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									                                                                   New York City
                                                                   Chapter News

Newsletter Date                                                                            Volume 1, Number 1

NYC 2006 Chapter Board                                It’s a…Newsletter!
        President-Mary Schoen                         Welcome to the first edition of the New York City
                                                      Chapter Newsletter, 2006! The purpose of this letter is
     President-elect-Mary Pilossoph
                                                      to enhance communication with membership, provide
         Treasurer-Lisa Caltieri                      general information about the chapter and to offer a
     Secretary-Maryellen O’Sullivan                   place for membership to facilitate networking and
    Program Committee Chair-Nancy                     communication among all members and to provide easy
                Houlihan                              access to chapter resources and ONS national
   Membership Committee Chair-Geri                    resources. Mary Schumann and Ann Culkin, board
                                                      members, have spear-headed this project and look to
                                                      membership to contribute ideas, information, and raise
  Nominating Committee-Denise O’Dea                   reader’s awareness of the events and issues in the
Gabrielle Arauz
Delia Baquiran
Elizabeth Bilotti
                                                      You can expect to see some changes in the format of
Deborah Braccia
                                                      the newsletter as it begins to evolve and grow. Please
Kristin Cawley
                                                      contact Mary at, or Ann at
Ann Culkin
                                             for newsletter submissions.
Dominique DePalma
Vivian Gaits
Anna Giallo-Uvino                                     A Brief History of the New York City
Sarah Jones
Colleen Lyons-immediate past-President                Chapter
Elizabeth Rodriquez                                                 The New York City Chapter of ONS
German Rodriguez                                                    began in 1984 with the “seeds” of Carol
Mary Schumann                                                       Sheridan, Anita Nirenberg, Helen
Andrea Vinet                                                        McCarthy, Fran Necci, Randi Moskowitz,
     ONS Board                               Kathy Dietz, and many others. The first
We encourage your participation in submission for                   meeting was at Sloan House, housing
the newsletter. We are looking to spotlight an                      for Memorial Sloan-Kettering nursing
oncology nurse or nurses for a featured article for
future newsletters. Please take a moment to
                                                                    staff, in a conference room. The
compose your thoughts and ideas. If you need                        program was “Care of the Patient with
assistance, please call on Mary or Ann. Also                        a Hickman Catheter.” This chapter has
please refer to the Chapters Virtual Community                      earned a reputation of excellence since
Resource page for guidance. Get involved with the                   it’s inception in 1984.
chapter! There are many subcommittees seeking                       The New York City Chapter was the
members, REACH program, High school mentoring
program, Newsletter contributors, officers.
                                                                    42nd chapter established with ONS.
A New Look for ONS                                    Today we boast a membership of 177
For those of you who were not able                    oncology nurses! The chapter
to attend this years congress, ONS                    celebrates the six core values of the
unveiled their new logo. The new                      Oncology Nursing Society, INTEGRITY,
logo depicts a polar area diagram, or                 INNOVATION, STEWARDSHIP,
“coxcomb.” Florence Nightingale                       ADVOCACY, EXCELLENCE, AND
used polar area diagrams in the                       INCLUSIVENESS. Members represent a
1850s to report statistics proving                    variety of professional roles, practice
that fresh water and fruit along with                 settings, industry, and subspecialty
sanitary methods reduced the                          practice areas.
                                                      Please meet your past presidents, who
mortality rate in soldiers. The team
                                                      have lead this chapter into the 21st
chose this symbol to reflect ONS’s
                                                      century, with eye’s wide open to the
connectivity, inclusiveness, and
                                                      evolving roll of the oncology nurse.
community through the use of the
                                                       New York City Chapter Presidents
pieces coming together in the
                                                       Carol A. Sheridan             1984-1986
center. The symbol also represents a
                                                       Cely Wilfinger                1987
stylized depiction of the light or
                                                       Randi Moskowitz               1988
flame from Nightingale’s lamp. In
                                                       Fran Necci                    1989
essence, the new logo connects the
                                                       Helen McCarthy                1990-1991
past, present, and future of
                                                       Cynthia Knauer                1992-1993
evidence-based nursing practice, a
                                                       Mary McGovern                 1994
hallmark of ONS.
                                                       Susan Derby                   1995-1996
                                                       Margaret C. Baker             1997
                                                       Maureen Major                 1998-1999
Future Programs                                        Virginia R. Ranitovic         2000
November 15, 2006 - “Dance as a                        Judith S. Levy Battalgia      2001
Metaphor for Quality of Life in                        Ann Culkin                    2002-2003
Cancer Survivors”                                      Dominique Depalma             2004
Lois Almadrones, RN Speaker                            Colleen M. Lyons              2005
                                                       Mary Schoen                   2006
January 2007 - TBA

                                        In 2005, a twenty year celebration of the chapter was
                                        celebrated at the Beekman Hotel with a proclamation
                                        from the Office of the Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. It
                                        proudly hangs today in the ONS National Office in
                                        Pittsburgh, PA outside the room named for Carol
                                        Sheridan, the chapter’s first president.
                                        This chapter is a vibrant chapter whose members have
                                        made contributions to ONS nationally and
                                        internationally. Your commitment to care has never
                                        wilted since the seeds were planted. You are educated,
                                        you are educators. You are caregivers and care takers,
                                        you are authors and students, you are researchers and
                                        developers, you are unique!

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