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									              Volume VIII - Issue 58- March 2010
                                                   Newsletter of the Peralta Hills Estates Improvement Association
                                                                                                                                         by Patrick Mahoney

                                                                         President’s Corner
                Board of Directors
    PRESIDENT: Patrick Mahoney (920-0445)
    VICE PRESIDENT: James Jekums (348-0930)
      SECRETARY: Helen Curtis (637-6605)                                                Ah Spring. What a great time of year. The cool mornings and warm
      TREASURER: Lucille Krueger (637-2796)                                             afternoons make it a perfect time to enjoy the natural beauty of our Per-
                                                                                        alta Hills neighborhood. Social activity is blooming throughout Peralta
Immediate Past President: Sonia S. Jekums (865-5276)                                    Hills. Whether you are interested in reading, wine or tennis – there is
                 Appointed Committee:                                                   a club within Peralta Hills Estates Improvement Association that is just
       PUBLIC RELATIONS - David Flores, Steve Kitsigianis                               right for you. The very popular Book Club meets the last Wednesday of
              WELCOME: - Linda Knohl, Delia Cabo                                        each month. The wine Club continues to grow, they meet every other
          Joan Schlund, Sonia S Jekums, Jaymi Chung         month. For February it was held at Jolynn and my residence featuring Pinot Noirs presented by
                    NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH:                     Brack Mountain Wine Company accompanied by savory hors d’oevres. PHEIA website is a great
                James Jekums - 714-348-0930                 place to find out about all the clubs and happenings of the neighborhood.
           NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANUP: - Emily Guichet            I am pleased with the results of the landscape beautification on Royal Oak and Crescent. We have
     UNDERGROUND UTILITIES: - Andy Plisko M.D., Cathy Wil s completed the installation of our “ranch” style fencing. Along with the planting of two stately
            PERALTA HILLS AWARDS BEAUTIFICATION:            palms trees. If you haven’t been over that way lately, drive by. It’s splendid.
                    Pat Mahoney, Cathy Wil s                Plans are already in the works for the 2010 neighborhood gala. Craig and Rose-
                   HISTORIAN: Lucil e Krueger               li Wildvank will be sharing their incredible estate with PHEIA on September 18,
      www.Peraltahil - Webmaster Ray Mize  2010. Save the Date for a phenomenal time as we celebrate their Brazilian heritage
                     EDITORIAL STAFF                        with “A night in Rio”. David Flores and Cindy Mize are co-chairs. With Saint Pat-
      EDITOR IN CHIEF: - Sonia S. Jekums - (714) 865-5276   rick’s Day just around the corner, I would like to leave you with a wee Irish blessing:
              ASSISTANT EDITOR - Patrick Mahoney
                        COLUMNISTS                                                May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
                           Sandra Day                                             May good luck pursue you each morning and night.
                           Bette Aitken
                    Raza and Steve Kitzigianis              PHEIA anual meeting March 16th, 6:30pm at Dr, Chambi residence Looking forward to seeing you soon,
                      Bob and Tracey Frazier                                                                                                    by Sonia S. Jekums
                      Tennis - Joan Schlund
                                              The Passing of the Decade
               Historical Update - Lucil e Krueger
                Coming Together - Lois Howland              The end of the decade is finally upon us we forget the televised tragedy of 9/11 with
                       Profile - Cathy Wil s                many events both locally and international- 2,976 Americans murdered 6,000+ wound-
                     Potpourri - Helen Curtis
              Restaurant Review - Jeannette Curtis
                                                            ly happened that has impacted and changed ed? The Afghanistan invasion 932 U.S. sol-
                     Humour - Craig Wildvank                our lives forever. Charles Dickens once diers killed and 30,000 more troops to be
                 Movie Club - Martha Mahoney                said, “It was the best of times, it was the deployed in 2010. Then in 2003 the war
                      PHOTOGRAPHER                          worst of times. It was age of wisdom it was in Iraq 4,367 US soldiers killed thousands
                Michael Asgian - 714-609-9817               the age of foolishness.” which aptly de- wounded. This also marks the year of the
           (Past Presidents In Residence)                   scribes the last decade. Let us recap some fall of Saddam Hussein.
                         Richard Cramer                     of the worst and best of the decade.                 Economic rescession, the real estate bubble
                        Dr. Howard Knohl
                                                                                                                 burst - home prices plummeted, thousands
                         Bob McComber
                         Sonia S. Jekums                    The Worst of Times:                                  of homes in foreclosures the worst real es-
                 Typesetting & Printing                     A decade of tragedy and destruction, two tate market of all times.
                  PANOSTAR (949) 474-7266                   ongoing wars, unemployment, economic The companies Lehman Brothers, Wash-
                        Management                          decline and national disasters to name a few ington Mutual, General Motors, Circuit
                          Tammy Mount                       has happened in the last ten years. How can City more corporate giants and banks de-
                                                                                                               continued on page 11
                                                                                              by Robert Frazier

While our elected leaders try to close the gap in the health- treatment.
care reform debate the rest of us are dealing with the reality To make the jump to HDPs eas-
of rising costs. As we all know, it does not take to many ier many insurance companies
years of double digit increases to make health insurance are introducing Gap coverage
premiums a burdensome cross to bear.                             plans. Gap plans are indemnity
Of course, this is a complex issue with too many moving insurance policies that are designed to reimburse a HDPs
parts to discuss in one article but there is a strategy that can policy holder for the portion of their claims applied to their
save some people, and employers, a lot of money while higher deductible. Normally these plans will cover all of
delivering great benefits. You have probably heard of High the in-patient and half of the out-patient out-of-pocket costs
Deductible Plans (HDP) also referred to as Health Sav- for a calendar year. Therefore, not only do they ease the
ings Accounts (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Accounts potential financial strain of large medical bills but can still
(HRA). The concept is simple the higher the deductible the promote good consumer spending. In addition, since most
lower the premium (normally at least $1,500 per single and HDPs have wellness benefits already built in the insured
                                                                 can still access preventative care.
$2,500 per family). Further, under certain circumstances
                                                                 Although, HDPs work well for individual coverage they
you can set up tax advantage plans to create a savings ac-
                                                                 can also offer employer sponsored plans huge savings.
count to fund the additional out of pocket costs. As you
                                                                 Many employers can achieve up to a 40% cost reduction
first glance over the edge of this concept it seems to make
                                                                 by implementing an HDP. Considering the average Gap
sense. The average American family spends $800 per year
                                                                 plan only costs $35-$65 per employee per month the sav-
on health care expenses. Considering that the savings cre-
                                                                 ings can pay for the Gap plan with a substantial amount, of
ated by switching to an HDP can be as high as $4,000 ( or
                                                                 savings, pushed to the bottom line. Additionally, a Gap
more) per year the math seems to make perfect sense.             plan strategy can be used to manage long term cost savings
However, there are still many reluctant to accept these and ease the implementation of HSA and HRA accounts.
plans. Of course, one reason is that High Deductible Plans Whatever form Health Care Reform finally takes High De-
do require more work in the form of additional claims to be ductible Plans are sure to play a roll. For many Gap Plans
filed. However, more importantly is the concern that HDPs will make crossing the bridge to these plans easier and
participants will not receive preventative care or could ex- more financially sound.
perience financial hardships if faced with a major in-patient
 Bob Frazier is President of Select Choice a local Employee Benefit/Insurance and Human Resource administra-
   tion firm. Bob lives at 400 S. Peralta Hills Dr with his wife Tracey, two kids George (14) and Gabriella (16).
                You can reach Bob at (714) 240-7845 or his email is

Bette’s OC Arts “Beat”
                                                                                                                       by Bette Aitken

Anaheim’s Hidden Jewel                                               (including a nomination for Oanh Nguyen as director)? Did
Just 5 minutes from our living rooms is a jewel of a theatre,        you know that from Feb 4-March 7 we can all see “Mer-
right here in Anaheim Hills!                                                                   rily We Roll Along” by Stephen
The Chance Theatre is located at                                                               Sondheim? Also directed by
5552 E. La Palma, right across from                                                            the theatre’s Artistic Director
Cinema City and near the intersec-                                                             Oanh Nguyen? Did you know
tion of La Palma and Imperial. It is                                                           that Vietnamese Creative Direc-
our own off Broadway theatre here                                                              tor of the Chance Theatre Oanh
in our own backyard. Did you know                                                              Nguyen has the following ad-
that this theatre has received 6 nomi-                                                         ditional accomplishments? He
nations from the Los Angeles Drama                                                             was awarded the Outstanding
Critics Circle for its revival of “Hair”                                                       Artist Award by Arts Orange
Page 2                                              Bette Aitken, Wylie Aitken, Seret Scott                       continued on page 10
                                                                                           by Dick Stegemeier

According to global warming theory, the earth is getting          riod, until about 1850, was called “The
warmer because humans are changing the atmosphere by              Little Ice Age.” During the American
burning fossil fuels, namely oil, gas and coal. The by-products   Revolution, there was an intensely cold
of this combustion are carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor.      winter at Valley Forge. When Washing-
For example, natural gas is mostly methane whose molecule         ton crossed the Delaware, the river was
is CH4 (one part carbon and four parts hydrogen). When you        much icier than ever before. During that
burn that with oxygen (O2) in the air you have the reaction       time the Thames River in London often froze over, an event
(CH4 + 2O2 = CO2 + 2H2O). CO2 is called a “greenhouse             unrecorded before or since. Coal has been burned in homes
gas” because it acts like a transparent one-way blanket in the    and factories for a long time but oil and gas weren’t discov-
atmosphere that lets most of sunlight in but prevents some        ered until 1859. Oil and gas weren’t used very much until the
of its heat on the earth’s surface from escaping back out into    first automobiles were built beginning fifty years later. It was
space. The theory is that some of this sun’s heat, that would     the prolific use of oil, gas and coal in the twentieth century
have otherwise escaped, is trapped on the earth’s surface and     that coincided with a normal but unpredictable temperature
the temperature therefore rises. Some data indicate that this     rise that caused the current concern about global warming.
temperature rise was about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit during the      That fact or coincidence is at the heart of the global debate
last century. That may or may not be a proven scientific fact     that resulted in the Kyoto Treaty and the recent Copenhagen
and its magnitude and its cause is uncertain. In other words,     Conference.
the temperature may have risen slightly but attributing that
rise solely to human produced CO2 is questionable. By far,        There are two sides to this debate. For example, before 1973
the most important greenhouse gas is water vapor that varies      there wasn’t any continuous satellite data and all tempera-
constantly in the form of humidity and clouds. Those two          ture measurements were taken randomly by thermometers,
factors are natural and can’t be influenced or controlled by      at different times of the day and at different locations on the
humans. Even the intensity of incoming sunlight itself varies     earth. Modern cities that replaced vegetation with buildings,
from year to year in an eleven year cycle.                        concrete and asphalt are significantly warmer than towns
The earth has been warming and cooling for millions of            were 100 years ago. That severely distorts the recorded tem-
years even before Neanderthals walked the earth. During the       perature history.
last 450,000 years there have been three ice ages each last-      The most serious problem with greenhouse gas theory is that
ing about 125,000 years. Each of these has been followed          the mathematical global climate models cannot explain any
by an interglacial warming period lasting 25,000 years or         of the ice ages of the last 450,000 years. They also can’t
so. All of these warm periods were at least as warm as it is      explain the 25 year cooling period from 1945 to 1970 when
today. They were natural earth events without any human           greenhouse gases were increasing dramatically. The models
influence whatsoever. In fact, the ability to make fire that      also can’t explain the recent cooling period since 1999 when
could create greenhouse gases was discovered only about           humans emitted more CO2 than at any time in recorded his-
15,000 years ago. Since the end of the last ice age, about        tory. Scientists generally agree that if a mathematical equa-
20,000 years ago, the earth has been warming slowly and           tion can’t explain the past, then it most certainly can’t be
as glaciers melted the sea level has also risen steadily. A       used to forecast the future.
thousand years ago, from 900 to 1300 A.D., the earth was at        Lastly, and most importantly, earth scientists and engineer-
least a degree hotter than it is today. It was called the “Me-    ing professionals, have determined that even if we burn ev-
dieval Warming Period.” It’s significant that this warming        ery pound of the earth’s recoverable coal, every cubic foot
period ended the Dark Ages and resulted in the beginnings         of its natural gas and every barrel of its recoverable oil there
of the Renaissance and modern civilization. A warmer earth        is not enough potential CO2 to cause the catastrophic global
was far better than a colder one. That was before humans          warming predicted by the theory.
discovered oil and gas and before they burned very much           Before this nation embarks on costly new Cap and Trade
coal. Wood was the preferred domestic fuel. Horses, mules         legislation to control greenhouse gases, we need to either
and oxen provided most of the power for farming and, along        develop new explanations and better global climate models
with sails, most of the power for transportation. After 1300      or drop the hysteria about future global warming caused by
A.D. the earth began to cool down again and that cold pe-         humans alone.
    Editor Note: Mr. Stegemeier has spent over 60 years in the energy industry and is the retired Chairman and CEO of
 UNOCAL. He has written numerous articles for the Orange County Register and other newspapers and a book on energy
called “Straight Talk.” He is a Registered Professional Engineer and a long time member of the prestigious National Acad-
                       emy of Engineering. He lives in Peralta Hills with Marge, his wife of 58 years.
                                                                                                                          Page 3
                                                                                                                   by Ilene David
The week before Christmas my husband Paul &                      ber of our residents along with their children.
I dropped off some new bicycles to Firestation                   Hopefully, this year we will get an earlier start
8 for the annual Toys for Tots Drive. While we                   and make a far more significant contribution.
were there, the firemen told us that they usually                Thanks to all those who were are able to partici-
had a number of bikes but that this year these                   pate. And a special thank you goes to the Mize,
were the only ones they received.                                Flores & Tooma children for helping to make
                                                                 another child’s Christmas special.
After some thought we felt compelled to do
more. I contacted Pat Mahoney & told him that
I wanted to approach other residents about con-
tributing. Pat arranged $1,000 on behalf of the
PHEIA & put out a challenge to the residents
for more. After personally contacting a num-
ber of residents & coordinating with quite a few
Target stores, we were able to collect $2400 &
deliver a total of 43 bikes to the firestation on
Christmas Eve! This was just in time to get
them distributed to the needy children.
 We had a photo op with the firement & a num-
                                                                                     Anaheim Hills Fire Fighters with donated bikes

                            Ilene & Paul David are transplanted Texans who have lived in Peralta Hills
                            for 13 years. Both are retired. Ilene from a career as a sales executive
                            & Paul from a career as a CEO of a major printing company. They are
                            proud grandparents to Cooper 14 & Carson 12 who live in Colorado and
                            Keegan,13, who lives in Texas.

TENNIS Anyone?
                                                                                   by Joan Schlund

In Andre Agassi’s newly published autobiography, “Open”,         tennis, and never wanted to play
he candidly reveals his life to the reader—from his early        tennis again—but he did not stop.
childhood to adulthood. Andre’s father, Mike, an Armenian        At age sixteen, Agassi turned pro,
immigrant from Iran, planned that Andre would become the         and continued playing tennis pro-
number one tennis player in the world. Mike developed for        fessionally for 20 years. He often
his son a strict regimen that never deviated.                    ranked Number One in the world.
Andre, at the age of seven, was expected to hit 2500 ten-        Agassi won eight Grand Slam singles Championships, and
nis balls a day; by the end of the year the total: one million   he is the only man to win a career “Golden Slam”. Agassi
tennis ball. Mike assumed a child, who hits that many balls      is one of the most beloved and gifted athletes in the world.
each year, will be unbeatable. The machine that “spit out”       Open is not only a must read by tennis players and fans, but
balls to Agassi was like a dragon taking “dead aim and fir-      also by those who know nothing about tennis—the book will
ing a ball 110 miles an hour at him—the sound making a           affirm ones faith in the human spirit.
bloodcurdling roar”; Agassi flinched every time. He hated
Page 4
Treasures and Tillage Log
                                                                                                by Tammy Mount

The January PHEIA Board Meeting was held on Mon-                     nated $500 to the Canyon Hills Com-
day, January 25th.        Attended: Pat Mahoney, Jaime               munity Council for the Annual Fourth
Jekums, Helen Curtis, Lucielle Krueger, Sonia Jekums (im-            of July Celelbration.
mediate past president) and Tammy Mount. 12:30 PM – 1:30             Association Members: We have 125
PM at Baci Di Firenze Trattoria                                      out of the approximately 285 residents
Items Discussed Included:                                            that are active paying members of the
Gardening and Landscaping: Royal Oak Entrance Beautifi-              Neighborhood Association.
cation has begun, the fencing is up, palms are in place and
next up is the irrigation                                                                PHEIA GALA 2009
Building Concerns: Discussed a current improvement that              Tickets                                               $7,000.00
a homeowner is conduting, our questions were answered by
                                                                     Live Auction                                        $21,200.00
the architect and the City of Anaheim.
Gala Wrap Up Meeting Scheduled for 1/27/10: Agreed upon
                                                                     Silent Auction                                        $3,170.00
Thank You Gift Cards for Hosts and Chairs, we will be dis-           Raffle                                                   $80.00
cussing last years and this years gala.                              Total Before Expenses                               $31,450.00
New Homeowners: There are a couple new owners and wel-               Expenses                                           $(10,694.62)
come letters need to be sent along with back issues of the ga-       Total Made                                         $ 20,755.38
zette.                                                               Residents attended                                           78
Donations: We donated $1,000 to the Toys for Tots Program            Guests attended                                              69
through Anaheim Firestation # 8 at Christmas time. We do-            Total attended                                              147
                                                Financial Overview
Income                                                  10-1-09 thru 1-31-10                                       Expense
Dues Paid 2009-2010                                   $3,100.00 Accountant-Taxes                                          $10,119.62
Gala 2009 Auction                                     $1,370.00 Gazette Oct 2009                                           $1,625.32
                                                                Landscaping                                               $10,146.54
Gala sponsorships                                            $0 Management Fee                                             $2,000.00
Total Income                                          $4,470.00
                                                                Mailing & Supplies                                           $549.99
Banking                                                         Donations                                                  $1,500.00
Main Account                                         $27,662.46
Other Account                                         $6,008.45
Overall Cash in Bank                                 $33,670.91 Total Expenses                                            $15,818.85

Neighborhood watch                                                                                  by Jamie Jekums

When the neighborhood watch was installed many years ago the neighbors where introduced to the “Dusk to Dawn’
Security Lighting.I called the city of Anaheim and for your information it is still available to the neighborhood for
free, for your information:
Communtiy Preservation has an ongoing working relationship with our Utilities Department with regards to security
lighting throughout the City. Law Enforcement officials agree that increased lighting can help deter crime and improve
safety. That’s why Anaheim Public Utilities offers its customers an energy-efficient choice for safety-outdoor High Pressure Sodium
(HPS) lights with photo-sensors. The photo-sensor enables the lights to come on automatically at dusk and shut off automatically at
dawn. By using HPS lights, participants will conserve energy and reduce energy costs compared to other types of lighting. In fact, HPS
lights can use up to 70% less than standard incandescent bulbs.* Anaheim” Public Utilities also provides a florescent fixtures as an al-
ternative under the Dusk to Dawn Program. If you are interested in obtaining “Dusk to Dawn” security lights, please feel free to contact
the Community Preservation Office. Request for Service Inquiry - Inquire about an existing Request for Service City of Anaheim Code
Enforcement Division 200 South Anaheim Boulevard, Room 525 Anaheim, California 92805 (714) 765-5158 (714) 765-4044 fax
I got a call from a neighbor that some one came to her door selling books and this person said that a few neighbors had taken or-
ders and that his grandmother lived down the street. well upon requesting for the grandmas name he mentioned a name that was
unfamiliar. after a few days the first caller got a call from a neighbor stating that some one came to her door selling books and got
so upset when she declined. So if this person comes to your door ask for an identification like a drivers lisence or any ID.
                                                                                                                                Page 5
 Neighbourhood Corner
This place is reserved for our nieghbors who wishes to advertise their own businesses or who would like to refer other services

Theater Lovers !!!! Epicureans !!! Friends!!!                                                                        by Linda Knohl

Great news for Peralta Hills residents!! The brand new The-          nee on Sunday, March 21st 2010 to see the fabulous production
ater/Supper Club has been launched !!And for those of you who        of “ Life Could Be A Dream” playing at the Hudson Theater in
agree that “ Eating is one of life’s necessities but dining is one   Los Angeles followed by the exquisite culinary art of Fogo de
of life’s greatest pleasures”,then you will want to know about       Chao in Beverly Hills. The cost is only $100 per person which
this new adventure. Four times a year ( Winter, Spring, Summer       includes the theater, dinner and all taxes and gratuities. Call
and Fall ) you will enjoy an evening of great fun, terrific enter-   Linda Knohl at 714-974-1180 if you would like more informa-
tainment and phenomenal dining!! Our very first will be a mati-      tion or wish to be included on the mailing list.

Linda Knohl and two of her dearest friends, Nina Rattner and         •        Dining at some of Manhattan’s finest restaurants
Shelley Sherman, have formed a new travel business, “Off             •        Nibbling and noshing thru Manhattan, Little Italy,
and Running, LLC”. Although they are not a travel agency,                Chinatown and lower East Side
their trips are unique in that they include airfare, hotels (in-     •        A day excursion to West Point Academy, with lunch
cluding taxes), all Broadway shows, all meals (excluding                 at the famous Thayer Hotel, followed by a scenic cruise
one lunch), all tours and transportation. They specialize in             along the Hudson lined with the magnificent historic
travel to their favorite city - New York . Their next trip is            mansions
scheduled for May 11-17, 2010. Some of the highlights of             •        Last night harbor dinner cruise overlooking the
the trip are:                                                            breathtaking Manhattan skyline
•         4 Broadway shows – “Memphis” (with a backstage             •        And some special “Surprises”.
     tour and more), “Million Dollar Quartet” “Come Fly
     With Me”, and “God of Carnage”                                  The cost of the trip, all inclusive is $3,200 per person. If you
•         Tour of Guggenheim Museum, Federal Reserve                 are interested in joining us for a very special travel experi-
     Building, Tenement Museum and much more                         ence, please contact Linda Knohl at 714-974-1180.

I am Dianne Knott and my husband Gordon and I have been              is because of this I had a salon built here at my home for my
living in Peralta Hills for the last five years. We really love it   own three dogs Kaylie, Cody and Cosmoe. I wanted to let
here in Peralta, we feel there is just no other area around like     the neighbors know that I have recently started grooming
it! Gordon owns The Vinyl Fence Company in Santa Ana                 dogs here at my home in Peralta. I am not like a standard
which keeps him busy and in our spare time we both enjoy             salon, I only will groom a couple of dogs a day here because
flying and traveling, as well, my passion has always been            I like a calm cage free atmosphere so if you are looking for
animals especially dogs. My entire life I have always been           a place in the neighborhood to bring your pet for grooming
involved with animals in one form or another.                        give me a call! If you would like more information you can
I am a groomer now but I was not always a groomer and like           call me at 714-318-2014. I also have a website at www.
a lot of people that have dogs I would need to take them to and if you go there be sure to check out
the groomers each month. I don’t know if you are like me             Cosmoe’s Corner with information like “Foods to Avoid” for
but I never enjoyed taking my little guys to the salon because       your pet, you may find this informational. Enjoy and I hope
they would have to wait in a cage all day to be groomed, it          to meet you and your pet soon!

Pet Registry
                                                                                                                      by Cathy Wills

The Pet Registry Committee continues to be busy this quar-           the Pet Registry team will try to ensure that your pet is safe-
ter. Seven dogs have been safely returned to their homes.            ly returned to your home. The ability to identify and return
Unfortunately, none of these pets were registered in the Pet         your pet is largely dependent upon having them listed in the
Registry and made it more difficult to find the rightful own-        registry database. Don‘t let the unthinkable happen to you
ers. The committee will now take photos of all pets that we          furry friend, register them today!!! Please email photos and/
assist and register them in the registry. Please register your       or descriptions of your pet to Cathy Wills at You may also
cat, dog, or other family pets with the registry. If your pet        contact her by phone at 714-998-3716 to schedule an ap-
leaves your yard and is found wandering the neighborhood,            pointment to have a digitalphoto taken of your pet
Page 6
 Neighbourhood Corner
This place is reserved for our nieghbors who wishes to advertise their own businesses or who would like to refer other services

Hello, my Name is Griffen Ponce and I’ve lived in Peralta
                                                                    West Coast Gold
                                                                    Hi, my name is Cheryl Salene and I have been a
Hills since I was 6mos old. I’m presently sixteen and attend        resident of Peralta Hills for the past 9 years. My
“Mater Dei” High School. My great-grandfather was born in
Clydeback, Scottland. I have to say that is where I got my          company, West Coast Gold is in the business of
interest in playing the bagpipes. I started learning to play the    buying your unwanted and broken jewelry. Gold
bagpipes in 5th grade and have continued to play through            is at an all time high. Because we are independent
high school. I play for weddings, funerals, and any special         with no overhead (like jewelers and pawn shops)
occasion where you would like to hear and enjoy bagpipes.
Call Griffen at (714)366-4033                                       and work directly with the refinery, we are able to
                                                                    give you the most cash for your gold. Never, never
                                                                    mail your gold anywhere! We can tell you some
                                                                    horror stories from some of our customers.
                                                                    If you are interested in turning your unwanted,
                                                                    broken, outdated gold and silver into cash please
                                                                    contact me at 714-904-6546. Additionally, if you
                                                                    would like to host a gold party we will pay you
                                                                    10% on all sales paid out at your party. This is the
                                                                    only home party where your guests will leave with
                                                                    more money than they came with!

Lynn Abstracts
Lynn Thomas was born in London, England to Italian par-             surroundings through thoughtful coloring, positioning and
ents. For the past 20 years she has resided in Orange County        design. For more information or a free consultation please
with her husband Ian and son Ben. Lynn developed an early           contact Lynn at:, or call the stu-
interest in interior design, especially in the use of color and     dio on Tel 714 282 9972
light and its effect on the ‘feel’ of an area. Over the years her
interest turned more toward the use of color in her own art-
work to enhance its surroundings and environment. Lynn’s
style can best be described as abstract. Abstract allows Lynn
to express her colorful personality in a very creative way
for both herself and her clients, often by using existing col-
ors in a given area and pulling them all together on canvas.
Having never taken any formal classes in art or design, it’s
a self taught passion that has grown into a business over the
last 10 years. Lynn’s art can be found in many homes and
businesses, often custom designed, each piece enhancing its

Avon Calling
                                                                                                              by Raza Kitsigianis

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Raza Kitsigia-         announce that 1 just recently started selling Avon as a new
nis. My husband is Steve Kitsigianis. We have two daugh-            business adventure. You can trust Avon to be the leader in
ters. Lea is 8 and Anastasia is 6. We have lived in Peralta         the newest and most effective products through their com-
Hills for 13 years. We love living in this community. We            mitment to research. Avon offers many wonderful products:
have met and have become friends with a lot of wonderful            Make-up, Fragrance, Skin Care, Fashion, Lifestyle, Chil-
people in this community. Steve is involved the Peralta Hills       dren, Bath &Body, Hair Care, and Foot Care. Please visit my
Association. Steve has been the chairman of the bar at many         online store at: or call me
of the Annual Peralta Hills parties. I am a stay home mom.          at (714) 974-2056 or email me at
I enjoy spending time with my girls and I am very involved          for any questions or for a most recent brochure. I am looking
at their school. That alone is a full time job. I am excited to     forward to being your local Avon Representative.
                                                                                                                         Page 7
BOOK CLUB - The Anual Event                                                              by Lois Howland

On December 9, 2009 the Peralta Hills                                        however, all seemed pleased
Book Club members celebrated the                                             with their take home gift. The
holidays with a great dinner party at                                        members attending this year
the beautiful Nieuport 17 Restaurant                                         were: Linda Ashleigh, Bonnie
in Tustin. The beautifully decorated                                         Bann, Elaine Bruney, Delia
large private room was a perfect setting                                     Cabo, Jaymie Chung, Donna
for our festivities. A See’s Chocolate                                       Collier, Ilene David, Sandy
Santa was placed at each table setting.                                      Day, Thuy Harvey, Dee Heitman, Lois Howland, Sidney
Each guest had a choice from three en-                                       Janoff, Linda Klein, Mary Kohlenberger, Linda LaRock,
trees and three desserts, also a choice                                      Martha Mahoney, Melanie Morines, Joan Schlund and
of either soup or a salad. Wine was                                          Kathy Vargas. Members Miko Matsui and Lara Tooma
optional. Following our excellent din-                                       were unable to attend. All had a great time. The book club
ner it was a time to begin our spirited                                      continues to meet the last Wednesday of the month exclud-
“take away” gift exchange. Some gifts                                        ing June, July and August. Anyone interested in joining
changed hands the limited two times,                                         please call me at 714-998-3045.

MOVIE CLUB                                                                         by Martha Mahoney

Hello Everyone,                                               The movie was enjoyed by all. After-
                                                              wards, the group went to lunch where
The Movie Club enjoyed its first outing on January 21st.      discussions about the movie were
On that day we went to see “Young Victoria” at the Ful-       shared by all.
lerton AMC Theater.
                                                              The next movie date was February 25th. The group went
“It was a wonderful movie” was commented by many; a           to see “Crazy Heart.” Jeff Bridges stars in this movie and
few tears were shared by the girls as it was also a wonder-   is currently nominated for an Oscar.
ful love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

WINE CLUB                                                                                 by Cathy Wills

The Peralta Hills Wine Club meets every other month at        to purchase wines at a discount that
various homes in the area to taste an learn about wines       evening. On the third meeting, the club
from various regions from around the world. The club has      met at the lovely home of Jill Bridge
met four times and has had an excellent turnout each time.    and Dave Wilson, who were very hos-
The first meeting was hosted by Dr. Howard and Linda          pital hosts that provided delectable appetizers and a warm
Knohl at their impressive Foxpointe Manor. Approxi-           pool side atmosphere for the meeting. The theme for this
mately 30 attended that meeting where the theme was fa-       meeting was favorite wines valued over $25. The club
vorite wines priced under $25. The appetizers were amaz-      sampled everything from Champagne to some impressive
ing and the group decided upon some of the guidelines for     Cabemets. There were over 40 in attendance at that tast-
future meetings. The attendees were also treated to a tour    ing. The last meeting was hosted by Len and Robin Ham-
of the Knohl’s underground wine cellar as well as the in-     ilton and was held and catered at Baci’s on December 1 .
credible grounds. The second meeting was hosted by Don        The theme was champagne. Everyone was asked to bring
and Linda Ashleigh in their beautiful gardens. The South      a bottle of champagne rated (Parker or Wine Spectator rat-
Coast Winery was invited to do a tasting at that event. Don   ings) 90 points or higher and a write up about the wine to
and Linda worked closely with the owner, Jimmy Carter         the meeting. Southern Wine and Spirits was on hand to
who is also a Peralta Hills resident, to do exquisite food    educate us about champagne, the varieties and how they
pairings. The event was attended by about 35 residents        are made. As well as being educational, the champagnes
and the Winery also donated a night’s stay at their win-      that were shared were pretty remarkable. If you are inter-
ery/bungalows to the Peralta Hills Gala. The club sampled     ested in attending or would like more information about
their most popular varieties and was given the opportunity    the wine club, please contact Cathy Wills at 714-998-3716
Page 8
Restaurant Review
                                                                                                     by Jeannette D. Curtis

310 N. Harbor Boulevard, Fullerton, CA 92832 (714-879-9009)
Lizarran is suitable for an enjoyable evening. Wine is cheap, food           not make at home. But after some very good
is plentiful, and at 8:00 every Friday and Saturday there is live fla-       and biting Sangria - it is kinda fun.
menco guitar. It is because it is so enjoyable that it is disheartening      Ordering from the menu, they offer the traditional tortilla Espano-
to have to report something bad about it. After all, the restaurant          la. It is, however, dry and bland. The croquetas, another traditional
has locations in Fullerton California and the country of Andorra.            Spanish dish, are served as a trio--one mushroom, one chicken,
Lizarran should, at least, get points for diversity.                         and one ham. Although recommended by the waiter, the croquetas
But such diversity might be part of the problem. Lizarran is a fran-         are so breaded and deep fried that it is impossible to discern any
chise. It is an attempt to bring Tapas to the masses. Along the way,         difference between them. Salads look appetizing. Paella, and steak
Tapas has been reduced to its most generic and inexpensive level.            are offered. The desserts are authentic.
This might explain the watered-down nature of the food.                      They offer an almond torte traditional to Spain. The dense but-
Although the waiter insists the fried calamari is authentically pre-         tery tort has just a hint of almond flavor. Lizarran has a gorgeous
pared the way the Catalonians have for thousands of years. One               website and the restaurant menu’s design is similarly impressive.
must ask if the typical Catalonian really likes his calamari over            So impressive, that it leaves the diner perplexed about why the
battered, deep fried, and served lukewarm. However, once you get             food does not match. The restaurant itself is beautiful, occupying
into the spirit of the place, it is enjoyable. There is a certain excite-    a store front window in downtown Fullerton. With its minimalist
ment when your waiter invites you to walk to the bar to try the              euro-modern décor, Lizarran, more than any other local Tapas res-
pintxos “little bites.” The little bites consist of a variety of items ei-   taurant, makes the diner feel as if they are actually in modern-day
ther salmon, tuna, or crab salad placed on little pieces of baguette.        Spain. Because of this, and its packed house and live entertain-
The best and most exotic is the pimento. Is it filling? Yes. Is it           ment, Lizarran warrants a second visit.
particularly good? No. At $1.75 per toothpick it is nothing I could

                                                                                                      by Craig Wildvank

Hi Neighbors, as you know I put a request out for neighbors to send their favorite jokes to me.’ WOW’ I have
a hard enough time cleaning up my jokes. I think it would be easier to’ part the red sea’ or better yet finish the
construction on our home, then to clean up the jokes you sent to me. Ha ha! Just kidding!

For the Ladies of Peralta Hills:                                             Lord, they are finally together
Three men were hiking through a forest when they came upon a large           Judy got married and had 13 children. Her
raging, Violent river. Needing to get to the other side, the first man       first husband, Ted died of cancer. She mar-
prayed: ‘God please give me the strength to cross the river! Poof!..         ried again, and she & Bob had 7 more children. Bob was killed in
God gave him big arms and strong legs and he was able to swim                a car accident, 12 years later. Judy again, married…And this time,
across in about 2 hours, having almost drowned twice. After wit-             she and John had 5 more children. Judy finally died, after having 25
nessing that, the second man prayed; God, please give me strength            children. Standing before her coffin, the preacher prayed for her. He
and the tools to cross the river’ Poof!..God gave him a rowboat and          thanked the Lord for this very loving woman and said: “Lord, they
strong arms and strong legs and he was able to row across in about an        are finally together”. Ethel leaned over and quietly asked her best
hour after almost capsizing once. Seeing what happened to the first          friend, Margaret: “Do you think he means her first, second or third
two men, the third man prayed: ‘God, please give me the strength,            husband?” Margaret replied… “I think he means her legs, Ethel…”
the tools and the intelligence to cross the river’ Poof!..He was turned
into a woman. She checked the map, hiked one hundred yards up                One more joke...
stream and walked across the bridge. Ouch! ‘That one hurt ladies!’           A group of 40-year-old buddies discussed where they should meet for din-
                                                                             ner. Finally it was agreed upon that they should meet at the Ocean View
For the Catholic men of Peralta:                                             restaurant because the waitresses there had low-cut blouses and were very
A married man was standing in a crowded bar and enjoying a few               young. Ten years later, at 50 years of age, the group once again discussed
drinks. While standing there a beautiful woman squeezed in next to           where they should meet for dinner. Finally it was agreed that they should
him, as she stood there they couldn’t help but rub against each oth-         meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the food there was very good
er. The next day the man felt guilty for rubbing against the woman           and the wine selection was good also. Ten years later at 60 years of age,
and the thoughts that went through his mind. So he drove straight to         the group once again discussed where they should meet for dinner. Finally
church to ask the priest if he had sinned for rubbing up next to that        it was agreed that they should meet at the Ocean View restaurant because
woman. The priest said that rubbing up next to her was as if he had          they could eat there in peace and quiet and the restaurant had a beautiful
‘just put it in!’ The priest demanded that he says ten Hail Marys and        view of the ocean. Ten years later, at 70 years of age, the group once again
put fifty dollars in the collection box on the way out! So on the way        discussed where they should meet for dinner. Finally it was agreed that
out he said his ten Hail Marys and removed fifty dollars from his            they should meet at the Ocean View restaurant because the restaurant was
wallet and rubbed it on the collection box and then placed the money         wheelchair-accessible and they even had an elevator. Ten years later, at
back in his wallet. The priest seeing this stopped the man and said          80 years of age, the group once again discussed where they should meet
“what are you doing?” The man exclaimed, well according to you               for dinner. Finally it was agreed that they should meet at the Ocean View
‘rubbing against it is the same as putting it in!                            restaurant because they had never been there before.
                                                                                                                                               Page 9
Bette’s OC Arts “Beat”
                                                                                                              By Bette Aitken
                                                                                                       continued from page 2

County and is a recipient of the TCG Nathan Cummings            Nicholas Studio in Costa Mesa available for the remount-
Young Leaders of Color fellowship. He was also recently         ing of Chance’s acclaimed production of Jesus Hates Me
inducted into Anaheim High School’s Hall of Fame. For           by veteran television writer Wayne Lemon (“Grace un-
more information go to What is           der Fire”). It was praised by the critics and will be staged
probably not known is the close relationship Oanh has with      from Feb 26 to March 7. Warning: it has been described as
South Coast Repertory, listed by Time Magazine as one of
                                                                “wildly inappropriate and keenly idiomatic” and also irrev-
the TOP 5 Regional theatres in America. Another nominee
                                                                erent, thought provoking, filled with faith and blasphemy!
for a LADCC award is the SCR play “The Happy Ones”
                                                                Currently playing at SCR which is OC’s jewel for the entire
by Julie Marie Myatt which premiered at SCR this year
                                                                country, is Fences, the August Wilson play of the 1950’s
and dealt in part with a Vietnamese immigrant to OC af-
                                                                starring Charlie Robinson and directed by Seret Scott. (see
ter the fall of Saigon. The Production is directed by Martin
Benson, the Creative Artistic Director and Co-Founder of        photo) August Wilson has been described as one of the
SCR with Oanh as Associate Director. Due to SCR’s desire        most powerful forces in American Theatre. Wilson’s play
to reach out to other Arts Organizations and to create stron-   won the Pulitzer Prize and the Tony Award and this produc-
ger ties with the entire OC community and due to the ties       tion has been critically acclaimed by all 3 newspapers of
with Oanh and admiration for his work, SCR making its           OC. It runs through Feb 21st.

Public Utility
                                                                                                               by Cathy Wills

Underground Utility Project Update
The corridor along Lakeview/Crescent                                               nal phase will not occur this year. It will
proceeding towards Royal Oaks is the fi-                                           be included in the 2011 budget planning
nal phase, Phase III, of the Peralta Hills                                         discussions. We will be updated on the
Undergrounding Project. It was originally                                          Phase III completion plans in July when
planned for completion in 2010 but due to                                          the 2011 Anaheim budgets are approved.
decreased revenues at the city of Anaheim                                          Stay tuned…….
and the resulting budget constraints, the fi-

                                                                                     by Raza Kitsigianis

Bananas are versatile, sweet, tasty and healthy snack. They can help you keep Fit as
well as help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions.
Bananas may reduce the risk of heart disease as the potassium found in them helps regu-
late blood pressure. This unique tropical fruit is extremely high in potassium yet low in
salt, making it the perfect food for helping to lower blood pressure and reduce stroke naturally.
Bananas are rich in vitamin B6 as well as fiber, vitiamin C, magnesium and potassium. Lack of B6 in a
diet cause weakness, irritability and insomnia. With all these ingredients bananas also help you give up
smoking. Bananas contain tryptophan that the body converts into serotonin. Bananas can make you relax,
fee! happier and improve your mood. Snacking on bananas between meals helps regulate the blood sugar
levels and thus helps avoid morning sickness.
Page 10
                                                                                                    By Sonia S. Jekums
The Passing of the Decade                                                                         continued from Page 1

claring bankruptcy, Enron collapses. Unemployment is        ing to Forbes are President of the United States Barack
at 10 % and small family business folding over night.       Obama, President of China-Hu Jintao, President of
Then there was Bernie Madoff who pulled off a Ponzi         Russia Vladimir Putin, United States Federal Reserve
scheme where investors lost billions of dollars. Corpo-     Chair Ben Bernanke, and Goggle founders Sergey Brin
rate executives excesses are everywhere. Tarp-US pur-       and Larry Page.
chases $ 700 Billion of troubled assets.                    The Best: Tennis player Roger Federer, # 1 with 16
National disaster Hurricane Katrina a catastrophe so        grand slams, Manny Pacquiao voted boxer of the year
vast it nearly wiped of the map an entire city 1,820        by the Boxing Writers Association of America and the
dead, 700 missing and $80 billion lost. Tsunami -In         #1 NBA player is Kobe Bryant.
2004 a magnitude of 9.3 earthquake ripped the sea floor     The Most: The most expensive cars, real estate and the
off the coast north west of Sumatra traveling thousands     richest in the world. Cars -Bugatti Veyron $1,700,000.
of miles across the Indian ocean causing 200,000 deaths     This is by far the most expensive street legal car avail-
and countless wounded and homeless.                         able on the market today. Ferrari Enzo is just $1,000,000
The Best of Times:                                          with 1001 horsepower makes it the most powerful pro-
Never in any decade did we see more breakthroughs in        duction road-car engine in history. Pagani Zonda C12 $
medicine, science, technology & engineering and the         741,000, Koenigsegg CCX is $600,910; Porsche Car-
resurgence of interest in global warming. (Please see R.    rera GT is $484.000.
Stegemeier article on page 3)                               Real Estate: Most expensive real estate properties: Villa
Medicine                                                    Léopolda Côte d’Azur in France is $500 million; for-
Stem Cells - in 2008 a woman with tuberculosis was          mer resident of Bill Gates, Ira Rennart house in New
given a new section of windpipe created from her own        York is $170 million; uptown court Surrey England
stem cell she was the first person to be given an entire    $140 million, Donald Trumps’ estate in Palm Beach
organ tailor made for her in laboratories across Europe.    Florida listed at $125 million.
This operation is considered one of the greatest exam-      Billionaires: The worlds top five billionaires have to have
ples of regenerative medicine.                              assets over $40 billion. United States Warren Buffet $62
Cancer - for the first time doctors were able to sequence   billion, Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu $60 billion, United
the entire genome of a cancer patient and read the genet-   States Bill Gates $58 billion, India’s two billionaires Lak-
ic code of her diseased cells allowing them to pinpoint     shmi Mittal $45 billion and Muhesh Ambani $43 billion.
the mutations responsible for the illness. This medical     Their ages range from 50 years to 72 years of age.
breakthrough is bringing the medical community closer       My take on “The Fallen & Foolish”:
to offering personalized health care.                       Michael Vic-not a friend to man’s best friend, Chris
Technology-in the last decade the human-computer            Brown- not a friend to his girl friend, Senator John Ed-
interface continues to make great strides and will re-      wards-not a friend to his wife and family, Gov. Mark
main an emerging field that melds software engineer-        Sanford not a friend to his state.
ing, computer graphics, networking media, cognitive         Gov Elliot Spitzer- a friend to the women of the night,
science, etc. With the emergence of the i-phone, i-pod,     and Tiger Wood a friend to (at least) 14 women (a tiger
blackberry, digital cameras, skype and now MySpace,         loose in the woods)
facebook, twitter and a host of other devices makes it      My fellow neighbors that ends some of the interesting
possible for us to connect in real time.                    ramblings of our decade, with a new decade comes new
The Power,                                                  hope and may all people of different race, color and
The Best, The Most, The Fallen & Foolish                    religion look forward to the future with hope and faith
The Power: Most powerful men in the world accord-           in our hearts.

                                                                                                              Page 11
Editorial Health in focus
                                                                                          By Sonia S. Jekums

A Distinguished Group of Physicians sharing their medical concept of their
specialty in a series of write ups in the Gazette. 5th of a series -
Radiologist - Howard Knohl MD
Hi, I am you neighbor, Howard                to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor             since. Linda and I came to California
Knohl, and I along with my dynamic           society and subsequently graduated         after my return from Vietnam and
wife Linda, have lived in Peralta Hills      with Honors. After graduation I            have raised our four children [Robert,
since January of 1977.                       decided that Radiology would be            Lori, Stephen and Andrea] in this state
I am also a Physician and more               my chosen field to specialize in and       we have come to love.
specifically a Radiologist. I have been      was accepted to a residency program        In my time here, I subsequently
in practice for over 40 years serving        at Long Island General Hospital in         became director Of Radiology at
most of Orange County and adjoining          Brooklyn, New York.                        seven different hospitals and was
Long Beach. I have been fortunate in         By this time I had been married for        Chief of Staff at Humana Westminster
terms of my longevity and the fact that      about 4 years and already had two          for three years. I have been truly
I have never lost my love for medicine.      children. It was the most difficult time   blessed by colleagues and staff
I am the Director of Radiology for           of my life and it was only because of      that have been both exemplary and
most of the Kindred Hospitals in             my wife [the most wonderful human          supportive through the years.
Southern California and have my own          being I have ever known], that I was       I am a former president of our
private office in Stanton. I am what         able to get through it. We survived for    Homeowners association and Linda
is called an Interventionalist, that is      three years on $100-$200 a month.          and I try to be involved as much as
to say I do angiography and other            This was followed by my being              we possibly can in our community.
procedures where catheters and drains        drafted into the U.S. Army in 1967         We hosted the first three association
are placed in various parts of the           and being sent to Vietnam for slightly     meetings and you can count on
body, as well as interpreting ordinary       less than a year. I became the triage      our continued support as we move
xray studies. At my private office           officer at an evacuation hospital in Cu    forward to make Peralta Hills the best
we do primarily Mammograms and               Chi, where it became my obligation         place to live in Orange County.
Ultrasound studies.                          to decide which soldiers should be
It all started for me at Brooklyn            treated and be given a chance to              Next Issue: Dr.Rakesh Bhola
College in 1958 when I received my           survive and which injured casualties                10 Simple Rules
                                                                                            to Better Healthy Living
B.S. in chemistry followed by a two          should not. These decisions were the
year stint as an investigative Chemist       most difficult of my life. Seeing the
for Foster D. Snell Co. When I realized      sacrifice that soldiers were making for
I didn’t like Chemistry, I applied for       their country made me understand that
Medical School and was accepted at           life had to be approached differently
New York Medical College.                    in my future. I fully understood how
During my 4 years at that that institution   fleeting our time on earth is and that
I was awarded the highest award given        we must live life to the fullest and I
to a medical student, that is, entrance      have lived by that inspiration ever                                 Howard Knohl, M.D.

                                             Peralta Hills Estates, Improvement Association,
                                             5422 Grandview Ave, Yorba Linda, CA 92886

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