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					Information Technology, Problem-Solving and Web Pages, Chapter 2, p 43

Changes to information systems are made for generally two reasons; to
increase efficiency and or to increase effectiveness.


    1         List the characteristics of increases in efficiency.
                   Email – this is because sale representatives don’t have to
                      travel to and from places to give information. It saves a lot of
                      time by sending an email.


    1         List the characteristics of increases in effectiveness.
               Attractiveness: If a magazine is more attractive, than more people
                  are going to buy it, thus making the magazine more effective at
                  getting sold.

    Problem Solving:          ADDTDIE
    Designing the solution, p 44
    Choosing an appropriate software application.

    1 Distinguish between off-the-shelf software and custom-made software
      On-the-shelf software can be bought form retail outlets; however,
      custom-made software cannot be bought from such outlets. It needs to
      be designed and written specifically to the needs of the organisation.

    2 What is a flow chart?
      A flow chart is used to indicate the essential procedures that are to be
      employed to create a solution and generate the required ouput.

    User interfaces and effective information architecture

    1         Describe what is meant by information architecture.
              This refers to the structure of the website and its navigational

    2         When planning the design of the website elaborate on each of the
              following points:
               Accessibility – This means don’t use fancy software that other
                  users may not be able to use. This means try not using ONLY
                  Flash, java, javascript etc.
               Meaning – Make sure that every one will be able to understand it,
                  not a select group of people. Try to use a universal language or
                  explain somewhere what you are talking about.

         Comprehension – When using images, use the appropriate
          pictures that go with the text and what makes sense. Use
          something that people will understand universally.
         Consistency – Have navigation on every page. This helps the
          website keep the same feel about it and when minor changes are
          need, it will be easy to locate them.

      Choosing layout designs

1     Why are layout diagrams used?
      Layout diagrams are used because they provide a visual
      representation of how the final designed product will look. This helps
      see the page will look and if any changes need to be made.

2     What is a storyboard?
      A storyboard is a tool used to design the features of each individual
      page. A series of storyboards provide helpful tools for visual problem-

3     What is a sitemap?
      A site map is a graphic representation of how each page of the
      website links together.

Choosing conventions and applying formats, p 48

1 What does it mean to format information?
  To format information means to create and/or change the appearance of
  a document by altering features such as fonts, margins, spacing,
  columns, tables, graphics, borders, page numbers, headers and footers.
2 What are conventions?
  Conventions are simply formal ways of displaying information. They are
  the rules which people follow when creating information products.
Conventions of web pages:

1 Naming of files, how should files be named?
2 Screen Size, what are the screen sizes of the machines we are using in
3 What is the suggested length of a line of text?
4 List what should be on an index page.
5 List, in abbreviated form the tips for effective website design.
6 How many fonts should be used in a web page?
7 What types of images are suitable for web page display?
8 Distinguish between vector and raster graphics.
9 How is file size of images reduced?
10 List the conventions in relation to color.

Elements of Design of a web site, p 53.

1 List the elements of design of a website.

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