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									Knight Notes
Volume II, issue v                        St. Anne - Oratory Council 6756                                      June 2009

                          St. Anne - Oratory Council 6756
                          has great history, promising future
                              In 1820 The Dio-
                          cese of Charleston was                      From the Grand Knight
                          founded, covering North                   Evangeliza-          by the bonds of love &
                          Carolina, South Caroli-                   tion.                charity. The mission of
                          na, and Georgia. In 1991                     The Rock          the Oratory is to search
                          ground breaking for the                   Hill Ora-            the Gospel and joyfully
                          present St. Anne Church                   tory, founded        live the charism of St.
     MEETINGS             commenced. Today St.         in 1934, is a part of a           Philip Neri in a ministry
    Monday, June 8        Anne Catholic Parish is      worldwide federation of           of prayer, proclamation
Business meeting, Coun-   a Eucharistic community      60 independent houses.            of the word, and social
cil Home, 7 p.m.          blessed with a diversity     The Oratory in Rock Hill          justice. To be challenged
                          of cultures all united in    is the oldest and larg-           and affirmed in a com-
 Wednesday, June 24
                          the Body of Christ.          est house in the United           munity that is unique in
Carolina Panthers Con-
cession Sales meeting         Formed in Faith and      States. Founded by St.            its government, com-
                          nourished by the Sacra-      Philip Neri (1515-1595)           munal in its approach to
       EVENTS             ments, St. Anne contin-      in Rome, members of
                          ues to grow in its call to                                             Continued on Page 2
                                                       the Oratory are bound
   Sunday, June 14
Knights Breakfast
                             From the Deputy
   Sunday, July 19             Grand Knight
Knights Breakfast
                              We have just completed
 Thursday, August 6       our Quarterly Directors re-
Financial Services        view. During this review we discussed
Night, Pope John Paul     our calendar of events for the remain-
Center, 7 p.m.            der of the fraternal year. May started
                          off with us conducting a concession of
                          food and drinks at St. Anne’s Interna-
                          tional Festival.
  Sunday, August 2            On May 25 we presented checks
Picnic, Bowater Park      to three local charities as well as cel-
                          ebrated Fr. Joseph’s 80th Birthday.
                              On May 31, we had our Corporate
                          Communion Mass with our Knights do-
                          ing all of the ministries. What a way to
                          end May!                                     Dennis Peasenell grills hot dogs and hamburgers
                              In June we will have another             during the St. Anne International Festival. Council
                          breakfast on June 14, Flag Day. Also         6756 served once again was in charge of cooking the
                                                                       popular burgers, hot dogs and bratwurst, as well as
                          in June we will be supporting Doro-          beer sales to help raise money for the church and St.
                                                                       Anne Catholic School.
                                             Continued on Page 3
      Council Officer Elections – June 8, 2009                                  Gene Johnson, a Knight since
                                                                           1978, received his honorary life
 The St. Anne – Oratory Council 6756 election of officers for the           card at the March social.
 2009-2010 fraternal year will be held on Monday June 8th during               Gene is a fourth degree
 the council business meeting. The following knights have been             knight has was captain of the first
 nominated for the offices indicated:                                       degree team and also served as
 Grand Knight             Brian Garscadden                                 operation hope chairman.
 Deputy Grand Knight Dennis Peasenell
 Chancellor               Bill Rife                                             Congratulations
 Recording Secretary Jim Powers                                                 Congratulations are in order
 Treasurer                Ed Beamon                                        for six members who achieved
 Warden                   Leroy Fellows                                    full knighthood in our order by
 Inside Guard             George Clark                                     completing their third degree on
 Outside Guard            Bill Dowling                                     May 17, 2009, at council 1668 in
 Advocate                 Joe Radd                                         Greenville, SC. They are Claire
 3-Year Trustee           John Quinn                                       Buckley, Dennis Dallas, William
 The first reading of these nominations was made at the business            Dowling, George Lourigan, Bill
 meeting on May 11th. This article will serve as the second notifi-         Rife, and Charles Villani.
 cation of nominations. The third reading will be conducted at the
 business meeting on June 8th. The election of officers will follow            Volunteers needed
 that reading. At that time additional nominations will be taken from
 the floor. A council member can nominate a 3rd degree knight                   More volunteers are needed to
 of council 6756 for any of the positions being voted on (listed           work with our St. Anne Welcome
                                                                           Committee Management team. If
                                                                           you are interested in helping to get
 If you have any questions, please contact Brother Bob Martin at
                                                                           this program off the ground, please
                                                                           call Bob Martin at (803) 366-4666.

From the Grand Knight                                                           The GK thanks all Brother
            Continued from Page 1      Council is pleased to announce
                                                                           Officers & Council members for a
ministry, and a faithful steward       our new name, approved by our
                                                                           successful fraternal year in 2009.
of its aims. To be accepting of        members, authorized by our
                                                                                I enjoyed being your GK and
personal charisms, developing a        State Council, Supreme Council
                                                                           appreciate all your support and
shared ministry with the laity and     in New Haven Connecticut and
                                                                           guidance. Council activity has
actively promoting the renewal         blessed by our parish priests.
                                                                           increased, we have a wonderful
and service of the local church.           Saint Anne – Oratory Council
                                                                           new website to promote our good
     The Knights of Columbus           God Bless
                                                                           works, there was many benefi-
of Rock Hill was founded as an         Brian, GK
                                                                           cial programs and activates lead
Oratory Council in 1976. We take       Vivat Jesus
                                                                           by our Council Directors and we
great pride in our history with the                                        welcomed new members and
Oratory and confirm our commit-         For more information, check out
                                                                           transfers to our ranks.
ment to offer our Council’s contin-    these websites:
                                                                                As we usher in a new fra-
ued support.                                                               ternal year we do so with a new
     Looking forward we realized       Saint Anne
                                                                           name, St. Anne-Oratory Council a
that a closer solidarity with our
                                                                           continued focus on Charity, Unity
members parish and priests was         Saint Anne History
                                                                           & Fraternity and the goal to Strive
needed if our Council was to 
                                                                           To Be Hot.
evolve and grow in its works of        html
                                                                                Hope to see everyone at our
Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patrio-   The Rock Hill Oratory
                                                                           August 10th meeting where we
tism. The Knights of Columbus
                                                                           will Kick-Off a new fraternal year.
                                                 I suggest a decade of the ro-              but let someone other than the
     Chaplin’s Corner                         sary in conjunction with your meal            driver do the leading. While wait-
MARY’S KNIGHTS                                prayer or at the end of the meal.             ing in lines of one kind or the other,
    Devotion to our                              On these delightful summer                 whisper a few Aves for the dis-
Blessed Mother is so                          days while out and about, pause at            traught ones, rather than complain.
much a part of our or-                        a Marian grotto like the one at St.           Some have been known to go out
ganization. Make it alive                     Anne Church or The Oratory for a              of their way driving to visit a Marian
with a Marian shrine in                       few minutes of prayer and refresh-            church or shrine.
your home and daily prayer of at              ment.                                             TO JESUS THROUGH MARY!
least a part of the rosary.                      While traveling pray the rosary,           MARY’S KNIGHTS!

                                                                                     Give the Gift of LIfe
                                                                                     The Knights of Columbus will sponsor a blood
                                                                                drive at St Anne’s Father William Pentis LIfe Cen-
                                                                                ter, on Wednesday, July 15th from 2:30 p.m. to
                                                                                7:30 p.m. Help will be needed at 1:00 p.m. that
                                                                                day to set up the area, and at 7:30 p.m. for tear
                                                                                down and clean up. We will also need volunteers
                                                                                to check people in and man the “lunch room” to
                                                                                serve donors.
                                                                                     Prior to the blood drive, Knights
  Geary Bradley and Ed Beamon are all smiles as they wait for some thirsty      and/or family members are asked
  customers at the St. Anne’s International Festival. Thanks to all the Knights to volunteer to work the sign-up
  who helped man the food and beverage booths.                                  tables for donors at all Masses
                                                                                on the weekends of July 4 & 5
From the Deputy Grand Knight                                                    and July 11 & 12, in the gathering
                                                                                space at St Anne’s church.
                   Continued from Page 1                                             Please help with this important community ser-
thy’s Soup Kitchen.                                                             vice. Each year the Red Cross gives us a goal, and
     Elections for new Officers will be held in June                             in recent years we have failed to meet that goal.
and direction set for the upcoming fraternal year.                              This year we have been asked to collect 65 pints of
At this time, all Directors are planning on preparing                           blood. This should certainly be possible in a parish
annual budgets with performance tracking sheets.                                the size of St. Anne’s, if we can get the word out
They will each have a goal of building up their Com- and work hard to recruit donors.
mittee with at least three members. Each Director                                    If you are able to volunteer to work on any
will also have a goal of focusing on at least six major of the dates or times mentioned above, please
programs throughout the fraternal year. We will com- contact Community Director Keith Klawes at
municate these planned programs by Committee as or call (803) 329-1790.
they are firmed.
     As we enter our last quarter of the year, I want to                                             Thank you
thank all of our Directors, Committee members and                                                              Thanks to our PR group
ladies for their support and energy during the year.                            Brother & Family:
     Our solidarity with St. Anne’s Parish and Priests                               Thanks to every- we have added a new Mall
grow even closer while we continue to cherish our                               one that attended the Shop to our Council web
                                                                                                           site, Cellars Wine Club, de-
history with the Oratory ,as the name of our Council Corporate Commu-                                      livering great, hard-to-find
has officially been changed to ” St. Anne- Oratory                               nion on Sunday and
                                                                                the breakfast after-       wines since 1999. Enjoy
Council #6756” .                                                                                           your favorite wine at great
     What an exciting time for our Council.                                     wards. It was well
                                                                                attended. New Cor-         discount prices, and help
Vivat Jesus,                                                                                               us raise funds for charity at
Dennis Peasenell, DGK, PD                                                       porate Communion
                                                                                dates will be posted       the same time!
KOC, St. Anne-Oratory Council #6756                                                                            Follow the link on the
                                                                                                           Knights website.
 PO BOX 86
 Rock Hill, SC 29731-6086
 Phone: (803) 985-7057
 Serving parishes in and around Rock Hill, SC, including
 members from The Oratory, St. Anne’s and St. Mary’s

                   Visit out web site at:

New Web Site Feature To Benefit Our Charities                                 Virtus Training
     We have added a new feature to our Council web site at http://          Brothers: -- the first phase of The                 I would ask that if you have
Knights Shoppe (an online mall) is up and running. Just click on the         not been Virtus trained that you
button that says “Knights Shoppe” and look around.                           do so at your earliest conve-
     There are currently hundreds of items available through an affiliate     nience.
program with Books, videos, movies, several catego-                  All Knights and their family
ries of jewelry items, etc. are being offered. Great gift ideas for birth-   members are required to be Vir-
days, things to keep the kids busy over the summer, and don’t forget         tus trained if you will be involved
-- iIt’s never too early to shop for Christmas!                              with any Parish Youth related
     A patriotic American Flag Shoppe is also now open -- the Fourth of      activates, either for the Parish or
July is fast approaching, and flags for every size home and yard are          for the Knights. I have included
available!                                                                   the Virtus web site for your use
     Please note that shopping at our new mall stores is safe and            and you may also call St. Anne
secure -- we are only participating in shop programs that offer secure       Church for class times.
servers for their shoppers. Your personal information will be secure.            As our Council gets more
     If you have ideas or thoughts to share about these affiliate stores,     involved with Youth related pro-
or have ideas for other money-making projects online, please e-mail          grams and activates, Virtus train-
us at It will take time for these shops         ing will be mandatory for you
to be “found” by the general public online, so our members’ support          to participate. There are many
and word-of-mouth publicity is crucial to getting this project off the       Knights & family members who
ground and helping to raise funds for our charities.                         are currently Virtus trained, please
     Spread the word -- shop at The Knights Shoppe Mall!                     get Virtus trained and join us.
                                                                                 Thanks for your time concern-
                    Big News coming in the fall                              ing this matter.
  Council 6756 is brewing up something big for later this year.
Watch for more details coming soon!

                                                FAX: (803) 831-6281
                                               CELL: (704) 806-1760                               Sponsors
                                 E-MAIL: STEPHEN.ZITO@KOFC.ORG

                                                                                                        Brian and
                                                                                                 Michelle Garscadden
                 STEPHEN C. ZITO
                           FIELD AGENT                                                                  Mike and
                                                                                                 Carol Daly
                                          513 SHADOW COVE LANE                                           Darren and
    KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS                       CLOVER, SC 29710                                   Colleen Daly Dick

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