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					   PARKING INFORMATION                                                                            SPONSORED BY                      AREA SCHOOL SYSTEMS                     36th Annual
  Parking on campus is a challenge. Please carpool as                                Upper Cumberland Directors’ Study Council    System           Director
  much as possible. You do not need a permit to park                                                                              Alcoa            Tom Shamblin
                                                                                     Upper Cumberland Field Service Center        Anderson         Larry Foster
  on campus. However, unauthorized parking in fire                                       Tennessee Department of Education        Athens           Craig Rigell
  lane, loading zone, and handicapped areas will result                                                                           Bedford          Ed Gray
  in ticketing.                                                                      Department of Curriculum & Instruction       Bledsoe          Philip Kiper

                                                                                         Tennessee Tech University                Blount           Robert Britt
  Parking may be found in the following areas:                                                                                    Bradley          Johnny McDaniels
                                                                                     College of Education                         Campbell         Michael R. Martin
  1. University Center                                                                    Tennessee Tech University               Cannon           Barbara Parker
  2. Volpe Library                                                                                                                Clay             Donnie Cherry
  3. Bryan Fine Arts Building on Dixie Avenue                                        Extended Programs and Regional Development   Cleveland        Frederick Denning
  4. Hooper Eblen Center and Tucker Stadium                                               Tennessee Tech University               Clinton          Vicki Violette

  5. Intramural Field on Willow Avenue                                                                                            Coffee           Kenny Casteel
  6. Open Parking                                                                    Phi Delta Kappa - TTU Chapter                Cumberland       Aarona Vanwinkle
                                                                                                                                  Dayton           Richard Fisher
                                                                                                                                  DeKalb           Mark Willoughby
                                                                                                                                  Etowah           David Green
         12th Street                                                                                                              Fentress         Mike Jones
                                                                                                                                  Franklin         Rebecca Sharber
                              54321                                                                                               Grundy           Joel Hargis
                              54321                      54321
                              54321                      54321                                                                    Hamilton         Jim Scales
                                                                                        PLANNING COMMITTEE
                              54321                      5432
                                                      76543211                                                                    Jackson          Joe Barlow
                              54321                      5432
                              54321                   76543211
                                                      7654321                                                                     Knox             James McIntyre
                                                                                                                                  Lebanon S.S.D.   Sharon Roberts
                                  1                   7654321
                       6543215432                     7654321
                                                                                     Joe Barlow, Chair
                                                                                                                                  Lenoir City      Wayne Miller
                       654321                                 Foster Hall                                                         Loudon           Wayne Honeycutt
                       654321                                                        Upper Cumberland Directors' Study Council    Macon            Dan Hampton
654321                 654321                                  Johnson Hall          Director, Jackson County Schools             Manchester       Prater Powell
654321                 654321
         University Drive
                       654321                                   University Center                                                 Marion           Mark Griffith
                                 4321                                                Donnie Cherry, Director                      Maryville        Stephanie Thompson
                                 4321                                                Clay County Schools                          McMinn           David Pierce
                    Clement Hall 4321                              Derryberry Hall                                                Meigs            Don Roberts
                                 4321                                                Diane Elder, Director                        Monroe           Mike Lowry
                                                                                                                                                                           April 13, 2010
                                 43217654321                                         Pickett County Schools
                                 4321                                                                                             Moore            Chad Moorehead
                                 43217654321                                                                                      Morgan           Edd Diden
                                      7654321                                        Donny Haley, Director                        Oak Ridge        Thomas Bailey

                                                                                                                                                                            3 - 9 p.m.
                                      7654321                                        White County Schools
                                      7654321                                                                                     Oneida S.S.D.    Henry Baggett
                                      7654321   William L Jones Drive                                                             Overton          Matt Eldridge
                                      7654321   & 5th Street                         Roger Lewis, Director
                                      7654321                                                                                     Pickett          Diane Elder
                                      7654321                                        Smith County Schools                         Polk             James Jones
 Willow Avenue                                                    Dixie Avenue                                                    Putnam           Kathleen Airhart
                                                                                     Mark Willoughby, Director                    Rhea             Jerry Levengood
                    Stadium                 N. Peachtree                             DeKalb County Schools                        Richard City     Stan Mannon
                                                                                                                                  Roane            Toni McGriff
                                                                                     Joyce Hayes, Director                        Scott            Sharon Wilson
         7th Street                                                                  Upper Cumberland Field Service Center        Sequatchie       Johnny Cordell
                                                                                     Tennessee Department of Education            Smith            Roger Lewis
                                                                                                                                  Sumner           Benny Bills
                                                                                     Larry Peach, Dean                            Sweetwater       Keith Hickey
  For directions to campus, go to:
                                                                                     College of Education
                                                                                     Tennessee Tech University
                                                                                                                                  Trousdale        Clint Satterfield    Roaden University Center
                                                                                                                                  Tullahoma        Dan Lawson
                                                                                     Susan Elkins, Vice President
                                                                                                                                  Van Buren        Michael R. Martin     Cookeville, Tennessee
                                                                                                                                  Warren           Jerry Hale
                                                                                     Extended Programs & Regional Development     White            Donny Haley
                                                                                     Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Studies    Wilson           James Mike Davis
  TTU: A Constituent University of the Tennessee Board of Regents/R075-449-10/
               An EEO/AA/Title IX/Section 504/ADA University                         Tennessee Tech University                    York Institute   Phil Brannon
        36th Annual                                      SCHOOL LAW SEMINAR                                                                                  April 13, 2010
                                                                                        You may participate in either the Non-Credit Workshop, INSL 4280, or INSL 5280.
3:00 SEMINAR CHECK-IN                           CONCURRENT SESSION TOPICS               The cost for attending the Seminar is $20 and must be paid by Thursday, April 1, 2010.
     Roaden University Center
     Multipurpose Room Lobby (2nd Floor)    • Title VI and IX Cases:                    INSL 4280 or 5280
                                              Do Good Guys Ever Win?                    • If you are already registered, please proceed to pay the $20 Seminar Fee.
4:00 GENERAL SESSION I                        Dan Schlafer, Director                    • If you are NOT registered, call Melinda Bybee at (931) 372-3394 for further instructions.
     Derryberry Hall Auditorium                                                         • The assignments for the courses are available on iLearn. If you have questions regarding the assignments,
                                              Federal Programs, Monroe County Schools      contact Dr. Dana Winningham at (931) 372-6567.
      Presiding                                                                         • Credit participants may request a Certificate of Attendance by checking the box below, completing this
      Joe Barlow, Chair                     • Working Effectively With TSSAA               form, and returning it to Extended Programs and Regional Development.
      UC Directors' Study Council             TBA
                                              Tennessee Secondary Schools               PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
                                                Athletic Association                    • Non-Credit participants will automatically receive a Certificate of Attendance.
                                                                                        • In-Service Credit may be available pending school system approval.
      Robert Bell, President                                                            • TASL or CEO Credit will be available for Directors of Schools, Supervisors, and Principals.
      Tennessee Tech University             • Legal Topics                              • Please note that School Law Seminar can be used one time only for Teacher License Renewal Points.
                                              Charles W. Cagle, Attorney
      Race to the Top:                        Lewis, King, Kreig, & Waldrop             PAYMENT
      Enhancing Tennessee Education                                                     • Debit/Credit Card OR Electronic Check
      Tennessee Department of Education     • Internet Safety:
                                                                                           Go to Marketplace at
      Tennessee Board of Education                                                         Click on Extended Programs and Regional Development and choose the appropriate item.
                                              The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ...
      Tennessee Organization of                                                            Do not return this form.
        School Superintendents                and The Law                               • Check or Cash
                                              Barbara Denson, Coordinator                  Complete and return this form with payment to Extended Programs and Regional Development.
6:00 DINNER - Roaden University Center        Instructional Technology                     Make check payable to Tennessee Tech University.
                                              Tennessee Department of Education
                                                                                                            EXTENDED PROGRAMS AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT
6:00 DINNER - Alumni Lounge - Room 342                                                                       Henderson Hall, Room 3 - PO Box 5073 - Cookeville, TN 38505
     LEA INSL Leadership Teams Only         • Classroom Management/                     QUESTIONS?
     INSL Leadership Redesign:                Teacher Liability                         Credit: call Melinda Bybee at (931) 372-3394           Non-Credit: call Anabelle Frink at (931) 372-3306
     Overview and Update                      Christy Ballard, General Counsel
     Sandy Smith, Dana Winningham, and        Tennessee Department of Education         Name: __________________________________________________________________________________
     Charles Long,
                                                                                        Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________
     TTU INSL Leadership Team               • SPED Laws and Issues
                                                                                        City: __________________________________________________              State: _______ Zip: ______________
                                              Bill Wilson, Attorney
                                              Special Education                         Day Phone: __________________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________________
8:00 GENERAL SESSION II                       Tennessee Department of Education
                                                                                        TTU Student:     Yes       No                          TTU Alumni:       Yes      No
     Derryberry Hall Auditorium
                                            • Keeping You Legal in the Classroom:           Enclosed is my $20 Seminar Fee. I will be participating in the following:
      School Legal and Legislative Issues     Copyright and Fair Use Policies
                                                                                                _____ NON-CREDIT WORKSHOP                    _____ INSL 4280            _____ INSL 5280
      Charles W. Cagle, Attorney              Charles Long, Instructor
      Lewis, King, Kreig & Waldrop            Tennessee Tech University                     Please send a Certificate of Attendance to the above address for Teacher License Renewal Points.

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