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Evening MBA and Weekend MBA
Student Group Programming

Get involved at the University of Chicago             Most importantly, engaged corporate partners
Graduate School of Business! Chicago GSB offers       help develop the skill sets of future business
a range of unique involvement opportunities to        leaders and play active roles in creating a
our corporate partners. With more than 20             complete business school experience.
Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student groups,
Chicago GSB hosts outstanding professional and        We hope this preview of our 2006–07 events
social programs throughout the academic year.         will encourage you to become engaged with
These events would not be possible without the        student group programming both on and off
generous support of our corporate partners.           campus. For more information about Evening
                                                      MBA and Weekend MBA student groups, their
There are many opportunities to support Chicago       programs, and potential partnership
GSB student group programs:                           opportunities, please contact:
• Financial sponsorship
• Industry fairs and workshop participation           Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Student Groups
• Panel appearances                                   Bernie Zanck
• Keynote speaking engagements                        Senior Associate Director
                                                      Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs
Chicago GSB values the time, energy, and              312.464.8689
financial resources provided to our student           bernie.zanck@ChicagoGSB.edu
groups by corporate partners, which enable our        Web site: ChicagoGSB.edu/parttime/community/
student leaders to create and execute top quality               PTstudentgroups.aspx
conferences, forums, workshops, and career
development programs.

And, while students gain valuable networking
opportunities and career and professional insight
from corporate partners who become involved
with them outside the classroom, corporate
partners gain:
• Premium advertising
• Exposure to current students
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Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Student Group
Events and Industry Fairs
2006–07 Academic Year

Chicago Consulting Club
Consulting Fair
Provides a forum for Evening MBA and
Weekend MBA students to interact with
alumni and representatives from more than
20 consulting firms. Typically held in mid-
August each year.

Student Advisory Council
Non-Profit Board Membership Fair (2/17/07)
This fair links students with area non-profit
organizations to fill potential board member
and volunteer positions. The event brings
together Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and
Full-Time MBA students, plus more than 30
non-profit organizations.

GSB Bio-Pharma Group
Panel Symposiums
Each quarter, the GSB Bio-Pharma Group
hosts panel discussions linking the Bio-
Pharma industry with other fields such as
consulting, marketing, and private equity.
Panels consist of alumni and industry
 chicago gsb options guide                                                     Sponsorship Opportunities

Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Student Groups

Student Advisory Council (SAC)                     Chicago Consulting Club (CCC)
The Student Advisory Council facilitates           The mission of the Chicago Consulting Club is
connections between students, student groups,      to enhance students’ understanding of the
and Chicago GSB administration. The council        management consulting industry. Events
encourages leadership within the part-time         sponsored by CCC include the Consulting
student body and serves as a center for            Industry Fair, case interview preparations, and
innovation and improvement. SAC organizes          networking receptions.
events with broad student appeal and coordinates
the new student Mentor Program. SAC also           China Business & Economy Group (CBEG)
organizes a yearly softball game versus Kellogg,   CBEG provides a platform for the exploration
which raises money for a selected charity.         of the economic variables, opportunity and risk
                                                   factors, and other issues pertaining to
Accounting and Audit Club of Chicago GSB           operating a business venture in China.
AACC is an organization for students interested    Derivatives Club
in learning more about the accounting and          Through various events each year, the
auditing issues facing Corporate America and in    Derivatives Club seeks to provide information
exploring career opportunities in                  to regarding derivatives-related careers.
accounting/auditing, corporate governance, and
risk management.                                   Gleacher Speakers/Toastmasters
                                                   The Toastmasters Group’s goal is to improve
African American MBA Association                   the public speaking skills of its members.
(AAMBAA)/Hispanic American Business                During each meeting, members deliver 5-
Students Association (HABSA)                       minute speeches and receive feedback from
                                                   fellow members.
Chicago Blues
Chicago Blues offers a social and casual           Graduate Women in Business (GWB)
environment for students to come together and      Graduate Women in Business provides female
explore the blues roots and current scene in       Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students with
Chicago.                                           a forum for professional development,
                                                   mentoring, and networking within both the
                                                   Chicago GSB and the larger University
 chicago gsb options guide                                                         Sponsorship Opportunities

GSB Bio-Pharma                                         GSB Running Group
The GSB BioPharma Group enhances students’             The GSB Running Group plans weekly fun
understanding of business functions, trends, and       runs, organizes Chicago GSB teams to run in
careers that exist within the biotechnology,           local races including the Chicago Marathon,
pharmaceutical, and health care fields. This           and brings together alumni, faculty, and
group provides a forum for students to network         students in a casual environment.
with alumni, faculty, and other industry leaders
in order o exchange valuable ideas and                 GSB Wine Club
information pertaining to activities and               The GSB Wine Club aims to provide and
opportunities within this emerging sector.             improve the knowledge and appreciation of
                                                       wine through seminars and social events.
GSB Bowling Club                                       Various wine tasting events are held
The GSB Bowling Club plans and schedules               throughout the year to broaden the experience
bowling outings year-round for Evening MBA             of the wide range of wine. Through frequent
students, Weekend MBA students, alumni, and            events, members will be able to refine and
their significant others in a non-competitive          develop their wine culture.
environment. The club also sponsors various
fundraising events through the year.                   International Interests Group (IIG)
                                                       IIG provides a forum for students with
GSB Golf Society                                       international backgrounds and interests to
The GSB Golf Society strives to provide a forum in     network and engage in professional
the Chicago GSB community to plan and schedule         development.
golf-related activities for members of all
abilities. Through frequent activities and events,     Marketing Management and Research Group
we seek to foster an active social and business        (MMRG)
network and to promote equal opportunity and           MMRG creates a forum in which students can
fair play.                                             exchange ideas, gain an in-depth
                                                       understanding of relevant topics and trends,
GSB Partners’ Club                                     and improve the skills necessary to succeed in
The GSB Partners’ Club provides opportunities          the marketing industry. Activities include
for significant others of current Evening MBA          networking events and a speaker series.
and Weekend MBA students to share in the
Chicago GSB experience. Activities scheduled           Policy Group
throughout the year allow students and their           The Policy Group provides Evening MBA and
significant others to strengthen connections and       Weekend MBA students with the opportunity
expand their networks.                                 to develop leadership and analytical skills
                                                       relating to domestic and international public
GSB Politics & Government Group                        policy issues that affect businesses and the
The GSB Politics & Government Group exists to          economy.
provide, in a non-partisan manner, career
development resources, learning experiences,
and networking opportunities to students who
desire a career in public service and an interest in
politics and governmental affairs.
 chicago gsb options guide                           Sponsorship Opportunities

Private Equity & Venture Capital (PEVC) Group
The PEVC Group enhances the Chicago GSB
experience for students interested in Private
Equity and Venture Capital careers through
speakers and other informational events.

Professionals’ Finance Club (PFC)
PFC aims to enhance students’ understanding of
the financial industry, provide an environment to
share experiences with others interested in or
already working in the finance-related fields, and
identify career trends. Industry leaders
participate in a monthly speaker series and PFC
provides resources to prepare students for future
careers in the finance industry.

Real Estate Professionals Club (REPC)
The Real Estate Professionals Club emphasizes
education about the industry and related issues.

Rhythemix is a new Chicago GSB dance student
group focusing on many different types of dance
(Ballroom, Latin, Swing, etc.) The group is open
to the wider Chicago GSB community.

Tennis Club
The Tennis Club provides a fun and social
environment for tennis pros, casual players, and
fans to practice their game and interact with
fellow students.

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