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MAY 2009


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									                                                                                                      MAY                       20 09


     SUNDAY                  MONDAY                 TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY                  THURSDAY              FRIDAY                  SATURDAY
                                                                                                                  1                       2

                                                                                                                  Wine Down Movie Night
                                                                                                                  VENU | 7:00 pm

3                       4                      5                      6                     7                     8                       9

                        Casual Dining          Movie Night            Brown Bag Wine Club   Burger Bonanza        EDGE Cafe
                        EDGE | 6:30 pm         E/V | 6:30 pm          VENU | 6:30 pm        EDGE | 6:30 pm        EDGE | 11:30 am

                                                      Cinco de Mayo

10                      11                     12                     13                    14                    15                      16

Mother’s Day Brunch     Casual Dining          Movie Night            Pizza Pizzazz                               Friday Fondue
EDGE | 10:00 am         VENU | 6:30 pm         E/V | 6:30 pm          EDGE | 6:30 pm                              VENU | 7:00 pm

         Mother’s Day

17                      18                     19                     20                    21                    22                      23

                        Casual Dining          Movie Night            Pizza Pizzazz         Brown Bag Wine Club   VENU Cafe               Munchkin Matinee
                        VENU | 6:30 pm         E/V | 6:30 pm          EDGE | 6:30 pm        VENU | 6:30 pm        VENU | 11:30 am         VENU | 11:00 am

24/31                   25                     26                     27                    28                    29                      30

                        Memorial Day BBQ       Movie Night            Pasta Pronto                                Dinner and a Dive-In    Brown Bag Wine Club
                        EDGE | 4:00 pm         E/V | 6:30 pm          VENU | 6:30 pm                              EDGE | 6:30 pm          VENU | 6:30 pm

                                Memorial Day
WEEKLY EVENTS                                        SPECIAL EVENTS

MONDAY Evenings                                      Friday, May 1                                        Chef Mike will prepare a delectable nosh to keep
Casual Dining                                        Wine Down Movie Night                                you stomachs from growling. $20 per person.
May 4 & 25 | EDGE | 6:30 pm                          VENU | 7:00 pm                                       RSVP Required.
May 11 & 18 | VENU | 6:30 pm                         Bring down your favorite drink and “Wine” Down
Monday Night Casual Dining with Chef Mike in         with your fellow adult residents while you enjoy     Saturday, May 23
the Great Rooms! Start your week by leaving the      viewing a movie in the Theater. This event is        Munchkin Matinee
cooking to your Chef. Great cooking, great fun!      complimentary.                                       VENU | 11:00 am
$12 per person. Reservations with payment                                                                 This matinee is especially for all VENU/EDGE
accepted. Meal tickets will be provided at           Wednesday, May 6                                     munchkins. Join us for some popcorn and a
check-in. Space is limited so sign up early!         Brown Bag Wine Club                                  kid’s movie in the Great Room Theaters. Parents
                                                     VENU | 6:30 pm                                       must accompany all children under 10.
CASUAL DINING MENUS                                  Calling all wine lovers out there! Whether you are
                                                     a casual wine drinker or the most sophisticated      Sunday, May 25
May 4 -                                              sipper you will want to be part of the club. Bring   Memorial Day BBQ
Chicken Enchiladas served with all standard fair,    down your favorite bottle and let’s start tasting!   EDGE | 4:00 pm
spanish rice and beans. Buenuelos for dessert.       Chef Mike will prepare a delectable nosh to keep     Celebrate your Memorial Day by kicking back by
                                                     you stomachs from growling. $20 per person.          the pool while Chef Mike prepares some great
May 11-                                              RSVP Required.                                       BBQ treats for you to enjoy! $15 per person.
Chicken parmesan, green salad, fresh italian                                                              Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided, please
bread and canoli’s for dessert.                      Thursday, May 7                                      bring your own alcoholic beverages. Reservations
                                                     Burger Bonanza                                       with payment accepted. Pool Audio will be on for
May 18 -                                             EDGE | 6:30 pm                                       the duration of this event.
Salad Nicoise or French style yellowfin tuna salad   Stop by the EDGE Great Room for some delicious
with brie pannini, fresh berries and cream.          burgers. Bring you own beer to compliment your       Wednesday, May 27
                                                     burger, then just sit back and relax as you watch    Pasta Pronto
May 25 -                                             TV. $5 per burger. RSVP Required. 5 person           VENU | 6:30 pm
Memorial Day BBQ. See Concierge for Menu.            minimum.                                             Craving some pasta? Let Chef Mike satisfy your
                                                                                                          craving with his mouth-watering pasta and garlic
TUESDAY Evenings                                     Sunday, May 10                                       bread. Mangia! BYOB. $7 per person. RSVP
Tuesday Night Movie Night!                           Mother’s Day Brunch                                  Required.
VENU & EDGE Theaters | 6:30 pm                       EDGE | 10:00 am
Every Tuesday evening, the Great Room Theater        Wanting to take Mom somewhere special for this       Friday, May 29
at VENU and EDGE will feature movie classics.        Mother’s Day? Take her to EDGE and let Chef          Dinner and a Dive-In
You can check out what will be showing on            Mike make her a breakfast that she won’t forget!     EDGE | 6:30 pm
the Theater marquee, or if you have a request,       $20 per person. Space is limited! RSVP               Join us for dinner and Dive-in Movie at the EDGE
let your Concierge know and we’ll get it on          Required.                                            Great Room Pool. Chef Mike will be creating
our calendar.                                                                                             a variety of specialty dinner for you to enjoy
                                                     Friday, May 15                                       while you enjoy floating in the pool and a movie
WEDNESDAY Evenings                                   Friday Fondue                                        under the stars! $10 per person for dinner.
Pizza Pizzazz                                        VENU | 7:00 pm                                       RSVP Required. Pool Audio will be on for the
May 13 & 20                                          Join Chef Mike for an evening of fun, friends        duration of this event.
EDGE | 6:30 pm                                       and fondue. From sweet to savory, learn how to
Join us for a pizza pie lunch at the EDGE Great      perfect and prepare this out-of-the ordinary meal.   Saturday, May 30
Room. Chef Mike will be making a variety of          RSVP Required. 5 person minimum. $12 per             Brown Bag Wine Club
specialty pizzas for you to enjoy. $5 per person.    person.                                              VENU | 6:30 pm
                                                                                                          Calling all wine lovers out there! Whether you are
FRIDAY Afternoons                                    Thursday, May 21                                     a casual wine drinker or the most sophisticated
EDGE & VENU Café                                     Brown Bag Wine Club                                  sipper you will want to be part of the club. Bring
May 8 | EDGE | 11:30 am                              VENU | 6:30 pm                                       down your favorite bottle and let’s start tasting!
May 22 | VENU | 11:30 am                             Calling all wine lovers out there! Whether you are   Chef Mike will prepare a delectable nosh to keep
Join us in the EDGE and VENU Great Rooms             a casual wine drinker or the most sophisticated      you stomachs from growling. $20 per person.
Café for a gourmet lunch. Chef Mike will create      sipper you will want to be part of the club. Bring   RSVP Required.
delectable delights that will keep you coming        down your favorite bottle and let’s start tasting!
back time and time again! See your Concierge
for menus. $5 per person. RSVP Required.
Chef’s Corner
                                                                    PUMPkIN AND COCONUT SOUP


                                                                    2 Cloves        garlic, Crushed
                                                                    4 Whole         Shallots Chopped
                                                                    ½ Tsp.          Shrimp Paste (optional)
                                                                    1 Whole         Lemongrass Stalk, Chopped
                                                                    2 ½ Cups        Chicken Stock
                                                                    6 Whole         kafir Lime Leaves
                                                                    1 Pound         Pumpkin, Peeled, Seeded, & Cubed
                                                                    2 ½ Cups        Coconut Milk
Hello Everyone,
                                                                    2 Tbls.         Fish Sauce
May is here and the weather is great. I hope those grills are       1 Tsp.          Sugar
getting used!                                                       4 Ounces        Cooked and Peeled Shrimp

We have some fun and tasty events planned for this month.           2 Whole         Red Chiles, Seeded and Finely Chopped
It wouldn’t be May without a Cinco de Mayo fiesta. May 5th
happens to fall on a Tue this year so this is one Casual Dining     METhOD
you definitely don’t want to miss! Come join us at EDGE for
this amazing fiesta.
                                                                    Using a mortar and pestle combine and grind to a paste the
Interested in the races, join me for the Kentucky Derby and         garlic, shallots, shrimp past, lemongrass and chiles. Set
Café EDGE. Come see what I’ll be making for lunch. Mint
Julep anyone? Also Dinner and Dive-in is back as it was a           aside.
huge success in April. Don’t forget to sign up early as room
for this event will fill up fast. And for all you wine lovers out   In a large saucepan set over medium high heat, bring the
there the VENU Brown Bag Wine Club is back so bring down
your favorite bottle of wine to share with the group over some      chicken stock to a boil. Add the ground paste and lime leaves
of my tasty treats.                                                 combining well. Add the pumpkin and simmer until the
                                                                    pumpkin is tender, about 15 minutes. Once the pumpkin is
Later in the month I will be holding a cooking class. For all of
you novice chefs out there, let me know what you would like         soft add the coconut milk and return to a simmer. Add the fish
to learn or a particular recipe you are interested in preparing.    sauce, sugar and the shrimp. Continue simmering until the
And how can we forget Mother’s Day? Moms this event is              shrimp is cooked through. Serve immediately, garnished with
especially for you and all that you do! Come down and let
me treat you to a delicious brunch.                                 the sliced chilies.

One event that was suggested was a singles night, so this
month all you available residents come down for the Singles
Mingle! I will help you break the ice with fun activities and
great snacks! Don’t miss this chance to meet new people.

Wanting something particular on the calendar? Drop off any
ideas and place your suggestions in the vases located on the
kitchen counters. We will do our best to incorporate your
ideas into our calendar of events. Thank you to all that have
already contributed.

Bon Appétit,
Chef Mike

                                             YOgA        Tuesdays @ 9:30 am with Bee | Tuesdays @ 6:00 pm with Bee
                                                         Thursdays @ 6:00 pm with Bee | Saturdays @ 9:00 am with Bee
                                                         From the Sanskrit word meaning “union”, Yoga is a 5,000-year-old Eastern Philosophy that incorporates the
                                                         mind and body in a mutually supportive relationship. Yoga weaves fitness, wellness and a deep sense of
                                                         Consciousness together. Similar to weight lifting, yoga strengthens muscles by incorporating resistant
                                                         weight-bearing exercise using the body’s own weight as resistance. All levels welcome. Yoga mats will be
                                                         available, or feel free to bring your own.

                                CARDIO-BLAST             Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm with Sristi | Fridays @ 5:00 pm with Sristi
                                                         This class will be a combination of hi/lo aerobics. It will be a fast paced workout that will start with a warm-
                                                         up and incorporate cardio, kickboxing components, and muscle conditioning. All Levels are welcome!

                                    SPIN CLASS           Monday @ 7:30 am with Jenny | Wednesday @ 7:30 am with Jenny
                                                         Friday @ 7:30 am with Jenny
                                                         Indoor cycling is a group exercise done on a stationary bike. Your instructor will simulate a ride to
                                                         the beat of high energy music. You will travel on flat roads, climb hills, sprint and race. This is a great
                                                         cardiovascular workout!

               TOTAL BODY CONDITIONINg                   Tuesdays @ 8:00 am with Kirsten | Thursdays @ 8:00 am with Kirsten
                                                         This cutting-edge body sculpting class utilizes the stability ball to target individual muscle groups while
                                                         incorporating balance and core stability. The stability ball has been used by Physical Therapists for over
                                                         30 years and the total body benefits make the workout a great use of your time! Come down and try the
                                                         class, people love this workout!
Please remember to be considerate when there is a scheduled class in session: Please refrain from going in and out of the studio — we would
appreciate it if you would please wait to use the studio until the class has ended! There is a 3 person minimum required for a class to take
place. We want to thank everyone for their participation and continued support of the fitness program!

                                                         Let’s make May Museum Month! There are so many                square foot arts center accommodates comprehensive
                                                         wonderful ones to visit in the Valley of the Sun. A           traveling exhibitions and hosts a collection of some
                                                         diverse collection to choose from with something for          16,000 century-spanning works. The collection in-
                                                         everyone!                                                     cludes an 18th to 20th Century Fashion Design Gallery,
                                                                                                                       the Thorne Miniature Rooms and works divided into
                                                                          Dwight and Maie Heard's passion              three portals: Art of Asia; Art of the Americas & Europe
                                                                             for collecting Native American art        to 1900; and Art of our Time.
                                                                             was the beginning of what would
                                                                            become a museum with a worldwide           Founded in 1937, the Desert Botanical
Your VENU Concierge can be reached at 480-668-3640                         reputation. The Heard Museum for            Garden presents a world-class exhibit
ext. 1, or via e-mail at concierge@venuatgrayhawk.com.   Native       American History and Tribal Arts includes        of arid land plants. The garden main-
Your EDGE Concierge can be reached at 480.584.4647       one of the foremost collections in the Southwest and          tains more than 50,000 plants and cacti,
ext. 1, or via e-mail at concierge@edgeatgrayhawk.com    several years ago, the Goldwater family donated the           which represent 2,000 different species of plant life.
Security: 480-223-5603                                   late Senator Barry Goldwater's personal collection of         You’ll find a lot of desert wildlife in the Garden as well.
Eagle Property Management: 602-224-7000                  kacina dolls to the Heard. It’s a must see!                   A fabulous way to spend the day!
APS: 602-371-7171

                                                         The Phoenix Art Museum, named one of the                      So check out a few great museums this month, your
                                                         Phoenix Points of Pride, has more than                        Concierge has all the details on these, as well as many
                                                         doubled its size since its opening in 1959       to           others.
                                                         become the Southwest's largest visual arts institution.
                                                         Renovated and redesigned in 1996, the 160,000-
ON STAGE                                                                                                                             SPORTS
Many events require tickets to be purchased       May 19: Flight of the Conchords                                       Diamondback Baseball
early! Call your Concierge for the latest                                                                              Chase Field, $8 – $120
upcoming events, preferred seating and prices.    May 30: Queensryche                                 602-514-8400 | www.azdiamondbacks.com
Times, dates, and pricing may change. Please
call your VENU/EDGE Concierge if you would like   JOBING.COM ARENA
assistance researching, locating and purchasing   CALL 623-772-3800
                                                                                                             Friday, May 1 @ Milwaukee 8:05 PM
tickets for any upcoming performance or event.    WWW.JOBINGARENA.COM
                                                                                                                Sat, May 2 @ Milwaukee 7:05 PM
ASU GAMMAGE THEATER                               May 24: Fleatwood Mac
CALL 480-965-5062                                                                                              Sun, May 3 @ Milwaukee 2:05 PM
WWW.ASUGAMMAGE.COM                                May 28: Dane Cook
                                                                                                          Monday, May 4 @ LA Dodgers 10:10 PM
                                                  MESA ARTS CENTER
                                                                                                          Tuesday, May 5 @ LA Dodgers 10:10 PM
May 5 – 10: Stomp                                 CALL 480-644-6500
                                                  WWW.MESAARTSCENTER.COM                                       Wed, May 6 @ San Diego 9:05 PM
June 16 – 21, 2009: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
                                                  May 9: The Music of Dixieland - Side Street              Thursday, May 7 @ San Diego 2:35 PM

CELEBRITY THEATER                                 Strutters with the Symphony of the Southwest
                                                                                                               Friday, May 8 Washington 9:40 PM
CALL 602-267-0186
                                                  May 12 – 13: Theater League presents: Dirty                     Sat, May 9 Washington 8:10 PM
                                                  Rotten Scoundrels
                                                                                                                Sun, May 10 Washington 4:10 PM
May 2: Chippendales
                                                  THE PHOENIX SYMPHONY
                                                  CALL 602-495-1999                                           Monday, May 11 Cincinnati 8:40 PM
                                                  WWW.PHOENIXSYMPHONY.ORG                                     Tuesday, May 12 Cincinnati 8:40 PM
CALL 602-254-7200
                                                  May 8 – 10: Ballet Arizona presents: Mother’s Day              Wed, May 13 Cincinnati 8:40 PM
May 6: Dave Matthews Band                                                                                      Friday, May 15 @ Atlanta 7:35 PM
                                                  PHOENIX THEATER
May 14: Jimmy Buffet                                                                                              Sat, May 16 @ Atlanta 7:10 PM
                                                  CALL 602-254-2151
                                                  WWW.PHOENIXTHEATRE.COM                                         Sun, May 17 @ Atlanta 1:35 PM
May 15: Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction
                                                  May 1 – 17: Stephen Sondheim’s Company                      Monday, May 18 @ Florida 7:10 PM
May 23: No Doubt
                                                  SCOTTSDALE CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS                   Tuesday, May 19 @ Florida 7:10 PM
CHANDLER CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS           CALL 480-994-ARTS                                              Wed, May 20 @ Florida 7:10 PM
CALL 480-782-2680                                 WWW.SCOTTSDALEPERFORMINGARTS.ORG
WWW.CHANDLERCENTER.ORG                                                                                       Thursday, May 21 @ Florida 7:10 PM
                                                  Ongoing: Late Nite Catechism III: ‘Til Death Do
May 3: Salt River Brass: Fiesta!                  Us Part                                                          Friday, May 22 @ Oakland TBA

                                                                                                                     Sat, May 23 @ Oakland TBA
DODGE THEATRE                                     May 1 – 3: Girls Night: The Musical
CALL 480-784-4444                                                                                                    Sun, May 24 @ Oakland TBA
WWW.DODGETHEATRE.COM                              May 8: Tango First Century
                                                                                                             Monday, May 25 San Diego 3:40 PM
May 1 – 3: Sesame Street Live “Elmo’s Green       May 9: Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues
                                                                                                             Tuesday, May 26 San Diego 9:40 PM
                                                  TEMPE CENTER FOR THE ARTS                                      Wed, May 27 San Diego 9:40 PM
May 5: Robin Thicke and Jennifer Hudson           CALL 480-350-2TCA (2822)
                                                  WWW.TEMPE.GOV/TCA/                                           Thursday, May 28 Atlanta 9:40 PM
May 15: REO Speedwagon, STYX and 38 Special
                                                  May 2: Carolyn Eynon Singers: An American                       Friday, May 29 Atlanta 9:40 PM

May 16: Brian Regan                               Musical Portrait                                                   Sat, May 30 Atlanta 4:10 PM

                                                  May 7: Rob Schneider                                              Sun, May 31 Atlanta 4:10 PM
Friday, May 1                                             Sunday, May 3
Invisible Forces that Shape the Universe                  Spring Wine & Jazz Festival
Arizona Science Center | Phoenix                          The Boulders | Scottsdale
Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Space            Carlos Rivas, originally from El Salvador, moved to the United States in 1981. He founded Mex-Sal in 1983
Exploration, Arizona State University. Although the       and the orchestra has become one of the top salsa music institutions in Arizona. The popular Spring Wine
night sky is full of bright stars, most of the universe   & Jazz series, returning for the season, is a celebration of great food, distinctive wines and live music. The
in invisible. Scannapieco will describe how               series will take place Sundays beginning February 22 through May 3, from 1 pm to 4 pm. Admission is
astronomers act as detectives, combining a wide           FREE but food tickets and a commemorative wine glass are available for purchase. Bring back your Wine
range of indirect cues with computer simulations          and Jazz wine glass every Sunday for additional savings. Please visit www.elpedregal.com for more
to piece together the role of black holes, dark           information.
matter and dark energy: the invisible forces that
shape the universe. For more information please           Thursday, May 7
call 602-716-2000.                                        Gilbert Spring Concerts in the Park
                                                          Freestone Park | Gilbert
Friday, May 1
                                                          The Concerts in the Park Series is held the first Thursday of the month at the beautiful Freestone Park
First Friday
                                                          Amphitheater, located by the lake in Freestone Park (Lindsay and Juniper Roads). Bring a blanket or
Downtown Phoenix Art District | Phoenix
                                                          lawn chair and enjoy the evening under the stars. Food and beverages are available to purchase. This
Every first Friday evening of each month you can
                                                          month Cold Shott and the Hurricane Horns amaze audiences with their blazing horns, powerful vocals and
take a free self-guided tour of downtown Phoenix
                                                          authentic R&B, Soul, Blues, Rock, Funk and Jazz sound. Originally formed in 1990, this re-established 8
galleries, studios and art spaces. First Friday is
                                                          member band has become a powerful mainstay in the Arizona R&B, Blues and Soul circuits. Event takes
organized by Artlink, a nonprofit organization “...
                                                          place from 7:00 – 9:00 pm.
dedicated to bringing together artists, the public,
and businesses for a greater understanding,
                                                          Saturday, May 16
appreciation, and promotion of the arts and the
                                                          Arizona Lucky Ducky Derby
development of a strong and vital downtown
                                                          Scottsdale Waterfront Canal | Scottsdale
Phoenix arts community.” The downtown Phoenix
                                                          On May 16th, 40,000 of the most adorable racing ducks you’ve ever seen will be dropped into the Scottsdale
First Friday event is not about glitz or champagne
                                                          Waterfront Canal. They’ll paddle their way to the finish line and just might make you a winner! The Fun
or cocktail parties - it is about the inner-city urban
                                                          and Festivities begin at Scottsdale Waterfront at 10 am. Make sure you stick around for the Duck Drop at 2
experience. Artists living and working downtown
                                                          pm. You don’t want to miss the big event! All of the proceeds from the Arizona Lucky Ducky Derby benefit
exhibit downtown. Thousands of people enjoy
                                                          local children’s charities such as, Hunkapi, The Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Scottsdale Cares, Girls on the
what is offered during each First Friday event, and
                                                          Run, Kiwanis International. Visit www.duckrace.com/arizona for more information.
several exhibitions sell half of their offerings during
these openings. The First Friday art walk in
downtown Phoenix is held on the first Friday of           Thursday, May 21
every month, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. For more              That Thursday Thing!
information about First Friday, contact Artlink           Historic Downtown Glendale | Glendale
at 602-256-7539.                                          That Thursday Thing! is an event held in Historic Downtown Glendale, Arizona. Sometimes referred to as
                                                          Glendale Third Thursdays, That Thursday Thing! is a time when the City of Glendale invites everyone to
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 1 – 3                    enjoy a leisurely stroll around downtown Glendale. If you haven’t been to downtown Glendale in a few years,
Maricopa County Home and Garden Show                      it’s changed--and for the better! From the parks to the unique antique and gift shops to museums and
Arizona State Fairgrounds | Phoenix                       restaurants, downtown Glendale is charming. That Thursday Thing! is a very leisurely, free-form event. Get
At the Maricopa County Home Shows you’ll be               a map, don’t get a map. Participate in the monthly themed games, or don’t. Shop or just browse. It’s up to
able to take advantage of visiting hundreds of            you. Relax, and enjoy downtown Glendale. Visit http://phoenix.about.com/od/attractionsandevents/
companies all in one place, displaying the latest         ss/ThursdayThing.htm for more information.
and greatest products and designs for homes
and gardens just like yours. The shows include            Friday, May 29
not only exhibits, displays, and vendors, but             Friday Night Bull Riding
also seminars and demonstrations, contests,               Rawhide Wild West Town | Chandler
workshops for kids, ‘ask the experts’ sessions,           Every Friday Night Rawhide hosts the most exciting part of a Rodeo - Bull Riding! Come see if the cowboys
and more. Admission is $5, ages 3-12 are $2,              and girls can make it 8 seconds before being bucked off. This Family Friendly event includes Mutton
ages 2 and under are free. You’ll have to pay             Busting (sheep riding) for kids, but if that’s not enough for the young ones they can always take their turn
a parking fee for each vehicle at the Arizona             on Rawhide’s Widow Maker Mechanical Bull. Bull Riding Ticket prices are $7.00 for adults and $3.00
State Fairgrounds. Scooter and wheelchair                 for kids ages 3 to 12. Mutton Busting is $1. Cowboys and girls interested in competing can sign
rentals are available at the gated entrances.             up through R.C. Mercer Livestock and Rodeo at 602-237-3000.
Visit www.maricopacountyhomeshow.com for
more information.
Celebrate the Month of May
May 1 –        May Day, Loyalty Day,                                                                                        May 14 –       Dance Like a Chicken Day
               Mother Goose Day, Save the                                                                                   May 15 –       Police Officer's Memorial Day,
               Rhino Day, Space Day                                                                                                        National Chocolate Chip Day
May 2 –        Baby Day, Brothers and                                                                                       May 16 –       Love a Tree Day, National
               Sisters Day                                                                                                                 Bike to Work Day, National Sea
May 3 –        Lumpy Rug Day, World Press                                                                                                  Monkey Day, Wear Purple for
               Freedom Day                                                                                                                 Peace Day
May 4 –        Bird Day, National Candied                                                                                   May 17 –       Armed Forces Day, Pack Rat Day
               Orange Peel Day, Renewal Day                                                                                 May 18 –       International Museum Day, No Dirty
May 5 –        Cinco de Mayo, National                                                                                                     Dishes Day
               Hoagie Day, Oyster Day                                                                                       May 19 –       Boy's Club Day
May 6 –        Beverage Day, National                                                                                       May 20 –       Be a Millionaire Day, Pick
               Teacher's Day                                                                                                               Strawberries Day
May 7 –        National Tourist Appreciation Day,                                                                           May 21 –       National Memo Day, National
               No Diet Day                                                                                                                 Waiters and Waitresses Day
May 8 –        Iris Day                                                                                                     May 22 –       Buy a Musical Instrument Day
May 9 –        Lost Sock Memorial Day,                                                                                      May 23 –       Lucky Penny Day
               Military Spouses Day                                                                                         May 24 –       International Jazz Day,
May 10 –       Clean up Your Room Day                                                                                                      National Escargot Day
May 11 –       Eat What You Want Day,                                                                                       May 25 –       National Missing Children's Day,
               Twilight Zone Day                                                                                                           Tap Dance Day
May 12 –       Astronomy Day, Fatigue                                                                                       May 26 –       Sally Ride Day
               Syndrome Day, International Nurses                                                                           May 27 –       Sun Screen Day
               Day, Limerick Day                                                                                            May 28 –       Amnesty International Day
May 13 –       Frog Jumping Day,                                                                                            May 30 –       Water a Flower Day
               Leprechaun Day                                                                                               May 31 –       World No Tobacco Day

May Riddles
                                                                                                                                     equations confirming that this is enough.
1. A table tennis ball (ping-pong ball) fell into a tight deep pipe (amendment: eg. 30 cm long, buried in                            of the castle. You can make a few easy
   concrete pavement - having firm metal bottom, only 1 cm of the pipe is above the ground - so it can                               another foot-bridge to the edge (corner)
   not be moved). The pipe was only a bit wider than the ball, so you can not use your hand. How would                               from the middle of this foot-bridge lay
   you take it out, with no damage?                                                                                                  corner (thus a triangle is created). Then
                                                                                                                                  4. You can put one foot-bridge over one
2. A man lives on the tenth floor of a building. Every morning he takes the elevator down to the lobby
   and leaves the building. In the evening, he gets into the elevator, and, if there is someone else in the                             3. Throw the ball straight up in the air.
   elevator - or if it was raining that day - he goes back to his floor directly. Otherwise, he goes to the
   seventh floor and walks up three flights of stairs to his apartment. How come?                                                     can also push them with his umbrella.
                                                                                                                                      can ask people to push them for him. He
3. How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you, even if it doesn't hit                                   reach the upper elevator buttons, but he
   anything, there is nothing attached to it, and no one else catches or throws it?                                               2. The man is a of short stature. He can't

4. A square medieval castle on a square island was under siege. All around the island, there was                             pipe so that the ball swims up on the surface.
   a 10 metre wide water moat. But the conquerors could make foot-bridges only 9.5 metres long.                              1. All you have to do is pour some water into the
   Nevertheless a wise man was able to figure out how to get over the water. What do you think was his
   advice?                                                                                                                                                        ANSWERS

No binding offer to sell may be made or accepted prior to the issuance of the final Arizona Subdivision Public Report. You should review the Public Report before signing any
contract. EDGE’s materials, and the features and amenities depicted herein, are based upon the current development plans, which are subject to change without notice. Fur-
nishings, accessories, floor coverings, and appliances installed or displayed in the Sales Presentation Center may be shown for merchandising purposes only and may not be
included in the sale of each residence. The developer reserves the right to substitute products and/or materials without prior notice. EDGE’s promotional material is not intended
to constitute an offering in violation of the law of any jurisdiction, nor has any Federal or State agency judged the merits of value if any of this property. Avenue Realty, LLC is
not responsible for errors. Sales & Marketing by Avenue Realty, LLC.

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