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					Paris Municipal Center
Commission Chambers
Paris, Kentucky
June 9, 2009

A regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners was called to order at 6 PM followed
with Pledge to Allegiance.

Present were Mayor Mike Thornton in the chair presiding and Commissioners Wallis
Brooks, Mike Fryman, Stan Galbraith and Bart Horne.

Also present were City Manager Michael Nagy, Legal Counsel Bryan Beauman and City
Clerk Cheryl Dryden.

Approve Agenda

The following additions and correction were made to the agenda:

     Other Business                a. Herbie Curbie – Discussion only

     Communications                b. Support letter for grant – Main Street Program

     Executive Session             a. Request by Attorney Bryan Beauman

     Current/New Business          a. First reading of ordinance amending 2008/2009
                                       Budget ($52,000 retaining wall repair)

Galbraith moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve the
agenda as modified.

Approve Minutes

Galbraith moved, Brooks seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve as
presented the regular meeting minutes of May 26, 2009, the special meeting minutes of
June 3, 2009 and the special meeting minutes of June 4, 2009.

Presentation/Address to Council

Lucy Cooper, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, and Linda Stubblefield,
Executive Director of Tourism, updated the commission on operations in their respective
organizations and the World Equestrian Games scheduled for September 2010 in
Lexington. Ms. Stubblefield emphasized the importance of marketing within a six to
eight hour driving time of Paris.

Public Comment

John Marshall, a resident of the Houston Oaks, asked the commission to look into a weed
problem in his area. Mr. Marshall stated the tall weeds were obscuring fire hydrants.
Commissioner Horne, also a resident of the area, stated he had spoken with one of the
owners of the development regarding weed control. The city engineer was directed to
follow up with code enforcement and keep Mr. Marshall informed on the matter.

Victoria Berry, representing the Senior Center, asked the commission to favorably
consider the Center’s 2010 funding request in the amount of $15,000. Ms. Berry also
inquired on demolition status of the former Martyn Hurley Funeral Home. She was
advised the funeral home was a code enforcement issue.


The following written Communications were received:

       a.   Ad being run, per taking bids for holding tank at trash station.
       b.   Letter of support from city manager, on behalf of city, in support of Main
            Street Program – Community Health Grant

Motion was made by Galbraith, seconded by Brooks and unanimously carried to accept
the Communications and place them on file.

Consent Agenda

The following consent agenda items were presented:

       a. Proposal for workshop date Wednesday, June 17 at 3:30 PM and
          June 18 at 8:00 AM, if needed

       b. MOA – Garrard Park Phase II Walking Trail Project

Galbraith moved and Fryman seconded to approve the consent agenda items and place on
file. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith, Horne and Thornton voted yes. Motion

Outstanding or Unfinished or Remaining Business


Current or New Business

An ordinance amending annual budget for fiscal year 2008/2009, reflecting transfer of
$52,000 from the Commonwealth of Kentucky Municipal Road Program for
replacement/repair of retaining wall on East Main Street and an appropriation of $52,000
for the project was read on first reading.

An ordinance to address blighted, deteriorated or vacant properties was read on first

Financial Business

Galbraith moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to approve payment
of the following bills. On call of vote, Brooks, Fryman, Galbraith, Horne and Thornton
voted yes. Motion carried.

BILLS FOR APPROVAL                    9-Jun-09     GENERAL FUND

Adgraphics Printing             $    107.00        Work Orders - All Depts.
AT&T                            $     89.53        Narcotic line
AT&T                            $ 3,206.77         ESSX
Payroll Account                 $ 158,384.90       Payroll due 5/29/09
Doug French                     $    820.00        Mowings 5/22, 5/23, 5/25 & 5/26
Paris Bo Co Tourism             $ 1,272.70         Transient room tax
Rodney Roe                      $ 6,500.00         May 2009 LL program
Wornall's Locksmith             $    100.20        Lock repairs - Police
                                                   Lodging - Electric school, Life Saver Course
VISA                            $   1,398.46       (Police)
Board of Adjustments            $     145.00       May meeting
Bluegrass Uniforms              $      37.25       Pants - Police

Bourbon County Citizen          $     165.00        Ads
CCP Industries                  $      75.61        Cleaning supplies - PMC
Gall's                          $     175.48        Strobe lighting - Police
Hillyard                        $     106.42        Mops - PMC
Michael Nagy                    $     176.69        Reimburse for Officemax purchae
Northern Safety & Industrial    $     135.91        Ear plugs, safety glasses - Street/Sanitation
Shawn Moore                     $      47.35        School expense
Fleetone                        $   7,203.88        Fuel
Partsmaster                     $     224.42        Misc supplies for repairs - PMC
Bluegrass Kesco                 $     200.00        Water treatment products - PMC
Sprint                          $     163.96        Connection cards - Fire
Office Depot                    $      15.18        Office supplies
Smits Greenhouses               $     377.35        Funeral expenses, PMC plants
Paris Bo Co EMS                 $   16,000.00       June 2009 contribution
Paris Bo Co E911                $   10,000.00       June 2009 contribution
Don Beheler                     $     125.00        June rent
Columbia Gas                    $     237.33        Service
Food Lion                       $      74.75        6/2 budget workshop lunch
Officeware                      $     186.46        Copier lease - June - Fire
Radio Communications            $     108.00        Service agreement - June - Police
Simplex Grinnell                $     828.00        Annual test/inspection sprinklers - PMC
Petty Cash                      $   1,200.00        A/C - Police
AT&T Communication System       $   1,588.26        Equip maintenance w/lightning - 5/2009 to 5/2010
Cintas                          $     385.64        Uniform service - Street
Dotson Bros Quick Lube          $      67.98        Oil changes - Police
Eads Hardware                   $     309.16        UPS, misc supplies - PMC, Police, Street
Doug French                     $     535.00        Mowings - 5/28/09
Hinkle Contracting              $   1,091.82        Surface material - Street, Water
Kentucky Motors                 $     658.37        Vehicle parts - Police, Street
Milton B. Lovell Plumbing       $     163.15        Repairs & parts - PMC
Mann Consultant Services        $     600.00        Retainer fee & maintain files - May 2009
Martin's Sanitation             $     950.00        Rentals - Parks
Mastin's Auto Service           $     496.00        Repairs - Police
Midwest Radar & Equipment       $      20.00        Tuning forks - Police
Roe Borther's Lawn Service      $     300.00        Mowing Claysville Park - May
South Main BP                   $      49.58        Fuel - Street
Sprint                          $   1,361.93        Connection cards - Police
Time Warner                     $     124.95        Static modem service
United Rotary Brush             $     418.18        Brushes - Street
Wilson Equipment                $     110.59        Backhoe parts - Street
Columbia Gas                    $      43.84        Service - Barn
D-C Elevator                    $     505.00        Maintenance - June
Papa John's Pizza               $      38.00        Safety incentive lunch - Street
Adgraphics                      $      32.00        Commission nameplates
Doug French                     $     580.00        Mowings 6/1 & 6/3
Humana                          $   56,604.87       Health insurance - June
Kanawha Insurance Co            $     852.16        Life insurance - June
Traditional Bank                $   33,008.48       Balance plus interest on note

Bills for Approval
Combined Utilities
June 9, 2009

City of Paris Paryroll              $ 73,815.08         Payroll
Advantage Specialty Chemicals       $ 5,148.00          Polymers
Central Ky Mech Services            $     60.00         Maintenance on truck
Wally Hunsinger                     $   112.89          Reimburse for Travel/Expense Meter School
Kentucky Service Co.                $   594.76          Supplies WWTP
Global Environmental Svc.           $   417.25          E-waste removal
AT&T                                $   984.66          Repair at WWTP
Kentucky Ret. System                $ 17,553.00         Retirement Payment 4/09
ADC                                 $ 2,050.00          Chemicals WWP
Alco Engineering Division           $   166.56          Chart Drive Motor
Altec                               $   327.75          Labor on Bucket Truck
Atlas Electric Motor Svc            $ 1,024.00          Labor Motor & Pump D Flange
Jon Ayers                           $     30.00         Reimb.CDL

 Baldwin Pole Co,                   $    3,937.64         Electric Poles
 Benner Mechanical & Electrical     $     191.54          Chemicals for Water Plant
 Bourbon Equip Rental               $       38.85         Metal Cutting Blade
 B W Rogers Co.                     $       68.26         Hose, fittings Power Plant
 Bypass Rental Center Inc.          $       56.00         Sewer Pipe
 C I Thornburg Co. Inc.             $     215.63          Coupling
 Central Ky Mech Services           $       89.45         Brake Service on Ford (Unit #142)
 Central Ky Security                $       60.00         Ouarterly Monitoring Fee
 City of Paris Combined Utilities   $    5,109.54         Util Accts
 Columbia Gas                       $     310.51          Gas Bill
 Crush Bearings & Drives            $     111.98          Bearings and Parts
 Delaney & Assoc. Inc.              $     844.00          Parts
 Eads Hardware                      $     944.47          Supplies and Parts
 Dr. Ferrell & Allison              $       60.00         Drug Testing
 Electrical Sales & Engineering     $     538.15          Supplies and Parts
 Environmental Products             $    1,041.38         Replacement hose on sewer jet router
 Faust Electric LLC                 $    3,950.27         Sludge Pump & Pump Station Maint & Repair
 Florence WinWater Works            $     383.05          Fire Hydrant Extension
 Global Environmental Svc.          $     265.00          E-waste removal
 Hach                               $    1,060.83         Lab Supplies
 Heath Consultants                  $     261.30          Instrument repair
 Herb Geddes Fence Co Inc           $     325.00          Circuit Board
 Kentucky Motors                    $     361.13          Supplies
 Kentucky Utilities                 $    7,478.77         Utility Account
 Living Waters                      $    1,972.97         Disinfection equipment @WWTP
 MB Lovell Htg & Plbg               $       16.08         Toilet seat
                                                          CCTV & vacuuming line to locate
Martins Sanitation                  $     125.00          prob.@compactor
Mr. Michael Nagy                    $     500.00          Lieu of April Health care coverage
New Pig                             $     475.45          Supplies ,socks, oil
Partsmaster                         $     110.53          Gasket
Pro Chem                            $     158.20          Electrosol Cleaner
Rawdon Myers                        $     352.14          Service Call
Nextel Comm.                        $     163.96          Phone service
Stuart C Irby Co.                   $    1,167.54         Materials and Supplies
Tractor Supply Co                   $     134.93          Parts for Cub Cadet Harney
US Dept of Energy                   $    8,646.16         Power Purchase
Whayne Supply Co                    $    6,716.52         Trouble Shoot Electric Power Generator
Herman Williams                     $       50.00         Rotors turning for unit #154 in WW
Woodford Spears & Sons              $       82.60         Straw
City of Paris Advances              $   40,845.77         Reimburse General Fund
Cinta's                             $    2,114.06         Uniforms
Triple J. Tree Service              $     620.00          Weed Spray
Customer Deposits                   $    2,785.38         Applied and Refunded Cust. Deposits
Customer Deposits                   $    1,888.58         Applied and Refunded Cust. Deposits
AT&T                                $       29.83         Phone service
Central Ky Mech Services            $    3,611.87         Brake Repair on WW truck and Trash truck
City of Paris Paryroll              $   74,459.70         Payroll dated 5/28/09
Columbia Gas                        $       45.70         Gas Bill
Squire Gambill                      $     120.50          Labor/Spring Plate
Roberts Heavy Duty Towing           $       65.00         Towing Service
Aaron Sparkman                      $       30.00         CDL
Shannon Williams                    $     300.00           Welding service/repair

Other Business

Discussion of the “herbie-curbie” ordinance adopted in June 2007 included the need for better
accounting of the trash containers issued, a required customer deposit and a tracking system.
Discussion was to continue at a workshop.

Reports of Staff

Nagy advised the 2009/2010 budget was 85% complete.

Belcher gave an update on the vehicle abatement program. He reported insurance RFP’s were
out. He stated any announcement on the YMCA’s CDBG would be made after the special

City Engineer Ron Vanover advised he had received complaints on the Van Horn store that had
recently moved from High and 8 Streets to South Main but nothing in the ordinances addressed
how businesses were to display retail items. He stated the flood plain moratorium ordinance that
expires June 30 needed further review and requested a six month extension to be considered at
the next meeting. He commended Mike Withrow for taking the initiative and expediting
replacement of the water heater for the Paris Municipal Center.

Chief Tim Gray told the commission he was impressed with the city manager’s scheduling of a
”get to know” type meeting with six new hires each from the police and fire departments.

Beauman advised he had met with the county attorney and will have available at the next meeting
an ordinance amending the pit bull ordinance enhancing penalties for repeat offenders.

Galbraith asked status on fire fighters incentive pay calculations in regard to 2010 budget
planning. Belcher advised data was being gathered in house under guidance and direction of
legal council.

Fryman voiced concern with the contractor of the Little League program being permitted to rent
out ball fields at Garrard Park. Beauman advised the practice was permitted under the contract
as long as it is open to everyone that applies and is uniform. Consensus was to address the
matter when conducting contract negotiations for next year.

Executive Session

Motion was made, seconded and unanimously carried to enter an executive session at 6:35 PM
to discuss pending litigation.

Galbraith moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to resume regular session
with no action taken in the executive session.

Galbraith moved, Fryman seconded and motion unanimously carried to adjourn at 6:45 PM.



City Clerk


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