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Mount Vernon Presbyterian School


									           MOUNT VERNON
               P R E S BY T E R I A N S C H O O L
THE MAGAZINE                                 WINTER 2011

                             THE NEXT GENERATION
                                      OF LEADERS
                PRESCHOOL THROUGH GRADE 12
                                                   ACADEMIC INNOVATION AT MOUNT VERNON:

                                                     the Next Generation of Leaders
                                                                                                                                        – PAGE 26

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School is a community dedicated to academic excellence, physical development and spiritual enrichment.
          Grounded in Christian values, the School seeks to develop leaders who will use their unique abilities to think,
                                    serve and live their lives with wisdom and moral integrity.

         The Mount Vernon Magazine, published twice annually by the Office of Advancement, is mailed free of charge
                     to students, parents, faculty, alumni and friends of Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.
   For more information about Mount Vernon, please call (404) 252-3448 or visit our web site at

     Disclaimer: Mount Vernon Presbyterian School makes every effort to ensure that all names and listings are accurate and complete.
                    If a name has been omitted, misspelled, or listed incorrectly, please accept our sincerest apologies.
                                                            winter 2011

2 MY PERSPECTIVE Dr. Jacobsen announces launch of the next strategic process

10 CAMPUS NOTES Latest news, events, achievements highlight the Mount Ve non commu
                                            men highligh the Mount Vern         m

26 COVER STORY Twenty first century education provides stud ts w the skills to lead in the future.
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41 ANNUAL REPORT Office of Advancement spotlig the generosity of the School community.
                               ncem n otliglights

    OUNT          LLOWS Gran
53 MOUNT VERNON FELLOWS Gr nts allow dreams to come true for faculty.

             OF THE TORY Clas
56 THE POINT OF THE STORY Clas of 2010 alumnus talks about his MVPS preparation for college.
                            ass     1

                         DR. BRETT JACOBSEN
                              Head of School

                      The Next 40:

           Designing Innovation
                 for a Sustainable
    Mount Vernon Presbyterian School stands at the intersection of
    the second decade of the 21st century and the celebration of 40
    years as a strong Christian educational community in August.
    At Mount Vernon, the air is charged with possibility as we seek
    to be the best 21st century Christian college-preparatory school
    in the world.

2                                                MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
                                                     This is a                                         myperspective

             but we do not apologize for it.
      While we are proud of our rich history, there is real excitement as we look to
      the future of our School. The School is on the verge of a new era of exploration
      and innovation, under the guidance of an energized staff, Board and faculty
      leadership as well as a committed and connected parent community.
      Established by four strong pillars of the School – Learning, Leadership, Service, and Spiritual Growth – Mount Vernon
      officially launches the next strategic planning process for the future of the School and most importantly, our students.
      Exhorted by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), “With the financial crisis easing in most areas,
      how do independent school leaders, tackle the next phase of building strong, financially sustainable schools, able to
      prepare students for success in an ever-changing world?” What are the critical factors the School needs to know at this
      pivotal moment in time to be the most effective, innovative Christian college preparatory school in the world while
      sustaining the rich history of core values and tradition as an independent school?

      We all recognize the need for a 21st century education for our students; one that blends the rigorous academic standards
      of traditional curriculum but also focuses on 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, creativity,
      adaptability, effective communication and leadership.
      Business leaders, researchers and experts in the field of
      education, including the President of NAIS Patrick Bassett,
      are challenging schools to design their classrooms around
      these skills, which are vital for success in the 21st century.
      Mount Vernon embraces this challenge, and seeks to set
      a new standard for independent school education. While
      we strive to reach new heights of excellence, we remain
      committed to providing a nurturing environment where
      each student is known.

      Over the next year, the Strategic Planning Committee
      appointed by the Mount Vernon Board of Trustees will
      involve parents, teachers, students, grandparents, the business and philanthropic community as well as higher education
      to position the School for the future. Through this community-wide conversation, the Committee will commence into a
      period of thorough research and thoughtful dialogue about Mount Vernon’s foundational assumptions, core convictions,
      and academic themes based on a strategic framework recognized by NAIS and other focal points identified by MVPS.
      It is the stewardship of our mission and resources that allows the School to seize this moment of possibility and to
      advance our mission of academic excellence, physical development, and spiritual enrichment.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                                     3

                           Guiding                  faith, school community, neighborhood community, and community of relationships
                                                    that last forever – dedicated to academic excellence, physical development and spiritual

          Principles                                enrichment. Grounded in Christian values, we seek to develop leaders who will use their
                                                    unique abilities to think, serve and live their lives with wisdom and moral integrity.

                                                    As one leading scholar asked, “Why have schools and colleges sacrificed their noble,
Upon my arrival in June 2009, I asked,              idealistic, and spiritual missions for a practical, cynical indifferent alternative?” Focusing
“What is our DNA?” You overwhelmingly               on our future during the strategic planning process, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School
responded, “MVPS is a Christ-centered               will not sacrifice our mission, our identity for a practical, cynical, generic, or indifferent
preparatory school; with committed                  alternative. However, our mission is anchored by strong guiding principles established
Christian faculty that nurtures a safe              under the 2006-2011 Strategic Plan.
atmosphere for kids; an academically
challenging preparatory school; not your            William Bowen, former president of Princeton, asserted that a great educational institution
average Christian school; students don’t get        “is always under construction.” In the midst of this “construction,” our community must
lost here; extension of Family; a place where       be agile and adaptable to a fast-paced digitally-based global marketplace. As a community
teachers are called to invest their lives in        we will address some basic questions: Where have we been? Where we are now? Where
your child; and this school loves my child.”
The essence of Mount Vernon Presbyterian             The guiding principles will support the strategic framework during
School is community – community of
                                                                the planning process over the coming year.

    Mount Vernon Presbyterian School…

           Provides a college                                                                             Compliments the
                                                       Motivates students
              preparatory                                                                                academic program
                                                           to become                             with a wide range of activities to develop
              environment                                independent                             the mind, body and spirit of each student.
       dedicated to developing students                     thinkers,
       who are motivated to excel in life.              to set and achieve goals
                                                         and to be accountable                              Believes that diversity
                                                            for their actions.
                                                                                                            and global awareness
                                                                                                            enrich the learning experience.
               Inspires all
               students to
            pursue academic                             Expects and encourages
               excellence,                                all faculty, staff and students to
                                                                                                            Demonstrates a concern
             take pride in their work,                    lead lives of honor, integrity and
                                                                                                                 for the welfare of others
            develop leadership skills                    high moral character at all times.
                                                                                                                through grade appropriate
               and celebrate their                                                                                 outreach programs.
                                                                        Provides a
                                                                                                         Respects the unique value
              Creates an atmosphere                                    where students are
                                                                                                                of each member of the
          where students enjoy learning, have fun                    encouraged to develop
                                                                                                                  school community.
            and develop lifelong relationships.                        their own personal
                                                                      faith and spirituality.

4                                                                                                MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
                   In the inaugural publication,                                                          myperspective
          2010-2011 Trendbook for Independent Schools,
        NAIS provides independent schools like Mount Vernon                                    Strategic
                    timely research to consider:

     Economic uncertainty in the United States and                    Schools are growing their use of social media tools
    abroad will require independent schools to be even                to nurture relationships with constituents more effectively
    more attuned to those factors affecting markets and               and to advance organizational objectives.
    constituencies, especially regional and local trend data
    such as employment, housing, income, demographics,                While it is important to take a comprehensive
    competition, etc.                                                 approach to global education, schools may find it useful
                                                                      to tackle individual elements – a quick way to measure
    Schools on the leading edge emphasize both                        how global a school is through the elements of curriculum,
    traditional and innovative instruction that can be                including language teaching, international students and
    differentiated, experiential, immersive, and blended.             faculty, exchanges, sister schools, service learning, and other
                                                                      trips abroad, and digital partnerships with schools in
    The American demographic landscape is                             other regions.
    shifting. The continued growth of our population, its
    racial and ethnic diversification, its aging, and its uneven      Questionable content sources and the sheer number
    educational attainment were major issues that impacted our        of education options available will raise concerns about
    country in the first decade of the 21st century.                  the quality and validity of online content and learning
                                                                      experiences and create demands for quality assurance.
    In the current economic environment,
    anticipating the degree to which schools’ financial aid           Schools are paying more attention to energy
    budgets and policies need rethinking will depend largely on       efficiency, green buildings and renovations, which has
    local economies and income distribution, housing markets,         resulted in schools achieving LEED certifications for both
    tuition levels, and competitive alternatives for families.        new construction and rebuilds.

                                              we are going? and How will we know when we get there? Therefore, through this lens, the
                                              framework for the Strategy Planning Committee will touch every facet of Mount Vernon.
                                              Viewed as interdependent parts, the Committee will initiate a constructive conversation
                                              and conduct a deep analysis of the following areas recognized by NAIS and other important
                                              components identified by MVPS: (a) Christian Education, (b) Faculty, (c) Economic
                                              Outlook and Conditions, (d) 21st Century Education, (e) Philanthropic Outlook,
                                              (f ) Physical Plant and Resources, (g) Demographics and Diversity Outlook, (h) Financial
                                              Aid Outlook, (i) Marketing Communications and Social Media, (j) Global Education,
                                              (k) Arts and Athletics, (l) Education Technology, and (m) Environmental Sustainability.
                                              Guided by core convictions and academic themes, this strategic framework will require the
                                              Committee to ask a number of questions and to receive input from the MVPS community
                                              as a way to gather an accurate amount of research for setting goals, objectives and strategies.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                                                5
                       At Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, we are in the business of ideas. The true power of
                       ideas comes from their implementation, and that cannot happen without vision, leadership
                       and community. In the same way, Mount Vernon’s potential cannot be realized without
          Community    communal action. Your support will bring us closer to our vision and help us seize the

                       great moment of possibility we have worked so hard to achieve.

                       Throughout the coming year, the entire Mount Vernon community will be encouraged
                       to participate in a variety of ways through committee work, online input and responses,
                       surveys, small and large group coffees, and/or individual conversations. In summary, the
                       planning process will include research utilizing the components of the strategic framework,
                       community input to committee work, synthesis and analysis of research and feedback,
                       draft, final plan, and implementation.

                       As a contextual part of the conversation, a resource the School encourages all members
                       of the community to read is The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner. Wagner’s
                       educational research reflects the changes of the educational landscape p
                       and its impact on the global marketplace and technology.
                       Wagner asks, “In light of the fundamental changes that have
                       taken place in our society in the last twenty five years, what does
                       it mean to be an educated adult in the twenty-first century? What    t
                       do we think all high school graduates need to know and be able
                       to do to be well prepared for college, careers and citizenship? And,d,
                       since we can’t teach everything, what is most important? What
                       are the best ways to know whether students have mastered the
                       skills that matter most? How do we create a better assessment and   d
                       accountability system that gives us the information we need to ensure that all students
                       are learning essential skills? What do we need to do in our schools to motivate students
                       to be curious and imaginative, and to enjoy learning for its own sake? How do we ensure
                       that every student has an adult advocate in his or her school who knows the student
                       well?” During the spring semester, the faculty and staff will be discussing the book and its
                       implications on Mount Vernon.

                       As the 2006-2011 Strategic Plan comes to a close and the School embarks on its future,
                       the Strategic Planning Committee will provide updated progress throughout the process
                       linked from the homepage of the Schools web site, The
          Follow Our   document will be more than a checklist of “to dos” and will become a live, agile document

                       with measurements to track our progress in the future. In conjunction with the planning
                       process, Mount Vernon will be conducting a self-study to prepare for re-accreditation for
                       April 2012. As you know, the School maintains dual accreditation through SAIS-SACS.
                       If you have questions or comments about the Strategic Planning process, please email

                       Someone said, “Extraordinary times call for extraordinary schools.” I strongly believe
                       Mount Vernon is an extraordinary school – the dedication of highly qualified teachers
                       who are fervent about the education and Christian nurture of students, the unwavering

6                                                                  MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
passion of committed parents, the enthusiastic spirit of achieving students, the availability
of technology for communication, learning and teaching; and the accessibility to excellent
facilities. This is an energizing and exhilarating time to be a part of the Mount Vernon
Presbyterian School community. Embracing the rapid innovations that will define the             Opportunity
21st century while aggressively and strategically focusing on the future, MVPS is an
extraordinary school with extraordinary opportunities ahead. The School has highly
ambitious goals for the future, and continual assessment and improvement of all facets

of MVPS will ensure an uncompromising commitment to and achievement of excellence
throughout every arena.

May the Mount Vernon community “be filled with the knowledge of His will in all
spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you may walk worthy of the Lord to please
Him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of
God; strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, for the attaining of all
steadfastness and patience; joyously giving thanks to the Father” (Colossians 1).

Rooted in tradition and focused on our future, I am proud to consider
myself a part of a vibrant, innovative community. I love my school!

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                        7
    Thought-Provoking Documentaries Spark Thoughtful Discussions
                                         Launching Mount Vernon’s Strategic Planning Process
During the months of November and December, faculty, staff, trustees, students, and parents were invited to participate in the beginning
stages of the School’s strategic planning process by analyzing three well-publicized documentaries regarding American education.
Dividing into three groups, participants watched Race to Nowhere, Two Million Minutes, and Waiting for Superman and afterwards
discussed the implications of the films and their potential impact on the future of Mount Vernon.

Thoughtful questions, observations, and common themes emerged, and much of the analysis is synthesized here. Perhaps more importantly
though, the films started an important dialogue about the goals of education and what those goals might mean and look like for Mount
Vernon’s future. We look forward to more thoughtful discussion as we plan for the future with you.

              RACE TO NOWHERE                                 TWO MILLION MINUTES                                  WAITING FOR SUPERMAN
    REACTION:                                          REACTION:                                              REACTION:
    Thought-provoking                                  System is more focused on the holistic                 Film makes viewer sad, bitter
    Beginning of a discussion                                                                                 Problem is too big for a simple fix
                                                       Academics are balanced with extracurricular
    Kids are overscheduled                             activities                                             Schools are losing great teachers

    No homework was overkill                           Having choices allows students to have input           QUESTIONS:
                                                       into their career choices                              What needs to be done to fix tenure issues?
    Keep student anxiety and expectations in mind
                                                       Systems in China and India are very focused on         What is the solution?
    Teach kids differently – inspire them to love to   academics
    learn.                                                                                                    SUMMARY:
                                                       Strong emphasis on math and science                    Strong communities build strong schools and
    QUESTIONS:                                                                                                vice versa
    Do we have higher expectations of kids than in     Limited choices offered to students and
    generations before?                                families impact career path                            SKILLS:
                                                                                                              Independence, initiative, motivation, innovation,
    Isn’t life really homework – being prepared?       SUMMARY:                                               technology, reading and math proficiency,
                                                       Film emphasized America is lagging behind in           writing and computer literacy, comprehension,
    SUMMARY:                                           education                                              strong work ethic, accountability, critical
    Manage the pressure to perform                                                                            thinking, leadership, problem solving
                                                       American schools are not consistent in quality
    Rethink the model                                                                                         RESOURCES:
                                                       SKILLS:                                                Authentic learning experiences
    Education is not one size fits all                 Communication, collaboration, critical thinking,
                                                       problem solving, life-long learning skills             Teacher support
    Resilience, resourcefulness, collaboration,        RESOURCES:                                             VALUES:
    strong social skills, critical thinking, problem   Technology (media and digital communications)          Respect and accountability
    solving, technological, imagination, creativity,
    leadership, integrity, discernment, listening      Hands-on experience                                    MISSION:
                                                                                                              Mission should always put students first
    Schools that teach these skills

    Support as they learn skills

8                                                                                                         MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
           RACE TO NOWHERE                                  TWO MILLION MINUTES                             WAITING FOR SUPERMAN
 Real-world applications                             VALUES:                                           PASSION:
                                                     Christian values                                  Give students the resources to learn and excel
 Technology savvy
                                                     Faith and humanity                                BEST:
 VALUES:                                                                                               Students are striving to be the best
 Christian values                                    MISSION:
                                                     School mission statement is appropriate for our   Success is an expectation
 Strong moral compass                                students
                                                                                                       RESOURCE ENGINE:
 Commitment to service to others and                 PASSION:                                          Focus on teacher development to further
 community                                           Ensure that students are offered opportunities    students – they are directly related
                                                     to serve and lead
 MISSION:                                                                                              LEAD:
 MVPS can set our own course                         BEST:                                             Be leaders in technology and innovation
                                                     Are we preparing our students to be the “best
 MVPS can be a leader in changing the                in the world” for 21st Century?                   INNOVATE:
 educational model                                                                                     Preserve flexibility and autonomy School has
                                                     RESOURCE ENGINE:
 PASSION:                                            Are we connecting our families to the future?     Do not be afraid to try new things- we need a
 Foster students’ unique needs and passions                                                            culture of trying
 Build programs that build quality kids              Be open to global learning
 BEST:                                               LEAD:                                             Improve communication
 How do we define academic excellence at             Need a better understanding of “Millennial
 MVPS?                                               Generation” and their needs and expectations      Teach students needed skills

 How will we measure excellence?                     Prepare students to succeed in challenging        Enforce basic reading and writing skills
                                                     economies, global markets, expanding
 RESOURCE ENGINE:                                    communication technologies                        Adopt best practices from research and peers
 MVPS has strong momentum and direction
 – so how do we get there: Find a balance            INNOVATE:
 for students in all of the components of the        Build on success of Writing Initiative and
 mission                                             iDesign Lab – utilize a technology lab with
                                                     multiple applications
 Decide what we are known for – what                 Provide professional development to faculty to
 educational niche we will fill in the marketplace   provide leadership to students

 Lead by educating our parents and teachers on       ADAPT:
 how we will get there                               Provide guidance on time management

 Be an open community – dialogue between all         Expand ath an science pport n tie
                                                     Expand math and science opportunities
                                                         nd t             ce    ot
                                                     Expand math and scienc opportunities
                                                     Integration dditiona foreig language
                                                     Integration of additional foreign languages to
                                                            tio      ddit              lang
                                                     Integratio of additional foreign languages to
 INNOVATE:                                           curriculum
 Dialogue about what we are trying to build in
 our students

 Brainstorm on the design of the rooms, the
 curriculum, the metrics of learning

 Engage the students – let them lead and teach

 Consider varied educational approaches and

 Create a learning environment that is not about
 “what is on the test”

 Incorporate project-based learning and
 portfolio assessment

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                                                            9
 Excitement and Smiles
 ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL As students began to arrive on campus
 on August 24, the faces were filled with excitement and smiles and maybe a
 few butterflies to start a brand new school year. With new teachers, new
 friends, new challenges and new activities in their horizons, the students
 all took their places in their classrooms and jumped right in! The all
 school Convocation was the first event of the day. Students, faculty
 and parents joined together on the Glenn Campus to hear Dr. Brett
 Jacobsen’s inspiring speech about no reserves, no regrets, and no
 retreats. Following Convocation the Middle School faculty, staff and
 students gathered together for an official ribbon cutting ceremony
 to dedicate the opening of the Middle School Academic Building as
 another step was taken in our growth process as a Preschool through
 Grade 12 School. As the first day came to a close, students went home
 with a sense of excited anticipation for an amazing and knowledge
 provoking 2010-2011 school year.

 Community Service
 AND OUTREACH PROGRAM We are pleased to introduce the
 new Community Service and Outreach Program to MVPS. The Lower
 School has one organization per grade level that they collectively commit to
 throughout the year. Each class within the grades will be a “small group” to really
 foster community and a sense of family in the service process. Depending on
 the organization chosen, these grades go collectively at one time or in smaller
 groupings on different days. Throughout Class Notes, you will see many examples
 of the Community Service and Outreach Program at work in our classrooms and in our

 Canine Assistants Organization
 On August 30 the third grade classes were visited by a Labrador Retriever
 from the Canine Assistants organization. The students learned about service
 dogs and how they assist people who are disabled. On Helping Hands Day,
 September 10, the Kindergarten classes were visited by a Canine Assistants
 dog. The Canine Assistants Organization is a non-profit organization that
 the Kindergarten is partnering with this year through the new Community
 Service and Outreach Program.

 Head of School Address More than 400 parents,
 faculty and staff gathered on the Glenn Campus on August 31 to hear the Head
 of School Address given by Dr. Brett Jacobsen. He enthusiastically spoke about the
 Year of Design and how it pertains to Mount Vernon as an educational environment in the
 21st century. The 21st Century Design Initiative that Dr. Jacobsen addressed highlights
 the importance and implementation of teaching the following skills: character, creativity,
 entrepreneurial spirit, real-world problem solving, communications, public speaking,
 teaming, leadership, and design thinking. As Mount Vernon seeks to be the best Christian
 college preparatory community in the world, it also seeks to be a leader in educating young
 people in the 21st century. Choosing to be a part of Mount Vernon and its future is a wise
 choice and Dr. Jacobsen’s Head of School Address served to underscore this.

10                                                                                             MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

                    ALL SCHOOL         Supply Drive                   Several Upper
                    School prefects spent time in September counting the number
                   of items that were collected in the All School Supply Drive.
                   Mount Vernon students collected 4,123 items during the drive!
                  What a fantastic start to the philanthropy piece of the new
                Community Service and Outreach Program that Mount Vernon
               began this school year. The items were donated to several schools
               right here in our Sandy Springs community. Many local students
               benefitted from the generous giving of Mount Vernon students.

               MVPS REMEMBERS
               September 11 2217 hours, 739 students, 29
               places and acts of service; this is what Mount Vernon students took
               part in on September 10 during Helping Hands Day. Beginning
               in 2006, Helping Hands Day became a school-wide day of service
               during which all Mount Vernon students, along with faculty and
                staff, step out of the classrooms and reach into the community.
                    Preschool through third grade students participate in projects
                        held on campus while fourth through twelfth grade
                          students volunteer on site with Atlanta-based non-profit
                           organizations. The goal is to provide support to our
                            community while teaching our students the value of
                            selflessness, compassion and responsibility. Ultimately,
                            this day each year is dedicated to and honor those that
                           lost their life on September 11.

                     Sixth Grade                   RETREAT The sixth grade
               had a fabulous day on their fall retreat. On September 2, 2010,
               the sixth grade class traveled to Simpsonwood Retreat Center
               in Norcross. This retreat was a team building event and service
               project combined into one incredible experience. Students were
               grouped into teams of 8-10 participants, and then worked together
               as teams to overcome a series of challenges to build a child’s bicycle
               with supervision. The sixth grade donated the bicycles to a local
               charity. The challenges were a combination of proven, high-energy,
               problem-solving initiatives and mental challenges that helped our
               sixth grade students identify and learn the behaviors of optimum

               Concert ON THE GREEN On September 11, an
               overwhelming amount of families, students, faculty and staff came
               out for the Concert on the Green. Jay Memory, from legendary
               band, Memory Dean performed several sets of music. There was
               even a set of music for the younger children, which got the kids up
               and dancing; even some of the older students joined in on the fun.
               The Concert on the Green was a fantastic event that brought all
               areas of Mount Vernon together for a fun and memorable evening
               with friends, fun, food and music.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                        11

                                  Technology                  IN THE CLASSROOM Lower School and
                                Middle School students have been very excited this year about utilizing new
                             forms of technology inside the classroom for conducting research, developing
                          presentations, completing assessments, collaborating on projects, etc. The School
                       technology program addresses three major areas inside the classroom: (1) access to
                    technology; (2) applicability; and (3) integration.

                   The Glenn Campus is a completely wireless campus with Smart Boards in every
                   classroom, and the Upper School has a 1:1 laptop program where all students purchase
                   a laptop computer as they begin their ninth grade year to use throughout their Upper
                   School experience for daily learning and research. There are more than 50 laptops
                   accessed by Middle School students as well as 10 Promethean ActivBoards that are inside
                   all Middle School classrooms. The Lower School is a completely wireless campus as well.
                   There are more than 100 laptop computers and 12 Promethean ActivBoards throughout
                   the Lower School classrooms. Preschool students are included too – with iMacs in each

                   PRESCHOOL         Movie Night                    On September 18 the Upper School Unity
                   Prefect, Caroline Steffens, and a group of over 18 Upper School students hosted a movie
                   night for our Prekindergarten, Young Fives, and Kindergarten students. More than 60
                            young students attended to watch Toy Story, enjoy pizza and play games. It was
                                                a great evening for all involved.

                                              GRADES 9-11         Retreat            Grades 9 – 11
                                              ventured to the beautiful mountains of Ocoee, TN for
                                              their annual retreat. While at Horn’s Creek Resort the
                                              students participated in a wide array of activities including
                                              paintball, an obstacle course/mud relay, group competitions,
                                               a skit/talent show, breakout sessions, and a few other
                                               “community” times looking at spending their lives well. It
                                               was a great opportunity for the students to grow deeper in
                                               their relationships with each other and their faith, connect
                                                with students across grade levels, and to be poured into
                                                by the senior leaders. The entire weekend was arranged
                                                and planned by the Upper School Prefects and their

                                                FIFTH GRADE AND THE
                                                Atlanta Food Bank The fifth
                                                grade has partnered with the Atlanta Food Bank this
                                                 year through the new Community Service and Outreach
                                                 Program. On September 21, Linda Colbaugh’s fifth
                                                 grade class visited the Atlanta Food Bank. The following
                                                 is a summary of what they did; written by fifth grader,
                                                Mark, “Today we went to the Atlanta Food Bank. We
                                           were sorting and packaging foods. The things I packaged
                                           were canned good and cereals and snacks. I must have made
                                          20 boxes. During this I learned how to estimate weight. We
                                         packaged four thousand pounds and three thousand meals.
                                   Although it was work, it was still fun and I would like to go again.”

12                                                         MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

                                 FIRST GRADE VISITS
                                   The Center for Puppetry Arts The
                                    first grade took a trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts on October 5. The
                                    students saw a performance of the puppet show, Charlotte’s Web. First
                                    graders then were able to take part in the Create-A-Puppet Workshop. This
                                    was a hands-on, curriculum-based workshop. The students became puppet
                                   makers as they each created a puppet to take home. Learning activities and
                                  the puppet correlated with the show theme.

                               A unique and treasured program at Mount Vernon is the cultural arts program
                          for the Lower School. Last year Lower School students participated in 39 different
                   field trips. These trips included visits to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Alliance
                 Theatre, Oakland Cemetery, the Cyclorama, and the Atlanta History Center. The students
                    greatly enjoy the hands-on opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. Another
                       component of the cultural arts program at Mount Vernon is the variety of programs
                         that come onto campus for presentations. This includes performances by “Young
                           Audiences”, the Woodruff Arts Center School program, and science activities
                            presented by “Science Excitement.” Preschool students also take part in some of
                                     the cultural arts programs that come to campus. Last year students were
                                         given the opportunity to see 28 different programs that came to the
                                           School to foster the cultural arts.

                                          National Merit Scholarship
                           AND AP SCHOLAR AWARDS In spring of 2010, Kitt Peterson and
                          Addie Placido received notice, as a result of their junior PSAT scores, that they were
                        Commended Students in the 2011 National Merit Scholarship Program. They were
                      recognized for their exceptional academic promise demonstrated by their outstanding
                  performance on the qualifying test used for program entry. Over 1.5 million students took
               the 2009 Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSTA/NMSAQT)
               last October and entered the National Merit Program, which is a nationwide competition for
               recognition and awards. The 50,000 highest scorers were offered the College Plans Reporting
                           Service. In September the number was further culled to 16,000 of the high
                                    performers who were designated Semifinalists; Kitt Peterson was among
                                         that select group. He will advance to Finalist standing by meeting
                                             a number of additional requirements. The other 34,000 high
                                                performers were named Commended Students on the basis of a
                                                 national Selection Index score. These commended students,
                                                   including Addie Placido, placed among the top five percent
                                                    of 1.5 million students who entered the 2011 competition
                                                     and represent some of the most academically talented
                                                     students in our country.

                                                    In addition, Mount Vernon Upper School students
                                                    have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition for their
                                                   exceptional achievement on AP Exams. The College
                                                  Board’s Advanced Placement Program provides willing and
                                                 academically prepared students with the opportunity to take
                                               rigorous college-level courses while still in high school and to
                                             earn college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful
                                          performance on the AP Exams. Weichao Kong, a class of 2010

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                       13

graduate, qualified for the AP Scholar Award by completing three or more AP Exams with
scores of 3 or higher. Weichao is currently a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University. Kitt
Peterson qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Award by earning an average score of at
least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.
Congratulations to these students for their dedication and hard work!

PRESCHOOL PARENT               Share Program
The Parent Share program in the Preschool is an opportunity for parents to come in and
visit all of the Preschool classes (Three Year Olds through Young Fives) to share something
about themselves with students. This can be about careers, interests, travel, culture, etc.
So far this year the Preschool students have been visited by an airline pilot, a guitarist, a
nurse, and several other parents who have come to share their interests.

Eighth GRADE RETREAT On October 3 and 4, our 8th grade students
 ventured to the Georgian FFA/FCCLA Camp in Covington, GA for a retreat planned
 and led by Upper School students. While in Covington, the students were divided into 7 teams
 and competed in a wide array of activities ranging from an obstacle course/relay and station
 competitions to trivia and skit games. They attended sessions where they learned about the
 Upper School Advantage. Students were given words of encouragement from members
 of our Middle School faculty and administration. It was a great time of strengthening
 current friendships, growing as a broader class, and being poured into by extraordinary
 senior leaders.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra                                     On October 6, as part of
the Cultural Arts program at Mount Vernon, the sixth grade traveled downtown to watch a
performance by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra entitled The Soundtrack of Your Life.

GISA ALL SELECT          Band         Three Mount Vernon students were named to the
 Georgia Independent School Association (GISA) All-Select Band and performed for the GISA
 conference on October 31 at Holy Spirit Preparatory School in Atlanta. Congratulations to
 Jonathan Moore (9th), Parker Thiel (9th) and Corey Knapp (10th).

Homecoming                    2010 Homecoming 2010 proved to be one spirited week at
Mount Vernon – a display of class colors and hallway decorations, class competitions, pep
rallies, cookouts, and much more. The evening before the game, the School community
enjoyed a picnic and concert with Jay Memory. For the Homecoming game, the Mount
Vernon Mustangs took on Dominion Christian with a come from behind victory, 29-28.
Congratulations Mustangs! Also, congratulations to Charlie Almond and Ella Ferguson for
being crowned Mount Vernon’s 2010 Homecoming King and Queen. Homecoming was a
wonderful way for the School community to enjoy a week full of school spirit and Mustang

14                                                                                              MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

               MIDDLE SCHOOL FALL              Sports Wrap-Up
               The Mount Vernon Middle School Football team hosted the NAML Championship on October
               21. The Mustangs took home the championship beating Wesleyan 24-20. This was the first NAML
               Championship in Middle School football for Mount Vernon. It was a nail biter with the Mustangs
               coming from behind to win the game. Congratulations to the team, coaches, cheerleaders, fans and
               parents who were all there to cheer these boys all the way to victory!

               MIDDLE SCHOOL SOCCER: The Middle School boys soccer team made the NAML
               Championship game for the first time in Mount Vernon Presbyterian soccer history. While they did
               not win the championship, the boys showed great improvement throughout the season and conducted
               themselves very well on and off of the field. Congratulations on a great season!

                                              MIDDLE SCHOOL VOLLEYBALL: The Middle School
                                             volleyball team took home the NAML Championship this fall!
                                            On October 7, the Middle School team took on the undefeated team of
                                            Fellowship Christian. Mount Vernon won the first set while Fellowship
                                           Christian won the second set. The girls played to win and won the last
                                          set by 10 points and left no doubt as to which team was the champion.
                                          Congratulations to all of the ladies of the Middle School 2010 Volleyball

                                         MIDDLE SCHOOL SOFTBALL: The Middle School softball team
                                        completed its season with a record of 5-5-1. We made significant progress in
                                       building the program this year. The team will miss their 8th grade players as
               they move up to varsity, but wish them well. There is a lot of talent in the current 6th and 7th grade
               players, and the 2011 season promises to be a great one for the Middle School softball Mustangs.

               MIDDLE SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY: The Middle School cross country team finished an
               amazing season in 2010! All of the runners’ times improved dramatically from the beginning of the
               season to the end. Two boys, Steven Butz and David Adams, broke fifteen minutes this season and
               female runner Haley Foushee, broke sixteen minutes in the two mile race. Two of the female runners,
               Haley Foushee and Katherine Ward, went on to run with the varsity cross country team in the regional
               meet and ran in the varsity state meet on October 23. Congratulations on a fantastic season!

                    LOWER SCHOOL           On The Road Again                            On October 7, the 2nd grade
                 students traveled to the Chattahoochee Nature Center. The students experienced a guided forest
               hike, an up-close animal encounter with one of the non-releasable wildlife, and a guided tour of the
               Discovery Center. On October 15, the 5th grade students traveled to Oakland Cemetery and to the
               Cyclorama. At the Cyclorama students saw the sweeping panorama of the Battle of Atlanta, fought on
               July 22, 1864, during the American Civil War. At Oakland Cemetery, students were able to see some
               of Georgia’s most famous legends and where they are laid to rest in Atlanta’s oldest and most scenic
               cemetery. They visited the gravesites of Gone with the Wind author Margaret Mitchell and golfing
               great Bobby Jones. They also explored the Jewish grounds, as well as the historic African American
               section. They were able to wander through the final resting place of nearly 7,000 Civil War soldiers.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                            15

                   Patrick Coheley Wins Award AT THE GEORGIA
                   THEATRE CONFERENCE On October 14 the MVPS Allstars traveled to Savannah
                   for the Georgia Theatre Conference. At this conference, the students debuted Antigone Now.
                   They received great feedback from the adjudicators on the show, and Pat Coheley was awarded
                   the All-Star cast award. Clark Taylor, Performing Arts Director, said “I think that is very cool
                   how Patrick’s award reflects our troupe name.” Also the troupe traveled to Emory at Oxford on
                   November 3 for their second and final competition with GISA and then returned for the debut
                   public performance November 4 and 5 at School.

                   Grandparent’s AND SPECIAL FRIENDS’ DAY
                   A poem about Grandparents: Grandparents are special people with wisdom and pride.

                                               They are always offering love and kindness and
                                               are always there to guide.
                                                 They often make you feel so confident and strong.
                                                    Their arms are always open no matter what
                                                    you did wrong.
                                                     They try to help out in every way that they can.
                                                    They love all their grandchildren the same whether
                                                   you’re a child, woman or man.
                                                They are always there to listen and to lend a helping hand.
                                               They show you respect and they try to understand.
                                               They give their love, devotion and so much more,
                                               that’s easy to see.
                                               Grandparents, what perfect examples of the kind of person
                                               that we should be.
                                               – Author: Stacy Smith

                                                Students at Mount Vernon welcomed their grandparents and
                                                special friends to the School on October 29. Students put on
                                                performances for their grandparents and special friends. It was
                                                a lovely day and the students were excited to show off their
                                                classrooms, friends, teachers, and school to their special guests and
                                                grandparents. Thank you to all who helped put on this wonderful
                                                event and thank you especially to the grandparents and special
                                                friends who attended.

                                                ALL SCHOOL         Canned Food Drive
                                                The all school canned food drive took place from November 1-5.
                                                More than 2500 cans of donated food went to the Sandy Springs
                                                Community Action Center. Students from both campuses began
                                                their celebration of the holiday season by giving to those in need.

16                                                                 MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

LOWER SCHOOL             Fine Arts Performances
On October 28, the 5th and 6th grade band and chorus put on their fall performance for parents,
teachers, friends, and grandparents. They shared what they have been practicing and learning this year.
The newly formed Honor Chorus is made up of fourth through sixth grade students who dedicate their
time after school to rehearsing a variety of music. The Honor Chorus performed popular songs by Jason
Mraz, Mika, and Journey, as well as a setting of the spirituals, “Elijah Rock,” “Rock-a-My-Soul in the
Bosom of Abraham,” and “Joshua Fit the Battle,” and a song written by Jars of Clay.

On the evening of October 29 many parents, grandparents, staff, friends and
students came to watch the performance of The Day the Rooster Didn’t Crow.
This play was especially interesting because most of the main parts were played
by two different actors. The standout performance was from sixth grader, Sarah
Anne DeFreese, who learned the lines in just ten days and played the main
character, Reginald Rooster. Also, more than thirty parents and students helped
construct and paint the set and construct the “chicken hats” worn by most
students. The drama productions would not be possible without the tireless
efforts of parents and students. Many thanks for all your work.

Model UNITED NATIONS In Model UN, students step into
the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues on
the organization’s agenda. Students make speeches, prepare draft resolutions,
negotiate with allies and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the
conference rules of procedure - all in the interest of mobilizing “international
cooperation” to resolve problems that affect countries all over the world. On
October 18-19 seven Upper School students attended this year’s Georgia Tech
Model UN Conference. Created in 1998, this conference has worked to bring
international affairs to the high schools of the Southeast. Run by Georgia
Tech students from a variety of disciplines, GTMUN offers a large range of
committees discussing today’s pressing issues for high school students to enjoy.
Mount Vernon students represented the country of Peru at the conference.
Andrew Dobbins, 9th grader commented, “I worked on decolonization in
Peru as well as human rights assembly of Peru.” The Model UN Club from
Mount Vernon consists of ninth graders Judge Jones, Darian Bender, Andrew
Dobbins, tenth grader Emmy Bowman, and eleventh grader Matt Shelden.
The faculty advisers are Dr. Greg Hite and Ron Jones.

Red Ribbon WEEK Red Ribbon week took place in October and is
the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. The Lower School
students, Kindergarten – 3rd grade, received “Paws”-itively Drug Free dog tags to wear
during Drug Free Week and 4th – 6th graders wore “Celebrate Red Ribbon Week”
wristbands. All Lower School students received “Sock It to Drugs” stickers and wore
crazy socks with their uniforms; they also wore red shirts with their uniforms.

Upper School students were visited by Patrick Lloyd from the band One Tree Hill.
Patrick brought a member from his band and they played songs that Patrick has
written that reflect on his relationship with God, the path he has taken in his life, and
the lessons that he has learned. His message was an impactful one.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                            17

           GEORGIA NATIONAL FAIR               Award Winners                      Hank Kunath’s Upper School art students
           entered some of their amazing artwork into the 2010 Georgia National Fair’s Youth Art competition. Participating
           students were ninth grader Darian Bender, and twelfth graders Adeola Ajayi, Robert Ojeah, Chris Min, Meredith
           McConnell, and Ella Ferguson. Chris Min received two awards. He received an Honorable mention in the
           Graphic Drawing category and he also received first place and overall best in category in the Two Dimensional
           Design category. Congratulations to Chris and to all of the students who were chosen to send artwork in for this

                                LOWER SCHOOL             Field Trips                On October 26 the fourth grade traveled
                                 to the Alliance Theatre for the performance of Middle School the Musical. This show was
                                 an improvisational guide for “tweenagers.” It’s not easy being a tween. Thankfully, a team
                                 of four middle school students took the stage and – through music and improv – helped
                                  guide the audience through the maze of locker rooms, dances, book reports and cafeteria
                                  blues. This survival guide for tweens was conceived over the course of the last year and
                                  born out of real life stories of middle school students. Framed as an orientation assembly
                                  for kids new to middle school, it featured 15 scenes and songs which focus on constructive
                                   and humorous ways middle school children can work through the issues they face in the
                                   “tweenager” years.

           On November 2 the sixth grade traveled to the Michael C. Carlos Museum located on the campus of Emory
           University. The Carlos Museum has grown to become one of the Southeast’s premier art museums with major
           collections of art objects from ancient Egypt, Nubia, Near East, Greece, Rome, ancient Americas, Africa, and Asia,
           as well as a collection of works on paper from the Renaissance to the present.

                                                 TINA LOWREY          Tech Fair          On November 9, Mount Vernon
                                                 held its annual Tina Lowrey Tech Fair. There were over 439 entries! There
                                                 were 55 Web 2.0 Entries from Blogs to Prezis. All of the volunteer judges
                                                 were impressed with our students’ command of their technology skills.

18                                                                            MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

MOUNT VERNON HONORS                   Veterans’ Day                  On November 11, the Middle School and
Upper School students were visited by retired naval commander, Mike Campbell. Officer Campbell served as
Assistant Navigator of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier during Operation Desert Shield and Desert
Storm and he led aerial combat operations in Iraq and Bosnia. He was also a member of the elite Navy Blue Angels
flying team for 2 years. He spoke to the students about his experiences serving in the military as well as what it
takes to be successful in life.

DISTRICT V      Honor Chorus                     Seventh grade student Jordan Engle
was selected to perform with the Georgia Music Educators Association District V
Honor Chorus. The performance took place the first weekend of November. This
ensemble is made up each year of a very select group of singers from Fulton County
and the Atlanta Public School System.

Accept Rachel’s
Challenge On November 17 Mount
Vernon hosted “Rachel’s Challenge” on both the
Lower School and Glenn Campuses for a series
of programs aimed at promoting kindness and
compassion in our school. Rachel Scott was
one of the tragic victims at Columbine, and her
family launched this initiative as a way to honor
her life. Their mission is to prevent further
tragedies by connecting students and valuable
resources, promoting open communication, and
providing a framework for effective encounters
to occur.

Students from the Lower School saw a
presentation that showed them that a little
kindness can definitely go a long way. After the program students signed a Rachel’s Challenge banner to accept
Rachel’s Challenge to show kindness and compassion to one another. After the Glenn Campus assembly, students
also signed the banner and members of the student body met for a 90 minute student forum with “Rachel’s
Challenge” presenters to discuss and develop a plan for Mount Vernon. Also on November 17, parents, teachers,
and community members came to hear the Rachel’s Challenge presentation in the Glenn Campus Gym. The entire
day was impactful and very inspiring.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                          19

         NOVEMBER 12          Day of Service                      On November 12,
         students on both the Lower School and Glenn Campuses took part in the
         second Mount Vernon community outreach day. Almost 400 students
         were sent out into the community to serve in a wide variety of ways.
         Kindergarten students made cards (with a group of 8th graders) to thank
         the volunteers from Canine Assistants. First grade made Thanksgiving
         placemats for the residents of Mount Vernon Village. A second grade class
         visited the Ronald McDonald House and made batches of brownies for the
         house guests, put together toiletry bags for the guests, and made cards for
         the children in the hospital and the house guests. A third grade class loaded
         the items from the food drive at school and unloaded them at CAC. They
         also made decorations for the boxes that were to be distributed to those in
         need at Thanksgiving. A fourth grade class went to Chastain along with
         Middle and Upper School students to clean up the park. They cleared
         litter from the creek and nature area. Two sixth grade classes went
         to the Interfaith Outreach Home and sorted clothing, shoes, and
         accessories that had been donated. Glenn Campus students served
         in a variety of locations from Fur Kids to the Elaine Clark Center,
         Chastain Park Conservancy to Signature Healthcare of Buckhead,
         The Georgia Coalition to Books for Africa, Atlanta Union Mission
         to St. Vincent DePaul, Piedmont Park Conservancy to Centennial
         Olympic Park, and Liberty Thrift Store to Autrey Mills. It was a great
         day of helping hands being used throughout the Atlanta community.

         3RD GRADE
         On the Road On October 30, Mount Vernon’s
         third graders attended a performance at the Tarpley
         Theatre in Jonesboro, Georgia. Slim Goodbody
         taught the students about the importance of
         taking care of their bodies. They sang songs and
         learned about the heart, muscles, brain, skeleton,
         and digestion. Mount Vernon students were
         even picked to be volunteers by Slim during the
         presentation! The timing of this field trip was
         perfect, as students were learning about anatomy in
         science class.

         On November 9, the third grade went on a fieldtrip
         to the Roswell Cultural Arts Center to see the play,
         Ramona Quimby. The play took the students through the life of 3rd grader
         Ramona Quimby. They learned about life on Klickitat Street, how the
         Quimby family was faced with adversities, and how their family worked
         through them. The main theme that the students learned was that having a
         positive outlook and supporting one another will help us all get through the
         struggles in life.

20                                                                                MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

                      VARSITY FALL SPORTS
                       Wrap Up VARSITY FOOTBALL: The varsity football
                        team finished their first winning season with an impressive win
                        against in-city region rival, Holy Spirit Preparatory School, on senior
                         day. The Mustangs jumped out to an early lead on the Cougars of
                         HSP with touchdown runs by freshman Elijah Burnette and senior
                          Jaylan Adlam and a touchdown reception by senior Javon Hanna.
                          The Mustangs led 21-6 at halftime. The Mustangs continued
                           to execute on offense in the second half scoring four more
                            touchdowns on runs by Adlam, senior Madison Burton, Burnette
                            and a reception by sophomore Evan Tucker. The Mustangs
                             finished the game with their first win over Holy Spirit Prep in
                             five seasons, with an impressive 47-21 final.

                                        The Mustangs finished the season with a 7-4 record.
                                        Five players placed on the 2-AAA All-Region team.
                                        Seniors Jaylan Adlam, Charles Justus, Alex Head,
                                         Jovan Hanna and freshman Elijah Burnette were
                                          named to the team. The team was led by eight
                                          seniors who provided great leadership on and off
                                           the field all season. The 17 underclassmen on
                                            the team competed hard all season and will be
                                            expected to continue and be an example of the
                                             standard set in terms of excellence, commitment
                                             and sacrifice in making the football program
                                              an elite program in the state. Thanks to all the
                                               coaches, parents, faculty/staff, cheerleaders and
                                               Mount Vernon family for all your support this

                                               VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY: Mount
                                                Vernon Cross Country had some memorable
                                                 runs on and off the race course in fall 2010.
                                                 Each week new runners for the Boys team
                          made their foray onto the Cross Country course to help lift the
               squad to new levels at each race they entered. The Boys team found great
                running talent among Mount Vernon basketball players. Based on times,
                the boys discovered their rabbit in senior Jordan Johnson, followed by senior
                 Matt Reid, senior Robert Ojeah, senior Pieris Hodges, junior Jake Roeland,
                 and senior Lotanna Nwogbo. The boys lent some fresh air to the whole
                  team with their good cheer and hard work at races.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                       21

Girls Cross Country gained runners throughout the season,
leading to a strong team as they approached the Region Meet.
The Girls team is young and full of great potential and talent.
They accomplished some wonderful team and individual
victories throughout the fall, one of the greatest being their
team qualification for the State Cross Country Race. As they
did throughout the season, the Lady Mustangs improved their
individual times in this final race, many of them eclipsing
their personal best performances by 0:30 to 1:30. This stellar
running allowed the girls to accomplish a highly estimable goal.
Among region teams this season, the Lady Mustangs finished
second out of the four teams who won Region placement at
the State Meet. The accomplishment of qualifying for State
was a first in Mount Vernon Cross Country history. The
Girls were led throughout the season by sophomore Emmy
Bowman. Other positions on the Varsity team were traded
competitively race to race. At the State Meet, running
strong behind Emmy were freshman Emily Thomas, 8th
grader Hailey Foushee, sophomore Claire Parnell, freshman
Nia Roberts, 8th grader Katherine Ward, and freshman
Emma McCarthy. Stepping out beyond previous goals
and standards set in prior seasons, the girls have set a
precedent for great Cross Country running at Mount Vernon.

VARSITY BOYS SOCCER: The fall 2010 season was a
transformational season for the Mount Vernon Mustangs Varsity
soccer team. The team had a large senior class in addition to new
players who worked together for a successful season. The veteran
players meshed well with new players. Without the leadership and
experience from the seniors or the athleticism and enthusiasm from
new players MVPS would not have had such a competitive team.
After a difficult spring season last year, the team individually and
collectively decided to become more focused and dedicated. As the
2010 season progressed, the team continued to improve. The last
two regular season games were the most significant of the season.
Wins in the last two games secured the highest place ever in the
state playoffs for the Varsity Mustangs. At the end of the season,
it was clear that the young men on the Varsity soccer team had
learned to be confident in their own skills and strengths. Great
season, guys.

22                                                                     MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

               VARSITY SOFTBALL:
               The inaugural season for Varsity Mustang Softball was an
               outstanding journey for a group of athletes who had yet to learn
               their potential. The team started small in number of players but
                           continued to grow throughout the season. Every practice
                                and game the girls learned more about how to play
                                on an individual level and how to play together as
                               a team. The final record was 6-8 which gave them
                               a third place finish in the region. The team batting
                              average was just under .300, outstanding for a tenured
                             team not to mention one that is in its first season.
                            Varsity Softball also had two girls make All-Region,
                            Addie Goins and Chandler Moses, showing that their
                           skills were noticed by other coaches in the region this
                          season. The hard work and dedication these young
                          athletes put into this season was outstanding. They came
                         to practice ready to learn a game that many of them had
                        never played previously. They implemented what they
                       learned at practice during games. They stretched themselves
                       athletically and were put in positions they had not played
                      in the past. The inaugural season will always be remembered
                     for both the success of the team, of the willingness of the
                                  girls to get the program off the ground, and pave
                                                the way for the program for the future.

                                           VARSITY VOLLEYBALL:
                                            The Varsity Volleyball team finished
                                           the season in the Elite Eight of the state
                                          tournament. The Lady Mustangs had
                                         a great run and were recognized with 4
                                         players receiving All Region awards. 8th
                                        Grade Libero Mary Alvis, 8th Grade Right
                                       Side Hitter Ryan Boykin, Sophomore Setter
                                       Remi McRae, and Senior Outside Hitter
                                      Ashley Standifer. Standifer also received a
                                      nomination for All State and then was selected
                                     to the All Star Senior Match where Georgia’s
                                    best seniors play against South Carolina’s best

THE MAGAZINE                                                                          23

Georgia Tech Band Day As part of Georgia Tech’s Band Day on
November 20, over fifty Mount Vernon Upper School band students performed at the halftime show
of the Georgia Tech/Duke football game. This was the third consecutive year for our
school to participate in this event. They performed on the field alongside
1,000 other musicians in front of 50,000 fans.

LOWER SCHOOL            Book Character Day
On November 23 many Lower School students in Kindergarten through Grade
4 participated in the annual Lower School Book Character Day. This is a beloved
tradition that has taken place at Mount Vernon for many years, and students look
forward to dressing up as one of their favorite book characters to promote

Georgia Tech FCA Director
VISITS MVPS FCA The Georgia Tech Fellowship of Christian Athletes
campus director, Taylor Stewart, spoke to Mount Vernon’s Fellowship of Christian
Athletes. He was accompanied by Georgia Tech football players, Sean Bedford
and Zack Fisher, who shared with MVPS students as well. They all spoke about
obstacles they have faced in life and how their faith is a cornerstone in their lives.

Native American Awareness Month
On November 17, the first grade was visited by Chipa Wolfe and his Rolling Thunder Dance
Company. This is the second year that the dance company has visited the Lower School campus to
teach students about Native American life and culture during Native American Awareness Month.
Students learned about the lives of Native Americans and especially how children in Native American
culture are taught to observe nature and live in nature.

MOUNT VERNON AND                 the Atlanta
Hawks On December 1, the Atlanta Hawks hosted
a school spirit night for Mount Vernon. A combined Lower
School, Middle School and Upper School chorus sang the
national anthem before the game. They were also joined by
several of the third grade students who accompanied the singers
with sign language. This was a great night for coming together as
a school community and for supporting our students in singing
before the game.

24                                                                                       MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

                 Toys For Tots On December 8 all Mount Vernon students,
                  from Preschool through 12th grade, gathered in the Sanctuary to attend
                   the annual Toys for Tots Assembly. Faculty, staff, and students brought
                    approximately 1200 toy donations to the front of the Sanctuary to give
                    to local children in need. Reverend Joe B. Martin spoke to students
                     about the first Christmas and the gifts that were brought to baby Jesus
                     by the wise men. The United States Marine Corps representative
                      arrived after the assembly to take all of the toys to be distributed to the

                       Cookies AND CAROLS On December 2 many
                        students, parents, friends, faculty and staff attended the Cookies
                         and Carols Fine Arts Showcase. Christmas performances included
                          the Lower School Chorus and Band, the Lower School Honor
                           Chorus, the Middle School and Upper School band and choruses,
                           and the Praise band. After the concert, the participants and
                           attendees enjoyed a festive Christmas reception.

               Using Skype
               TO TEACH 21ST CENTURY SKILLS On December 1, several
               Lower School classrooms had a Skyping bonanza with a variety of teachers
               incorporating different lessons using Skype. Mrs. Plumer’s sixth grade
               class and Mrs. Moras’ and Mrs. Adam’s first grade classes collaborated on
               redesigning Santa Claus’ suit. Together, the students discussed how Santa
               felt about not fitting in his suit, why he was left cookies, and how could they
               design a more 21st Century styled suit. Students’ ideas included a glow in
               the dark suit, a fireproof suit, a self-cleaning suit and a temperature sensitive

               Mr. Hilton-Green used Skype to communicate with Ms. Shirley’s first
               grade class concerning their runaway Gingerbread Men. The students were
               given a ransom note clue and a Skype call from a live Gingerbread Man
                which led them to Mr. Hilton-Green’s office. The students saw clues
                and investigated his office for the runaway. For some curious reason,
                 Mr. Hilton-Green could not see the Gingerbread Man even though the
                  students saw him several times sneaking behind his chair. The students
                   spent some time in the i.Design lab building traps to catch the sneaky
                    and very fast cookies.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                    25

     the Next
     of Leaders

26                              MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

               HOW DO WE EDUCATE
               OUR CHILDREN TO
               TAKE OUR PLACE IN
               THE ECONOMIES OF
               THE 21ST CENTURY,
               GIVEN THAT WE CAN’T
               ANTICIPATE WHAT THE
               ECONOMY WILL LOOK
               LIKE AT THE END OF
               NEXT WEEK?
               — Sir Ken Robinson, expert in the
                 field of creativity and innovation in
                 business and education

THE MAGAZINE                                             27
     COVERSTORY                                                               INNOVATION IN ACTION:
                                                                              What does learning
                                                                              look like?
                                                                              Up until recently, young people were told
                                                                              if they went to school, got into college, and
                                                                              graduated college, they would have a good
                                                                              job. That was a tried and true theory for
                                                                              a very long time and what Baby Boomers
                                                                              and those that preceded them relied upon
                                                                              fairly successfully. But, it is not true
                                                                              anymore for Millennials and Gen Xs and
                                                                              our kids know it. And if they know it, how
                                                                              do we, as educators and parents, convince
                                                                              them that school is important? How do we
                                                                              make it interesting, engaging and relevant?
              In today’s difficult job market, which candidate is             How do we deal with the innovations
                                                                              of technology and the changes in styles
           most appealing, the one who received a perfect SAT                 of communication and the immediate
             score, or the one that can offer the most creative               availability of information and how to
                                                                              effectively process all that information?
            solutions to a complex problem, such as stopping                  How do we ensure that they will not only
                         the spread of oil along the Gulf Coast?              get into the best colleges and universities
                                                                              but graduate into thriving careers, have
                                      – Ann My Thai, Assistant Director,      personal economic stability and lead
                                             Joan Ganz Cooney Center          fulfilling lives where they impact the world
                                                                              around them?

                                                                              Our students will not be measured
                                                                              solely by standardized tests or a student’s
                                                                              ability to memorize and recite lesson
                                                                              plans. Rather, Mount Vernon will
                                                                              teach individuals to think deeply and
                                                                              creatively, equipping them for a lifetime
                                                                              of learning and success in our digital age.
                                                                              MVPS has adopted an interdisciplinary
                                                                              framework and is vertically assessing our
                                                                              curriculum across all divisions through
                                                                              a 21st century skills lens. The end
                                                                              result is that Mount Vernon students
                                                                              are 21st century learners and leaders. A
                                                                              traditional academic focus is enhanced
                                                                              by weaving critical themes including
                                                                              global awareness, entrepreneurship, civic
                                                                              literacy, and environmental sustainability
                                                                              throughout the curriculum. At Mount
                                                                              Vernon, the skills drive the content, and
                                                                              our commitment to innovation drives the

28                                                                         MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
More than ever, Mount Vernon is committed to instilling a lifestyle of learning, leadership,
service and spiritual growth. Academic rigor remains a must, but adding a focus on 21st                         COVERSTORY
century skills enhances our students’ education. Rather than being passive consumers
of information, we are teaching our students to be actively involved in solving complex
problems, with a growing emphasis on project- and team-based learning. The defining
characteristic of a 21st century classroom is that it is student centered, focused on what
the student needs to learn and succeed in today’s global, digital age. In addition to the       During the fall semester, many students
core subjects of math, English, social studies and science, MVPS is teaching the five Cs,       have had the opportunity to create in the
                                                                                                i.Design Lab. Examples of Lower School
what Patrick Bassett of President of NAIS refers to as the “commonly agreed upon skills
                                                                                                D.E.E.P projects:
and values the 21st century will demand and reward: character (integrity & compassion),
critical thinking (and problem-solving), creativity (and entrepreneurship), collaboration          Utilizing an engineering concept,
(teaming & leadership), communication (writing, speaking, networking, technology).”                Kindergarten students baked
                                                                                                   gingerbread men who ran away and
                                                                                                   students are brainstorming to build
                                                                                                   traps, seek and solve clues to result
THE CENTER FOR DESIGN THINKING:                                                                    in the captures of the runaways.
i.Design Lab Open for Business                                                                     First Graders are working on the
The Mount Vernon Center for Design Thinking is based on a model developed by Stanford              “Secret Project” to give their
University’s Institute of Design. This visionary approach to problem solving teaches               families the gift of being together by
                                                                                                   designing a special family experience.
students to combine analytical thinking and research skills with empathy and creativity,
resulting in the production of innovative solutions to real-world problems. MVPS is the            Second Graders are focusing on
only school in Atlanta – and one of just a few nationally – to utilize design thinking in          healthy eating and are designing
the K-12 setting. All projects utilize the D.E.E.P. (Discover, Empathize, Experiment and           their own solutions to choose
Produce) Design model.                                                                             healthier and more nutritious food
The impetus for the i.Design Lab evolved last year when fourth grade students designed             Third Graders are designing video
and created the model on which the lab is based. Information was gathered from fellow              storybooks for children with hearing
students concerning wall colors, furniture, seating, technology, and learning styles. Bold         impairments as part of their sign
colors, flexible learning spaces and optional seating along with access to technology via 1:1      language program.
computers and ActviBoards, utilization of Web 2.0 applications to create and express their
                                                                                                   Fourth Graders are designing apps
work, and community style learning were the results of their findings for this pilot 21st
                                                                                                   for smart phones.
century classroom.
                                                                                                   Fifth Graders are designing
Students identify a real life issue and begin the D.E.E.P. design process as they are              and sustaining a Community
guided by teachers on how to experience empathy for their chosen topic. During the                 Organic Garden.
initial discovery phase, students gain a deeper understanding of their topic and work
toward letting go of any prejudices and/or preconceived notions which allow a better
understanding of the circumstances. The next step involves empathy as students begin
to figure out the problem they are tackling and the real life impact it has on the local
and global community. By walking in the footsteps of another, our students will acquire
compassion and then constructively and creatively move into the experimentation process.
Through experimentation, students creatively imagine how to do things differently.
Risk taking is encouraged during this process, and the mission is to embrace the difficult.
Students create prototypes, test their products and move into the final stage of the D.E.E.P.
Design Thinking process – Produce. Producing involves putting the students’ design
into reality and sharing it with others. During this step students open themselves up for
feedback and evaluation.

Mary Cantwell, Design Thinking Coordinator states “With risk comes great reward,
and through the D.E.E.P. Design Thinking Process our students are learning the value
of taking risks.”
THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                                               29

                                        COLORS, TEXTURES, PATTERNS:
                                        A Multidisciplinary Approach
                                        to Writing at Mount Vernon

                                        Following an in-depth analysis of the curriculum in Preschool through Upper School,
                                        Mount Vernon has made writing the top academic priority. Our vertical learning program
                                        will help develop creative and sophisticated thinkers for the 21st century who are adept at
                                        both oral and written communications. At Mount Vernon, writing occurs in all areas and
                                        is a means of encouraging critical thinking, leadership and collaboration.

                                        Like a complex musical score that intertwines multiple chords and sounds or an intricately
                                        woven fabric that is dependent on a variety of colors and textures to weave complex
                                        patterns, the Writing Initiative and its multiple threads are woven into the total fabric of
                                        Mount Vernon. At a recent conference, a parent commented that “Mount Vernon is really
                                        teaching students not just to memorize, but to take things apart, dissect, and to think
 What do students need to               deeply.” To which the teacher responded, “This is the direction of our school, and not just
 know? How should schools               our school, but how your child will need to be equipped for life.”

 teach to ensure that students          The process of writing as a means of weaving in 21st Century skills such as critical
 are prepared for 21st                  thinking, collaboration, adaptability, initiative, effective communication, creativity, and
                                        leadership into Mount Vernon is evident throughout all grade levels. In the Lower School,
 century living? What skills            students use ActiveBoards to develop skills in sentence construction and to enhance
 should children be able to             creativity and collaboration through story creation and learning activities. Students in the
                                        second grade continue to develop strategies to express their ideas and to think critically
 demonstrate as a result of
 their education?
— National Association of Independent
     Schools, 2010-2011 Trendbook

30                                                                                  MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

                                                                                                  specials teachers and friends in other
                                                                                                  states or countries. Writing has become
                                                                                                  the cohesive link meshing our curriculum

                                                                                                  In 9th grade History and English classes,
                                                                                                  students engaged in a study of the Greco-
                                                                                                  Roman judicial system and Euripides’
                                                                                                  classic play, Medea. After learning about
                                                                                                  Ancient Greece and the Greco-Roman
                                                                                                  culture in History, students then read
                                                                                                  Medea in their English class and put the
                                                                                                  main character on trial. Each “legal team”
                                                                                                  developed persuasive opening and closing
                                                                                                  statements, cross examination questions
                                                                                                  for the play’s main characters, and creative
                                                                                                  pieces of testimony to develop their case.
                                                                                                  Most recently, in History class, students
                                                                                                  honed their analytical skills even further by
                                                                                                  researching and writing about the Plague
                                                                                                  of Athens, which devastated the Athenian
                                                                                                  population during the Peloponnesian War,
                                                                                                  and they discussed its relevance to the
                                                                                                  current infectious disease questions being
                                                                                                  raised by the Global Initiative.

                                                                                                  In the 10th and 11th grades, as students
                                                                                                  explored the emerging laws and culture of
                                                                                                  ancient Sumeria in their History classes,
about content. For example, using the framework of animal habitats, they gathered and
                                                                                                  students in English classes delved into
analyzed information, created drafts, proofread, and presented their findings to an audience
                                                                                                  the intricacies of the heroic epic and how
of their peers.
                                                                                                  the political, religious, and social beliefs
In the 4th grade, by implementing and focusing on writing in all curricular areas, the            of a culture impacted the ancient tale of
students have seen a greater connection between subjects. Recently the fourth grade               Gilgamesh, the historical king of Uruk in
integrated the Native American project to include all core disciplines as well as an art          Babylonia, whose exploits were written on
project. Students were able to feel as though they were part of their respective tribes as each   clay tablets around 2000 B.C. As students
wrote from an Indian’s perspective, researched living conditions, built a model to represent      in the 11th grade read The Alchemist, an
the tribe, and videotaped narrative descriptions to share with parents and friends. At the        allegorical tale set in Spain and in Africa,
same time, students in the 6th grade were preparing debates on important topics ranging           they were constantly making connections
from children owning cell phones to children on Facebook. Their debates led to persuasive         to religious studies, science, and history.
writing in both Language Arts and in Science.                                                     There were many engaging discussions
                                                                                                  about the philosophical implications
In the 7th grade, while studying the novel Johnny Tremain, the students also explored in          about the novel’s message. Integrating the
history the leaders as well as political and social events that led to the American Revolution.   theories of artistic design, the 12th graders
                                                                                                  examined how visual design elements such
The Writing Initiative has not only caused students but also teachers to work more
                                                                                                  as line, shadow, or perspective were used to
creatively and collaboratively. According to Andrea McCranie, fourth grade teacher, “The
                                                                                                  enhance the experience of the epic poem,
Writing Initiative has greatly impacted our collaboration as a team of teachers and students.
                                                                                                  Dante’s Inferno.
The fluidity of integrating writing has developed naturally as we are collaborating with

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                                                  31
      COVERSTORY                                                                              What is the crisis in American
                                                                                                 education all about? Why
                                                                                               should independent schools
Because of the importance of writing as a                                                                     be concerned?
means to encourage reflective and critical
                                                                                                    — Tony Wagner, Harvard University,
thinking skills as well as leadership and
                                                                                                               Global Achievement Gap
collaboration, writing at Mount Vernon
occurs in all areas. For example math
classes and math labs are incorporating
writing to encourage problem solving.
Science classes are continuing to
encourage and expand exploration
through scientific journals, lab analyses,
and questions that utilize higher order
thinking skills; likewise, art classes are
using critiques and character analyses to
explore artistic intention and personal

This spring, students in the Upper School      UPPER SCHOOL SCIENCE:
will participate in a weekly writing           The New Fashioned Way
lab called Write Now to empower a
community of writers. Through this             Science as a discipline lends itself to Design Thinking and key 21st century skills that
experience students will write consistently,   employers are seeking. Critical thinking and problem solving have always been the
think analytically, and fully embrace          cornerstone of science. Oftentimes it is the failed experiments that lead students and
the objectives of the Writing Program          teachers into some of the best design thinking (analytic reasoning) and which most
at Mount Vernon. Furthermore, it will          effectively demonstrates the authentic application of science at work.
provide a sense of community and build
a culture of writers who can think deeply      Collaboration is another 21st century concept that is an integral part of any science
and communicate well. It is not to be          curriculum. Students must work together during laboratory experiments. Oftentimes
considered an addendum to or something         they must figure out a way to get several tasks completed in a short time period. This gives
outside the scope of the classroom; rather     students the opportunity to develop teamwork skills as well as communication skills. The
it is an integral part of the classroom        students are required to present data, cause and effect, and results in both an informal
experience and an opportunity for students     manner such as class discussions as well as in formal lab reports.
to delve deeply into writing, identify
                                               The collaboration, the problem solving, the creativity, and the analysis of data necessary to
themes as well as explore the ideas they
                                               be successful in an Upper School science class at Mount Vernon help prepare students for
have discovered in class.
                                               the future. It is one of the goals of the science department not only to produce students
The Writing Initiative at Mount Vernon is      with a strong background in the discipline but to also prepare them for what is to come.
helping to weave a pattern that is vibrant     Students are discussing topics such as genetic engineering, molecular biology, protein
and that will prepare our students to be       therapy, cloning, and bioethics. Krista Parker, Science Department Chair adds, “We owe it
original thinkers, provocateurs, and people    to our students to make sure they are scientifically literate in today’s world. The amount of
who care and who are ready to compete in       information available and presented on a daily basis continues to grow, and it is one of our
the future.                                    goals to develop students who are able to process this information in a thoughtful manner.”

                                               Mount Vernon Presbyterian School purchased a significant amount of new science
                                               equipment for the Glenn Campus. The science department has invested in lab equipment
                                               that enables students’ laptops to be fully integrated into a set of experiments across the

32                                                                                         MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

Middle School and the Upper School science curricula. The                                         and observe directly the relationship
School chose Vernier Software and Technology as the vendor                                        between the two. The interface combined
because they are able to provide a full range of products that                                    with the laptop enables the collection of
connect to the students’ laptops through a common interface.                                      hundreds of data points – clearly showing
Emphasis has been placed on physics-oriented products,                                            how one can determine the mass of the
together with other specific products for biology, chemistry,                                     cart.
and environmental science. Many of the probes can easily be adapted for use in physical
science, life science, and earth science in the Middle School.                                    Obviously, lab work is essential in science
                                                                                                  – most science is experimental in nature.
Initially, a program for the three different levels of physics offered in the Upper School will   Lab work also meets the needs of students
be developed. The various sensors and probes that were purchased span the entire range            with different learning styles. What sets
of experiments for Upper School physics and for AP physics – from simple position vs.             this new equipment apart is that it enables
time plots to sophisticated measurements of magnetic fields generated by passing a current        students to use the more traditional –
through a Slinky.                                                                                 analog, if you will – in conjunction with
                                                                                                  the digitized version that incorporates the
The students love it. Within reason, they get to design many of their experiments. For            technology of today. This combination
example, one experiment that students conducted involved an experimental observation              provides the best of both hands-on kinds of
of Newton’s Second Law, Force = mass x acceleration. The probes used include a device             experience.
for measuring force and a device for detecting the amount of acceleration. When these are
attached to a cart, the students can apply a wide range of forces in two different directions

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                                                  33

                                             In the short term, the School acquired state of the art physics, biology, and environmental
                                             science lab equipment. The long term goal is to design an integrated science curriculum
                                             that although nominally formatted as traditional biology, chemistry, physics, environmental
                                             science course work, draws heavily from prior exposure. Thus chemistry will draw from
                                             biology, physics from both chemistry and biology, etc. Having a common laboratory
                                             platform that is used across the traditional disciplines will enormously facilitate this
                                             integration. In this way faculty will be preparing students in analytical and collaborative
                                             thinking that will benefit them in their post-secondary experience and in being productive
                                             in the workplace.

                                             The world is increasingly digital. Working with this kind of equipment, and with
                                             computers becoming a more integral part of both the educational and employment world,
                                             will tie together the conceptual aspects of science education and the omnipresent need to
                                             utilize the latest technology. The ability to think analytically is of paramount importance
                                             in the modern world. One of the goals in teaching science is to foster this ability – as
                                             well as to introduce students to the beauty and structure of the world of science. The
                                             science department as a whole has embraced this mission and is excited about being able to
                                             implement it at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.
What can managers at the
132-year-old industrial giant
learn from Google?                           TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION:
A corporate mind-set                         How the Integration of Technology
that prizes “constant                        Accelerates Learning in
entrepreneurship.”                           Lower School Classrooms
— Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman                   Our students have never been without a computer or access to the Internet. They will have
     and Chief Executive, General Electric   jobs we’ve never heard of using technologies we can’t even imagine. They are not the same
                                             students we were—should we teach them the way we were taught? At Mount Vernon, we
                                             say no.

                                             In an effort to become more globally aware, each first grade classroom chose a different
                                             country to study. Among the many activities they completed, they used Google Earth to
                                             “fly” from our school to their chosen country on their Promethean boards. They were able
                                             to view the country as a whole and then zoom in to get a closer view of the main cities.
                                             Some were even able to get close enough to see a street view so that they could feel as if they
                                             were actually there.

                                             Sixth graders reading Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech were able to improve their
                                             financial/economic/business/entrepreneurial literacy when they created their own tour
                                             guide company. Following a teacher created webquest, students used their netbooks to
                                             choose and research one of the 26 day hikes offered in Yellowstone. They had to determine
                                             the distance, find out about local wildlife, and study weather patterns. Then they created
                                             a tour package including a promotional flyer for advertisement. In addition, sixth graders
                                             also became archaeologists in their social studies classroom. While studying the ancient
                                             civilization of Catal Huyuk, students put their critical thinking skills to the test. Upon
                                             entering the classroom one morning, students discovered an excavation site. Working
                                             in pairs, the students dug through dirt and sand to excavate a relic from this ancient
                                             civilization. They discussed what their object was and then went to their netbooks to

34                                                                                       MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

research it using a website on the excavation of the real Catal Huyuk. After discovering         to the story. By the time it traveled to all of
what their relic was and what it was used for, the students wrote a newspaper article about      the classes in the group, it was a complete
their discovery. They finally added digital photographs and put their articles together to       story. Once the story was completed, each
create a class newspaper.                                                                        class created an illustration for their part of
                                                                                                 the story. The illustrations were compiled
Civic literacy has gone digital at Mount Vernon. With their passport in hand, Third              into a Voicethread which was then narrated
and Fourth Graders completed a webquest that taught them the ins and outs of using a             by students from each class.
computer and the internet. Everything from ‘What does the back button do?’ to ‘How do
you stay safe online?’ was covered. As they completed each step, they received a stamp on        With the availability of so many different
their passport. After visiting each of the seven continents, the students have truly become      kinds of mass media, students need to learn
digital citizens of the world.                                                                   how to navigate, assess, and use the tons
                                                                                                 of information at their fingertips. Being
Fifth grade students learned about proper communication skills through blogging. Each            able to create projects using various forms
student researched a biome using websites, books, and encyclopedias. Then, using the             of media and technology is becoming as
information they gathered, they each created a blog where they wrote from the perspective        important as being able to read and write.
of actually living in that biome. In their blog entries, they are describing the biome as well
as the plants, animals, and people who live in the biome with them. They are also posting        Sixth grade students honed their
pictures and videos of the biome. In addition to their own blogs, they are commenting            information skills by learning about how
on each other’s blogs by asking questions, offering advice, or just congratulating their         to evaluate websites. Before starting on
classmates on doing a good job.                                                                  a science project involving researching
                                                                                                 viruses, the students got to see some very
Second grade students wrote progressive stories through collaboration with other schools.        interesting websites that were completely
Each second grade class joined a story group with other classes around the world. As the         made up (ever heard of the North Pacific
story traveled from class to class within the group, the classes would add a paragraph or two    Tree Octopus?). They discovered that
THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                                                   35

                                                                                                  One aspect of flexibility and adaptability is
                                                                                                  teaching the students to process feedback
                                                                                                  effectively. First, second, and third
                                                                                                  grade students have all been videotaped
                                                                                                  presenting on various topics. After
                                                                                                  reviewing the videos, they reflected on ways
                                                                                                  in which they excelled and ways in which
                                                                                                  they could improve. As the year progresses,
                                                                                                  they will continue to record themselves
                                                                                                  in order to incorporate the feedback they
                                                                                                  received during their first attempts. By
                                                                                                  the end of the year, they will be able to
                                                                                                  look back and see how much they have
                                                                                                  improved since that very first time.

information on the internet is not always     imaginable. From practicing writing on
accurate. In order to prepare them for        a screen that looks like giant lined paper
research, they learned the 4 Ws of Website    to playing a game making patterns, our
Evaluation: Who wrote it? What kind           kindergarteners have been jumping at the
of information does it provide? When          chance to experiment with their boards
was it written? Where is it located? With     in new ways. Kindergarteners are also
background knowledge of how to evaluate       practicing their technology skills by taking
a site, they can feel more confident in the   advantage of their classroom computers on
sources they use for information.             an individual basis. They are learning to use
                                              a mouse and navigate around the keyboard
It is exciting to be a kindergartener at      during their computer center each day. We
Mount Vernon! They have been working          can’t forget one of their favorite activities
on their technology skills since day one.     using the technology in their classrooms—
Every day our kindergarteners are using       Skype! The kindergarteners love to Skype
their Promethean boards in every way          with people. They especially love when Mr.
                                              Hilton-Green Skypes with them.

                                              The last part of the 21st century skills
                                              framework is life and career skills. We are
                                              not teaching students how to learn for a
                                              test, we are teaching them how to learn
                                              for life. Life and career skills are important
                                              because our students will run the country
                                              one day and they need to be ready to
                                              do it. The life and career skills we are
                                              teaching our students are flexibility and
                                              adaptability, initiative and self-direction,
                                              social and cross-cultural skills, productivity
                                              and accountability, and leadership and

36                                                                                             MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL

Mount Vernon Style
Miles Mallory, MVPS Junior, had a vision       spoke with the students of the Business Club. He discussed investing and introduced
for starting a club at Mount Vernon and        an investment competition in which the students take part in and compete with each
he has since founded the Mount Vernon          other on investing in the stock market. Team members can invest in anything that is
Business Club. The mission of the Business     publically traded such as stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, etc.
Club is to learn about the best business
practices. The club brings a variety of
different speakers to club meetings, they
visit companies or business events twice per
semester, they compete with other business
club members on investing in the stock
market, and they have discussed creating
a school-wide competition on starting a
summer business.

The Business Club has had several speakers
to their meetings. The first speaker was
Miles’ father, Tom Mallory. Tom, a
Harvard graduate, is president of Acadia
Associates. He discussed the elements of
success in business. The next speaker was
Mark Dunaway , the managing partner
at The Atlantic Partners as well as former
CEO of six other companies. Mark
discussed with the students the lessons he
has learned from leading six companies
throughout his career. The club asked
another speaker to take a little bit of a
different approach when coming to speak        Ann Revell-Pechar, president of Revell-Pechar Marketing spoke about how companies
to the group. The speaker was Colonel          sell their products. Bill Nussey, CEO of SilverPop, spoke at the Harvard Business
Alex Perwich, president                                 School Club breakfast. Students from the Mount Vernon Business Club
of Contained Energy.                                    heard him speak. On November 16, the Business Club was able to go to the
Colonel Perwich was                                     SunTrust of Buckhead and they were given a tour of SunTrust’s Worldwide
a U.S. Army Airborne                                    Trading Operations. The tour was given by John Rhett, Chairman of SunTrust
Ranger and commanded                                    Investment Services.
thousands of soldiers.
He was also a former                                    The Business Club also has a business plan competition proposal. The written
teacher at the United States Military                  plan can be no longer than two pages. Members can start their business plan any
Academy at West Point. Colonel Perwich         time. The date for submission to judges will be in early April 2011. The contest gives
was also the past president of two other       money for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. The prize for 1st place is $200, for 2nd
companies before becoming the president        place it is $100 and for 3rd place it is $50. The money must be used to help start the
of Contained Energy. He spoke about how        summer business that was proposed. After the summer, the three winners must write
leading in the military relates to leading     a short summary describing their business, how much money they made from it, and
in business. Mount Vernon’s very own           what they learned from the experience.
Bruce Morine, CFO of Mount Vernon,

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                                         37
 Theory into Practice
 Chris Willoughby, Preschool and Lower
 School music teacher, recently completed
 his Master of Music Education at Boston
 University. To complete his degree, he was
 required to write an extensive curriculum
 for the music classes taught at Mount
 Vernon. Willoughby states: “While music
 has been an important part of Mount
 Vernon’s curriculum from the beginning
 of the school in 1972, there has been
 no unified curriculum or overarching
 pedagogical approach. One of the purposes
 of my paper was to present overarching
 pedagogical approaches for Preschool
 and Kindergarten Music and Fifth- and
 Sixth-Grade Music and Technology
 Classes.” His thesis commenced with
 extensive demographic and ethnographic
 surveys of the School and the surrounding
 communities. Not unexpected was the
 result that most students prefer popular
 music forms over all others. Very few
 selected classical or jazz, for example,
 as favorite musical forms. As a result,
 Willoughby recommended that the
 music curriculum be adapted to include
 popular music at all levels. “Students will
 now be more engaged with the inclusion
 of popular music forms in cultural arts
 programs and in expanding the curriculum
 to include music technology (recording,
 editing, composing). We will also provide
 experiential, hands-on music creation and
 music business concepts interwoven with
 typical music education themes resulting
 in a more well-rounded, interactive,
 and real-world application into music

  The most substantive change that
 came out of Willoughby’s research, and
 as applied at Mount Vernon, was the

38                                             MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
               addition of a new Music and Technology class for fifth and sixth graders. “Students will
               have the opportunity to work with music technology (Midi, Garageband, recording,
               editing, and composing). This will also give students who play guitar, bass, piano, and other
               instruments not traditionally part of Concert Band the opportunity to play and perform.
               This class will facilitate more teacher-student dialogue and allow for the development of
               more independent musicianship. Music and Technology classes will be organized using
               Frank Abrahams’ “Sonata Form.” Each lesson will begin with the “Exposition,” the opening
               dialogue between teacher and students. The teacher will begin by introducing new concepts
               and terms. Special care will be taken to relate new concepts with knowledge that students
               currently hold. The second part of the “Sonata Form” is “Development.” Here students
               improvise on the lesson theme. The final part of each lesson is “Recapitulation,” when
               the teacher and students critique and assess the day’s or week’s activities. The teacher and
               students offer critiques without fear of shame or embarrassment, including critiques of the
               teacher’s point of view.”

               Additionally, fifth and sixth grade Music and Technology classes have discussed emotional
               themes in pop music, created songs with loops, recorded and edited podcasts and recently
               composed and recorded original songs. One example is, “The Way He Moved,” by Fifth
               Graders, Juliana, Mary Frances, Kathleen, and Emily.

               These are all very exciting examples of how teaching Music at Mount Vernon has embraced
               21st Century Design Thinking. Willoughby emphasizes, “I appreciate the School giving me
               the opportunity to study these valuable concepts and complete a Master’s degree. I hope my
               research will aid us as we continue to build an outstanding and unique music program at
               Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.”

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                               39
                                      GLOBAL LEARNING INITIATIVE:
                                      The CDC Partners
                                      with Glenn Campus
                                      The kickoff session for the 2010-2011 Global Learning
                                      Initiative, which is a study of global infectious disease led
                                      by Don Sasso, Head of the Upper School, was held on September 16, 2010. Middle
                                      School and Upper School students were addressed by two speakers from the Centers for
                                      Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. W. Goodly Archer from the Division of
                                      Global Disease Detection and Emergency at the CDC spoke about the CDC’s global
                                      emergency response strategies and procedures using the recent tragic earthquake in
                                      Haiti as the example of how the CDC mobilizes to respond to such an event. Also,
                                      Ramu Kaladi, a Health Policy Analyst from the CDC, spoke on how the CDC’s Center
                                      for Global Health monitors on a 24 hour basis worldwide global health issues and crises
                                      so that proper response strategies can be developed in a timely fashion.

                                      The second Global Learning Initiative session occurred on October 14. Dr. Louisa
                                      Chapman, Senior Medical Officer at the CDC, addressed the Middle School students
                                      regarding Yellow Fever. Yellow Fever was the topic of a Middle School summer reading
                                      book from this past summer. The book entitled Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
 How can your school make             chronicled a devastating outbreak in 1793 in Philadelphia, PA. Also, Dr. Jon Towner,
 the cultural shift from a good       scientist and researcher at the CDC, will address Upper School students regarding the

 but cautious school to an            Ebola and related Marburg viruses which were topics featured in the Upper School
                                      summer reading book entitled The Hot Zone by Richard Preston. This book related
 innovative school committed          the true story of a potential outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in the early 1980’s in
 to excellence and relevance          Reston, VA.

 in a rapidly changing era?           The Global Learning Initiative will continue throughout this school year with
                                      additional expert speakers from the CDC, and potentially other world class institutions
                                      like Emory University and the Carter Center.
 — Lee Burns, Head of Presbyterian
     Day School, Memphis, TN;
     Jamie Baker, Reverb Consulting

Melody Cannon                         WHO RECOGNIZE AND CHAMPION THE UNIQUE PROMISE
Mary Cantwell
Nancy Eder
                                          OF OUR STUDENTS AND SCHOOL COMMUNITY.
Krista Parker                         The School faculty and staff have galvanized the School to embrace innovation, think
Tom Rounds                            creatively and strive to be a school focused on 21st century standards of excellence.
Amanda Stravopoulos                   The innovative initiatives adopted in the past year only deepen our mission to develop
Chris Willoughby                      leaders who use their unique abilities to think, serve and live their lives with wisdom
                                      and moral integrity.

40                                                                            MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
                       ANNUAL REPORT
                                              2009 - 2010 Board of Trustee Members

                                                       David Kolb - Chairman
                                                    Paula Fisher - Vice Chairman
                                                       Steve Ray - Secretary
                                                      Mike Watkins - Treasurer

      Sister Mary Rosina Bayliss   Brad Hahn                      Bill Porter        Ex-Officio Members
      Joy Carden                   Mark Huff                      Tom Price          Dr. Brett Jacobsen
      Carla Corley                 Bill McCahan                   Todd Rounsaville   Joe B. Martin
      Aubrey Forlines              Christy Pierce                 James Wallace
      Bruce Hagenau

       REVENUE                                                        EXPENSES
                                    $ 108,000                                           $ 278,000
                                    INVESTMENT INCOME                                   DEBT SERVICE

                                    $ 260,000                                           $ 432,000
                                    INTERFUND TRANSFERS                                 OFFICE & DEVELOPMENT

                                    $ 288,000                                           $1,100,000
                                    EXTENDED DAY                                        CLASSROOM & INSTRUCTIONAL

                                    $ 540,000                                           $1,974,000
                                    CONTRIBUTIONS & FUND RAISING                        OCCUPANCY & DEPRECIATION

                                    $9,518,000                                          $6,930,000
                                    TUITION                                             SALARIES & BENEFITS

                                    $10,714,000                                          $10,714,000
                                    TOTAL REVENUE                                        TOTAL EXPENSES

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                        41

     Dear Mount Vernon Community,
     During the first quarter of 2010, a Fund Raising Task Force was convened consisting of Board
     members, parent volunteers, administrators, and faculty and staff representatives. We served as
     Co-Chairs of the Task Force and would like to take this opportunity to share with you the goals and
     primary recommendations that were outlined.

     The Task Force reviewed all activities that were currently being utilized to raise incremental funds
     outside of annual tuition. We assessed existing activities, evaluated potential new opportunities,
     and sought input from key stakeholders and volunteers. Ultimately we developed a comprehensive
     strategy to maximize fund-raising revenues from diverse sources while balancing volunteer and
     staff resources. The Task Force recognized the need to prioritize funding efforts to enhance future
     fund raising at the School. As Mount Vernon continues to grow and expand curriculum, athletics
     and arts programs, the need to thoughtfully and strategically grow philanthropic funding becomes
     increasingly critical.

     The key recommendation of the Task Force dealt with launching “The Big 4”. These are the four
     annual funding initiatives central to Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. I hope that you are having
     the opportunity to participate in each of them – making a gift to the School through the Mount
     Vernon Fund; redirecting a portion of your Georgia state income tax dollars to support financial aid;
     participating in the sold-out Mustang Golf Classic and first-ever Junior Mustang Golf Challenge,
     which alternates each year with The Benefit; and supporting the upcoming Mustang Rally (April,
     2011) with your attendance and a Family sponsorship.

     While these initiatives may seem very different, they all serve an important role in the life of our
     School. All of the funding initiatives encourage school unity and spirit, foster a sense of community
     in our School families, and raise necessary funds to support the curriculum and programs that are a
     key part of the educational experience at Mount Vernon.

     On behalf of the Task Force, the Board of Trustees and administration of the School, we appreciate
     your support of “The Big 4” this school year. Working together and looking toward the future, we
     can do amazing things at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.

     Thank you,

     Bill McCahan                                            Todd Rounsaville
     Fund Raising Task Force, Co-Chair                       Fund Raising Task Force, Co-Chair
     Board of Trustees, Member                               Board of Trustees, Member

42                                                                           MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
                        THE BIG FOUR
                             THE MOUNT VERNON FUND
                 THE         Support of the Mount Vernon Fund is vital to the School’s mission
                             and bridges the gap between the total cost of operating the School and
               MOUNT         tuition revenue. Participation in the Mount Vernon Fund is important
               VERNON        and every gift, no matter the size, is meaningful and appreciated. The

                FUND         Mount Vernon Fund supports the educational experience of every child
                             in every grade. Our goal is to receive 100% support of the Mount
                             Vernon Fund from our School families.

                             The Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program allows eligible
                             individuals and corporations to redirect a portion of their Georgia
                             state income tax dollars to support financial aid for gifted students
                             transferring to Mount Vernon from public schools. The redirected tax
                             dollars permits Mount Vernon to attract some of the best and brightest
                             students currently attending public schools by providing significant
                             financial aid support. This unique opportunity benefits Mount Vernon
                             and enables the School to secure its share of these sought-after financial
                             aid funds.

                             COMMUNITY OUTREACH EVENT
                             The community outreach events, The Benefit and the Mustang Golf
                             Classic, alternate every other year. These events give the Mount Vernon
                             community the opportunity to participate in a wonderful social event,
                             have fellowship with school families and raise funds to support the
                             School. During the 2009 – 2010 school year, The Benefit raised more
                             than $130,000 to fund the inaugural class of Mount Vernon Fellows.
                             During the 2010 – 2011 school year, the Mustang Golf Classic and
                             Junior Mustang Golf Challenge raised $25,000 from the tournament
                             which was designated as seed money for the construction of a Field
                             House for the School.

                             THE ALL SCHOOL EVENT
                             The Mustang Rally is the first of its kind at Mount Vernon Presbyterian
                             School. The event will be an exciting day where all students in
                             Preschool through Grade 12 will come together to build school
                             spirit, increase campus unity and create pride in individual and group
                             achievement. On Friday, April 15, 2011, students will participate
                             in an all-school parade and opening ceremonies presentation. The
                             culmination of the year-long blue/gold spirit competition will be
                             decided during the student field races and games. Families will enjoy a
                             picnic on the lawn that features a live band. There will be a full carnival
                             and a silent auction. All proceeds raised from the Mustang Rally will
                             go directly to fund technology in the classroom and throughout student
                             spaces on the Lower School Campus and Glenn Campus.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                           43
Why give to the
Mount Vernon
                         2009-2010 MOUNT VERNON FUND

Annual support of
the Mount Vernon
                       Visionary                                    Educator
                       $25,000 and above                            $2,500 to $4,999
fund is vital to the
School’s mission.
The Mount Vernon       Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Brooks, Jr.               Anonymous
Fund bridges                                                        Brad and Julie Allison
the gap between
the total cost of
                       Founder                                      AXA Financial
                       $15,000 to $24,999                           Carla and Paul Corley
operating the
                                                                    Robert and Catherine Derrick
School and tuition
                       Susan and David Kolb                         Gray and Michelle Dobbins
revenue. Tuition
alone cannot fund      Jim and Lisa Wallace                         The Herrick Family
the entire cost        Watkins Christian Foundation                 Resource Planning Group
associated with a                                                   Mark and Paige Huff
private education
at Mount Vernon
                       Leader                                       Dr. and Mrs. Brett Jacobsen
                       $10,000 to $14,999                           Lillian and Jimmy Maurin
Presbyterian School
                                                                    Louise and Bill McCahan
or any independent
school. Because        Anonymous                                    Mike and Nancy McConnell
tuition only covers    Steve and Jennie Ferguson                    Angela and Michael Nagy
88% of our annual                                                   Mr. and Mrs. John Notermann
operating budget,
the School relies on   Mentor                                       The Pahl Family
                                                                    The Parnell Family
gifts to the Mount     $5,000 to $9,999
                                                                    Steve and Shelly Ray
Vernon Fund to
sustain excellence                                                  Todd and Melody Rounsaville
in teaching,                                                        Roger and Julie Steffens
                       Buckhead Uniforms
enable enrichment                                                   David and Myra Stromquist
                       The Coca-Cola Company
opportunities for                                                   Candace and Paul Stupek
students, and          Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Fant
                                                                    Brett and Anne Taylor
provide support for    Dr. Nishan Fernando and Dr. Carolyn Weaver
                                                                    Guy and Patty Tucker
emerging needs.        Elizabeth and Randall Guyton
                                                                    Dan and Kim Turner
                       Ed and Carol Hays
Gifts to the Mount                                                  Evan S. and Jennifer Van Metre
                       Doug and Kenna Kruep
Vernon fund allow                                                   Jose and Valerie Vargas
                       David and Deanne McDougall
our administration
to say “yes” to new    Todd and Maureen Pierce
ideas, enhanced        Robert and Margot Shuford                    Partner
equipment and          Dr. Lisa Drake and Dr. Brian Thomas          $1,000 to $2,499
technology and new     Mr. and Mrs. John F. Watkins
opportunities for                                                   Joe and Ardy Adams
                       Chris and Judy Weathers
our students and                                                    Judy and Jim Agnew
                                                                    Jeff and Melanie Almond

                                             A DAY

44                                                                     MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
                                                                               2010 ANNUAL REPORT

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Alvarez                Hank and Rosie Kunath
Andy and Kelly Anderson                  Debbie and Bill Lampe
Jon and Julie Barber                     John and Ginny Layman
Mr. and Mrs. Chad M. Brooks              Mr. and Mrs. Kang Lee
The Brooks Family Charitable Fund        Lennox International Inc.
Nancy and Steve Buck                     John and Nanci LeRoy
Jack and Nancy Calhoun                   Sally Love Connally
Win and Tracy Carroll                    William and Shari Lotz
Jack and Anne Chambers                   Bob and Charlotte Madderra
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Chastain         Tom and Eleanor Mallory
Chick-fil-A at Perimeter Pointe          Mark and Lisa McGuire                         Giving to the
Mike and Christine Cooper                Chris and Wendy McWilliams                    Mount Vernon
Tracey Cota                              Hannah, Maggie and Mike Menkus                Fund
                                                                                       makes us feel like
John and Sherlyn Crandall / Amelia Bay   Dale and Bruce Morine
                                                                                       we are further
Mrs. Elizabeth Crosby                    Mount Vernon Presbyterian Foundation, Inc.    strengthening a
Mike and Christy Dickson                 Mo and Nilo Nikain                            community that will
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Duncan            David and Cari Ouderkirk                      positively influence
                                                                                       our children’s
Beth and Thad Ellis                      Bruce and Justine Peddle                      character
Kevin Engle                              Andrew and Debra Peterson                     throughout their
Kristen L. Engle                         Christy and Jim Pierce                        lives.
Eugene M. Clary Foundation Inc.          John and Zoe Pilgrim
                                                                                       – Angela and
Family of David Eun                      Judy and Bill Porter                          Michael Nagy
Lisa and Steve Fendrich                  Patrick and Lesley Posey                      Parents of
Kate and Frank Fenello                   Heather Propst (Peyton and Harper)            Tabitha 2021 and
                                                                                       Adam 2023
Paula and Quinton Fisher                 The Prudential Insurance Company of America
Karen and Dennis Flynn                   Publix Supermarkets
Aubrey Forlines                          Mike and Beth Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gallinaro          Steve and Rhonda Robinson
Brad and Amy Garner                      Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Ross
Georgia Natural Gas                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Roush
Michael and Tiffany Glover               RSUI Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goetz               Susan and Christopher Schnelle
Lauri and Emanuel Grubb                  Dr. and Mrs. Robert Slayden
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Hagenau            Scott and Elizabeth Slayden
Brandon and Jennifer Hayes               Bhaskar and Jayanthi Srinivasiah
Lisa and Andy Hiles                      Stanley Works
Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Hodges, III            Ann and Michael Thompson
Lisa and Jerry Humphries                 Greg and Beth Thornton
Ellie Hunt                               Alex and Beth Tyler
The Jefferson Family                     Robert and Rhonda Tyrrel
Dennis and Amy Kanderis                  Jan and Charles VanWynbergen
Bob and Mary Kesterton                   Verizon Foundation

              IN THE                                     LIFE

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                              45

                       Steven David and Susan Satterwhite Weber   The Kesterton Family
How much               XL America                                 Alicia and Gary Lovell
are families           Allison, Mike, Jordan, and Tyler Yager     Mr. and Mrs. William McBryde
expected to                                                       Jim and Amy McLaughlin
give?                  Donor                                      John and Wendy McLeod
Each family is         $500 to $999                               Thomas and Cynthia Meade
asked to give to                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Middleton
the Mount Vernon       Anonymous                                  Gary and Denise Minor
Fund based on their    Mike and Tracie Adams                      MMC
circumstances          Ms. Lisa Alexander                         Martha and Chris Moore
and blessings.         Roger and Linnea Ashley                    Allen and Melanie O’Brien
Mount Vernon           Alice and Bob Bender                       Michel and Lesley Panos
Presbyterian           Mike and Kathleen Braswell                 Burt and Dawn Patrick
School has received    Ms. Laura Bridges                          Bev and Bob Ricks
generous support       Ann and Dave Brooks                        Don and Jan Sasso
from parents,          Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Brown               Tom and Debbie Schnetzer
grandparents,          Carlton and Joy Carden                     Paul and Laura Sims
faculty and staff      Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carney                 Traci and Andrew Smith
over the years         The Cook Family                            Mr. and Mrs. Randal Snipes
and it is this         Denise Coward                              Bill and Barb St. Amant
generosity that        Mr. and Mrs. Brian Craver                  Sun Microsystems
paved the way for      Mark and Laura Dames                       Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sweeterman
the opportunities      Lenny and Lisa Daniels                     Mr. and Mrs. Jason Tawfik
we have today.         Ragan and Lollie DeFreese                  Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Ward
The collective         Susan and Terry Doyle                      Chuck and Kay Waters
effort of individual   Gina Elowe                                 Don and RoseMary Weber
donations from $15     Lisa Ford and Chip Emerson                 Mr. and Mrs. Lamar White
to $15,000 or more     Equifax                                    Jack and Tara Winters
make a big impact.     Evan, Marianne, and John Fears             Kevin and Cheryl Wyckoff
We ask that each       Fidelity Investments
constituent give       Dr. Marcella E. Flynn                      Sponsor
as generously as       Letty and Stewart Gibson                   Up to $499
possible within his    The Gladney Family
or her means and       Stuart and Maria Harvey                    Anonymous (5)
gifts of every size    Charlotte and Scott Hayes                  Jennie I. Adams
are appreciated.       Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hedrick                 Mr. and Mrs. John Adams
                       Ms. Joanne B. Helmke                       Suzanne B Addicks
                       Melissa and Scott Hinchman                 Greg and Trisha Addicks
                       Todd and Deborah House                     Mr. Bobby P. Antony
                       Michael and Christina James                Mr. James E. Arnett
                       Pradeep and Becki Jolly                    Fred and Ellen Ballard
                       Raj and Mini Jose                          Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barber

           A DAY

46                                                                MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
                                                                                 2010 ANNUAL REPORT

Debbie and David Barclift                Cindy S Coe
Stacey and Laura Barnard                 Patrick and Marguerite Coffield                 We have
Family of Sean Barry                     David and Sharon Coheley                        been blessed
Cathy and Cliff Barshay                  Ronn Colanino                                   to be part of the
Sister Mary Rosina Bayliss               Linda Colbaugh                                  Mount Vernon
Curtis and Jacqueline Berry              Tracy A. Cole                                   family for many
John and Carol Bethell                   Suzanne Couvillion                              years. Although
Chris and Christy Betz                   Mr. and Mrs. John B. Cumming                    there are many
Ken and Alta Birdsong                    Jenny and Brian Cummiskey                       reasons for this
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Blair                Ray and Erin Davis                              sentiment, we feel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Blair               Jody de la Motte Hurst                          particularly blessed
Peter and Suzanne Block                  Dell Direct Giving Campaign                     by the teachers.
Dr. and Mrs. Ward Bourdeaux              Margaret H. Dempster                            Every year we
Sarah O. Bowman                          Larry and Leslie Dove                           have experienced
Box Tops for Education                   Lena Lawson Duncan Sr.                          teachers who
Heather and John Bradford                Mariela and Ty Duval                            genuinely care
Rick and Lisa Brady                      Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dye                           not only about
Christopher and Ruth Ellen Bridgers      Brent and Kelly Eastwood                        the academic
Kris and Tee Bridges                     Mrs. Kimberly Edmonson                          progress of our
Al Briggs                                Michael Edmonson                                three children,
Ms. Nannette K. Briggs                   Rena Edwards                                    but also take a
Mitch Brock and Eileen Flynn             Sam and Roula Elias                             sincere interest in
Meg and Matt Brown                       Kate Emling                                     their overall well
Keith and Christine Bruno                Entertainment Publications, Inc.                being. That interest
Jay and Lexie Bryan                      Era Michelle Erling                             continues long after
Anne and John Buchanan                   Michael S. Farry                                they have moved on
Ron and Robbin Buchanan                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fenech                     to another grade.
Reggie and Sharon Burnette               Ginny Ferguson                                  It is hard to put a
Steve and Anne Butz                      Samantha and Jon Flowers                        dollar value on that
Jeff and Laura Nall                      Jaymie and Karl Forrest                         type of commitment
William J. Campbell                      Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Fowler                      and care, but that
Melody Cannon                            Mr. and Mrs. Marc Fraser                        value is certainly
Mary and John Cantwell                   Chris and Linda Galanek                         tangible and real.
June and Eric Carlson                    Lorelle, Bryan, Courtney, and Dylan Gantt       The Mount Vernon
Mr. and Mrs. Donmark Carman              Glenn and Traci Garde                           Fund provides an
Mr. Russell Carter                       Mike and Peggy Gardner                          opportunity for us
Mike and Marilyn Casey                   The Gavalas Family                              to help sustain this
Laura and Jimmy Chambliss                Lisa and Gary Geurts                            value in the present
Mrs. Helen Chapman                       Lindsey and Warren Gilmer                       and for years to
Molly Christian                          GlaxoSmithKline                                 come.
Paul and Sandra Clay                     Cindy Glueckert
James and Terry Clayton                  Stacie Shattles Goins                           – Mike and Nancy
                                                                                         Parents of Meredith
                                                                                         2011, Morgan 2014
                                                                                         and Michael 2017
          IN THE                      LIFE

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                   47

                        Bill and Emily Goldman                  Cindy Kaisharis
                        Mr. and Mrs. David M. Green             Dianne and Kevin Kaseta
                        Dr. and Mrs. James E. Greene Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. James Kauffman
                        Ms. Susan A. Greene                     Laura and Jeff Kauffman
                        Lindsay Griffin                         Mr. and Mrs. Scott Keller
 Why is                 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Griswold               Bill and Cathie Kelly
 participation          Jan Clary Gross                         Mr. and Mrs. G. Marshall Kent, Jr.
 a priority for         John and Debbie Grove                   Patrick and Trina Keuller
 the Mount              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hackney             Lisa King
 Vernon Fund?           Brad and Tracy Hahn                     Krissy and Will King
                        Ms. Traci B. Haigler                    Mitzi Kintz
 A high rate of
                        Jason and Eileen Hall                   Sherri Kirbo
                        Cheryl Hammen                           Beatrice Kirkland
 indicates trust
                        Mrs. Elaine Harber                      Mike and Dorothy Kitchens
 in the School
                        Elissa Harbuck                          James and Jeanne Knap
 and strength in
                        Pat and Buddy Harrell                   The Knapp Family
 our community
                        Scott Hartinger                         Kae and Ted Koski
 of families
                        Lisa and Michael Hartman                Patrick Kotora and Madeline Kotora
 and friends.
                        Jeff and Tracey Harvey                  Tom and Karen Kurtz
                        Ken and Mary Beth Heaghney              Brett Ladd
 is also the
                        Danielle Heintz                         Mr. and Mrs. Stan Lambert
 primary statistic
                        Mark and Kelly Heiser                   Peggy Larson
 foundations and
                        Kelly, Taina, and Pippa Hilton-Green    Kandy Lau
                        Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Howard             Mr. Kelly B. Laughlin
 request in
                        Dan and Suzanne Huff                    Michael A. Lawings
 determining how
                        Nancy and Steve Ike                     John and Flo LeRoy
 much financial
                        Industrial Developments International   Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lewand
 support to offer our
                        ING Foundation                          Dale and Tamara Lewis
 school. The higher
                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Irlbeck              Peter and Ashley Lewman
 the participation,
                        Dr. Jeff W. Jackson                     Eunice Lockhart-Moss
 the more likely an
                        Tim and Mary Beth Jeffrey               Elizabeth Long
 outside donor is to
                        Maria Jenkins                           Julie and Lang Lowrey
 see our school as a
                        Angela Johnson                          Dr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Lucius
 worthy investment.
                        Kirstin and Carter K. Johnson           Mrs. Champ Lyons
                        Mrs. Virginia Johnson                   Reverend Joe B. Martin and Reverend Jodi Martin
                        Katharine Jones                         Chris and Megumi Mathison
                        Richard and Elizabeth Jones             Kat Mattimoe
                        Don Paul and Rixey Jones                Carolyn S. McAlister
                        Robin and Steve Jones                   Gary and Gwen McConnell
                        Ron and Jennifer Jones                  Kyle and Andrea McCranie
                        Michael and Suja Joseph                 Patricia McGuire
                        Lisa and Scott Justus                   John and Jeannine McLaughlin

                                                                     A DAY                               IN THE

48                                                              MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
                                                                   2010 ANNUAL REPORT

Kathleen McLean                   Suzanne Rackley
Ashley and Brad McLeod            Doc and Babs Raines
Ed and Sheila Menkus              Sean G. and Patty D. Randall
Jon and Allison Mercer            Pie and Bo Rankin
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.         Suzanne and Rob Rankin
Bob and Patricia Metcalf          Brent and Darcelle Reid                  Mount
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Mette        Mrs. JoAnne Rickman-King                 Vernon is a
Cara and Brad Mills               Jamie and Elizabeth Riddle               part of our
Rebecca and T.J. Miniscalco       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ritch                family and we
Chris and Mirro                   Jeffery H. and Wendy Ritchey             know that our
Mark and Nancy Mitcham            Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Rizzo           grandchildren
John and Wendy Moreland           Mr. and Mrs. John Rose                   are receiving a
Josh and Ann-Marie Morrill        Melissa Rothbard                         strong foundation
Mrs. Gloria Mountain              Dr. Tom Rounds                           for their lives.
Linda and Richard Munger          Nancy Rounsaville                        We know that our
Judy Nalley                       Laurie and Jeff Rummel                   gift to the Mount
Harry and Irene Nelson            Mitzi and Mike Rummel                    Vernon Fund is
Jeff and Kelli Nesseth            Julianne M. Ryan                         an important
Mr. and Mrs. David Nickell        Mark Ryan and Kay Loerch                 investment in our
Jenny Novoselsky                  Mr. and Mrs. David Sadd                  grandchildren,
Ms. Lisa C. O’Dell                SAP                                      their teachers and
Dan and Kimberly Oliver           Charles and Leigh Scarborough            ultimately in the
Once For All Trust                Brandon and Molly Scarbrough             School’s future.
OneCause                          Joan and Ed Schaeffer
John and Susan Osberg             Teresa and Chris Scheele                 – Carol and
Shirley and Horace Pahl           Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schuessler             Andy Heyward
Chris and Maria Pappadakis        The Seeber Family                        Grandparents
Edward L. and Krista C. Parker    Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Seel                 of Elizabeth
Steve and Angie Patnode           Mr. and Mrs. Jim Shanks                  McLoughlin 2015
Bobby and Valerie Pavloff         Jim and Sheila Shanks, Sr.               and Michael
Dawn Payne                        Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sheats                McLoughlin 2019
Joey and Christy Payne            Frank Shelton
Ms. Julia-Leigh Pelt              Mark and Della Shepherd
Jim and Mary Jack Persons         Mary J. Shirley
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Perticone    Harold and Mary Rae Showalter
Mark and Janet Pfeifer            Wynn and Lane Sims
Larry and Sandra Pipkins          Elaine Sirota
Tom and Cathy Pitchford           Robin Sloan
Ann and Bill Plumer               Elizabeth Small
Tommy and Marsha Powell           Karen and Jim Snave
Ms. Diane Prince                  Mr. and Mrs. Stein E. Soelberg
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prince         Richard Rhode Sommers


THE MAGAZINE                                                                                    49

                                                                Larry and Sandra Pipkins
                       Grandparents                             Mr. and Mrs. Frank Prince
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ritch
 What is a             Anonymous
                                                                Nancy Rounsaville
 matching              Anonymous
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. David Sadd
 gift and              Joe and Ardy Adams
                                                                Joan and Ed Schaeffer
 how can I             Suzanne B Addicks
                                                                Jim and Sheila Shanks, Sr.
 ensure MVPS           Judy and Jim Agnew
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Sheats
 receives one?         Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Barber
                                                                Harold and Mary Rae Showalter
                       John and Carol Bethell
                                                                Dr. and Mrs. Robert Slayden
 Many employers        Ken and Alta Birdsong
                                                                Bengt and Emily Stromquist
 will match, double,   Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Blair
                                                                Mrs. Bengt Stromquist
 and in some cases,    Dr. and Mrs. Ward Bourdeaux
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tingue
 triple charitable     Ms. Laura Bridges
                                                                Bob and Gail Todd
 contributions made    Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Brooks, Jr.
                                                                Barbara and Bob Van Metre
 by their employees    William J. Campbell
                                                                Jean and Joseph Vitko
 or retirees. To       Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Chastain
                                                                Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Ward
 find out if your      John and Sherlyn Crandall / Amelia Bay
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. John F. Watkins
 company has a         Mrs. Elizabeth Crosby
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Watson, Sr.
 matching gift         Margaret H. Dempster
                                                                Don and RoseMary Weber
 policy, determine     Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Fowler
                                                                Elaine O’Neil Whalen
 if Mount Vernon       Mrs. Elaine Harber
                                                                Wanda and Lamar White
 Presbyterian          Ellie Hunt
                                                                John and Mary Jane White
 School qualifies      Mrs. Virginia Johnson
                                                                Bob and Joanne Wilcox
 and to obtain a       Katharine Jones
                                                                Mr. and Mrs. James Young
 form, please check    Mr. and Mrs. James Kauffman
                       Bob and Mary Kesterton
 your company’s
 website or Human      James and Jeanne Knap
 Resources             Kae and Ted Koski
 department. The       Tom and Karen Kurtz
 form is then          John and Ginny Layman
                                                                Jennie I. Adams
 provided to the       Mr. and Mrs. Kang Lee
                                                                Mr. Bobby P. Antony
 Advancement           John and Flo LeRoy
                                                                Debbie and David Barclift
 Office at MVPS        Eunice Lockhart-Moss
                                                                Curtis and Jacqueline Berry
 along with your       Lillian and Jimmy Maurin
                                                                Heather and John Bradford
 gift. Both will be    Carolyn S. McAlister
                                                                Rick and Lisa Brady
 processed and the     Louise and Bill McCahan
                                                                Mike and Kathleen Braswell
 form will be mailed   Gary and Gwen McConnell
                                                                Christopher and Ruth Ellen Bridgers
 to your employer to   Patricia McGuire
                                                                Meg and Matt Brown
 confirm receipt of    John and Jeannine McLaughlin
                                                                Reggie and Sharon Burnette
 the gift.             Ed and Sheila Menkus
                                                                Melody Cannon
                       Harry and Irene Nelson
                                                                Mary and John Cantwell
                       Shirley and Horace Pahl

                         A DAY                                                                        IN THE

50                                                              MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
                                                                                    2010 ANNUAL REPORT

    Mr. Russell Carter                      Sherri Kirbo
    Molly Christian                         Beatrice Kirkland
    Cindy S Coe                             Hank and Rosie Kunath
    Patrick Coffield                        Tom and Karen Kurtz
    Ronn Colanino                           Peggy Larson
    Linda Colbaugh                          Kandy Lau
    Tracy A. Cole                           Reverend Joe B. Martin and Reverend Jodi Martin
    Mike and Christine Cooper               Kat Mattimoe
    Suzanne Couvillion                      Kyle and Andrea McCranie
    Ray and Erin Davis                      Kathleen McLean
    Jody de la Motte Hurst                  Hannah, Maggie and Mike Menkus
    Mike and Christy Dickson                Rebecca and T.J. Miniscalco
                                                                                              is a significant
    Brent and Kelly Eastwood                Martha and Chris Moore
    Michael Edmonson                        Dale and Bruce Morine
                                                                                              in the success
    Rena Edwards                            Mrs. Gloria Mountain
                                                                                              of Mount Vernon
    Gina Elowe                              Judy Nalley
    Era Michelle Erling                     Jenny Novoselsky
                                                                                              School. Pointing
    Michael S. Farry                        Edward L. and Krista C. Parker
                                                                                              the way,
    Mr. and Mrs. Jon Flowers                Ms. Julia-Leigh Pelt
    Cindy Glueckert                         Ann and Bill Plumer
                                                                                              vision has
    Stacie Shattles Goins                   Tommy and Marsha Powell
    Lindsay Griffin                         Suzanne Rackley
                                                                                              the importance
    John and Debbie Grove                   Pie and Bo Rankin
                                                                                              in creating
    Ms. Traci B. Haigler                    Suzanne and Rob Rankin
    Cheryl Hammen                           Steve and Rhonda Robinson
                                                                                              ownership, and
    Pat and Buddy Harrell                   Melissa Rothbard
                                                                                              meaning in
    Danielle Heintz                         Dr. Tom Rounds
                                                                                              teaching. This is
    Mark and Kelly Heiser                   Laurie and Jeff Rummel
                                                                                              a process and a
    Kelly, Taina, and Pippa Hilton-Green    Don and Jan Sasso
                                                                                              mission worth an
    Dr. and Mrs. Brett Jacobsen             Frank Shelton
    Maria Jenkins                           Mark and Della Shepherd
    Angela Johnson                          Mary J. Shirley
                                                                                              – Hank Kunath
    Richard and Elizabeth Jones             Elaine Sirota
                                                                                              Upper School art
    Don Paul and Rixey Jones                Elizabeth Small
    Ron and Jennifer Jones                  Richard Rhodes Sommers
    Raj and Mini Jose                       David Song
    Michael and Suja Joseph                 Cindy Spivey
    Cindy Kaisharis                         Nick and Amanda Stavropoulos
    Laura and Jeff Kauffman                 Lynne Strickland
    Lisa King                               Ms. Mary Beth Struble
    Krissy and Will King                    Garry Sullivan
    Mitzi Kintz                             Don and Jody Travis

E                                          LIFE

    THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                  51

         Mike Turner                                     SunTrust Bank Atlanta Foundation
         Tom and Sheryl Vrieze                           Target- Take Charge of Education Program
         Lucy Ward                                       The Dannon Company
         Stacey and Pat Whalen                           The UPS Foundation
         Shan and Chris Willoughby                       Verizon Foundation
                                                         Wachovia Corporation
                                                         Watkins Christian Foundation
         Foundations and                                 XL America
                                                         Memorial Gifts
         AOL Time Warner Foundation
                                                         Dianne and Kevin Kaseta
         AXA Financial
                                                         In memory of Maryann T. Garalis
                                                         Mary J. Shirley
         Box Tops for Education
                                                         Given for Morgan and Will Shirley
         The Brooks Family Charitable Fund
         Buckhead Uniforms
         Chick-fil-A at Perimeter Pointe                 2009-2010
         Cingular Wireless
         The Coca-Cola Company
                                                         Mount Vernon Fund
         Dell Direct Giving Campaign                     Volunteers
         Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation
         Entertainment Publications, Inc.                Sara and Joe Fant – Campaign Chairs
         Equifax                                         Mie and Andy Brunson – Upper School Representatives
         Eugene M. Clary Foundation Inc.                 Brenda and John Noterman – Middle School Representatives
         Fidelity Investments                            Elizabeth and Randall Guyton – Lower School Representatives
         General Mills Foundation                        Maureen and Todd Pierce – Preschool Representatives
         Georgia Natural Gas                             Ardy and Joe Adams – Grandparent Representatives
         Goldman Sachs                                   Kat Mattimoe – Faculty Representative
         Hewitt Associates
         IBM Corporation
                                                         Fund Raising Strategy Task Force
         Industrial Developments International
                                                         Nancy Calhoun
         ING Foundation
                                                         Marilyn Casey
         Key Foundation
                                                         Nancy Eder
         Lennox International Inc.
                                                         Elizabeth Jones
         Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
                                                         Bill McCahan
                                                         Martha Moore
         Mount Vernon Presbyterian Foundation, Inc.
                                                         Bruce Morine
         National Starch and Chemical Foundation, Inc.
                                                         Krista Parker
         Once For All Trust
                                                         Kathleen Parnell
                                                         Beverly Ricks
         Pitney Bowes
                                                         Todd Rounsaville
         The Prudential Insurance Company of America
                                                         Amanda Stavropoulos
         Publix Supermarkets
                                                         Paul Stupek
         RSUI Group, Inc.
                                                         Guy Tucker
                                                         Chris Willoughby
         Stanley Works
         Sun Microsystems
52                                                                  MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
                               2010 MOUNT VERNON FELLOWS

                           FOR THE SUMMER OF 2010
               six members of our faculty were awarded fellowships to broaden
                   their experience as educators and to expand the learning
                        environment for the students at Mount Vernon.
                     In their own words they share some of the highlights.

                    Mary Cantwell, Lower School Science Teacher
                    My fellowship consisted of traveling to Ecuador to volunteer for two
                    weeks at a biological preserve, La Hesperia. I worked a variety of job
                    assignments that ranged from milking cows, building pasture fences,
                    cleaning trees, to helping setup a classroom for the preserves new school.
                    I also spent a week exploring the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands.
                    Through trekking into a live caldera of the volcano Sierra Negra, hiking
                    into the highlands of Floreana to
                    observe Giant Tortoises in their
                    natural habitat, and snorkeling with
                    sea turtles, sea lions, and white
                    tipped reef sharks, I experienced
                    firsthand the awe and amazement
                    of Galapagos.

                                                                     MY FELLOWSHIP
                                                             ALLOWED ME TO FULFILL
                                                                A LIFELONG DREAM...

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                      53
                                                      ...HOW TO CONNECT WITH STUDENTS
 Amanda Stavropoulos,                                   WHO HAVE COME FROM DIFFERENT
 Ed.S., Media Specialist                                 BACKGROUNDS AND CULTURES...
 My fellowship was hosted by the
 National Association of African
 American Studies. It was called                   Maggie Menkus, Seventh Grade English Teacher
 “How to Teach Students Who
 Don’t Look Like You.” It was about                My fellowship took place at the Summer Institute of the Master’s
 multiculturalism and how to                       Program of Storytelling at East Tennessee State University to
 connect with students who have                    understand how teachers can incorporate storytelling into the
 come from different backgrounds                   classroom. This teaching strategy can transform classroom
 and cultures than you.                            environments and engage students’ imagination to connect with
                                                   them on a deep and meaningful level. I learned to facilitate
                                                   classroom discussion because it is, by design, a co-creative
                                                   process that involves the listener. Through presentation, as well
                                                   as working together one on one, and in larger and smaller groups,
                                                   I learned to shape personal experience into tales that enhanced
                                                   a sense of community within the classroom by reinforcing the
                                                   strong social web that binds teller and listener. This is the power of
                                                   storytelling, the world’s oldest yet still-greenest tool for education
 I EXPERIENCED                                     and communication.
AMAZEMENT                                                       ...THE HARKNESS METHOD PLACES
 OF GALAPAGOS.                                                   STUDENTS ON THE “FRONT LINES”
                                                                                 OF LEARNING...

     Kat Mattimoe
     Lower School Art Teacher
     My Fellowship allowed me to fulfill a lifelong
     dream of visiting the New Mexico region where
     my college mentor, Sr. Eugene deCleene, O.P.
     and Georgia O’Keefe (preeminent American
     artist) were inspired to create. I had the
     opportunity to paint en plein air while staying at
     the Presbyterian conference center in Santa Fe,
     New Mexico, Ghost Ranch.

54                                                                                MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL
   Brandon Scarbrough, Dean of Upper School Students

   My fellowship took place at the Exeter Academy Summer Humanities Institute in Exeter, New Hampshire.
   Exeter developed a methodology that is commonly referred to as the “Harkness” Method - despite the
   humility and desire for anonymity of the benefactor. More than just a different model for discussion, the
   Harkness Method places students on the “front lines” of learning by having them do the research, shape
   and lead both the direction of the course (within certain parameters) and the breadth and depth of the
   conversation. Students are not passive recipients of information distilled and provided by an instructor, but
   instead assume the role of creative design experts and cooperative instructors building from the collective
   wisdom and questions of the group. The method requires students to heavily interact with a wide variety of
   texts and other resources, fully and actively
   participate in the discussion, add to the
   conversation with their insights or queries
   for greater understanding, and take
   ownership of the success of the course.


                                     Tracy Haigler, Fifth Grade Teacher
    FACILITATE                       My fellowship took place at the Harvard Graduate School of Education where
   CLASSROOM                         I attended “Project Zero, The Future of Learning.” This program invites
                                     educators to examine what, where and how children and adults should learn
   DISCUSSION                        in order to thrive in the 21st century. When teachers embrace learning for
  BECAUSE IT IS,                     the future, they nurture competencies such as expert thinking, collaboration,
   BY DESIGN, A                      and entrepreneurship. They foster intercultural understanding, environmental
                                     stewardship, and global citizenship. They invite students to understand
   CO-CREATIVE                       complex problems, create quality work, and express themselves through
  PROCESS THAT                       traditional and new digital media. Their ultimate goal is to prepare students to
  INVOLVES THE                       live ethical and reflective lives in rapidly changing environments.

THE MAGAZINE                                                                                                            55
                        the POINTof the STORY

                        We Catch Up with a
                        Recent MVPS Grad

                        To say you know college is going
                        to be hard, and then to experience
                        it for yourself are two completely
                        different things.
                         The classes are hard, the professors are strict,
                        and on top of it all I am currently pledging a
        DREW CLAYTON    fraternity. I am busier than I have ever been in
                        my entire life, and yet somehow I feel like I can
        Class of 2010
                        still handle everything.

                        Many of my friends had a wake up call and
                        realized that they were actually going to have
                        to work hard to do well, but I already had that

     I AM CURRENTLY     ingrained into my thought process. My strong
                        work ethic and attitude to succeed are both due
     AT THE GEORGIA     to the development I went through as a student
                        at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. I have so
     INSTITUTE OF       many thanks to all of my teachers and mentors

     TECHNOLOGY.        for the time and compassion they put into my
                        life to prepare me for what was ahead.

                        It was teachers like Ms. Melody Cannon, whose
                        junior and senior English classes make my
                        English class in college a walk in the park.
                        While my classmates are amazed at the
                        magnitude of our assignments, I simply look
                        back to the eleventh grade and laugh at how
                        easy I have it now.

                        My classes are going great, and I expect my
                        GPA will show that. I still have a lot of work
                        ahead of me, but I feel confident with the backing
                        I developed at Mount Vernon. There is not doubt
                        in my mind that I will be able to attain all of the
                        goals I have set forth.

56                          MOUNT VERNON PRESBYTERIAN SCHOOL


  AT H


   Exciting athletic, arts, and
   academic programs for
   Preschool, Lower, Middle,
   and Upper School students.

   Details coming soon at
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          Mount Vernon Presbyterian School is a community dedicated to academic excellence,
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