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									                   Wine Sense at Sonoma State University
                        SSU Wine Club Constitution
                                   (Updated Sept. 24, 2010)

Mission/Purpose of Organization –The mission of the Sonoma State University Wine Sense
Club is to create a responsible, fun and educational environment for all levels of wine
enthusiasts to further expand their knowledge and appreciation for the wonderful world of wine.
We are dedicated to provide students the opportunity to experience and enjoy events that
showcase the wine industry and help students connect with the industry and their leaders.

Membership of Organization – Wine Sense at Sonoma State University requires that
members be of a minimum age of 21 to attend and participate in meetings. All students of
Sonoma State University shall be eligible for membership. Students from any and all majors
are invited to join/or attend meetings. Underage students may join the club, but cannot attend
meetings. All members of the organization are required to comply with the following University
Policies: Standards for Student Conduct, Prohibition of Hazing, Alcohol Policy and Non
discrimination policy. Regular voting membership in Wine Sense at Sonoma State University
shall be on to all currently enrolled and continuing students of Sonoma State University. An
organization or its membership may not discriminate on the basis of gender*, race, color,
religion, national origin, citizenship, creed, ethnic background, economic status, disability,
sexual orientation, marital status, or age, except in the cases of fraternity or sorority
organizations which are exempt by federal law from Title IX Regulations concerning
discrimination on the basis of sex. Faculty, staff and alumni of SSU, as well as non-students
may be considered for non-voting membership in Wine Sense at Sonoma State University.
Only currently enrolled or continuing students of SSU may be voting members.

Elections – Only currently enrolled or continuing students in good standing at Sonoma State
University may serve as Officers of this organization. The Officers shall be: President and
Treasurer. Other Officers of Wine Sense at Sonoma State University may include, but are not
limited to Vice President and Vice President of Promotions and Marketing. Board members
are elected by the general student membership in a secret ballot election held during the final
meetings of each spring semester. An elected board member serves Wine Sense at Sonoma
State University for two semesters (Fall and Spring) following the election. A Wine Sense
election is a three-step process and will generally take two meetings to complete.

Step 1: The President hears nominations from the floor for each board position. A confirmed
nominee and any member can be nominated. A confirmed nominee is one who receives at
least two nominations from at least two members.

Step 2: Each nominee is given the opportunity to make a campaign speech lasting not more
than five minutes. Nominees may not engage in any campaign activity that is considered
illegal or unethical by the Associated Students. If is determined that a member or nominee
engages in such activity while running for office, the respective nominee will be disqualified
from the election or removed from office after the election.
Step 3: Elections for the board positions are held via secret ballot. Following the election, the
faculty advisor will tabulate the votes and announce the results. The outgoing President may
tabulate votes if he/she is not running for office in the current election.

Officers – Organization presidents and treasurers must be enrolled at SSU and earn a
minimum of six semester units for undergraduate students or three semester units for
graduate/credential students per term while holding office and must maintain a minimum
cumulative 2.0 grade point average. In addition, the President and Treasurer may not have
earned 150 units or 125% of the total units needed for graduation, whichever is higher.

President: The President’s primary role is as Administrator of Wine Sense at Sonoma State
University. The duties of the President include but are not limited to: developing an agenda for
each meeting, preside over meetings, keep the Faculty Advisor updated on club progress and
activities, and act as or appoint a representative to attend functions where Wine Sense
representation is needed. In the event that the President cannot preside over a meeting
he/she shall appoint one of the Vice Presidents to perform this duty.

Vice President: The Vice President will manage the activities of the club. This will include but
may not me limited to: scheduling speakers, purchasing food/supplies, planning field trips and
organizing social functions. The Vice President may delegate specific tasks to other Board
Members or volunteers as needed; however, he/she is ultimately responsible for the
completion of all duties related to the position. It is also this individual’s responsibility to keep
records (except financial) of club activities. The Vice President shall be responsible for
handling written correspondence including but not limited to speakers, potential sponsors and
donators. The Vice President shall prepare a schedule of events and/or calendar for the
semester in partnership with the Board – at least one month in advance of the new semester.

Vice President of Marketing and Promotions: The VP of Marketing and Promotions has the
responsibility of recruitment of new members and to create membership policies. In addition, a
marketing strategy and a plan of activities that can help to produce revenue for the club should
be prepared and delivered to members periodically for approval. An effective use of
advertising and public relations, as well as an arrangement of favorable publicity should also
be implemented. The advertising campaigns set forth by the Vice President of Marketing will
also promote social functions for IBA. This individual also oversees the publication of the
newsletter, and/or WineStars blog (

Treasurer: The Treasurer has the responsibility of collecting all funds including but not limited
to membership dues. It is the duty of this individual to deposit all funds and maintain complete,
accurate records of all transactions. It is also this individual’s responsibility to release or
distribute funds that have been authorized by the President and/or Faculty Advisor. This
individual must have a complete understanding of the voucher system and the role and
regulations of the Associated Students. It is recommended that this person have basic
understanding of GAAP and the ability to produce basic financial statements.

Other Potential Positions:
Vice-President of Operations – Event Management: Works in partnership with the Vice-
President to schedule all club tastings. Specific responsibilities include: working with the rest
of the Board to establish the tasting schedule at least once month in advance of the beginning
of the semester; contacting wineries to invite them to attend; sending directions to wineries;
arranging for a parking pass; meet and greet winery representatives; assist in setting/cleaning
up the seminar room for tastings; assist in introducing the winery speaker; and pouring the
wines. Insuring wineries understand and follow the SSU Alcohol Policy.

Vice-President of Operations – Field Trip: Works in partnership with the Vice-President to
schedule a field trip for all club members each semester. Specific responsibilities include:
polling membership to identify preferred field trip location; working with SSU Transportation to
charter bus/vans, etc. Insuring all field trip paperwork and insurance is completed. Contacting
wineries, hotels, restaurants, etc. to organize the field trip. Communicating and recruiting
students to attend. Going on the field trip and serving as guide and facilitator, as well as
insuring the SSU Alcohol Policy is honored.

Vice-President of Public Relations and Social Media: Works in partnership with the VP of
Promotions/Marketing to communicate events using social media, such as Facebook, Twitter,
etc (should be updated at least every 48 hours). Also uses email, posters, flyers, and assists
in making announcement in classrooms to recruit new members. Role is also responsible for
communicating within the local community about club events, and writing short articles for the
WineStars Blog (

Vice-President of Fund Raising: Works in partnership with the Treasurer to identify and
organize opportunities to raise money for the SSU Wine club. Examples include selling wine
glasses, spittoons, T-shirts or other items (not wine!). May also identify outside sources of
funds to provide donations to the club, including small scholarships for students pursuing wine
degrees – working in collaboration with the SSU Foundation Office.

Vice-President of Food/Wine Pairing: Works in partnership with the Vice-President and VP
of Operations – Event Mgt. to create food and wine pairings for club events. This includes
assisting with purchasing, preparing, setting-up and cleaning up food and supplies for
meetings. In addition, this individual may contact local restaurants to invite guest chefs to
some tastings, and create an annual club cookbook as a fund-raising activity.

Past Officers – Students who have held Board positions in the past, but have graduated are
welcome to attend Board meetings and participate as a Past Officer. SSU recognizes the
excellent skill level and experience that Past Officers can provides to new Board members,
and can serve as a mentors.

Board Members will meet in advance of each semester to review duties and responsibilities
and agree on who is accountable for completing each role.

The Board Members work together as a team to implement the goals set forth by Wine Sense
at Sonoma State University. In the event that the president steps down from office, the Vice
President shall become the President. Additionally, members shall elect a new Vice President
to take the place of the newly elected. The newly elected officers will serve for the remainder
of the term.

Meetings – The frequency of general meetings, board meetings, and club events will be an
average of twice a month; hence eight meetings per semester. Meetings shall be held on
campus unless a majority of the regular members vote to change the location. Emergency
meeting may be called by the President as needed.

Finance/Fiscal Responsibility – Members can pay their semester dues upfront at the first
three meetings for $40, or they can pay dues for each meeting they attend for $10.
Membership fees can also be subject to review and change by the board at the end of the

Advisors – The board will select the Advisor for the club at the end of each year. The term for
the Advisor will be one year.

Amendment – The Constitution and bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the
members present at an official meeting. In case of a tie, the President may cast another vote
in order to break the tie. The amended Constitution/bylaws must be approved by the Center
for Student Leadership, Involvement and Service. A copy of the minutes of the meeting that
documents the approval of the changes in the Constitution of bylaws or organization name
shall be placed on file with Center for Student Leadership, Involvement and Service. An officer
of the organization shall sign the minutes.

SSU Alcohol Policy
  1) Must be 21 years of age or older – and must show proper I.D.
  2) Participants must drink responsibly and adhere to California State laws, e.g. BAC under
     .08; no public drunkenness (recommended to serve no more than six 1 ounce pours of
     wine per tasting)
  3) Food, such as crackers, must be provided
  4) Spit cups must be provided and participants encouraged to use them
  5) All items must be cleaned up and disposed of properly at the end of the tasting

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