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                            June 12, 2007

President Bill Crain called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Board Members present
were: Jim Gelhaus, Sharon Gelhaus, Lori Waters, Jay Dee Anderson, Jarvis Anderson,
Sean Alquist, Billi Heigh, Kay Johnston, Darra Norgaard and Casey Richardson. Jan
Lukenbill was present as a guest.

Treasurer’s Report: Prior to the meeting, Linda Hahn e-mailed the Treasurer’s Report to
all the Directors. General Fund - $11,257.93, Raffle Saddle Fund - ($2,286.06), Show
Fund - $94,284.58, Youth Fund - $1,838.69 and Youth Scholarship Fund - $500. Total
balance of $105,595.14.

Show Committee Report: Jim Gelhaus gave a report on the Hungry Horse Summer
Slide (HHSS). Everything is in order. Julie Lazaro will be the announcer with Gertie
Peterson as assistant. We have 5 scribes and numerous other volunteers. Over 200 stalls
have been rented. All the awards and ribbons have been received. There was discussion
on the arena being open immediately after the ground has been prepared until paid warm-
ups Thursday morning (this has been confirmed and the arena will be open during this
time). Paid warm-ups are full. Banners will be delivered to Patty Widener, who is in
charge of putting them up. Programs are being printed.

Fundraising Report: (a) Brackett Creek schooling show – Becky sent a write up for The
WRANGLER and webpage. This event made $1,477 (general fund) and $103.50 to
MRHYA fund from the concession. (b) Sweatshirts, jackets, etc – Linda reported she
ordered more sweatshirts for the HHSS and then will order more for the Manntana
Futurity and Derby Classic. (c) Saddle Raffle – Linda reported on the raffle and stated
that we need to get more tickets sold. The saddle is on display at Four Corners Saddlery
and will be displayed at all MRHA shows. (d) Jan Lukenbill reported that she has
collected $43,565 with another $19,000 promised and this does not include major
sponsors. The total will be $104,565. She said that vendors are still calling in.

Youth Report: Sean Alquist reported that a meeting will be at the HHSS where they will
discuss year-end awards. The youth will have a consignment sale and a “horse/dog
wash” which will be donated by EQ Solutions.

Stallion Stakes Report: Billi Heigh reported there is over $15,000 in the Stallion Stakes.
She refunded $400 to the buyer of breeding to A Freckled Dunit who died this spring.
Awards for Stallion Stakes winners and owners of the stallion will be wine decanters
engraved with reining horses. There are nine (9) confirmed stallions for the 2008
breeding season and these stallions need to be advertised on the website.

Gold Star Affiliate: Billi has contacted NRHA, but has not heard from them. She will
have a report at the next meeting.
Horse Consignment Proposal: Darra Norgaard talked about the possibility of a
consignment program through MRHA helping members sell horses. She suggested
putting together a list and advertise the horses at MRHA shows and on the website of this
service. A committee was formed of Darra and Casey to work out these details.

Newsletter/Website Report: Sharon reported that she had received from Secora
Richardson, MRHYA secretary, the minutes from their last meeting and also an ad for the
Horse/Dog Wash. The minutes were sent to The WRANGLER and are published on the
website. An ad for the Horse/Dog Wash is also on the website.

Rules and By-Laws: Lori noticed that under MRHA classes and also year end awards
that MRHA Senior Rookie is listed. This was a mistake as there is no such class. It was
decided that this won’t be a problem as no shows will be offering this class.

Banquet Report: Sharon reported that March 1-2, 2008 has been reserved at the Great
Northern Convention Center in Helena, MT for the 20th Anniversary Banquet and general
meetings. There will be a judges’ seminar at that time and NRHA has been contacted to
schedule an instructor. Everyone was asked for ideas on special art work in celebration
of our 20th anniversary and also to have a special guest. Mandy Kennedy, NRHA
Supervisor of Youth Programs, is interested in attending and meeting with the MRHYA.
Casey Richardson made motion for MRHA to pay a guest speaker’s expenses to attend
the Banquet. This was seconded by Jay Dee Anderson. Motion carried.

New Business: Business card ads have always in the past been billed at the end of the
year and MRHA has three outstanding bills for ads from 2006, which has cost MRHA.
We need to change this to be paid prior to the ad being published.

Casey Richardson explained that the Missoula County 4-H Show will be holding reining
classes. Theresa Manzella- Lengyel is going to judge these classes and then put on a
reining demonstration. MRHYA will be setting up a booth and doing a membership
drive. Jim Gelhaus made a motion that MRHA spend $150 to sponsor a reining class at
the Missoula County 4-H Show. Linda Hahn seconded this motion. Motion carried.

Next meeting will be held July 17th at 7:00 by teleconference.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM

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