                                 and quit going to school.
Heroin is an extremely addictive drug and is very hard to get off of once you are hooked. Heroin
withdrawal involves roughly 96 to 120 hours of unrelenting anxiety, nervousness, agitation,
vomiting, diarrhea, extreme body cramps and hot and cold sweats and chills. Your body just
won’t let you sleep. After the third night of infomercials and 90210 re-runs, you slip into a state
of insanity where you would do anything to take away the agony.

In the next couple of years, I experienced this hell on earth a dozen times. I went through four
rehabs, NA, AA and a methadone clinic. I burnt my bridges with my family and friends and lost
my self esteem and my hope.

Broken and helpless, I enrolled in Teen Challenge in Iowa. I spent five months there but left
prematurely to join the Navy. I excelled in the Navy but I began to seek the Lord less and less.
Upon receiving orders to Coronado, CA, I underwent a security clearance.

The Dept. of Defense found out that I had a couple more criminal charges and much more drug
use than I originally disclosed. I was brought up on charges of Fraudulent Enlistment and was
discharged from the Navy. As I had done so many times in the past, I turned to heroin to numb
the pain and shame.

Eight months later, after another overdose and a few accidents, I came back to Teen Challenge.
God has been restoring me ever since. I believe that when you ask Jesus into your heart, you
are never the same. Sin cannot be taken lightly and will bring about destruction.

My hopes today are to build a strong foundation in Christ and enjoy every day as a gift from God.
I hope to one day finish school and o to work in my family’s business. I hope to be an example
of how God can take a broken man and use him for His kingdom.

Psalm 118:13, 17 says, “You did your best to kill me, oh my enemy, but the Lord helped me. I
will not die, but I will live to tell what the Lord has done.”

 (Shaun graduated from Milwaukee Teen Challenge in February 2004. After completing the first
phase we sent him to Phase II at the largest Teen Challenge center in the world in Rehrersberg,
                PA. Please pray for Shaun as he moves forward with his life.)

  Teen Challenge is the most effective drug program in the world.

         Men and women like Shaun call us every day for help.

        We depend solely on donations from caring individuals.

                   Can you help us by sending a gift today?

                                         Thank you!

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