New York 12247 by HC120213055128


									                   Name                                          Address
Charles Schumer                              The Honorable Charles Schumer
                                             United States Senate
                                             313 Hart Senate Building
                                             Washington 20510
Hillary Rodham Clinton                       The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton
                                             United States Senate
                                             476 Russell Senate Office Building
                                             Washington, DC 20510
Governor George E. Pataki                    Governor George E. Pataki
                                             State Capital, 2nd Floor
                                             Albany, NY 12224
Representative Carolyn Maloney               Carolyn Maloney
                                             2430 Rayburn House Office Building
                                             Washington, DC 20515
Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General              Hon. Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General
                                             The Capital
                                             Albany, NY 12224-0341
H. Carl McCall, Comptroller                  H. Carl McCall
                                             Office of the State Comptroller
                                             Alfred E. Smith State Office Building
                                             Albany, NY 12236
Mayor Michael A. Bloomberg                   Mayor Michael A. Bloomberg
                                             City Hall
                                             New York, NY 10007
A. Gifford Miller, City Council Speaker
                                             Hon. A. Gifford Miller
                                             336 East 73rd Street
                                             Suite C
                                             New York, NY 10021

William C. Thompson, Jr., City Comptroller   William C. Thompson, Jr.
                                             Office of the Comptroller
                                             City of New York
                                             1 Centre Street
                                             New York, NY 10007
Betsy Gotbaum, Public Advocate               Hon. Betsy Gotbaum
                                             Public Advocate’s Office
                                             1 Centre Street, 15th Floor
                                             New York, NY 10007
Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia      Hon. C. Virginia Fields
Field                                        Manhattan Borough President's Office
                                             One Centre Street, 19th Floor
                                             New York, NY 10007
Assembly Members, Choose Yours:
(Not sure? Generally, the borders are:
Steven Sanders: Tudor City, Effected waterfront areas south of United Nations past 14th
John Ravitz: Beekman Place and much of Sutton Place areas, The United Nations, generally
North of 38th & West of 2nd Avenue
Richard N. Gottfried: Areas between of north 36th and south 38th west of 1st avenue and
33 north to south of 36 west of 2nd
Or, check on-line at
Steven Sanders                                   Steven Sanders
                                                 LOB 836
                                                 Albany, NY 12248
John Ravitz                                      John Ravitz
                                                 LOB 443
                                                 Albany, NY 12248
Richard Gottfried                                Richard Gottfried
                                                 LOB 822
                                                 Albany, NY 12248
State Senators, Choose Yours:
(Not sure? Generally, the borders are:
Liz Kruger: Manhattan Eastside
Thomas K. Duane: sections of East Midtown, the Lower East Side, Little Italy and
Or, check on-line at
Liz Kruger
                                                 Hon. Liz Kruger
                                                211 East 43rd Street
                                                Suite 1300
                                                New York, NY 10017

Thomas Duane                                    Hon. +Thomas Duane
                                                415 Legislative Office Building
                                                Albany, New York 12247
City Council Members, Choose Yours:
(Not sure? Generally, the borders are:
Eva S. Moskowitz: represents Upper East Side, Central Park South, Grand Central, Tudor
City, Waterside, Peter Cooper Village, Carnegie Hill, Stuyvesant Town, United Nations; part
of Yorkville, Turtle Bay
Margarita Lopez: represents the Second Councilmanic District in Manhattan, which
stretches from Water Street in the south to 35th Street in the north, 5th Avenue to the west and
the FDR to the east, encompassing the Lower East Side, East Village, Gramercy Park, Kips
Bay and part of Murray Hill.
A. Gifford Miller: represents the 5th District, which incorporates much of the Upper East
Side of Manhattan and all of Roosevelt Island. Neighborhoods within his district include
Beekman, Carnegie Hill, Sutton Place, Turtle Bay and Yorkville
Or, check on-line at
Eva S. Moskowitz
                                               Hon. Eva S. Moskowitz
                                                420 Lexington Avenue
                                              Suite 1710
                                               New York, NY 10017
Margarita Lopez                               237 First Avenue (Suite 405)
                                              New York, NY 10003
A. Gifford Miller                             336 East 73rd Street (Suite C)
                                              New York, NY 10021

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