LabVIEW and NI Technologies in Teaching and Research by linxiaoqin

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									LabVIEW and NI Technologies in
    Teaching and Research

          Pham Quoc Hung
           Field Systems Engineer
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 • Overview of National Instruments
 • Introduction to LabVIEW and its applications
 • PC-based measurement and control technologies
 • Automated test technologies
 • Platform for teaching and research in electronics and
 • Conclusions
 • Overview of National Instruments
 • Introduction to LabVIEW and its applications
 • PC-based measurement and control technologies
 • Automated test technologies
 • Platform for teaching and research in electronics and
 • Conclusions
National Instruments
                                 NI HQ

• Founded in 1976

• Leaders in Computer-based
  Measurement and Automation

• Long-term Track Record of
  Growth and Profitability

                                                                  Revenue in Millions
                                         Record FY 2010 Revenue
• $873 M Revenue in 2010                     of $873 Million

• More than 16% of revenue is
  invested into R&D

• Fortune’s 100 Best Companies
  to Work For 12 Consecutive

• More than 5,200 employees;
  operations in 40+ countries

What We Do

  Low-Cost Modular Measurement and                                                Highly Integrated
                                     Productive Software Development Tools
          Control Hardware                                                       Systems Platforms

                    Used By Engineers and Scientists for Test, Design, and Control

What is Virtual Instrumentation?
 Traditional Vendor-Defined                   PC-Based Measurement
         Instruments                         and Automation Solutions

                          Processor    Display


                              ROM     Hard Disk

NI’s Vision of Virtual Instrumentation
           “To do for test and measurement
    what the spreadsheet did for financial analysis.”

Virtual Instrumentation Everywhere
More than 30,000 Companies Using NI Technologies

Diversity of Applications
                           No Industry >15% of Revenue

 Telecom   Academic            Automotive   Semiconductors   Electronics   Computers

   ATE         Military/         Advanced    Petrochemical      Food       Textiles
              Aerospace          Research                    Processing

National Instruments in Academia

• 110 Countries
• Adopted in 6,000+
  universities worldwide
• Used in all engineering
  and science disciplines

Over 6,000 Educational Institutes Use NI Technologies

 • Overview of National Instruments
 • Introduction to LabVIEW and its applications
 • PC-based measurement and control technologies
 • Automated test technologies
 • Platform for teaching and research in electronics and
 • Conclusions
A Highly Productive Graphical Development Environment for Engineers and Scientists

  APIs and Drivers                 Analysis Libraries               Custom User Interfaces

Deployment Targets              Technology Abstractions            Programming Approaches

Choose Your Analysis Approach
LabVIEW has over 600 built-in analysis functions

   Express VIs             Standard VIs      LabVIEW MathScript

                                            Textual Math

 The LabVIEW Environment                     Demo
Front Panel – User Interface

                               Block Diagram – Program Logic

  LabVIEW Is Everywhere

 LEGO Mindstorms NXT          CERN Large Hadron Collider
“the smartest, coolest toy   “the most powerful instrument
       of the year”                    on earth”

    MIT Students Use LabVIEW and CompactRIO to Design and
    Implement a Dynamic Output Feedback Controller
•      Challenge: Giving students the tools to implement control designs on real-
       world hardware, including a simulation environment for prototyping and
       validating their controllers to help overcome the challenges of moving from
       theory to practice.

•      Solution: Using NI LabVIEW software and CompactRIO hardware as a control
       platform to design and prototype controllers in simulation and implement them
       in real-world systems using a unified software architecture that easily takes
       students from the simulation environment and with a toggle switch on the
       LabVIEW front panel to deploy their controller to the physical hardware.

•      Products: CompactRIO, LabVIEW Real-Time Module, FPGA Module,
       MathScript RT Module, Control Design and Simulation Module, LabVIEW
    “Overall, the LabVIEW framework gave students the freedom to take greater control of the hardware
    controller design process.” - Professor Jonathan How - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Building a Semiautonomous Vehicle Driven by the
Visually Impaired with LabVIEW and CompactRIO
Application: A system to build and program the world's first
   functional prototype of a blind driver vehicle.

Challenge: Developing a semiautonomous vehicle that allows
   a blind driver to successfully navigate, control speed, and
   avoid collision through a secure driving course.

Products: cRIO-9072, NI 9485, NI 9263, LabVIEW, Real-Time
   Module, NI 9221, FPGA Module, CompactRIO

Key Benefit: The intuitive graphical programming interface of
   LabVIEW made it easy for a team of undergraduate
   mechanical engineering students to quickly and efficiently
   create custom embedded software without the need for
   expertise in any specific text-based programming
   "With limited funding and development time, NI products played a vital role in the project success by
 providing an easy-to-use and cost-effective prototyping platform.“ - Greg Jannaman - Virginia Polytechnic
                                       Institute and State University

    Developing a Telemetry System for a Solar Car
•   Challenge: Developing a low-power, real-time monitoring
    system for a solar car traveling 3,000 km in the World Solar
    Challenge to monitor the health of the vehicle and help
    optimize our race strategy.

•   Solution: Using an NI CompactRIO controller and an 8-slot
    chassis to monitor the voltage, current, temperature, and
    speed of the vehicle and transmitting this information
    wirelessly using a 2.4 GHz modem to a chase vehicle
    following the solar car.

•   Products: NI 9401, LabVIEW, FPGA Module, NI 9870, NI
    9219, cRIO-9014, NI 9211, cRIO-9104, NI-VISA, NI-Serial

"We chose CompactRIO because it combines real-time data acquisition on customizable input channels
   and can record and transmit data.“ - Neo Wei Ren - School of Mechanical Engineering, Nanyang
   Technological University

    Developing a Low-Cost Computer Numerical Controller Using
    NI Motion Controllers and NI LabWindows™/CVI Software

•      Challenge: Creating a low-cost computer numerical
       controller (CNC) system with extremely high speed
       and accuracy for use in industrial shipyards around the

•      Solution: Using NI motion controllers and NI software
       to build a flexible, low-cost system to meet a variety of
       customer specifications.

    "By using an NI motion controller and taking advantage of extensive NI customer support, we
    created software which makes the CNC less expensive, easy to install, and widely applicable in our
    – Khanh Phan Van, Institute of Applied Mechanics and Informatics

    TriQuint Semiconductor Uses NI PXI and LabVIEW to Reduce
    RF Power Amplifier Characterization Time

•    Challenge: Reducing the characterization time of increasingly complex
     cellular power amplifiers (PAs) without sacrificing measurement accuracy
     or incurring higher capital equipment costs.

•    Solution: Using NI LabVIEW software with NI PXI modular
     instrumentation to develop a PA characterization system that helped us
     improve test throughput by 10 times while still reducing capital equipment
     cost, power consumption, and physical space.

•    Products: NI TestStand, LabVIEW, PXI-4071, NI PXIe-5442, PXI-5690,
     NI PXIe-5673, NI PXIe-5122, PXI-2596, NI PXIe-5663, PXI-4110

     “With NI PXI, we were able to reduce the characterization time of new parts from
     two weeks to about a day.” —Gary Shipley—TriQuint Semiconductor

Students at Cooper Union Use LabVIEW and NI
CompactDAQ to Study Mechanical Vibrations
  •   Challenge: Finding versatile, portable, and affordable
      instrumentation for students who need to take hands-on
      measurements for a variety of projects in the lab and in
      real-world environments for mechanical engineering
      undergraduate and advanced mechanical vibration

  •   Solution: Using NI LabVIEW software and the NI Sound
      and Vibration Measurement Suite with NI USB dynamic
      signal analyzers (DSAs) with signal conditioning for
      accelerometers, students study the dynamic
      characteristics of structures in real-world projects
      involving mechanical vibration and modal analysis
      ranging from classic cantilever beam analyses to subway
      vibration studies.
  •   Products: NI CompactDAQ, PCI-4451, LabVIEW, WLS-
      9234, Sound and Vibration Measurement Suite

  "LabVIEW software and NI CompactDAQ provided Cooper Union students with a small, simple, and
  affordable system for making vibration measurements in the lab and field. “ - Melody Baglione -
  The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Boeing: Flyover Test
    448-channel Microphone Array
                                   200 Hz

                                            Airframe Noise

                                   400 Hz

                                               Inlet Noise

          427 Channels   300 ft.
          102.4 kS/s                    405 Low Cost

300 ft.
                                        8x 200m Fiber

    Microsoft Uses NI Products to Develop Production
    Test System for Xbox 360 Controllers
•   The Challenge: Developing a comprehensive, low-cost
    production test system for the Microsoft Xbox 360 wired and
    wireless controllers.
•   The Solution: Using a flexible, automated test system based
    on Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft SQL Server, NI
    LabVIEW, and NI PXI modular instruments to test the
    functional performance of the Xbox 360 controller, both wired
    and wireless versions.
•   Products: LabVIEW, PXI-5124, PXI-6509, PXI-4472

    “Overall, LabVIEW helped us develop an optimized end-of-line production test system
    for the Xbox 360 controller with data storage to our Microsoft SQL Server,
    communication through TCP/IP, and programmatic interaction with ActiveX controls.”
    -- D.J. Mathias, Microsoft

 • Overview of National Instruments
 • Introduction to LabVIEW and its applications
 • PC-based measurement and control technologies
 • Automated test technologies
 • Platform for teaching and research in electronics and
 • Conclusions
What is Data Acquisition (DAQ)?

Components of DAQ System

Components of DAQ System


                              Sensor/Signal   DAQ Hardware   Computer

 Sensor Overview
Phenomena                                          Signal

                  Transducer or

            Converts physical phenomena into a
            measurable electrical signal.

                               Sensor/Signal          DAQ Hardware      Computer

Sensor Examples
  Phenomena                   Transducer/Sensor
  Temperature                 Thermocouples
                              Resistive Temperature Devices (RTDs)
  Light                       Vacuum tube
                              Photo sensors
  Sound                       Microphone
  Force and Pressure          Strain gages
                              Piezoelectric transducers
  Position and Displacement   Potentiometers
                              Linear voltage differential transformer
                              Optical encoder
  Fluid                       Head meters
                              Rotational flowmeters
  pH                          pH electrodes

                                   Sensor/Signal    DAQ Hardware           Computer

Signal Conditioning


Noisy, Low-Level Signal                               Filtered, Amplified Signal

• Signal Conditioning improves a signal that is difficult for your
  DAQ device to measure
• Signal Conditioning is not always required

                                 Sensor/Signal         DAQ Hardware    Computer

Signal Conditioning Examples
  Transducer/Signals             Signal Conditioning
  Thermocouples                  Amplification, Linearization, Cold-
                                 Junction Compensation
  RTD (Resistance Temp.          Current Excitation, Linearization
  Strain Gauge                   Voltage Excitation, Bridge
                                 Configuration, Linearization
  Common Mode or High            Isolation Amplifier
  Loads requiring AC Switching   Electromechanical Relays or Solid-
  or Large Current Flow          State Relays
  High Frequency Noise           Low-Pass Filters

Components of DAQ System

           DAQ Hardware

                                   Sensor/Signal   DAQ Hardware    Computer

The Three R’s of Data Acquisition
Resolution                       Range                     Rate

                                               Original Waveform

6-bit Resolution

              3-bit Resolution

                                    Sensor/Signal   DAQ Hardware   Computer

 The Three R’s of Data Acquisition
  Resolution                      Range                     Rate

                                                      Original Waveform
  2V to -2
10V to -10V
               3-bit Resolution

                        Sensor/Signal   DAQ Hardware   Computer

The Three R’s of Data Acquisition
Resolution           Range                      Rate

             Sampling Rate = 25 Hz
              Sampling Rate = 11
             Original Waveform100Hz

                               Sensor/Signal   DAQ Hardware     Computer

High performance, stable and
      NI-DAQmx driver

                                    Productive, interactive application
                                        development environment

NI DAQ Platforms
                                   One application,
                                   multiple targets


      PCI/PCIe   CompactDAQ        PXI/PXIe

Demo: Measurement with NI CompactDAQ

Oil Wells Vibration Monitoring for Vietsovpetro
• Applications: Vietsovpetro wants to drill
  more oil wells between existing wells to
  maintain output level when some existing
  wells are depleted. This system is to
  monitor the vibration during drilling to
  alert operator if drilling shaft is about to
  touch the existing wells. System was
  developed by NI partner AIC.

    Performing a Peak Power Evaluation of Solar Photovoltaic
    Panels Under Real Tropical Climate Conditions in Singapore
•      Challenge: Developing a test system to evaluate the
       peak power output of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels under
       real tropical climate conditions in Singapore, which
       involves measuring the panel’s current (I) and voltage (V)
       output to plot the I-V characteristics and instantaneous
       power computation.

•      Solution: Developing a PC-based system that can log
       data and plot the trends of the I-V, instantaneous power,
       and solar irradiation profiles throughout the test duration.

    "Using NILabVIEW as a rapid prototyping platform, we successfully developed a system that is
    capable of determining the peak power output from a PV module."
    – Alex See Kok Bin, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Programmable Automation Controller (PAC)
•   Ruggedness and reliability of PLC
•   Software capabilities of PC
•   Modular and diverse I/O
•   Optimized for measurements

PAC Component Compare
                                    PLC   PAC   PC
High Shock and Vibration Ratings

Safety and Haz Loc Certifications
Industrial Temperature Range

Real-Time OS
Redundant Power Supply Inputs
Full Windows Driver Set
Floating Point Processor
Non-Volatile Data Storage

Full Featured Programming SW
Ethernet Connectivity with Web

 PAC Benefits
1. Analog Measurement and
2. Productivity
3. Control Options
4. Data Logging
5. Web-Enabled Technology
6. Custom Algorithms and
   Advanced Math
7. Control of External Devices
   via Custom Protocols
8. Integration with Systems and Test

NI PAC Platform

NI CompactRIO Architecture
                                                                                       I/O       I/O
Real-Time Processor            Reconfigurable FPGA
                                                                            I/O                              I/O

                                                                            I/O                              I/O

                                                                                       I/O       I/O

                         Industrial I/O Modules
                                                                                  Conditioning         ADC         
  • Industrial I/O Modules with built-in signal conditioning for direct connection to industrial
  • Reconfigurable FPGA for high-speed and custom I/O timing, triggering, control

  • Real-Time Processor for deterministic, stand-alone operation and advanced analysis

CompactRIO Connectivity                               More than 100 modules
                                                           and growing!
Ethernet TCP/IP
  FTP Server
  Web Server
 USB Storage
    PROFIBUS                                                        ZigBee*

            Removable SD                                Motion
            Memory Cards                               Control /
                            Sensors & Actuators       Motor Drive
                           (Analog and Digital I/O)             * 3rd party module examples

Connectivity to Any Type of Sensor
• Temperature, Pressure, Strain, Flow, Load, pH,
  Vibration, Quadrature Encoders
• Signal Conditioning                  Video
     Isolation
     Filtering
     Bridge completion
     Excitation
     Amplification
     Calibration

                           LabVIEW Robotics
 Connectivity to sensors                              Deployment to
 and actuators from top                               embedded real-time and
 vendors                                              FPGA hardware

 Image processing and
 acquisition libraries                                Algorithms for
                                                      navigation and path

JAUS, I2C, SPI, and
Ethernet protocols for
                                                   Steering and kinematics

                           LabVIEW Robotics
 IP for sensing, navigation,      High-level graphical     Deployment to Real-Time
  motion control and more      programming environment       and FPGA hardware

Connectivity to sensors and       Tools for integrating        Examples of real-world
 actuators from top vendors     text-based algorithms              applications

                         LabVIEW Robotics
                                            Quickly retrieve data from popular robotics
                                            sensors such as LIDAR, GPS, IMU,
                                            compass, infrared, cameras, thermal, light,
                                            sonar and encoders

      Utilize building blocks for common
navigation and path planning algorithms
such as Voronoi, Vector Field Histogram
                       (VFH), A* and AD*
                                            Control mobile robots with steering
                                            functions and robotic arms with
                                            kinematics functions. Connect to a
                                            variety of motors using built-in drivers.

Human Object Transport Vehicle
 • Human – Object Transport Vehicle        Videos
    Functionally Identical Components
    Uses CompactRIO for Control

FIRST Robotics Competition with CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Application: A controller for the next-generation FRC
   robot control platform.                                                                         Video

Challenge: Providing a flexible, powerful robotics
   design platform for more than 40,000 high school
   students competing in the FIRST Robotics
   Competition (FRC).

Products: LabVIEW, CompactRIO

Key Benefit: By adding CompactRIO and LabVIEW to
   the robotics platform of the competition, we
   increase the technical capabilities of the teams’
   robots while making the programming more
   accessible to a much larger and diverse group of
 "With the CompactRIO controller, we expect students to rapidly design and build advanced robots during
   the six-week build period. The robots they build with this control platform will need to solve complex
      challenges and must be smart, fast, flexible, rugged, and easy-to-program." - Bill Miller, FIRST
FIRST Robotics Competition Partners with National Instruments to Provide a Next-Generation Robot Control System with CompactRIO and LabVIEW

NI LabVIEW Robotics Starter Kit (DaNI) for

 • Overview of National Instruments
 • Introduction to LabVIEW and its applications
 • PC-based measurement and control technologies
 • Automated test technologies
 • Platform for teaching and research in electronics and
 • Conclusions
PXI – A Standardized Measurement Platform
PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation

       More than 70 manufacturers    More than 1,600 products

PXI – A Standardized Measurement Platform
PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation
                                                 PXI chassis

                     Embedded PC     Module slots

  PXI Products. . .Over 1,600 and Counting

Data Acquisition and Control     Modular Instrumentation         Bus Interfaces                 Others
      Multifunction I/O         Digital Waveform Generator   Ethernet, USB, FireWire         IRIG-B, GPS
    Analog Input/Output         Digital Waveform Analyzer     SATA, ATA/IDE, SCSI           Direct-to-Disk
         Digital I/O                 Digital Multimeter               GPIB               Reflective Memory
       Counter/Timer                     LCR Meter               CAN, DeviceNet                  DSP
 FPGA/Reconfigurable I/O           Oscilloscope/Digitizer     Serial RS-232, RS-485             Optical
      Machine Vision             Source/Signal Generator             VXI/VME            Resistance Simulator
      Motion Control                     Switching            Boundary Scan/JTAG            Fault Insertion
    Signal Conditioning             RF Signal Generator       MIL-STD-1553, ARINC      Prototyping/Breadboard
        Temperature                  RF Signal Analyzer         PCMCIA/CardBus                 Graphics
Strain/Pressure/Force/Load            RF Power Meter                   PMC                      Audio
     Synchro/Resolver               Frequency Counter                Profibus               Many More. . .
        LVDT/RVDT              Programmable Power Supply               LIN
       Many More. . .                   Many More. . .            Many More. . .

PXI versus GPIB
 Reduce system size by 90%
 and decrease cost by 50% with
 NI modular instrumentation

     NI Solution: $39,545
     .67 ft3 (.019 m3)           Traditional Solution: $82,972
                                 6.12 ft3 (.1734 m3)

Demo: In-Circuit-Tester and Vision Test
using PXI and LabVIEW

  • PCB Circuit Test
     Parametric Test
     Vision test

 • Overview of National Instruments
 • Introduction to LabVIEW and its applications
 • PC-based measurement and control technologies
 • Automated test technologies
 • Platform for teaching and research in electronics and
 • Conclusions
Multidisciplinary Teaching
& Engineering Platform
Introduction | A Little NI ELVIS History…
  • Concept from California State University,
    San Bernardino
  • Paul Dixon, Professor of Physics
      Pioneer of virtual instrumentation in classroom
      LabVIEW and DAQ board provided 90% solution
         • Needed connector more appropriate for student use –
           breadboard is ideal
         • Wanted to include lab instrument capability, example
           programmable power supply

NI ELVIS II | Hardware Specifications
Oscilloscope                                  Internal Circuit Protection
  16-bit resolution                            Resettable fuses
  1.25 MS/s single channel, 500kS/s                                             USB Connectivity
   two channel aggregate                                                            Plug-and-play capability
  1 to 1.5 MHz Bandwidth                                                           USB 2.0 Connection
  1x and 10x probe
  ±10 V input range
  AC/DC coupling
                                                                                 Function Generator
                                                                                   10 bit, ±5V range
                                                                                   0.2 Hz to 5 MHz Sine
                                                                                   0.2 Hz to 1 MHz
         Digital Multimeter                                                         Triangle/Square
            Isolated measurements                                                 Software or manual control
            5½ digit resolution                                                   BNC or prototyping board
            60 VDC, 20Vrms, 2 ADC, 2 Arms,                                         connection

NI ELVIS II+ Hardware | Oscilloscope
 NEW Oscilloscope
   100MS/s Sampling Rate
   50MHz Bandwidth(-3dB)
   8-bit resolution
   ±20 V max. input range
   AC/DC/GND coupling
   20MHz Optional Noise
   1x and 10x probes
   BNC connection

NI ELVIS II | Hardware Specifications
                                         Integrated DAQ
Impedance Analyzer                         AI sampling rate 1.25 MS/s single
  0.2 Hz to 35 kHz Range                   channel, 500kS/s two channel
  NPN, PNP, Diode                         16-bit resolution
Other Analyzers:                           AO 2.8 MS/s update rate
  Bode Analyzer                           24 DIO lines,15 PFI, 2 CTR
  2-wire Current Voltage
  3-Wire Current Voltage

        Prototyping Board                      Variable Power Supply
           Updated connections                     10-bit resolution
           Detachable                              0 to +12V, 0 to -12V
           User-defined Banana Plugs,              500 mA current range
            BNC, D-Sub connectors

NI ELVISmx Driver | Software Specifications
 • Ready-to-use instruments – Soft Front Panels
 • Customizable instruments

NI ELVISmx Driver | Software Specifications
  • NI LabVIEW Express VIs
  • NI DAQmx API
  • NI LabVIEW SignalExpress

Controls and Mechatronics                           Telecommunications

                            NI ELVIS Platform

                        Circuits and Measurements

  Digital Electronics                               Embedded Design

NI ELVIS | Controls & Mechatronics Plants
                                                              QNET-010 DC Motor
             QNET-011 Rotary                                  Control Trainer
             Inverted Pendulum     QNET-012 HVAC

                                 NEW! QNET-014 Mechatronics
NEW! QNET-013 VTOL               Sensors 1 Board
1DOF Helicopter Plant
Teaching | Measurements
• Analog Protoboard connector
• Digital Protoboard connector
• more than 50 sensors
     Hand Dynamometer
     Heart Rate Monitor
     pH sensor
     and more…
• Program with NI LabVIEW

NI ELVIS | Circuits

 National Instruments
 Electronics Education Platform
   • NI Multisim
   • NI LabVIEW
 NI Electronics Education Platform
Electronics Education Platform

Teaching | Circuit Design Flow                                  Demo

                                    Step 2: Pre-lab in 3D
 Step 1: Capture, Simulate          breadboarding environment            Step 3: Build circuit
 and improve a design in NI                                              and make measurement
 Multisim                                                                with NI ELVIS

    Step 5: Customization and           Step 4. Compare simulated data and real measurements
    complex analysis with LabVIEW

NI ELVIS | Telecommunications & Fiber Optics

 Emona FOTEx ETT-203

                                        Emona DATEx ETT-202
DATEx | Telecommunication
Telecommunications Trainer Board
     LabVIEW Soft Front Panels
     Based on Block Diagram modeling
     Courseware Included (30 Experiment)
Example Labs
     AM, DSB & FM
     FSK, ASK, Sampling
     PCM & Line Codes
     Intro to Software Defined Radio

Analog Communications Labs
 1.   Amplitude Modulation (AM)    8.    Pulse Width Modulation
 2.   Double Side Band (DSB)             (PWM)
 3.   Single Sideband (SSB)        9.    Speech and audio messages
 4.   Phase Modulation (PM)        10.   Superheterodyne principles
 5.   Phase Division Modulation    11.   Carrier acquisition using PLL
      (PDM)                        12.   Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)
 6.   Frequency Modulation (FM)    13.   Quadrature Amplitude
 7.   Pulse Amplitude Modulation         Modulation (QAM)

Digital Communications Labs
 14. Pulse Code Modulation        22. Inter-Symbol Interference
     (PCM)                            (ISI)
 15. Time Division Multiplexing   23. Differential Phase Shift
     (PCM-TDM)                        Keying (DPSK)
 16. Amplitude Shift Keying       24. Quadrature Phase Shift
     (ASK)                            Keying (QPSK)
 17. Binary Phase Shift Keying    25. Spread Spectrum (SS)
     (BPSK)                       26. Line coding
 18. Frequency Shift Keying       27. Frequency Synthesis with
     (FSK)                            PLL
 19. Introduction to GFSK         28. PN sequence spectrum
 20. Pulse shaping                    display
 21. Data recovery                29. Noise generation

Teaching | Telecommunication
DATEx Amplitude Modulation Lab

 Step 1: Theory

Teaching | Telecommunication
DATEx Amplitude Modulation Lab

 Step 2: Block Diagram Approach

Teaching | Telecommunication
DATEx Amplitude Modulation Lab

Step 3: DATEx Module Wiring (Manual)

Teaching | Telecommunication
DATEx Amplitude Modulation Lab

Step 4: DATEx Module Wiring (Board)

                                 Scope Ch1

                                 Scope Ch0

Teaching | Telecommunication
DATEx Amplitude Modulation Lab

Step 5: NI ELVIS II Instruments

                             Function Generator

Oscilloscope                                      Variable Power Supply

NI ELVIS | Digital Electronics FPGA

                               National Instruments
                               Digital Electronics FPGA
NI ELVIS | Embedded MCU

      Freescale HCS12 SLK
NI ELVIS Platform for Hands-On Learning


                                      Digital Electronics


•   12 Integrated Instruments         Telecommunication
•   Programmable with LabVIEW
•   USB-Plug & Play
•   Small form factor                 Embedded
•   Expandable with plug-in modules
NI Communications Platform in Academia

                                                              Signal Processing
                            Tunable RF Transceiver            and Synthesis
       NI USRP              Front Ends                              NI LabVIEW to develop
                                                                     and explore algorithms
                               Frequency Range
                                                                    NI Modulation Toolkit and
                                50 MHz – 2.2 GHz (NI-2920)
                                                                     LabVIEW add-ons to
                                2.4 GHz & 5.5 GHz (NI-2921)
                                                                     simulate or process live

Applications                                                  1 Gigabit Ethernet
    FM Radio      Safety Radio
    TV            OFDM                                      Connectivity
    GPS           Passive Radar                                   Plug-and-play capability
    GSM           Dynamic Spectrum Access                         Up to 25 MS/s baseband
    ZigBee                                                          IQ streaming

Digital Communications Bundle
Bundle Contents                 Target Courses
• Two NI USRP-2920 + Toolkits   • Communication Systems
• MIMO Cable                    • Digital Communications
• Digital Comm Lab Manual

Key Benefits
• Affordable
• Accessible
• NI Supported
• TX & RX Real RF Signals
• Scales to Research

  Lab Ready| Packet Radio & OFDM
Digital Communications Labs             Communications Systems Labs
 by Dr. Robert Heath, UT Austin         by Dr. Sachin Katti, Stanford

    1     AWGN Simulator                     1 Source Coding
    2.1   Modulation /Demodulation           2 Packet Communication, Sync, and
    2.2   Pulse Shaping                        Channel Correction
    3     Energy Detection                   3 Modulation
    4     Equalization                       4 Demodulation
    5     Frame Detection                    5 Design Challenge:
    6     Intro to OFDM                        Packet based Transceiver
    7     Frequency Correction & Sync
    8     OFDM Channel Coding

             (Ships in Bundle)                 (FREE:

     NI USRP at Stanford University

Student Course Feedback:

“   Awesome class! I really enjoyed the lectures, where I
    learned a lot, and the labs were really cool because we
    got to use the hardware.
    … I am glad that I took this class!                                  “
                               Source: Stanford EE 49: Teaching Evaluations (Spring Quarter 2011)
  Stanford University - Networked Systems Group
Needs:                                Solution:
• Exposure to real-world signals      • SDR Platform
• Recruit students to                 • Lower learning curve
  RF/Communications early
                                      • Maintainable
• Prepare students for research
                                      • Affordable

                    “The course evaluations for our class was fantastic.
                    Students rated the class 4.94/5.0, likely one of the
                    highest ratings among all classes in the School of
                    Engineering at Stanford.”        Dr. Sachin Katti, ECE

                                                                  Stanford, C
   COGEU Research – 7th Framework
Needs:                                   Solution:
• Mobile demonstration of                • Affordable research platform
  whitespace utilization                   across universities
• Multi university collaboration         • Easy graphical interfaces to make
• Graphics: key to getting funding         prototypes attractive and intuitive
  from non-engineers                     • Low learning curve to maximize

                    “Our students learn LabVIEW as undergraduates so
                    they are immediately productive and the graphical
                    capabilities allow our research projects to stand out.”
                                     Dr. Paulo Marques , Senior Research Engineer

NI Communications Platform in Academia

PXI – A Standardized Measurement Platform
PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation

       More than 70 manufacturers    More than 1,600 products

The NI RF Platform
 Customer Test Management S/W

 WCDMA/HSPA+ WiMAX                      GPS

  NI Modulation Toolkit
  NI Spectral Measurements Toolkit

  Driver Software

  PXI/PXIe Instrumentation

PXI RF Products Portfolio
RF Hardware                              IF/Baseband Hardware
•Vector Signal Analyzer up to 26.5 GHz   • 400 MS/s 16-bit Dual Channel AWG
•Vector Signal Generator up to 6.6 GHz   • 150 MS/s 16-bit High-speed IF digitizer
•8.0 GHz 60 dB Pre-Amp                   • 32 Channel, 400 Mb/s High-speed DIO
• 8.0 GHz 60 dB Attenuator
• 6 GHz True-RMS Power Meter
• Up to 26.5 GHz, mux, GP relays

UC Berkeley Develops Communications Lab
with NI Tools

An innovation leader in high-frequency EDA software
that dramatically reduces development time and cost
for products employed in wireless, high-speed wired,
broadband, aerospace and defense, and electro-
optical applications.                                      Primary Industries
                                                       Wireless Telecom   Aerospace/Defense
Headquarters in El Segundo, CA
Privately owned and founded 1998
Core products: Microwave Office and VSS
                                                Automotive Mobility Consumer Devices Semiconductor

AWR Overview

AWR Microwave Office (MWO)

           • Synchronous electrical/physical design flow
           • Powerful circuit and EM simulators
                • Frequency domain linear and nonlinear simulation
                •Time domain (SPICE &Circuit Envelope) simulation
                •3D MOM and FEM electromagnetic field solvers

        Hardware-in-the-Loop Overview
               Design Verification                                           Product Verification

  Research/Modeling                  Design/Simulation     Verification/Validation                   Manufacturing

Measurements to                “Hardware in the Loop” to
                                                           Verification Test                        Production Test
 create models                   improve simulations

•   Overview of National Instruments
•   Introduction to LabVIEW and its applications
•   PC-based measurement and control technologies
•   Automated test technologies
•   Platform for teaching and research in electronics
    and communications

National Instruments Technical Support
– AE Team

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            •Thailand (02) 278 6777
           •Malaysia (1800) 887710 or visit

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