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How is Breast Augmentation Performed?
Breast augmentation or enlargement gives women larger and fuller breasts. It
is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today. There are
various ways in breast augmentation surgery is performed. An experienced
plastic surgeon can advise you on the
procedure best suited for your physique.

Choice of Implants for Cosmetic
Breast Surgery

There are two kinds of breast implants –
saline filled and silicone.

FDA-approved since a long time, saline
implants are filled with sterile saltwater.
They can be smooth or textured. They can
be placed using small incisions since they
are filled only at the time of the surgery.

Also FDA-approved, silicone implants have a softer and more natural feel,
and come pre-filled. They require a larger incision for placement. Compared
to saline implants, silicone implants rupture quite easily, though this can be
easily detected in a scan. Ruptured implants should be immediately replaced.

Breast Augmentation Surgery – Procedures

Once the decision is made about the type of breast implant, your plastic
surgeon will decide which procedure is right for you and can achieve your
cosmetic goals. There are three augmentation techniques: inframammary,
periareolar, and transaxillary or axillary.
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    •   In inframammary augmentation, the incision is placed on the lower
        portion of the breast. This ensures that the scar remains covered even
        by a bathing suit.

    •   In the periareolar technique the incision is placed at the juncture of the
        areola where the darker skin around the nipple meets the lighter skin
        of the breast. The incision usually goes half way around the areola and
        the scar is well-concealed.

    •   In the transaxillary technique, the incision is made in the armpit. The
        implant is introduced through this access and placed under the muscle.
        An endoscope can be used to place the implant. The technique offers
        good results for implants placed beneath the muscle.

The usual position for placing implants is submuscular or subpectoral, which
is under the pectoralis muscle. They can also be placed below the breast
tissue or glands, in which case the approach is termed subglandular. Your
body type and existing breast tissue will help decide which method will
work best for you. When the implant is behind the muscle, the muscle offers
good coverage for implant. So, submuscular placement would be ideal for
women who are thin and have less breast tissue.

To Ensure the Best Results

If you are considering plastic surgery to enhance the size of your breasts,
locate an experienced board-certified surgeon to ensure the best results. You
should be comfortable with your surgeon and be able to get the answers to

                                   Breast Augmentation
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all of your questions regarding the procedure. Make it a point to look at
‘before and after’ photos. It is important that you understand how breast
augmentation surgery is performed and also have a realistic picture about the
results that can be achieved.

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