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					                               Newsletter of the

                                                         Volume XXIV
                                    Chapter               Number 3

         In This Issue:
President’s Message - Page 2

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Competition Corner - Page 6

Membership News - Page 7

                                                   Trung Bui

                              President’s Message
Frequently, I like to write about personal experi-             unwanted change that could sweep away this “taken
ences I have with our fellow Ballroom dancers. First           for granted” activity we hold so dear. All of us need
of all, I find the variety and varied background of the        to step back and reflect how fortunate we all are to
folks attracted to Ballroom to be fascinating. Where           be healthy and wealthy enough to have a great time
else does one have friends, dance partners, and                ballroom dancing together now and in the future.
teachers from all over the globe? On any given night           Thank you for listening. I will see you real soon on
with a social dance we have people from the Far                the dance floor.
East, Europe, Russia, and from all over the United
States. They have their common love of dance as                     Mike
the glue binding them together and bringing them
to a common place. Everyone gets along and has a
splendid time. In fact, in addition to Ballroom Danc-
ing, everyone’s next most common shared trait is a
great sense of humor and fun. These seem to be
universal no matter where you hail from.
All of this brings me to a recent thought producing
personal interaction with a gentleman I will refer to
as Mr X. He is not from an unusual background, and
I kind of got to know him gradually through the
Wednesday           night     social    dances     and
group classes. Mr X was a beginner, but very inter-             A note from the editor: We weren’t able to be at the April
                                                                 dance so I’d like to thank Peg for taking pictures of the
ested and dedicated in learning all he could about
                                                               entertainment and of all the happy smiling social dancers!
Ballroom. I took it for granted that he would be a
regular and become more proficient in his dancing,
and I would see him on a regular basis around the
Rhapsody. So it was kind of a shock when he in-
formed me that he had to move to a city about 800
miles away with very little notice due to a job reloca-
tion. I expressed my sorrow at his leaving. At that
point Mr. X proceeded to tell me how he really didn’t
want to move and was thinking of quitting his job so
he could stay in the area and continue dancing with
all of us! I asked him if he was really in a financial
position to quit his job. He said he wasn’t, and that
he needed to hang on to his employment since good
jobs are scarce these days. He indicated that he
wasn’t ready to retire but he had found a “dance
home” and truly hated giving it up due to the move.
Indeed, his last stop on the way out of town was at a
Wednesday night party with his bags packed in the
car. I sincerely hope he will return when he can, and
I look forward to seeing him again. Mr X’s situation
begs the question – how much do you take your
Ballroom Dancing activity for granted? The social
parties, the lessons, practice and friendships - how
big a role do they play in your life? What if it was all
gone tomorrow? Would you miss it? Human nature is
a funny thing. When something is great but always
there, we become used to it and assume it will al-
ways be there for us. Yet we are a car accident, a
health crises, or a job loss away from unplanned and

                                   Upcoming Events

       May 1st Lakeland USA Dance                               June 5th Lakeland USA Dance
     Contact Terri Lynn 863-255-8344                          Contact Terri Lynn 863-255-8344
         @ Plant City Stardust Ballroom                           @ Plant City Stardust Ballroom
      3pm-6pm Monthly Dance (1stSunday )                        3pm-6pm Monthly Dance (1st Sunday)

    May 11th SouthernStar USA Dance                           June 8th SouthernStar USA Dance
      Contact Carol 813-689-5381                                Contact Carol 813-689-5381
   @ The Rhapsody Ballroom 7:30 – 10:30pm              @ The Rhapsody Ballroom 7:30 – 10:30pm Monthly
           Monthly Dance (2nd Wed)                                     Dance (2nd Wed)

     May 12th Pasco County USA Dance                          June 9th Pasco County USA Dance
           Contact Julia Galpin                                     Contact Julia Galpin
@ The New Port Richey Elks Lodge 7:00 – 10:00pm           @ The New Port Richey Elks Lodge 7:00 – 10:00pm
           Monthly Dance (2nd Thurs)                                 Monthly Dance (2nd Thurs)

   May 23rd Treasure Coast USA Dance                         June 26th Ice Cream Social – Stardust
      Contact Nancy 727-576-120                                  Contact Peg 813-685-1656
         @Gulfport Casino in Gulfport                             @ Plant City Stardust Ballroom
   7pm – 10pm Monthly Dance (last Monday)                   6pm – 9pm Ballroom Dancing & ICE CREAM!

   May 29th Ice Cream Social –Stardust                       June 27th Treasure Coast USA Dance
       Contact Peg 813-685-1656                                 Contact Nancy 727-576-1206
         @ Plant City Stardust Ballroom                            @Gulfport Casino in Gulfport
   6pm – 9pm Ballroom Dancing & ICE CREAM!                         7pm – 10pm Monthly Dance

                        Dance every Wednesday 7:30 pm @ The Rhapsody Ballroom
                        Dance on some Fridays 8:00 pm @ The Rhapsody Ballroom
                                     Contact Richard @ 813-985-6570

                                       On the cover:
Trung Bui: Here is one dedicated ballroom dancer! You’ll see him taking lessons and practicing many nights
  each week to perfect his technique. Did you know he’s quite the magician too? Ask him to perform some
                                   slight of hand, and you’ll be amazed!

              March Dance                                       the West Coast Swing Dance Council. In the West
                                                                Coast Swing category they compete in the Master’s
                     Nikki Dvorak
                                                                They performed three dances for us. The first was a
                                                                peppy Two Step that had all the toes tapping in the
                                                                ballroom. I don’t know a lot about the Two Step so I
                                                                did a Google search and found a lot of good infor-
                                                                mation. I won’t repeat it all here, but if you’re inter-
                                                                ested you can do the same search. Judging by the
                                                                way Debi and Buz performed, it looked like a lot of
                                                                fun. They were polished and made me want to jump
                                                                up and try it myself.
                                                                                                     The     second
                                                                                                     dance was intro-
                                                                                                     duced as Night
                                                                                                     Club and was
                                                                                                     danced to the
                                                                                                     music, “At Last”.
                                                                                                     Think a Bolero/
                                                                                                     Rumba       type
Debi and Buz McCreary performed for us for the first time                                            dance. Debi and
at one of our chapter dances, and we hope it won’t be the                                            Buz were a fluid
                          last!                                                                      fusion of grace
                                                                                                     and precision.
March 9th and time for another chapter dance.
                                                                                                   Their final dance
We were especially looking forward to this one be-                                                 of the perform-
cause we knew the entertainment was going to be                                                    ance was a lead-
new to our group and fun to watch. We first met                                                    follow      West
Debi and Buz McCreary when we were all part of                                                     Coast      Swing.
the ChrisKat Performance Team several months                                                       They made this
ago. We had some fun group rehearsals for the                                                      look so easy, yet
show and got to know them a little. We were eager                                                  when I try it I’m
to see them in their Country element for the show               confounded by the unique styling and foot place-
this month; They                                                ment. Why do I always want to rock backward??? Well
didn’t disappoint!                                              done, Deb and Buz! I hope you’ll come back and
                                                                dance for us again!
Buz    and     Debi
McCreary met each
other   in    1992,
started dancing in                                              As for the rest of
1993, and began                                                 us, we’ll be back
competitive dancing                                             again next month
in 2003. They are                                               for the fun door
advanced dancers in                                             prizes, fine re-
the United Country                                              freshments, great
Western      Dance                                              entertainment,
Council, and be-                                                and plenty of won-
tween them they                                                 derful    ballroom
hold seven UCWDC                                                dancing!
World       Cham-                                               See you there!
piondhip     titles.
They are members
of USADance and

                                         April Dance
                                              Lelia Blevins

                                    The      April
                                    m o n t h l y
                                    dance      was
                                    well attended
                                    by       both
                                    members and
                                    n   o    n    -
                                    members of
                                    USA Dance.
                                    The     dance
                                    floor     was
                                    packed      for
                                    each      and
                                    every dance,
                                    with dancers
                                    who        all
                                                          was obvious the crowd enjoyed the     performance
                                    seemed to be
                                                          which was evidenced by the frequent applause.
                                    having        a
                                    wonderful             After the show I was able to obtain some of Bog-
                                    time dancing          dan’s background information. He is the owner of
                                    to      M ike         Magic Dance Club in St. Petersburg and coaches
                                    Jo hnston’s           there as well. His dance career began in Poland,
                                    great     ball-       where he and his wife were members of a formation
         Bogdan Wienc and           room dance
         Marguerite Penard
                                                          team that was 3rd in Europe and 4th in the world com-
                                    mix.                  petition. He and his wife later moved to study dance
                                                          in England and twenty years ago moved to the
                                    The    enter-
                                                          United States. He also ran an Arthur Murray Studio
                                    tainment for
                                                          in Bradenton.
the evening’s monthly dance was provided by Bog-
dan Wienc and his student, Marguerite Penard. The         Four years ago he opened the Magic Dance Club. In
show was not disappointing. Marguerite looked             between coaching and running the annual Tropicana
stunning in her                                           Dance Competition, Bogdan manages to find time
black ballroom                                            for family and raising three children.
gown as she
and her coach
Bogdan      per-
formed an In-
Waltz, followed
by a Tango.
After a quick
c o s t u m e
change,      the
couple       re-
turned to per-
form an action-
packed Samba
and a rhythmi-
cal Cha-Cha. It

                                                             The ballroom and the hotel’s wonderful restaurant
                                                             were both located on the 5th floor of the hotel close
                                                             to the elevator. Convenience was really the key to
                                                             making this event work so beautifully. There were
                                                             also many wonderful vendors as well. The ballroom
                                                             floor was large; 72 x 44, and there were bleachers
                                                             on the sides with tables on the fourth side where the
                                                             judges and a few others “hung out.”
                                                             There were twenty two well-known judges from all
                                                             over the country and a few from Europe. Throughout
                                                             the weekend there were all kinds of free seminars
                                                             and workshops offered. Although Scott and I have
                                                             retired from American Smooth competitive dancing,
               Off to Baltimore!                             I am still dancing with my Latin and Rhythm partner,
                   By Sarah Coates                           Darry Martin, who lives in Alabama. We have been
                                                             competing in those styles for 6 years.
                                                             The highlight of the weekend for us was watching
                                                             the children who are just fabulous. I think they prac-
                                                             tice every day. Scott and I often talk about the fact
                                                             that we wish we could have started this ballroom
                                                             journey as children.
                                                             But, for now, we just love watching them all with
                                                             their energy and hip action. We smile as we watch
                                                             them dance…especially the rumba, the dance of
                                                             love, or in the case of the 6-year-olds, the dance of
                                                             This year I was the only person competing from
                    Sarah Coates                             SouthernStar!
                    Darry Martin                             Nationals will be returning to Baltimore next year
                                                             and we plan to return as well. We recommend your
                                                             attending sometime even If you do not compete. A
                                                             few years ago we went twice just to watch and this is
Oh what a weekend! On Thursday April 7th my hus-             what Scott is doing now. It is some of the best danc-
band Scott and I left Tampa for Baltimore to attend          ing you will ever see, and we love being a part of it…
the USA Dance National DanceSport Championships              dancing or watching.
for amateur dance couples. We left on Thursday as            After the competition, we finished off our trip by
Scott is a delegate now and needed to be there on            going with dear friends to Williamsburg, Virginia, for
Friday to help out. We stayed at the beautiful Renais-       a few days. It made the whole trip perfect.
sance Hotel right across the street from a harbor
with lots of shops, wonderful restaurants, and
boats…including a historical sailing ship from the
War of 1812 - the USS Constellation.
On three of the nights at three different restaurants,
we were able to just walk across the street with
some of our dance friends for a wonderful meal.
The hotel itself was perfect, especially for this type
of event. It was convenient to not only shops and
restaurants, but also within the hotel, there was a
narrow three-level mall complete with food court.

                         Membership News
        Birthday Dancers                                  Members
                                                      New Members

                                   Please join us in welcoming the following
                                   ballroom dancer as new member of the
                                   SouthernStar chapter of USADance:

                                      Tillie Whiteside

5-6    Hyeyong Temlin
                                                Dance Quotes
5-10   Patty Romano
5-11   Martha Hughes                 Life may not be the party we hoped for, but
                                     while we're here we should dance. ~Author
5-12   Ellen Meyers                  Unknown
5-14   Jean Wood                     Dancing is moving to the music without
                                     stepping on anyone's toes, pretty much the
5-17   Catherine Max                 same as life. ~Robert Brault
5-21   Emilie Lundy                  Dancing is just discovery,       discovery,
5-29   Gerald Max                    discovery ~ Martha Graham

6-3    Carl Blevins
6-5    Tatjana Frost
6-9    Deborah Kobritz
6-10   Ann Reynolds
6-11   Laura Boyd
6-11   Lynn Seevers
6-15   Mei Ing Lai
6-17   Marleon Smith
6-21   Margaret Hart
6-21   Margaret Taylor
6-24   Rita Lavallee
6-28   Gayle Butler
6-29   Irving Strake

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   President………………………..Mike Johnston                                    Space Coast          Barry Johnson       (321) 259-6839
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       Tannenbaum, Beth Nolan                                                               Karen Ashworth       (850) 559-2424
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                                         Places to Dance!
                   Feature              Location                 Date/Time             Admission              Misc
                SouthernStar                                      Wed, May11            $6 Members          Ballroom
                  USABDA            Rhapsody Ballroom             Wed, June 8         $8 Non-Members      Group Lesson
                     685-           12101 N 56th Street        7:30 - 10:30 p.m.                          Shows & More
               (813) 685-1656
                                        Tampa, FL
                 Lakeland                 Stardust                 Sun, May 1           $6 Members           USABDA
                  USABDA               Plant City, FL             Sun, June 5         $8 Non-Members         Ballroom
                     687-                                       3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
               (863) 687-8923

               Treasure Coast          Gulfport Casino           Mon, May 23            $5 Members           USABDA
                                          Gulfport               Mon, June 27         $7 Non-Members         Ballroom
                     576-                                      7:00 - 10:00 p.m.
               (727) 576-1206

                  Sarasota          Ballroom of Sarasota         Every Tuesday          $8 Members           USABDA
                  USABDA              5660 Swift Road             7:00 - 10:00          $10 Guests           Ballroom
                     927-                Sarasota, FL                                   $5 students,
               (941) 927-4967
                                                                                      chaperones, and

               Dance America        4445 East Bay Drive           1st and 3rd          Party only $5           Latin
               (615) 948-3124         Clearwater, Fl                Thursday          With class before       Swing
                                                                Class 7:30-8:30          party $12           Ballroom
                                                                Party 8:30-10:00

               Come Dancing         3802B S Dale Mabry         1st & 3rd Saturday            $6              Ballroom
                  Ballroom             Britton Plaza           8:00 - 11:00 p.m.                              & Latin
                     839-               Tampa, FL                Please Call for
               (813) 839-2725
                                                                Group Class Info

                 EasiDance           5111 Erlich Road          Thursday Evenings          $6 - $8            Ballroom
                  Ballroom              Tampa, FL                  8:00 - 9:30
                     908-                                      Please Call For Info
               (813) 908-3340

                 Rhapsody            12101 N. 56th St.            Wednesday                  $6              Ballroom
                  Ballroom              Tampa, FL                   Evenings
                     985-                                      7:30 - 10:00 p.m.                          Please Call for
               (813) 985-6570
                                                                Friday Evenings                           Group Lessons
                                                                    8:00 - ??
                  Stardust           1405 S. Collins St.        Donna’s Dances              $10              Ballroom
                Dance Center           Plant City, FL            2nd Saturdays
                     759-                                      7:00 - 10:30 p.m.                          Please Call For
               (813) 759-8313
                                                                (813) 671-3009                             Information

              The Way 2 Dance         610 Oakfield Dr.          Friday Evenings                                Latin
               813-966-                 Brandon, Fl                  Socials                 $8              Ballroom
                                                                 7:30 - 10:00 pm                              Swing
                                                                   4th Saturday-
                                                                  Swing Night

We welcome your input. The StarDancer is a                      please contact    Mike or Peg Johnston                      at
newsletter for members of the SouthernStar Chapter.             (813) 685-1656 and we will add to the above list.
SouthernStar USADance does not promote or favor                 USADance national phone number is (800) 447-9047.
any particular studio. This list is strictly for the use        A recorder is on after hours. If you have a question
of amateur dancers seeking a place to dance.                    regarding USADance, they will be glad to help you.
If we have not included your favorite place to dance,

                                       Rhapsody Ballroom
                                     12101 North 56th Street,
                                         7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.

                                                          Sponsored By

                                           SouthernStar Chapter
                                               of USADance
                                           General Dancing

                                                For More Information:

                                              Richard or Laurie Collett
                                                   (813) 985-6570
    2011 Yearly Planner
                                                Carol or Pete Peterson
May 11,2011……………….Monthly Dance                     (813) 689-5381

June 15,2011………………Monthly Dance                      Peg or Mike Johnston
                                                        (813) 685-1656
July 13, 2011………………Monthly Dance
                                                                Fletcher A venue

July 30, 2011………………MidSumer Classic                               Rhapsody


                                                                 Fowler Avenue
August 10, 2011…………Monthly Dance                                                             Exit 54
                                                           Busch Boulevard          Inn

Sept. 14, 2011……………..Monthly Dance
                                                                                                       To Orlando
                                                           Hillsborough A venue
                                                           (Hwy 92)
Oct 12,2011……………….Monthly Dcnce                                         I-4
                                                     To Tampa
May 29, June 26, and July 31

                                                        Aha! Brian you are so busted!!!
                                      Peg caught him making off with the goods when he was on front door
                                                            duty at the April dance.
                                            Check inside to see who else was at the monthly dances.

SouthernStar Chapter
PO Box 4
Valrico, Florida 33595
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