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					The Definitive Guide

This document is created to be a comprehensive, easy to understand technical
document for reviewers and potential buyers but is also peppered with real life
experiences and scenarios where Stora has made life easier, more fun and more
connected for me.
If you want to connect and ask a question or make a comment, feel free to drop by the
Stora Facebook page where you will find lots of Stora news, tips and more. While you’re
there, why not become a fan!


NETGEAR Stora is Network Attached Storage that’s been designed from the ground up
for home users, families and first time NAS users. Geeks and IT professionals should
proceed directly to the more advanced ReadyNAS range.
Simply put, you can store and protect your photos, music, movies and data with Stora
and then share them in a range of ways while using a fast, easy to user web browser

The true benefits of Stora are its media streaming capabilities and easy to use remote
access connectivity. Show your photos on a DLNA-enabled TV in the living room,
stream recorded TV programs to the Xbox360 in Joey’s bedroom, watch an HD movie
on the PS3 in the den.

Access all your digital media while away from home. Upload pictures to keep them safe
while still on vacation. Grab that forgotten document while in the airport after your early
morning flight. Share photos from your trip with friends and family over the internet with
an automatic email invite or upload whole albums to Facebook, before you even get
back home. You can even stream movies, music and pictures straight out of Stora
across the internet to your hotel room using the built in media player. Stora will also
automatically backup files and folders from computers on your home network and keep
them safe.

   •   High Performance home network storage and media server
   •   Smooth, easy to use but powerful web interface with embedded media player
   •   Second drive bay for RAID1 protection to protect against disk failure.
   •   Super easy remote access – It’s as simple as visiting a web site.
   •   Simple media sharing via email invites, web links or auto upload to Facebook
   •   Gigabit Ethernet port for ultra-fast wired connections.
   •   Embedded DLNA media server plays content on DLNA/UPnP AV devices like
       EVA2000, XBox360, PS3, DLNA compliant TVs.
   •   Embedded iTunes Server
   •   Backup Software for Windows and Mac
   •   Time Machine and Vista backup support
   •   Works with Windows7 backup and restore
   •   Advanced features available at a low price subscription to Stora Premium.

Many users find Network Attached Storage daunting, difficult to install and configure,
then find it doesn’t do what they want it to but does lots of things they don’t understand.

Enter Stora! The friendly face of NAS!
Easy to use home storage with some really neat features to get you, your friends and
family connected to your digital media, while providing a safe secure backup location for
your important files.
Centralize all your digital media

Stream Movies, Music and Pictures around your Home

Stora offers digital media streaming to multiple devices around the home. Stora is DLNA
certified (Digital Living Network Alliance, a standard that allows media devices to talk to
each other) and can stream music, video and pictures to a host of DLNA certified
devices including games consoles such as Xbox360 and PS3, digital media players,
including the NETGEAR EVA series, digital photo frames and the latest crop of DLNA
enabled TV’s. On many of these devices, you simply add a Stora to your home network
and pops up as a new media source on your player or games console.
Stora also features an embedded iTunes server. Simply load your music collection to
Stora and without any configuration, get access to your music on all iTunes enabled
PC’s and Macs around your home. You will simply see “Stora: iTunes Server” on the
right hand menu bar of your iTunes software, just click on it to access your centralized
music collection.

With class leading performance Stora is able to support multiple media streams around
the home, so Jonny can watch his favorite movie clips in his room, Jenny can play her
music in the den, while mom and dad are catching up on the latest movie download in
the living room. All at the same time!
Access your content from anywhere!

Well, anywhere with an internet connection anyway…
Many NAS devices offer remote access but in reality it usually involves lots of setup,
with knowledge of DynDNS, registration of IP addresses, port forwarding on your home
router and a Phd in computer science!
Stora’s different, it’s been designed from the start for remote access and as a result it
simply does everything for you. All you have to do to access your Stora is go to and enter your Stora name, your user name and password and you
are connected. If you are at home and on the same local network as Stora it will redirect
you away from the internet and make a high speed local connection for you.

Once you’ve connected, Stora offers a remote access experience like no other storage
device. A smooth, fast, easy to navigate, flash based browser interface gives the same
user experience whether accessed from the local network or from any PC or Mac away
from the home with an internet connection. Stora’s browser based interface offers
multiple views to your media including the new stylish shuffle view and integration with
the award winning Cooliris browser plug-in means you can now view your own digital
media on the Cooliris 3D wall*.

                                                           Viewing pictures in the
                                                           “shuffle” view

The Cooliris 3D wall view
(Premium feature)
Watch movies streaming directly from home

Stora also includes an embedded browser based
media player. Now you can play your favorite music or
movie at home on your Stora and watch or listen in a
hotel room, internet café or anywhere with an internet
connection. Stora supports multiple formats for
streaming including, Mpeg4, Mov, flv and mp3
formats. So when I’m on a business trip overseas,
with nothing for company but TV in a foreign
language, I can listen to my favorite tunes through my

True Family Storage

When an account is created in Stora for a family member, they
are automatically allocated private folders that are secure and
accessible by their login only. They will also get access to family
folders that are visible to all members of the household. So Stora
provides personal, private storage space for each family member
while still making sharing your digital media among all the family a
breeze. Stora standard allows up to 3 user accounts to be
created, however Stora also allows simultaneous multiple logins
on the same account so family members could share the same
storage space. Upgrade to Stora Premium and you can create
unlimited user accounts. Then you could give access to family
and friends who are not even in the same house and really get

Share your photo album to friends and family

With Stora’s unique sharing capabilities, you can
now share your digital media with anyone with an
internet connection. Send invite emails with direct
links to the pictures of last night’s party to friends or
make a selection of photo albums of the kids
available to mom and dad. Decide that you want to
share a photo album with everyone and Stora will
create a unique URL link to that album for you to
send out to whoever you want or post to your web
page or blog. You don’t need to worry about
removing access to content after a period of time,
simply tick the “share until” box and select the date
when you want to stop sharing that album. You can
even decide whether or not you want to allow
downloads of those pictures.
Integrate with Facebook & Flickr™

Stora makes sharing your pictures and home movies with social networking sites super
easy and automated. Simply select the album you want to share, tick the box for
Facebook or Flickr* (or both) and pictures from that album are automatically uploaded to
your account. If you want to share more pictures, simply add them to that album. Stora
makes tedious uploading of individual photo’s a thing of the past. Now you can upload
whole albums of pictures to your favorite social networking site in one hit! Facebook
integration is included as standard, Flickr integration is a feature of Stora Premium.

Back up your important files automatically

Stora ships with simple backup software designed specifically for Stora called Desktop
Mirror for Windows and Mac. A few simple clicks and you will be synchronizing your
computers documents folder with your personal “MyDocuments” folder in Stora. If a file
gets changed or added, it’s automatically copied to Stora on a schedule chosen by you.
If you want to ensure you back up folders outside of your documents folder, a few more
clicks and you are done. Never worry about losing that important document or treasured
photograph again!
Stora also support lots of other ways to ensure your computers data is backed up. It has
built in support for Apple Time Machine and Windows Vista backup and works with most
third party backup software. It also works nicely with my Windows7 netbook and it’s built
in Backup and Restore software.

Protect your valuable documents from a disk failure

NETGEAR Stora usually ships with a disk installed and is ready to go. However putting
all of your data eggs in one digital basket might be more than you want to risk. So Stora
offers a second drive bay, simply add a second disk of the same capacity and Stora will
backup your data on the first disk to the second (RAID1) and keep them synchronized.
Then if a disk fails and they do from time to time, they are mechanical with moving parts
after all, simply pull the failed drive and swap for a new one, without any data loss or the
need to shuffle data around. No configuration, button pressing or tools are required,
simply remove the front panel and slide in a second drive, Stora does the rest and
protects your valuable data from loss through disk failure.

USB Port to share

Stora has one USB 2.0 port on the front of the unit. Simply connect the storage device
you want to share and the contents will appear in the Family Library and be accessible
to all family members either locally or remotely. The USB port is compatible with most
storage devices including flash drives, Hard Disks, digital cameras and MP3 players.
Pretty much anything that shows up as a mass storage device on your PC without
special installation will work with Stora. Now your partner can connect the camera to
Stora while you are on a business trip and you can flick through the pictures remotely!
You can also connect a USB printer to Stora, and then share the printer with all the
computers on your home network.
Super Quiet Stora

Stora’s unique vertical airflow design means it can use nature to do most of the hard
work when cooling. This means that the fan doesn’t have to work so hard and
everything becomes much quieter. Stora also usually ships with the latest low power,
low noise hard disks.

Save the planet, use Stora!

Stora is not only super quiet but has some of the lowest power consumption figures
while still delivering the best performance in its class. Stora also has the ability to spin
down its disks after a period of inactivity and has a power on/off timer so you can set it
to shut down when it’s not needed to save
even more power

Stora with 1x Low Power consumption disk
Idle 7.8-9.8 Watts
Active Transfer 9.7-12.2 Watts

Stora with 2x Low Power consumption disks
Idle 12.8-16.2 Watts
Active Transfer 14.5-18.7 Watts

Now you can shut down that power
hungry Media Server PC and stream your media from Stora, doing your bit for the
planet and saving quite a lot of money along the way. I am one of those guys who
measures his power consumption closely with a digital power monitor. By switching off
my Windows Media Server rather than running it 24/7 I have calculated that Stora will
actually pay for itself in saved electricity cost well before the 3 year warranty runs out.


I have done my own performance tests with great results but in the interests of
impartiality I will quote independent sources. On’s highly respected
NAS performance charts, Stora consistently outperfomed all of it’s closest priced and
featured competitors sometimes by as much as 3x. Delivering enough performance to
backup and transfer big files quickly and stream multiple movies around the home.
Read the full charts here:,com_nas/Itemid,190
Stora Premium
Stora Premium Services are extra features that you can add when you want. Not
everybody wants to have extra features and make their Stora more complicated. It is
meant to be simple after all.
You can try Stora Premium for 30 days, then for a simple $19.99 yearly subscription, or
equivalent in your local currency, your Stora offers the following extra features and

Mobile access - Have the ability to show off your precious holiday memories from your
iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phone and many more!

Website integration- automatically upload pictures into Flickr. Use RSS to feed albums
to a remote photo frame or keep your friends updated with your latest holiday photos.

Cooliris Integration - View photos and media on the Cooliris 3D flying wall or display
slideshows with ultra smooth animations and transitions.

Additional Users – Unlock the Stora experience to your entire family and even your
friends. Add more than 3 user accounts for the utmost in flexibility.

Automatic upgrades - Free upgrades for all new Premium features during the
subscription period

Customer Testimonial (direct and unedited from the Stora Forums)
VERY GLAD I bought the STORA, I was leary to buy this product after reading the posts. I needed a
better way to back up as well as access my years of media. Mostly Pics and home video as well as
music. I wanted to shed my 2 cents on this great product. I am a novice computer guy, 46, and
occasionally play with my system. Setup was EASY and FAST! I didn't buy the second RAID drive incase
I had problems. After a few days of uploading to the STORA with no issues, I purchased a second SATA
1TB drive. I installed it while the STORA was on and it did all the rest on its own. AS SIMPLE AS
POPPING IN AN 8 TRACK TAPE! I had 40Gb of data and 3 hours later it was all backed up on the
second RAID drive safe and secure. Somewhere I had read that you have to turn the system off, but the
simple set up guide advised to just slip it in. It worked!
I also used the FaceBook feature and it worked great. UNBELIEVABLE! 76 Pics sent to face book with
NO issues! I loaded a TON of music into the ITunes folder and it also worked FLAWLESSLY! I turned on
my wifes computer and she saw all 6Gb of music, same with my daughters! Its listed under Stora: Itunes
in the shared media area!
I attached my 160Gb USB drive to the STORA and moved a bunch of stuff to the Library. Again, no
Stora sent the link to my freinds to look at photos, and it too had no glitches!
I set up my office computer to do the backup mirror, but don't think I will continue to use it. No problems
have accured, it just boots the mirror page at start up. I will probably just upload what I want.
I also highly recommend to read the ENTIRE manual. As I read some of these complaints and posts,
many of the answers and applications lie in the manual.
Thanks Netgear, great AFFORDABLE product with more features than buying a couple of drives and
manually backing them up!
Screen Shots
Independent Reviews
Scores 5/6 and a recommended award
4/5 stars

Computer Shopper and Expert Reviews
Awarded 5/5 stars and the Computer Shopper Budget Buy Award
“Full of useful features and is good value if you want a RAID 1 NAS but don't have much

PC Pro: Stora
Awarded 4/6 stars
"As a NAS drive for the masses…the Stora does what it has to do rather well."

ZDNET Australia
Editors rating - 8/10
“A good choice for those who want a simple and effective storage solution.”

PC Market Magazine, Hong Kong
Scores 32/40 and wins PCM Recommended Award

Macsimum News
Macsimum Rating 7.5/10
“Stora is the best device of its kind that I’ve seen for mainstream consumers.”
Tech Specs

System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® Vista, XP Home or Pro (SP1 or SP2), Macintosh® OS X, Linux®
Router (with DHCP enabled) and broadband connection required for installation and remote
access features

Web Browsers Supported
Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ 6.0+, Netscape® Navigator™ 7.0, Safari 1.22+, Mozilla Firefox®

NETGEAR Stora Home Media Server for music, photos and videos
Two (2) Serial ATA channels
Compatible with SATA and SATA II HDD
10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
USB 2.0 port
Embedded 256 MB flash memory for OS
Supports Windows®, Mac®, Linux®/UNIX clients via web browser
Setup wizard and easy browser based interface
Includes Stora Desktop Applications for Windows and Mac

Media Streaming
DLNA certified

Stora embedded media player support:
Media Class Supported Formats
Image - JPEG, GIF, PNG
Audio - MP3
Video - MPEG-4 (H.264), MOV, FLV

Other file types are supported by your PC’s browser and media player

USB Device Support
USB Printers
USB Hard Disks, flash drives, digital cameras and MP3 players (View in your
Stora interface or backup from Stora)

Physical Specifications
Dimensions: (H x W x D):
175.25 x 150 x 146 mm
(6.90 x 5.91 x 5.74 in)
Weight: 1.36 kg (3 lb) (without a hard disk)

Package Contents
12V, 5A power adapter, localized to country of sale
Power cable
Ethernet cable
Quick installation guide
Warranty card
Resource CD

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