MANAGEMENT TEAM MEETING MINUTES April 9_ 2009 Attendees by wuzhengqin


									                         MANAGEMENT TEAM MEETING MINUTES
                                   April 9, 2009
Attendees: Dorette Kerian, Marv Hanson, Pete Sterle, Bonnie Jundt, Craig Cerkowniak, and Lori

Recorder: Carol Hjelmstad

1.     Minutes of the March 26, 2009 meeting were reviewed and approved.
2.     Standard agenda items:
       Systems Changes: Upgrade ImageNow – 4/20/09
       Meetings: Project/Task Planning Meeting – Grand Forks – 4/14/09; Enterprise Project and
       Portfolio Management Meeting – Fargo – 4/20/09; NDUS CIO Meeting – Bismarck – 4/21/09

3.     Other Items:

       ITSS Salary Markets – Carol Hjelmstad

       Carol Hjelmstad reminded the Management Team that the ITSS Salary Markets need to be
       completed and returned to Human Resources. Deadline date is April 13, 2009.

       New Storage System – Dorette asked the question on what would we have to do to be able to bring
       additional people on the storage system? What change would that be for additional areas? Besides
       mapping the drive, they would have to have a separate sign-on. Discussion was held on bringing the
       Wellness Center on the test system. Craig will work with the Desktop Staff to appoint a person to
       work with Doug Osowski and staff from the Wellness Center to move forward with adding them to the
       project. Dorette will communicate with Joshua Riedy regarding moving forward.

       ImageNow Upgrade – Craig sent information on Wednesday to ImageNow campus registrars and
       contracts regarding the upgrade on Wednesday. He is waiting for a response from contacts. The
       upgrade is scheduled to start at 8 am April 20, 2009 with completion is scheduled for noon April 21,
       2009. Craig stated that the upgrade contact person is Chris Legler.

4.     Follow-up Topics:

       Network Authentication – Bonnie Jundt

       Bonnie updated the Management Team on the RFP process. Marv has asked the committee for
       rankings of the vendors from the committee. After receiving the ranking, four vendors have been
       asked to present next week. They hope to have a decision and purchase order by May 1, 2009. A
       tentative implementation date has been set for June 30, 2009.

5.     Reports:

       Support Services – Craig Cerkowniak

       Common Spot – A group from UND went to Brookings South Dakota to review the system. Craig
       gave an overview of the trip and the system reviewed. A meeting is to be scheduled for next
       week to discuss the outcomes.

       Student Email System – Craig mentioned the implementation dates for the new student email
system will be moving from summer to fall.

Umail – Craig updated Management Team that they are working to get the system updated.

CILT – Lori Swinney

Space – Lori updated the Management Team on CILT’s space at Robertson/Sayre being taken
for use by College of Arts & Sciences.

Camera Ready Classrooms – Lori gave an overview of the project. She will work with Nasser
Hammami (SMHS) to explore options. Possible funds for the part of the project could come from
STF Classroom Funds.

The Teaching with Technology Proposals are due April 8, 2009. The committee will be reviewing
13 proposals for 10 positions.

Blackboard Upgrade Timeline – Janna Kruckenberg and Chad Bushy have developed a
timeline for the blackboard upgrade. Lori will do a sole source form for purchase.

CILT/Continuing Education Integration – Lori updated the Management Team on the process
for moving forward with the integration. Projected date for the merger is July 1, 2009.

Accountant – Pete Sterle

Inventory – Pete reminded staff that inventory is due May 2, 2009.

Technical Services – Marv Hanson

GroupWise – Marv reported that the GroupWise consultant was here and has submitted a
preliminary report. They will be meeting with the consultant this afternoon to review the findings.

DBA Positions – Two people have been selected for hire. Gail is working with Human
Resources to move forward. Expected start dates are the first week in May.

Active Directory – Marv reported that they held a campus wide meeting to discuss the structure
of Active Directory. Marv will schedule an Active Directory Configuration Meeting within the next
couple of weeks.

Network Services – Bonnie Jundt

Internet2 Traffic – NDSU moved their I2 traffic to the AT&T Northern Tier Link on April 7, 2009.
On April 14, 2009, the remaining NDUS campuses and K12 traffic will be moved to this link and
the legacy link is scheduled to be removed by the end of the month.

Network Services Temporary Position – Bonnie reported that Tim Langemo was hired in the
Network Services Temporary position effective April 14, 2009. Thank you to Carol for all the help
in getting this process completed.

STF Wireless Project – Bonnie updated the Management Team on the STF Wireless Project.
Terry Meland did a walk through at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Nasser and
Barry reported that the system is up and working well. Thank you to Terry Meland, Larry Fisk and
staff for their work.
Cindy Filler in the Alumni recognized Bryan Ford for his help with analyzing, recommending, and
implementing a solution to resolve her database back-up issues.

Team Development – Bonnie reported that the Network Services Team members have all
completed their individual meetings and they have scheduled their group meeting for the first
week in May.

Director – Dorette Kerian

IT Costing Process – IT Costing Process - Dorette gave an update on the IT costing process.
NDSU is moving independently. Following discussions with Josh Riedy and Alice Brekke, Dorette
will work with Dawn Botsford as to how UND should gather information with the intention of
working with NDSU for an appropriations request to include IT components as utility. Bonnie and
Keith are working with Pete to develop standard yearly replacement costs for costing and budget

ITSS Budgets - Dorette asked each Management Team Members to update the last expenditure
to budget report sent to Josh Riedy. We will need to do a monthly report to Josh beginning in

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