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					                        INDIAN INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM
                                      “TENDER NOTICE’’

        Sealed tenders are invited for the following works from registered contractors of
  appropriate class who have successfully carried out three, two or one similar work (s) amounting
  to 40%,50% or 80% respectively of the estimated cost given below for CPWD, State PWD,
  Railways, MES, P&T, other State & Central Govt. departments and CSIR during last five
  years.The tenderers are requested to produce proof of experience in original for verification and
  one photo copy for submission at the time of request for purchase of tender documents.
.S.No. Name of work                Estimated      Time of            Earnest      Tender Cost in
                                   Amount in Completion              Money in Rupees
                                   Lakhs                             Rupees
                                   based on
                                   DSR 2007
   1.     Renovation and           36.62          Eight months       73500.00     500.00 + 13.5%
          extension of Canteen.                                                   VAT

  2.     Pre –mixing and         5.18            Three months       10356.00      500.00+13.5%
         widening of road from                                                    VAT
         gate No. 1 to telephone
         exchange at IIP.

         Renovation of various
  3.     laboratories at IIP       34.37         Twelve month       68756.00      500.00+13.5%
         Dehradun                                                                 VAT
         Annual maintenance
  4.     contract for              20.00         Twelve month       40000.00      500.00+13.5%
         Laboratory buildings                                                     VAT

  1. Tender documents can be had from the office of Head ESD, Tech. Block, Indian Institute of
     Petroleum Dehradun on any working day between 10.00 AM and 3.00 PM from.10.3.2011
     to 18.3.2011 against payment in cash of Rs.500.00 + 13.5% VAT(non-refundable)
     deposited with Cashier IIP as the cost for each tender document.
  2. Tenders will be received up to 3.00 P.M. on 22.3.2011 and will be opened on the same day
     at 3.30 P.M. in the presence of the contractors or their representative, if any.
  3. Tenders without earnest money are liable to be rejected.
  4. Director Indian Institute of Petroleum, Dehradun reserves the right to reject any or all
     tenders or to accept them in part, or to reject the lowest tender without assigning any reason
5. Request for purchase of tender shall close on 17.3.2011 at 12.00 A.M.
6. Experience certificate issued by the Officer below than Executive engineer will not be
7. NIT can also be seen at our website www.iip.res.in

                                                                         Head ESD

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