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       Since 1972
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                                                                                                 July 2007
        Wines evaluated last month: 260
        Rejected: 240                               Approved: 20                    Selected: 8

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                                                     ever drink
                                                     without first
                                                     smelling it;
                                       never sign anything
                                       without first reading it.
                                                                        we are brought this wine
                                                                        with a gentle reminder to
                                                                        remember the past but relish
                                                                        the future. The Burkhart’s
                                                                        want us to know that wine
                                                                        and life are treasures never
                                       Never dive into pools            to be taken for granted.
          e-mail Address!              of depth unknown, and
              send to:                 r a re l y d r i n k i f y o u   LIMITED SERIES
         Diana@womclub.com             are alone.”
                                                                        2004, Crescendo, Virtuoso,
                                       ~17TH CENTURY PHILOSOPHY         Napa Valley, California
        Congratulations to                                              This wine is like music to
                                                                        our ears and palates. A blend
         Richard Rutkin of
                                       REGULAR SERIES                   made with quality but the
        Newberry Park, CA!                                              price will help us save for
                                       2004, Ironstone,
             He is our                 Cabernet Franc,                  front row opera seats.
          Comment Card                 California
        winner of a 3-Liter            Cabernet Franc is an             2005 Ledgewood Creek,
                                       ancient French grape             Viognier. Suisoon Valley,
          bottle of wine.
                                       varietal linked as a cross       California
                                       of Cabernet Sauvignon            Although Sauvignon Blanc
         Gift Assortments              and Sauvignon Blanc. At          is made in a range of styles,
                                       Ironstone, they bring            they all have a common
                see page 9
                                       out the true fruit and           thread of crisp, mouth-
                                       character of the grape           w a t e r i n g a c i d i t y. T h i s
                                       with ripe fruit and              wine is no exception with
           New Member                                                   q u a ff a b l e f ru i t f l a v o r s
                                       balanced tannins.
            Application                                                 as well.
           for a Friend                2005, Pebejae, Viognier,
               see page 15             Languedoc, France
                                       From the south of France

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        WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB NEWS                    1      ORDER FORMS                  7–10
        WHAT’S NEW?                                    2      UPCOMING EVENTS                 11
        REG. CABERNET FRANC, 2004. IRONSTONE           3      MEMBER COMMENTS                 12
        REG. VIOGNIER, 2005. PEBEJAE                   4      ADVENTURES IN GOOD FOOD         13
        LTD. VIRTUOSO, 2004. CRESCENDO                 5      REGULAR & LTD TASTING NOTES 11, 14
        LTD. VIOGNIER, 2005. LEDGEWOOD CREEK           6      WORD ON THE STREET              16

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          AN          OTE
                                     WHAT’S NEW THIS MONTH?
         F Y   ROM        OUR
         C     ELLARMASTER
                                     O     ur special sale on several wines from our Regular,
                                     Vintners and Limited Series will begin JULY 1, 2007
                                     AND END JULY 31, 2007. We are giving you
                                     advance notice on the sale so that you can review the
                                     list and check it twice. Remember which wines were
                                     your favorites and then get ready to order these great
                                     wines at fantastic prices before they are gone forever!
                                     For this promotion only, we are allowing all members
                                     from the Regular, Vintners and Limited Series to mix
          Paul Kalemkiarian
                                     and match any combination of wines from any series.
                                     Take advantage of this promotion to try something
      Hoping this newsletter finds
                                     new or bring an old favorite home.

      you healthy and ready for      Remember, first come first serve!
      summer! What is really fun     The asterisk “*” means very limited quantities.
      about summer are the wines.    Item    Description                       Regular Price Sale Price
                                     V506F   Sauvignon Blanc, 2004.
      So many great wines that                 Compass                            $15.99       $6.99
      we tend to shy away from in    L906D   Merlot, 2001. Lucas & Lewellen       $22.99       $9.99
      the winter but crave during    V906F   Muscadet, 2004.
                                               Cht de la Preuille                 $14.99       $7.99
      summer. Look for Rieslings,    L906C   Zinfandel, 2003.
      Rose’s and crisp Sauvignon               2820 Wine Company                  $21.99      $11.99
                                     V906E   Nero d’ Avola/Cab Sauv. 2004.
      Blancs. Don’t be afraid to               Rapitala                           $18.99      $11.99
      experiment with different      L107C   Cabernet Franc, 2003.
                                               Napa Redwoods Estate               $34.99      $15.99*
      foods and combinations!
                                     806A    White Merlot, 2005. Cardiff          $10.99       $1.99
                                     L107D   Syrah, 2002. Mandolin                $17.99      $10.99*
      Salud!                         906B    Torrontes, 2005. Fantelli            $12.99       $4.99
                                     1006A   Chardonnay, 2005. Bliss              $11.00       $4.99
                                     1006B   Cab. Sauv./ Merlot, 2005.
                                               Southern Most                      $12.00       $6.99
                                     1206A   Sparkling, NV. Rime’                 $19.95       $5.99
                                     1206B   Muscat Canelli, 2005. Maddalena      $10.99       $4.99
      Paul Kalemkiarian
                                     207B    Merlot/Malbec/Cab., 2006. Flagtree $13.99         $5.99

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         I            ronstone Winery
                      thinks big. They
                      not only succeed
                      in         making
       extraordinary wine but have
                                                     successful growing crops
                                                     and grapes and in 1990,
                                                     established         Ironstone
                                                     Wi n e r y. T h e i n a u g u r a l
                                                     release was in 1992. The
       a hospitality center with a                   Kautz family has over 5,000
       multitude of activities                 on    acres of vineyards in Lodi
       75,000 square feet which is                   and    the    Sierra     Nevada
       seven stories high.                    The    Foothills in California. The
       grounds have a natural                        elevation in the foothills
       spring lake, scenic picnic                    ranges from 2,300 to 2,600
       areas     and       a      gorgeous           feet above sea level and has
       amphitheater              for     their       ideal warm days and cool
       annual     summer               concert       nights which are perfect for
       series. The tasting room has                  growing grapes.
       an antique tasting bar and a
       42-foot rock fireplace, a                     The vineyards at Ironstone              Ironstone
       culinary            kitchen,             a    are state-of-the-art. They
       conference              c e n t e r,     a    utilize integrated pest               Cabernet Franc
                                                                                           (ka-bur-nay frahnk)
       historical mining museum                      management, soil fertility
       and a jewelry shop that                       bio farming to preserve the             California
       holds the world’s largest                     soils. All this leads to one
       crystalline          gold              leaf   thing; making great wine.
                                                                                            Dark red cherry
       specimen on display. Forty-                   The     Ironstone      Cabernet
       two feet below ground are                     Franc is a deep red color.
                                                                                            Upfront fruit,
       10,000 feet of hand- blasted                  It has an inviting nose of              blackberries,
       caverns for entertaining and                  blackberries, nutmeg, earth            nutmeg, earth,
       a natural cool storage space                  and smoke. The palate is                   smoke
       for    aging    the        Ironstone          medium-bodied, dry with                     Palate:
       wines. If you think that is                   soft tannins, some sweet               Dry, soft tannins,
       impressive, they also make                    spice and a lingering finish.         sweet spice, fruity
       outstanding wine. John                        Perfect with such dishes as               Finish:
       Kautz Farms was founded                       beef or lasagna.                      Simple lingering
       in 1948. The family was very

             CELLARING SUGGESTIONS                      707A       Retail Price:         $13.99/each
                                                                   Special Member Price: $9.99/each
                  Drink now                                        Reorder Price:         $6.99/each
                 through 2007                                      50% Discount          $83.88/case

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       L           anguedoc is the
                   “wild west” of
                   French wine. It is
                   a large region in
      the south of France and
                                        new world passion. Pebejae
                                        (peb-ah-jay) is named after
                                        their three children, Paige,
                                        Berlin, and Joey. Their focus
                                        with the name and the wine
      the variety and diversity         is to fuse old and new with
      of winemaking here is             the final result being a wine
      unsurpassed. There are            with its own individual
      fewer    regulations     which    personality. The Burkhart’s
      mean that winemakers can          believe the largest segment
      take chances, try new things,     of the overall wine market is
      and go out on a limb without      developing into everyday
      breaking any old time             wine consumers. They
      traditions    as   in    other    want to make wines for
      regions. Pebejae Viognier is      this group; wines with
      made with a traditional           distinction        and      merit.           Viognier
      grape and with old world          Pebejae is a reminder of the                (vee-ahn-yeah)
      respect, yet boasts a new,        reward      for    keeping      old
      fresh and fruity style. The       world skills alive while                    Languedoc
      Languedoc is one of the           integrating new world                         France
      warmest regions in France.        voices. The Pebejae Viognier
      The wines are generally           pours a brilliant yellow                        Color:
      loaded with ripe fruit and        color. The nose is delicate                Brilliant yellow
      healthy acid levels.              but loaded with fresh fruit
                                        smells of apricot, peach and
      With    pictures    of   hilly                                               Delicate, fresh,
                                        tangerine. The palate is
      farmlands, grazing sheep                                                  fruity, apricot, peach,
                                        full-bodied, creamy, with
      and a Château in the                                                             tangerine
                                        re f re s h i n g a c i d i t y a n d
      distance dance in our heads
                                        flavors of apricot and peach.                  Palate:
      when we think of France; the
                                        It has a soft fruity finish. The            Full-bodied,
      Burkhart family has made it
                                        Pebejae Viognier goes great               soft mouth-feel,
      their dream come true. After
                                        with summery seafood                     refreshing apricot,
      working many years for
                                        dishes and will also go                        peach
      others in the wine industry,
                                        great with pasta primavera
      Philip and Karen Burkhart                                                        Finish:
                                        and our recipe for chicken
      chose to launch a wine that                                                 Soft fruity finish
                                        Scaloppini on page 13.
      fuses old world style with

         CELLARING SUGGESTIONS             707B        Retail Price:         $12.50/each
                                                       Special Member Price: $8.99/each
             Enjoy now...Chilled                       Reorder Price:         $5.99/each
                                                       53% Discount          $71.88/case

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                       L       IMITED             S       ERIES
                                                                S E L E C T I O N

        H           ere is an
                    story about
                    N a p a Va l l e y
       people know. In the early
                                         gathering place to maintain
                                         community, tradition and
                                         keep spirits up. In 1930, after
                                         ten years of operation,
                                         Crescendo was raided by
                                         Federal Agents and records
       1900’s, Napa’s Main Street        were purged. Many consider
       rivaled that of many larger       this a historic site and it is
       cities. There were saloons        known today as Napa
       and gambling houses. There        Valley’s first tasting room.
       was also a high cultural          Crescendo wines wish to                  2004
       society. There was a library      represent the rich history
       and reading room, an              of Napa Valley and the              Crescendo
       agricultural society and an       opera house that kept                Virtuoso
       opera house, which in turn        spirits and wine flowing
       became one of the first           during Prohibition.                  Cabernet
       “tasting rooms” in Napa. In                                           Sauvignon,
       January of 1920, Prohibition      Crescendo Virtuoso is a
       began. Even though the sales      blend of grapes which build        Malbec, Petit
       of alcohol were illegal,          upon each other to create         Verdot, Cabernet
       drinks were still available       an entire experience, a
       at “speakeasies” and other        symphony of flavors much               Franc
       underground establishments.       like a classical piece of             (ka-bur-nay
       A few farmers were allowed        music. Tim Callahan is             saw-veehn-yawn,
       to make wine for                  the very experienced              mahl-beck, peh-teet
       sacraments. Grapes were           winemaker. His passion and        vare-doe, ka-bur-nay
       available at a high price. As     enthusiasm show up in                   frahnk)
       the story goes, a speakeasy       every wine he makes.
       was opened in the basement
                                                                             Napa Valley
                                         This wine has a deep ruby            California
       of the Napa Valley Opera
                                         color. The nose is complex
       house. The unofficial name
                                         with dark fruit smells of                Color:
       of this operation was
       Crescendo, named after the
                                         black cherry, plum, currants           Deep ruby
                                         and spice. The palate is dry,
       singing technique of opera
                                         full-bodied and a wonderful
       singer Gioacchino Rossini.                                          Black cherry, plum,
                                         mix of fruit, spice, oak,
       Crescendo was one of the                                               currants, spice
                                         integrated tannins and a
       few speakeasies in Napa
                                         long silky finish. This wine is          Palate:
       Valley and was known for
                                         a great pairing with roasted
       serving only wines from                                               Dry, full-bodied,
                                         prime rib with horseradish,
       underground wineries
                                         beef stew, grilled portabello     touch of oak, spice,
       located down the road                                                 soft and round
                                         mushrooms with polenta,
       which would later become
                                         and sharp cheeses.                       Finish:
       the “Oak Knoll” area. More
       than a watering hole, it was a                                          Silky finish

          CELLARING SUGGESTIONS             L707C Retail Price:         $38.98/each
                                                  Special Member Price: $22.99/each
            Drink now or cellar                   Reorder Price:        $17.99/each
               through 2010                       54% Discount         $215.88/case

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                         L        IMITED                S         ERIES
                                                                          S E L E C T I O N

       L             edgewood Creek
                     Wi n e r y     and
                     Vi n e y a rd s a re
                     located in Solano
      C o u n t y ’ s s m a l l re g i o n
                                             grapes replaced pears and
                                             the winery was in full gear.
                                             There first release was in
                                             2002. All of the vineyards are
                                             family-owned and operated.
      known as Suisun Valley. The            The Frisbies’ philosophy has
      region in the North Coast              always been, “if it is broken,
      Appellation is one valley              fix it… and if it is not, how
      southeast of Napa Valley.              can we improve upon it?”
      Ledgewood Creek has 400                C o n s u l t i n g w i n e m a k e r,          2005
      acres of vineyards nestled in          Larry Langbehn, works his
      a beautiful valley amid                magic throughout the                       Ledgewood
      rolling hills. Just an hour            harvest and winemaking
      northeast of San Francisco,            process. Larry determines
      the Suisun Valley escapes              which grapes are best for
      the Bay Area’s lingering               each label and blend. He
      summertime fog. The                    selects new and seasoned
      vineyards enjoy a unique               barrels and decides which
      blend of daytime sun and               grapes will go where. He                  Suisun Valley
      cool afternoon breezes                 uses all the elements offered              California
      from the nearby San Pablo              to him from the vineyard
      and Grizzly Bays. This                 and the winery to blend                         Color:
      combination of moderate                and produce these perfectly                Soft pale yellow
      temperatures, cool nights              balanced wines. This
      and rich soils provide the             Viognier has a soft yellow                      Nose:
      ideal climate for growing              color. The nose is inviting                Honeysuckle,
      their premium wine grapes.             with honeysuckle, apricot,               apricot, lilac, peach
      Besides growing grapes,                lilac and peach. The palate is
      Ledgewood has over a                   full-bodied with a touch                        Palate:
      mile of red roses lining               of mineral, peach and                    Full-bodied, mineral,
      Abernathy Road at the east             moderate acidity which                     peach, moderate
      end of the vineyards.                  leads to a soft and warm                      acid, honey
                                             finish. This wine pairs well
      The winery dates back to                                                               Finish:
                                             with Asian cuisine, light
      1985 when Dean and Bunny                                                          Soft warm finish
                                             curry and cream dishes.
      Frisbie bought what was
      then a pear orchard. By 1989,

         CELLARING SUGGESTIONS                  L707D          Retail Price:         $18.99/each
                                                               Special Member Price: $16.99/each
                  Drink now                                    Reorder Price:        $12.99/each
                                                               32% Discount         $155.88/case

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                        L        IMITED
                                        E A R L I E R
                                                        S       ERIES
                                                                        S E L E C T I O N S
                                                             REGULAR                     MEMBER
        ITEM #                DESCRIPTION                     PRICE/   DISC.   QTY.   REORDER PRICE/   TOTAL
                                                               UNIT                     CASE/EACH

                  Virtuoso, 2004. Crescendo                                      $215.88/cs
        L707C                                                $38.98 54%
                  “Black cherry, plum, currants”                                  $17.99/ea
                  Viognier, 2005. Ledgewood Creek                                $155.88/cs
        L707D                                                $18.99    32%
                  “Honeysuckle, apricot, peach”                                   $12.99/ea
                  Syrah, 2004. Basket Case                                       $143.88/cs
        L707E                                                $14.99    20%
                  “Earth, cola, coffee, cloves”                                   $11.99/ea
                  Rielsing, 2006. Max Ferd Richter                               $143.88/cs
        L707F                                                $16.99    30%
                  “Green apple, citrus, wet stones”                               $11.99/ea
                  Durif, 2003. Nugan.                                            $191.88/cs
        L607C                                                $25.99    39%
                  “Earthy, cloves, black cherry”                                  $15.99/ea
                  Shiraz, 2002. Barnadown Run                                    $191.88/cs
        L607D                                                $22.99    46%
                  “Black pepper, cherry, dark plums”                              $15.99/ea
                  Riesling, 2005. Villa Maria                                    $155.88/cs
        L607E                                                $15.99    19%
                  “Off -dry, delicate fruit and floral”                           $12.99/ea
                  Trebbiano, 2005. Villa Medoro                                  $155.88/cs
        L607F                                                $15.99    19%
                  “Dry, fresh, mineral, floral, and pears”                        $12.99/ea
                  Syrah, 2003. Cosentino                                         $191.88/cs
        L507C                                                $23.50    32%
                  “Black fruit, minerals, rhubarb”                                $15.99/ea
                  Cabernet Sauvignon, 2002. Koonowla                             $191.88/cs
        L507D                                                $22.50    29%
                  “Smoky, cassis, sweet berries”                                  $15.99/ea
                  Chardonnay, 2005. Pavilion                                     $143.88/cs
        L507E                                                $13.99    15%
                  “Pear, apple, lemon, oak”                                       $11.99/ea
                                   O UT
                  Chardonnay, 2005. Chanson Viré Clessé
                                                             $22.00    45%       $143.88/cs
                  “Floral, jasmine, nutmeg, pears”                                $11.99/ea
                  Pinot Noir, 2003. York Mountain                                $179.88/cs
        L407C                                                $19.99    25%
                  “Red fruit, cinnamon, toffee”                                   $14.99/ea
                  Cabernet Sauvignon, 2003. Kunde                                $227.88/cs
        L407D                                                $24.99    24%
                  “Black cherry, chocolate, bell peppers”                         $18.99/ea
                  Cabernet Sauvignon, 2002. Encierra                             $239.88/cs
        L207C                                                $26.99    26%
                  “Dark fruit, spice, cedar, blackcurrant”                        $19.99/ea
                  Merlot, 2003. Kenneth Volk                                     $179.88/cs
        L207D                                                $19.99    26%
                  “Plum, berry, fig, mocha”                                       $14.99/ea
       You must be a Limited Series Member                                     Sub-Total
       to order Limited Series wines.                                  8.25% CA Sales Tax
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                      R             EGULAR
                                        E A R L I E R
                                                                 S       ERIES
                                                                          S E L E C T I O N S
                                                               REGULAR                     MEMBER
      ITEM #                DESCRIPTION                         PRICE/   DISC.   QTY.   REORDER PRICE/   TOTAL
                                                                 UNIT                     CASE/EACH

               Cabernet Franc, 2004. Ironstone                                      $83.88/cs
      707A                                                     $13.99 50%
               “Balckberries, nutmeg, smoke”                                         $6.99/ea
               Viognier, 2005. Pebejae                                              $71.88/cs
      707B                                                     $12.50    53%
               “Apricot, peach, tangerine”                                           $5.99/ea
               Pinot Grigio, 2006. Oak Grove                                        $71.88/cs
      607A                                                     $12.99    54%
               “Fresh apricot, citrus, pear”                                         $5.99/ea
               Cabernet Sauvignon, 2002. Vizcaya                                    $83.88/cs
      607B                                                     $12.99    46%
               “Red fruit, floral, cinnamon”                                         $6.99/ea
               Miser Meritage, 2005. CheapSkate                                     $83.88/cs
      507A                                                     $15.99    56%
               “Ripe fruit, herbs, tobacco, chocolate”                               $6.99/ea
               Chardonnay/Torrontes, 2006. Martin Fierro                            $71.88/cs
      507B                                                     $12.99    54%
               “Fresh peach, lychee, guava”                                          $5.99/ea
               Chardonnay, 2004. Peralta.                                           $71.88/cs
      407A                                                     $13.99    57%
               “Grapefruit, tropical fruit, ripe apple”                              $5.99/ea
               Cab/Shiraz/Merlot, 2004. Gum Bear                                    $83.88/cs
      407B                                                     $12.99    47%
               “Fresh plum, spice, floral”                                           $6.99/ea
               Petite Sirah, 2005. UT Fish
                                   Copper                                           $83.88/cs
                                    O                          $13.99    50%
                     red LD
               “RipeSOfruit, spice, sweet oak”                                       $6.99/ea
               Sauvignon Blanc, 2006. Monkey Puzzle                                 $71.88/cs
      307B                                                     $10.99    45%
               “Forward citrus, parsley, granny smith apple”                         $5.99/ea
               Chardonnay, 2005. Crooked Limb                                       $71.88/cs
      207A                                                     $11.99    50%
               “Green apples, peaches, butter”                                       $5.99/ea
               Merlot/Malbec/Cab. Sauvignon, 2006. Flagtree                         $95.88/cs
      207B                                                     $13.99    43%
               “Raspberry, marmalade, floral”                                        $7.99/ea
               Bairrada, 2005. Alianca                                              $71.88/cs
      107B                                                      $9.99    40%
               “Herbal, lemon, floral”                                               $5.99/ea
               Brut, N.V. Rime’                                                     $95.88/cs
      1206A                                                    $19.95    60%
               “Grapefruit, lemon, green apple”                                      $7.99/ea
               Muscat Canelli, 2005. Maddalena                                      $71.88/cs
      1206B                                                    $10.99    45%
               “Creamy apricot, pears, honey”                                        $5.99/ea
               Colombard, 2005. UT
                                Colombelle                                          $83.88/cs
      1206D                         O                          $10.99    36%
               “Citrus, floral, sweet melon”                                         $6.99/ea
                                                                         8.25% CA Sales Tax
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                               W O M C         INE                      F THE
                                                                                 G I F T
                                                                                                                O R D E R S

           GIFT #                 WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB GIFT MEMBERSHIPS                                       QTY.       PRICE            TOTAL

            10G          2 Bottles Current club selections                                                               $21.95*
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                                      WINE        OF THE       MONTH CLUB 2007 GIFT BASKETS
         Let everyone savor the flavors of our biggest basket. Plenty to go around for all to enjoy!
         Basket includes: One bottle of 2003 Rosenblum Shiraz, one bottle of 2005 Sycamore Lane
         Chardonnay, Thatcher’s Popcorn, Artisan Breadsticks, Sourdough Truffles, Upper Crust
         Cookies, Savannah Cookies, Kara’s All American taffy, Kara’s assorted Chocolate Bars,
         Greek Gourmet Kalamata Olive Spread, Mississippi Cheese Straws, Homestyle Peanuts,
         Dillions Peanut Brittle, Lady Walton Cookies, Stuffed Gourmet Olives, Upper Crust Crostini,
         Nicolettes Cookies, Malto Bella Malt Balls, Classic Vanilla Caramels, Starr Ridge cookies,
         assorted hard candies. Delivered in a large oval basket.
         #CPB $114.00 + $9.98 CA sales tax + $14.00 Shipping & Handling ($19.50 S&H outside CA)                         $114.00
         This gift allows you to take the celebration with you. Everything you need to create your
         own special picnic.
         Basket includes: One bottle of 2002 Domaine St. George Cabernet, one bottle of 2006
         Sycamore Lane Chardonnay, Northwood’s Cheese with Shiraz, Starr Ridge crackers,
         assorted hard candies. Delivered in our insulated double wine tote complete with cheese
         board, knife and corkscrew.
         #WCPB $49.95 + $4.37 Ca sales tax + $8.50 Shipping & Handling ($10.50 S&H outside CA)                            $49.95
         Chic and simple this gift will make anyone feel special.
         Basket includes: One bottle of 2002 Brutocao Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, Kara’s Chocolate
         bar, Starr Ridge cookies, assorted hard candies. Arrives in a rectangular wicker basket.
         #SOMSPEC $19.95 +$1.75 CA sales tax + $7.50 Shipping & Handling ($9.50 S&H outside CA)                           $19.95
       Add this amount to GIFT ORDER TOTAL on line 1 on Order Form on page 10                      GIFT ORDERS TOTAL

       1. All wine assortments, as well as the first month of WINE OF THE           3. All recipients must be 21 years or older.
          MONTH CLUB membership, will be handsomely gift boxed.                     4. If any of the items to be included is out of inventory, we
          A card will be attached with your greeting.                                  guarantee that we will substitute a product of equal or superior
       2 Shipments are made by UPS/Fed Ex and are guaranteed to                        quality. Call us for weekend delivery.
          arrive in perfect condition.                                              *Gift wrapping included.                                              9
WOMC-News607            6/18/07              4:49 PM              Page 10

                             W O M C          INE                        F THE
                                            T O TA L O R D E R I N F O R M AT I O N
                                                                                                          ONTH                           LUB

                                        SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS FOR GIFT ORDERS

      Please Ship Gift #                to: Name (please print)

                                                            (We do not ship to P. O. Boxes)
      City                                                                                              State               ZIP

      Special note on gift card:

      Please Ship Gift #                to: Name (please print)

                                                            (We do not ship to P. O. Boxes)
      City                                                                                              State               ZIP

      Special note on gift card:
      Attach another sheet of paper to list other recipients
                             All WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB gifts are guaranteed to arrive
                              in perfect condition… gift boxed… and with a gift card.
                                                         ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS
                                                            GIFT ORDER TOTAL                                     Check enclosed for
                                WOMC EARLIER SELECTIONS TOTAL                                                    $               .
                                        LIMITED SERIES MEMBERSHIP                                                Make check payable to:
                                                                                                                 Wine of the Month Club.
                                                                                                                 Charge my:
                                                           8.25% CA Sales Tax
                                                                                                                   VISA              Mastercard
                                                      Shipping and Handling
                                                                                                                   AmEx              Discover
                                                                 GRAND TOTAL
      Card #                                                                                                            Exp. Date           /        /

      Name (Please Print)                                                                          Signature

      Shipping Address (We do not ship to P. O. Boxes)

      City                                                                                     State                       Zip

      Phone (day)                             Phone (evening)                                      E-Mail Address
                              SHIPPING AND HANDLING
                                                                                                        To order by phone call TOLL FREE
       GIFT                                 FOR EARLIER SELECTION ORDERS
       ORDERS                    CA         Out-of-State  Number      CA      Average                     1-800-949-WINE
                               Shipping      Shipping    of Bottles Shipping Out of State                         (1-800-949-9463)
                                                                              Shipping                  Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm (Pacific Time)

       Gift #10G & LOG          $6.97         $9.02           1–2          $6.97       $9.02                To order by mail or fax
                                                                                                       please complete this order form.
       Gift #20G               $10.95        $16.90           3–4          $7.95      $11.30
       Gift #30G               $15.65        $27.60           5–6         $10.95      $15.65          FAX 626-303-2597 (24 hours a day)
       Gift #4GP & 4QGP        $27.88        $36.08           7–8         $12.85      $18.55       Or mail to: WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB
       Gift #5B, 5BGP          $41.82        $54.12           9 – 10      $14.20      $21.15              P.O. Box 660220, Arcadia, CA 91066

       Gift #6GP & LGP         $83.64       $108.84          11 – 12      $15.65      $24.15                 Or shop online at:
                Please call for shipping prices outside CA in states where permissible.                www.WineoftheMonthClub.com
WOMC-News607     6/18/07      4:49 PM     Page 11

                         L        IMITED          S
                                             T A S T I N G
                                                                                  N O T E S
               VIRTUOSO, 2004. CRESCENDO                  VIOGNIER, 2005. LEDGEWOOD CREEK
       Date Tested                Color                  Date Tested              Color
       Nose                                              Nose
       Taste                                             Taste

       Tracking Notes                                    Tracking Notes
       Date            Comments                          Date          Comments
       Date            Comments                          Date          Comments
       Date            Comments                          Date          Comments

                                          CELLAR NOTES
          A report on how previous LIMITED SERIES Selections are faring with age. Obtained from actual
             tastings on wines under cellar conditions and/or vintner, importer or wholesaler surveys.

                 July 2003 Shiraz, 2000. Grant Burge. Drink through 2006.
                           Sangiovese, 1999. Iron Horse. Drink now.
                 July 2004 Merlot, 2001. Napa Cellars. Drink through 2006.
                           Viognier, 2003. Jewel. Drink now.
                 July 2005 Zinfandel, 2003. Solaris. Drink or cellar through 2008.
                           Gavi, 2003. Podere Vignavecchio. Drink now.
                 July 2006 Chardonnay, 2003. Tin Pony. Drink up.
                           Merlot, 2003. Monticello. Drink now.

                                  MEMBER UPCOMING EVENTS

                                    WINE DINNERS!!!
                                If you are interested in a
                      Wine of the Month Club dinner in your area
                        please contact Diana@womclub.com or
                               call her at (800) 949-9463.

                              HOME WINE TASTING PARTIES
          Many members have asked us about both our wine tasting parties and about
             conducting wine seminars. So, in combining the two ideas we have
             introduced the WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB WINE TASTING PARTIES.
                     If you are living in Southern California or the Reno area, and are
                     interested in hosting a home wine tasting party, please call us at
                         1-800-949-9463 or send an email to Diana@womclub.com

                 1-800-949-WINE • www.wineofthemonthclub.com                                             11
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                               Gift Assortments
                  Celebrate any occasion with Special Gifts for friends,
                             family and business associates.
                   Visit our website at www.wineofthemonthclub.com
           for gift baskets, gift memberships and various wine assortments.
                       Give a Wine of the Month Club special gift
                      and you will be the “toast” of the celebration!

      “We are very pleased! So happy               “I didn’t think I liked red wine until I
      we joined!”                                  joined your club. I try all your wines
                              W.T., SAN JOSE, CA   knowing they are all guaranteed….I
                                                   have never send one back!! You taught
      “Enjoy all your wines. Discontinued a
                                                   me to love and appreciate red wine!”
      more expensive wine club because yours
                                                                        C.W., VILLA PARK, IL
      is so good!”
                           P.C., CLOVERDALE, CA
                                                   “We love your club. Keep it coming!
      “Your club is simply the best! I’m so        We look forward to our shipment
      lucky to taste all of these great wines!”    each month.”
                   K.R., COLORADO SPRINGS, CO                     R.N., FOOTHILL RANCH, CA

 12           1-800-949-WINE • www.wineofthemonthclub.com
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       B oth the Pebejae and the Legdewood               No    summer is complete without BBQ
       Creek Viognier will be extra tasty with           ribs. This recipe with a glass or two of
       this authentic recipe for Chicken                 Basket Case Syrah will make this a Summer
       Scaloppini.                                       to remember.

       SCALOPPINI DI POLLO                               THE ULTIMATE BARBECUED RIBS
       CHICKEN WITH ZUCCHINI                             INGREDIENTS:
                                                         2 slabs baby back ribs (about 3 pounds)
       INGREDIENTS:                                      Sea Salt
       4 chicken breasts, weighing one pound each        Olive oil to sauté
       10 ounces zucchini, sliced into                   2 bacon slices
         very thin rounds                                4 sprigs fresh thyme
       1/3 cup Viognier                                  1/2 an onion
       2 Tbsp butter                                     3 smashed garlic cloves
       A sage leaf                                       2 cups ketchup
       1/4 cup olive oil                                 1 cup peach preserves
       1 clove garlic, minced                            2 Tbsp Dijon mustard
       A pinch of thyme                                  2 Tbsp brown sugar
       A small bunch parsley, minced                     1/4 cup molasses
       Flour                                             2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
       1/2 a bouillon cube (or salt)                     2 tsp ground cumin
       White pepper                                      1 tsp ground paprika
       An ounce of shredded Swiss cheese                 Fresh pepper
         (or Fontina)
       PREPARATION:                                      Preheat oven to 250. Put the ribs on a baking
       Heat the oil in a pot and sauté the garlic and    sheet, season with salt and pepper and
       parsley for a minute or two. Before the garlic    drizzle with olive oil. Stick them in the oven
       begins to brown add the zucchini. Cook for a      and let the ribs bake, low and slow for 1 and
       few more minutes then sprinkle a half cup of      half hours.
       cool water over the pot, add a pinch of thyme     Meanwhile, make the sauce. Wrap the bacon
       and salt to taste. Reduce heat as low as          around the middle of the thyme sprigs and
       possible, cover, and cook zucchini until they     tie with kitchen twine so you have a nice
       are done and the water has evaporated.            bundle. Heat a 2-count of oil in a large
       Preheat oven to 400. While it is heating,         saucepan over medium heat. Add the thyme
       lightly pound the chicken breast and flour        bunch and cook slowly for 3-4 minutes to
       them, giving them a good shake to remove          render bacon fat and give the sauce a nice
       excess flour. Pick a pot large enough for the     smoky taste. Add the onion and garlic and
       chicken breasts to lie flat and will go both on   cook slowly for 5 minutes. Add all the rest of
       the stove and into the oven. Melt the butter      the ingredients, give the sauce a stir and turn
       with the sage leaf. As soon as it begins to       heat to low. Cook for 20 minutes. Put some
       crackle, add the chicken breast and cook          sauce in pan for basting,
       them until they begin to brown, turning them      reserve the rest. Baste the ribs
       once or twice. Sprinkle them with the             with the sauce often for 30
       Viognier, crumble the bouillon cube over          minutes. When the ribs are
       them and season them with a grind of              fully cooked take them out of
       pepper. When the liquid is reduced by two         the oven. When ready to eat,
       thirds, remove the pot from the fire. Scoop       preheat the broiler for 5
       the zucchini over the chicken breasts, dust       minutes and broil the ribs,
       everything with the cheese, cover the pot,        basting with sauce until they
       and slip it into oven for about 10 minutes.       are crisp and charred on each
       Serve with a tossed salad and a glass of          side. Serve with extra sauce
       Viognier. Mmmmm!                                  and grilled corn-on-the-cob.

                1-800-949-WINE • www.wineofthemonthclub.com                                                13
WOMC-News607        6/18/07      4:49 PM     Page 14

        CABERNET FRANC, 2004. IRONSTONE                            VIOGNIER, 2005. PEBEJAE
      Date Tested              Color                      Date Tested               Color
      Nose                                                Nose
      Taste                                               Taste

      Tracking Notes                                      Tracking Notes
      Date          Comments                              Date           Comments
      Date          Comments                              Date           Comments
      Date          Comments                              Date           Comments

                                WINE   OF THE   MONTH CLUB CELLAR NOTES
      A report on how previous WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB Selections are faring with age. Obtained from
        actual tastings on wines under cellar conditions and/or vintner, importer or wholesaler surveys.
              July 2003    Zinfandel, 2001. Pars Cellar. Drink now.
                           Chardonnay, 2002. Cuesta del Parral. Drink now.
              July 2004    Merlot, 2002. Montonico. Drink now through 2006.
                           Chardonnay, 2003. Mezzacorona. Drink now.
              July 2005    Pinot Grigio, 2004. Oak Grove. Drink up.
                           Bonardo, 2003. Proemio. Drink now.
              July 2006    Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004. King Fish. Drink through 2007.
                           Sauvignon Blanc, 2004. Coppola. Drink up.

      Wild grape vines have existed                                          winemaking was the future in
      in America before the earliest      Could we have some                 California. The Governor
      explorers. Cortez, the Spanish     history about the start             commissioned the Count to
      conqueror of Mexico, ordered                                           visit Europe and obtain vine
      grapes to be planted in the
                                            of winemaking in                 cuttings. He shipped 100,000
      ‘New World’ during the late              California?                   cuttings to California. In 1874,
      16th century. These vines were            Thanks,                      the vine louse called Phylloxera
      brought from Europe. In 1769,                                          ravaged the vines in California
      Father Junipero Serra, a           – M.J. & L.D., SAN DIMAS, CA        and Europe. The louse reached
      Franciscan friar, established                                          California from Europe through
      Mission San Diego and planted     imported vines from Europe to        infected cuttings. Hardy, native-
      grapes there for sacramental      start a vineyard in Southern         American root stock was used
      and medicinal wines. The vitis    California. During the 1830’s        to save the vineyards through
      vinifera grape became known       hundreds of vine cuttings            grafting. By the end of the 19th
      as the Mission grape. As the      were brought from France to          century, the wine industry
      Franciscans moved north up        California. This was a boom for      began to revive. Cut short again
      the coast of what would be        the wine industry. Many              by Prohibition from 1919 – 1933,
      California, they took cuttings    E u ro p e a n s w h o c a m e t o   the industry again bounced
      from their vines and planted      California for the gold rush         back with new plantings and
      them at each new mission.         stayed to grow grapes and            enthusiasm especially in the
      Commercial wine production        make wine. Among these was a         1970’s. Today, it is at its zenith
      began in 1824, when Joseph        Hungarian, Count Agoston             in terms of production and
      Chapman set up a winery in the    Haraszthy. He planted vines in       most importantly, quality
      Los Angeles area. Later, a        Sonoma. He convinced the             winemaking.
      Frenchman, Jean Louis Vignes,     Governor, John Downy that

 14             1-800-949-WINE • www.wineofthemonthclub.com
WOMC-News607         6/18/07        4:49 PM          Page 15

           SIGN UP A FRIEND AND...
                      RECEIVE              A    SET        OF     SWAROVSKY WINE CHARMS
           To join the WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB, just fill in and return this
                             NEW MEMBER ACCEPTANCE FORM
       ❏ YES. Sign me up for the Wine of the Month Club and then send me my first
       month’s selection of two specially chosen wines. I understand that each month I will
       receive additional wines but I may cancel my membership at any time with no further
       obligation. My monthly cost for the two-bottle wine selection will be $18.98 (one red
       and one white) plus sales tax and $6.97 for shipping and handling. (Outside California,
       slightly higher.) MUST BE OVER 21 YEARS OLD TO ENROLL.

           Each month, you will receive 2 specially selected wines, one red and one white. However, if you would
           prefer ONLY WHITE or ONLY RED (slightly higher), please check the appropriate box below. You will
           receive 2 identical bottles of selected red or white wine each month.
                                                           ❏ I prefer WHITE WINE only.                   ❏ I prefer RED WINE only.

       PAYMENT Prices subject to change.
       BY CREDIT CARD — Charge my monthly wine purchase to my credit card, and enclose the copy
       of the invoice in my monthly wine shipment.
       ❏ American Express ❏ Discover ❏ MasterCard ❏ VISA
       Card #                                                                                                  Exp. Date         /   /

       BY CHECK — Please bill me monthly. Enclose the invoice in my shipment of wine. I understand the next month’s
       selection will not be sent until I pay the current one. I am enclosing the required one month’s deposit of $26.94 which
       you will apply to my final shipment when I decide to cancel.

       Check #                                  Amount $                          ✔
                                                                                  Signature (NECESSARY FOR CREDIT CARD ORDERS)
       Name (Please Print)

       Shipping Address (We do not ship to P. O. Boxes)

                             City                                                                State                                   Zip
       (         )                          (         )
       Phone (day)                           Phone (evening)                                     E-Mail Address

       Important delivery information: We can ship to CA, CO, ID, IL, MO, ND, NE, NH, NM, NV, OH, OR, TX, WI, WV, WY.
       Shipments cannot be made to a Post Office box. If an adult is not regularly at this address during normal United Parcel
       Service/Federal Express delivery hours, please specify a neighbor’s, or office address, for the shipments. Mail this enrollment to:
       WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB, PO Box 660220, Arcadia, CA 91066

             All WINE OF THE MONTH CLUB                                                     Call toll-free
             wines are fully guaranteed.                                                  1-800-949-WINE
                 You may cancel your                                                  8 am - 5 pm PST
                                                                               or fax 24 hours 626-303-2597
              membership at any time.
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            WORD                                           FOR MEMBERS ONLY...
         ON THE STREET
      What others are saying
                                                            Can’t find it?
       about our selections!
                                                           Gotta have it?
           November 2006
           Vintners Series:                   We source wine from all over the
           Stuart Cellars                     world. Special vintages for birthdays,
           Viognier, 2005
                                              anniversaries, you name it. We also
       It’s a hit! Editors at Wine
       Enthusiast Magazine have               have access to old and rare cellars.
      bestowed a coveted 90-point             Let us help you find a rare wine.
      rating on the Stuart Cellars
              2005 Viognier!                  Call or email us with your rare wine
           You tasted it in                   specifications and let us do the work.
           November 2006!
                                              We can’t guarantee we’ll find it, but
         Our Members are on
          the cutting edge!                   we can guarantee a great effort.

                                                         Discover the Limited Series
                                                      now and receive a set of Swarovski
                                                        Crystal Wine Charms FREE!
                                                Here’s a charming idea for your next party or
                                                dinner. Slip one of these attractive wine
                                                charms around the stem of each person’s
                                                glass. Designed with a wine theme, each
          YOU E!                                charm is different so your guests will know
            FRE                                 they aren’t mistakenly picking up someone
                                                else’s glass. Made from pewter and world-
                                                famous Swarovski crystal beads from Austria,
                                                the charms are yours FREE just for trying the
                                                Limited Series. A $24.95 value.

      Join now and receive a set of Swarovski Wine Charms free.

      ❏ Sign me up for THE LIMITED SERIES
           Each month $40.00 plus tax and $6.97 shipping & handling.
                             (Outside of California, slightly higher).

      2 bottles each month. Free membership, guaranteed wines, cancel anytime.
      ❏ Red wine only. (Slightly higher) ❏ White wine only. ❏ One red, one white.
      Please fill out information on the last page of this Order Form.

                                                          LIMITED SERIES TOTAL
           Add this amount to Limited Series MEMBERSHIP
 16         TOTAL on line ➂ on Order Form, page 10
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                       L       IMITED             S       ERIES
                                                                S E L E C T I O N

        B          asket
                   Wi n e s

       Both Chenin and Sean have

                   Chenin and Sean

                   Carlton in 2006.
                                         Drink what you like, that’s
                                         all there is to it.”

                                         The 2004 Syrah marks their
                                         debut. They had always
                                         been fans of Syrah and since
       been doing the “wine thing”       moving to the great white
       for a long time. Chenin           north        found       that
       started out in the world as       Washington is a great place
       Chenin Cilurzo. Her family        for Syrah. The cool winters
       grew Chenin Blanc and             with dry, hot summers
       Petite Syrah in Temecula.         provide great grapes.
       She grew up working in the        Although their winery is in
       Cilurzo Vineyards and took        Oregon, all the grapes for
       those skills to Napa Valley       this    Syrah     are    from
       where she worked for 10           Washington. They prefer to
       years at Domaine Chandon,         think of themselves as an              2004
                                         American winery. Chenin
       Pine Ridge, and Groth. She
       worked in Oregon and has          and Sean prefer to think of      Basket Case
                                         themselves not as great wine
       also owned an organic farm
                                         tasters but rather great wine
       raising cherries, chickens                                              (seer-ah)
       and beef. Sean Carlton took       drinkers and do not want
       a summer off after college in     geography to get in the way.      Washington
       the Napa Valley. He thought       Their Syrah is a very dark
       that he would enjoy working                                             Color:
                                         purple color. The nose is
       at a winery and landed a job                                       Very dark purple
                                         assertive with fruit smells of
       in the tasting room at Pine       raspberry, and aromas of               Nose:
       Ridge (Do we see fate             earth, cola, coffee and clove.
       stepping in?). He quickly
                                                                          Fruity, earth, cola,
                                         It is medium-bodied with           coffee, clove,
       moved up to tasting room          sweet ripe fruit and very
       manager and then Regional                                              raspberry
                                         smooth and balanced. Oh,
       Sales Manager. He then            and with the convenient               Palate:
       became General Manager at         screw cap closure, you can       Medium-bodied,
       Archery Summit, the “sister”      take it out on the boat and      ripe sweet fruit,
       of Pine Ridge in Willamette       forget your corkscrew. Pair
       Valley, Oregon. He and
                                                                           clove, supple,
                                         this wine with meatball          very smooth and
       Chenin, (yes, they hooked         sandwiches and spare ribs.
       up) moved and started                                                  balanced
                                         See our recipe for the
       thinking that the industry        ultimate spare ribs on               Finish:
       was taking itself just a little   page 13.                          Complex, warm
       too seriously. There motto:
       “Wine is about having fun!

          CELLARING SUGGESTIONS             L707E      Retail Price:         $14.99/each
                                                       Special Member Price: $12.99/each
                Enjoy now or                           Reorder Price:        $11.99/each
               hold for 4 years                        20% Discount         $143.88/case

                1-800-949-WINE • www.wineofthemonthclub.com
WOMC-News607       6/18/07       4:49 PM      Page 18

                      L         IMITED             S       ERIES
                                                                 S E L E C T I O N

      T            he Max Ferd
                   Richter Estate
                   has been owned
                   by the same
     family for more than 300
                                          vineyard. This is a very steep
                                          vineyard facing south-west.
                                          The grapes have a lot of sun
                                          from late morning until
                                          dusk. They ripen through
     years. It has built a                the Indian summer. The
     reputation for producing             name Sonnenlay means
     only the very best Riesling in       sunshine, “sonnen” and slate
     the heart of the central             “lay” is old German for slate.           2006
     Mosel region of Germany.
                                          The wines made here are
     Max Richter makes his
                                          known for their steely, racy
     wines from world-renowned
                                          and fruit quality.
                                                                               Max Ferd
     vineyards such as Wehlener                                                Richter
     S o n n e n u h r, G r a a c h e r   The label is art deco and
     Himmelreich                and       depicts a Zeppelin which
     Brauneberger Juffer. Two             used to fly over the vineyard          Riesling
     of his monopole estates,             during the twenties and                (reez-ling)
     Mulheimer Helenenkloster             thirties. It is a reminder of
     and Veldenzer Elisenberg             the days when the Zeppelin
     date back to 1813 when one
                                          crossed the Atlantic and
     of his ancestors succeeded in        passengers relaxed in its
     preventing the plundering            luxurious restaurant sipping            Color:
     of the vines by Emperor              this delicious Riesling.            Deep green gold
     Napoleon I. Giving that they
                                          The color pours a deep green
     have 300 years of history, the                                                Nose:
                                          gold. The nose is fresh with
     family must have a lot of                                              Green apples, citrus,
                                          green apples, citrus, wet
     great stories like that. Max
                                          stones and peaches. The               wet stones
     also makes single vineyard
                                          taste is pure Riesling; steely,
     wines. Each site has its own                                                  Palate:
                                          zesty and full of apples,
     terroir. Generally, the soil of
                                          peaches and lemon fruit. The       Off-dry, mineral,
     Mosel is grey slate, but each
     of these sites has composites
                                          finish is dry and lingering.          firm acids,
                                          What a great summer wine             green apple
     mixed with the slate that
                                          for sipping poolside, at a
     give distinct characteristics
                                          picnic and to accompany                 Finish:
     to each wine.
                                          chicken pasta, fruit salads,         Dry, lingering
     One of these is the 2006             soft cheeses and grilled fish.
     Mulheimer Sonnenlay

        CELLARING SUGGESTIONS                L707F      Retail Price:         $16.99/each
                                                        Special Member Price: $13.99/each
                Drink now                               Reorder Price:        $11.99/each
               through 2007                             30% Discount         $143.88/case

               1-800-949-WINE • www.wineofthemonthclub.com

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