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									                                  CITY OF CHICO ARTS COMMISSION
                             Regular Meeting of December 9, 2009 – 7:00 p.m.
                        Chico Municipal Center – 421 Main Street – Council Chamber

Mission Statement: “Excellence in the fine arts is a reflection of the health and quality of life in a community.
The purpose of the Arts Commission is to serve as an advocate for the arts and as a partner in the
community's artistic and cultural development. Visual, performing and literary art programs should be
designed to encourage the active participation of all citizens in this valuable aspect of their daily lives.”

          Materials related to an item on this Agenda submitted to the Commission after distribution
          of the agenda packet are available for public inspection in the City Manager’s Office
          located at 411 Main Street, Third Floor during normal business hours.

1.   Call to Order.

1.1. Roll Call.

2.   CONSENT AGENDA. All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are to be considered routine and
     enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless requested by a
     member of the Commission or a member of the public. Items removed will be heard immediately
     following the approval of the Consent Agenda.

2.1. Approval of Minutes. Minutes of November 4, 2009



3.1 Report Regarding Grant Writing Workshop. On Thursday, November 19, 2009,local arts
    organizations and art programs participated in an all day Grant Writing Workshop funded with $2,000
    allocated from 2009-10 Community Organization Funding in the Arts Category. The Workshop was
    conducted by Debra Lucero, Executive Director of Friends of the Arts, who will be available for
    discussion at tonight's meeting. A report provided by Art Projects Coordinator Gardner lists the
    Workshop participants.

4.   Reports and Communications. The following reports and communications items are provided for the
     Commission’s information. No action can be taken on any of the items unless the Commission agrees
     to include them on a subsequent posted agenda.

     A. Committee Reports. Committees that have met since the last meeting will report on their activities.

        (1) Art in Public Places Committee Report - if any
        (2) Outreach and Education Committee Report - if any
        (3) Public Art Policy Review Ad Hoc Committee Report - if any

     B. Art Projects Coordinator Report. - If any.

5.   Business from the Floor. Members of the public may address the Commission at this time on any
     matter not already listed on the agenda, with comments being limited to three minutes. The
     Commission cannot take any action at this meeting on requests made under this section of the agenda.

6.   Adjournment and Next Meeting. The next regularly scheduled Arts Commission meeting is scheduled
     for Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.
                                            City Manager’s Office
                               City of Chico, 411 Main Street, Chico, CA 95928
                                                (530) 896-7200

        Please contact the City Clerk at 896-7250 should you require an agenda in an alternative format or if you need
        to request a disability-related modification or accommodation in order to participate in a meeting. This request
        should be received at least three working days prior to the meeting in order to accommodate your request.

    Prepared: 12/3/09                         Posted: 12/4/09                              Prior to: 5:00 p.m.

Arts Commission (7)*
City Council (7)
City Clerk
Administrative Services Director *
Art Projects Coordinator *
Public Review Copy (available at meeting)
Debra Lucero
Comm Dev Mgr
News Media (2)*
ARB Liaison
3rd Floor Reception Desk
D-11-2 (original)*
Post - Website*
Extra (10)

* Full Packet

W:\ART\AgendasMinutes\Agendas\Dec 09\12-9-09 Agenda.wpd
                                     CITY OF CHICO ARTS COMMISSION
                             Regular Meeting of November 4, 2009 – 7:00 p.m.
                      Chico Municipal Center – 421 Main Street – City Council Chamber

1.     Call to Order. Chair Friedlander called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

1.1.   Roll Call. Present: Commissioners Baugh, Crawford, Glenn, Hilgeman, McDaniel-Berg, Wanee, and
       Chair Friedlander
       Staff present: Art Projects Coordinator Gardner and Administrative Analyst Kelly.

1.2.   Art Minute - Commissioner Crawford shared The Swan, a poem by Mary Oliver.


2.1.   Approval of Minutes - A motion by Commissioner Wanee to approve the minutes of
       October 14, 2009, was seconded by Commissioner Baugh. The motion carried (7-0).


3.1.   Discussion Regarding the First Saturday Art Walk - At its October 14, 2009, meeting, Chair
       Friedlander directed the Art In Public Places Committee and the Outreach and Education Committee to
       discuss the First Saturday Art Walk and the letter to the Commission dated October 14, 2009, from
       Alec Binyon, Chico News and Review Sales Director, stating the newspaper's intention to discontinue
       its promotion of the event. Mr. Binyon was in attendance to answer questions and provide additional
       background information. Also addressing the Commission on this item were Charlie Osborne, Janice
       Hoffmann, Maria Phillips, and Pat Macias.

       Following discussion, and by consensus, the Commission agreed to continue the discussion in its
       Standing Committees. Chair Friedlander stated that any forthcoming input from the public should be
       submitted to Art Projects Coordinator Gardner who will forward it to the Commission.

4.     REPORTS AND COMMUNICATIONS - The following reports and communications items were
       provided for the Commission’s information.

       B. Committee Reports.

          (1)    Art in Public Places Committee - Commissioner Crawford reported that the Committee
                 discussed its concern regarding the action taken by the Chico Redevelopment Agency on
                 September 15, 2009, to delay and re-allocate funds for FY 2009-10 and FY 2010-11 projects
                 funded with RDA Art Fund 382. The Committee requested formal assurance that the
                 mechanism is in place for restoring funding once RDA funds are again available. Art
                 Projects Coordinator Gardner reminded the Commission that the Agency action will be
                 reflected, and updated annually, in the RDA Art Fund 382 Summary which is provided to the
                 Agency during its annual budget approval process. Commissioner Crawford also reported
                 that the Committee began its discussion regarding the development of a Public Art Master

         (2)     Outreach and Education Committee - Commissioner Hilgeman reported that the City of
                 Chico Arts Grant Writing Workshop will be held on November 19, 2009, in Conference
                 Room #1 in the Council Chamber Building. The Committee also continued its discussion
                 regarding the 20 year anniversary celebration of the founding of the Arts Commission, and
                 agreed on the tag line: "City of Chico Arts Commission, Celebrating 20 Years of Art

         (3)     Public Art Policy Review Ad Hoc Committee - Commissioner Wanee reported that the
                 Committee is working on the final draft of the revised Art in Public Places Policy.

S:\ARTS\Commission\Minutes\2009\11-4-09 Arts Commission Meeting Minutes.wpd
      C. Art Projects Coordinator Report - Art Projects Coordinator Gardner reported that the City's
         building permit for the Wind Chimes has been approved; that the purchase order for Debra Lucero
         to conduct the Grant Writing Workshop has been issued and Ms. Lucero will provide a report
         regarding Artoberfest 2009 at the December Arts Commission meeting; and that Erin Wells, Chico
         Art Center Gallery Director will provide a report regarding the 2009 Open Studios Tour at the
         Commission's January 2010 meeting.


      The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m. The next Regular Arts Commission meeting is scheduled for
      Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chamber.

S:\ARTS\Commission\Minutes\2009\11-4-09 Arts Commission Meeting Minutes.wpd
         Arts Commission Report                                     Meeting Date: December 9, 2009

  TO:          Arts Commission

  FROM:        Art Projects Coordinator

  RE:          Report Regarding Grant Writing Workshop


  As part of its recommendations to the City Council for Community Organization Funding in the Arts Category,
  the Arts Commission included a recommendation to allocate funding for a grant writing workshop. The goal of
  the workshop was to assist the arts community in its ability to successfully access funding from alternate
  private and government sources as City support of organizations and programs becomes
  ever more impacted.


  On Thursday November 19, 2009, over 80 individuals representing local arts organizations and art programs
  participated in an all day Grant Writing Workshop funded with $2,000 allocated from 2009-10 Community
  Organization Funding in the Arts Category. The Workshop was conducted by Debra Lucero, Executive
  Director of Friends of the Arts. Ms. Lucero was selected following a Request for Proposals that was
  advertised throughout Northern California. The Workshop included a training for the Cultural Data Project
  (CDP) which is an online, centralized database of organizations' financial and program information now
  required by many funders including the California Arts Council, James Irvine Foundation, and Boeing

  Based on the 49 evaluations completed by participants, overall satisfaction was extremely high. Ms. Lucero
  will be available at tonight's meeting to answer questions regarding the specifics of the responses to the
  Workshop evaluations.

  A list of Workshop participants is attached as Exhibit "A."

  Prepared by:                                                      Approved by:

  ________________________________                                  _____________________________________
  Mary Gardner, Art Projects Coordinator                            Cindy Pierce, Administrative Services Director

  Arts Commission (7)
  Art Projects Coordinator
  Administrative Services Director
  Debra Lucero

  Exhibit "A"

  FILE: D-11-2

S:\ARTS\Commission\Agendas\2009\Grant Writing Workshop Report 12-09-09.frm
The following individuals representing arts organizations and programs participated in the Arts Grant
Writing Workshop held November 19, 2009:

Sarah Adams                      Origin Tribal Belly Dance
Nelson Anthoine
Connie Ballou                    Camelot Equestrian Park Foundation
Gary Baugh                       City of Chico Arts Commission
Amaera BayLaurel                 BayLaurel Art & Design
Catherine Beeghly                Saturday Showcase (KCHO)
Syb Blythe
Sonseri Brewer                   Lassen County Arts Council
Juri Brilts                      Butte College
Pam Britting                     Tehama County Museum
Kim Bruder                       Chico Strings
Elgin Cannon                     Lassen County Arts Council
Sadie Card                       Chico Art Center
Cris Carroll                     City of Chico
Dennis Coleman                   Studio 360
Chris Colson                     Photographer
Machelle Conn                            Artists of River Town
Sharon Corbitt                   Children's Choir of Chico
Ginny Crawford                   City of Chico Arts Commission
Elizabeth Davison                Time Traveler Costumes
Kyle Delmar                      commonpath.org
Michelle DeLaney                 DeLaney's
David Dewey                      State Theatre Arts Guild
Donna Dolinar                    Paradise Center for Tolerance and Nonviolence
Marc Edson                       Chico Theater Company
Lori Escobar
Dean Fairbanks                   CSU, Chico
Mike Flanagan                    The Root Theatre
Freda Flint                      Artists of River Town
Claire Fong                      Claire Fong Jewelry
Amy Fyrundel                     Non-Profit Formulating
Emily Gallo
Mary Gardner                     City of Chico
Jennifer Gednalske               Un-A-Mused Studios
Daran Goodsell                   CSU, Chico
Tom Haithcock                    Chico Creek Nature Center
Charlotte Hilgeman               Stirling City Historical Society
Glynda-Lee Hoffman               The Learning Research Institute
Janice Hofman                    All Fired Up! Ceramic Art Center
Denise Houk                      Spiritart
Pamela Huggins                   Hagen/Sinclair Research Recruiting
Muir Hughes
Carla Humbert
Chris Jennings
Elizabeth Jennings
Marilyn Jennings                 Chico Community Labyrinth Project
Kara Jolie
Tanya Kieselbach                 Goddess2U
Daniel V. Klevesahl              dvktech
Ray Laager                       KZFR Community Radio 90.1
Misty Leppard                    Misty Moonlight Productions
Jacquelyn Lucchesi
Shelly Mariposa                  KZFR Community Radio 90.1

                                            Page 1 of 2                                       Exhibit 'A'
Susan Mason              Friends of Bidwell Park
Monica McDaniel-Berg     Chico Arts Commission
Debra Miller             Lassen County Arts Council
Dolores Mitchell         Avenue 9 Gallery
Stephen Montana          Blue Oak Charter School
Jarrah Myles             Chico Community Ballet & Chico Creek Dance Centre
CJ Navac,                CIC TRAINING
Laurie Niles             Advocates for Healthy School Communities
Summer O'Neill
Jane Oberg               Queen Cow Designs
Maria Phillips           Avenue 9 Gallery
Peter Ratner             ReSource Collective
Teresa Renfro
Representative           1078 Gallery
Lori Rice                Children's Choir of Chico
Skyler Sabine            TheFRAME
Yvette Sanfilippo        Sons of Italy Vincenzo Bellini Lodge #2519
Mary Schaefer            Stirling City Historical Society
Cynthia Schildauer       Open Arts
Lisa Schmidt             Playhouse
Mandy Sherman
Carolyn Short            Chico Creek Nature Center
Debra Simpson            Chico Art Center
Tracey Sloane
Cary Templeton           Lassen County Arts Council
Erin Wade                Chico Project
Emily Whitehead          Whitehead 4 Art
Karen Wilke              The Writing Loft
Lisa Williams            Blue Oak Charter School
Titus Willoughby Woods   Titus Art
Dean Wilson              James Snidle Fine Arts Gallery
Nili Yudice              Innovative Preschool INC.

                                   Page 2 of 2                               Exhibit 'A'

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