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                                                           KIWI CELLARS - WEBSITE PROPOSAL

RATE: £50 per Hour
All costing is based on the amount of time estimated for each section.
The Website has been divided up into 5 main areas
     This will be the main information area of the site and the first area which the user encounters
     when they enter. It will feature a news column where announcements are made and will
     also introduce the navigation for the other areas of the site. From this page viewers will be
     able to enter the shop, find out more about Kiwi Cellars, the Team, the Location, Corporate
     Events, the Wine Clubs, Statistics and Trivia, Tasting tips as well as being able to sign the
     The visual style will be clean and elegant, pastel white wine color gradients contrasted with
     deep red wine hues. Detail may include small areas of aged oak and twisty vineyards, stylish
     without being stuffy, the feel is contemporary but reserves an air of refinement. The individual
     characteristics of each wine will be illustrated in iaminawe’s unique style and colours.
     Like a great vintage this website will have endearing value.
     The retail outlet is where visitors to the site become customers. They will be presented with
     an interesting and easy way to select wines for purchase. It will be a very interactive and
     engaging experience that explains in simple language, with the aid of the wines ‘character’
     illustrations, what the chosen wine qualities are and what it can be enjoyed with.

     Kiwi Cellars Back Office will make it easier for you to keep your site current and administer
     your on-line business. You will enter through a password protected page hidden from normal
     site visitors. Once inside you will be able to add news items and new special offers.
     Additionally you will be able to manage your own mailing list of people subscribed through
     the site. An easy to use newsletter admin will allow to create Kiwi Cellar branded newsletters
     that you can send out to the mailing list to keep people up to date with specials and tasting
     The back office also has excellent management facilities for the shop. It has facilities for
     keeping automatic checks on inventory and suppliers as well as generating sales reports
     and managing discounts and promotions.
     The Site Architecture and Database is created first to enable the rest of the site to be built
     on a solid structure. An initial site architecture is proposed with this document.
     Next follows the planning, concepts, visuals, storyboarding and content gathering stage of
     the site. In this stage the style of the site will be decided upon and will form the basis for
     the rest of the site to be built around. Navigation and information flow will be decided upon
     and tested in this phase.
     This deals with getting an address for your site, renting the space that it will reside on,
     registering it with search engines and testing it to make sure that it works on as many different
     computers and platforms as possible.
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                                                                                                   HRS      PRICE
This page will be a condensed information page featuring latest news and events headlines.
It will also showcase the special offer of the month and may feature a welcome message
or random wine tasting tip.
This page will also check to see that the user has the correct plugins etc. to continue into
the rest of the site, if the user doesn't have them it will give them links to where to get them
(they are free and easy to install).

      þ     1.1.1 NEWS & EVENTS
      News will be a small area on the home page where the latest news sits. It will be
      easy for you to update through the content manager and as new items are added,
      older items will be automatically archived.                                                  5        £ 250

      þ     1.1.2 MONTHLY SPECIALS
      Every month a selected bottle or bundle of wine can be put together and publicized
      through this area on the homepage. It can link in with discounts to wine club members
      and can also be publicized through the newsletter.                                           10       £ 500

   þ     1.2 ABOUT
   This page will feature information about Kiwi Cellars. It may include company information,
   some history, early pictures and other general information.                                     4        £ 200

   þ     1.3 LOCATION
   A breakdown and some photos of where the wine farm(s) are and why the sunshine
   and area produce such excellent wines. A map could give directions on how to get
   there.                                                                                          4        £ 200
   þ     1.4 GUESTBOOK
   Visitors will be able to leave their name, e-mail address and a message. This is an
   excellent way to view feedback on the site and experience as well as having visitors
   share their thoughts on the wine purchased through the site.                                    10       £ 500

   þ     1.5 TEAM
   Information on the founders and employees of Kiwi Cellars. Each person can have
   a photo, a summary and contact details.                                                         4        £ 200

   þ     1.6 STATISTICS & TRIVIA
   Some interesting facts and figures on Kiwi cellars and the wine industry. The possibilities
   of making this into a quiz could also be explored                                               5        £ 250

                                                                                                            £ 2100
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                                                                                             HRS      PRICE

Some tips on recognizing good wines, what to look for and what to avoid. This could
be initially a simple list of tips and could grow into an animated Kiwi Cellars tasting
guide that could be turned into a screensaver or viral e-mail flyer. The simple tips page
has been used for this estimate.                                                              5       £ 250

This page will showcase features aimed at a corporate UK audience. Services such
as corporate labelling ,tasting's and special NZ Wine Presentations will be described
and explained.                                                                               10       £ 500

   þ    1.8.1 BOOK A WINE TASTING
   This will allow a viewer to fill in a form to book a tasting or presentation. The form
   will automatically be e-mailed to Kiwi Cellars UK office where it will be processed.       4       £ 200

The Kiwi Cellars Wine Club can be a community of customers, friends and wine
enthusiasts who use the site to buy, discuss and bid on various wines.

   þ    1.9.1 FORUMS
   On-line discussion forums are an excellent way to share ideas, recipes, special
   wines, debates and issues with a large user base. They allow people to interact with
   each other, ask questions and participate in events relating to Kiwi Cellars and its
   The difficult part in setting up an on-line community is to try to make sure that it
   remains interesting enough to keep visitors returning to participate. This is usually
   dictated by the topics, conversations and size of the mailing list. An empty discussion
   board looks worse than no discussion board.
   While being a very useful and important tool, forums do need guidance and
   maintenance in order to be successful. The topics need to be interesting to stimulate
   participation and discussion and someone will need to moderate the forums to
   answer questions and monitor topics.                                                      20 £ 1000

   þ     1.9.2 NEWSLETTER
   The newsletter will be a Kiwi Cellars branded e-mail featuring text and pictures
   and is important for linking the community to auctions, specials, news and events.
   It can be linked to special offers so that members can purchase wine at the discount
   rate directly from the newsletter.
   This is updated and sent out by you through the Back Office Content Manager.              15      £ 750

                                                                                                     £ 2700
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                                                                                                    HRS      PRICE
This shop will be truly unique in its method of presenting the wines to the viewer rather
than the viewer having to find them on the site. Using flash technology, the shops colours
and character will change according to the bottle of wine selected. Visitors will be able to
choose between purchasing a case or a bottle, and will have their choice and quantity
represented graphically. Additionally the sales phone number will be prominently displayed
in order to encourage visitors to talk to a sales rep.

   Macromedia’s Flash is an established technology that allows the boundaries of how
   the web is used to be extended. It allows the shopping experience to be a fluid transaction
   allowing users to interactively add and remove items from their cart without leaving the
   shop page. Flash has also been chosen because Kiwi Cellars has a small product
   range reflective of quality rather than quantity and each product will portray its distinctive
   qualities through use of illustration and colour.
   This is a vast improvement on the traditional html e-commerce method which requires
   a new page to load every time a user adds or removes an item making for a disruptive
   shopping experience, especially on a slow modem.
   The pros of using flash are as follows:
   * Smooth animation and colour changes
   * Small file size and minimal page changes
   * The ability to reflect the wines character through the interface
   The cons of using flash:
   * Kiwi Cellars will not initially be able to add more products through the Content
   Management System. Iaminawe will need to be contacted to add new wines to the
   menu and design around their qualities. This is because of the products individualistic
   nature that we chose to handle it this way.
   * Visitors will require a small plugin to view Flash content, the good news is that it is
   already on 95% of computers using the internet and if it isnt, its easy to download and
   is free. It is definitely the future of the web and already comes packaged with Internet
   Explorer as standard.                                                                            40 £ 2000

   þ     2.2 STORE ASP BACK END

   Once the user has completed choosing their wine, they will be passed on to a powerful
    backend site (utilizing asp programming) that will handle taking all their credit card
   and personal details in a secure environment. The credit card is validated and passed
   through several fraud checks before the details are passed on to your merchant bank
    or third party payment gateway.                                                                 20 £ 1000

   It has been assumed that you do not already have an Internet Merchant Bank. The
   gateway we have suggested is a worldwide company that deals with the majority of
   internet credit card transactions. You can view their details at www.worldpay.co.uk They
   also enable you to receive payments in other currencies and have excellent security
   and a solid reputation.
   Please view their pricing here as it is NOT included in this estimate:

                                                                                                            £ 3000
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                                                                                                    HRS      PRICE

   This optional extra allows people to view their case being packed as they choose their
   wines. This would be represented by a birds eye view of the case and, as they select
   wines and choose “Add to case”, the bottles will appear in the top down diagram. In
   this way they can see how many spaces they have left to fill the case. This will be a
   unique and intuitive way of shopping that adds to the visitors experience of the site.           10 £ 500

   This may be an animated bar graph that appears when a visitor selects a bottle. It will
   draw directly from the database sales records and will indicate that bottles popularity
   against the other wines. It will automatically update itself every time a sale is made.          5       £ 250

   þ     2.6. AUCTION FACILITY
   This will enable Kiwi cellars to auction off valuable or rare bottles/cases of wine through
   the site. An on-line auction requires visitors to be registered with the site. It takes place
   over a a predetermined period of time and automatically e-mails bidders if someone
   places a higher bid. This is a great feature to stimulate interest in the Kiwi Cellars site
   and brand but will only really reach its full potential once the site has accumulated a
   fair size mailing list.                                                                          25 £ 1250

This is where you will be able to manage certain elements of your site from. It will allow
you to update news elements and send newsletters from any computer connected to the
internet. It also allows you to monitor your on-line shop and print sales reports and statistics.

This entire section will be accessed with a username and password so that only authorized
people can change the site.

   þ     3.1 NEWS & EVENTS ADMIN
   This would be where the latest news items and upcoming events are added
   and updated from.
   News items will be typed into an on-line “Word” style interface. There will be
   an option to edit/update/delete/archive existing stories. This interface allows
   basic formatting options as well as automatically picking up web addresses
   and e-mails and turning them into live links.                                                    5       £ 250

   This will be where a newsletter can be formulated and sent out from.
   The message will be typed into a “Word” style interface and has the
   ability to include pictures in the e-mail. The message will then be
   formatted onto letterheaded stationery with links to the site and will be sent
   out to everyone on the mailing list that has requested it. This is the best way
   to disseminate regular news releases about auctions, specials, events and
   bring traffic to the site..                                                                      10 £ 500

                                                                                                            £ 2750
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                                                                                                   HRS      PRICE
   þ      3.3 MAILING LIST ADMIN
   This will be a mailing list manager. All visitors who register with the forums and shop
   will have their details and e-mail addresses captured in a database. The newsletter
   function will work off this list.
   Different mailing lists can be set up for different purposes so sending things like events
   schedules can still be sent through the newsletter but the recipients can be kept on a
   seperate list for “Corporate Events”.
   You will be able to add and remove people to this list through a simple on-line interface.
   Additionally, this section will allow admin personnel to view statistics relating to the site
   traffic. This is useful in seeing what sections of the site are the most popular, the
   percentage of users returning, where most hits are coming from etc.                             10 £ 500

   þ      3.4 SHOP ADMIN
   This section will deal with all of the administrative tasks relating to the on-line shop and
   can be very detailed or reasonably simple dependent on the amount of features required
   and the expertise of the person administering it.
   Common features include generating sales reports, automatic low stock notification via
   e-mail, order tracking, invoice lists, shipping rates, setting up discounts, changing
   customer/order details, rollbacks on returned orders. Iaminawe customizes its clients
   e-commerce requirements to suit the size of the business and amount of traffic                  20 £ 1000


This is the stage of the process where a look and feel for the site is decided upon. The
visual elements such as the layout, colour schemes and consistency are all worked out
here and a visual model is developed.
               KIWI CELLARS FRONT END                                                              20 £ 1000
               KIWI CELLARS BACK OFFICE                                                            10 £ 500

This is the stage of the process where the Databases required to run the site, are
designed, the data relationships are established and the information delivery is streamlined.

               THE KIWI CELLARS DATABASE                                                           10 £ 500

This is an early estimation of the amount of time required for scanning and
photography in order to convert images to a digital format. Dependent on the
amount of media, this price may fluctuate.                                                         10 £ 500

                                                                                                           £ 4000
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5. HOSTING, REGISTRATION AND TESTING                                                  HRS      PRICE

þ     5.1 HOSTING
This is the space on the web where your website will live. It is the property on
which you will build your web presence.
Your site will be hosted on a Windows 2000 Server at Fasthosts multi million
pound complex based in the UK.

The hosting fee is paid on a monthly basis and covers the following items:
       ¤   Shared Server capable of handling projected traffic
       ¤   Unlimited E-mail addresses (yourname@kiwicellars.com)
       ¤   Matrix Site statistics reporting facility
       ¤   100MB Hosting space
       ¤   24 Hour Site support
       ¤   Annual Domain Name renewal
       ¤   Personal FTP Control Panel                            per annum                    £ 150

As the domain name is already registered, we would need to transfer it to our
server so that we will be able administer it correctly. To do this we will need the
contact details of the person/company who registered it previously.
       www.kiwicellars.com transfer                                                    2      £ 100

This will register your site with several major international and local search
engines. Placement is difficult to guarantee but our best effort is made to ensure
that your site appears as near to the top of the results page as possible.             4      £ 200

This is a period where the site is tested for cross platform compatibility (between
PC and Apple computers), across different operating systems (such as Windows
98 and Windows 2000) and on different browsers. (Internet Explorer and
Netscape) This is very important for ensuring that the maximum amount of
visitors can view the site as it was intended.
The Beta version of the site is also opened to a small user group and tested
extensively for last minute bugs and inconsistencies.                                  15 £ 750

                                                                                               £ 1200
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    Kiwi Cellars Home & Information                          £ 4800

    Kiwi Cellars Retail                                      £ 5000

    Kiwi Cellars Back Office                                 £ 2250

    General Design and Site Architecture                     £ 2500

    Registration & Testing                                   £ 1050

    Hosting (annual fee)                                     £ 150

    TOTAL                                                    £ 15 750

1.)The above estimate includes ALL the elements that would be ideal
to establish Kiwi Cellars with a professional and robust web presence
and efficient online shop. It has been made very customisable and
can be implemented in phases in order to spread costs out as new
features are required.
2.) The “Back Office” component provides you with control over certain
areas of your site and mailing list. This component is not initially
essential as most of the tasks can be handled by iaminawe who can
update the site for you at an hourly charge.
3.) Once the Estimate is customised, we will present you with a
timeframe and establish milestones for deliverables and deadlines.
4.) Payment: 30% on Approval of Estimate
             30% on Approval of Storyboards/Visuals
             40% on Completion of Site
5.) We would like to have a small credit for iaminawe as creators of
Kiwi Cellar’s web experience.
6.) Errors & Omissions excluded.

          46 Highway Rd, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa, 7975
                      (021) 7826147 or (072)2429766

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