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									Northern Lights SADD’s                                                                                Issue 1 Fall 2011

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                             Welcoming the New School Year
Northern Lights SADD is very excited       also reaching out to younger students     challenging their communities to get
as we enter into the new school year,      and their communities and networking      behind them in their efforts to reduce
one which promises to be the most          with other chapters.                      these risks to health, safety and overall
important and most ambitious year in                                                 well-being.
the history of Northern Lights SADD.       The student members of our Northern
                                           Lights Advisory Board, or NLAB, are       The vision statement of the parent
With additional staff, we will be          a particularly ambitious group this       nonprofit of NL SADD, Northern
providing more direct services to our      year. They have been reaching out to      Lights Youth Services, is “youth
SADD members and chapter advisors.         their friends in other schools that do    realizing their potential.” We are
We have already developed and sent         not currently have SADD chapters and      definitely ramping up our efforts
out a new chapter manual, the feedback     arranging presentations by NL SADD        this year to help us accomplish that
from which has been very positive.         staff. They have been on the road to      goal.
This manual provides guidelines and        attend events held by other chapters.
suggestions for all of our chapters and    They are making presentations
introduces a new “star” chapter rating     to community groups. They have                          Devon Cote gives a look at
system, which encourages chapters to       formed committees to work on special                    the men of SADD, and High
attain certain criteria to be recognized   projects. In short, the NLAB members                    Risk High North Dakota has a

as a top-tier chapter. Chapters in the     are dedicated and passionate, and
                                                                                            2      facebook giveaway for you to

top tiers will be addressing a wide        determined to make a difference.                        take advantage of!
range of issues in their schools, but
                                           Finally, the 2011-2012 school year is                   Hannah Schlosser recaps the
                                           the year that the thousands of student                  2011 National SADD Conference
                                           members in the NL SADD network                          in Chicago, and 2011-2012 NL

                                           will be encouraged to speak out
                                                                                            3      SADD Student of the Year Carrie

                                                                                                   Sandstrom’s shares her views.
                                           and be catalysts for change in their
                                           schools and communities, as part of a                   Tori Rude suggests that everyone
                                           new initiative that you will be seeing                  gets involve for this new and
                                           and hearing about very soon. Our                        exciting school year for Northern

                                           students will be addressing issues like
                                                                                            4      Lights SADD. Check out what’ll

                                           suicide, alcohol and drug use, tobacco,                 be in the next issue of The NL.
                                           bullying, and more. They will be
 Want free prizes for being            There are many
                                       different labels for
  an online social network             people involved in
 fiend? Check out the story            SADD – some more
                                       positive than others.
       below for details.
                                       The ones that you
                                       don’t hear about as
  High Risk High:                      often are the ones
                                       for the males.
  Youth Drinking
     in North                                                                                    NLAB members Jacob Sommerfeld and Tate Nelson

      Dakota                            The Men of SADD                                                          by Devon Cote

                                        A recent survey by NL SADD staff found         A fellow male NLAB member, Tate C.
                                        there is approximately one guy to every        Nelson, shared his thoughts with me. “I
                                        three females in SADD. This interesting        feel that I need to serve as a positive role
                                        and somewhat troubling statistic should        model in my school so that any male can
                                        have light shed on it.                         look up to me.” I believe that any one of us
                                                                                       males would agree with him.
High Risk High: Youth Drinking in       Even though only 25 percent of SADD
North Dakota is a project of Prairie    students are male, I believe some of the       I think that there
Public aimed at raising awareness       strongest leaders and role models can          is a point in
about the dangers of youth drinking.    come from this group. I have met some of       everyone’s life
You can view the project at www.        them and I have seen the impact they have.     were they want, where you will                                                       to be respected.
find many different resources and       While on the Northern Lights Advisory          My friend and
stories to spread the word about        Board (NLAB), a group of students who          fellow     SADD
the dangers of underage alcohol         direct SADD activities throughout the          member        Sam
consumption.                            region, I have had the opportunity to get      Schultz agrees.
                                        acquainted with three other male board         “At any point,
                                                                                                                NLABer Tate Stroup
Recently, the project has breached      members. We have a lot in common: we           someone        can
the world of social media, using        participate in sports, we heavily believe in   look up to you; do you want them to see
Facebook as a way to allow teens        SADD and we have each had an experience        you as a good role model or a bad one?”
to chat about alcohol-related issues    to steer us away from a negative path in       he said.
in a non-threatening manner. Two        life.
groups, High Risk High- High                                                           If you are wondering how to boost male
School and High Risk High- College,     In my life, it’s been easy to make the         enrollment in your SADD chapter, just
were created as a vehicle for open      right choices regarding drugs and alcohol      get that first male to join and the rest of
conversation. Anyone is welcome         because I have seen what can happen to a       the guys with those beliefs should follow.
to join these groups and discussion     family when alcohol is introduced. I don’t     Otherwise, if you need an attractive stat to
is aimed at looking at the issues       want to lead my own family down that           coax them to join, just mention the three-
involved with underage drinking         path someday.                                  girls-to-every-guy ratio.
from all angles, free of judgement.

The groups are seeking your story
about the downside of drinking,         Get to know:                              The ‘11-’12 Northern Lights Advisory Board is:

                                        The NLAB
from coping with a friend or parent                                               Tori Rude and Devon Cote (Hillsboro, ND),
who drinks to much to something                                                   Andi Gleason and Amanda Martin (Dakota
from your personal experience with                                                Prairie HS), Nicole Schonauer (Adams, ND),
drinking. Take a camera or phone            The 2011-2012 Northern                Karlie Matejcek and Madison Sloan (Lakota,
and record a video of you sharing           Lights Advisory Board                 ND), Katie Demester (New Rockford, ND),
your story about why people should                                                Courtney Aarseth (Bishop-Ryan HS), Rachel
think twice before getting drunk;                                                 Anderson (Williston, ND), Hannah Schlosser
once you upload it to the group                                                   (Mandan, ND), Carrie Sandstrom and Jacob
you’ll automatically be entered to                                                Sommerfeld (Bismarck Century), Tate Stroup
win a Best Buy gift card.                                                         and Jardy Wasmoen (Redfield, SD), and Tate
                                                                                  Nelson (Pelican Rapids, MN).
So search the group, grab a camera,
and join the conversation.
  Passport to adventure:
  Chicago-style   by Hannah Schlosser                                                          THE SOY
                                                                                               CORNER                   by Carrie Sandstrom
We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got          his lower body paralyzed at a young age.
spirit! How about you?                          Eddie Slowikowski, who spoke at the            You make millions     line the separates
                                                2010 NL SADD conference, taught us             of decisions in       right and wrong
This summer, 32 Northern Lights SADD            all to dance and gave presentations that       your life and the     is drawn in the
members, advisors and chaperones                were, yet again, something to remember.        sum of those          sand with a thin
embarked on a 14-hour bus trip with high                                                       decisions adds        stick.      Those
                                                                                               up to who you         tough choices
hopes of yet another fantastic year at the      Wishing you had gone yet?                      are as a person.      are made easier
SADD national conference in Chicago.                                                           Even the most         though       when
                                                The evenings were just as phenomenal.          minuscule choices     your friends are
This year’s conference theme was                “Taste Of Chicago” tours invited everyone      contribute       to   there to help you
“Passport To Adventure,” and the                to experience rich history, diversity,         the type of life      make them.
conference was exactly that, with 500           and cuisine. A riverboat tour allowed
                                                                                               you live and the
                                                                                               type of individual    That’s   where
students in attendance.                         attendees to appreciate city architecture.     you        become.    SADD comes in.
                                                Another evening, a trip to the Navy Pier       Sometimes the
When asked to describe this experience          left many with an abundance of pictures        choices are easy,     In life you’ll face
                                                                                               like whether or       difficult decisions
in a nutshell, Hillsboro’s Elli Lemm            and breath- taking views.                                            of every variation.
responded, “Life-changing.”
                                                                                               not you want to
                                                                                               wear a coat in the    But you don’t
                                                The SLC also sought some of the most           middle of winter,     have to face them
Conference emcee Craig Tornquist,               well-behaved, yet outgoing states and          sometimes not         alone. In SADD
was excited to return to yet another            individuals that went above and beyond         so much, like         you have a group
                                                                                               where you want        of       individuals
SADD national conference. Wonderful             to make this conference extraordinary.                               who believe in
workshops presented by the National
                                                                                               to college. Those
                                                North Dakota’s own Andi Gleason won            choices         are   the same things
SADD Student Leadership Council                 the conference’s SADD-tastic student!          important- they       you do. Who
(SLC) included topics like increasing           Overall, Indiana won the 2011 Spirit           affect where you      understand the
membership, promoting government                Stick. We’ll be sure to try again next year;   go in life and your   importance of
                                                                                               physical being        making positive
bills that involve youth and fundraising        we’ve definitely got a fighting chance.                              decisions       and
                                                                                               and surroundings.
strategies. Motivational speakers such                                                                               who can help
as Kevin Brooks moved many with his             In the long run, the SADD national             There are more        open your eyes to
tragic story of a horrible accident that left   conference was a five-star adventure!          important             you potential.
                                                                                                                     So go forth and
                                                                                               See, sometimes        choose wisely, for
                                                                                               you’re      called    as Dumbledore
             Have Social media; will tweet                                                     upon to make
                                                                                               choices       that
                                                                                                                     once told young
                                                                                                                     Harry in the
                                                                                               define what you       popular      Harry
                                                                                               believe. Choices      Potter series, “It
                                                                                               that reflect your     is our choices. ...
                                                                                               character     and     that show who
                                                                                               your morals. And      we truly are.”
                                                                                               for some reason
                                                                                               those important
                                                                                               choices      never
                                                                                               seem to be easy.      Carrie Sandstrom
                                                                                               For some reason,      of Bismarck is
                                                                                               the        choices    the     2011-2012
                                                                                               that deal with        Northern Lights                   principle tend to     SADD Student of
                                                                   be murky and the      the Year
 a Familiar face                            A motivation proclamation
Amanda Allen may be the new Field
Services Director at Northern Lights
SADD, but she has been involved
since her days at Minot High School.

Allen was very active in her school
and community, and served on the
2005-2006 Northern Lights Advisory     School gets stressful,
Board. She also participated in        but a motivated effort
BreakDown, and even developed          to open your SADD
and directed a BreakDown group
                                       chapter’s year can
based out of Minot, N.D., which
performed at multiple locations..      make a huge impact.                                                          by Tori Rude

She graduated from Concordia           Here we are at the beginning of yet              When deciding your methods, be creative.
(Moorhead, Minn.) in 2010 with a       another school year. Along with the start        Try membership weeks, fun activities,
degree in sociology.                   of fall sports, the changing of seasons and      community suppers, presentations, or
                                       starting to receive too much homework,           anything you can use to get the word out.
                        Though         our SADD year is just taking off. What           Just because it hasn’t been done before
                        college,       better time for a membership push than           doesn’t mean it won’t work.
                        jobs, and      when the fun is just getting started?
                        internships                                                     Make use of your resources. Useful
                        kept     her   There are many ways to increase your             information can be found on the Northern
                        very busy,     membership and many important ideas to           Lights online database, found at www.
                        Amanda         remember if you want to be successful.  Northern Lights
                        remained       Every chapter is different, so it is important   Field Services Director Amanda Allen also
                        v e r y        to decide which methods will be best for         has access to many tools that will help you
                        involved       your school.                                     reach your membership goals. She can be
                        w i t h                                                         reached at
                        SADD’s         Before searching for members, one must
Allen                   efforts.       decide how a chapter should be perceived.        Increasing membership isn’t a walk in the
                                       Northern Lights SADD Student of the Year         park. Not everybody is going to want to
Amanda hopes to continue making a      Carrie Sandstrom says, “Part of promoting        join, and some people might need a little
difference in Northern Lights SADD     membership is promoting the organization         convincing. Sitting on the couch (see
and promote its message throughout     as a whole - not as a club, but a way of         below) watching reruns of 90210 and That
the region’s communities.              life.”                                           70’s Show aren’t going to do the job. Don’t
                                                                                        be passive; get out there and do work.
“Youth can make such a huge            Once you are ready to begin recruiting,
positive impact on current issues,”    don’t forget to target diverse groups of
she said. “SADD is a means through     people. Not only does this show that
which they can make this realization   SADD accepts everyone and judges none,
and start creating this change.”       but it becomes likely that more kids will
                                       hear about SADD and what it is about.
How does she know this? you might
                                       Check out the next
“SADD’s message has been a part
                                       issue of
                                                              NL                           C o m i n g J a n u a ry ‘1 2

of me personally for years and

has helped me figure out what is                                                         (Available for download at
important to me and how to make a
meaningful difference,” she added.     In the next issue of The NL, we will recap major news from Fall SADD
“Now look at me: I’m Field Services    activities as well as give you a preview of the upcoming 2012 Northern Lights
Director! Woot!”                       SADD conference.

Amanda enjoys theatre, music,          Keep checking the Facebook page ( and for
volunteering and traveling.            up-to-date news. Have a great school year!

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